Tickets – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Learn more about buying tickets for the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Where to watch the F1 action at Autodromo Imola

  • The 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is scheduled on May 16-18
  • F1 Experiences Ticket Packages are now on sale for 2025, though Paddock Club access is not yet available
  • Tickets are not yet on sale. Based on previous editions of the race, tickets are likely to go on sale around December.
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A classic old school circuit in the north of Italy, Autodromo Imola offers a beautiful park setting (much like Monza) and some good grandstand views. In 2024, Imola offers some of the cheapest General Admission tickets on the calendar. Ticket prices for some grandstands are quite affordable, though prices for the three grandstands on the Main Straight are quite expensive by European F1 ticket standards.

Autodromo Imola is set to remain as host of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix until at least 2025.

2025 Imola Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

F1 Experiences offers Official Ticket Packages for the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. As well as a choice of grandstand seats, Official Ticket Packages include access to exciting trackside activities at Autodromo Imola such as an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour and F1 Experiences Reception. Access to high-end VIP hospitality in the Formula One Paddock Club above the team garages at Imola, as well as Legend Ticket Packages with one-day VIP access to the F1 Paddock, will be available at a later date.

Formula 1 Paddock Club Hospitality at Autodromo Imola

Directly above the team garages and opposite the home straight, the Formula 1 Paddock Club offers the best VIP hospitality at Autodromo Imola. Guests in the Paddock Club enjoy seated gourmet meals, open bars, daily pit lane walks, guided tours of the F1 Paddock and special guest appearances. Choose from 3-day Paddock Club Packages or 3-Day Legend Ticket Packages; the latter include all the benefits of the Paddock Club plus a one-day VIP pass to the F1 Paddock and an up-close view of the post-race podium ceremony. Access will be available soon via F1 Experiences.

Made in Italy Lounge

New for 2024, the Made in Italy lounge is connected to the Start-Partenza 2 grandstand overlooking the starting grid and team garages. Open from 09:00-18:00, access includes a seat in the Start-Partenza 2 grandstand plus breakfast, lunch, open bar serving alcoholic beverages and chill out area with big screens showing the on-track action. Dedicated parking is available for every four tickets purchased. Access is available for single days, two days or all three days of the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend. Download the brochure. Tickets are not yet on sale for 2025.

Best Tickets to Buy at the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix?

  • Budget: General Admission tickets are priced at less than €150 for 3 days and offer the cheapest access at Autodromo Imola. Other affordable tickets at Imola include the Rivazza 1 grandstand on the inside of the last corner with views of the start/finish line, priced at around €300 for 3 days.
  • Mid-Range: For better views, Grandstands D, E, F overlooking Acque Minerale and Grandstand B next to Tosa are priced at around €500 for 3 days. If you want to have views of the start and pits action, the four grandstands on the inside of the Main Straight are priced from €780, which is not cheap. The best of these grandstands are the covered Start/Partenza Grandstands 1 & 2, which are closer to the start/finish line and the pit garages of the leading teams.
  • Hospitality: The best trackside hospitality available at Imola can be found in the Paddock Club above the pits. More affordable hospitality (priced from €650 for Friday access) is offered by the circuit in the “Made in Italy Lounge,” which is connected to the Start-Partenza 2 grandstand overlooking the starting grid and team garages.

2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Tickets: Need to Know

  • Tickets sold by our partners Grand Prix Events are e-tickets, which will be emailed to you a few weeks before the race. No additional delivery fees apply.
  • Most tickets are sold for three days, though Sunday-only tickets are available in some grandstands
  • The Start/Partenza Grandstands 1 & 2  (previously called A & M) are covered. These are located on the inside of the start/finish straight, opposite the pits. All other grandstands at Imola are uncovered.
  • Large TV screens are located opposite all of the grandstands.

Start/Partenza 1,2,3,4 Grandstands (Main Straight)

  • The four most expensive grandstands on offer at Autodromo Imola are all located on the inside of the  Main Straight.
  • The largest and best equipped is Start/Partenza 1 (previously Grandstand A), which can be considered the Main Grandstand at Imola and is situated opposite the iconic tower – see the video view above. Start/Partenza 1 is actually located past the pits and the start/finish line, but does put you in the heart of the action at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. This is our pick for the best grandstand at Imola with views of the starting grid & pits.
  • Start/Partenza 2 (previously Grandstand M) is located closer to the pits and closest to the start/finish line but is not as well equipped as Grandstand A. Check the views here.
  • Further along, Start Partenza 3 & 4 (previously Grandstands I & B) are smaller, uncovered grandstands situated before the start/finish line, near the entrance to the pits. These grandstands offer views of the post-race podium ceremony.

