Tickets – 2025 Monaco Grand Prix

Your comprehensive guide to buying general admission and grandstand tickets for the 2025 Monaco Grand Prix. Where to watch the F1 action at Circuit de Monaco.

Not surprisingly, Monaco sells some of the most expensive grandstand seats on the current F1 calendar and prices have been rising across the board in recent years. The tight confines of the principality don’t lend themselves well to large seating areas, meaning less than 40,000 grandstand seats are sold in Monaco. In addition, thousands more watch the action from superyachts moored in the harbor and from apartment terraces dotted all around the track.

Monaco’s schedule changed in 2022 to bring it in line with every other race on the current F1 calendar. Instead of Thursday, the first F1 practice sessions are now held on Friday. There is still racing action from support categories on Thursday, and tickets are very cheap on this day. The Monaco Grand Prix is set to remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2025.

How to Buy Monaco Grand Prix Tickets

Buying F1 tickets at Monaco is a little different to other races, where you normally buy a 3-day ticket and sit in the same seat for the whole weekend. At Monaco, it’s common to buy tickets in different terraces/grandstands for each day of the weekend. Friday tickets at Circuit de Monaco are still fairly cheap – this is a good day to splash out on a terrace or yacht, when prices are much more affordable than on the weekend.

For fans on a budget, two general admission areas are sold at the Monaco Grand Prix. You want to get tickets for Z1 over Rocher any day of the week. The small Z1 area on the outside of Tabac puts you very close to the action, while Rocher is an overgrown hillside a long way from the track. Z1 tickets are very affordable and always sell out very quickly.

Where to Buy Monaco Grand Prix Tickets?

We recommend buying your tickets for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix from our supplier Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Tickets are official and come direct from the race promoter, the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM).

We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences, which offer a choice of grandstand seats or hospitality on yachts and in trackside terraces, Accommodation & circuit transfers can also be added to your ticket package.

Monaco Grand Prix Grandstands

We think that the best grandstands at Circuit de Monaco are located in the harbor, especially the sections of grandstand K closest to the Tabac corner, as well as Grandstand T Upper with pit views. Also worth considering are Grandstand L at the entrance to the swimming pool, as well as Grandstand O. Whilst the grandstands at Circuit de Monaco don’t have especially good panoramic views due to the limitations of the circuit and the small size of the principality, they are much closer to the track than at most other races on the F1 calendar.

Grandstand A1

Located on the inside of Turn 1, otherwise known as Sainte Devote. Following the start/finish straight, the track narrows considerably at Sainte Devote; you can almost guarantee some action here on the opening lap of the race. From the top row, you can also turn around and glimpse the cars entering the harbor section of the circuit, right behind the stand. No access to a big TV screen. YouTube view of Grandstand A1.

Grandstand B

Located opposite the Casino and close to Hotel de Paris, Grandstand B offers a view of the cars taking the tricky Casino corner before heading down the hill to Mirabeau. This grandstand offers big screen TV viewing. Given the high price and lack of panoramic views of the circuit, there are better options for a 3-day pass to Monaco – but Grandstand B is worth considering for one day.

Grandstand C

This small grandstand is located on the Portier Corner before the tunnel entrance, an important section of the circuit where drivers try to line up overtaking moves. Tribune C is a good value option on both Thursday and Saturday but lacks the atmosphere found in the Harbor section, which offers better race-day Grandstand choices. No access to a big TV screen.

Grandstand K

A large and popular harbor grandstand with good views from the exit of the Nouvelle Chicane, the Tabac corner and up to the entry of the Swimming Pool complex. Seats in the highest row of grandstand K also offer views behind of the main start/finish straight and turn 1 (Sainte Devote). The best seats are in the first two zones, closest to Tabac.

Grandstand L

Grandstand L is located next to the Rainier III swimming pool with views of the last turn in the Swimming Pool complex as well as the pits. Not the cheapest Grandstand at Monaco, but a safe choice for a first-time visitor who wants to be at the heart of the trackside action.

