Tickets – 2024 Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull Ring

The definitive guide to buying tickets for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix. Advice on General Admission, grandstands and hospitality at the Red Bull Ring.

Just over 300,000 fans attended the sold-out Austrian Grand Prix in 2023, which was won by Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing. As always, a huge contingent of the ‘Oranje Army’ was at the Red Bull Ring to support their driver.

Unlike other F1 venues, the choice of tickets at the Red Bull Ring is pretty straightforward. You can choose from just eight grandstands, plus General Admission. The organizers also offer “three-corner grandstand hopping,” which has proved very popular; these tickets are some of the first to sell out. Several grandstands, including the Nord Grandstand at the top of the circuit and the Mitte Grandstand near the “Big Bull” are sold exclusively to fans of Max Verstappen in The Netherlands.

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Where to Buy 2024 Austrian Grand Prix Tickets?

  • We recommend buying your tickets for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix from our trusted supplier, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT), who are based at the Red Bull Ring and have been selling F1 tickets since 1997. Tickets are official and come direct from the circuit/race promoter.
  • Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences are also available at the Red Bull Ring. Choose from grandstand seats or access to hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club plus exclusive trackside activities & accommodation/transfers.

Best Tickets to Buy at the Red Bull Ring in 2024?

  • Budget (>€200): General Admission at the Red Bull Ring is a solid choice with some great panoramic views from the hill at the top of the circuit especially.  
  • Mid-Range Grandstands (€200-500): The best mid-priced grandstands at the Red Bull Ring are the Red Bull Grandstand after Turn 1 and the T10 Grandstand overlooking the final corner. The T3 grandstand at the top of the circuit also provides excellent panoramic views. The cheapest 3 Corner Hopping Silver tickets are also excellent value.
  • Higher-Priced Grandstands (>€500): The covered Main Grandstand (Start-Ziel) offers good views of the pits and start-finish straight, while the Steiermark Grandstand is well positioned on the outside of the first corner with excellent, close up views of the cars.
  • Hospitality (>€500): The Champions Club by F1 Experiences ($3,899 USD for 3-days) is recommended for all-inclusive hospitality above the pits and access to insider activities, while the more expensive Formula 1 Paddock Club ($7,199 USD for 3-days) offers the ultimate hospitality experience in Austria.

Need to Know: Austrian Grand Prix Tickets

  • FREE entry for children aged 14 and under in General Admission at the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix. Free children’s tickets must be reserved in advance, and children need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a valid ticket.
  • All grandstands have numbered seats for all three days of the event (Friday to Sunday). There is no ‘Free Friday’ where you can sit in any grandstand.
  • Tickets for Sunday only are also available at a small discount over the cost of 3-day tickets.
  • There’s a wheelchair section in the Start-Finish Grandstand with reasonably priced 3-day tickets
  • All Grandstands and General Admission areas have access to big screen TVs.
  • The main Start-Finish Grandstand and the Nord grandstands are covered, permanent structures. The other grandstands are temporary and uncovered. There is limited shelter in General Admission areas.

3-Corner Hopping Grandstand Tickets

3-Corner Hopping Grandstand tickets are a good choice for first-time visitors to the Red Bull Ring as you get to watch the action from different grandstands each day. Here is where you will sit on each day of the weekend:

  • Platinum: Friday = Red Bull (H) / Saturday = Red Bull (A) / Sunday = Start-Finish
  • Gold: Friday = Start-Finish / Saturday = Red Bull (H) / Sunday = Red Bull (A)
  • Silver: Friday = Red Bull (A) / Saturday = Start-Finish / Sunday = Red Bull (H)

Main Grandstand (Start-Ziel)

There are two categories of tickets in the large, permanent Start-Finish (Start-Ziel) grandstand, which was built ahead of the return race in 2014. Seats in the middle of the grandstand with better views of the pits (sections D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N) are more expensive than sections either side (A, B, C, O, P, Q). Some higher seats give you panoramic views over the circuit. A good choice for pits action and the start/finish of the race. If you want to see more on-track action, choose Red Bull or Sud West.

Steiermark Grandstand

Tickets in the Steiermark grandstand (Süd-West Tribune)  are the equal most expensive at the Red Bull Ring, and for good reason. If you are willing to spend more for these seats, you’ll have an excellent view of the opening corner plus unrivaled panoramic views of the circuit over large sections of the circuit. The grandstand is also really close to the track. The grandstand (like Red Bull) is also close to the Fan Zone, where all the best catering can be found, plus merchandise, concerts and the F1 Legends Parade display. On the downside, the grandstand is uncovered and open to the elements.

