Tickets – 2022 Spanish Grand Prix

Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix on May 20-22.

The 2022 Spanish Grand Prix race will be the 32st consecutive running of the event near Barcelona – an event that was in danger of losing its place on the calendar a few years ago but has now had its F1 contract extended until at least 2026. We are big fans of Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which offers panoramic views from most grandstands and one of the best General Admission offers on the calendar.  Ticket prices are reasonable compared to other races in Europe, with 3-day General Admission access priced at €145 and 3-day grandstand seats priced from €245-445. In 2022, the Spanish Grand Prix is paired with the Monaco Grand Prix one week later; the two circuits are separate by only 600km, making for a great F1 road trip!

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

Get closer to Formula 1 in Spain with an Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. Choose from grandstand seating (Main, G, N grandstands) or get access to all-inclusive hospitality in the Champions Club or Formula 1 Paddock Club. Insider access at the track includes an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour, appearances by F1 drivers and access to the F1 Paddock.

2022 Spanish Grand Prix tickets: Need to know

  • Children aged under 5 get free access to the circuit (and General Admission areas) but cannot occupy a grandstand seat
  • Discounted access (approximately 50% saving) is available for children aged 6-15 and seniors aged over 65.
  • Tickets in most grandstands are divided into ‘zones’ which equate to the row numbers. The highest possible zone/row numbers in your chosen ticket category normally provide the best views.
  • All grandstands have access to large viewing screens.
  • Only the Main, I and M Grandstands are covered; the rest of the grandstands are open to the elements.

Where to buy 2022 Spanish Grand Prix tickets?

We recommend buying your tickets for the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix from our preferred supplier Grand Prix Tickets (GPT).

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences are also available. Choose from grandstand seats or access to hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club plus exclusive trackside activities and accommodation/transfers.

Analysis of grandstands at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The covered Main Grandstand (Grandstand D) seats 10 000 spectators. Tickets are no longer divided into lower and upper tiers with differnt prices. Go for higher row tickets, which offer not only a view of the start/finish straight and pits, but also panoramic views of large portions of the lap. Behind the stand is the F1 village with merchandise and lots of food and drink stalls.

Grandstands J & K are situated near the pit exit towards the end of the main straight. As well as providing a good view of the main straight and first corner, J & K are good value grandstands which also give you a view of turns 4 to 6 on the opposite side of the track.
Grandstand F is an excellent premium grandstand choice at Montmelo. Located at the end of the main pit straight, you will have a ringside view of the opening Elf corner and a more distant view of the Seat and Wurth turns on the opposite side of the track.
Grandstand I is located on the final corner, New Holland. Apart from the Main Grandstand, it is the only other covered stand at Circuit de Catalunya. Accommodating 1600 fans, this is a small and low stand without panoramic views of the circuit, but a great view of the main straight and pit entry.
Grandstand A is a very popular, well-priced raised grandstand located on the outside of the first corner, the Elf Chicane. Fans seated in this stand get a great panoramic view of the cars coming down the main straight and taking on the opening corners, as well as a view of turns 4-6.
Grandstand L is also very well elevated and offers the best panoramic views of any grandstand at Circuit de Catalunya. It’s the only stand located on the inside of the track. It’s next to the Seat corner, but you can also see the cars coming down the main straight and taking turn 1. An excellent mid-range grandstand choice for Spain.

Grandstand G, which can seat up to 10 000 fans, is one of the largest stands at the cirucit. The G seats offer a good view of the entire stadium section from the exit of the La Caixa hairpin through to the Europcar corner. Recommended! View another grandstand G video taken from Zone 22.

Grandstand C has good views of the entire stadium section and a direct view of the Europcar corner. Fans seated in Grandstand C can also see the pit entrance and the final corner of the circuit. See a view of the view from Grandstand C below.
Grandstand H is located in the stadium area in the Northern section of the circuit. It is directly in front of the RACC chicane and also offers fans a view of the final New Holland corner as well as the pit entry. H is a good mid-range grandstand option.

Grandstand B  – now a single-day ticket grandstand – is located in the stadium section at Circuit de Catalunya. It offers a view of turns 10-13. In terms of budget stands, we prefer instead Grandstand J on the Eastern side of the track.

