RANKED: Top Ten Formula 1 Races for General Admission Tickets in 2024

Seeing F1 live doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s our ranking of the Top 10 circuits on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar with the best General Admission tickets.

What is General Admission?

Normally the cheapest way to see a race, General Admission tickets provide entrance to the circuit without a reserved grandstand seat. With General Admission access, you are free to roam around different parts of the circuit and to check different vantage points. The best circuits for General Admission access provide small grandstands, viewing platforms and big TV screens, while access is much more basic at other circuits. Some circuits on the current calendar don’t provide General Admission access at all, while at others you are limited to an area in one part of the track. At most races on the current calendar, even if you have purchased grandstand seats, you can still wander around General Admission areas and check out the views. The best day to do this is on Friday, when there are less fans at the track than for qualifying and the race.

How Much are General Admission F1 Tickets?

In our ranking of 2023 F1 ticket prices, the average price for a 3-day General Admission ticket was $232 USD. This represented an increase of more than 40% since our last ranking of ticket prices in 2019. With the majority of races already on sale for 2024, 3-day General Admission tickets are likely to cost closer to $250 USD on average next year. 

The cheapest General Admission tickets in 2024, all priced below $150 USD for 3 days, are offered in Japan, Imola, Monza, Hungary and Austria. The four European tracks offering cheap GA access are also popular venues for trackside camping, allowing budget conscious fans to keep both ticket and accommodation costs down.

Should I buy General Admission Tickets?

If your budget doesn’t extend to buying grandstand seats, then General Admission may be your only option. General Admission is still a really good choice for many races, though overcrowding is a definite issue at the most popular events. Many fans like the freedom of being able to walk around and check out different vantage points around the track, rather than being stuck to one grandstand seat for the whole weekend. The downside is that this is becoming less possible at many circuits, with GA areas packed out on race day as soon as the gates open. General Admission tickets are almost always the cheapest available however, and they still provide access to the Fanzone and trackside events like concerts and pit lane walks.

To decide on our ranking of the best Formula 1 circuits for General Admission in 2024, we have taken into account several factors, including ticket prices, the views offered, circuit facilities and attendance numbers. To be considered for inclusion in this ranking, the General Admission ticket must offer access to all or most spectator areas of the circuit (apart from the grandstands), rather than a specific zone or zones. This eliminates a good portion of the tracks on the 2024 F1 calendar.

Bahrain, Mexico & Brazil Don’t Offer General Admission Tickets

Before we get to the top ten, let’s take a look at the circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar which didn’t make the cut. Three circuits were immediately eliminated, as General Admission is not offered at all in Bahrain, Mexico or Brazil – the latter two circuits also enforce zones which further prevent free movement to different parts of the circuit from your ticketed area. 

That doesn’t mean that these are not good races to attend; Bahrain International Circuit is an all-seated venue, but the cheapest grandstand tickets are very affordable for the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix (Feb 29-Mar 2). Cheap bleacher style seats are also offered for the 2024 Mexico City Grand Prix (Oct 25-27) and the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix (Nov 1-3) , but these normally get snapped up very quickly by cash-conscious locals.

Saudi Arabia, China, Miami, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Las Vegas, Qatar & Abu Dhabi Eliminated

Also failing to make the list are the three remaining tracks in the Middle East. All three do offer General Admission tickets, and they are cheap at both the 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (March 7-9) and the 2024 Qatar Grand Prix (Nov 29-Dec 1), but the views are nothing to write home about and it’s just better to have a covered grandstand seat at the races in the Middle East. The pick of the GA offers in the Middle East is found at the 2024 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Dec 6-8), but tickets for the grassy Abu Dhabi hill are quite expensive.

The General Admission offer at the two new stateside races in Miami and Las Vegas cannot compare to the much better offer at the purpose-built Circuit of the Americas. Las Vegas is a pure street circuit and whilst GA tickets for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix (Nov 21-23) do grant you access to the concerts in the Sphere Zone, you won’t be able to see much of the track. The GA offer at the temporary track around the Hard Rock Stadium that hosts the 2024 Miami Grand Prix (May 3-5) is not much better, with no elevation and lots of catch-rail views – though you can get close to the cars at some corners.

Only one pure street circuit makes our top ten (see below), and it wasn’t Circuit de Monaco or Baku City Circuit. The reality is that General Admission areas are almost always better at purpose-built circuits than temporary street circuits. We still recommend attending both the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix (May 23-26) and the 2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Sep 13-15), just not with General Admission tickets. Circuit de Monaco has two GA areas; Z1 on the outside of the Tabac corner is much better than Rocher, which is uncomfortable and a long way from the track. The GA offer in Baku is also not very good, offering only glimpses of the cars through the catch fencing.