Grandstands N, O, P

Grandstand N (Piscine Panne Nord) and Grandstand P (Piscine Panne Sud) are wide and low, flank the higher and more expensive O grandstand in the centre. All three grandstands are located over the water in the harbor with views of the swimming pool complex of the circuit.

Grandstand O (Piscine Plongeur) is the highest of the three grandstands in the harbor facing the swimming pool section of the circuit. If you can afford it, O is a better choice than N or P, as the views are more panoramic and you also get a distant view of the pits – bring binoculars! All three grandstands have views of a big screen TV.

Grandstand T

Located in the Harbor area opposite the pits, Grandstand T is one of the larger grandstands at Monaco. The grandstand is divided into lower and upper areas – the more expensive higher seats have views of the pits, as well as a roof to protect you from the rain and sun. On the track, you will see the cars taking the last turn of the Swimming pool complex (where many drivers have hit the wall in recent years!) before heading down the short straight to La Rascasse.

Grandstand V (Anthony Noghes)

Grandstand V is a small stand located very close to the circuit on the outside of the Anthony Noghes corner, after La Rascasse and before the main start-finish straight. This grandstand also provides a view of the cars entering pit lane. Grandstand V is a good choice for at least one day in Monaco.

Grandstands X1 & X2

Small, low grandstands on the main start-finish straight. Apart from offering a good view of the race preparations and start, these stands are not the best choice and their cheaper price reflects this. If you do decide to buy here, X2 is the better bet as it is closer to the start/finish line. No access to a big TV screen.

General Admission Zones at Circuit de Monaco

Two General Admission zones (without reserved seating) are offered at the Monaco Grand Prix. We recommend the smaller Z1 zone next to the Tabac corner.


The largest General Admission zone at Monaco is only open on Saturday and Sunday. A steep hill with little in the way of creature comforts and set back some distance from the track, it is difficult to get a good spot to view the action from here. You will improve your chances by arriving early, but regulars will still have reserved the best spots. The big screen set up for Grandstand V is visible (but distant) from Rocher, so bring along some binoculars. Click here to see a video of the view from Rocher.

Z1 (Enceinte)

Z1 offers unreserved standing only areas on the straight between the chicane at Nouvelle and Tabac. It’s also very close to the opening Saint Devote corner. There isn’t much room and the views are somewhat restricted, but it’s still a good place to hang out and take in the Monaco atmosphere, and it’s much cheaper than the grandstands. As a bonus, there are also several bars and restaurants in the zone with lots of outdoor seating. Limited big screen TV viewing. Z1 offers the cheapest race day tickets in the heart of the action and race-day tickets sell out almost one year in advance, so get in quick! YouTube view of Z1.

Monaco Grand Prix Tickets FAQ

  • Are there any early-bird discounts? No discounts are currently available.
  • Can I buy single-day tickets? Yes. Single-day tickets are very popular in Monaco, where many fans choose to sit in a different grandstands each day.
  • Are grandstand seats numbered and reserved for the whole weekend? Grandstand seats are reserved/numbered on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Are there any covered grandstands? Grandstand T Upper (opposite the pits) is the only covered grandstand at Circuit de Monaco.
  • What tickets for children are available? Children aged between 6 and 16 get 50% discount on all Saturday & Sunday tickets and free admission on Friday.
  • Are any grandstands accessible by wheelchair? Disability access at the Monaco Grand Prix is handled by the Association Monégasque des Handicapés Moteurs. You can apply for access by sending an email.
  • Can I buy parking tickets? Parking tickets are not sold by the circuit. More information about the best places to park for the Monaco Grand Prix can be found in Trackside.
  • What additional costs do I have to pay above the ticket price? Tickets purchased via our ticket partner Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) are subject to a 5% handling fee, which covers credit card processing fees.
  • How are my tickets delivered? Monaco is the only race on the current calendar to still issue physical tickets, which are sent by registered courier at a cost of €19 within Europe and €25 outside of Europe.

Been to the Monaco Grand Prix? Leave a comment with your grandstand tips!