Acque Minerale 1,2,3,4,5 Grandstands

  • Probably the pick of the mid-priced grandstands at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, the Acque Minerale Grandstands overlook Acque Minerale (Turns 11-13).
  • This famous series of corners is always challenging for the drivers and is a good spot to watch overtaking and on-track action.
  • Four of the Acque Minerale Grandstands (1,2,3,4) are located on the inside of the track. The best of these is Acque Minerale 1. (Check the video above from Acque Minerale 2)
  • The Acque Minerale 5 Grandstand on the outside of the circuit is being offered for the first time in 2024. The views here are not as good as from the inside of the circuit, but Acque Minerale 5 is in a cheaper price bracket as a result.

Tosa 1,2 Grandstands

  • Two grandstands are located on the outside of Curva Tosa (Turn 7). The Tosa 1 Grandstand is covered and situated closer to the corner (see video above) while Tosa 2 is situated on the hill behind the corner. This is a good place to watch the action at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, as you can also see down to Variante Villeneuve (Turns 5-6) and then see the cars going up the hill towards Piratella (Turn 9).
  • Between the two Tosa Grandstands is the Lawn Tosa area, which offers affordable tickets at Imola. Basic seating is offered at Lawn Towa with bleacher seats built into the side of the hill.

Rivazza 1,2 Grandstands

  • The cheapest grandstands at Autodromo Imola don’t offer the best views compared to the more expensive grandstands, but are still a good choice for fans on a budget.
  • Rivazza 1 (previously Grandstand R) – see video above – offers basic bleacher seating built into the side of the hill on the inside of the final corner with views extending to the pit entrance and starting grid. Recommended for fans on a budget, though try to avoid the lower seats, which became muddy last year after lots of rain fell on race weekend
  • Rivazza 2 (previously Grandstand H) is located on the outside of the circuit on the approach to Rivazza (Turns 17-18). The views are not as good here as at Rivazza 1
  • Closest to the Rivazza corner on the inside of the track is the Rivazza Lawn area, a separated General Admission area with no reserved seating. This area turned into a mud pit in 2022 due to heavy rain across the weekend (check this video to see the view/mud)

Gresini 1,2,3,4,5 Grandstands (Variante Alta)

  • Additional Gresini Grandstands were added for the cancelled 2023 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.
  • Located either side of the Variante Alta hairpin, the Gresini Grandstands offer decent views of the action
  • Gresini 1,2,3,5 are located on the outside of the circuit. Gresini 3 offers disabled access. Gresini 5 is priced cheaper than the other grandstands here due to less attractive views. Gresini 4 is located on the inside of the circuit.
  • Gresini 1 offers the best views and the seats are very close to the track. (Check the video above taken from Gresini 1)

Villeneuve 1,2,3 Grandstands

  • The three Villeneuve Grandstands are situated on the inside of the circuit between Turns 4-6.
  • The pick of these is Villeneuve 3, which is closest to the hairpin (see video above). Villeneuve 1 has the least attractive views, but it’s also offered in a cheaper price bracket

Been to Autodromo Imola? Leave a comment with your seating tips!

207 thoughts on “Tickets – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix”

    1. I don’t know for sure, but there’s a chance that more tickets will be available after April 1 – this is when the COVID rules in Italy are expected to be relaxed.

  1. Hello.
    Any idea in which part of the track / location you can stay if you buy General Admission tickets ?

  2. Want to ask, I know the track has a weird setting being in a town, how much of the track will race goers be able to walk round during the race weekend seen as i am someone that likes to watch from different vantage points?

    1. Hopefully, the General Admission areas will be open and you can wander around the track a bit. It’s a lovely park setting, was there for a look last summer. I think we have to wait for the COVID restrictions to be eased in Italy from April 1, then there should be more information about this.

  3. Hello! Would you recommend Grandstand A Zone H or Grandstand I Zone I? Which one has a clear view of the pit stops? Many thanks?

  4. Hi
    Will there be a fanzone and is it common here that after the chequered flag people run near the podium (like in Monza)? Thanks I will be sitting at Curva Tosa.

    1. I assume there will be a fanzone at Imola, but I don’t know where yet. And hopefully you will be able to run on the track to the podium after the race, but this depends on any COVID restrictions. Fingers crossed!

  5. Hey Andrew! I’m holding out in the hope that general admission tickets will go on sale soon. Do you know where exactly the GA section(s) are at Imola? I see there’s lawn at rivazza and tosa tickets about to go on sale too?
    Which of these 3 do you think would be best? Ideally would like to wander round as much as possible!
    Thanks a ton

          1. Hello ! But the covid restriction it s off from today in italy … it wont be GA tickets at all ?

          2. Hello Andrew,
            Do we know when tickets will be available to buy ? How long before the grand prix is it usually open ? Thanks ! Your website is a treasure !

