Tickets – 2024 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Silverstone for the 2024 British Grand Prix.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is one of the most established, popular and well-attended races on the Formula 1 calendar, and also one of the most expensive to attend. Silverstone has capacity for approximately 150 000 F1 fans, made up of 60 000 grandstand tickets and 90 000 General Admission tickets. Despite the high prices, the event regularly attracts a crowd close to capacity.

After holding two races in 2020 without fans, Silverstone welcomed back a capacity crowd at the 2021 British Grand Prix. Over 400,000 fans attended the sold out 2022 British Grand Prix and last year Silverstone welcomed a record 480,000 fans over four days.

Tickets for the 2024 British Grand Prix went on sale via the Silverstone circuit in September. Last year, the initial sales period was hampered by technical difficulties due to high demand, as well as the circuit’s new dynamic pricing model, which saw prices increasing as fans were trying to secure their tickets. The organizers have since apologised for the ticketing issues. Dynamic pricing is being utilised once again for 2024, but ticket buyers reported a smoother experience when purchasing tickets. 

Where to Buy British Grand Prix Tickets?

  • General Admission, grandstand and hospitality tickets are available from our recommend supplier, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Currently available are 3-day grandstand seats for Woodcote C, Luffield and Abbey A, as well as General Admission. We also recommend Racing Green Hospitality, which can currently be purchased from our shop at prices well below that offered by Silverstone Circuit.
  • We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. Choose from grandstand seats or access to hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club plus exclusive trackside activities and accommodation/transfers.

Click here to download the official 2024 British Grand Prix seating map

Best Tickets to Buy at Silverstone?

  • Budget (<€500): The General Admission areas at Silverstone are very good these days, offering lots of excellent vantage points around the circuit, as well as roving access to most of the grandstands on Friday. Cheaper grandstands worth considering include Vale and Village A.
  • Mid-Range (€500-1000): There’s plenty of decent grandstand views at Silverstone, including Hamilton Straight (with views of the start-finish line and pits), Woodcote A-B and Becketts.
  • Hospitality (>€1000): The Champions Club by F1 Experiences is recommended for all-inclusive hospitality and access to insider activities, while the more expensive Formula 1 Paddock Club offers the ultimate hospitality experience at Silverstone. Learn more about buying hospitality packages at Silverstone.

3-Day or 4-Day Tickets at Silverstone?

Silverstone offers a range of ticket options, including 4-day tickets, 3-day tickets, 2-day tickets and single day tickets. Prior to 2023, access to Thursday’s trackside activities at Silverstone was included with a 3-day British Grand Prix ticket. That changed in 2023, when Silverstone introduced a new opening night concert on Thursday evening for the first time.

Although there is no on-track action on Thursday at the British Grand Prix, fans can still soak up the atmosphere trackside ahead of the race weekend and partake in a range of activities. Top of the bill is a star-studded concert in the evening (which in 2024 will be headlined by Kings Of Leon, Self Esteem and The Snuts). Sky Sports F1 host a live show on the pit straight featuring driver appearances and there’s the opportunity to explore the F1 Fanzone, plus complimentary access to the Silverstone Museum.

Thursday tickets are priced at £100 on the Silverstone website and, in most ticket categories, 4-day tickets are £100 more expensive than their 3-day counterparts. Late entry tickets for Thursday at the 2024 British Grand Prix – which grant access from 18:00 only – are now available for £65 from the official website. The late entry option includes admission only to the evening events and does not grant all-day access to the circuit.

General Admission at the British Grand Prix

The General Admission (GA) offer at Silverstone is pretty decent, and goes some way to justifying the high ticket price. GA areas cover almost the whole circumference of the circuit and offer excellent vantage points at some of the best corners. In many cases, the GA areas are located directly in front of the grandstands. The organizers have also invested in improving the GA experience in recent years by increasing capacity, constructing raised viewing mounds and moving some perimeter fencing to get fans to get closer to the action.