Monza, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve & Zandvoort Just Fail to Make the Cut

Autodromo Nazionale Monza (2024 Italian Grand Prix, Aug 30-Sep 1): The General Admission offer has gone downhill considerably in the past few seasons at Monza, with new grandstands replacing previous viewing areas, restrictions on movement for GA ticket holders within the circuit and the abolition of Free Friday. The experience in GA was marginally better in 2023 than 2022 as less tickets were sold, but it’s still better to have an allocated seat at Monza. The only good thing about GA at Monza is the price of 120 EUR for 3-day access. GA tickets for Monza 2024 are now available via TicketOne

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (2024 Canadian Grand Prix, June 7-9): General Admission has never been very good in Canada, but it’s even less so now that the race is attracting much higher attendances. Free areas are limited on the tiny man-made island where Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is located, and there’s just too many people in GA now for all but a handful of them to get a decent view of the track. You’ll be lucky to get any view at all if you aren’t one of the first lining up next to the circuit gates before they open. Canada GA tickets are sold out for 2024.

Circuit Zandvoort (2024 Dutch Grand Prix, Aug 23-25): One of several new or returning circuits added to the F1 calendar since we last compiled the ranking, Zandvoort has two main General Admission zones. Both benefit from excellent, elevated views as they are situated at the top of the sandhills surrounding the circuit. Away from the GA areas, there’s limited viewing due to the tight and overcrowded confines of the circuit. At peak times, the narrow walkways at the circuit also get very congested – but the lines do keep moving! 2 & 3-Day GA tickets  are now available in our ticket shop for the 2024 Dutch GP

RANKED: Top Ten F1 Races in 2024 for General Admission

Presented in reverse order, here are our top ten circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar for General Admission

10. Autodromo Imola

9. Marina Bay Street Circuit

  • Race: 2024 Singapore Grand Prix
  • Dates: September 20-22, 2024
  • General Admission: $598 SGD for 3-day Premier Walkabout, which we recommend over the cheaper Zone 4 Walkabout tickets (Available in our Singapore 2024 ticket shop)
  • Positives: Festive atmosphere. Entry to post-race concerts with A-list performers. City location backdrop. Access to all zones, including Zone 1, where there’s less people and an additional concert stage.
  • Negatives: Expensive. No Free Friday. Hot and humid, even at night. Few elevated viewing areas (catch fencing obscuring views)
  • More InfoSingapore 2024 Tickets

8. Suzuka

  • Race: 2024 Japanese Grand Prix
  • Dates: April 5-7, 2024
  • General Admission: West Open Area (L,M,N,P Sections), priced from 10,000 JPY/ $80 USD. (Available in our Japan 2024 ticket shop)
  • Positives: Cheapest three-day ticketed access on the 2024 F1 calendar. Added benefit of Free Friday, when you can sit in almost any grandstand you want. Also access to lots of dedicated activities for fans, such as pit lane walks and driver interviews.
  • Negatives: Not a traditional GA circuit, with limited views away from the dedicated GA areas. Hard to get to the track. Language barrier, but the Japanese are always polite.
  • More Info / Japan 2024 Tickets

7. Silverstone

  • Race: 2024 British Grand Prix
  • Dates: July 5-7, 2024
  • General Admission: £250-410 for 3 days (Available via Silverstone)
  • Positives: Well organized with good vantage points, including viewing mounds and standing grandstands. Combine with trackside camping for the best experience, including trackside concerts
  • Negatives: Tickets very expensive if you don’t buy straight away, due to dynamic pricing. GA ticket holders no longer get access to other grandstands on Friday. Trackside food/drink also expensive. Weather a bit of a lottery.
  • More Info / Silverstone 2024 Tickets

6. Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (Albert Park)

  • Race: 2024 Australian Grand Prix
  • Dates: March 21-24, 2024
  • General Admission (AusGP Park Pass): From $279 AUD for 4 days (Sold out via promoter but available now in our Australia 2024 ticket shop.)
  • Positives: Still relatively affordable by international standards. Wide selection of vantage points, including several viewing platforms. Good facilities & well organized.
  • Negatives: No natural elevation so you are always looking at the catch fencing. No Free Friday. Expensive to eat and drink at the track. GA areas getting very crowded now.
  • More Info / Australia 2024 Tickets

