Tickets – 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku

Your guide to buying tickets for the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix on June 4-6, including the best grandstands at Baku City Circuit.


05/03/2021 UPDATE: The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix on June 4-6 will take place behind closed doors with no spectators in attendance. Fans who purchased tickets from official agents for last year’s cancelled event and rolled their ticket over to this year are expected to be able to do the same for 2022 with no additional cost. This guide will be updated for 2022 when more information is available.

General information about Azerbaijan Grand Prix tickets

  • All grandstands offer a view of a large TV screen
  • The grandstand seats are black and can get really hot in the sun! Bring along a towel or something to cover your seat.
  • Try to get a seat in a higher row of your chosen grandstand if you don’t want the catch fencing interrupting your views and photos.

Single-day & Children’s Tickets

  • You can also buy single-day roaming tickets to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. These are priced at $60 on Friday, $80 on Saturday and $110 on Sunday (no early-bird discounts). If you plan on going for more than one day, you are better off buying a seat in one of the cheaper grandstands (e.g. Filharmonia) as you still get access to the general admission areas.
  • Children’s tickets are available in all grandstands for children aged 16 years or younger. The average discount on the price of an adult ticket is approximately 30%. Child tickets can only be purchased together with adult tickets, and a maximum of 2 children’s tickets are allowed per adult ticket.

Best grandstands at Baku City Circuit?

  • The pricing of the grandstands normally provides decent guidance on which will provide the best views. After the Main grandstand, the second best is Azneft overlooking turn 16. Special mention for the cheaper Icheri Sheher grandstand, which is located at the exit of the tricky series of turns near the old city walls (see pictures of both grandstands above).
  • Interested in the pits action, start and finish? Go for a seat in the most expensive Absheron (Main) grandstand, which is also the only covered grandstand in Baku.
  • Two sections of the track (between turns 6-7 and 19-20) use the same section of road, so you can see both sections when you are seated in the Mughum, Sahil, Boulevard & Khazar grandstands near these sections.
  • Some fans complained about trees restricting the views from the Sahil and Bulvar grandstands

Been to the Baku City Circuit? Leave a comment with your favorite grandstand!

23 thoughts on “Tickets – 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Baku”

  1. Hi is there like a place outside the racetrack (Restaurant) to watch the Azerbaijan grand prix for 2017?

    1. Hi Isaac, it’s possible that such places exist, but we don’t have any information yet. We will let you know if we find out more!

  2. Hi Andrew, would you know if the General Admission tickets allow for decent views of the racing? Or would it make more sense to buy in one of the grandstands?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. As the General Admission tickets are only available for single days, it makes sense to buy a cheaper grandstand ticket if you are going for all 3 days of the weekend. You still get to use the General Admission areas and it works out cheaper.

      1. We bought general for race day in Baku coming from Cape Town South Africa any advise you can give us for best views and experience

  3. Hi Andrew, is it possible to specify the area of any grandstand? E.g. south/north part or upper/middle/lower seats?

    1. Hi Ewan, it’s not possible to choose specific seats, but you can make a request for a specific areas when purchasing with Gootickets, and they will try to accommodate you from their allocation of tickets..

  4. Hi Andrew,
    Planning to travel for the baku grand prix. On a budget and just want to view the race with my wife and 10 month old. Which stand would you recommend? Do I need to buy a ticket for my 10 month old? Also if a buy a ticket now, any possibility to return/refund the ticket in case of change in travel plans? Help would be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Ali, I’d just buy one of the cheaper grandstands like Bulvar, which is also well located close to the F1 Fan Zone.

      Information about your child: “Children under age two (2) do not need a Ticket when accompanied by an adult companion Ticket Holder (over the age of eighteen (18)) in possession of a Ticket and valid ID. Children (under age two (2)) will have to be kept on an adult’s lap without occupying a seat.”

      You won’t be able to get a refund or return your tickets if your plans change. In that case, the only option would be to try and sell the tickets on to someone else.

        1. Hello, with the 2020 race doubtful (unless it gets rearranged), I’d be looking at going to this race in the next year or 2, as this is a race that I really want to tick off my list, and Baku looks like a spectacular place to visit. I’d love to make a mini holiday out of my trip. I’m happy to pay for a main grandstand seat, but I was also wondering how much of the city gets closed down for the race?
          The old city sections look quite cool to explore, but are they closed to the public during the race weekend? Does the cost of accommodation go up dramatically over this weekend?

  5. Zohaib Arif Malik

    Hi Andrew..
    Looking to travel to the Baku GP in April with my wife and 8month old kid. Is there any way to buy the Absheron Stand Ticket but only for Quali + Race day? Every where I’ve looked I’ve seen 04 Day tickets for Absheron.

  6. Hi Andrew,
    I’ve a trip planned in the region during 2019 Baku F1 race week. I was planning to attend the race on Sunday. Is there a ticket location where I can get race day grandstand ticket? If not which grandstand (Mugham or Icheri Sheher) would you suggest for sat+sun ticket. Other then the main grandstand which grandstand has the best action (overtaking).
    Thank you

  7. Hi

    Coming through for the 2019 Baku GP. Would like to know:
    1) What area in Baku is it best to stay – will be attending quali and the race
    2) Any recommendations in terms of hotels?
    3) Cheapest way to book tickets – gooticketc?F1expericences?
    4) Do grand stand tickets allow access to general admission areas and are seats reserved? Can I request tickets higher up – to provide better views?
    5) Any other attractions in Baku worth checking out? Will be there from the Friday – Monday/Tuesday.

    Any advice is much appreciated!

    1. Hi Aj,
      1) Within walking distance of the circuit, if possible
      2) Hilton Baku, Park Inn by Radisson Baku, Marriott etc
      3) If you are just after tickets, buy from Gootickets. If you want additional activities, go for F1 Experiences
      4) Yes, if you buy a grandstand ticket, you can still enter the General Admission areas. Yes, grandstand seats are reserved. You can request to be higher up – Gootickets cannot guarantee, but will try to fulfil your requirements.
      5) Lots to see and do in this city. Check out Off-Track Activities for some ideas.

  8. Hi Andrew,

    Do they offer like brunch offers similar to Abu Dhabi GP weekend? Traveling from UAE for this years GP when released and after a full day hospitality offering.

    Also does the tickets for the GP include the after show entertainment again similar to UAE event.

    Thanks in Advance

    1. Brunch at the track or in general? I’m not sure, sorry. But given that Baku probably gets a lot of visitors from UAE, it’s possible in some of the 5-star hotels I guess. And yes, tickets for the race do include the concerts – they are now held at Crystal Hall, which is a little distance away from the track. More info in Trackside

  9. Mark Winterbottom

    Is it worth the extra to go in Absheron C over Absheron B? I appreciate that C is covered whereas B isn’t but some of the pictures I have seen suggest that B might actually give better views of the grid.

    If C is the right answer, I would usually choose to go higher rather than lower but it appears that here, views from the upper level may be impeded by the Rolex advert above the track. Is this correct?

    1. Hi Mark, I haven’t personally sat in the Absheron. However, I do know that many of the seats have compromised views for different reasons. I’d go for C as it’s only $50 more and the roof will come in handy to keep out of sun/rain.

  10. Hi Andrew, I am going to this year’s Baku race. I am only going on race day so opted for a general admission ticket.

    I was just wondering if you had any tips on the best locations around the track for people with general admission tickets?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Fraser, I’m going as well for the first time this year – so I cannot recommend specific places. But I hear the General Admission views are not so good, because there is netting covering the inner fencing. My advice would have been to buy the cheapest grandstand seat, sorry! Check this new Trip Report out here.

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