Some of the best General Admission viewing areas at Silverstone include the International Pits Straight (with a view of the start/finish line), Stowe, Luffield, Becketts, Vale and Copse Corner. It’s important to secure your chosen spot in General Admission as early as possible, particularly on Saturday and Sunday as the popular areas get progressively busier over the course of the weekend.

General Admission Plus at the British Grand Prix

In recent years, Silverstone has added ‘General Admission Plus’ to its British Grand Prix ticket offering. GA+ tickets include access to a reserved terrace area on race day, plus roving access to all other GA+ areas for the rest of the weekend.

GA+ areas are located at the Luffield and Copse corners, with new areas at Abbey and Stowe added for the 2024 British Grand Prix weekend.

Note that although you will have a place in a dedicated reserved terrace area, which arguably offer better views than in regular General Admission areas, your exact place is unreserved. As with regular General Admission access, you’ll need to arrive early to secure the best vantage points.

Silverstone Grandstands

All the grandstands at Silverstone offer big screen viewing, whilst around half of the grandstands (the more expensive ones) are covered. For the first two days of the event, all grandstand tickets are ‘roving’, meaning you are free to check out the views from other Grandstands (with the exception of Club Silverstone). Be aware that the most popular grandstands do fill up, especially on Saturday. On Sunday, you will need to sit in your allocated seat.

Hamilton Straight Grandstand

The large, popular Hamilton Straight grandstand (previously International Pit Straight) is located opposite the pits complex and is the best place to watch the start, finish and pitstops at Silverstone. There are four sections in this grandstand (blocks 2-5). The best tickets are in block 2, closer to the start of the straight (after Club corner). Block 5 tickets are at the other end of the straight (closer to Abbey corner). Secure a Trophy Package from F1 Experiences with Hamilton Straight B grandstand seating

Club Corner Grandstand

The Club Corner grandstand is on the final corner of Silverstone, leading on to the International Pits Straight. It’s a solid and popular Grandstand choice at Silverstone. There are four sections in this large Grandstand – the best tickets are in Section 2, closest to the pits area. Also a good choice for the best view of the podium celebrations after the race.

Becketts Grandstand

The Becketts grandstand is located on one of the most demanding sections of any Grand Prix circuit. The Maggots-Beckets esses at Silverstone are a high-speed test of drivers’ skills and a great place to watch the action. The run-off area here is wide, so the stands are set back from the cars, but the views are panoramic and you also get a view of the village corner on the opposite side of the track. Secure a Trophy Package from F1 Experiences with Becketts grandstand seating

Abbey Grandstand​

Abbey grandstand is located at the end of the Hamilton Straight (previously International Pit Straight), right next to the opening Abbey corner. From these seats, you get a distant view of the final Club corner, pitstops and start/finish of the race. Abbey corner and on to Farm. A solid choice. Abbey A tickets are currently available in our 2024 British Grand Prix Ticket Shop

Luffield Grandstand

Luffield is a slow corner which offers a prolonged view of the cars from the Wellington Straight all the way to the National Pits Straight. The Luffield A & B Grandstands were merged in 2014. Luffield tickets are currently available in our 2024 British Grand Prix Ticket Shop

Woodcote A,B,C Grandstand​s

Woodcote A (video above) is a better choice than Woodcote B. From Woodcote A, you get a good view of the slow-speed Luffield corner before the cars accelerate out of Woodcote and down the National Pits straight. Woodcote C tickets are currently available in our 2024 British Grand Prix Ticket Shop

Village A,B Grandstand​s

The more expensive, covered Village B grandstand (video above) offers an extended and close-up view as the cars take on the difficult slow-speed Village and Loop corners. From here, it’s also a short walk to the Village stage on the infield where concerts are held each night on Grand Prix weekend.

The cheaper Village A is also an excellent choice. From Village B, you get a great extended view of the cars as they take on the slow and technical Village and Loop corners which present a real test of the driver’s skills. Big screen viewing is available. You are also close to the Village stage on the infield where some of the best off-track action happens on the weekend.

National Pits Straight Grandstand​

The covered National Pits Straight stand is located on the straight between Woodcote and Copse at the half way point of a Silverstone lap, overlooking the old pits area. There is big-screen TV viewing available for fans and a good atmosphere.