97 thoughts on “Tickets – 2025 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. Hey
    I purchased today my ticket for the 2018 Monaco f1 gp, since I will be coming to the race from New Zealand I want to book also my accomodation and flight tickets. However I’m concerned bacuse the dates for f1 2018 calendar have been not confirmed yet. Does the given date for 2018 race which is the 27/05/2018 ( Sunday race day) is likely to be changed or does it remain the same date? So from previous years how sure can I be that the given date for the 2018 Monaco gp will not change ?! Is it safe for me to buy my flight ticket soon or should I wait till end of the year ? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Yaver, thanks for your question. The good news is that the Monaco GP date is fixed; it’s actually the only date on the whole F1 calendar that will not change after it is announced; it is always the last weekend of May (if you don’t believe me, watch this.) So you can go ahead and buy your flights and reserve your accommodation! Enjoy

      1. Hello,
        I want to buy cheap ticket and can you advice me which place would be good and from where i can buy?

    2. Hi Andrew,
      Maybe you can help me, as I cannot find the answers anywhere. Is it allowed to take kids below 6yo to the Monaco GP? We consider to go only for Friday’s trainings, but I see only tickets and information regarding children from 6 to 16.
      Thanks for the great article!

      1. Hi Anna, information from my ticket company (which should be the same as the circuit) says that “Due to noise exposure, ticket-holders are advised not to bring children up to the age of 5 years to the GP.” However, it’s not forbidden – just make sure you have ear protectors for your kids. Children under 6 should be granted free entry, provided they do not occupy their own seat – but I suggest contacting the circuit to be 100% sure ahead of your visit.

    1. Hi Marama, the Automobile Club de Monaco is the promoter and official ticket agency for Monaco F1 tickets, but they may not be the best place to buy. I note they are currently upgrading their ticket platform, for example. We co-operate with Gootickets, based in Monaco and an authorised reseller of tickets. They have the same prices and are trustworthy.

      1. I created an account with ACM. I forgot my password and clicked the link to retrieve it. I got an email back with the password I had used when creating the account. That means they are storing your password in clear text in their database. This is a huge security issue. If anyone used the same password for this as they do for their Gmail account, they’d be wide open (if ACM got hacked). Who knows what they do with CC numbers. I definitely wouldn’t use ACM.

  2. What do you think to go to monaco only thursday? Prices are proibitive other days. What is best stand for you? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Stefano, one day at Monaco is better than not going at all! You can also go on Friday as it’s free entrance. I’d sit in grandstand K on Thursday, then maybe try and watch the Formula 2 race on Friday from Casino. Read about our two-day trip here.

      1. Hy
        I’ve bought a ticket for thursday 24 may 2018! Grandstand T. What do you think about it? Do you know if is possible to seat where i want? Where is gate to go in grandstand T? Thanks in advance. Bye

        1. Hi Stefano, I think there is free seating on Thursday in the grandstands. You should be able to move around and sit in different seats in Grandstand T. As for the gate, I am not exactly sure. But I guess you can enter somewhere around La Rascasse

  3. Hey, i wanted to confirm even on the thursday, must you pay the general admission fee before getting into the circuit or is it only seating thats free?

    1. Hi Graham, I’m pretty sure it isn’t like that. Monaco is getting more popular and more expensive; I think access is fairly tightly controlled to the grandstands. Though you can probably move around once you are in a particular grandstand. The good news is that Friday is still FREE.

  4. Mandy Whitworth

    Hi. My 15 year old has severe learning difficulties has autism and adhd but absolutely loves fast cars and the GP it’s coming up to his 16th birthday in June, do you have any concessions for disability and is there a place that it would be able to accommodate him and the carer and myself so he could really enjoy should we be able to come
    Thank you

  5. Hi

    This is my first comment here so first of all thank you for an amazing site. I used it a lot when travelling to the Shanghai GP this year. With great success.

    Regarding Z1, are you able to hear the speakers in that area? At least when the cars are not passing by?

    Br Lars

    1. Hi Lars, thanks a lot! From memory, you can hear the trackside speakers in the Z1 zone. It’s a good place to watch the action, you are really close to the track and the harbour.

