Tickets – 2024 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Learn more about buying tickets for the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2024. Full rundown on the best grandstands at Monza.

As demand has soared to attend F1 races in recent years, ticket prices have been on the rise at Monza since 2021 and new grandstands have been added to the offer. Thankfully, many of the organizational issues experienced by fans at last year’s Italian Grand Prix were rectified in 2023, making for a much better experience at this iconic race track. Learn more: Over 300,000 Attend the 2023 Italian Grand Prix Weekend

Tickets are now on sale for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix. When it comes to choosing your seat at Monza, there’s a lot of grandstands to choose from, but they are clustered around just a handful of the circuit’s major corners; the opening Prima Variante chicane, Seconda Variante, Variante Ascari and the Parabolica, as well as the Main Straight. It’s a good idea to decide on which part of the track you want to sit at before deciding on a particular grandstand.

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

F1 Experiences Packages are now on sale for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Choose from grandstand seats with additional trackside activities or enjoy premium hospitality in the Champions Club opposite the start/finish line. Exclusive Paddock Club hospitality is also available.

2024 Italian Grand Prix tickets: Need to Know

  • All grandstands offer big screen viewing. Seven grandstands are permanent, covered structures. The remainder of the grandstands are temporary structures.
  • Discounted tickets are available for children aged 11 years of age or younger.
  • Single-day grandstand and general admission tickets for Saturday and Sunday are also available. Sunday-only tickets don’t offer a significant discount over the price of 3-day tickets.
  • Grandstand N25 is reserved for wheelchair users.
  • Free Friday, in which you used to be able to sit in any grandstand for the first day of on-track action, has not been offered at the Italian Grand Prix since 2019.

Monza Pit Straight Grandstands

Eight grandstands are located on the start/finish straight (Rettifilo Tribune) at Monza, ranging in price from the most expensive covered Central stand down to the affordable and great value bleachers. As always with a seat on the pit straight, you will get a great view of the start/finish but little chance of seeing any proper on-track action. For fans on a budget, we recommend the Gradinate bleacher seats on the Main Straight.

Seats in the large covered Centrale Grandstand (1) – see video above – are the most expensive at Monza, and are overpriced compared to similar tickets at other Grands Prix. Located on the main straight either side of the Central covered stand are the Left Lateral/Lat Sinistra (4) and Right Laterals/Lat Destra (26A, 26B, 26C). The pricing gives you a good idea of which stands have the best views – the Left Lateral is positioned after the start line, whilst the most expensive Right Lateral grandstand is located closest to the start line. The cheaper Right Laterals are further down the straight towards the exit of the final Curva Parabolica corner. If you want the best view of the after-race podium celebrations, the cheapest Right Lateral grandstand (26c) is the one to choose. All these stands are covered.

Also on the main straight is Piscina (5) a cheap standalone grandstand closer to the first corner and near the pitlane exit which we don’t recommend (click here for Piscina video). At the other end of the straight, closer to the Parabolica exit is the covered Vedano (24) which is a better choice, but a little more expensive.

3-day tickets in Centrale (1), Left Lateral (4), Right Lateral A (26A), Right Lateral B (26B), Right Lateral C (26C), Vedano (24) and Piscina (5) are now available for 2024. Sunday-only tickets are also available in selected grandstands on the Start-Finish Straight

Prima Variante Grandstands

Five grandstands are positioned on the opening Prima Variante chicane (also known as Variante del Rettifilo) at Monza. There are three grandstands on the inside of the circuit (Alta Velocita A, B & C) and two grandstands on the outside of the circuit (Esterna Prima Variante A & B). These grandstands offer some of the best viewing at Monza and remain popular, hence the premium prices.

The pick of the Alta Velocita stands on the inside of the circuit is Alta Velocita C (6C) – see video above. As an added bonus, the stand is also located directly behind a section of the old banked Monza circuit. The cheaper Alta Velocita B (6B) and Alta Velocita A (6A) are further from the corner, but still offer decent views. On the outside of the circuit, there is one large grandstand divided into two sections: seats in the more expensive Esterna Prima Variante A – Outer First Variant A (8A) are a little closer to the action than in  Esterna Prima Variante B – Outer First Variant B (8B).

3-day tickets for Alta Velocita B (6B), Alta Velocita C (6C), Outer First Variant A (8A) and Outer First Variant B (8B). Sunday-only tickets are also available in Outer First Variant A & B (8A & 8B).

Seconda Variante Grandstands

Also known as Variante della Roggia. There are two grandstands on the inside of the circuit at Seconda Variante, the third corner at Monza. You will see the cars emerge from the high-speed Curva Grande before braking for the chicane, where good overtaking opportunities exist. Seconda Variante (9) is a better choice than Roggia (10). It’s worth noting that these grandstands are somewhat remote from the rest of the action at Monza. It will take you at least 30 minutes on foot to reach these grandstands from most entrance gates.

Variante Ascari Grandstands

Eight grandstands are located on the inside of the circuit near Variante Ascari, the high-speed eighth corner at Monza where there are good overtaking opportunities. The best views can be found in the middle of the corner in the Ascari Uno/One (15) grandstand. Ascari Tre/Three (12) – see video above – is on the entry and is close to the track, whilst Ascari Due/Two (13) is set back behind the gravel trap in the middle of the corner and Ascari (16) is located on the exit. The Outer Ascari stands (A,B,C) are located on the straight between Variante Ascari and Curva Parabolica: Uscita Ascari B (19) & Uscita Ascari C (20) are small covered grandstand but there are better views for this price.

3-day seats in the Ascari (16) grandstand are now available for 2024

Curva Parabolica Grandstands

Five temporary and one permanent (covered) grandstand are located on the outside of the circuit on the approach to the final Curva Parabolica at Monza, one of the most famous turns on the current Formula 1 calendar. Tickets in the permanent covered Parabolica (22) – see video above – stand closest to the corner. The Lateral Parabolic grandstands are priced according to how close to the corner they are: Laterale Parabolica A (21A) is closest to the corner and is a better choice than Laterale Parabolica B (21B) for the same price. In the lower price bracket, Laterale Parabolic C (21C) is a better choice than Laterale Parabolica D (21D) or Laterale Parabolica E (21E). An additional two grandstands are located on the inside of the circuit at the exit of the Parabolica, near the pitlane entrance. There is not much to separate these stands, so the cheaper Parabolica Interna A (23A) is a better choice than Parabolica Interna B (23B).

3-day seats in the covered Parabolica (22) grandstand are now available for 2024. Also available are Lateral Parabolic A,B,C,D,E (21A, 21B, 21C, 21D, 21E) tickets and Inner Parabolic A (23A) tickets. Sunday-only tickets are also available in selected grandstands with views of Parabolica.

Monza General Admission (Prato)

The General Admission offer at Monza may still be excellent value for money (3-day tickets cost around €100), but we no longer recommend it due to recent circuit changes. The biggest issue in 2022 was the fact that this area was oversold. In addition, many areas which previously offered excellent track views, such as the inside of Parabolica, were completely off-limits to General Admission pass holders due to the construction of new grandstands.

Provided you are happy to cover a lot of ground on foot over the weekend, it’s possible to get some good views of the on-track action at Monza, and the park setting is beautiful. But you will need to get there first, as the best areas – near Lesmo for example – with small free grandstands for General Admission, fill up very quickly. As always, it’s easier to get a good view earlier in the weekend before the tifosi arrive in greater numbers for qualifying and the race itself.

Like this guide? Have your own Monza tips? Leave a comment below!

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  1. ciao,
    congratulations for the great site.
    Friday at Monza the ticket costs 50 € (you can buy a ticket for only friday practice). At friday you can access at all grandstands

    1. That’s right Luca. These tickets are a great deal! We made the most of Free Friday and sat in pretty much every grandstand at Monza, around 20 in total.

      1. Hi Andrew is there a release date for Monza 2022 tickets yet? Trying to organize hotels and trip around getting tickets (fingers crossed)
        And roughly how quickly will grandstand tickets sell out?
        Thanks for your help and great site and information.

        1. Hi Terry, we don’t know when tickets for the 2022 Italian GP will be released. As with last year, I think the hold up is to do with negotiations between Monza and the local authorities regarding health/capacity restrictions. Hopefully we get some good news soon. Honestly, Italy tickets have not been hugely in demand of late. But if the prices are back to normal (after being inflated last year due to 50% capacity limit) and sales start soon enough, then it probably will be a sell out. It all depends on which grandstand you want to sit in, as more popular (and of course cheaper) ones will probably sell out quickly.

          1. Hi Andrew- has there been any update on release date for tickets? Is there anyway to set up notifications or just keep checking here?



          2. Hi Max, I suggest following us on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will definitely share updates about tickets going on sale for Italy!

          3. Hi Andrew. Any update on 2022 race tickets being for sale? Everywhere I look it seems like they are unavailable. Thanks!

          4. Nicky Haldenby

            Hi Vince. We’re expecting tickets to go on sale for Monza in the next week, after the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend. You can join our mailing list and we will send out an email when they are on sale.

          5. Hi Andrew – thanks so much for a great overview – where/which website will the tickets be sold on and can you choose your seat? We are hoping for 21A or 21B but would like to be as close to the corner as possible? Thank you so much.

          6. Hi, Andrew! We are also planning to go to Monza this year and cannot decide between 8B and 21A. What would you recommend?
            Thank you for the thorough analysis on the seating options!

          7. Hi,
            Where is it best to sit if you whant to see most of the last bit of the main straight and the first chicane? Most view of the action?
            Is the best place to buy the tickets through you or directly on the ticket site?

          8. 6a or 6b would be best for seeing the Main Straight and the first chicane. Our ticket shop will be cheaper than F1 Tickets as we don’t apply a mark up on the prices. You may also buy via the circuit/

        1. I don’t think you should be too fussy about these tickets, as I think they will sell out very fast. But if you want to be close to the podium, number 30 is the best for that

          1. Hi Andrew
            Any idea when Monza tickets are going on sale …have my flights booked so don’t want to miss them !!!

          2. Hi Andrew,

            If possible, could you tell me what Sunday tickets cost for each of the following seats?

            Lateral Parabolic 21c , Alta Velocita 6b

          3. Hi Andrew, have the ticket sale already been for the Monza race? I cannot seem to find information on it and would really like to purchase two tickets.

      2. Hello!

        I just wondered, do you have to get a grand stand ticket for Monza? Or will a general admission ticket allow you to find a good spot to sit/stand?

        Thank you!


        1. Of course you don’t have to get a grandstand seat for Monza. If you are on a budget and happy to wander around and check out different vantage points, then GA is great. But of course these areas can get quite busy on race day, and it gets harder to find/keep a good spot. But all part of the experience

          1. That’s great, thank you.

            Also, do you know what the current rules are regarding vaccination status for entry to Monza?