Copse A,B,C Grandstand​s

The three Copse grandstands (A,B,C) are located on the outside of Copse Corner, a super-fast right hander at the end of the National Pits Straight. These three stands are covered and offer good views for the price as well as big screen TV viewing. We recommend choosing Copse A or B rather than Copse C.

Vale Grandstand

There are two sections in the Vale grandstand. Band 8 tickets are better, as they have a better view of the slow Vale Corner, as well as the final Club corner and the end of the International Pits straight. The Band 9 seats have views of several corners including Stowe, Vale, Club and Farm, as well as Hangar Straight.

Stowe A,B,C Grandstand​s

There are three stands on the outside of Stowe corner (Stowe A,B,C) a 3rd gear right-hander taken at almost 200 km/hr. The Stowe stands are good value, but are set back from the track due to the large run-off area. A big screen TV is located near to Stowe C and visible from all three stands. The best views are from Stowe B, followed by Stowe C and Stowe A.

Exclusive Enclosures at the British Grand Prix

Exclusive enclosures have become a popular option at the British Grand Prix in recent years. These more premium packages are a step up from regular general admission or grandstand tickets but are more affordable than the VIP and hospitality offerings. Exclusive enclosure tickets include a reserved grandstand ticket at some of the prime viewing spots around the Silverstone circuit, including Abbey (the first turn), Village and on the Wellington and Hangar straights.

Different enclosures offer different experiences. The Mihaki enclosures, for example, are the place to be if you’re looking for party vibes, while the Wellington and Hangar Enclosures, the latter of which is new for 2024, include access to the inner track. The International Paddock Enclosure, meanwhile, is the closest you can get to the Formula 1 Paddock.

Within the exclusive enclosures, you’ll find paid bars, food stalls, free wi-fi and premium toilets, plus parking and fast track entry on each day of your visit. Note that food and drink is not complimentary with exclusive enclosure tickets, though the bars and food stalls here will have much shorter queues than those in the main Fanzone areas.

2024 British Grand Prix Price List

A full price list for the 2024 British Grand Prix can be found below, including prices for General Admission access, Grandstands and Enclosures. Note that these are the prices at which the tickets went on sale. As a result of dynamic pricing, some ticket prices increased by up to £200 in line with demand.

General Admission Tickets
General Admission£339£239£99£129£199
GA Plus Abbey£449£349
GA Plus Copse A£449£349
GA Plus Copse C£449£349
GA Plus Luffield Complex£449£349
GA Plus Luffield Terrace£449£349
GA Plus Stowe£449£349
Grandstand Tickets
Roving Grandstand£149£199
Abbey B£639£539
Hamilton Straight A£709£609
Abbey A£589£489£439
Club Corner A£529£429£379
Club Corner B£529£429£379
Club Corner C£609£509£459
Copse A£469£369£319
Copse B£469£369£319
Copse C£469£369£319
Copse D£469£369£319
Farm Curve£459£359£309
Hamilton Straight B£589£489
Luffield Corner£529£429£379
National Pits Straight£469£369£319
Stirling A£469£369£319
Stirling B£529£429£379
Stowe A£469£369£319
Stowe B£469£369£319
Stowe C£469£369£319
The View£529£429£379
Village A£529£429£379
Village B£529£429£379
Woodcote A£529£429£379
Woodcote B£529£429£379
Woodcote C£529£429£379
Enclosure Tickets
Club Silverstone£789£689
Hangar Enclosure£789£689
International Paddock Enclosure£949£849
International Paddock Enclosure (Lakeside Seats)£949£849
Mahiki T1 Enclosure£789£689
Village Enclosure£689£689£239£389£489
Wellington Enclosure£949£849£319£469£569
Mahiki VIP Enclosure£1,299£1,199

Been to the British GP at Silverstone? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite grandstand.