Red Bull Grandstand

This large grandstand is situated between Turns 1-2, with decent panoramic views over much of the circuit. The most expensive seats are in Red Bull A and B, which are closest to Turn 1. Tickets then get progressively cheaper up to section K, which is a long way up the hill towards Turn 2. From the middle sections, you also get a decent view of the infield Turns 4-5.

Turn 3 Grandstand

The Turn 3 Grandstand is a relatively new addition at the Red Bull Ring. It’s located at the top of the circuit overlooking one of the most important overtaking zones at the Red Bull Ring. Although the T3 Grandstand is set back from the circuit, it does offer excellent panoramic views. 3-day Turn 3 tickets are priced at €570 in our 2024 Austrian Grand Prix Ticket Shop

New Grandstands: Turn 8, Turn 9, Turn 10

Turn 8 Grandstand

This new grandstand is situated next to a fast section of the circuit and doesn’t have great views of the action

Turn 9/10 Grandstands

These grandstands are located next to each other on the final two corners at the Red Bull Ring, offering good views of the pit entry and in the case of the Turn 10 grandstand, the start/finish straight.

Max Verstappen Grandstands

Grandstand North (Tribune Nord)

This is a covered, permanent grandstand at the top of the circuit, overlooking Turn 3. It’s set back quite a distance from the circuit but does offer good panoramic views over a large part of the circuit. It’s also a 30-40 minute walk from the main Fan Zone near Turn 1. See images taken in the Nord Grandstand at the 2021 Styrian Grand Prix below.

Grandstand Middle (Tribune Mitte)

Situated in the middle of the circuit between turns 5 & 6, close to the big bull – it’s sold exclusively to Dutch fans of Max Verstappen. The grass area here (close to the track but raised above the catch fencing) is a good place to practice your panning photography shots. Check out our YouTube video.

General Admission at the Red Bull Ring

The General Admission areas at the Red Bull Ring offer some excellent viewing opportunities. The areas on the hill at the top of the circuit provide panoramic views of large sections of the track, and there were multiple big screen TVs on which to follow the action (a rarity for General Admission). Be sure to check out the views from Turn 2, where you can see the cars up close at the top of the hill. There’s also good views on the outside of the entry to Turn 3. Closer to the start/finish straight, there is also excellent viewing on the entry to Turn 8 (check our Turn 9) is also a great place to watch the action.

Been to the Austrian Grand Prix? Tell us your favorite place to watch the action. 

140 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull Ring”

    1. Hi, I am not 100% sure, so I have asked my contacts at the circuit. If you have a green ticket (General Admission), you should be able to get into the Yellow zone no problem, but not the Blue zone. And I guess entrance to the family area will be restricted to those who have children.

      1. Hi.. i am planning to buy a general admission ticket to the austrian 2022.. can i get buy near the poduim after that to see the drivers closely.. and take pictures of them??? Thanks

        1. Yes, you should be able to. I suggest heading down from the GA area to the area near the Main Grandstand before the end of the race. You can either take the shuttle bus from GA down to the Fanzone or walk around the eastern part of the circuit.

  1. Can I purchase general admission tickets on site on sunday?

    Im travelling from mexico and Id love to attend, but Im not sure if Im gonna be able to make it on time.

    1. Hi Pablo, this should be fine as the race hasn’t been a sell out in recent years. But you should still try and buy ahead of time when your trip is confirmed!

    1. Hi Eric, cannot confirm if you can get into all areas of the Yellow zone, but most should be open to Green (General Admission) ticket holders. This is also the main way to get to the F1 village area.

      1. Hello
        I am now looking at tickets for Austrian GP 2022 but I am a bit confused by the terminology! Would you know what reduced and reduced priority tickets applies to?

        1. Hi! Priority refers to the fact that tickets are cheaper by 20% until December 31. “Reduced” is access for disable fans, only available in some grandstands. Hope that helps! Tickets seem to be selling fast for this race.

  2. What is the best way to get from Graz to the race without renting a car? We have tickets for all 3 days.

  3. About “We don’t know if this grandstand will be open to General Admission ticket holders or utilized in some other way.”
    -> I wrote to [email protected]

    -> Tribune Nord is not open to use for general admission ticket holders or others, most probably not even the grassy section directly in front of the tribune (was open at Moto GP race…). It is not guaranteed whether there will be a TV screen at the Rauch corner,as tribune Nord is closed.

