Tickets – 2021 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps

Your detailed guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix on August 27-29.


The Editor attended the 2015/2018/2019 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps. All images © F1Destinations.com.

The Spa Francorchamps circuit in the picturesque Ardennes region of Belgium remains one of F1’s few remaining classic circuits. If you don’t mind braving the elements and doing a lot of walking, the Bronze (General Admission) tickets at the circuit are excellent value. There’s also a good selection of  grandstands to choose from at Spa, the majority of which are located close to the start-finish straight and Eau Rouge – choosing a covered grandstand at Spa is also a good idea.

Where to buy 2021 Belgian Grand Prix tickets?

We recommend buying your tickets for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix from our preferred supplier Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Ticket prices are reduced by 5% until May 31, 2021.

We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. Choose from grandstand seats or access to hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club plus exclusive trackside activities and accommodation/transfers.

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Best tickets to buy at the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix?

  • Budget (<€250): As long as you wear comfortable shoes and don’t mind a lot of walking, the views from the Bronze (General Admission) areas at Spa are excellent – though overcrowding can be an issue on race day. If you want a seat for the race, the Speed Corner Grandstand is only a little more expensive
  • Mid-Range (€250-600): If you want views of the pits and start/finish/podium, then choose Gold 1. Otherwise, there are good views of La Source from Gold 8. The best views at Eau Rouge are in Gold 3.
  • Hospitality (>€500): Located in the multi-level Business Tower close to Eau Rouge, Champions Club Platinum by F1 Experiences is recommended for all-inclusive hospitality and great circuit views. The Formula 1 Paddock Club is situated above the pits and offers VIP hospitality.

Belgian Grand Prix Tickets FAQ

Yes. Tickets are discounted by up to 10% until January 31, 2021. A further 5% discount applies from February 1 to May 31, 2021.

Yes, but only for race day – and the price is almost the same as for 3-day tickets.

All grandstand seats (with the exception of Speed Corner and Blanchimont 17-27) at the Belgian Grand Prix are numbered and reserved for the whole weekend. There is no “Free Friday” or grandstand roaming at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The following grandstands at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps are covered:

  • Gold 1: Pit
  • Gold 2: GP2
  • Gold 3: Eau Rouge
  • Gold 6: Chicane
  • Gold 7: La Source
  • Gold 8: La Source
  • Gold 9: Pole Position
  • Gold 10: Eau Rouge
  • Silver 4: Bruxelles

Grandstand tickets for children aged 6-15 years are discounted by 50%. General Admission children’s tickets are priced at just above 20 for 3 days.

Wheelchair users and their companion can purchase discounted tickets to an access platform near the La Source corner. Purchase from Grand Prix Tickets (GPT).

Yes, you can purchase parking tickets from Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) for 20 per day in the Yellow, Green or Red parking zones. The Yellow zone is closest to La Source / Eau Rouge, and is best for most Gold grandstands.

Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) supplies e-tickets for the Belgian Grand Prix which can be printed at home. There is no additional charge.

Gold Grandstands at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Gold 1 is the main, permanent grandstand opposite the pits on the start-finish straight. A good choice for the start/finish and action in the pits. Choose another grandstand if you are after on-track action.
Gold 2 is a large, elevated permanent grandstand situated on the straight section between La Source and Eau Rouge, with direct views of the old pits area, which is still used by the support races (GP2, GP3 and Porsche Supercup) on Grand Prix weekend. You do get distant views of Eau Rouge, but there are better Gold grandstands for this price.
Gold 3 is the best grandstand overlooking Eau Rouge/Raidillion, offering excellent elevated views of the famous corner plus the section of track preceding it. Note that you will need a certain level of physical fitness to get to this grandstand from La Source, as it is situated at the top of a steep hill. Recommended.
Gold 4 is an uncovered Gold grandstand next to Eau Rouge. It is set back from the track at a strange angle with fairly limited views. Check out our panorama or watch our Youtube video. Pay a bit more for Gold 3 instead.
Gold 6 is a small covered grandstand on the Bus Stop chicane, close to the pit entry. It’s one of the most expensive grandstands, but you can always expect some action at this point on the circuit over the course of the weekend. Avoid seats in the front rows if possible, as views can be restricted.
Gold 7 is located on the exit of the La Source (turn 1) hairpin and doesn’t have views to compare with Gold 8. Better to choose one of the Eau Rouge grandstands if Gold 8 is already sold out.
Gold 8 is situated on the La Source (turn 1) hairpin with views down the start-finish straight. The popularity of this grandstand is evidenced by the fact that it sells out almost one year in advance! If you get the choice in this grandstand, go for block B over block A.
Gold 9 is a smaller, temporary grandstand closer to the opening La Source hairpin on the main start-finish straight. Located in front of the ‘slower’ teams’ pits and with a distant view of La Source for the inevitable action on the first lap.