  6. Hi! I can’t find info if the T Upper are numbered seats? I have friends who got tickets and I want to sit next to them… Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Yes they will be numbered seats. It could be difficult to sit with your friends. I suggest asking the same ticket company where they bought their tickets.

  7. Hi! Does anybody know whats gonna be in 3 weeks time with the Grand Prix?
    France has a high number of infections, daily travelling between Monaco and France might be a big problem during race weekend if you don’t have a valid PCR Test available? And PCR Tests mostlt only valid for 48 or 72h …. but the weekend in Monaco is basically 4 days long! Plus add time to fly to Nizza, etc. How should it be possible?

    The only respond I got from ACM is “We are planning with fans but we have no decision yet concerning travel restrictions.” … this helps absolutely nothing.

    What is your feeling?
    Why is F1 and the ACM not able to make a decision for foreign fans in advance?
    Thankful for any idea, information, etc!

  8. hello from argentina! what a complete post! congrats!
    just wondering if you may know stand ticket prices in 2020/21, just to roughly have an idea what to expect for next year. it would be a dream come true. cheers

  9. Andrew, firstly what a brilliant informative site. Much appreciated!
    I am intending on going to 2022 Monaco gp. Been looking at ticket options and I cannot find any general admission tickets. Are you aware if these will become available? Or perhaps they have ended non-seated areas in the post-covid era?
    would be great to hear your thoughts.

    1. Thanks Garry! I think you need to look again. We talk extensively in this post about the two General Admission zones at Monaco, called Z1 and Rocher. The one you want is Z1, which is located very centrally near Tabac (rather than up on the hill a long way from the action like Rocher). Tickets for Z1 always sell out very quickly, so I suggest getting yours fast – especially for race day. For the practice days, grandstand tickets are pretty cheap on Friday. Here’s the purchase link – scroll down the bottom for General Admission tickets.

  10. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for all this info, such a great website!
    Just wondering about a couple of things?
    Does Free Friday not exist anymore?
    We will be in monaco for the Friday and sat and wondering what the best way to see the action is…Z1 on Friday and then grandstand k,l or t on Saturday or the opposite way around which would be a lot cheaper, what do you think? First timers! Thanks

    1. Hi Julie, the Monaco schedule is changing next year, so the F1 action happens on Friday to Sunday now (instead of Thursday, Saturday, Sunday). That means that Free Friday won’t be happening anymore, but I’m guessing that entry will be free on Thursday now – there will be on-track action on Thursday, but not F1. I’d personally save money and go for a good grandstand like K, L on Friday (or even a cheaper hospitality terrace) and then Z1 on Saturday. Don’t forget that Z1 always sells out well in advance, so I’d suggest buying that soon

      1. Thanks so much Andrew that is brilliant, going to book now, what are the hospitality terraces? I can only see the paddocks club etc which are extremely expensive?
        Thanks again,

          1. Andrew thanks so much for your prompt replies, it has made booking this all so much easier! So grateful! Monaco here we come 😊

  11. I quite fancy going to the Historique on
    Friday 13th May 2022. I’m a first timer and would really appreciate any hints/tips.

  12. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for a great website!
    I hope you can answer some of my questions?
    We will be travelling to Monaco fri-mon and are having a hard time to choose which grandstand to buy tickets for the race on Sunday. The budget is quite high as it is for my husbands 40th birthday. Its the first time going and i have been deliberating between grandstand K and T upper (covered) for the Sunday race and maybe another grandstand for the Saturday.
    I’ve called the official site since when i was lookin at tickets there, i saw that Grandstand K doesn’t have a widescreen. Which in my opinion is nice to have to be able to watch the rest of the race?
    The prices are a bit higher on the official webpage and from what i understand we need to email them a couple of weeks before the race to be able to wish for a specific zone/seat. Would you recommend buying from any other page?