    This quite disappointing, it would be no cost to open tribune and TV screen has anyhow to be placed there for Moto GP race one month later.

    1. Thanks a lot Stefan for finding out this information. It is disappointing, but the reality is that the fans have not been supporting the event and attendances for F1 at the Red Bull Ring have been falling steadily. Hopefully the new owners can help turn this around soon!

      1. Low attendance is no excuse. Two security guys for grandstand nord cost 3days*12hours*20€ (securely estimated)=720€ that is no big expense when you have in mind what Red Bull is paying for the race (millions…). Even if my calculation is a bit clumsy, opening the grandstand nord would result in no more cost than some 1000 Euros.
        -> I think closing grandstand nord means cutting costs at a wrong uneffective spot and just leaves the track owners with disappointed visitors, who can not use this awesome spot to watch the race and instead have to accept the restricted views right next to it up the hill. And disappointed visitors will not come back.

  4. I’ve got tickets for the Austrian gp in the red bull stand l to p can i watch from other parts of the track the same as general admisson

    1. The Red Bull grandstand is located in the so called Blue Zone, but you should be able to watch from the Yellow Zone (e.g final corner, Mitte) and Green Zone (general admission at the top of the circuit).

  5. Hi, we’re attending the race with a 11yr old & a 2 1/2 yr old. We have general admission tickets. Do we need noise blocking earmuffs for toddler.

    1. Hi Irene, F1 is not particularly loud these days, your toddler should be fine. But some of the support races will be loud (plus there will be Le Mans cars in action for the Legends Parade this year), so it’s still a good idea to take some along in case.

  6. Hi, I have tickets for Redbull GS L,M,N,O,P but this is not shown on the map (only goes from A to K)?

    is there any other action on the circuit before or after the race that is worth viewing? e.g. what would be a good time to arrive at the track?


    1. Hi Frank, are you sure your tickets are in the Red Bull grandstand? I think you may have tickets to the Start-Finish grandstand, as this has sections L,M,N,O,P. There’s lots of other on-track action, including Formula 2, GP3, Porsche Supercup and the Legends Parade. This year, the Legends Parade features some ex-F1 and endurance drivers behind the wheel of some awesome Le Mans cars. Check the Trackside section of our guide for the full schedule.

  7. Hi Can I buy 3 day ticket ( general admission) on Friday ?Can you confirm that with this 3 day ticket I can bring another person for Friday?
    Is it closer parking and cashier to buy the ticket near the general admission area ?( north side)


    1. Hi Igal, yes you can purchase a ticket at the gate on Friday (and you can bring another person on Friday if you purchase a 3-day ticket). There is a ticket office near the gate behind the Nord grandstand, close to the main general admission area and parking.

  8. I mean to buy the ticket on track . and to bring another guy on Friday for free

    1. Shouldn’t be a problem to buy tickets at the gate. And yes, you can bring a friend on Friday (but you need to purchase a 3-day ticket for yourself)

  9. Hi, can you conform that Red Bull stand tickets holder (Blue Zone) are allowed in the yellow and green zone’s? With kind regards.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, will try during the various sessions tomorrow and leave feedback.

      2. Hi!
        Is there a website or place where I can find resell tickets as the race is already sold out?

  10. Hi,
    Just want to know if I take a ticket on the start line where shall I buy the ticket in order to be in the near of the exit when the race is over ( I mean the entrance on the circuit :))
    I was in 2016 at Hockenheim and I was not sure where are the exits to the race track and until I have seen it it was allready too late a lon waiting line was formed and I was leaving.
    In 2011 I was in Budapest with a friend of mine and he was there before so half an hour before the race end we positioned near the exit.

    Thanks for your reply

    1. Hi, I am not sure there will be access on to the track from the main grandstand. Last time I went, they opened up the track at the both ends of the pit straight. If you want a good view for the podium, you should get to the entrance points around 20 minutes before the end of the race.

    1. Yes, you can also go on Thursday to the pitlane walk if you have a 3-day ticket. So it’s actually a 4-day ticket:) You will have the chance to get some autographs on Thursday, and possibly there will be another autograph session with the F1 drivers on another day.