Silver Grandstands at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Silver 1 is located on the stretch between La Source and Eau Rouge. You still get an individually numbered seat in the bleacher-style Silver 1 & 2 grandstands, but they don’t come with a back for you to lean on. In both grandstands, go for seats in the high rows, otherwise your views will be obscured by the catch fencing.
Silver 2 is located closer to Eau Rouge, making it a better choice than the identically priced Silver 1. An excellent mid-range choice at Spa with good access to the best food and drink stalls, merchandise and atmosphere of the F1 fanzone, right behind the grandstand. EDIT – this grandstand has been removed from the ticket offer.
Silver 4 is located at the top of the circuit, a long way from all the others (plus a long way from the fan zone). It overlooks the slow Bruxelles corner, but there’s much better views from the General Admission area on the inside of the corner. Silver 4 has individual seats with backs (like in Gold). Go for the higher row seats so your views aren’t obscured by the catch fencing.
Area 17-27 overlooks turns 15-16 at the southeasternmost point of the circuit and is restricted to fans aged 17-27. It’s a long way from the rest of the main spectator areas at Spa, but is very much self-contained and also connected with a special camping zone for young fans.

General Admission tickets at the Belgian Grand Prix

Spa Francorchamps has some of the best General Admission areas of any current F1 circuit, but you’ll need a certain level of physical fitness to make the most of its stunning forest location. Many of the walkways are unpaved and there’s serious hills involved, especially around Eau Rouge. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and if rain is forecast, a pair of wellies will definitely come in handy.

General Admission viewing at Eau Rouge

Arguably F1’s most famous corner, the elevation change as the cars go up the hill is much more dramatic in reality. With a large concentration of grandstands and excellent general admission views, plus the best merchandise, food and drink close by, Eau Rouge is a great base for the weekend. There’s also an underpass in the middle of the corner to take you to other parts of the circuit.

General Admission viewing at Raidillon & Kemmel Straight

Once you have negotiated the steep path up the hill from Eau Rouge, you arrive at the area known as Raidillon. If you are lucky, there’s views of the cars emerging from Eau Rouge at high speed. The general admission area is quite limited here, and you’ll need to wait you turn (or get there very early on Sunday) to catch a glimpse of the cars through the handy ‘photographer’s gaps’ in the catch fencing. Once you get to the Kemmel straight, there’s much more room to find a vantage point on the side of the hill. There’s more fans closer to the Les Combes chicane, where many famous overtakes have happened over the years. YouTube video views: Raidillon / Kemmel Straight.

General Admission viewing at Bruxelles & Ravage

This area at the top of the circuit is a great spot to watch the action. You can get really close to the cars as they take turn 10 at low-speed and it’s an excellent spot for amateur photographers. It’s a small area however and you’ll need to compete for a spot with the regulars who come every year; get there at the crack of dawn if you want to see the race from this area. The panoramic views from the top of the hill at turn 11 down to Pouchon are also not to be missed. Check out our video of the Bruxelles view.

General Admission viewing at Pouhon

This is arguably the most popular general admission area at the circuit. There’s plenty of room on the hillside for several thousand fans to watch the cars approach the tricky Pouchon corner. The food and drink stalls at Pouchon are extensive, and the atmosphere is great. You can walk back to Eau Rouge via a flat, direct forest path in around 15-20 minutes. Please note that a new grandstand (Silver 3) was added on Pouhon corner in 2016.

General Admission viewing at Blanchimont and the Bus Stop

The Bus Stop chicane is another decent general admission vantage point, but there’s limited space to get great views, unless you fancy climbing a steep embankment. The views are also partially blocked by the Gold 6 covered grandstand. There are no grandstands on the high speed Blanchimont section of the circuit, and the views in general admission are limited to those from the path, which eventually leads below the circuit and emerges near the Les Fagnes area of the circuit, close to Pouchon. The 17-27 area for young fans is located here, but there’s limited track views for everyone else.