Grandstand E is located close to the first Elf corner at the end of the pit straight where the cars brake heavily and there are good overtaking opportunities. Similar to Grandstand F adjacent, E also provides a good view of turns 5 to 7 on the opposite side of the track.
Grandstand N is the only grandstand in the Western zone of the circuit, which is dominated by General Admission areas. It is located on the Campsa corner and offers a view of the cars from the Wurth corner through Campsa and then down the back straight.

General Admission at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The unique natural amphitheater layout of the Circuit de Catalunya provides plenty of raised viewing areas and making one of the best General Admission experiences of any race on the current F1 calendar. If you have bought a General Admission (Pelouse in Spanish) ticket, you should also be able to benefit from “Free Friday” (not yet confirmed for 2022) when you are also allowed to sit in any grandstand you wish (with the exception of the single-day grandstands; B, E & N).

There are six General Admission viewing areas at Circuit de Catalunya, mainly located in the Southern and Western track zones (refer to the circuit map). General Admission ticket holders in Spain also benefit from eight big screen TVs. The most popular General Admission area is the hill between turns 6-8. It gets busier as the weekend progresses; you will need to reserve your spot early for qualifying and the race.

2022 Spanish Grand Prix ticket prices

Grandstands D (Main), F€445
Grandstand M€355
Grandstands E, A, L, H€345
Grandstands C, G, J, K, N€245
General Admission€145
All tickets are for 3 days, Friday to Sunday.

Been to the Spanish Grand Prix? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

113 thoughts on “Tickets – 2022 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. Hardeep Uppal

    Hi Andrew,

    Its my first time attending Spanish GP and I am looking for advice for the best viewing experience. In your opinion which Grandstand is best for viewing the race? I was thinking of going with the Principle Grandstand. Do you recommend Principal Grandstand 1-10 over Principal Grandstand 11-28?

    Appreciate the help. Thanks!

    1. Hi Hardeep, the Main Grandstand is a good choice for the first time visitor to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Better to go for the higher section of the grandstand for better views. And don’t forget to explore the circuit on Friday when there is free access to most of the grandstands.

    2. Are there any tickets left? Im a big max fan, and would like to be in stand G or the main stand. But I can not find any tickets…

        1. Rachael Roberts

          Hi there
          Is grandprix events a good website?
          Do you think more general admission tickets will be released and would you recommend grandstand M or I?
          If you have grandstand tickets can you access the “pelouse” areas?
          Thank you, I’m a bit stuck with it all.

          1. Yes, I actually work a lot with Grand Prix Events as it is owned by Quint Events (who run the F1 Experiences brand). I don’t believe more GA tickets will be released. If you want to go to the race, you really need to choose one of the available grandstands now. I would choose M over I, but we only have I available now. Yes, you can go in the GA areas if you have a grandstand ticket. Here is the link to our ticket shop for Spain

  2. lee goldfinch

    Do you know what date the 2019 will be I’m looking at the 12th May as looking to book hotel in a couple of weeks while we on holiday at the hotel close to course

    1. Hi Lee, the Spanish GP date has been fairly constant for the past few years (second weekend in May), but things can change. Best to make a booking with free cancellation.

  3. Hi,
    We want to come in 2019 to GP Spain with a wheelchair. Is the main stand the best one for this? And do you know I have to note in advance that we come with a wheelchair? Are this numbered seats? Or where can I find more info for this? Thank you.

  4. HI
    I would like to book Spanish f1 tickets for 2019 for my husband and myself. My husband is a full time wheelchair user – is there a specific stand that I will need to book for wheelchair access?

  5. Hi,

    Fantastic website, thank you!!

    Looking to book tickets for our first F1 experience next year but can’t decide between grandstand K or G. Would you have a preference between the two?


    1. Thanks Hannah! Tough choice, as both good grandstands. However, I’d go for G because it’s a much bigger grandstand with over 20 sections. Once you are in, you can easily move between the different sections. This probably doesn’t apply for the race, when you will have to sit in your seat, but should be fine the rest of the weekend.

  6. Hi,

    I’m booking for husband as a Christmas present. He’s a big F1 fan and I have been trying to figure out the best stand to book. I have narrowed it down to H or J. Just wondering which stand you recommend best out of these or would you recommend a different stand altogether. I want him to have the best experience. Also trying to avoid main grandstand! Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

    1. In the Super Fan category (340 EUR), I prefer Grandstand L. From the cheaper grandstands, G is very good (240 EUR). You’ll need to sit in your seat for the race, but the rest of the time you can walk around and check out different views. Enjoy!