          2. Hi there Andrew,
            Are there any further updates as to vaccination requirements to attend the event?

  2. Excellent info, thanks! One question, with second variant ticket, can you also access to general admission places? thanks!

      1. Thankssssssss, and what would say regarding second variant ticket, compare to general admission? if there a good view in general admission to take those curves?

        1. Because I see that you can’t select the seat in stands, and that isn’t that good to get pictures as from videos I saw there are grid which will interfere badly

        2. Get a second variant ticket if you can afford it, otherwise General Admission is perfectly fine. Don’t forget, you can also sit anywhere you want on Friday.

      2. Great article thanks for the information any more news on when the tickets go on sale I have my flight and accommodation booked cheers Andy

  3. Peter Spencer

    Could you tell me the best way to get to the curcuit from Monza town? I am hoping to get a room there in the next few day’s, We are driving from the UK hoping to stay as close as possable.
    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Peter,
      Check out Monza on Googlemaps and you will see that the park and circuit are right next to the town, so you should be able to walk (or take local buses – see Getting Around for more information.) The bigger issue could be finding a reasonably priced place to stay in Monza itself, as it’s hugely popular on Grand Prix weekend and most rooms get taken by regular visitors or track workers. There’s always trackside camping or staying in Milan and commuting each day, more in Accommodation.

      1. I stay on lake Lecco every year. It’s a great location and it’s 15 minutes to Monza by train. The circuit put on buses to The to the track.

  4. Antonello Abela

    Hi. Considering going to Monza this year which seat would you recommend for best viewing of the action please?


    1. Hello, we’re considering 21a tickets or 23a to be near the pit lane. Any thoughts on the better of the two and is it worth trying to get a view of a big screen? Thanks

      1. I’d probably choose 21A as there is a better chance of on-track action, passing etc at Parabolica. It’s still pretty close to the pits area. Both grandstands should have a view of a big screen TV.

  5. Hi, where are the best areas to get onto the track from the grandstands after the race for the rush to the ceremony. I’m planning on sitting either 26b or 6b.


    1. I only know of two many points to enter the track, both on the outside of the circuit. The first is right in front of the podium (end of grandstand 26) and the other is near the finish line (in front of the main grandstand). If you want a good spot in front of the podium, best to go to one of these spots around 5 laps before the end of the race. We did this in 2014, what an experience!

      1. Hi, are these entrance points still the same in 2022?

        How can you get to the podium celebrations if you view the race from inside the track? I have General Admission tickets and as I understand these areas are only on the inside of the track.

        Thank you!

        1. I can only provide information on past experience. We don’t know exactly where the track invasion points will be in 2022. Even if I ask now, they could change the plan at the last minute. You have to just be ready on the day. I think it’s better to go to the outside of the track near the end of the race. You can go to the outside with GA tickets.

  6. Hi, what time should i arrive to the circuit before the race on sunday? Like i have to be there one hour before the start or when? I am arriving at the airport froman international flight at 10 am, will i have time to check in at the hotel and go to the circuit on sunday?
    Thank u

    1. You should try and get there as early as possible! The race starts at 14:00, so it will be hard to get from airport to hotel to circuit in time for the race. I suggest going straight from the airport to the circuit.

    1. Hi Yazan, as you are in a hurry, it may be worth paying for a taxi (not sure of cost, sorry). Alternatively, check google (Milan Linate Airport to Autodromo Nazionale Monza) and there are instructions for taking a bus/train from the airport to the circuit.

  7. Planning to go this year as we will be in Florence, so can shoot up to Milan for the weekend. We are not Ferrari fans but some say the vibe is in any case worth the visit!
    I hear the track will lose the first Variant / Chicane (Cornes 1 and 2) and will change to a bend for corner 1, and then a new Chicane for corners 2 and 3 nearer the old second Chicane about halfway down the Curve Grande.
    Two questions:
    1. Is the Monza GP worth visiting and
    2. Which is the best place in the covered grandstands? From this, and other, websites, Stands number 24, 25, 26 and 27 seem the best for views of pre-race grid, pit boxes and post race podium.

  8. Thanks for the great site.

    This might be a silly question but do I have to buy general admission ticket to get in plus the grandstand ticket for my seat. This is my first F1 so I am clueless …

    1. Don’t worry Janine, there are no silly questions! You don’t need to buy a General Admission ticket plus Grandstand ticket. It’s one or the other. The benefit of buying a grandstand ticket is that you get to explore the General Admission areas as well! And of course on Friday you can sit wherever you like, even with a General Admission ticket. Enjoy your first F1 experience: you’ve chosen the best track for it in my opinion!

    1. Hi David, yes it is. “Admission to the circuit is always free of charge for spectators with disabilities at least 75%, including those with wheelchairs.” More information is here.

  9. Hello!

    Can I choose my specific grandstand seat or does it get assigned at random?

    Looking at one of the Alta Velocita stands but I’d like to sit as far back as possible.


    1. Hi, I don’t believe there is any chance at Monza to specify your seat. But if you buy with Gootickets, you can request this and they try to accommodate your request from their allocation.

        1. Część Ewa. Tickets for are supplied by Platinium Group in Monaco, the same company as Gootickets. However, applies a markup of around 10-20% to their tickets. We don’t apply a markup, that’s why our tickets are cheaper.

          1. Hello! Thank you for the answer. When booking tickets via Gootickets is it possible to send an e-mail afterwards asking for specific seats? Is there an e-mail address I could write to?

  10. Excellent article thank you for this information.

    We’re travelling out and staying at Lake Como as a large family, we’d all like to see the F1 but it doesn’t matter that we’re all there on the same day. Can we get a few weekend tickets and then send different people each day or are the tickets on armbands?

          1. Are these confirmed the prices for 2022 or are they the prices from 2021 with the markup? Do we know if 2022 prices will be the same or drop again? Thanks

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I was planning on buying general admission tickets but as it is the first time we’re going to Monza I’d love to get access to the pit lane. Th ething is that all the packages in the F1 experiences cost a fortune and include a lot of other activities I’m not really interested in.
    Is it possible to buy my own tickets and get a guided tour around the pit lane for a decent price elsewhere?

    Any tips will be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Natalie, F1 Experiences is the only company that offers guided pit tours on race weekend. You could buy Paddock Club access, but that is more expensive again. If you can stretch your budget, I highly recommend the Trophy package. I did this with some friends at the Malaysian Grand Prix, and it really is a once in a lifetime experience.

  12. James mackenzie

    Hi Andrew

    We’re going to Monza for the first time and looking to camp ,been told there’s a camp site c!ose to the first corner (where we have seats) but can’t seem to find where to book.
    Any thoughts?


  13. Why are the bleachers at the main straight not available?
    Is there a reasoning behind this?
    We had these seats last year and they were great.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for the great article.
    It will be my first grand prix going to Monza and we have general admission tickets.
    Do you have any advice on the best place to watch where we would get a good view, big screen and a chance to get on track to watch the podium?

    Best wishes,

  15. When does GOOTICKETS ship them to the customer?

    I paid for mine in March and have not received them yet. I’m leaving for Italy in a little over two weeks.

    1. GOOTICKETS keeps telling me I will receive my tickets 2-3 weeks before the race. Well, no tickets yet. They know I’m leaving in ten days for Italy. There is no assurance I will receive my tickets before I travel.

      They have my money and I have weak promises.

  16. Hi,
    We are buying the general admission tickets(fri-sun) 2 adults and child (6years) Monza Gran Prix from . The child is free? How to add a ticket for a child? Or he don’t need any and just entering with the parents?
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Darja, it’s cheaper to buy your tickets from Gootickets than from F1 Tickets. General Admission tickets cost 100 EUR instead of 115 EUR. Your child is free, but I think you still need to reserve a free ticket when purchasing. If there is no option, you should be fine entering.

  17. Hi,

    I got tickets on Alta Velocita A (6A) and I was wondering which would be the best gate to enter the track area? I guess we will come to Monza from Milan by train and then take shuttle bus. Big thanks for help.

    1. Hi Arttu, more information about circuit access is in Getting There and Around post. If you take the Black Shuttle bus from the train station, then the closest gate for entry will be the Main Gate (Ingresso A). Check the map here! After that, it’s around about a 20-30 minute walk to your grandstand, using the tunnel under the circuit.

  18. Hi!

    We got our tickets today and we are seated in row 1 at interna ingresso parabolica gf 12. I was wondering how’s the visibility to the track from row 1, is the first row closest or the most further away from the track? And it seems that there is giant tv near us in the parabolica corner, is there any chance we could follow the race from there or should we go for the f1 vision?

    Best regards Mika

    1. Hi Mika, normally row 1 is the closest to the track (and lowest). You should be able to follow the action on the big screen, though F1 Access on your smartphone for times etc would be also nice to have. If you have both of these, I don’t think you need F1 Vision.

  19. Hi, we bought a child ticket instead of adult for 14 year old boy by mistake, is it possible to get that ticket upgraded to adult ticket ?

  20. What are the two small grandstands/bleachers to the right of 6C? Are those general admission areas? We had great seats in 6C several years ago and couldn’t figure out why there were only a few people sitting in those small stands the entire 4 day race weekend. Thanks.

  21. Hello Andrew. Can you tell me (approximately) when ticket sale for de Italian Grand Prix 2019 starts?

    Already big thanks for your quick comment!

  22. Hi… firstly I’d like to say your page is awesome and gives every bit of info needed im gong nect year a group of five of us and looking through your post and picture were thinking of sitting at 2/3 but couldn’t see pricesfor them is that because there general admission? We’re also flying into malpensa and didn’t know the best way to get from there to track (our flat is next to the track)

  23. Hi! I have 3-day tickets for the 2019 race weekend. I’m wondering about the pit walk on Thursday. When does this usually take place? I access this with my 3-day tickets, correct? Trying to book my arrival into Milan.

  24. Hi. I’m looking at getting tickets to the 2019 race. Do you know if its possible to pick up tickets at the circuit? I’m planning to travel beforehand so I wont have an address to ship tickets to. Thanks

    1. Yes, it is possible. If you are buying with Gootickets, you need to request circuit pick up when completing the transaction. You’ll collect from the “F1 Tickets” booth near the main entrance.

  25. Mitroi Vladut

    Very nice article!
    What would you recommend, Ascari Uno or Alta Velocita B? Want to buy tickets this for this year’s race and I can’t decide between the two


  26. Hi! Bought tickets via monzanet. Got e-tickets, just wondering do italians really know those are real tickets or do I have to chance those for papertickets somewhere. I know that they can be little oldfashioned with this kind of situations;). Off course I have printed those tickets.

