Tickets – 2022 Miami Grand Prix

Learn more about buying tickets for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix on May 6-8. Where to watch the F1 action at Miami International Autodrome.

A limited number of 3-day tickets for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix are now available in our ticket shop. Prices start at just over $800 USD for the Beach Grandstand. These are not expected to last long.

Sadly, the vast majority of tickets for the inaugural 2022 Miami Grand Prix at Miami International Autodrome were sold out almost instantly in a heavily oversubscribed pre-sale process last October to applicants who had registered via the promoter site. Many of those who registered never even had the opportunity to purchase, such was the demand for tickets .

Our partners F1 Experiences also sold out of Official Ticket Packages for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix very quickly, including grandstand seats and trackside hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula One Paddock Club. There is a possibility that more packages will become available; join the waitlist on the link above to receive updates.

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2022 Miami Grand Prix Tickets: Need to know

    • E-tickets will be issued for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. You will receive a separate e-ticket for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    • All grandstand tickets are sold for 3 days, offering access to the circuit on Friday (practice), Saturday (practice & qualifying) and Sunday (the main race).
    • The main F1 Fanzone in Miami will be located inside the Hard Rock Stadium, but other smaller fan zones (with food and drink options as well) will be located close to the grandstands around the track, including the North Campus (behind the Start/Finish Grandstand and close to the Turn 18 Grandstand.
    • Cheaper grandstands offer bench seating while more expensive grandstands offer tip-up individual seats. High seats in more expensive grandstands are also shaded from the sun.

2022 Miami Grand Prix Pricelist

3-Day Ticket TypePrice Range USD
General Admissionn/a
Beach Grandstands$640 – $880
Family Grandstand$690 – $815
Fountain View Grandstand$780 – $860
Marina Grandstands$800 -$1015
Turn 1 Grandstands$990 – $1695
Turn 18 Grandstands$1190 – $1550
Start/Finish Grandstand$1680 – $2070

More information about tickets for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix

    • A full pricelist for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix was not published, though the prices in the table above were reported by The pre-sale process was heavily oversubscribed and all tickets were sold within a matter of days in late October 2021.
    • All-inclusive 3-day hospitality packages for the race, all now sold out, were priced between $5,000-10,000.
    • These prices will almost certainly make the Miami Grand Prix by far the most expensive race to attend on the 2022 Formula 1 calendar. But given the huge level of interest in the event, it appears that the very high prices were not a deterrent to most buyers!
    • Tickets are now being offered on resale platforms at even higher prices. In general, we don’t recommend buying tickets on platforms such as Vivid Seats, Viagogo or Stubhub as authenticity cannot be 100% guaranteed. Commissions are very high, and you are often lining the pockets of professional scalpers rather than real fans. These platforms may be your only chance now, however, if you are determined to attend the inaugural race in Miami and your budget is very high.
    • You should also exercise extreme caution buying Miami tickets from unknown ticket sellers or websites. If the prices look too good to be true, or little information is available about the company, it could be fraudulent.
    • If you missed out on tickets for the 2022 Miami Grand Prix, you can already pre-register for access to 2023 tickets on
2022 Miami International Autodrome grandstand map ©

Seating options at Miami International Autodrome

The track next to the Hard Rock Stadium is still under construction and no cars have yet run on the circuit – and fans have not sat in the grandstands! – so providing advice about where to sit is theoretic at this stage. Most fans will be happy to have secured any seat, let alone had a choice of where to sit. But the organizers will have priced the different grandstands according to what they consider the best places to watch the action, and already it’s obvious that some grandstands will have much better views than others. Learn more below about the different seating options on offer in Miami.

Start/Finish (Main) Grandstand

Generally the most expensive traditional seating location at any race (aside from hospitality), the Start/Finish Grandstand overlooks the starting grid, start/finish line, pits and (probably) the podium in Miami. These seats are good for watching all the key moments of the weekend like the pre-race ceremony, start, pit stops and post-race podium ceremony. If you want to watch on-track action and overtaking moves, there are better places to watch the action in Miami.

Turn 1 Grandstands

Two grandstands – Turn 1 North and Turn 1 South overlook the first corner at Miami International Autodrome. The Turn 1 North Grandstand is situated at the end of the Main Straight facing Turn 1, which means it will also be a good place to watch the start of the race and the run down to the first corner. The Turn 1 South Grandstand is situated between Turns 1 and 2, and is set further back from the track. Given the choice, the Turn 1 North Grandstand should offer better views here.

Family Grandstand

The Family Grandstand is situated on a fast straight section of the circuit between Turns 10 and 11. We don’t expect the views from here to be very good, but the price should reflect this. Choose another grandstand if you can afford it!

Marina Grandstand

The three Marina Grandstands – North, Central & South – overlook the high-speed Turns 6-8 at Miami International Autodrome, which should be a really good place to watch the on-track action. These grandstands are also recommended for “partygoers” with easy access to lots of food and drink options in the Marina. Please note: The North Marina Grandstand will be home to the McLaren Fan Club, while the South Marina Grandstand will be home to the Aston Martin Fan Club.

Fountain View Grandstand

Similar to the Family Grandstand, the Fountain View Grandstand is situated on a fast section of the circuit (before Turn 9) and is not expected to offer very good views of the action in Miami. Fountain View is quite close to an adjacent section of the circuit (Turns 4-5), but the views of that section will probably be obscured.

Beach Grandstands

The South Beach Grandstand is located on the outside of the approach to Turn 11, while the North Beach Grandstand wraps around the inside of Turn 12. This section of the circuit (the approach to Turn 11, in particular) should be one of the best places for overtaking at Miami International Autodrome, and is also expected to have a lively ‘stadium atmosphere.’ Please note: the Red Bull Racing Fan Club will be seated at the southwest end of the North Beach Grandstand.

