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Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix.

Please Note: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya hosted the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix on August 14-16 behind closed doors with no spectators present. This post will be updated with up-to-date information when dates are announced for the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix and general ticket sales begin. All images © The Editor attended the 2016/2018/2019 Spanish Grand Prix.

After looking like it was off the calendar for 2020, the Spaish Grand Prix has been given a last minute reprieve after a 1-year contract was signed in August. The 2020 race will be the 30th consecutive running of the event at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. We are big fans of the Spanish Grand Prix. The circuit offers panoramic views from most grandstands and the excellent General Admission areas, and ticket prices are reasonable. Spanish Grand Prix ticket prices have remained virtually unchanged for the past four years, though the organizers removed the generous early-bird discounts (of up to 30%) last year. Single-day grandstand tickets are no longer available, though there are some interesting new single-day grandstand tickets this year with access to all the grandstands on Friday or Saturday. Tickets for the more popular grandstands (such as Main, J, K, F, N & H) sometimes sell out well before the race, so get in early if you want the best seats for the Spanish Grand Prix.

2020 Spanish Grand Prix Grandstand Tickets

Fan B, C, G, J, K, N€240
Super Fan A, L, H, I€340
Excellence Main & F€440
All tickets are for 3 days, Friday to Sunday.

2020 Spanish Grand Prix General Admission Tickets

TypeDay Price
General AdmissionFriday- Sunday€140
General AdmissionSunday€99
General Admission + All GrandstandsFriday €55
General Admission + All GrandstandsSaturday€150

Spanish GP tickets: need to know

  • Over 65s and children aged 6-15 save 50% on tickets. Children under 6 are granted free entry to grandstands provided they don’t occupy a seat.
  • Tickets in most grandstands are divided into ‘zones’ which equate to the row numbers. For the best views, we advise choosing the highest possible zone/row number in your chosen ticket category.
  • All grandstands have access to large viewing screens
  • Only the Main, I and M Grandstands are covered; the rest of the grandstands are open to the elements.

General Admission at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona

The unique natural amphitheater layout of the Circuit de Catalunya provides plenty of raised viewing areas and making one of the best General Admission experiences of any race on the current F1 calendar. If you have bought a General Admission (Pelouse in Spanish) ticket, you will also benefit from “Free Friday” when you are also allowed to sit in any grandstand you wish (with the exception of the single-day grandstands; B, E & N).

There are six General Admission viewing areas at Circuit de Catalunya, mainly located in the Southern and Western track zones (refer to the circuit map). General Admission ticket holders in Spain also benefit from eight big screen TVs. The most popular General Admission area is the hill between turns 6-8. It gets busier as the weekend progresses; you will need to reserve your spot early for qualifying and the race.

Eastern Grandstands

Main Grandstand view

The covered Main Grandstand seats 10 000 spectators. Tickets are no longer divided into lower and upper tiers with differnt prices. Go for higher row tickets, which offer not only a view of the start/finish straight and pits, but also panoramic views of large portions of the lap. Behind the stand is the F1 village with merchandise and lots of food and drink stalls.

Grandstand J View

Grandstands J & K are situated near the pit exit towards the end of the main straight. As well as providing a good view of the main straight and first corner, J & K are good value grandstands which also give you a view of turns 4 to 6 on the opposite side of the track.

Grandstand F view

Grandstand F is an excellent premium grandstand choice at Montmelo. Located at the end of the main pit straight, you will have a ringside view of the opening Elf corner and a more distant view of the Seat and Wurth turns on the opposite side of the track.

Grandstand I view

Grandstand I is located on the final corner, New Holland. Apart from the Main Grandstand, it is the only other covered stand at Circuit de Catalunya. Accommodating 1600 fans, this is a small and low stand without panoramic views of the circuit, but a great view of the main straight and pit entry.

Southern Grandstands

Grandstand A view

Grandstand A is a very popular, well-priced raised grandstand located on the outside of the first corner, the Elf Chicane. Fans seated in this stand get a great panoramic view of the cars coming down the main straight and taking on the opening corners, as well as a view of turns 4-6.

Grandstand L view

Grandstand L is also very well elevated and offers the best panoramic views of any grandstand at Circuit de Catalunya. It’s the only stand located on the inside of the track. It’s next to the Seat corner, but you can also see the cars coming down the main straight and taking turn 1. An excellent mid-range grandstand choice for Spain.

Northern Grandstands

Grandstand G view (Zone 3)

Grandstand G, which can seat up to 10 000 fans, is one of the largest stands at the cirucit. The G seats offer a good view of the entire stadium section from the exit of the La Caixa hairpin through to the Europcar corner. Recommended! View another grandstand G video taken from Zone 22.

Grandstand C view

Grandstand C has good views of the entire stadium section and a direct view of the Europcar corner. Fans seated in Grandstand C can also see the pit entrance and the final corner of the circuit. See a view of the view from Grandstand C below.

Grandstand H view

Grandstand H is located in the stadium area in the Northern section of the circuit. It is directly in front of the RACC chicane and also offers fans a view of the final New Holland corner as well as the pit entry. H is a good mid-range grandstand option.

Grandstand B view

Grandstand B  – now a single-day ticket grandstand for 2019 – is located in the stadium section at Circuit de Catalunya. It offers a view of turns 10-13. In terms of budget stands, we prefer instead Grandstand J on the Eastern side of the track.

Other Grandstands

Grandstand E view

Grandstand E is located close to the first Elf corner at the end of the pit straight where the cars brake heavily and there are good overtaking opportunities. Similar to Grandstand F adjacent, E also provides a good view of turns 5 to 7 on the opposite side of the track.