    1. Given that you have purchased the tickets from the circuit website, you should be fine. I believe there’s an option to swap your E-Ticket for a real paper ticket at the circuit ticket booth near the entrance if you want. I suggest contacting the circuit to ask about this if you want.

  27. Hi

    Is there usually a concert at the end of the weekend? I know they have one in Singapore etc but wasn’t sure if they did this at Monza too? If there is, when does it usually get announced who is performing? Thanks!

  28. Mauricio Ramirez Jauregui

    Great site!
    I’m attending to Monza in General Admission. This is my plan, can you let me know your thoughts?

    Day 1: Enjoying the free Friday at Sinistra (4) and Lat Destra (26A). Right decision or do you have a better spot?
    Day 2: Curve di Lesmo (turns 4 and 5).
    Race Day: Parabolica Curve (leaving 5 laps before the race finish to get into the track).

    Monza will be my 5th Grand Prix and I’m very excited about it. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mauricio! I think you have a good plan for Saturday and Sunday, but I would be sitting in some of the following grandstands on Day 1: 6C on the inside of the first turn and one of the grandstands at Ascari.

          1. Sry bud I meant where to access the actual race track
            (Race Day: Parabolica Curve (leaving 5 laps before the race finish to get into the track))

          2. Sorry. Best to go to the Main Straight about 5-10 laps before the end of the race. There’s an access point on the outside at the Parabolica end and also next to Centrale Grandstand, by the start/finish line. I’ve done the run down the straight before, it’s a great feeling. And of course the podium is amazing. Enjoy the experience

  29. Per prima cosa voglio congratularmi con te per il tuo eccellente sito. Accredit che le persone che non sono mai state o il GP di Monza hanno avuto dei dubbi. Se possibile, considero importante il mio biglietto.

    1. Per quanto riguarda loro, il sito è veramente ufficiale da comprare o ticktet, è davvero o sito ufficiale. Posso acquistare

    2. Voglio davvero partecipare all’invasione della corsia. Qual è il miglior settore. Sono in dubbio per l’acquisto del settore o 23a e 23b, hai accesso?

    3. Per quanto riguarda il biglietto per l’ammissione generale e sarei in grado di accedere ai Bleachers. Con il biglietto finale della settimana settoriale 23a e 23b puoi avere lo stesso accesso generale?

    4. Che cosa vuoi dire?


    1. Hello
      1. Yes, you can also buy tickets from Monzanet.
      2. 23a and 23b are close by for the track invasion at the end of the race.
      3. Yes, you can access all the General Admission areas as well!

  30. Hi! We got seats on grandstand 14, but now I’m a bit worried since in many of the maps online it’s not even marked. Is there something special about the grandstand that we should be aware of?

  31. Hi everyone,

    every year I attend the Italian GP but this time, unfortunately, I won’t be able to go. So I have two very good tickets I bought lots of months ago for the 3 days (Fir-Sun) for the 2019 Italian GP at “Esterna Prima Variante A (8A)”.
    Actually, the tickets I have are at the last row at the top of the grandstand so the position is really interesting – I would like to resell them at 330 € each (it’s the price I originally spent for the tickets – I don’t want to gain money on this!).
    Right now these seats are sold at a very higher price on lots of sites (you can check by yourself!).
    I just would like to not waste my money and allow someone who is interested to go to the Italian GP and attend it in an excellent position, saving some money.

    If anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]

    Thank you!

  32. Aristidis Anagnostakis

    Hi, interested in family (2adults + 2children 7 and 10) general admission for the Italian Grandprix (6-8 Sep 2019).

    Can you please tell me the procedure?

    Do I get some sort of e-ticket after I pay? – interested in the 3-day ones
    What should I do to assure the free entrance for the children?

    Thank you!

  33. Hi,
    Great website with lots of information you have!

    I have a question, I would like to visit Monza GP on Friday only. Is it possible to buy tickets at the track?
    Or is buying e-tickets the only way to go?
    Thanks for your reply!

    BR Koen

  34. Firstly thank you for a great website!
    Really informative for us fellow fans.
    I had a question, I only have general admission for 3 days but desperately want to get to 6C Grandstand.
    When I attended Silverstone, they had grandstand tickets available to purchase on the day – the price was quite reasonable as well.
    Is there any chance of this being the case at Monza as well?
    Many thanks!

    1. I’m pretty sure you can buy grandstand tickets on site, but it is not an “upgrade” like at Silverstone. You need to buy a separate ticket, which can be expensive. Don’t forget you can visit all the grandstands for free on Friday with your General Admission ticket (apart from Centrale).

  35. great article
    i have General admission ticket for race day
    i have a question: is there any place i can sit where i can also see a screen to keep track whats happening around race?

    1. There are screens in the General Admission areas, for example if you are watching from the inside of Parabolica. You will sometimes also be able to see the screens that are for the grandstands. Get there early, find a spot and keep it!

  36. Hello does anyone know when the Italy 2020 ticket sales will start (the regular ones not the packages) if yes which is the best site to buy from?
    And based on 2019 are children (under 1 yr old) free admission?

  37. Hi,

    I would like buy tickets for Monza 2020. I’ve seen tickets are available for Parabolica, Ascari A & B, General Admission. I can’t find tickets for Piscina or Parabolica Interna for example. Tickets will be available next time or not? Do you know?

    Best regards

  38. Hi Andrew,
    Please can you tell me if we can gain access via the gate near the second lesmo all weekend including the Thursday and if this is a good call for beating the crowds. We have a 3 day ticket for 26a. Also are mosquitoes an issue. Excited already ?

    1. Hi Ellis, I believe the Lesmo entrance is open all weekend (but the trains only stop at Biassono near there on race day). I think you will be fine going to other gates on Friday and Saturday, but this could be a good call to beat the crowds on race day. It’s a long walk from there to your grandstand however, at least 30-40 minutes.

  39. Good afternoon everyone!
    Just a quick question to confirm things, so, if our budget, per ticket, is say about 200€, we can only book in Prato? So no numbered seats at this price from what i understand.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Irene, tickets are not yet on sale. However, if the ticket offer is similar to previous years, there should be quite a few tickets under 200 EUR for the weekend, including Piscina (5), Laterale Parabolica (21C / 21D / 21E) and “Gradinate,” which are the cheapest seats on the main straight at the front of the grandstand. Hope that helps!

      1. Sonia Ginestar

        Are they going to sell General Admission tickets?
        On the official F1 store it says like the tickets are not in sale yet but I’ve seen your comments at the bottom and it seems is pretty much sold out already?


        1. No Sonia, they won’t be selling General Admission tickets due to the 50% capacity restrictions. Prices are also much higher this year and all of the cheapest tickets sold out within the first 1-2 days.

  40. Estelle Patricia Condliff

    Is there a way of signing up for an email as soon as tickets go on sale. I have a special important celebration to plan for and don’t want to miss out! Just need tickets, not a package.

  41. Hi, so my friend and I really want to go to Monza this year but we are starting to wonder if this GP will have fans in the grandstands because the tickets are still not available. Do you have any idea when and if the tickets will go on sale? Or if this GP will have fans?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Naomi, it’s disappointing that tickets have not yet gone on sale for the race at Monza this year, but we do feel confident that the race will run with fans – though perhaps not at 100% capacity. Tickets should be on sale very soon, but we don’t know the exact date. Sorry

  42. Hello, first of all thank you so, so much for having such a helpful website. I’m having trouble with some things. Firstly, what is the difference between the general admission tickets and the normal tickes? I actually want tickets for Friday-Saturday-Sunday. Also I’m thinking of purchasing seats at the 26 area, probably 26c, but I’m not sure wether there will be a screen, in order to watch the whole race. And lastly , about the friday walk, which ticket do I have to buy in order to walk the circuit and does the walk have a specific time of starting?

    1. Hi Katerina, with General Admission tickets you don’t get your own reserved seat. That’s why they are cheaper. All the other tickets you get your own grandstand seat. 26c is good because you should be right in front of the famous podium ceremony after the race. There should be a big screen visible in all the grandstand seats. Not sure what you mean about the Friday walk? Perhaps you mean the pit lane walk, which normally happens on Thursday afternoon (about 4-6pm). We don’t even know if this will happen this year.

  43. Hi Andrew,

    First of all thanks so much for your wonderful website, it has been my go-to the last few years anytime that I have been to a GP.

    I am hoping to purchase a three day ticket for the Italian GP this year and am wondering if the Thursday pit walk were to go ahead, it is possible that my wife and son could purchase a “Thursday only” ticket to join me walking the pitlane without having to purchase a weekend ticket?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Dan, thanks for the compliment! Of course we are still waiting for ticket to Italy to go on sale, hopefully soon. We also don’t know if there will even be a pit lane walk this year. However, I don’t know of any way that your wife and son could join you. There are no “Thursday only” tickets, unfortunately. However, I would still recommend taking them along even if they cannot join you on the actual walk. Monza Park is really beautiful, and they can check out the park while you are in the pit lane.

      1. Hello, thank you for the very interesting article, do you know approximately how much a 3 days ticket in category 1,27,28,29,30,26 costs? (En 2020) (in front of the paddocks!) Thanks a lot !

        1. Hello, we are expecting tickets to go on sale in the next 1-2 weeks. Here’s the 3-day ticket prices from last year for the grandstands you asked:
          27/28/29/30) I think about €200 but not sure for “gradinate”
          26B) €370

    1. Hi Vera, General Admission tickets for 3 days are the cheapest, about 100 EUR. Most grandstands for 3 days cost around 200-500 EUR.

  44. Hey, are there any updates of when / if tickets go on sale? And is there any way of finding out a list of the ticket prices per grandstand? Or if there is no full list, I would be interested in the prices of 3 day tickets for basically anything but the main straight ^^
    Thank you :)

    1. Sorry Linus, I was told it should be any day now. As for prices, we don’t yet know what they will be this year. But most grandstands last year were priced from 200-500 EUR for 3 days.

      1. Tomasz Nowakowski

        Thanks for running this. It’s very helpful. Do You have any update on ticket sale date? I’m getting stressed.

  45. I’m also trying to get tickets – have been checking every day. Do we expect that it’ll be open to atleast some capacity of fans? Also, for first time attendees – what grandstand would you recommend (probably only will do Sat/Sun and open to the higher prices)?

    1. Hi, ticket info has been released today. The event will run at 50% capacity and no General Admission tickets are available. Ticket prices are much higher this year unfortunately. This post will be updated very soon with 2021 ticket info and our ticket shop will be open later today or tomorrow.