  7. Hi,

    I am attending the 2019 Grand Prix in Catalonia and I’m in section G. Can we buy food and alcohol at the track?


    1. Hi Alan, good choice. Grandstand G is a great place to watch the action in Spain. There’s a couple of food and drink stalls behind G, but the beer sold inside the track is alcohol free. But no problem – you can get a pass out at the gate behind the grandstand and there’s a bar across the road (next to the helipad) that serves real beer. The food inside is not great either – consider taking along some of your own food.

      1. Thanks Very much for the info, looking forward to it and debating bringing a nice picnic as a few folk have mentioned the stall being under par.

        Last question, Can I bring alcohol into the track along with food?

        1. Hi again Alan. You cannot bring alcohol into the circuit. You can bring drinks in plastic bottles, but you may have the lids taken off you (put a spare lid in your pocket just in case!)

  8. Hi again Andy!

    I’ve got tickets for the M grandstand (inside the track) and I am trying to figure out which parking (D or F) and gate to use (5, 6 or 7). Issue is the links to the parking access maps on the circuit’s website are broken.

    I assume there must be some underground passages to get to the inside part of the track but I can’t locate them.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Daniel, here’s a map. You access grandstand M via a bridge over the circuit – this is near Gate 7. Closest parking would be in the first blue zone, near Purple. You could also get to Grandstand M via two underpasses from the bottom of the circuit – first one under Grandstand K and the second one close to Grandstand M.

      1. Thanks a lot! Eventually I went for parking F, as it is closer to the F1 village and I will spend quite a lot of time there before and after sessions.

  9. Hi Andy!

    It will be the first time that I go to f1 race. I bought tickets to the grandstand E on Saturday and I have to pick up the tickets before the race. Where do I have to go to pick them up? Is it on the closest gate to the grandstand E, gate 4 or 5? Or in any other place?

    1. Hi Paulo, you didn’t say where you bought the tickets. You should receive information from them as to where to collect your tickets. However, I believe the only accreditation area at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is between Gates 6 & 7. Check this map. Top left corner, purple section is AC – that’s where you need to go. It’s quite a walk from other parts of the circuit, so you may consider taking a taxi or driving there.

        1. Next time maybe you will buy with our ticket company – the prices are cheaper – and we get a small commission to help run the site!

  10. Scott Couchman

    I will be attending the Spanish F1 race this year. I haven’t seen anything about a free Thursday night Pit Walk. Circuit of the Americas and Hungaroring each had one. Will that be part of the event In Barcelona this year?

  11. Scott Couchman

    You rock! Your website is the only place I’ve been able to find a schedule of events for Thursday. The Thursday Pit Walk is the best part of the F1 race weekend schedule! Thanks

  12. I have purchased the pelouse tickets for race day 2019 may 12. Does that still allow me to go for free Friday? And what is a good time to be at the track to reserve my area for race time? This is my first f1 race and dont want to miss out on a great time. Thanks in advance!

    1. If you only have a Sunday ticket, you cannot go for Free Friday (you need 3-day Pelouse Ticket for that). Gates open at 8am on Sunday, so I suggest getting there as early as possible!

  13. Hello! Great content! Much appreciated!

    I want to buy some tickets for the Spain GP to my dad for his birthday, and I’ve heard that grandstand G is the cheapest (I’m a student). Is that true?
    Also, when do they release the tickets for the race? I don’t want to miss it!!

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Adnan, I really don’t know when tickets will go on sale for the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix, but hopefully before the end of this year. Grandstand G is a good choice as it’s really big and you can move around to get different views (probably you only have to sit in your actual seat for the race). Last time, 3-day tickets for Grandstand G were priced at 240 EUR.

  14. Annette Challoner

    Hi my 15 year old daughter is a massive F1 fan and i am planning to to take her to a GP next year as her surprise Xmas present. We have narrowed it down due to price and dates to either Spanish or Belgian ( though obv she’d love monaco but that’s out of our price range!). It would just be the 2 of us travelling from Ireland so which would you recommend for first time goers in terms of enjoyment, ease of access, accommodation etc? Thanks so much as this is all new to me and I haven’t a clue!!