Been to Spa Francorchamps? Leave a comment with your favorite grandstand.

62 thoughts on “Tickets – 2021 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps”

  1. Christine Denise

    We are planning a trip to spa and monza. Our children are coming with us and they’re going to be 2 1/2 and 1 by that time. Are they allowed to go? Do we need to get tickets for them? I know they’re not necessarily going to watch but our hotel isn’t that far and my husband will most likely watch the races. Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi Elli! We mention the pitlane walk in our Trackside section. This normally takes place on Thursday from 16:00-18:00. You can enter via La Source. Don’t forget you also need a 3-day ticket to take part. We did it last year, which you can read about here.

  2. I will be attending the 2017 Belgian GP and plan to buy tickets in one of the Gold grandstands. I’ve gone through the ticket buying process up to the point of making payment and I don’t see anywhere to choose which seats you would like to buy. Are seats in the grandstands reserved, or is it first come first served?

    1. Hi Brian, seats are reserved in the grandstands, but you cannot normally choose your exact seat in the grandstand (depends on the race and where you buy your tickets from). With our supplier Gootickets, you can make a request when booking for a particular seat/section, which they will try and accommodate based on their ticket allocation.

  3. Hi, thanks for the great article. You said that “there is no ‘Free Friday’ roaming option at Spa. As I am planning to buy a cheap Bronze ticket, I have noted that there are some public walk ways behind the gold grandstands at the start/finish area. Is it possible to catch a glimpse on the track / on la source from there? Or are there some fences / walls etc. to prevent this? Thanks in advance. Best regards, Christian

    1. There is no Free Friday, so you can’t sit in the grandstands. But you can still go through all the Bronze (General Admission) areas. Some areas are restricted to Gold ticket holders only (including the area near the start-finish), but you can get some limited views of La Source on the way down to Eau Rouge. There is also an underpass from Eau Rouge to the inside of the track from where you can walk around to the final Bus Stop chicane (via the support race paddock) and down to Blanchimont.

  4. John Hickinbottom

    hi I have tickets for Spa F1 2017 and wondered if you can you tell me how to get to the disabled car park at Spa please and also how long does it take to get away from Spa at the end of the race please

    1. Hello John, the disabled podium is situated next to the Gold 7 grandstand on the outside of the first corner, La Source. The disabled parking area is located just behind the grandstand. I suggest you are patient when leaving the circuit at the end of the race. Stay around and soak up the atmosphere! Otherwise, you will be stuck in traffic for probably 2-3 hours leaving the circuit. The roads are narrow and there’s lots of cars!

  5. Hello Andrew, first time at spa this year and I have 2 adult gold 7 tickets. Now I’m regretting not getting my 6 year old son a ticket. Could I buy him a general admission ticket for the Friday only and use my gold tickets for us both to experience the Friday itenary in the general admission areas?

    Which spot would you recommend, taking a young child into consideration?

    I am thinking of booking parking near gold 7.

    Thanks for your help


    1. Hi Sean, good idea! Yes, you can do this. Friday tickets for children aged 6-15 cost 20 EUR. You can probably just buy this at the gate on the day. Your best bet is to buy a Yellow parking ticket, as it’s not too far from the La Source entry where your grandstand is located. As to best areas, it depends on how far you want to walk. But definitely worth checking out Eau Rouge/Radillion and Pouchon is not to far as well if you take the short cut through the inside of the circuit. Enjoy

  6. Hi,

    I have found this guide very useful but I would like some extra help if possible. I am getting the bus from verviers (Number 294?) to the circuit and would ideally like to be around the pouhon corner, is it clear which entrance to use? Or is it all in one? Basically as my girlfriend is pregnant we need to be close to toilets / food places! An help and advice for a first time attendee would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Louis, the 294 bus will drop you close to the La Source entry to the circuit (I’m pretty sure on this, but not 100%). From there, you have around a 15-20 minute walk to Eau Rouge, then you can go under the circuit and walk through the forest to Pouchon, another 15-20 mins. There’s plenty of food/toilet places at Eau Rouge and also at Pouchon. Good luck!

  7. Sorry also one more thing, with the free coach to the circuit does this fill up fast or will there be space for everyone?