96 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 British Grand Prix at Silverstone”

  1. We have 3 day tickets for national pit straight grandstand. On the Friday and Saturday wheres its roving is it roving grandstand only or can you rove i.e general admission if you want to sit on one of the grass verges? Thank you

  2. I am disabled and have been bought 2genera. Admission tickets as a present
    Is there any seating available
    I am excited to be coming but wouldn’t be able to stand for long periods
    I use a wheelchair

    1. Hi Anne, Silverstone is pretty well equipped for disabled fans. Check here for more information about viewing areas for disabled fans. I’m sure the gate staff or information point staff will also be more than willing to offer advice. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. My Son & hubby and coming this sunday they have general admission tickets ( which were a gift ) they will be parking at Dadford road camp/parking site, is it correct that its about 30 min walk to the circuit, I think they want to veiw at becketts do they have to go in the main entrance or is there another one they should go to for that area. also seems like a lot of walking for them would there be another good veiwing area for them a little nearer or is it worth the walk. thank you

  4. Does anyone know the difference between a Level 3 and Level 4 general admission ticket? we have a level 4 for Sunday….

  5. Hi. We have just been to f1 and are looking at going next year. On the Saturday we sat in the abbey grandstand so looking to book that. We preferably need an aisle seat any idea what numbers these are? And which block? We was right opposite the mclaren sign on the pit lane if that helps

  6. Hey,
    I have Club Silverstone Tickets. Can i also go to the other Grandstands at Friday and Saturday?

  7. Hi. If you had to chose between the Stowe or Village grandstands for race day, which would you chose? Which is best?

  8. Can you tell me exactly where the park and ride is for junction 10 on the m40, is it at the junction or away from it, thanks

  9. Hi I just tried to book international straight disabled seats, but told there is going to be a hotel. So had to book Abbey. Is this true as it seems such a waste as it’s a prime spot for the podium and good view of track.

  10. Hi I’ve just read that general admission for the 2019 British Grand Prix isn’t going to be available. Anyone know if that’s correct?

  11. Hello,
    Thank you very much for your information. It is very helpful!
    When I try to buy tickets through the official F2 site it says they’re not available, and I’ve left my email for months now to be advised of when they are available. I can see tickets for sale on a different website but am nervous to purchase them anywhere other than the official site? Are you able to recommend the best place to purchase?
    Also, is it helpful to arrive really early to try and secure a good spot or do the gates not open until the start time anyway?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Renee, you need to buy your tickets from the Silverstone website. They are the official supplier. Tickets are definitely on sale. Here are last year’s circuit opening times (I expect they will be similar in 2019):

      Thursday: 14:00-21:45
      Friday: 07:30-21:45
      Saturday: 07:30-22:15
      Sunday: 06:30-20:00

  12. Hi, Ive booked 4 GA ticekts for this years GP. Any thoughts on purchasing a fast track or inner circuit upgrade?

    1. Hi Shaun, both could be a good investment – especially access to the Inner track – you can see the support pits and also get closer to the F1 Paddock to score some autographs.

  13. Hi. I am thinking of booking 2 Woodcote hospitality tickets for Sunday as a special gift surprise. Is this worth the big price tag? Are there allocated seating and great views? Thanks.

  14. Andy

    We have three day tickets for 2019. However, as we live abroad they have been delivered to a friends house. We won´t collect them until early July. Will we miss out on the draw for the pit lane walk? Perhaps its necessary to register on a web?

    Secondly, are the concerts (for example Soul II Soul) not included in the ticket?



    1. Hi Jon, I don’t have any info about the pit lane walk and the registration process. I think this is only provided to buyers. I suggest you contact Silverstone and ask them. As for the concerts, these are included in your ticket.

    1. Sorry for not replying, but I was working at the track and very busy. The event was a sell out but there would have been scalpers selling tickets near the main gate, I think – buyer beware of course

  15. Hi my husband is disabled and we would like a 3 day ticket for Abbey We would like to take our 11 year old grandson with us Would we be able to take him in the disabled area with us .? And how much would a ticket be for him ? Thank you

    1. Hi Bob, I suggest contacting your credit card company. There should be no issue with someone from the USA buying tickets from the Silverstone website.