  13. Hello! I’m looking to get tickets for either Saturday, Sunday, or both. Do you have recommendations on which day would be the best to splurge on? Or would you recommend finding a two day pass in the same section? Also, if you’d recommend a hospitality suite one day and a grandstand ticket the next, I’m open to that as well. This would be my first ever formula 1 race, so any insight would be great. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emma, it all depends on your budget! Tickets are cheaper for Saturday than Sunday. For example the Beau Rivage terrace hospitality is very good – tickets cost 650 EUR on Saturday and 1395 on Sunday. Grandstand T High is a good place to watch the race on Sunday – tickets cost 605 EUR for race day

  14. Hi Andrew – thank you so much for putting together such an informative site. I’m trying to track down 2x Sunday grandstand tickets for the 2022 Monaco GP but all of the sites you’ve recommended appear to be sold out. Do you have any other sites that you’d recommend? Do tickets ever become available via resellers or are they truly unavailable once they’re sold out? Thanks for your help!

    1. Just noticed this Peter, you only missed out by a week or two. I can go back to our ticket agent and see if they will be getting any more grandstand tickets, but it’s probably unlikely. Tickets do become available on resale platforms, but the prices can be high and I don’t normally recommend buying from such outlets like Vivid Seats and StubHub – but it may be your only choice if you really want to go next year.

    1. Hi Patrick, it all depends on whether the local authorities decide to increase the current spectator capacity of 50%. If they do, I’d hope we will have more tickets for sale via our supplier, Grand Prix Tickets. You can also check the official outlet for Monaco tickets here: you will see that tickets are still available for Thursday, Friday and Saturday – only race day tickets are completely sold out right now.

  15. Hi all – I am unable to attend the grand prix this year as I will be moving abroad and cannot travel.

    I have tickets for the grandstand P – two really good seats on the backrow, near grandstand O so you get a great view. Any tips for how to sell this legally? I see viagogo is one option but they charge a huge % fee.

  16. Hi Andrew,
    Are Z1 tickets not available at all this year?I had requested grandstand k on Friday and Z1 on Saturday however I’m now being told Z1 are not available? I this just some sites or in general is z1 closed?

    1. Z1 tickets were available, I actually bought two of them for a competition prize :) Who did you request from? Z1 is a very small area with a limited capacity and it normally sells out very quickly.

  17. I had put in an order for them way back in October with f1 destinations and Barbara said they weren’t sure if Z1 would open so she had me down for grandstand N if they weren’t going to open Z1, I got an email the other day saying Z1 wasn’t available so to go with grandstand N? So I’m confused!

    1. Sorry Julie, I wasn’t aware of the conversations you had with Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). The race was previously on a 50% capacity limit, but this was recently scrapped. Tickets are now on sale again, but it seems like the organizers decided not to sell more tickets in Z1. So you will have to choose another grandstand.

      1. Ye I was aware of the 50 percent capacity but thought with me being in so early I would have gotten access to Z1 so not sure what happened on their part, I had left it with them so wasn’t keeping an eye myself, do you think there is any way they will release more Z1 at some stage and where would be a good idea to keep an eye out for this?
        If not I have the choice between rocher or grandstand N on the sat, we are doing grandstand k on the Friday so not sure whether N on the Saturday will be very much the same experience? Any advice?
        Thank you, you have been so helpful,

        1. Hi Julie, this wasn’t the fault of GPT. I assume that the promoter decided not to sell more Z1 tickets, despite the 50% capacity being lifted. It’s quite a small space anyway. I’m almost certain that no more Z1 tickets will be available this year, sorry.

  18. Sorry Andrew it was Grand Prix tickets that I reserved them with, I’m pretty sure I went through to their website from a link somewhere here…this is the email I received…Dear Julie,
    we buy our tickets directly from the promoter in Monaco and
    they informed us that due to the government laws (and the Covid-restrictions)
    only Secteur Rocher is available now. We don’t know how the government
    will proceed in the near future.

    Please advise
    if I should delete the reservation – and you book your tickets later the
    year in our web-shop (in case you like to wait if Z1 will be released later

    the year).