    1. Hi Annette, the Spanish Grand Prix is an easy choice over the Belgian Grand Prix, in my opinion. The circuit in Barcelona is located fairly close to the city, and there are trains/buses to get there pretty easily. And Barcelona is of course a wonderful city to spend the weekend. The circuit in Barcelona is also really spectator friendly, lots of great places to watch the action and quite a bit cheaper than Spa. (The issue with Belgium is that the track is very remote – hard to find accommodation nearby, and you’ll probably need to rent a car. The weather is also a bit of a lottery!)

      1. Thanks for that Andrew, I’ll look at Barcelona then. And probably general admission tickets would be best for her to have a good look around?

        1. General Admission is fine in Barcelona if you don’t mind not having a seat for the race. Normally you can also sit in any grandstand you want on Friday, which is an added bonus. The General Admission areas get busier on Saturday and busier again on Sunday, but you should still be able to get a good view!

  15. Hi Andrew, I’m planning on purchasing a ticket for the Spanish Grand Prix for 2022. I’ll be going on my own and I’m wondering which grandstand would be best I’m looking to spend a max of £350/400 for 3 day ticket.


    1. Hi Nicole, there’s very few bad grandstand at Circuit de Barcelona. It’s a great track for viewing. I would probably choose Grandstand G (most recently 3-day tickets in G were priced at 240 EUR). At a higher price point, Grandstand L has excellent views of the first few corners and is elevated (3-day tickets were priced at 340 EUR last time). We wait for information about tickets going on sale for 2022!

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Thank you! I actually managed to get tickets on the circuits website. They’ve a Black Friday 25% off event on atm.

  16. Hi Andrew

    Sorry to ask similar questions as before!

    Better half treating me to Barcelona 2022 (when tix are finally available!). Looking through all the info, it looks like grandstands D or F are the best for all around action – would you agree? And if you had a choice – which do you think would be best. I’m a lifelong fan but first time visiting, the mrs will be more interested in the sunbathing (hopefully!)

    Thanks in advance


    1. Personally, I don’t choose the Main Grandstand (D) as I prefer to see better on track action rather than the pits/start/podium. The good thing about Circuit de Barcelona is that there are very few bad seats. F is good next to the first corner, but I think the elevated L nearby is better. I also like G as it is very big and you can move around a lot – probably only need to sit in your seat for qualifying and the race. And don’t forget that they normally do “Free Friday” when you can sit almost anywhere you like. The General Admission areas are also excellent – worth taking a walk around to check out.

  17. Hi, hoping to attend my first F1 race next year. Given it’s my first time, I think the main grandstand (pits/start/finish) is a must but I’m torn as I would like to see some action…

    Anyway, would you recommend being near the front of the main grandstand upper tear? I’d be concerned about being too far back if I went with the back rows of the upper tear…

  18. Hi Andrew. Great website – so much useful info. The videos are really helpful too!

    I keep changing my mind between Grandstand’s A F or L. What are your thoughts?

  19. There seems to be 3 day packages available, any ideas when the 2 day (sat-sun) will be available?



  20. Andrew – Super helpful information. We just secured 2 wheelchair and 2 companion tickets in the main grandstand. Can you recommend any companies that offer transfer service from barcelona center to the track?

    1. That’s great Pat, you’ll really love the circuit and Barcelona is an awesome city. Honestly, I don’t have any recommendations for a company that offers such a transfer service. But I’m sure it will be easy to find a good one at a reasonable price closer to the race. Feel free to ask again in the weeks leading up to the race and I may be able to find one for you.

  21. Hi Andrew,

    Great info available on your page! I am planning to attend the Spanish Grand Prix in 2022 with my son (our first one) I think we will look to go General Admission and i note the 50% cost of the ticket for my son. I am wondering do you know of any reputable ticket websites that allow you to put a booking deposit on the tickets with a view to paying in full the end of January? I dont have the full cost for the tickets with Xmas on the horizon but will plan to book in January. I am just afraid that they may sell out.

    All help greatly appreciated.


    1. Honestly, I don’t know of any ticket companies that offer such a service. I do think General Admission tickets will still be available in January, however. Fingers crossed it works out for you and your son!