5. Red Bull Ring

  • Race: 2024 Austrian Grand Prix
  • Dates: June 28-30, 2024
  • General Admission: €135 for 3 days (Sold out for 2024)
  • Positives: Affordable tickets. Lots of natural elevation at the top of the circuit. Big TV screens. Good organization, modern facilities.
  • Negatives: Higher than average chance of rain or extreme heat. No Free Friday. Getting more popular on race day.
  • More InfoAustria 2024 Tickets

4. Circuit of The Americas

  • Race: 2024 United States Grand Prix
  • Dates: October 18-20, 2024
  • General Admission: $349 USD for 3 days (Already available via COTA)
  • Positives: Lots of natural elevation and grassy banks to watch the action. Well organized. A-list concerts included. Price has fallen from $475 to $349 for 2024.
  • Negatives: Overcrowded, hard to find a good vantage point on race day. No Free Friday. Limited shelter in case of heat/rain. Lack of sealed internal paths.
  • More Info / USGP 2024 Tickets (Coming Soon)

3. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Race: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix
  • Dates: June 21-23, 2024
  • General Admission (Pelouse): From €175 for 3 days (Available in our Spain 2024 ticket shop)
  • Positives: Natural amphitheatre offering elevated viewing areas with great views and big screen TVs. Possibility to walk around the entire circuit from inside. Free Friday is also offered.
  • Negatives: No alcohol sales inside the track. Issues with overcrowding and poor organization in recent years.
  • More Info / Buy Tickets

2. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

1. Hungaroring

  • Race: 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix
  • Dates: July 19-21, 2024
  • General Admission: €120 for 3 days (Sold Out for 2024)
  • Positives: Cheap tickets. Natural amphitheatre with panoramic views over large sections of the track. Warm weather, cheap beer.
  • Negatives: Free Friday no longer offered. No viewing areas anywhere inside the circuit. General Admission has got a lot busier in recent years, and new grandstands have also taken away previous GA viewing areas.
  • More Info / Hungary 2024 Tickets

11 thoughts on “RANKED: Top Ten Formula 1 Races for General Admission Tickets in 2024”

  1. I’m surprised not to see some of the Persian Gulf races listed here. Since they are promoted by their host national government, attendance should be inexpensive. I guess it boils down to currency exchange rate.

    1. Hi charlie, it was more about how I calculated this ranking. Decided to only include the circuits that have ‘old school’ General Admission, which the Gulf state races don’t have. Bahrain is a pretty cheap race to attend, but Abu Dhabi is really expensive, even for the cheapest ‘Hill’ or General Admission tickets (and they are not very good – I had Hill tickets for Abu Dhabi last year and was disappointed).

  2. Hi. Great info, thank you. I have general admission tickets for F1 France next week and wondering what the facilities are like there. Seems to be lots for campers but due to a shuttle bus arrive quite early on Sunday and not sure which area to stand for best views, facilities and screens. Do you have and current info at all please. Thanks

    1. Hi Heidi, information is quite limited at this stage and the official website doesn’t help very much. However, this map does show the best General Admission viewing areas. You may also just walk around and see what you like. I also recommend joining our group for fans going to the race.

  3. I’m hoping to attend a race in the second half (either after summer break, or if that cant work Hungaroring) in 2023. I wilt in hot weather and am having trouble figuring out where my best chance of cooler weather might be. Rain is no problem. Any advice?? Thanks, and really appreciate you sharing your expertise!

    1. Hi Katherine, we have to wait a little longer before we know the exact races and dates for 2023. The calendar is supposed to be announced in early October, though probably there will be some leaks beforehand. There’s also a chance that some races will be changing dates next year. For races in the second half of the season normally, the cooler ones are likely to be Spa, Zandvoort, Monza, Japan, China and Brazil.

  4. Never thought about GA on a street circuit being inferior to a dedicated circuit until today when discussing whether or not to go to Vegas in 2023. Obviously no one has experience at this location yet, but what are your thoughts? It looks like a pretty small standing room only area in general and the zone, which it sounds like you’re stuck in, is pretty small as well. My gut says to skip it, but I have no experience going to any GP, so I’m curious as to your thoughts.

    1. It’s a tough one! I think the atmosphere in Vegas on race weekend will be really cool, but I don’t think you will see much in the GA zone. Then again, you should probably try to get tickets as even if you change your mind, you can sell them on easily. Overall, the fan experience at huge races like this is very different to the smaller races; the atmosphere is better at bigger races, but then there are lots of downsides – queues for everything, accommodation and ticket prices are higher etc.

  5. Imola should definitely be in the top five. It’s inexpensive, and the GA areas are right next to the track, better than many grandstand seats.

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