  11. Hi, the Nord Grandstand is open in 2018 and is called the Max Verstappen Premium tribune. As of this week it’s completely sold out! The Mitte-grandstand is also a Max Verstappentribune… can still get tickets for it!! So it will be busy in July ;-)

  12. Hi! Using the advice and information from you guides we have booked tickets for the Austrian F1 in 2018. We have decided to get tickets in the South-West stand, however I was wondering if you had any advice as to whether it was better to request seats higher or lower in this stand for the best views? Thanks.

  13. Hi

    We’re a family of 5 people who are buying tickets at the red bull grandstand. Does sector c have good insight to the action in turn 1? What support races will be held at Spielberg next year? Do we get admission to other areas such as the green area between turn 3 and 4?

  14. George Wilbraham

    Hi do you know what time I would need to get there for the Styrian Green Carpet on raceday? Thanks

  15. Hi all,

    Just to check, if I buy General Admission can i count on having a seat? or it is just big grass field? According article photos, it doesnt have tribune in General Admission tickets?


    1. Hi Nem, you don’t get a seat in General Admission (unless you bring your own!) But it’s still good at the Red Bull Ring as you have natural elevation and some great views

  16. Thanks for comment. Now I am in dilemma should I buy tickets for Sunday (general admission 85e) or Saturday for Red Bull stand 65e. I am not such a great fan of F1, I’d just like to have best experience and see these fast machines :)

  17. Can someone share if i can buy tickets on spot on Saturday? I would go to Red Bull stand on Saturday only.

    Is there some other activities that day? Formula 3 race, etc…


    1. Hi Nem, you should be able to purchase single-day tickets on Saturday for the Red Bull grandstand. Price depends on the section: from 65 to 100 EUR. I’d still recommend buying in advance as they may be sold out on the day. Lots happening on track on Saturday, including GP3 and Formula 2 races. Learn more in Trackside (will update this week for 2018)

  18. Hi is the week end ticket for general admission giving me the right to partecipate at the pit walk of thursday? Thank you very much

      1. Thank you very much for your reply Andrew. If I buy the ticket on thursday at the circuit at the box office I will pay just the ticket price(95 euros) or I have to pay an extra fee for purchasing the ticket on the box office? Thank you very much once again

  19. Which is the best view in row 1 for motogp? Which is the best view in higher seats, Mitte or T8-Grandstands?

  20. Is there a way (web, phone, etc.) where I can select the exact seats (not just grandstand) when I’m buying tickets to 2019 Formula 1 Austrian GP? Thank you,

  21. Balazs Pasztori

    Hello, do you have any idea when will they sell tickets only for Friday or Saturday? And how much do these day tickets usually cost? I would like to go only for one day. Thank you for your answer.

  22. Nawal Kishore Gupta

    The Red Bull Grandstand as well as the Start to Finish one Stand is all sold out. Considering the fact that its mentioned that the Austrian Grand Prix is not one of the highest attended races on the calendar,am wondering if at a later date they will release additional quantities of tickets for sale. Am bit confused as badly wanted to book in that sector.

    1. It is gettting more popular, especially with Dutch fans. But the circuit doesn’t have a lot of grandstand seats. If you want to go this year, I guess you need to choose a different zone. Lots of good views at the Red Bull Ring, even from General Admission areas.

  23. Nawal Kishore Gupta

    One more question : In the Red Bull Grandstand, the circuit map as shown on their website includes sector only from A to K. However on the same webpage for tickets, they have mentioned sectors under the same category to include L,M,N,O,P. Out of which again L,M,N are appearing as sold with no idea of whether they will at some time release tickets for O and P. Any idea if its possible that they will release some tickets under O and P. Apparently there is a TV screen shown in front of the supposedly sector of L,M,N,O,P

    1. Hello, the trackside parking at the Red Bull Ring is well organized and free. More information in Getting There and Around. I also recommend you download the “Projekt Spielberg” app which has parking and all other useful information for the Austrian Grand Prix. Have a great time at the Red Bull Ring!

  24. Steffan Findlay

    Hi there :) A lot of tickets seem to be sold out already and a lot of sites didn’t even have certain sections for sale. I’m wondering if a certain amount of seats get sold during the 20% early bird offer and then after this period the rest will be sold?

    1. I’m not sure, but I think all tickets are on sale. They don’t make other categories or extra tickets available probably. This race is definitely getting more popular!

      1. Steffan Findlay

        I think you’re right as nothing new has come up now. Although, I am seeing T10 being sold on only some sites and not others. Do you have any experience/photos/videos of T10? It seems to be quite high value for the weekend suggesting that it’s quite good?