      1. Andrew,

        Thanks for that. Yes, hopefully I can grab the tickets for us in January and all going well we are trackside in May 2022.

  22. Hello, looking to purchase tickets for the Spanish Grand Prix for a gift. If this is our first experience, and cost isn’t a factor, what would you suggest for tickets/options. We like to be able to be close to/see the action. Is there access to the pit walk/track tour without buying the expensive packages. Looking for a good 2-3 day experience. I thought the main grandstand would be best, but from your other responses, I’m rethinking that?

    1. Hi Wendy! You can participate in the pit lane walk on Thursday with any 3-day ticket. Nothing wrong with the Main Grandstand for your first F1 experience, as you’ll get to see into the pits, plus the start and podium ceremony. Normally in Barcelona they also offer Free Friday, where you can explore the circuit and sit where you like. The packages from F1 Experiences are also recommended – feel free to ask questions about these, as I’ve worked with them for 4 years and done all the activities lots of times!

  23. Hi there!
    There seem to be only 3 day tickets available. Do you know if or when there will be single day tickets? I’m looking to just when the ticket for the Sunday race.

    Thank you in advance for all your help.

  24. Hi Andrew,

    Between stands J,K & G – which one is best one amongst the three? Also, have the rules around alcoholic beverages been revised – read up in your pervious comments that this circuit is alcohol free circuit?


    1. They are all good choices, but I would probably save my money and go for Grandstand G. One thing worth noting about Grandstands J and K, however, is that they offer better access and less walking (depending on how you arrive at the circuit), and they are also close to the main F1 Fanzone.

  25. Duncan MacDiarmid

    Hi there Andrew

    I was wondering if you know when tickets for the Sunday will be available to buy for the Spain’s f1 Grand Prix as I’m looking to buy them as a gift for my girlfriends birthday?

  26. Hi
    I am hoping to attend this years Spanish Grand Prix and I will be my first one ever. I will probably be getting a general admission ticket and ive seen in a previous post that the track opens at 8am on the Sunday. How early would I need to be there at to get a good spot?
    Thanks very much the website is brilliant.

    1. Hi Aoife, the good thing about Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is that there’s lots of really good spots to watch the action in General Admission. If you are going on Friday and Saturday, you can check out the different areas and then make a decision about where to watch the race – the largest and best zone is probably between Turns 6-8 and it does get quite busy. But I wouldn’t be rushing to get there super early. I’d suggest you’ll still be able to find a decent spot if you arrive around 10-11am.

  27. Hi Andrew,

    I noticed that some of the reviews online for the ticket sellers for the f1 races are not great. I’m not mentioning any names but ive read of issues with tickets arriving at the last minute and people having already not travelled to the event etc which seems extremely poor form. I am just wondering have you ever heard of any such issues with the ticket seller you recommend on this page? I dont see any reviews online for GPT worldwide and am just looking for some re assurance before proceeding.

    Also, is there any hidden charges in the pricing? I presume the tickets are emailed to you soon after purchase?

    Many thanks for your assistance.

    1. Hi Mark, the issue with tickets arriving late is not normally the fault of the ticket sellers. These are provided by the circuit/promoter to the ticket sellers, and that’s where the delays have been an issue with some races in the past year. Our ticket seller (GPT) is very well established and actually supplies tickets to many of the F1 teams. They do charge a 5% handling fee for credit card processing fees, but no other charges. Spanish GP tickets (like most tickets now) are e-tickets, so you don’t have to worry about paying extra for courier or worrying about getting/losing physical tickets. If you purchase with GPT, you’ll receive a confirmation – but you won’t receive the actual e-tickets until provided by the circuit. Ideally this is normally 4-6 weeks before the race, but it can be later. Hope that helps.

  28. Hi Andrew,

    I booked tickets for grandstand G via the F1 site but am a bit worried as they don’t seem to have a good sight of any TV screens. Is this indeed true?

    From what I have seen on this thread L and G seem to be the best choices so I am thinking of changing the tickets to L (the aerial view does look superb), or K/J (as they are at the same price as G; have a view of the screen; and look on to turns 4 &6). This is my first F1 event so I would really like the best raceday experience on Sunday possible and wouldn’t mind going up to the higher price bracket of L.