      1. Hi, I just bought tickets from the official track website, however it was impossible to buy parking tickets. Is parking included in weekend ticket price or should I buy one separately? (if yes, wher could I purchase it?). I asked them already but I guess they are overwhelmed with processing orders…
        Great site by the way with lots of useful information! I followed your earlier recommendation and have 26C seats :-)

  46. Declan Conway

    Hi, Great site! Thanks for all the info! Where can I buy weekend tickets? I can’t see them on your ticketing site. Also, when they say that a green pass is needed for entry, are they referring to the EU Digital COVID certificate? Thanks

      1. Declan Conway

        Thank you very much for your reply. I just bought my tickets through that site. Are the tickets emailed to me or will they be posted? Thanks

          1. I purchased tickets through your site. I live in Canada.. How will tickets be delivered since I saw you said posted in a previous response? With email being so easy and reliable, why would they mail tickets halfway across the world, literally?

          2. Hi Marsha, it’s a decision by each circuit/promoter to have paper or electronic tickets – and it seems Monza went with the paper option

  47. Abdool Raheem


    How are the tickets selling on here different from the official F1 site? Just curious as I am looking to get tickets for the race.


  48. I’m unable to purchase tickets through Monza’s website as I’m unable to get a verification text from them. Anyone else having this problem?

  49. Hey Andrew, thanks for your response to my earlier question on ticket delivery. I received my official invoice yesterday and it has e-ticket listed so hopefully I’ll have that email to me.

    I have a quick question on best entrance. My seating is in left lateral 4. It’s my first time coming to Monza and would like to know what would be the closet entrance to this section please. I know you posted a few ideas on entry but I didn’t come across one for this particular seating.

    Thanks so much- very informative page!

  50. Hey! I’ve got GF12 tickets, do you think it’s a good place? Also, do you know if there is a giant screen on the opposite side so we can watch the race?

      1. Hi, I noticed now there are only tickets for GF1, which looks quite far from the corner. Do you know if there is also a screen there? And do you think it would be worth it to buy the more expensive tickets at 8B? I’m going alone and for the first time on Saturday and would also like a nice fan environment, but I guess we get that everywhere :) Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

        1. Maybe you mean GF10? It does look far from the corner, but these are the cheapest tickets you can get (can’t see any one our ticket shop though). There should be a screen there, but not sure how big or how far away it will be (probably closer to the corner). Definitely 8B would be a better choice – but if you are on a budget, you will still have fun at GF10 in Parabolica. For me, it’s always more about the atmosphere and walking around the beautiful circuit and park – hope you can do that a bit this year! – and the actual seat is not that important for me.

  51. Hello, Can you tell me how you get the Green Pass with my EU Digital Covid certificate? Also when does the online registration for the race open and on what site? Thanks a million for all your help!

  52. American here; 100% vaccinated with Pfizer. I want to book tickets to the race but won’t be able to get the Green Pass given I’m not a citizen of the EU. I’ll have my USA vaccination card however, which is a sufficient replacement to enter Italy. Will this be sufficient as well to get into the track on raceday? F1 won’t get back to me after repeated calls/messages.

  53. Hello Andrew, I messaged Monza directly like you suggested and this is the response received. I am hoping to share with other non EU travelers hoping to get into the race this year.

    Dear Marsha,
    I will leave you the official information about COVID-19 for NON EU PEOPLE.
    Non EU/Schengen people

    EU Digital COVID Certificate for non-EU / Schengen people just show in digital or paper format:

    result of a negative PCR or antigenic test in the last 48H;
    certificate of vaccination in Italian / English / French / Spanish, with the 4 vaccines authorized by the EMA (Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson), indicating the identification data of the holder, the data relating to the vaccine, date administration and identification data of the person who issued the certificate;
    covid certificate of healing in Italian / English / French / Spanish with indicated identification data of the holder, information on the previous SARS-CoV-2 infection of the holder, after a positive test (date of the first positive swab), identification data of who has issued the certificate with a validity of 6 months from the date of issue.

    The requirement of the green certification (EU Digital Covid Certificate) does not apply for access to activities and services on the national territory to the following categories of people:

    to children under 12 years of age, excluded by age from the vaccination campaign;
    to subjects exempt for health reasons from vaccination on the basis of appropriate medical certification. Until September 30, 2021, can be used certificates of exemption in paper format issued, free of charge, by doctors vaccinators of the Vaccination Services of the Companies and Entities of the Regional Health Services or by the general practitioners or Pediatricians of free choice of the assisted operating within the national anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination campaign, according to the modalities and on the basis of precautions and contraindications defined by the Circular Ministry of Health of August 4, 2021. Vaccination exemption certificates already issued by the Regional Health Services are still valid until September 30;
    to citizens who have received the ReiThera vaccine (one or two doses) as part of the Covitar trial. The certification, valid until September 30, 2021, will be issued by the doctor in charge of the testing center where it was carried out according to the Circular of the Ministry of Health August 5, 2021.

      1. So wonderful to be able to confirm entry requirements for the race, Andrew. Thanks again for this wonderful site. It’s flooded with information desperately needed for an enjoyable experience in Monza/Italy.

          1. Oh wow! Enjoy! Yes, I’m really looking forward to it. I was quite sad yesterday. Lol. I sat in front of the television from the proposed start time to when they officially canceled. Safety first so I can totally appreciate and respect them doing what’s in the best interest of the drivers! I really do hope you enjoy this weekend!

  54. Hello!

    Thank you for this great article. Is there a specific entry time you must get there on a Sunday with a ticket, or do they let people in anytime before 15:00?

        1. I just don’t think the views from Piscina are very good when compared to other grandstands. You can see the start/finish line, but quite distant. Personally, I’d rather be on a corner where you can see some overtaking.

  55. Karagkouni Panagiota

    Hi, really nice site. One question, we want to buy 2 tickets for Monza race in September 2022. We just want the cheapest ticket only to see the race and no guided tours. Where can i buy it? Thank you in advance..

    1. Hello, tickets are not yet on sale for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. I think the sales will start later this year or in early 2022. Cheapest 3-day ticket should be General Admission (without reserved seat), which costs about 100 EUR. Cheapest 3-day grandstand seat should cost around 250-300 EUR.

  56. Hi Andrew,

    Love your website for all the tips for f1 weekends. I’m looking to buy a ticket for 2022 with a budget of €400. Where do you think is best place to sit? I’d prefer to maybe be able to run onto the track if allowed for podium also.


    1. Thanks Nicole! We don’t yet know pricing for 2022 Italian GP, but hopefully prices will be lower than 2021. I think the best places to sit, especially if you want to run on to the track at the end of the race, are on the first chicane (best for me would be 8a or 8b on the outside of the corner), near Parabolica (21a or 22), or Ascari (13,14,15 if not too expensive). There’s also cheaper seats on the Main Straight at the front of the grandstands (27-30). I think the cheapest seats will sell out quickly for 2022, so keep an eye out for when sales begin!

  57. Hey, do you know when we can expect tickets for Monza to be released or is there anyway of finding out? Would like to get them as a Christmas present and deciding whether to go ahead and book France or wait for Italy! Thanks

  58. Hi,

    Brilliant website thank you, I am hoping to go with my son to the 2022 GP , flights booked already to Milan! Friday to Monday!!
    My son uses a wheelchair for long distances but can climb with help over bleachers and can access regular stands and seats in football stadia as long as he can hold onto someone, (me)
    Are there accessible restrooms at the track? Are we safer booking a grand stand package and go “walk about” then when it suits us to experience the corners and different viewing points?


    1. Thanks Philip. I think it is worth booking grandstand seats – specifically I do know that Monza has some wheelchair accessible grandstands – but I don’t have much information about them at the moment, sorry. Pretty sure there is at least one on the start-finish straight (maybe Grandstand 25). It’s always hard to get good information about Monza! I think that contacting the circuit once tickets go on sale will be the best course of action for you. Feel free to reach out again when tickets are on sale if you need further help.

  59. Hi Andrew,
    Your website is great!! My husband and son (he is obsessed with F1 and this is his Xmas present) have are flights booked and just waiting for the ticket release – do you have an update of when this will be? Thank you.

    1. Thanks a lot Amanda, the site is somewhat a labour of love :) Monza is a great choice. Don’t forget to reserve some accommodation too in Milan for the race – preferably with free cancellation in case your husband’s plans change. I really don’t have any update right now on when tickets will go on sale – but pre-COVID it was always in January. So hopeful it will be not too long before they are available.

  60. Greetings,
    We are visiting our first GP EVER and I couldn’t be more excited!!! One thing that surprised me was that tickets for Monza are yet to go on sale whereas many european circuits have released them and tickets are almost sold out. Based on your experience when should we expect tickets to go on sale??

    1. Hi Marios, we really don’t know when tickets for the Italian GP will go on sale. It used to be around this time – January. But I think the start of ticket sales this year is dependent on negotiations between Monza and the local authorities, regarding COVID limits etc. I hope they will go on sale in the next 1-2 months, but nothing is certain right now.

  61. Hi Andrew,

    Firstly, thanks for setting up this page – lots of useful info here! A friend and I are planning on a trip to the Italian GP this year. Grandstand tickets would be ideal, but will have to see how tickets are priced once released. Do you think General Admission tickets would be worth purchasing otherwise? We’d be okay without grandstand tickets as long as the GA tickets give you a good view of the action.


    1. I think General Admission at Monza is pretty good – not as good as circuits like Barcelona and the Hungaroring, where you have lots of elevation above the track, but still not bad. The only issue is that the General Admission areas can get quite crowded for race day. So it’s better if you have a seat for race day, even if you spend most of the weekend hanging out in General Admission. We wait to see the ticket prices for 2022, but there should be some cheaper seats priced at around 200 EUR for the weekend.

  62. when did tickets go on sale in 2021? I’m checking daily/hourly almost!

    Ive got a week booked in September, will be gutted if i miss out!

    1. Tickets went on sale very late last year, only about 6-8 weeks before the race. Definitely hoping that tickets go on sale much earlier this year, hopefully soon. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out.

  63. Hi Andrew,

    Fantastic amount of information here! Very glad I found this.

    I am hoping to go to Monza this year for my 30th Birthday – this will be the first time I have ever seen an F1 race live at the track, and I wanted it to be special – so I’m doing all the research I can to make it the best possible experience.

    I plan on booking flights separately with regards to race tickets/packages, I am currently thinking of aiming to sit in Curva Parabolica (Grandstand 22), but I am keen to at least look at the grand stand seats – is it worth it? This may be the only time I get the opportunity to visit, so I don’t mind splashing a little.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Seems like a great plan for your 30th birthday! Monza is a classic circuit and a great place to visit. Curva Parabolica is a good covered grandstand. Not sure of your question? Do you mean you are thinking about some kind of hospitality?