          3. We don’t yet know when tickets will be going on sale, sorry. If I had to guess, I would say in January. (Tickets went on sale quite late this year, but COVID was still an issue that delayed the ticket opening)

  6. Charlotte Mawdsley

    It’s my first F1. Where is the best place to sit (I’m thinking I,M,A). Any advice welcomed!
    Also good/drinks can you bring you’re own?

    1. Looks like a ticket is required. This is from our pricelist: “Children (0-12) Prices are 50% of the regular Adult Ticket” But in general I wouldn’t recommend taking an infant to F1 if you can avoid it

  7. Is “Tribuna 1” new (the one to the right of Grandstand A)? I cannot find it in any Grandstand Layouts. The only place that sells tickets for it seems to be ticketone, but I can’t find anything about this “Tribuna 1” anywhere.
    Between this “Tribuna 1” and “Grandstand R” (Rivazza), which one would provide the better views?

    1. It seems to be a new grandstand. You are right, it’s past the start/finish line on the inside. I would say this will probably have a better view than Rivazza R, but it’s all speculation right now. Sorry

  8. Dear Andrew,

    Is it possible that new tickets for Imola will be available for sale and if yes when can we expect it?
    We are interested for 3 days tickets (last price was 270 Eur).

    Thank you and best regards

    1. Yes we are hoping for new tickets to become available after April 1st. This is when COVID-19 restrictions are supposed to be eased in Italy, so event should go 100% capacity. Expecting cheaper General Admission access to be available.

  9. Witam,
    czy wejście na wyścigi F1 Imola tylko z certyfikatem COVID??
    Czy nie zaszczepieni mają szansę na wejście???
    Czy może cos sie zmienić w tym zakresie???

    1. na tym etapie trzeba się zaszczepić (zielona przepustka we Włoszech). ale zasady dla całych Włoch mają się zmienić od 1 kwietnia, wtedy będziemy wiedzieć więcej

      1. Dziękuję,
        gdzie sprawdzić czy zmieniły się przepisy i mogę szukać biletów??
        Będę wdzięczna za informację
        pozdrawiam serdecznie

  10. Hi, I see that the prices you had for grandstand 2, 3 and 4 was 270. On the f1 tickets the price ist 370. Was 270 really the price offered here? What’s the difference?

  11. Hi Andrew – it looks like you have a lot of 3-day tickets available for Grandstand 5, but it says that these seats are not numbered and they don’t have a TV. But on the F1 site it says that Grandstand 5 does. Do you know what the real situation is? And is this a good place to watch?

    Thank you!!

    1. I think it’s a good place to watch. My understanding is that all grandstands will have a video screen opposite. You can see this is basically a terrace on the hill, I think the views will be really good. Here’s a photo I took last year, where you can see the hill terrace seats in the background. Tosa image

  12. Hi Andrew, what do you recommend for parking at the Imola GP? Are parking tickets available online?

    1. Sorry Federico, I really don’t know the parking situation at Imola. Hopefully the circuit will provide some more information closer to race weekend. I don’t know of any parking tickets available online

  13. Where can we buy GA tickets from? I was hoping to get some today after the rules changed in Italy. Thanks!

    1. They are not on sale yet, and we don’t know if they will be. Yes, the rules changed already in Italy but we need the circuit to make a decision about releasing more tickets for sale.

      1. What would be the best website to track changes and eventually buy GA tickets once they are released? Where those GA tickets will be available in the first order?

        1. We still don’t know if these will be available, but if they are we will definitely post about this on social media. You can also follow the circuit on social media for updates.

      1. Hey Andrew, just asking for the autograph session, is going to go ahead? It requires an specific ticket?, There is no info about the day and the time of it.
        Tank you very much

        1. Still waiting for A LOT of trackside information for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Hopefully it will be released by the circuit soon! Also need to find out if there will be a pit lane walk on Thursday

  14. Hi, any idea on how early should we enter the General Admission area to get a decent view for the race?

  15. Hey Andrew!
    Thank you for running such an awesome page! Right as the GA was announced for Imola, I got tickets from your ticket partner! Just wondering how delivery of the tickets works? I have an invoice and confirmation, and I have already paid the invoice.
    Thank you!

  16. Hi Andrew,
    I commented earlier but can’t find it so please excuse this if it’s a duplicate. I purchased GA for the Imola GP using your ticket partner! I have email confirmation and an invoice, I’m just wondering how I’ll receive the tickets?
    Thank you for running such an awesome site! Would not have been able to go to my first GP without your help.