Grandstand N view

Grandstand N is the only grandstand in the Western zone of the circuit, which is dominated by General Admission areas. It is located on the Campsa corner and offers a view of the cars from the Wurth corner through Campsa and then down the back straight.

Been to the Spanish Grand Prix? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

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  1. Hardeep Uppal says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Its my first time attending Spanish GP and I am looking for advice for the best viewing experience. In your opinion which Grandstand is best for viewing the race? I was thinking of going with the Principle Grandstand. Do you recommend Principal Grandstand 1-10 over Principal Grandstand 11-28?

    Appreciate the help. Thanks!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Hardeep, the Main Grandstand is a good choice for the first time visitor to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Better to go for the higher section of the grandstand for better views. And don’t forget to explore the circuit on Friday when there is free access to most of the grandstands.

  2. lee goldfinch says:

    Do you know what date the 2019 will be I’m looking at the 12th May as looking to book hotel in a couple of weeks while we on holiday at the hotel close to course

    • Editor says:

      Hi Lee, the Spanish GP date has been fairly constant for the past few years (second weekend in May), but things can change. Best to make a booking with free cancellation.

  3. Dani says:

    We want to come in 2019 to GP Spain with a wheelchair. Is the main stand the best one for this? And do you know I have to note in advance that we come with a wheelchair? Are this numbered seats? Or where can I find more info for this? Thank you.

  4. Alex says:

    My father will turn 65 yrs. eleven days prior the 2019 race (23/05). Is he applicable for Senior ticket? Thank you

  5. Ciara says:

    I would like to book Spanish f1 tickets for 2019 for my husband and myself. My husband is a full time wheelchair user – is there a specific stand that I will need to book for wheelchair access?

  6. Hannah says:


    Fantastic website, thank you!!

    Looking to book tickets for our first F1 experience next year but can’t decide between grandstand K or G. Would you have a preference between the two?


    • Editor says:

      Thanks Hannah! Tough choice, as both good grandstands. However, I’d go for G because it’s a much bigger grandstand with over 20 sections. Once you are in, you can easily move between the different sections. This probably doesn’t apply for the race, when you will have to sit in your seat, but should be fine the rest of the weekend.

  7. Sinead says:


    I’m booking for husband as a Christmas present. He’s a big F1 fan and I have been trying to figure out the best stand to book. I have narrowed it down to H or J. Just wondering which stand you recommend best out of these or would you recommend a different stand altogether. I want him to have the best experience. Also trying to avoid main grandstand! Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

    • Editor says:

      In the Super Fan category (340 EUR), I prefer Grandstand L. From the cheaper grandstands, G is very good (240 EUR). You’ll need to sit in your seat for the race, but the rest of the time you can walk around and check out different views. Enjoy!

  8. Alan Docherty says:


    I am attending the 2019 Grand Prix in Catalonia and I’m in section G. Can we buy food and alcohol at the track?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Alan, good choice. Grandstand G is a great place to watch the action in Spain. There’s a couple of food and drink stalls behind G, but the beer sold inside the track is alcohol free. But no problem – you can get a pass out at the gate behind the grandstand and there’s a bar across the road (next to the helipad) that serves real beer. The food inside is not great either – consider taking along some of your own food.

      • Alan Docherty says:

        Thanks Very much for the info, looking forward to it and debating bringing a nice picnic as a few folk have mentioned the stall being under par.

        Last question, Can I bring alcohol into the track along with food?

        • Editor says:

          Hi again Alan. You cannot bring alcohol into the circuit. You can bring drinks in plastic bottles, but you may have the lids taken off you (put a spare lid in your pocket just in case!)

  9. Daniel says:

    Hi again Andy!

    I’ve got tickets for the M grandstand (inside the track) and I am trying to figure out which parking (D or F) and gate to use (5, 6 or 7). Issue is the links to the parking access maps on the circuit’s website are broken.

    I assume there must be some underground passages to get to the inside part of the track but I can’t locate them.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Daniel, here’s a map. You access grandstand M via a bridge over the circuit – this is near Gate 7. Closest parking would be in the first blue zone, near Purple. You could also get to Grandstand M via two underpasses from the bottom of the circuit – first one under Grandstand K and the second one close to Grandstand M.

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks a lot! Eventually I went for parking F, as it is closer to the F1 village and I will spend quite a lot of time there before and after sessions.

  10. Paulo Lemos says:

    Hi Andy!

    It will be the first time that I go to f1 race. I bought tickets to the grandstand E on Saturday and I have to pick up the tickets before the race. Where do I have to go to pick them up? Is it on the closest gate to the grandstand E, gate 4 or 5? Or in any other place?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Paulo, you didn’t say where you bought the tickets. You should receive information from them as to where to collect your tickets. However, I believe the only accreditation area at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is between Gates 6 & 7. Check this map. Top left corner, purple section is AC – that’s where you need to go. It’s quite a walk from other parts of the circuit, so you may consider taking a taxi or driving there.

  11. Scott Couchman says:

    I will be attending the Spanish F1 race this year. I haven’t seen anything about a free Thursday night Pit Walk. Circuit of the Americas and Hungaroring each had one. Will that be part of the event In Barcelona this year?

  12. Scott Couchman says:

    You rock! Your website is the only place I’ve been able to find a schedule of events for Thursday. The Thursday Pit Walk is the best part of the F1 race weekend schedule! Thanks

  13. Andres says:

    I have purchased the pelouse tickets for race day 2019 may 12. Does that still allow me to go for free Friday? And what is a good time to be at the track to reserve my area for race time? This is my first f1 race and dont want to miss out on a great time. Thanks in advance!

    • Editor says:

      If you only have a Sunday ticket, you cannot go for Free Friday (you need 3-day Pelouse Ticket for that). Gates open at 8am on Sunday, so I suggest getting there as early as possible!

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