  64. This is the best site for F1 fan information on the net Andrew, well done! We are looking for 3 day seats in grandstand 26C but don’t see any currently listed on Gootickets, only 26A and 26B. Any idea why that is? We would also like to walk on some of the old banked parabolica track during race week. Do you know what days that section is open to the public?

    1. Hi Brent, tickets are not yet on sale so we need to wait. I don’t know about Gootickets offer, whether it is correct for 2022 or not. As for the old banked circuit, my understanding is that it is not officially open to the public at all on race weekend – but it’s still possible to ‘sneak in’ and take a look. The best days to do this would be Thursday or Monday – more likely to be some security presence on the actual race weekend.

  65. Andrew,
    My wife and I will be in Milan Sep9-11 and planning to go to Moza. Do you happen to know what is the best view outside the central grand strand? how are sections 6B, 14 and 9?
    we are looking for mainly Sunday tickets, but will be ok for Sat-Sun package if no other choice. Is there a way to ensure ticket availability or have to keep checking the website?

    1. Best view depends on how much you are willing to pay I think. We have stated here what we think are the best places to watch. I like the seats on the first chicane – 6a is best, but 6b is ok too. And 8a/8b on the outside of the corner. If you join our mailing list (link here) we will be sure to send an email update when tickets go on sale. You can also follow us on social media.

  66. Hi Andrew,
    You mention preferring section 6a.
    Why do you chose this over 6c which appears to be at the corner?
    Also, what is the downside of 27-30? Are they so low that difficult to see?
    There seems to be lot’s of talk of problem trees (obscure view) for section 8. Do you agree?

    Thank you, Paul

    1. Sorry, made a mistake. 6c is what I should have said, as it is closer to the corner (and of course more expensive). The downside of 27-30 (Main Straight Bleachers) is that you cannot see over the catch fencing. But honestly, these are good value for being in the heart of the action on the Main Straight – I sat in them for the race a few years ago. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how many seats in Grandstand 8 have obscured views from the trees – but in general I think this is a good choice.

  67. Thank you Andrew.
    Is it straightforward to get to the track from 6A/B/C for post race Podium presentation?
    I’ve read not to bad from Grandstand 8 but not sure about 6…
    Your site is very helpful and informative.
    Flights are booked :)

    1. I’m not 100% sure of the answer to that question. I don’t know if they open up a section of the fence near the 6a-6c grandstands for you to run on to the track. You may need to cross over to the other side of the track and walk up to nearer the Centrale Grandstand.

  68. Hello Andrew,
    A small group of 4 of us are planning to go to Monza on practice day this year, do you think it is better to get grandstand tickets or just GA? Also your website has been so helpful when I have been researching, thank yo for yor hard work,

    1. Hi Elizabeth, it all depends on your budget. Honestly, you will probably have a great time in GA. I like it at Monza. And there’s normally less people on Friday and Saturday, so easier to get a good vantage point. Thanks for your kind words!

  69. Hi Andrew
    First of all ur informations are perfect and u help us to choose the right position for us.
    We are a small group of 4 people from Greece and we planning to join the italian grand prix this year.
    Our plan is to book tickets at 6b and I want to give us any idea about the possible prices of 3 days ticket at this section if u remember from past years.

    1. Hi Tasos, I do have the 2022 pricelist for the Italian GP. 3-Day tickets for Grandstand 6b cost 515 EUR until March 31 – after that they get a bit more expensive. I will send you the price list too on email.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        Does that mean tickets are on sale soon? Could you please send me on the price list too. Fantastic site, by the way, you have excellent information throughout.

          1. Hi, is it possible to also get the price list? So happy the tickets are almost out it’s been a long 3 months waiting :)

      2. Victoria Retz

        Hi Andrew

        Is it possible you can also send me the price list? We are 12 people wanting to go and it is our first F1 race so we want to fint the perfect spot to book

          1. Andrew,

            Are Sunday tickets available yet? If so where can I purchase them

          2. No tickets are yet available for the Italian GP this year, but they should be available in the next 1-2 weeks. Sunday only tickets will be available.

  70. Hi Andrew,

    Could you please email me the list as well.

    Are you able to confirm that 8A has reasonable access to post race podium rush?



    1. Price list has been added to this post! Yes, should be pretty easy to get from 8a/8b to the podium – you should be able to get on to the track in front of Centrale (Grandstand 1)

  71. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for putting together such an informative website. I plan to attend the 2022 Italian GP. I am interested in buying 3-day grandstand tickets for grandstand 6C. Would you mind sending me the pricing list for 2022 GP 3-day tickets? Thanks so much.

    Kind regards,

    Joe Vozzelli

  72. Hey Andrew
    Amazing site, which has been so useful in planning my trip to monza this year & hopefully many more future races. Got the hotel & flights all booked, excitedly awaiting for the tickets to go on sale. Please could you email me the price list too. Thanks Kirsty

  73. Hi Andrew,

    Have you seen any details regarding 2022 Entry Requirements for non-EU people?
    I saw Marsha’s August 2021 post regarding the “Green Pass” for 2021 but not mentioned again since.
    Thanks, Paul

    1. Entry requirements have not yet been announced, and with some luck the whole Green Pass thing won’t be required. Last year, my understanding was that non-EU people could simply show their vaccine certificate or negative test result and no issues with entry.

  74. Hi Andrew, great site! Really helpful!

    Quick q’n, (apologies if I’ve missed it!) Is there any option for a Sunday only ticket? and if so do you have these prices?

    Flights already booked and will be my 1st GP, can’t wait!


      1. Hi Andrew, I’m interested in Sunday only tickets as well. Could you send to my email as well?

        Thank you again for all your detailed analysis, it’s invaluable for a new fan. Thank you!

          1. Im also interested in Sunday-only tickets. Could you send me the price list as well?

  75. Hi Andrew! Hoping to purchase two grandstand at laterale destra b or c. Please let me know when they are on sale!

    Thank you

    1. You can join our mailing list and we will send out an email when they are on sale. You can also follow us on social media. Latest information I have is that tickets could go on sale just after Bahrain, so around March 21-23

  76. Hi Andrew.
    This site has been really helpful in planning going to Monza. Do you know if it’s going to be running at full capacity this year – and how quickly do tickets usually go? (I’ve got serious anxiety about missing out!)
    Also if we opt for the main straight can an you confirm 26 is the stand with the best views please – my head is starting to spin with all the different options!
    Thanks in advance 😊

    1. Hi Val, yes we are expecting Monza to run at full capacity this year. Hopefully tickets will go on sale in the next 10 days. I would suggest buying as quickly as you can to avoid disappointment. Maybe the race won’t sell out straight away, but certainly both the cheaper tickets and best grandstands will sell out quickly. Grandstand 26 does have good views, also for the podium ceremony after the race.

  77. Hello, where is best to buy tickets from? Guessing should be on sale soon if early bird ends 31 March? Thanks

    1. We recommend buying from our ticket shop, the tickets are supplied by Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). You may also buy via the Monza circuit website (I think Hopefully tickets will go on sale next week.

      1. Hello, we are patiently waiting for the 2022 ticket sale opening. At the time of the race, we will have a 9 month old baby boy. Do you think it’s a bad idea taking him? Also, which grandstands are best for such young children? Will a seat be given to him? Or is general admission best? Is it possible to take the baby buggy with us? Or should we simply have him tied on us the entire event? I’m sorry for the questions overload but it’s actually our first race ever and having such a young child makes it crucial to get everything right.

        1. In my opinion, it’s a bad idea to take such as small child to an F1 race. It’s not impossible, but you may not have a great time if you are worried about your son the whole time. Your child won’t be able to take a seat, but can sit on your lap. You should be able to take a baby buggy into the circuit.

  78. Hi! Andrew,

    Been doing a lot of research and hoping to get tickets for this year. Thanks to your very helpful guide I am finally choosing between 6b and 8a/b. I did have a few questions though:

    1. What do you think is best and can you actually choose your seats in the stands or are they randomly allocated? If random I worry 8 a/b has the potential for seats quite far from the action.

    2. If you can choose seats is it better to be lower down or higher up?

    3. Is it true 8 a/b is located in a separate section which you need to enter making it a little annoying for food/drink runs?

    4. Which of those stands is best for accessing the track after to run for the podium?

    5. How quickly do tickets sell out, as in if I am on there straight away will I definitely get in my preferred stand.

    Sorry for so many questions but I want to make sure I make the right choice as it will not be a cheap trip!!

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Alex,
      Both the inside (6a-6c) and outside (8a-b) of the first chicane are good places to watch at Monza. If you buy via the circuit, I think you can choose your actual seats. Not with our supplier. In general, it’s always better to be higher up in the grandstand as you get better panoramic views and you don’t have the catch fencing blocking your view. Question 3 – don’t know. Question 4 – 8a/b would give easier access to the track invasion – best place to enter from there would be in front of the Centrale (Main) Grandstand – I think. Question 5 – tickets are selling much faster in general now, but you shouldn’t have a problem getting preferred grandstand if you buy fairly quickly (in first few days).

      1. Thank you very much for the reply! Rather excited for this will be my first Grand Prix outside the UK having been to Silverstone a few times.

  79. Hi Andrew,
    I saw the USA tickets went on sale yesterday and it looked like the grandstands sold out in seconds! Will that be the same with Monza and is there any advance warning when the tickets will be released or is it the email gets sent when they are on sale? Sorry if you don’t know but I’ve booked flights and hotel and don’t want to miss out!


    1. I don’t think Monza tickets will sell out as fast as COTA, but I still think you shouldn’t wait around when they go on sale. It seems tickets for all races are in high demand these days. Sign up for our mailing list and we will send an email out when the Monza tickets go on sale! You can also follow our social media accounts, we will announce there as well

    1. We are getting the price from our supplier, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). You can also buy via the circuit, prices should be the same. Up to you, but you would support our website and guides by buying from our supplier!

  80. Hi there, what’s the difference between booking tickets through your website vs. on the F1 website? This will be my first time at Monza. I’m looking at sitting in section 6, and I’m torn between 6a, 6b, or 6c. Which would you recommend? Also your website is very informative and helpful, thank you so much! Cheers.

    1. Hi, only difference is that tickets should be about 10% cheaper with our supplier vs F1 Tickets, as we don’t apply a mark up. Both suppliers are official F1 ticket agents. 6c is the best of the ones you mentioned, as it is closer to the first chicane

      1. Hi Andrew, thanks so much for the fab website and all the information. I am bringing my F1 mad 16 year old daughter to Monza for her first GP. We are on a budget but this will probably be the only time we’ll get to one so I don’t want to mess up! In your opinion, of the cheapest tickets which would be the best seats to see as much as possible, get access to track afterwards and have easiest access for getting out afterwards as we are flying home at 11pm on Sunday night? We are looking for weekend tickets as we plan to go on Saturday and Sunday. Or are the GA tickets just as good if we arrive early and try and get bleacher seats (if we can find them)! Thanks in advance, Ray.