  17. Did anyone had the same situation that ordered tickets for Prato Rivazza and got refused by the website due to promotor cancellation? AS a result I had to change to Circulare ticket and waiting for confirmation but now I am wondering are there any chances to find Prato Rivazza tickets on the spot? Have anyone managed to get Prato Rivazza tickets in the end when buying via GPT?

    1. Hi John, sorry but there was a problem with these tickets. The promoter gave GPT an allocation last week, but then said this week they were not available and they shouldn’t have sold them. I don’t know if it will be possible to get these on site or not.

  18. Hello Andrew, I’m going to Imola GP next week with a friend with some general admission tickets. Do you know how does these GA tickets work and to what places do we have access?
    Also do you have any information about autograph sessions or Pit Lane Walks?
    Any other tips are welcome and thanks for such a nice F1 webpage.

    1. Hi Benito. Check this map. It shows you where the General Admission areas are at Imola. No information yet about pit lane walk or autograph session; not sure they will happen. We added lots of information today to the Trackside post.

  19. Hi Andrew, do you know roughly when 2023 Imola tickets will go on sale and what is the best website to buy them from?

    1. Sorry James, but I don’t know when tickets will go on sale for Imola 2023. We should at least have 2023 calendar dates around the start of September, so hopefully not too long after this the tickets will go on sale. We will have tickets to sell in our ticket shop (Grand Prix Tickets – GPT – is the supplier) or you can buy via the circuit.

  20. Hi Andrew,

    I am confused between which one to choose (tosa, acque minerali or rivazza) Would you recommend Grandstand at tosa or at acque minerali for a good view? I saw the acque minerali grandstands have large fences but i could be wrong. Alternatively, is grandstand 7 a good spot too as cars are known to jump over kerbs?

    1. It’s a tough decision. I did attend the race this year, but I didn’t get a chance to sit in any of the grandstands (I was working in the Paddock Club). Of the three you suggested, I’d probably say Tosa would be my least preferred place to sit. I think Acque Minerali is good for on-track action. Please check this photo of Acque Minerali grandstands I took during a track tour – you can see that most seats have views above the catch fencing. Regarding Rivazza, if you are talking about Grandstand R, this is another good choice but it’s less comfortable as the seats are just built into the side of the hill. Great atmosphere in this section, though. Here’s a photo looking over at Grandstand R (Rivazza). And you even get distant views of the starting grid. I can’t really comment on Grandstand 7, sorry.

  21. Hi Andrew, do you have a view from the stands 2,3,4 at Villeneuve. I don’t know whether to go for H, R, or else 2, 3, 4? Would you have any recommendations? Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I don’t have. I did attend the race this year, but was working and couldn’t walk around much. In my opinion, the stands 2,3,4 don’t have the best view. I’d probably choose R for the atmosphere and views, or alternatively D next to Acque Minerale.

  22. Hi there!
    I was wondering if there was any updates on when 2023 tickets would start being available? Thank you for all the information, super helpful!

  23. David Woodworth

    Please could you advise when tickets for Imola 2023 will go on sale as we have booked flights and accommodation for my sons 18th but are worried as we have no tickets – most of the other races seem to already be on sale – will it be a problem getting tickets? Please help….. Thanks

    1. Sorry David, I asked my ticket company and they have no information yet. I think tickets will probably go on sale next month, but not 100% sure. Please join our mailing list (check the box for Imola) and we’ll let you know when our ticket shop opens. It shouldn’t be a problem to get tickets, provided you act quickly when they go on sale.

  24. Hi Andrew,
    Do you know if there will be pit lane walk on Thursday during Imola?? Do we need extra tickets to enter it or 3-days tickets are enough?

    1. There was not a pitlane walk last year, but that was probably due to COVID. I don’t know if there will be one this year. If yes, it will probably not be announced until much later. If there is, normally it’s enough to enter with 3-day tickets, but some circuits have started selling tickets for pit lane walk to control numbers, normally quite cheap, around 20 EUR.

      1. Is it possible to buy Thursday and only Sunday ticket? Or were these extra tickets for pit lane walk aviable only with 3-days tickets?

        1. I think Sunday only tickets were available last year, but can’t confirm if they will be for this year. And like I said, there was no pit lane walk this year. I don’t know if there will be in 2023. If yes, it may be free for 3-day ticket holders (probably not for Sunday only ticket holders) or you may have to buy a ticket. We have to wait for more information.

      2. Are these pitlane tickets aviable at the same time that Fru-Sun ones? I want to take my son on Sunday race and visit pit stops on Thursday. So if they don’t organise pitlane walk, it is pointless for me to buy Fri-Sun tickets. Do you know how it looks like?

        1. Kinga, just repeating that we don’t know if there will be a pit lane walk at Imola next year. If there is, it may be free or it may be paid. And the tickets, if sold, are likely to go on sale later than the tickets for the race. If you can only go on Thursday and Sunday, I agree it would be a bit of a waste to buy 3-day tickets.