  16. Pierre-Jean Pt


    I would like to know if there is a huge difference between international pit straight north and south ? And which block you recommend ? Should we take a seat closer to the road or upper part of the stand ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Pierre, I’ve not sat in that grandstand. Sorry. But normally higher is better as you can see above the catch fencing. If I had to choose, I would go for the North one. Not sure about blocks, sorry

  17. I’m looking at tickets and am not sure whether to go for general admission, Farm Curve or Village A. Which would you recommend? I’m also planning to get Fast Track and Saturday Inner Track. Alternatively, if I do go for general admission, would it be worth getting Sunday Inner Track instead for better views on race day?

  18. I hope to join friends who have tickets in T1 enclosure (Abbey Block3?) seats O355 &O356. Is there a seat map I can access to find the nearest seat of those still available? Many thanks, Keith

  19. Hi, i was wondering what the minimum age is to be classed as an adult, we’re both 17,, do we have to be accompanied by an adult despite have adult tickets?,
    Thanks, abbie

    1. Hi Abbie, I checked the Silverstone website and couldn’t find the answer to your question. I don’t believe you will need to be accompanied by an adult, but best to check with the circuit just in case: [email protected]


    I am accompanying my 10 and 5 years children for the race who are very excited for the race. We have General Admission ticket for Saturday. Considering I have 2 kids, please let us know the best viewpoint to view the race.
    Thanks & cheers,

  21. Hi. Going to the British GP for the first time in a few days with GA tickets. Was wondering if you have any tips for securing space in the GA viewing areas? We have camping chairs, is it a done thing to claim a spot and be able to walk away for a bit (food, loo etc) or is it dog eat dog?

    1. Check out the different GA areas on Friday and Saturday, decide where you want to watch the race. Then get there as early as you can on race day to secure your spot. If you make friends with the people around you, shouldn’t be a problem to reserve your spots and make sure they don’t get taken. Good luck!

  22. Liana Di Mascio

    I have a 2 tickets to silverstone on Sunday. It says children under the age of 2 can get a ticket at the gates but have to speak to a member of team. Also says children under 10 go free. My son is 2 and was wondering if I could take him and get a ticket at the gate before entry? I don’t want to take him and risk him not be able to go in.

  23. I’m going for the first time in a long time this weekend. I have a weekend Grandstand ticket but will only be able to get to the circuit in the early afternoon. So where would be a less busy grandstand to head to watch the W Series and Sprint race?

  24. First time general admission for Saturday only. Where would be the best place that is closest to track and a good corner? Have fast track entry so will get there quick! Would you suggest Village or Stowe/Vale area? Thanks!

  25. Hi.
    I am thinking about buying 2 GA tickets for the 2022 former 1 race, but I am not sure which website is the best to buy on as I am from Denmark. Can anyone help with that?

  26. Hi
    I’m wanting to buy a couple of packages to 2022 Silverstone F1 and am struggling to decide. There’s an option with 3 day Abbey seats with pit tour etc then a 2 daybChampions Club package with International Pit Straight tickets that also has paddock access and hospitality? Similar prices. Wondered at the difference in seating options to watch the race? Never been before and it’s a gift. Are we better at Abbey and skipping Paddock walk?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Kim, feel free to email me directly as I also work with F1 Experiences and happy to provide more advice. Champions Club is a very good offer in my opinion, and you get all-inclusive hospitality plus some cool perks like a guided tour of the F1 Paddock.

  27. Hi, so silverstone tickets on the website are sold out for most of the affordable prices. Before I go ahead with the upper price bracket tickets, on websites that are reputable sellers of tickets they say the sale has not started yet. Is it worth waiting until they start the sale of tickets to see if there’s any available in the lower price range? Thanks

    1. Hello, I’m not sure which other websites you are talking about. Tickets for the British GP have been on sale via the circuit and reputable sellers for some months now. I don’t know of other tickets that will become available. You can buy 3-Day General Admission tickets on our site for 370 EUR, which are most affordable. Link to buy here.