        1. Hi Ray! Sorry for the slow reply, I was in Bahrain. I would choose the bleacher seats either on the Main Straight (27-30) or inside of Parabolica (GF10-13). Even if you spend most of the weekend wandering around the General Admission areas, it’s always nice to have a seat for the race

      2. Hi Andrew,
        Do you know how much the camping will be for the 3 day weekend and will this go on sale at the same time as the tickets?

          1. Hello there!

            I was wondering whether I have missed the ticket release or the sales did not start yet?

            Also, I have been thinking of getting Piscina, but As I see, you don’t recommend it. I mainly wish to join the crowd on the track, or at least see ot when the podium is there. What would you recommend for that? Thanks a lot!

          2. Tickets are not yet on sale. Piscina is still ok, but if you want a cheap seat on the Main Straight (opposite the grid and pits), then I would choose one of the bleachers, 27-30.

      3. Can you please email me the single day ticket prices for Sunday? We won’t be able to make it to the track on Friday/Saturday, and only on Sunday for the race. After looking at everything further, I think we’d like to sit in the upper section of 6B to get a view of the straight line speed and still see the first chicane. Are tickets still expected to go on sale in about 2 weeks? Thanks again!

        1. I sent you the pricelist. I think 6b is a good place to sit. Latest information I have is that tickets will go on sale in the next 1-2 weeks, but we don’t have a specific date yet

  81. Hi Andrew

    Thank you so much for all the information you’ve put together here!
    We’re hoping to make Sunday’s race as part of our belated honeymoon (a year late) and was wondering, if we had a budget of say 200 euro per person, where would you recommend we sat if we were only after Sunday tickets? Providing that does stretch to grandstand tickets.
    Would you be also able to send me the price list for Sunday only?

    1. Good luck planning your honeymoon! I would choose the GF10-13 bleacher seats on the inside of Parabolica. These cost 180 EUR for Sunday. I’ve sent you the price list

      1. Thanks Andrew for the Price List!

        From what you understand , do the GF10-13 definitely have viewing access of a big screen, I know the the 21s do

  82. Thanks for all the info. I am going with a group and we are looking to get 10 tickets for grandstands 6b, 6c, 8b, or 8a. Would one person be able to get 10 tickets in one go? What would be the best way to go about this? Ideally we have seats of 5 in back to back rows but if not so be it.

    Thank you!

  83. Hi! Your site is really helpful. Can You please tell me are the tickets GF10, 11, 12,13 good enough – will I be able to see anything that will be happening out there and which one of them (10, 11, 12 or 13 if there is any difference) is the best to purchase? It is my first time buying F1 tickets and I don’t have a clue.
    Thank You very much!

    1. Yes, I think these are a good budget option. The best in my opinion would be GF13, which is closest to the corner. You will need to be quick however, as these seats will be the first to sell out

  84. Hi there! I’m hoping to get tickets for Monza but I wondered which grandstand you would recommend around the price point of 300 euros? There seems to be a few options but I have no idea which option is best! Thanks

  85. Hey,

    Just wondering if there is a date yet for General Admission tickets?

    I have flights booked to Milan, just need to secure 2 General Admission tickets for my Dad and I.

    How quick do you anticipate they will sell out?


    1. No date, but we are hoping tickets for Italy will go on sale this week. I think you will have a little time to secure GA tickets, but I wouldn’t be hanging around as tickets are flying out the door for all races this year it seems!

          1. Hi could you please send me a price list for single day tickets too.
            I haven’t bought any before so wondering how quickly they normally sell out? Would we have a few hours from release or do they usually go in minutes?
            Thank you

          2. Honestly, we have no idea how quickly tickets will sell out. But it seems there’s huge interest this year (like with most races, plus Ferrari is doing well again) so I would not hang around when they go on sale. I sent you the pricelist.

      1. Hi Andrew,
        Thanks for all the updates on this.
        Could I get the single day price list emailed to me as well?

        Thank you!

  86. Fantastic website Andrew – thanks for all the great information. Happy to purchase tickets through your website – what is the best link ?

    1. Hey Andrew, I’m interested for four single day tickets, could you provide me the list too? Much appreciated.

      1. Hi, Andrew. Thank you for all this very useful info.
        If you can, please email me as well the price for a one day ticket (Sunday). Thanks again.

          1. Thank you so, Andrew, the list was helpful.
            I’ve read this article and the comment section and I’m still wondering what to choose between 4 and 26B. It seems to be pretty much the same distance to the start/finish, but I’m not sure which one gives you a closer look or which one would a guy, a Ferrari fan, choose. The tickets are a birthday gift for my boyfriend. Thank you in advance if you find the time and sorry for bothering you with this.


          2. Hi Carla, my understanding (not 100% sure) is that 26b will put you nearer the back of the grid – but with a much better view of the podium – whereas 4 puts you near the start-finish line and the front of the grid. I’d probably choose to be closer to the podium

  87. I would like to ask about 6c. is it just a 3day pass or I can buy and 2day? Can you send me the price list pls :)

      1. Hello – sorry to be a pain please could you email me also?
        Also any news in ticket release?
        Thanks in advance

  88. Hi Andrew
    Thank you for all the useful information on the site
    Can you email me the single days price list
    Kind regards

  89. Hi Andrew,
    Good work with that guide and overview. It will help me a lot. Do you have single-day prices of tickets. I’m interested in Sunday race only. Glad for help and regards from Poland :)

  90. Hi do you think is it worth doing the friday in Monza? Also could you send me the single days price list too. Thanks

    1. Yes I think it is worth doing. Generally less people about so you can get better views in General Admission, for example. Single day tickets are only available for Saturday and Sunday by the way. I’ve emailed you the pricelist.

  91. My question was not the clearest…

    I have since changed my mind, I would like to sit in the main start/finish straight (Grandstand) I think it is referred to as “Centrale 1”?

    I was initially asking if it would be worth spending the money as this may be the only time I get to go to an F1 race / track.

    It looks like I have checked back just in time before tickets go on sale!

    I would like your advice on some final things:

    Between Centrale 1 & Laterale Destra 26: which is best for viewing the start of the race, the most action (out of the 2) & finally access to the track invasion / location to see the podium?

    Which of the aforementioned grandstands would you recommend to be the best overall?

    Is it going to be cheaper to just purchase tickets (3 days for me plus the girlfriend)?

    Or am I better off getting a package deal with flights, accommodation etc.?

    Also – is this something you can offer?

    Lastly – any update on when tickets go live?

    Many thanks


    1. There’s not a huge difference between Centrale and Laterale Destra – Centrale is definitely closer to the start/finish line and there’s also a track invasion point right in front. Laterale Destra stretches down the grid, so depends on where you sit. Of course Centrale is more expensive… If you are confident booking your own flights and accommodation, it will definitely be cheaper. You should reserve a hotel now with free cancellation, for example on I can’t offer you this, but I’m happy to answer questions you have. And don’t forget our guide has lots of useful information! Still no word on tickets going on sale, sorry!

  92. Hi Andrew,
    Great site – lots of useful info! Seems like a lot of people are after the single day price list – is it possible to post on here to not clog the feed?
    If not – could you email to me as well please – haha!

  93. Hi Andrew,

    Please can you send me a price list for weekend and also one for Sunday only.

    many thanks


  94. Great Site Andrew, very informative and addictive!

    Can I have a single day price list too please


  95. Michael Sturgeon

    Hi Andrew. Looking to purchase 6 3 day general admission to Monza 2022. Are tickets available yet and how can I purchase them

  96. Good day Andrew,

    Do you also know the prices for the grandstands 13,15,16 on Ascari? They are missing from the list.

    Also when I look the video’s of the grandstand. It looks like number 16 has a closer view to the cars then 15. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance, Jos

    1. Sorry I don’t know why these tickets are not in the offer. I guess these are reserved by the circuit for some other sales. Yes, I think you are right about 16 being closer to the track at Ascari.


    I need two tickets only for Sunday(Race Day).

    I could not figure out if the sale had already started or if the tickets had run out?
    If there are still available tickets only for the race day please let me know

  98. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve noticed the tickets have just gone live.

    How do I go about purchasing 2 tickets from you seated in Centrale 1?

    Many thanks


      1. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to post the link as this then re-directs people to it?

        After some more looking into it, I believe what they are selling is reservations to the event in package form. Most of it is “sold out” bar the most expensive package ironically enough.

        Nonetheless: if the tickets do not go on sale before the 31/03 does this mean the Monza price list will be amended accordingly?

        If there was an option to buy tickets now from here I would.

        1. Right, I did check the website and see what you mean. Tickets are not on sale. There’s new prices applying after 31.03 – not sure if the early bird period will be extended or not in this case. Just hope these tickets go on sale soon!

      1. Hi Andrew,
        Would it be possible for you to send me the price list for Saturday and Sunday? Brilliant website it’s been super helpful in trying to plan the weekend.
        Many thanks


        Ciao Andrea per cortesia mi gireresti il listino di solo domenica con tutti i prezzi? è per un
        regalo di compleanno!! grazie 1000

    1. We don’t yet know if there will be COVID-19 restrictions for the Italian GP. Hopefully there won’t be, in which case unvaccinated people should be able to attend

        1. Honestly, it’s too early to say about any restrictions for Monza. The race isn’t for 5 more months and tickets are not on sale yet. I hope there will be no restrictions for attending the Italian GP this year.

  99. Looking at booking a hotel with free cancellation as you mentioned before…

    Any local areas you recommend which are within reasonable distance to the GP?

    I may also try to check Airbnb, flights I’m not too concerned about, it’s transfers which may be tricky.

    Ideally I’d like to rent a car from the airport for the 3/4 days. Have you done this before? Or do you think there’s perhaps a better option?

    Many thanks

  100. Hi Andrew

    Great site, I have planned many Grands Prix on the basis of your articles.

    This will be our second visit to Monza, we previously sat at 6B which was great. Thinking GF13 this year as we want to be close to the cars for this trip and get a different experience, do you recommend this stand (if we can get it) or is there another stand closer to the cars? We sat at Ascari 12 during Friday practice previously and were impressed, so that is second choice.

    To repeat the same request as others – could you email me the price list and is there any updates on when tickets will be on sale?(!)


    1. Thanks Patrick, good to hear! I think GF13 could be a good cheap choice, but like you say it may be hard to get tickets. Ascari 12 is also a good choice. I’ll send you the pricelist. Follow us on social and we’ll be sure to announce as soon as tickets go on sale. We will also send an email out to our subscribers – you can sign up here.