  8. Charlie Stewart

    Hi there, I’m attending the race this year and was wondering whether bronze ticket holders are allowed access to the podium after the race or whether it’s only available to those in the gold grandstands on the start/finish straight and the bus stop

    1. Hi Charlie, anyone can attend, including Bronze ticketholders. If you want a good view of the podium, I suggest you get to the area at the end of the straight (La Source or Bus Stop chicane) as early as possible; i.e. around 10-20 laps before the end of the race.

  9. Hi, advance planning for 2018! not been to Spa before, looking at Gold 9 stand but have seen so many different suggestions for parking! What would be our best bet? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jason, the Yellow zone parking is best for all the Gold grandstands near the pit straight and Eau Rouge. I estimate it’s around 20-30 minute walk from parking to grandstand.

  10. If you buy bronze tickets are you able to move to different areas during the race or do you have to pick a place and stay there. Also are there lots of toilets around the track.thanks

    1. Hi Alison, you can go anywhere you want in the Bronze (or General Admission) areas. But be aware that the best spots on race day will be reserved very early. There are toilets around the track. Some are free and some cost around €0.70.

  11. Will a 3 day grandstand ticket, either silver or gold, allow access to all general admission/bronze areas across the 3 days.

  12. Hello again :)

    My question is can you go to grandstands in the support races with bronze ticket? F2, Porsche….

    That would be so so great…

  13. Wanting to cycle to the track – I read that you cannot take bikes into the circuit – is there anywhere to lock bikes securly?

  14. Hi, anyone who has experience with the Speed Corner Grandstand at Turn 9?
    I was this year on Gold 3 and I am thinking of going 2019 again.
    But as I wanna go to China, Germany and Japan, too – I am a little bit on a budget.
    General Admission is about 130€, Speed Corner about 200€.
    Does the 70€ worth it to have a Grandstand seat over the weekend?


    1. I’d say it’s worth the extra money, although I haven’t actually sat in that particular grandstand. You still get to use the General admission areas, so it’s a win win situation for race day when you don’t have to fight for a place to watch the race.

      1. Thanks Andrew, just the same thought as I had in my mind.
        I saw the Grandstand on Friday this year from the opposit side when I was walking around during FP1.

        Looking forward to 2019, now the schedule is confirmed and planning can start;)

  15. Hi I have purchased Silver 3 experience tickets with F1Experiences.com. Where is the best place to park and where can I get the parking tickets?

    Also, do we get seat assignments at Silver 3 do you know as I cannot find the information on the site used.

    Finally (sorry for the spam) I am hoping to take my DSLR and lenses, do you have a recommendation of focal length? Saves me taking the whole kit! Ha.


    1. Hi Kirstie, for Silver 3 it’s recommended that you park in the Green parking zone (you can buy tickets here for 16 EUR per day). You will receive a specific seat number on your ticket; but you won’t know this until you actually receive your tickets a few weeks before the race. For camera, max recommended is 400mm to enter the circuit- you may not be allowed with larger.

  16. Looking to book Gold 3. Am I right in thinking seats to the front of the grandstand are best as further back the cars disappear for a bit? Which block would you try and get seats in? D?

  17. Hey Hannah!
    To be honest … I was at Gold 3 last year, Block B in Row 18 … and in the end, Gold 3 is not the best option and does not justify the high price (my opinion). The grandstand is very flat … seats in higher rows => bad view! Also the cars disapear almost when they have passed Eau Rouge … the uphill part is in most of the seats not visible!
    Of course it is great to see the cars from La Source up to Eau Rouge, but thats it!
    After the race I checked out Gold 10 and Gold 4 … to be honest, if you want to seat at Eau Rouge / Radillion take Gold 4! It is cheaper (no roof) but offers also a good view on the rundown from La Source and you can see the cars in Eau Rouge!

    1. Hi Ida, there’s normally an autograph session during the Pit Lane Walk on Thursday. Maybe something will also be organized in the Fan Zone on Saturday, but we need to wait for more information till around 2-4 weeks before the race I think.

  18. SILVER 2 grandstand does not exist anymore, you need to update your editorial to reflect this as its misleading people who read it

      1. Silver 2 does exist. I do have tickets for that one and you still find it on the circuit website. But: it will be different this time. They removed the old stands because WRX. So it is going to be a new grandstand…

  19. If we have grand stand tickets and kids under 6, how can we get them seats? Do we need to book the over 6 years old tickets?