  25. Hi Andrew
    I was wondering if there was any updates on when 2023 tickets would start being available? Am worried that have missed these as all other races seem to already be on sale? Please can you help.
    Thanks in advance

  26. Hi
    I am trying to see if there is a camp site or wild camping for my campervan (VW T5) near or in the circuit?
    If so can you buy when buying a 3-day ticket?

    many thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, I really don’t have much info about camping at Imola. I can tell you that camping tickets are not sold with the race tickets, would have to be purchased separately. I suggest you contact the local tourist information office in Emilia Romagna for some more info.

  27. Hi Andrew. Do you have information on the numbered grandstands? I see a lot of information on the lettered grandstands but not the numbered.
    Also happy the ticket sales has been announced for 21st Dec :-)

    1. Hi Grace, I haven’t sat in the numbered grandstands but I think they don’t have the best locations – these were added after the lettered grandstands, so I think the locations are worse. Good news about the tickets launch on Dec 21 – but remember it’s only 8,000 tickets, so they could be hard to get your hands on. But don’t worry, you will have further chance later

  28. Hi Sir. Apparently some tickets went on sale on the 21st but that was through TicketOne and I missed it as I just check the official F1 ticket page itself. Will there be more tickets though? And is the official f1 ticketing page good sources to check for tickets? There was never a word on it about ticket sale on 21st. Thanks

    1. Hi Bart, yes 8,000 tickets went on sale December 21 via the circuit/TicketOne. In general, the actual circuit or promoter is the best place to buy tickets. You can sign up for mailing list. F1 Tickets is only a reseller, and they also apply a large markup so always better places to buy tickets – unless unavailable elsewhere. If you sign up for our mailing list – and choose the box for Imola Grand Prix – we will send out an email when tickets go on sale.

  29. Quick question for anyone who attended in 2022, what are the facilities like around the track for food/toilets etc? And is it fairly easy to get to/from via train? Attended Monza this year and spent the majority of the weekend queuing so missed most of the support races, and also had issues with people taking wrong grandstand seats. Is Imola just as chaotic?

    1. Hi James, I worked at the race last year. I didn’t spend too much time in the fanzone, but the fan experience wasn’t ideal. The weather definitely didn’t help, with a lot of rain and consequently lots of muddy paths etc around the circuit. Many facilities are also pretty old. Organization is a bit chaotic, because Italy :) Hopefully things will be a bit better in 2023 – remember last year was the first F1 race with fans at Imola since 2006. It’s a reasonable walk – around 30 minutes – from the train station to the track, but a nice walk as you go right through the old town of Imola. Despite everything above, I absolutely loved my weekend at Imola. You can feel the history and passion everywhere.

  30. Great informative site you have here Andrew. Think I used it to get usefull information back in 2013, the last time I bought F1 tickets. That time it was for my dads 60th birthday and we went to Barcelona. Was easy to get good tickets back then. This year it’s his 70th and we want to repeat the success and since he is a huge Ferrari fan we thought Imola would be great (and its not already sold out, like most other European races). I already bought flights and reserved hotelrooms in Bologna, but I sense that it is much more competition for tickets these days than back then. I’m feeling the stress about missing out. Is it like that, you have to be there on the minute the tickets release or you have no chance? Signed up for your mailing list at least :)

    1. Hi and thanks for the compliment. I started the site back in 2013, so it will be ten years old in a few months! Imola is a great choice, I really loved attending the race last year. But you are right, there’s a lot more competition for tickets these days. Hopefully the Imola tickets will be released later this month, and we will of course let you know when our shop opens. Hopefully it won’t sell out straight away, but definitely recommend buying as soon as you can

  31. Hi Andrew

    Just wondering if you have any ideas when the main batch of tickets will be released for Imola GP? I now a small batch of 8000 were released in December but wondering when the bigger public sale will be. Also any idea of you can buy just 2 day passes for both Saturday and Sunday only?



    1. Hi Josh, we don’t know exactly but it should be soon. Monza is expected to be at the end of January, so I think Imola will be around the same time or soon after. Doesn’t look like 2-day passes will be available. Imola released a price list when the initial batch of tickets went on sale, and it only shows tickets for 3 day or for individual days (and it’s cheaper to buy a 3-day pass than individual passes for Saturday and Sunday). You can read the price list here – in Italian, but I think you will get the idea.

  32. Jose Luis Talermann

    Hi Andrew, thanks for all the information you bring to us. I have a doubt and I would like to ask you what you think about. We are a group of 8 and our intention is to travel from Argentina to Italy for this race (the date is perfect for us so we decided to organize our travel for this GP), but we have uncertainty about the GP tickets and I’m a bit concerned about getting out flight tickets and not getting the GP tickets later. Do you think it is easy to get the tickets immediately they go on sale? I know maybe it is difficult to answer that but I don’t know really how fast they run out.