        Thanks again :)

  25. Hi,

    I want to get two tickets but I’m not completely sure if I can attend the event.
    Could I resell the ticket to a friend? Or apply for a refund?


  26. Hi there, I want to ask where are entrances for general admission ticket holders? Only from one side of track? Is it possible to enter from the south side of the track (pit lane side)? THX.

    1. Hi Ian, the main entrances for General Admission ticket holders are at the top of the circuit, near Turn 3 and Turn 4. You should also be able to enter from the bottom of the circuit. Last year there was a internal shuttle train from near Turn 1 that went all the way up to Turn 3. Otherwise you cannot go up to General Admission on the western side of the circuit. But you should be able to walk all the way up on the eastern side via the final turns – that would be a pretty long walk however.

  27. Thanks for all the useful info. What time do you recommend arriving at the circuit on race day? (I’m travelling by train)

  28. It says that T3 new stands are set back from the circuit. Does that mean they are too far from the track? Is it going to be long distance viewing?

    1. Given that there’s nothing else available right now, I’d still buy this T3 ticket. The grandstand is a little way from the circuit, but the views are very good all the way down the hill

    2. Oscar del olmo

      Hola tengo entradas generales para tres días y también compré entradas para el parking, pero no sé dónde está exactamente el parking que más me conviene para mis entradas generales, porque me han enviado un dibujo donde el parking está abajo del circuito y es una caminata muy grande hasta nuestra entrada. Gracias

  29. DO the stands have numbered seating? I just got 2 tickets for T3 but it did not show me any options for numbered seating just 2 tickets for the section, is it open seating?
    Thank you,

  30. If I have a Sunday grandstand ticket, do I need to buy a grandstand ticket for a child under 14 years of age or is the child automatically included in my grandstand ticket purchase?

  31. Hello Andrew.
    It looks like that all tickets (general admission) are sold out.
    Do you maybe have a waitinglist?
    Best regards

  32. Hello, is there anywhere at all I would be able to purchase two general admission tickets? Would be willing to pay slightly over the odds but as I am a student I don’t really have much disposable income, any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Sorry you have left it really late. For future reference, tickets for Austria have been on sale since about August last year. I don’t really recommend resale sites, but you can try vividseats or stubhub – at least they should ensure that the tickets are authentic, but the prices will be higher

  33. Hi there – I’m a British F1 fan and this is the first event I am ever attending. Me and 5 friends are there for Friday only, sitting in the Start-Ziel grandstand, and arriving at Knittlefeld station at about 8:45. Are there any top tips for an enjoyable experience, for example, what times are the best for the fanzone and what important items to bring, such as food (if we are allowed). Many thanks, Marcus.

  34. Hi! I have 2 tickets for the race weekend (Fri-Sun) for Austria GP this year, with great reserved seats in T3. Unfortunately, sue to some unforeseen family commitments, we won’t be able to attend the race this year. Any idea where I can sell them? Anyone who’d be interested?

  35. Hi, I’m seeing that a majority of the discounted presale tickets are sold out for 2023. Will there be more tickets released at regular price next year?

    Is a reliable ticket vendor?

  36. Hi,
    We are planning to buy tickets on 2023 Austrian GP for 2 adults and 2 children. There is no option to buy tickets for children on some grandstands. For example Red Bull grandstand. Does it mean that we must buy 4 full tickets for adults and they can be used by children?

    1. I think the issue is that the child tickets for certain grandstands like Red Bull are already sold out. You would have to do as you suggest – buy adult tickets – or choose another grandstand that still has adult & child tickets available, like T3. A lot of tickets have already sold for this race, so I’d suggest making your decision sooner rather than later.

  37. Thank you for fast reply. I am considering T3. I think view will be very good on third corner, but I’m worry about location of videowall which will help to follow what is going on other parts of track. Will be good view to videowall from T3?
    We were in Hungaroring this year on General Admission, and were disappointed poor locations of videowalls. F1 TV wasn’t work due mobile network overload.

    1. T3 is a great location to watch the action. The grandstand is quite set back from the corner, but the panoramic views are great. For sure there is a videowall opposite this grandstand, but I cannot confirm how big it is.