  19. Andrew, will there be a release of more Z1 tickets or is too much of a gamble to wait and see? What websites such I keep an eye on if I was going to wait?
    I’m debating on just getting my Friday tickets which I have grandstand k and then booking rocher for Sat or waiting on more Z1??

    1. See my other comment, I don’t think there will be a release of more Z1 tickets for this year’s Monaco Grand Prix. I’d avoid Rocher completely if you can, it’s really not a good place to watch. Grandstand N is a good choice for Saturday.

  20. Hi Andrew,

    What a lot of helpful info,thank you.

    Friday tomorrow looks like the only day I can go. Is Z1 functioning that day and is the fanzone and its big screen near Rascase functioning on Friday? Is entry to the fan zone free or ticketed on Friday and if opting for Z1 how would I get tickets for this area ? Thanks again for the v informative articles.

    1. Yes, I believe Z1 is functioning on Friday. It’s too late to buy tickets online, but you can come to the circuit and look for the ticket offices – there are several located in the streets around the circuit. Not sure if Z1 tickets will be available, but hopefully there will be some grandstand seats, which should cost a maximum of 100 EUR on Friday. The Fanzone doesn’t appear to be functioning as normal this year, no big screen viewing.

  21. Margaret Hutto

    Hi Andrew! Great article with lots of information. We are wanting to attend the GP in 2023. We have our flights and hotel info settled. When will tickets go on sale for the race?? And do they sell out pretty quick? Thank you so much,

    1. Hello Margaret, we still don’t know if the race will actually be held next year as Monaco is out of contract after this year. A new contract should be signed, but we also have to wait for the exact dates of the race. These should be confirmed in early September. Some ticket categories do sell out quickly, do you know which ones you want to buy?

      1. We are hoping for grandstand T. I am hopeful they will re-sign the contract. Have you heard anything else recently? I just have no idea if I need to be online as soon as tickets go live or if I should purchase with another site before then. This is if they actually race next year of course. Thank you so much for your hard work and getting back to me.

        1. I believe a new contract will be signed and the Monaco Grand Prix will be back next year, probably on the last weekend in May. Monaco tickets don’t normally sell out straight away, but still worth buying as soon as you can if you want a particular grandstand like T – which is popular.

  22. Hey Andrew last year I bought some tickets at march because of a late ticket release at February it’s there any possibility for that this year?

    1. Last year was different because of COVID. The race was initially only on sale at 50% capacity, then the government changed the rules and allowed it to run at full capacity – that’s why more tickets went on sale last year. I think this is all the tickets for 2023, so I would recommend buying what you can now.


    1. Salve, questo è un biglietto per una festa su uno yacht di notte venerdì, sabato o domenica sera. Non sarai in grado di guardare la gara sullo yacht – partecipa solo alla festa di notte. Potrebbe essere una bella esperienza, ma puoi anche partecipare gratuitamente alla festa di strada sul circuito ogni sera (intorno a La Rascasse)

  24. Hello Andrew,

    Just bought Gold VIP Terrace tickets for the GP. Could you give me some insight on where exactly those terraces are located and if any one is better than the other?

    Thank you!

  25. Hi Andrew,

    We last went to the Monaco Grand Prix in 2016 when the weekend format was different. Having got a grandstand ticket we were able to do the pit lane walk on the Friday afternoon when all of the racing that day had finished.

    Now the format has changed does this still take place and if so when?

    Many thanks

    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the pit lane walk has been moved to Thursday afternoon, when the on-track action finishes around 4:15pm. It’s not listed any more on the official schedule.
      Unfortunately, I think it’s only open now to those who have purchased the “Gold” grandstand tickets, which offer the best seats in several grandstands, plus some exclusive extras.

  26. I am looking at grandstand K for next year, any idea when dates will be confirmed and tickets released? Best site for purchasing without all the hospitality?
    Many thanks

  27. Hi, do you have a listing of the grand-stand prices for 2023 on Sunday? I am considering going in 2024 and I want to have an idea.

    1. Sorry Annie, I don’t seem to have the pricelist for 2023 handy. If you are talking about Sunday only, then grandstands I believe were priced from about 400-800 EUR on that day.