    Thank you very much


  33. Hi Andrew,
    what do you think or heard about the Grandstand Gresini in Variante Alta? Its not the best views to see lot from the track, but the cars are probably the closest to you here.
    We are thinking about it and Tosa as well.
    Thank you.

  34. Hi Andrew,
    Do you know if tickets for the second phase (considering first phase the 8000 batch), are already on sale?, I saw some tickets available for everyday and as a package on ticketone, not sure if are remaining tickets from that first phase, or are from the general sale. Can you provide some info. And if so, do you know if there will be more ticket phases. Thanks / Gracias

  35. Hi,
    I have a question regarding the tickets’ access.
    If i buy a ticket for 1 of the Grandstands; will I have access to the general admission areas?
    basically, i’m asking because i want to watch from different angles and check the track.


      1. Thanks Andrew!

        What are your thought on GA tickets? Do people take up spots on first in first serve basis?

        With the Grandstand tickets are they strict with allocated seating? Can we expect our seats not taken if we decide to walk around before heading back to our seats?

        And what’s your thoughts on Lawn seats (Rivazzo stand)


        1. In general, and especially in Italy, it’s better to buy a grandstand ticket if you can afford it – you can still check out GA areas, but better to have your own seat for the race etc. I think GA at Imola is likely to be crowded, and probably locals will take and protect the best spots. As for grandstand seats, these are supposed to be reserved the whole weekend. But Italy can be a bit chaotic. If you find someone in your seat, ask them to move. If they don’t call security to sort it out. I really like the Rivazza 1 lawn seats. Great views – even of the grid and pits – and excellent atmosphere. But make sure your seats are higher up – the lower ones were in the mud last year.

          1. Thanks for the Tip Andrew.
            Looks like all the high seats are booked, only the lower section of Rivazza 1 is only Available.

  36. Johannes Kostaja

    Hi Andrew,

    Can you confirm that the lawn tickets (Prato Tosa/Rivazza) also grant access to the general admission areas along the track?


  37. Hi!

    Everybody complained about the GA tickets of 2022, do you think the Lawn areas are also as bad as GA?


  38. Just wondering about Rivazza, the views look pretty decent but it is one of the cheapest grandstands, is that based on the fact it’s not a ‘proper’ grandstand as such?

    1. Yes, the seats are built into the side of the hill. As long as you get one higher up, should be fine (the seats at the bottom last year were in the mud!). I think the views from here are great, excellent atmosphere too

      1. Thanks Andrew, would you recommend any particular area in Rivazza 1 or R as it was previously called? Also, I see on their website they release the tickets in stages until all are gone, do you know when the next lot will be released?

        1. Only thing I would recommend in Rivazza 1 is to be higher up, as the lower areas got muddy last year. Honestly, I don’t know about when the phases of ticket will be released. Rivazza 1 is cheap and good so will be popular and you should buy when you see them available. Hopefully we will also have some for sale soon

          1. Thank you so much for all your advice, will you be sending out e mails again when the next phase are released?

      1. Don’t worry about the F1 website, this is just a reseller and they also add a markup of 10-20%. Better to buy direct from the circuit or via our ticket agent. Regarding grandstand 6, you mean Acque Minerale 4? I think this is a good location, maybe better than Tosa. I don’t know about Gresini, but also looks ok.

  39. Hello Andrew,
    We hesitate between Grandstand 1 and 3. 1 is covered but seems far from pitlane and after the depart grid. Will we be able to see pitlane and the departing grid from Grandstand A ? Thanks !!

      1. Andrew hello, thanks for the great info on your website.
        If our tickets are for Section Circolare, is it the yellow marked general areas on the map above?

  40. Hi Andrew

    Just wondering I have tickets in rivazza all weekend
    But I was wondering
    Can you sit in other grandstands on the Friday and Saturday and lawn areas like silverstone?

  41. Hello! Do you know if the tickets for lawn are already sold out?? Don’t know if GA will be a good option or I should wait for lawn… what do you recommend ?

    1. Hello, it seems that the lawn tickets for Tosa and Rivazza are sold out for the current phase of tickets, but GA is still available. I think GA is ok, you will still be able to soak up the atmosphere even if you can’t get a great view. Always risky to wait for more tickets – but we should have some more available this week as well.

  42. What do the general admission tickets include? Are you able to view the race from anywhere? Sorry for the basic question

  43. Andrew: My wife and I are attending the Imola race this year… do you recall from last year whether there were any decent handicapped parking areas set up for those in need? Any and all info appreciated.