  101. Hi Andrew,

    Great website, it’s been a huge help planning our trip! I know a lot of people are asking but any idea when tickets will go on sale? I’ve signed up to all the mailing list hoping for news soon!

  102. I’ve been on the site every day waiting for updates, I take it still no news?
    I will hopefully be getting 2 general admission tickets for the weekend.

          1. Hi Andrew :) Thank you for a great and very informative site. We are planning on visiting F1 on Monza but some of us doesn’t want 3-days tickets. How much is the tickets for only Sunday compared to 3 days? Saw that you’ve posted the price list but I can’t find it.
            Best regards,
            Sara, Sweden

          2. Hi Andrew,

            Could you send me that price list as well please. Is there any news on the tickets yet?

  103. Thank you for such useful article and even more insightful replies!

    My question is whether Main Straight Terraces (27-30) are actually seats or standing area? If to choose between straight terraces and 26C, which is the better experience?

  104. Hi, is it possible to get general admission tickets for Friday and Saturday then a grandstand ticket for the Sunday? If it is do you know what prices these would be? Thanks

    1. Yes it is possible but wouldn’t make sense. You would be paying more than the price of a 3-day grandstand seat. And don’t forget you can still check out General Admission areas when you have a grandstand seat

      1. Do you know if ticket holders for Main Straight Terraces (27-30) also have free access to GA areas all days?
        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to remember this was the case back in 2019!

  105. Hi,

    Thank you for putting this together. As someone who is planning a first grand prix with a group this has given us a lot of information that was badly needed.

    I understand nobody really knows when these tickets are going to go on sale but do you think we will get any warning for them or will they just suddenly be made available? Do you think with how popular F1 has been that popular tickets are likely to sell out within an hour or two of going on sale? (ex 6A-C)

    Many thanks!

    1. Latest update from my ticket agent is that tickets are not expected to go on sale now until mid April. Sorry about that! Honestly, you should have a few days at least to buy, but with current demand I still recommend buying as soon as you can. Join or mailing list and we’ll definitely send out an email as soon as the ticket shop is open.

  106. Hi Andy,

    Given the 31st March has now passed will the tickets start from the middle pricing above when the eventually go on sale or will there still be a period where the tickets are the cheapest price?

  107. Hello Andrew,
    Im planning to attend with my family, is the wife, and 3 kids, 6yo, 3yo and 1 year. How many tickets i have to buy. Do the kids need tickets for general admission?

    Thenks for your help and for the great content!

    Alí Quiroz

    1. Hello, my price says yes. Children’s tickets are available for children aged 0-11. In general admission, these cost 70 EUR each for 3 days. Adult tickets for General Admission cost 99 EUR. Sorry, most races do allow the smallest children in for free provided they don’t occupy a seat, but not in Italy.

  108. Hi Andrew,

    I want to buy paddock club tickets to Monza, but I don’t understand the difference between the tickets offered by the F1 Hospitality website and the F1 Experiences one. Could you help me, please? I assume the Experiences one give you some extras and the Hospitality is only the access, is that correct?

    I’m also a bit scared of spending so much money on a website I never purchased before, even if they’re official ones. Are they really reliable?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Eduarda, yes F1 Experiences does provide some extra activities like a guided tour of the F1 Paddock, which is pretty cool. I actually work for F1 Experiences, so feel free to ask any more questions. However, I can see right now that the regular Paddock Club packages are already sold out for Monza. They only have access on Friday with Red Bull Racing or 3-Day access with Alfa Romeo. The team packages get you closer to that particular team.

  109. dzień dobry,
    czy wiadomo jak z obostrzeniami covid na Monza??
    Czy również będą tak drastyczne jak na Imola??

    1. Czy jesteś zaszczepiony? Jeśli posiadasz certyfikat EU Digital COVID, nie powinieneś mieć problemu z dostaniem się na Imola. Mam nadzieję, że ponieważ Monza nie jest od kilku miesięcy, nie będzie tam żadnych ograniczeń.

  110. Hello! Could you tell me a page to buy f1 tickets on the first day from Spain? Do you know what day they leave this month? Thank you very much and great job!

    1. Hi Carlos, you can check as this will be the official site for sales. But we will also have our own ticket shop. You can also sign up for our mailing list as we will send out an email when our shop opens. We have been told tickets will go on sale in ‘mid April’ so hopefully not too much longer to wait!

  111. Hi Andrew! Can you send me the prices?
    1. Is there a web page where you can select the seat in the stands?
    2. What is the best seat around €450-500? I love 6-8-9-12-13-14 (but I don’t know all the prices for 3 days). I look for braking and cornering and avoid acceleration (18-19-23-24-25…)

    thanks a lot! It’s great the work you do

    1. Hi Carlos,
      1. I think you can choose seats when buying from Monzanet/
      2. Prices for 3 day tickets are listed at the bottom of this post! For me the best place to watch is at the first chicane, either on the inside (6a-6c) or outside (8a-b)

  112. Hi Andrew!

    Thanks for your good videos of the grandstands. It helped choosing the our favourite!

    Do you know when the tickets are up for sale? The F1 site does not seem to have a proper notification, since we missed out on other sales and didn’t receive an email.

    What channels are the one to watch if you don’t know the day?

    1. Hello, latest information we have is that ticket sales will begin in ‘mid April.’ Hopefully that’s later next week. You can check Monzanet (circuit website) or follow on social. We will also be sharing on social when our own ticket shop is open and will also notify our subscribers. You can sign up for our mailing list here.

  113. Hi, I’m trying to buy tickets and I read there are zones only for over 18, is that true or I can buy tickets for adults and kids (13yr) at every zone?

  114. Suzanne Taylor

    Hi Andrew
    Thanks for such an amazing site. We are planning our first ever GP trip from New Zealand so closely watching for ticket sales date. I have signed up for your emails, but appreciate any advice as to whether we should go for the 3 day package versus the single days, and if you can recommend 2 or 3 of your absolute favourites viewing spots?
    I also wonder if you have a list of the covered stands please as I am trying to balance race viewing with very fair skin, or do I just forget that and hide under a hat!
    Thanks so much Sue

    1. Hi Suzanna,
      Most people go to all three days of the weekend. Tickets for Sunday only are not much cheaper, so it’s better to go for all three days if you can. I think the best place to watch the action at Monza is from one of the grandstands on the opening chicance (6a-6c on the inside, 8a-b on the outside). I’ve emailed you the pricelist – you can see the covered grandstands on that list. Most of the covered grandstands are on the Main Straight, plus 22 at Parabolica.

  115. Hi, I am looking at going to Monza this year. Just wondering do you know what time the tickets normally get released. I am in New Zealand so just want to see what time i should be awake to try get tickets once they are released.


      1. Hi Andrew, can you email me the price list ? You inlcude the tickets, hotel and ground transportation?

  116. Hello, what which one do you think is the best – 2,3, 26-30, 26C or 24? Also, can you tell me the prices for kids on the main straight? Thanks in advance!

  117. Hiya, in your opinion, what’s the best grandstand for the GP for around the 430 euros in early bird pricing? Thanks!

        1. 24 is very close to the podium, whereas with 6a you would have a walk – but you can always leave your seat a few laps before the end of the race to ensure you are close to the podium

  118. I was planning on going, but seeing these ridiculous prices… no thanks. I understand maybe last year when they had to cut the amount of spectators in half. But now?

    We are heading into a recession. Look at Imola, many tickets still available for the main grandstands.
    People are crazy to pay these prices, they will never come down again.

  119. Razvan LACATUSU

    Hi Andrew, thank you very much for all the information and all the hard work that you put into this site.
    Do you have any news about when the tickets will be put up for sale?

  120. Hi Andrew,
    1. I was thinking of purchasing either 21C Lateral Parobolica tickets any from Interna Ingresso Parabolica GF10-GF11-GE12-GF13 which seats have the better view for seeing the action.
    2. Also I will be going with a friend I wanted to know if I brought 2 tickets on the F1 website and give one to him.
    3. Will there be any autograph sessions with the drivers or team principals on the Thursday.
    4. Are there any toilets nearby to Parabolica.
    5. Are there shuttle buses that take you near to the circuit and are they free if not how much are they .
    Thanks for the help on your website

    1. Hi Maxwell.
      1) I’d choose GF10-13 as you are closer to the corner.
      2) Better to buy tickets from our site or from (F1 Tickets is more expensive). No problem giving a ticket to your friend.
      3) Perhaps, but we don’t know yet. There should be a public pit lane walk on Thursday
      4) Yes
      5) Yes, there are shuttle buses from Monza train station to the circuit. More info here

  121. Hello!
    When I buy tickets from Your site, do I immediately (after the transaction) get the confirmation and tickets in digital shape (on my e-mail)?

    1. You would only get the confirmation. Assuming they will be e-tickets (I think they will be), you will only get the actual tickets a few weeks before the race – these will be provided by the Monza promoter and it’s not up to our supplier when the tickets are received.

  122. Hi Andrew, can you send me the price list to my email? once they are available , how can I make the purchase with you?

  123. Hi Andrew, Im hoping to get Monza tickets but was wondering about general admission. Can you get down the main straight and do they have TV screens to watch the rest of the race? If not what would be your recommendation for a budget but close enough to see or get on track to see the podium? Thank you..

    1. Hi, with general admission you can basically go everywhere with the exception of the grandstands. You can get down the main straight, and you will be able to enter the track after the race. But I cannot guarantee you will be able to watch the end of a race on a big screen. Best budget seats for easy access to the podium are the bleachers on the Main Straight (2,3, 27-30).

      1. Hey Andrew,

        Thanks for all the info on the Monza tickets so far!
        It’s my first GP and just wondering, if I were to purchase grandstand tickets – would this allow access to the track after race for podium? Or is it only general admission that gets this access.

        If the above is true.. what do you recommend more? The view for the race or the experience of being on track for Podium?

        Thanks in advance!

        1. Hi Kat, yes all grandstand seats provide access to the General Admission areas. So you can sit in the grandstand and go on the track after the race for the podium. If you want a good view, I suggest heading towards the Main Straight a few laps before the end.

      1. Agilulfo Emo Bertandino

        Hi! Can I ask you if you could send me the sunday’s ticket price list?

        Thanks for this very informative website Andrew!

  124. Hi, I have been to monza before (2018) and was looking to go again this year, the prices have essentially doubled in price from the tickets i purchased back then! is there no hope they could lower prices again this year, or is the price list you sent 100% confirmed by Monza.