Turn 18 Grandstand

The Turn 18 Grandstand potentially offers some of the best views at the Miami Grand Prix. Situated quite close to the track and offering views of Turns 17-19 and also the pit entrance, there’s sure to be plenty of action at these important corners that end a lap of Miami International Autodrome. Please note: The Mercedes and Ferrari Fan Clubs will be seated in the Turn 18 Grandstand.

General Admission / Campus Passes

Single-day Campus Passes (General Admission) were only released a few weeks ago. Campus Passes cost $300 for Friday, $400 for Saturday and $500 for Sunday. General Admission tickets provide entry to the circuit and the various fanzones, but you don’t have a reserved seat to watch the action. General Admission access in Miami does offer access to viewing decks at the top of the Hard Rock Stadium, as well as the fanzone and big screen inside the stadium.

Hospitality suites at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix

Apart from the Formula One Paddock Club and Champions Club discussed below, we don’t have further information at this stage about circuit hospitality suites at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix, though you can expect that no expense will be spared. Either way, all hospitality access sold by the circuit is already sold out for 2022, as well as access to the Paddock Club and Champions Club.

Formula One Paddock Club

The Paddock Club is Formula 1’s highest end hospitality product, available to a consistently high standard at all races on the calendar. You can expect the Paddock Club in Miami to be a large and very impressive space with great views of the pit lane and start/finish straight. Benefits of the Paddock Club include all-inclusive gourmet cuisine, including seated meals, food stations, open bars, F1 driver appearances and a host of interactive displays. Paddock Club guests also benefit from daily pit lane walks and driving tours of the circuit. Find out more about the Formula One Paddock Club and secure your access at another race in 2022.

Champions Club by F1 Experiences

Not as expensive as the Paddock Club, but still offering all-inclusive cuisine, open bars, good views of the track, guest appearances and special trackside activities, the Champions Club was set up by F1 Experiences in 2017 and is offered at most larger races on the current F1 calendar. In Miami, the Champions Club is located on the south side of the Hard Rock Stadium, facing a section of the circuit between Turns 3 and 4. Find out more about the Champions Club and secure your access at another race in 2022.

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  1. Thank you for your very informative Miami GP post. I am reaching out regarding GA tickets for Miami. I have just noticed the Official Miami GP site shared something about a “Campus Pass”, which when you read it seems mostly like a GA type of deal, and it says coming soon. Notice how it is the first of the seating option, perhaps the first package is cheaper than grandstands. Well I’m just curious and trying not to pay insane resell prices, thus I might just making up possibilities. Nonetheless it would be great to hear your input on this, or maybe you know something I dont.
    Find it at
    f1miamigp . com / tickets /

    1. Hello, yes the Campus Pass does sound very much like General Admission – and it should be cheaper than the grandstands. Not sure why they are leaving it so late to put on sale. Probably also going to be huge demand for these tickets given they will be cheaper than existing ones.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    We purchased the Haas F1 Team Fan package for the Miami F1 GP but there has been very little detail from F1Experience Customer Service as to what it includes.

    They mentioned “Haas Team Fan Club Membership”. Would you happen to know what does that mean? Is it access to a Haas Fan location in the circuit?

    I’m very confused and they don’t seem to reply with emails other than some really vague answers.


    1. Hi Manuel, sorry but I don’t have much to add about this. I think you will hear more about the fan club soon, but it’s an online thing not a location at the circuit. I do hope you will still enjoy your experience in Miami, maybe we will meet. I’ll be there working with F1 Experiences

  3. Thank you all for the information! Very useful! We have a 3-day pass and unfortunately have to miss race day on Sunday due to a last minute change of family plans. Is there a way to attend practice and qualifying (i.e. Day 1 & 2) and somehow sell-off Day 3 to recoup some of the costs? Would hate to see it go to waste! Appreciate any insight.

    1. Kosala samarasinghe

      Hello Michael,

      My wife and I are coming into town and interested in going on Sunday only, do you still have the Sunday ticket? DM me at 619 961 7240. Thanks

    2. Julieta

      Michael. how are you? My father got tickets in grandstand 18 but i couldnt Which ticket do you have? how many? im interested, maybe i can only get sunday in a good value you can transfer them via ticketmaster, if you are interest please contact me

      1. Hi Andrew , do you still have tickets at the Beach Grandstand? Your link shows turn 18 for $1535 a piece! Also, if i buy those 3 days can i sell Friday or Saturday individually online ? I am only interested for Sunday. My email is Thanks!

        1. Nicky Haldenby

          Hi Elias, sorry – only Turn 18 tickets are available in our shop right now. If you were able to acquire 3-day tickets, you should be able to arrange selling the Friday and Saturday tickets separately. Personally, I would keep the Friday and Saturday tickets and enjoy the whole weekend in Miami!

      2. Hi Andrew, great read. Very informative article! Quick question, I have a 3 day pass seated at the Start/Finish line. Are there any public pit lane walks that I would be able to attend? I’ve only managed to read ‘Paddock Club Pit Lane Walks’ on the official schedules, which are exclusive to those members from my understanding. Thanks

        1. No, there’s no pit lane walk on the schedule. This would normally happen on Thursday, but the Miami event only officially starts on Friday. For future reference, F1 Experiences does do an ‘Exclusive Pit Lane Walk’ for some packages – this normally happens on Thursday evening. But F1 Experiences is sold out for this weekend. And you are right; Paddock Club Pit Lane Walks are only for the guests of the Paddock Club

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