    Which grandstand would you recommend?

    Thank you!

    1. There’s definitely big TV screens opposite Grandstand G, but I’m not sure how big or how far away. I’d personally stay with Grandstand G, though L is also good. Don’t forget that you should be able to wander around on Friday and sit in almost all grandstands (Free Friday) and even on Saturday you can also check out the General Admission. And G is always a good place to watch the race, as you can see the cars for a good % of the lap.

  29. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the VERY informative site!!!

    I’m intrigued to purchase tickets here, but may I ask how you’re able to offer cheaper tickets than from the official F1 site? Are you an “authorized reseller” and get the tickets at a cheaper price? It seems a bit weird to me that F1 would support this.

    How is the seat selection done for the tickets, can it be selected?


    1. Hi Jan, thanks for the kind words. Yes, the company we work with – Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) – is an authorised reseller with almost 30 years experience, in fact they supply tickets to most of the teams. When it comes to F1, you need to know that they don’t sell the tickets either. The sale of tickets is done separately via each circuit/promoter. “Formula 1 Tickets” is actually outsourced to another reseller in Monaco – and they are more expensive because F1 decides to apply a large markup of 10-20% on the prices. As for seat selection, I believe you can choose specific ones if you go direct for the Spanish GP via “Circuitcat” – with our seller, you can make a request for a specifc zone and they will try to accommodate your request. Hope that helps, Andrew

  30. Hello,

    Me and Dad are wanting to attend our 1st GP at Barcelona this year – we are thinking of doing the Hero F1 experience (sitting in the Main Grandstand) and adding in the hotel option. Is this a good ticket option and do you know what times the shuttles go each day? Are you there all day? As we want to see all the Practises etc. I noticed most the events happen on the Thursday, do those happen in the morning meaning we will have to fly in on the Wednesday or would we be okay flying early Thursday morning?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Beth, it’s a good ticket option but is obviously quite expensive, especially when you add the hotel and transfers to the price (I actually worked at the last two races in Spain with F1 Experiences). As for Thursday, we need to see how the schedule will look this year, and F1 is actually planning to run less events on this day. But in general, the F1 Experiences activities don’t start until around 5-6pm – so you should be fine flying into Barcelona on Thursday morning. As for the F1 Experiences shuttles, they are normally timed so that you will be able to see all of the on-track action, including support series. Probably leaving hotel around 8-9am in the monrning, returning 5-6pm. But you have Friday night activities with the Hero Package, so you would come back later on this day.

  31. Hi Andrew – I am considering Grandstand L tickets but am worried about the views from the lower rows. Are the views of Grandstand L still a good option even if sitting in row 1?


  32. Hi Andrew,
    I’m looking to buy 3-day tickets for the Spanish GP (our first F1 race!) on the Main Grandstand, would you recommend getting the tickets from the F1 Tickets store or from the Circuit of Barcelona website directly? I’m unsure of what’s included in the ticket and if there are any differences between them? The only difference I could note is that the Circuit of Barcelona website allows you to pick your seats directly.

    1. Hi Calina, well I’d actually recommend you get the tickets from our supplier – as we make a small commission and you support our website. But if you want to choose your own specific seats, you can purchase from I don’t recommend buying from F1 Tickets as they apply a big markup and the tickets are more expensive. There’s no difference between any of these suppliers – they are all official outlets for Spanish GP tickets.

  33. Hello –

    I have just booked a F1 Experience Package for Spain 2022 last week – I have received a confirmation email but no additional details – Do you receive the tickets through the post/email or do you collect from the circuit?
    We have also included the hotel – will we just get all the general info/itinerary through email or?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Beth, depending on which package you bought, your tickets will be either physical or e-tickets, but you will still need to get your F1 Experiences credentials either posted out to you – or you should be able to collect either at your hotel after arrival (or at a trackside pick up location.) You will get more information closer to the race about itinerary etc. You can also check this page, which will be updated with more information closer to the race.

    1. The Spanish GP doesn’t normally sell out, but I should say that there is more interest now in attending live F1 races, so I wouldn’t hang around too long – especially if you have your eye on a particular grandstand.