    1. Yes, I think you would have to do that. Otherwise they can sit on your lap. But be aware that most of the time all the seats won’t be occupied, so I would think you can sit together on Friday and Saturday – provided they are actually let into the grandstand.

  20. Thanks for a great site!
    I am a little confused about grandstands. I bought tickets to gold 6 grandstand, and later got an email telling me the grandstand was sold out. I accepted Gold 11 tickets instead, but I cant find out exactly where it is?
    I suppuse it should be beside Gold 6? Any help would be appreciated

  21. Sadly, I was at Spa this weekend … never ever thought I would be at a GP where someone dies, all my excitement for Sunday was completely gone after I heard the news when I left the track. :(
    Gold 11 was just a very very small grandstand next to the Main Pitlane Grandstand but offering view towards the last chicane. I think it was just built up because of the sellout of all the other grandstands!

    I was quite happy … for the price I used Friday as a “walk around the track” day and had my numbered (yeah I was also surprised after it was firstly sold without a numbered seat) for the weekend which worth gold – because of the many fans in Bronze.

    1. Thanks Robert. Yes, it was a sad weekend in the end. But I’m glad I was there for the first win of Charles Leclerc. I think it will be the first of many more.

    1. Hi Mark, I’d choose Silver 2 because it’s next to Eau Rouge and you have the F1 Fanzone right behind you. More to see, easier to get to than Silver 3 at Pouhon.

  22. Hi

    Given the choice would you go for Gold 3, Gold 8 or Silver 2 and why? Do you think a covered grandstand is better at Spa?


    1. I’d probably go for Silver 2, because I prefer to walk around in General Admission most of the time at Spa – only would use the grandstand for qualifying and the race. Silver 2 is also right next to the F1 Fanzone and the atmosphere there is great. Having said all that, a covered grandstand at Spa is a good thing – not only for the high chance of rainfall, but also the hot sun that can also be a factor.

  23. Great website Andrew, thanks for all the info, this helped me quite a bit for Suzuka this past year. I was shocked to see how busy Friday was (looking at past footage, the stands seemed quite empty) wondering if it was because of the typhoon, Japan in general, or are all Fridays at F1 races that busy?!

    So my long-winded way to my question: Should I expect a very busy day on Friday in the GA area for Spa 2020?

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Matt, I think Japan is more of an exception. The Japanese get right into it and go the whole weekend. Plus you can sit in any grandstand at Suzuka on Friday, another reason to go. Spa is not that busy on Friday, but it’s certainly a lot busier than a few years ago (before Max!). It’s still the best day in my opinion to get out and explore this incredible circuit!

  24. Hi, my friend and I are currently struggling to find the best seats for 2021 Spa. We are choosing inbetween Silver 2 and Gold 4, can you recommend one? Another question, if I choose either of those tickets, am I able to walk around track (obviously not like a paddock pass) but around track, closer to pit lane etc? Where am I gonna be able to go?
    Thank you!

    1. Oh, and another question- for Silver 2 I am able to “choose” seat preferences, Row A to H. Do those Rows get counted horizontally or vertically and which one is the better one, closer A or to H ?

    2. Hi Simona, I’d probably choose Silver 2 because it’s cheaper. Gold 4 has better views, but not worth extra money in my opinion. The good thing is that both grandstands are next to Eau Rouge, which is the best part of the track to sit. Right behind is the large F1 Fanzone and places to eat, etc. So it’s where you want to be. For me, the best part of Spa is walking around the General Admission areas – you can do this with any grandstand ticket by the way. There’s an underpass near both those grandstands where you can walk to Pouchon and also up to Blanchimont. Most of the infield near the Paddock is off limits, but you can still check out 80% of the circuit in General Admission. Make sure you have comfortable shoes as the paths can be steep and not paved.

  25. Hi! with a friend I am hopefully attending the 2021 Spa Grand Prix but in the 17-27 section, do you have any more details on how it goes, what we are allowed to view and what we have access to in general? Thanks a lot this is a great website, i will not forget to recommend it!!

    1. I don’t have personal experience of this area as I am too old to enter :) But it occupies a large section of the track near Blanchimont, and there’s a camping area attached to it. Normally they also have a stage with concerts etc, but not sure if it will be the same in 2021. Don’t forget you also have access to the other General Admission parts of the circuit as well, so you can still walk around and check out the Fanzone near Eau Rouge and other parts of the circuit.

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