  28. Please help!!
    How is it that the tickets for the Silverstone race are finished?? I’m on the official F1 site mailing list to be notified as soon as the Silverstone tickets are available since it says its a provisional date……only to find that the Silverstone site have been selling them since probably December if not November! How can this be? Right now as of 13/01/22 its still saying tickets release is coming soon yet the tickets are finished.
    I was looking to attend my first race which has been years in the making (thanks corona), with a 3 day camping on site and everything. Can I still get 2 of the 3 day tickets at asking value and not 3x value I’m not seeing popping up?? Will this site release more tickets later?
    Andrew Balfour is it something you can help with or got knowledge of?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jeff, sorry to hear – but it’s not too late. We do have some 3-day tickets left with our supplier, Grand Prix Tickets – including Chapel and Woodcote B grandstands. I don’t think there will be more tickets, and I don’t normally recommend paying inflated prices on platforms like Vivid Seats and Viagogo. I’m sorry you were let down by the official F1 tickets store/mailing list, but you need to be aware that whilst this is affiliated with F1, these tickets are provided by a reseller (and they apply a markup on prices of 10-20%). So I don’t generally recommend buying from them. We’d love you to support our site by buying your tickets from our supplier, but otherwise you can go direct to the promoter/circuit, in this case Silverstone. And it is true that Silverstone normally starts selling tickets almost one year in advance – they actually used to launch sales on the weekend of the race (1 year in advance), but I think it was a bit later this year. Another point to make is that there is rising interest in Formula 1 over the past year. Pent up demand for live sport after the pandemic, the Netflix programme “Drive to Survive” has brought in a lot of new fans, and last year’s exciting championship battle also helped. So some races are beginning to sell out much more quickly than they used to.

  29. Hi Andrew,
    do you still have any 3-Day tickets left for Silverstone ?
    This is really hard to believe whats going on… Last year I bought Spa(lol) and Monza not earlier than 1-2 months before the race itself…

    1. Let me check with my ticket company, but I fear that there will be no more tickets. The reality is that certain races like the British GP are getting more popular, and tickets are selling out much faster. This is related to Netflix (rising interest in F1) and also the excellent championship battle we had in 2021. I’ll be sure to let you know if there’s more tickets available.

  30. what does it mean on the official F1 ticket site when it says ‘provisional date’. It says that for the British GP, and asks you to leave email address and they will notify you when tickets are out. But when you go to the Silverstone official site it shows the tickets are all sold out? Are there any tickets on sale/ more expected to come out?

    1. Hi Tom, that info on the F1 tickets site is incorrect – the dates are no longer provisional for the 2022 F1 calendar. And in the case of the British GP, this means that the event is sold out. I’m not expecting more tickets to be released for the race, but it is possible I guess. Your only option now is to buy for a higher price on a secondary reseller platform I think.

  31. We have 3-day Grandstand seats for the 2022 British GP. We have not been to Silverstone before. Is it worth buying Fast Track for race day?

  32. Hi,
    We have 3 day GA tickets and also inner track passes for the British Grand Prix 2022.
    May be a silly question, but what does the inner track pass get us?

    Also, do we need to buy separate tickets to see acts on the mainstage?


    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi there. Inner track passes allow you into the inner part of the circuit, which you access via a tunnel under the National Pit Straight. Within the inner track area are additional banked viewing areas, catering options and grandstands. You’ll also have access to the support race paddock and you’ll be able to get near the F1 paddock, where you may be able to see the drivers leaving and arriving on each day of the weekend. You don’t need separate tickets for the acts on the mainstage.

  33. Hi
    can you take a coolbox on wheels in to the circuit to carry food/drinks and also attach
    my camping chairs to it or will that be classed as too big?


  34. Is Hamilton Straight North Seating (hero package) covered?

    In the view photo and in the ad it says it is covered. But in the text at the time of purchase it says that it is not:
    …Located on the Main Straight with views of the Start-Finish Line, Pit Lane & Team Garages, Uncovered – Seat-Back Style Seating…


  35. HI, does Becketts grand stand ticket include general admin entry or does the price only include the grandstand? Also roughly how much is beckets grand stand per day?