  28. Hi Andrew,

    I am wanting to purchase 2024 Sat / Sun grandstand tickets (K if possible), wondering if you know when these will be released? I cannot seem to find them on the official F1 website, only packages.


    1. I don’t know exactly, but normally they are released in July or August – keep an eye out. We will have tickets, but the official ticket outlet is here. You can also sign up to our mailing list (check the box for Monaco) and we will send an email when tickets go on sale. One more option if you don’t want to wait is a package from F1 Experiences like this one – which gives you Friday hospitality on a yacht and then weekend grandstand seat in K.

  29. I’m curious how these companies like F1 Experiences & viagogo can be offering tickets/packages when the official tickets are not available? Any thoughts?

    1. F1 Experiences is the official travel and experience programme of F1, they have relationships with all the promoters and already get their allocation of tickets early. That’s why they are able to go on sale before the official launch of tickets.
      Viagogo is a different situation. I assume they are basing the offer on what tickets they think they can get. To be clear, Viagogo should only be used as a last resort if you missed out on tickets originally. They should not be used before tickets are on sale, or if tickets are still available from official sources.

    1. Hi Erik, I’ve been told that official ticket sales (grandstands etc) will begin this month some time. I suggest joining our mailing list (check the box for Monaco) and we will send a mail out when ticket sales begin. The link you provided is for a Monaco-based operator that seems to specialise in hospitality tickets (terraces and yachts) for the race. I don’t know them but they seem legitimate. Though better to buy for example via F1 Experiences, who are the official F1 travel and hospitality brand, they are also on sale already with various packages. Feel free to reach out to me separately if you need advice.

      1. Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for your reply, very informative.

        I have subscribed to your mailing list for Monaco — I assume no update on whether the official ticket sales have begun? I would prefer to buy Grandstand tickets for Sunday directly from F1, but it appears that only the F1 Experiences are on sale at the moment.

        Thanks again,

        1. I spoke to my ticket company and sales should begin in the next 2 weeks or so. Remember, F1 Tickets is not the official seller for any race, they are a reseller. The official outlet is the circuit or promoter. In Monaco, it’s the ACM. F1 Experiences is the official F1 travel programme, so they are the only seller to be able to officially sell grandstand seats before they go on sale to general public – but you buy a package with ticket plus extras.

  30. Hi, I would like to buy a ticket for Monaco Gp 2024. I would prefer General Admission, so I think Z1 is the best option? On which website can I buy tickets for Z1? How much did a ticket for Z1 cost in 2023? Is near Z1 a TV screen to watch the race too?

    1. If you are on a budget, Z1 is the best general admission at Monaco. But you need to be quick as the seats here, especially for race day, sell out very quickly. You can buy tickets from the official Monaco tickets site, or we will also have some available via our supplier. Can’t remember prices exactly, but less than 100 EUR for Friday, about 150 EUR for Saturday and about 200 EUR for Sunday. Could be higher this year, though. No TV screen opposite. There is a distant one up on the hill, but not a great view.

  31. Hi Andrew.
    Thanks for all the information. I would like to know when last years tickets went on sale for Z1. I want to know aprox when we can buy tickets this year.

    1. Tickets went on sale for Monaco earlier this year. We are expecting tickets to go on sale for 2024 this month, but I don’t have a specific date. I’m thinking about reserving some Z1 tickets if you are interested. Please send me an email with the amount/days you are interested in.

  32. Hi Andrew, thanks for the great overview. I’m now having a dilemma on which grandstand to sit for Friday – K, O, L, or T. What’s your suggestion? I will only have a grandstand seat on Friday so I really need to maximize the opportunity, and this is probably going to my first and only Monaco GP. O is on top of my mind at the moment as I think it has the best track action view – cars exiting the fast pool chicane and all the way to the Piscine. But it seems quite far from the track. T is good but seems like it has minimal track action. Your suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

    1. I’d agree that O has a good view but is a bit further from the track. I’d personally go for L or T so you can also get a view of the pits, but I think all of these are good options for Friday

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