  38. Hi there

    I tried to buy 2 adult general admission tickets, and 2 child general admission tickets via, but they said the following to me (which is opposite to the option you list at the top of this page) after I was forced to buy 4 adult tickets:

    “Thank you for contacting us. There are no children tickets available for this event, therefore the tickets you have already purchased will cover the seat of the 3 year old child as well as the 7 month old child.”

    Any ideas on how I can get child general admission tickets as they do not seem to exist?


    1. I cannot comment on another ticket company’s policies, but I think children’s tickets are only available via the official outlet, which is GPTicketshop. As the free child tickets for General Admission are already sold out, I suggest you buy the T3 children’s tickets for 22 EUR each for weekend. They also provide access to the General Admission areas. You can still buy the GA adult tickets in the Gootickets shop I guess, most other places are sold out.

  39. I’m planning to attend the Red Bull Ring this year. Right now there’s only T9 seats left. Do you think it’s a good location?

      1. Thanks for answering Andrew. I just bought today T3 tickets from your ticket shop for me my wife and kid.
        Regarding the best rows in T3 grandstands which one you suggest if I have the chance to request? Lower or higher rows?

        1. Thank you! Honestly, I think it doesn’t matter so much in the T3 where you sit. It’s quite set back from the track and already higher, so I think most seats will give a good view. If I had to choose, I’d probably go for a seat lower in the grandstand.

  40. Hi, I am looking for Start Ziel tickets, they are sold-out everywhere. Do you think it is likely more tickets will be released at a later date? or do they normally release all tickets in one go?

    1. Hi Gemma, you have to be quick these days. Ticket sales for Austria began back in July, so not surprising that most are already sold out around 3 months later. I really don’t expect more of the Start-Ziel tickets to become available, though you could get lucky in our Austria Ticket Shop if someone cancels – they will put them back for sale, but I don’t generally get a notification when this happens, and they will probably get snapped up quickly. The only other place that may have them is F1 Experiences. I think they will be launching their Ticket + Hotel offer for Austria soon, and I think they will have Start-Ziel tickets. The only catch is that you also have to book a hotel with this offer.

  41. Hey Andrew! My wife and I will be attending our first F1 GP this year at the Red Bull Ring. We are big Max Verstappen fans and were actually able to score 2 mitte grandstand tickets from viagogo. After reading your guide however should i be concerned that these are only for the dutch? We are flying in from the US. Really appreciate all of your advice and articles. We read them all!

    1. Hi Bryan, not a fan of buying via Viagogo as prices are inflated, but I understand there’s few tickets left for next year’s race. You are definitely going to be in the right place as Max Verstappen fans, the Mitte grandstand will be full of them. And definitely the tickets are not only for the Dutch. I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends!

      1. Ya they weren’t cheap, but everything was sold out so we went for it. Whew! I was concerned it was not a legit website for a bit. Thanks again for your help sir!

  42. Hi,
    Just wondering if there are lockers or luggage holds at the red bull ring? Our train arrives at 10.45 on Saturday and worried we will miss free practice if we have to first go to our campsite & then back to the ring (staying with GPtents)

    1. The general rule of thumb is that most circuits don’t offer luggage storage facilities, you are better off trying at the train station or a hotel nearby. Or taking the risk of missing FP1 and take your stuff to the campsite first would be my advice here. I’m not sure about the Red Bull Ring, but I don’t think it offers luggage storage facilities.

  43. Hi Andrew, a couple friends and I are looking at attending the 2024 Austrian GP. Is there a mailing list or anything to get on for next season when sales start? Can’t see if there’s any mailing lists that are from the official event setters similar to what the Australia GP organizers do. Cheers!

    1. They do have a mailing list for the Red Bull Ring – I’m on it. But the emails I receive are in German :(
      Sorry, I can’t find the sign up form on the Red Bull Ring website.
      However, you can join our mailing list! (Select Austria on the drop down list). For sure we will notify all subscribers when tickets go on sale.
      For you info, this normally happens soon after the current race finishes, normally in July or August.

  44. Thanks for a great article and site.

    I’m in the middle of planning a trip to the Austrian GP this year with my son. We’ve got General Admission tickets for Friday to Sunday and some tickets in block K of the start/finish straight grandstand for Friday only.