    1. Yes, all grandstand tickets include entry to the General Admission areas. Also most grandstands are open to all ticket holders on Friday and Saturday, with your seats only reserved on Sunday. Sorry I don’t seem to have the 2022 prices for Becketts at hand, but it’s one of the more expensive grandstands at Silverstone, around 500-600 GBP for the weekend.

  36. Please could you advise which is one of the better view cheaper grandstands?
    I’ve been looking at Farm Curve, Chapel and Corpse?
    Wanting to spend a max of £400 for the 3day weekend ticket

    Thank you

  37. Hi, I’ve purchased inner track tickets for f1 2023, this will only be our 2nd time at f1, and my son loved it but how or where do we enter the inner track?, can’t find any information anywhere. Thanks 😀

  38. Larry Lounge Lizard

    How much were Inner Track and Fast Trak this year? I may have 2 wristbands for sale, but I don’t know what to charge for them.

    1. Fast Track is still available and priced from 60 GBP. Sorry, I’m not sure about Inner Track as sold out now and couldn’t find pricing. But I’m sure you could get somewhere around 100-150 GBP if you were to sell now.

  39. Samuel Ridout

    Hi I have roving for Saturday. For the FP3 and qualy how early do we need to get a seat? 30 mins before be enough? Thinking of start/finish for qualy and somewhere else for FP3 where would you recommend!

    1. Hi Samuel, it’s likely to be very busy on Saturday, even from early in the day. You may not have the luxury of choosing different seats for FP3 and qualy. Lots of great views at Silverstone, but for sure the best grandstands will be hard to get a roving seat on Saturday unless you go very early.

  40. Hi Andrew,

    I have been lucky enough to be gifted a paddock pass (not paddock club) for race day but don’t have a grandstand ticket. I understand my pass includes general admissions areas but having been previously these get very busy and, as I am on my own, I want to wander around most of the day. I wondered if there is anywhere decent to watch the race on the inside of the track, or where would you recommend trying to watch?

    1. Hi George, I only know of one place, on the inside of the final corner – close to the pit entry. You have some raised areas, plus a grassy bank, where you can watch the action. I’m sure there are other spots on the inner track as well, but there will be some other fans around.

  41. Hello,

    If I get Hamilton Straight A tickets (the reserved grandstand option, not the normal grandstand option), can I still rove into other grandstands on Friday and Saturday, like with the normal grandstand option?


  42. Hello again,

    I am trying to find out the details and prices of Fast Track and the radios you can buy to listen to the commentary of the race. On the Silverstone website they’ve been in the ‘Extras’ section but I’ve been having issues accessing them for two days now, and as of yesterday they’ve completely disappeared off the website. Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this? If someone has access and knows the prices of having 4-day Fast Track and a radio, please let me know! Or if not, the prices they were last year, as a reference.


  43. Can you help a novice? What is the difference between a Roving Grandstand ticket (for Saturday) and an Enclosure ticket?

    1. An enclosure tickets provides entry to one area, where you get food and drink. A grandstand seat is what it says, but on Friday and Saturday most grandstand seats are roving, meaning you can sit in different grandstands on these days. Seats in the grandstand are only reserved on race day

  44. Hi.

    First timer here. We have inner track pass and abbey grandstand pass.

    Would you recommend watching from the grandstand after wandering about the inner track in the morning ??

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Richard, this is a good plan. If you get there early, you can also hang out by the Paddock entrance and see the drivers arrive – perhaps even get a selfie or autograph if you are lucky, though lots of other fans will be there

  45. Hi
    where I can find general admission (2) tickets for 2024 Sunday at Silverstone?
    It seems to sold out everywhere I tried.
    Can you send me the link, please?

  46. Hello,

    I’ve bought two Grandstand tickets to Silverstone this year, it’s the first time I’m going to an F1 race. I want to know if, for example, I can bring one person with me on Friday and a different person with me on Saturday? Is this at all possible?

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