    1. Yes, probably they will, but remember that the F1 Tickets site is only a reseller, and they apply a markup of about 10-20%. It’s better to buy direct if you can. We will also have tickets, and they will be cheaper than the F1 Tickets site.

  44. I have a question , do you have any information about the grandstand 7 Gresini ,cuz i cant find any photos of the grandstand

  45. Will there be a third phase of tickets released or is everything that was available on sale now? Normally you see some grandstands marked as sold out. I can’t figure out if the unavailable ones are all sold out or not released yet.

    1. I don’t have this information, but I think there will be another phase of tickets launched at a later date. I’m also waiting for information about the launch of our ticket shop.

  46. Hi Andrew!I’ve been following your updates- they’re very much appreciated! Hoping for more release of tickets, but do you reckon grandstand m is a good choice in terms of viewing?and is it better to purchase seats further away (higher seats)or as close to the action as possible?thankyou!

    1. Hi Laura, I personally think the seats in the grandstands on the Main Straight are too expensive, compared to other locations. But yes, if you are happy to pay 850 EUR for 3 days, then Start 2 (previously M) is a good choice. Normally, people prefer to be higher up in the grandstand to get better panoramic views and not have the safety fencing in the way.

  47. Hey Andrew
    Great site!
    Do you know if you will be releasing grandstand tickets just for the Sunday yet?

  48. Thanks for all you advice, do you know if there will still be a 3rd phase of ticket release? I see that the F1 ticket site now has some tickets but I would prefer to buy direct. On the 2nd phase, they only seemed to release some seats in all the grandstands, is this correct? Am hoping I haven’t missed something by waiting!

  49. Hello Andrew. I’m looking to buy 1 ticket for someone through Viagogo. It costs 130 euro and it is in SETTORE 5. However, I cannot find that section on map anywhere. Do You have any idea what section on your map would Settore 5 be? Is it Grandstand 5 Tosa? If so, are those seats ok? Thanks!

  50. Hi Andrew, thanks for all the advice so far. It’s so frustrating how they keep releasing the tickets in dribs and drabs, if we were to buy from your ticket shop is there any way of knowing whereabouts in the grandstand the seats would be?

    1. You can only choose specific seats when buying direct. With our supplier (and other agents), you can only make a request for a particular section – which they will try to honor after receiving their allocation of tickets.

  51. Hi Andrew, thanks for all the info.

    I am thinking of staying in Bologna and getting the train plus the walk over to the track. I can see on the F1 website that there are tickets left for Grandstand 3 (which is marked as I on your map) and Grandstand 1 which appears to be Grandstand A on your map and is directly opposite the chequered flag. If I read correctly, Grandstand 1 (A) would be the better option?

    There are tickets left for Tosa grandstand too which seems like it might have more action and is a bit cheaper. I’ve been to Albert Park 7 times but never to another track.

    Any suggestions :)


    1. Staying in Bologna and getting the train is the most popular way of doing this race. Not sure how much you want to spend, but we have Rivazza 1 tickets for 340 EUR and these are a great deal for the price. I find that the grandstands on the main straight are too expensive, especially when there are other good places to watch at cheaper prices. We have Tosa tickets too, cheaper than the F1 Tickets website:) I’m looking forward to going to this race again too, really enjoyed it last year.

      1. Thanks Andrew!
        Oh I didn’t realise you sold them too. A couple of those options would be good. Let me sort out in the next few days if I can make it over from Australia and I’ll touch base with you re tickets :)


  52. Hi Andrew – thanks for all the info! I may have missed it, but I am just looking for two single day tickets on Saturday. Can you direct me to where I can browse options, if any? Looking to stay on the cheaper side.

  53. Hi Andrew,

    We already have tickets for Rivazza Lawn for Imola next month, however as we get closer to the event seeing some huge reductions on grandstand seats. Therefore considering buying Acque Minerali grandstand tickets as well. Both Acque Minerali 2 and Acque Minerali 4 are near enough the same price, any suggestion on preference? 4 seems to offer views coming down from Tosa as well as away from Acque Minerali so thinking that may be a better vantage point? Thanks, Alex

    1. Hi Alex,
      Yes, there seems to be quite a few tickets remaining. I think you have a good plan. I haven’t sat in the Acque Minerale grandstands myself, but I do think this is a really good place to watch. I’d agree that 4 seems a better choice than 2.

  54. Hi Andrew,

    great site! We’re going to Imola for a first ever live F1 race. 3 day G/A tickets.
    I cannot find any information on pit lane walks or anything else, though.
    Only thing that I managed to get to is the schedule for for the practice sessions, qualies and races of F1 and the 3 supporting series.
    Do you know if we should expect anything else?