    I’m keen to know about the supporting events around the main F1. Do you know when the times for these will be published and what sort of things we can expect? And are these over the full weekend or mainly focussed on Saturday and Sunday?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Dave, you can learn more about the on-track schedule in our Trackside post. You have on-track action from Friday to Sunday. Also remember that this is an F1 sprint weekend, so you have qualifying on Friday and a short race on Saturday afternoon, as well as the main event on Sunday. In addition, there will be Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup action across the weekend, so lots happening. The full schedule won’t be released until around 4-6 weeks before the race

  45. Hey Andrew, getting close and we are so excited! However, Viagogo is saying our e-tickets will be delivered on the 28th (I bought these back in November). We are flying out of the US on the 27th and this is very concerning. Does this sound normal to you? Do we have to print our tickets and bring them to the track or can we just have them on our phone. I know you aren’t a reseller expert but any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Bryan, I really don’t have much experience with Viagogo. We don’t recommend buying tickets from them unless everything is sold out and as a last resort.
      My opinion is that you will get your tickets earlier than June 28. They are probably just giving themselves as much time as possible to deliver the tickets, in case of any issues.
      You should be fine with the e-tickets on your phone, but it’s always good to have a printed back up in case of any issues like your phone battery dying.

  46. Hello Andrew, thanks a lot for your help.
    I was wondering about how safe is to buy resale tickets from privates. For this race everything is sold out but quite many people is selling their tickets in the “last minute” because they can not attend. What should I be aware to not being scammed, or is there any way to prove or validate the ticket to make sure it’s only used by me and not from the guy who sells? 😅


    1. Honestly, it’s not very safe at all, especially when it comes to e-tickets – there is potential for fraud and for the same ticket to be sold more than once. Buying in such a way should only be a last resort. You also have more protection when buying from a reseller site such as Stubhub. But we do actually still have tickets available for the Austrian Grand Prix in our ticket shop – our supplier is based at the Red Bull Ring.

  47. Is 2024 pretty much sold out apart from the T3 grandstand and GA? Tried to buy via the link on this page but nothing is showing as available. Unsure if its sold out or just not on sale yet.

    1. You should be able to walk around the east of the circuit, though I’m not 100% sure due to the zones. Alternative is to walk along the top of the circuit to the area near Turn 3, where you can take a free shuttle down to the fanzone

  48. Hello,
    I’m planning to get a T3 ticket for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix. Are there seats in T3 or is it just standing there? If there are seats, is it like the first who comes, the first who takes the seat? And will I be able to enter the fanzone?

  49. Hello,

    do you have any information to what section of Start-Finnish Grandstand is included with 3 Corner Hopping (Silver). Thanks in advance

  50. Do I need a ticket to enter the fanzone, or is that an area that doesn’t require a ticket. If a ticket is needed, what tickets will allow me entrance, and what tickets won’t?

  51. Hi! I’m interested in tickets for 2025 GP’s, so would appreciate more info in advance, just so that I can be prepared for when the tickets get released. I’m mostly interested in Austrian, Hungarian and maybe even Imola races. When can tickets release be expected? Right after the races in this season finish, or even before? And i’d like to know what is the lowest price for Austrian GP Main grandstand full weekend ( are there early bird prices or is the price as it is now on the website, around 650e )?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello, I suggest you read this article:
      In general, Austria and Hungary go on sale very early – soon after this year’s edition of the race. They also offer early bird discounts, around 10%, for buying early. Main grandstand in Austria (Start-Ziel) was priced at 625 EUR this year – cheaper with early bird discount. Imola tickets don’t normally go on sale until later in the year, about 5-6 months before the race. In all cases, I suggest you sign up to our mailing list (check the boxes for the races you are interested in) and we’ll inform you when tickets go on sale:

  52. Thanks you so much for offering such useful information! I do have an extra question though.
    Is it possible to somehow know in advance which garages are facing which grandstands?
    For instance, as an avid Alonso fan, even though i’m mostly eyeing start-ziel tickets for redbullring, or golden tickets for hungaroring, i’d much rather choose to have a view of Aston Martin garage, if possible. So my question is, whether it’s possible to somehow know the placings of each teams garages in advance ( or maybe if there is an article on that topic too? )? I assume that the top teams like RB have their garages closest to start/finish line?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Angela, very good question. The order of the pit boxes is determined by last year’s finishing order in the constructors’ championship. However, the organization at each circuit is different! At some circuits, it is considered an advantage for the top teams to be at the start of the pit lane, and it’s the opposite at other circuits. At Silverstone for example, the top teams are in the middle! For Hungary, the top teams are closer to the entrance to the pit lane, same for Austria. Aston Martin finished fifth last year, so they are going to be in the middle somewhere.

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