  34. Hi Andrew,

    We are interested in getting the Montjuic Club passes for the race. Do you know where the seats will be during the race? it says VIP grandstand which from the map doesn’t seem to be by the garages. Also can you watch the race from the Club above the garage?

    1. The Montjuic Club is located on the first floor above the pits (the Paddock Club is one floor higher, on the roof of the pit building). The Montjiuc Club does have small viewing terraces with a limited number of seats, but it can get quite crowded at peak times – so you may have to secure a space early if you want to watch the start of the race etc. The VIP grandstand is located at the back of the paddock – you can access it via a pedestrian bridge. It’s located on the inside of the circuit overlooking Turn 1 at the entrance to the stadium section. PLease note that the Champions Club by F1 Experiences is also located on the same level above the pits as the Montjiuc Club.

  35. Dear Andrew,
    First of all thank you so much for the info provided!
    I´ll be in Barcelona during Catlunya GP and I´d like to be there at least one day.
    Certainly to see a race is amazing and fortunately I had this opportunity in my country twice, but maybe my budget is low for this trip. Do you know if friday and/or saturday tickes will be sold or enven resold separately?

    1. Hi Priscila, at this stage we don’t know if one-day tickets will be available for the race or not. It seems like 3-day tickets are selling quite well for the Spanish Grand Prix this year, so the circuit may not release them. In that case I recommend buying General Admission ticket for 3-days, which costs 145 EUR.

  36. Conor Flannery

    Hiya, I have received tickets for the Spanish Grand Prix as a present but they are in another person’s name. Do you think I will be ok to get into the Grand Prix even though the tickets are in another person’s name?

  37. Hi, I’ve bought the general admission ticket for the 3 day weekend. I noticed that F2 is on the same weekend, are there other tickets needed to attend those races or is it all inclusive in the price for the GA ticket?

  38. When you purchase a Corporate Lounge Pass for Spanish Grand Prix, does that include admission? Or do you need to purchase admission on top of the pass? I know there is access to VIP Grandstand but was curious. And does this allow access to Paddock?

    1. I’m not sure what is the Corporate Lounge pass. I can only see Montjiuc Club and Sky View Racing Lounge tickets on the circuit website. In general, such hospitality offers do include the access to the circuit as well. Probably these don’t include Paddock access, unless perhaps you get a tour of the Paddock. But without knowing what this offer is I can’t help you more

  39. I bought 4 tickets from viagogo to Barcelona race for Sunday race. 142 euro each and noticed that those tickets is under 21. Are those tickets is real? All 4 of us is 39 years old. Can we attend this race?

    1. Sorry I have no idea. It sounds like you bought the General Admission tickets for the young people area. You won’t be able to get in if you are above 21. I suggest going back to viagogo and asking about this issue, find out if you can switch the tickets.

  40. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for taking time for writing detailed article.

    one question, I manage to get my hands on the General Admission tickets for this season (2022).
    Once I enter one GA Area, can I move about to other areas while race is in progress?


    1. Hi, yes you can. The GA areas in Spain are awesome. You have an underpass from outside of track to inside of track before Turn 1. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is also one of the few circuits that has a walking path around the whole of the circuit (inside the gates).

      1. Thanks Andrew,

        One last question, is outside food and drinks (beers mainly :) allowed to bring in GA areas?

        1. More information in Trackside post. You cannot bring glass bottles or cans into the circuit. You cannot bring beer either, and I have bad news. Only alcohol free beer is sold inside the fanzones at the circuit. But if you really need a drink, you will find bars just outside some of the circuit gates – you can check out, have a beer, then check back into the circuit.

  41. Hello, thank you for the great info. Do you know if there is somewhere online or in Barcelona that people may sell their tickets just prior to or during the weekend? Or is that even legal in Spain. I will also see if our hotel has any access, even to GA tickets.

  42. Good Afternoon,

    Do you know where I can purchase a Friday only general admission ticket? or if it can be purchased at the track? I have a three day pass, but I have a friend that would like to go for one day only.

    1. As far as I know, there are not single-day tickets available at all this year. The only chance is to perhaps buy from a scalper outside the track, or check resale platforms like Stubhub, Seat Geek, Vivid Seats etc. But prices will be higher and like I said, I think only 3-day tickets are available this year.

  43. Hi Andrew, do you have any insight as to when tickets will be released for Spain 2023? Thanks!

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