    1. Not expecting anything else. Last year there was no pit lane walk on Thursday. It hasn’t been announced for this year – but still a chance I guess it could be a late announcement.
      You can also visit the F1 Fanzone, behind the grandstands on the start/finish straight. And I definitely recommend you stay a bit later in the town of Imola, on Saturday or Sunday. Book a table at a restaurant or something. Great atmosphere!

      1. I have tickets on Aque Minerali 4. Which entance we have to use? We would like to buy a parking place but we don’t know which one we should choose.

        1. Check the 2023 parking and entrance map here
          I would probably avoid the parking places to the north of the circuit/river, as that’s in the town and traffic is likely to be worse.
          There is no parking particularly close to Acque Minerale; I would probably choose P57 to the South West, or P1/P2 to the South East.
          If you choose P57, you would enter at Tosa. If you choose P1/P2, you would enter at Rivazza.
          You can get more information and buy tickets here:

  55. Hi Andrew,

    I currently have general admission tickets for the whole weekend but seen the price reductions for the grandstands. Would you recommend getting a Sunday only ticket for Villeneuve 3 grandstand? Seems a good area with the potential of overtakes into the hairpin?

    1. Hi Mike, I think that is a good strategy. Mainly because it will be very nice to have a reserved seat for the race. Otherwise it will be hard in General Admission to secure a good spot on Sunday to watch the race

  56. Hi Andrew,
    this is my first f1 race and i would love to attend all the activities in the fan zone but i couldn’t find any information about a public pit lane walk or the autograph sessions. I was wondering if You know anything about it or is it not published yet?
    I found a lot of useful information here it really is a great website, thank You!

      1. Hello Andrew.
        I’ve seen you have answered somewhat a similar question before, but hopefully you can help me with a bit of precision (detail). My ticket is for the whole weekend (Circolare settore 5). I understand that the yellow line defines the GA area, but he map shows two yellow lines actually. Can I attend both areas and finally choose one for the race on sunday ? You’re doing a wonderful job. Thank you very much.

        1. Yes, I believe you can go to both of the GA (Circolare) zones, at the top and bottom of the circuit. But be aware that the areas are not so large and there will be a lot of other fans, so don’t count on it being so easy to find a good spot to watch.

  57. Hello Andrew, thanks for the job you are doing here, amazing.
    One quick question, I have seen that there are some lawn Tosa tickets still , will you recommend it? they are divided in two different sections? Which one will you recommend? I am not sure if there will be a TV also to follow the race..
    thanks again!

    1. As far as I’m aware, there is only one Lawn Tosa (Prato – Tosa) area. There are two Tosa grandstands, however. I think it will be ok, definitely better than regular General Admission (Circolare). You should have a big TV screen opposite, but I cannot guarantee.

  58. How will the voucher system for the refund at imola work? If I chose Monza will I be assigned in the same sector choice I had for imola?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know. You will have to talk to TicketOne directly and ask your questions about the refund or switching your tickets to Monza. It for sure won’t be the same zone, as Monza has different grandstands and different ticket prices

    1. No specific information, but if the same as this year – the first stage of tickets (only a limited number) went on sale around Nov/Dec, then the larger stage of tickets was released in January. Subscribe to our site (check the box for Imola) and we will send out an email when they go on sale.

  59. Quite interesting… still havent seen any updates when tickets are on sale. Do you have any more detail information?

    1. If it is the same as last year, a small number of tickets will go on sale later this month or in December, with the majority of tickets then available in January. But I don’t have confirmation as to when 2024 sales will begin yet.

  60. Hi Andrew,
    Do you have any update or information on when will tickets go on sale? It will be mi first GP, I have everything already payed so it would suck to run out of tickets. Ive already subscribed and im waiting for that email. Do this first batch of tickets run out very fast?
    Do you have any idea regarding parking?
    Can I buy tickets on this website or should I do it through the official f1?
    Thank you very much, your guidance is appreciated.

      1. Hi Andrew, im not sure about ticketone, every review says that they are not to be trusted, so I choose your supplier and this website has excellent reviews. The problem is that they dont let me continue with the transaction. They say the purchase cannot be processed and ive already check with my bank and it is not a problem with them. Do you have any idea is there is a number or an email to call?
        Thank youv very much!

  61. Hi Andrew,
    in Imola, would it be possible to enter general admission area with grandstand tickets?
    I always enjoy visiting everywhere in circuit during F1 GP with grandstand tickets, but unfortunately, it was not possible to do so in Zantvoort this year.
    Thanks, Hiroto

  62. Hey Andrew, do you know if Imola will release a second wave of tickets this year? And if so, do you know when that will happen? Also if so, which of the newly released grandstands would you recommend?

    Thanks, Jeremy

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