    1. Sorry, but it seems the high prices are here to stay. And with such huge demand for tickets in general this year, they will still sell out quickly. This is the prices provided by my ticket company, likely to be correct unless something changes with the promoter/Monza

  125. Hi Andrew,
    Could you please email me the pricelist for the tickets. I am from NZ and if it could be in NZ or Aus dollars. I am thinking of either 8A or 6C or 6B. Which of these would you suggest for the best racing experience. Can you purchase just tickets from F1 experience or has to be a package? Are the ticket prices for the above zones cheaper elsewhere compared to F1 experience or not much of a difference. Many Thanks

    1. Hello, I’ve sent you the price list. All the grandstands you mentioned have views of the first chicane, which I think is the best place to watch at Monza. The prices will tell you which have better views. F1 Experiences doesn’t only sell tickets. They sell either packages with additional activities, or Ticket + Hotel. They are basically sold out for Monza already, but the available Trophy Package is recommended if you can stretch your budget.

  126. Hi Andrew, could you email me the price list, please? Also, this will be my first F1 event and I am hoping to attend just Sunday. My budget would be about €300. Where would you recommend, with that budget, if prioritizing on-track action, but maybe with possibility of track walk and any other ways of absorbing the full experience before and after etc.? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, I emailed you the pricelist. There’s a lot of good grandstands priced around 300 EUR or cheaper for Sunday. I’d probably choose 8b on the outside of the first chicane or one of the grandstands on the main straight.

  127. Hi Andrew,
    I’m looking to purchase tickets for GS 6b/8a. Could you please tell me – between 6b and 8a – which one give me a better view of the track and action and at the same time good view of the screen? And from which one will I get to the final ceremony better (if it’s even possible)?
    And one more question. I’ve noticed I can choose specific seat. But is it also possible in GS 6b/8a as it look like these two don’t have separate seats? If it is where I can buy these type od tickets?
    Thank you so much, you’re doing an amazing job, really helpful.
    Have a nice day :)

    1. I can’t really comment specifically on the best choice between 6b and 8a. For sure, 8a would provide easier access to the podium ceremony because it’s on the outside of the track and closer to the points where you can go on the circuit after the race. Both grandstands have individual seats. Tickets are not yet on sale, but should be available in the next 2 weeks. You will be able to buy from our ticketshop.

  128. Hello, can you send me a price list and add me to the mailing list for updates on when the tickets go on sale please!

  129. Are Tickets on sale? Will tickets be mailed to the USA if I live here or are they E Tickets. Thanks,


  130. Hello Andrew, any news on sale date for the tickets? I’m planning my first trip to Monza, only thing missing is the gp tickets, thanks for the guide!

  131. Andrew,

    I am looking to buy 3-day grandstand tickets in 6C whenever tickets do go on sale. Does your ticket service offer tickets based on location in the grandstand? In other words, for that specific grandstand, are you able to purchase tickets for 6C upper rows? I am pretty sure I remember you saying only the Monza website allows you to pick a specific seat but I was definitely looking to purchase from your shop since it’s been such a helpful resource.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the kind words. Sorry but our ticket partner doesn’t give the ability to choose specific seats/sections in each grandstand, though you can make a request.

  132. Ciao Andrea,
    scusa il disturbo ho un dubbio. Sul listino di 8b c’è scritto “file basse” (mentre nell’8a “file alte”) cosa vuol dire? che si vede poco perche’ ci sono davanti reti, pali, fotografi fissi ecc?
    Non è che quei posti sono un po’ sacrificati?

    Grazie molte

    1. In genere, le file inferiori non hanno una buona visuale a causa della recinzione. Puoi anche vedere più lontano – lungo il rettilineo principale – nelle file più alte.

  133. Hi Andrew,

    Has there been any update on when to expect tickets to be released?
    We have a budget of up to €400 per person – what grandstands would you recommend?

    Also, with grandstand access, do you get access to the track post race? Or is that only with general admission tickets?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. For about 400 EUR, I would be looking at 6a or 8b with views of the first chicane. But there’s lots of other good options for this price or less. Everyone can go to the podium ceremony, regardless of ticket type. It’s just about getting to the right spot near the end of the race (Main Straight) if you want a good view

  134. Hi Andrew,
    With all the hype around Monza and people anxious to get the tickets – is it is better to wait for them to go on sale before booking plane tickets and acommodation? I’m worried Monza tickets will sell out in the blink of an eye and I will have my trip ready (hotel and flight booked), only to end up with no race tickets… That would be really frustrating…

    1. I think you will still be fine getting tickets, as long as you buy within the first few days of them going on sale. You could reserve accommodation with free cancellation. Many airlines also have more flexible policies right now – not with getting a refund, but re-booking if your plans change.

  135. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve read past posts that one can buy tickets for the race at gootickets but when I check it says it is ‘sold out’. Not sure if that is accurate since I’m reading tickets aren’t on sale yet. Can you confirm?

    I’m planning which grandstand tickets to buy and was wondering if G10-13 are a good choice for driver action? I would like to sit in GS 6 or 8 but think they may be too expensive.

    Can you send me a price list, please?

    1. Tickets are not on sale officially with any reputable ticket companies. I think GF10-13 will be a good spot to watch, but due to the cheap price I think they will sell out quickly. I will send you the pricelist

  136. Hi Andrew,

    Can you send me the price list for monza? I’m considering purchasing tickets for Grandstand 10-13, which one would be best viewing?

    Great site with a lot of information. Is there a ticket site that is better than others? You mention gootickets, monzanet, and also f1 tickets.

    1. GF13 would be best as it’s closest to the corner, but I’m not sure how easy it will be to get these tickets. It’s a small area and because it’s cheap, will sell out quickly. We would love if you bought the tickets from our site; tickets come from Grand Prix Tickets (GPT), who are an official agent and have been selling tickets since the early 90s. The official site for Italy is (which will probably take you to – the Italian version of Ticketmaster). Others you mentioned are also ok – Gootickets and F1 Tickets are run by the same company in Monaco, but Gootickets will have cheaper prices. F1 Tickets applies a mark up of about 10% so they are more expensive

      1. Thank you so much for the information. It is very helpful and hope to be able to purchase our preferred tickets from your site!

  137. Hi Andrew! Thanks for all helpful information. 2,3, 27-30. Main Straight Terraces seem relatively cheap compared to other grandstands/terraces. Why is that do you think? Also do you have any pictures/videos from the above so you can see the view? Thanks! Regards Valdemar

    1. Hi Valdemar, the Main Straight Terraces are cheaper as they are located in front of the grandstands and without much elevation, so you will have your view obscured a bit by the catch fencing next to the track. I don’t have good photos or videos of the view, sorry.

  138. Hi!
    Im going to Monza in 2022 and I’m wondering how the general admissions work? Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to visit the track on Friday and Saturday, only Sunday, can I buy GA tickets for Sunday alone? I’m also wondering where the best place to watch the race is with the GA tickets? I’ve gathered that you should be there early in the morning to get the best spot.

    If I don’t go for the GA tickets, what is a cheap option in the grandstands? If there is a price list I would love to have it sent to me!

    1. Yes you can buy General Admission ticket for Sunday only. Price will be 90 EUR. Lots of places to watch with GA. Please read this post again for some pointers where to go.

  139. Does F1 experiences ever release new batches of ticket packages? Or can you buy them second-hand? Was hoping for Paddock Club, but see that they’re sold out.

  140. Hello there!
    Thank you for the information provided. Can you email me the pricelist please?
    I’ve missed the last 3 Italian GP and I really want to make it this year. It would be my first GP so any advice would be appreciated. My budget is around €500.

    1. I sent you the pricelist. Your budget is quite good, I personally think the best places to watch are near the first chicance (6a-c, 8a-b) but you could also get a good seat on the start/finish straight for this price if you want to watch all the pits action and the race start.

  141. Hello,

    It’s most useful blog i’ve read, thanks for your contribution.

    I’ve subscribed to your e-mail list, also could you please send price list of single days?

  142. Hi!

    If people are allowed to go on the track and under the podium at the end of the race like it was the case in 2019 for example, do you have any suggestion as for where we should be to be able to get there “easily” ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Hello, best entrance points are on the Main Straight, near the podium and near the Centrale Grandstand. You should be there a few laps before the end of the race if you want a good spot for the podium ceremony.

  143. Hi, could you share the price list for single days? I’ll be on vacation and will be near Monza for the race weekend. I’ll be with my 12 year-old son and I’d like to know if there is access to the track from the piscina grandstand (5). Thanks!

    1. Emailed you the price list. Piscina is actually a very good place to access the track. There is a gate between Piscina and Centrale Grandstands where you should be able to access the track after the race

  144. Hey Andrew, great work by you & the team here.
    For this weekend’s Imola GP, the Grandstand & General Admission (Lawn-Tosa/Rivazza) tickets are still available on the official F1 website.
    Can we expect that for the Italian GP too later on, tickets would be available a few weeks before the event? Maybe the General Admissions one at least? Or everything gets quickly sold out?

    1. You have to understand that Imola tickets went on sale very late. The GA tickets only went on sale about 2 weeks ago, that’s why they are still available. But I think Monza will sell out quickly this year. There’s huge interest in the event, and the late start of ticket sales will mean that people who missed out on other races will also now be considering to go to Monza

      1. Hiya,
        Tickets are reportedly on sale at Will they be on sale at F1 Tickets or GPT Worldwide?

  145. Hi Andrew,

    How quickly does the track fill up once the GP has finished? I am looking at sitting in grandstand 6B which doesn’t seem to bee too far to walk/run up to the centrale grandstand area which I understand is the easiest place to enter. I have seen you say it is best to get there a couple laps before the end if wanting to be the first on the track, and be right by the podium, but if I waited till the end to make my way up there would you still be able to get a half decent spot and at least be able to see the podium as I don’t really want to miss any last lap action! If you think it is essential to get there early to have any chance of a decent spot then it out be helpful to know.

    1. I think you will not get a good view of the podium if you wait until the end of the race. Remember also that 6b is on the inside of the track, not sure if there are access points on the inside to the track. It could be some walk to get to the right place. You need to decide about whether you want to watch the end of the race from your seat or see the podium ceremony – don’t think you can do both

      1. Thanks Andrew. Will make a decision on the day depending on how the race is going. So you recommend getting to the centrale grandstand area 2-3 laps before the end to guarantee a good spot?

  146. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for all the info!
    The Monzanet website has changed saying you can purchase tickets? But I can’t figure out to purchase the general admission tickets. Also they are not on sale anywhere else, do you know why this is?

    Thank you,

    1. Monza will always be first. They need to provide information to ticket agents about allocations. Hopefully our agent GPT will get this soon and can open the shop later today or tomorrow.

  147. Hello,

    I saw that the places were put on sale but there is not the one of the stands 27-28-29-30 do you know why? Thank you !

  148. Hiya,
    Tickets are reportedly on sale at Will they be on sale at F1 Tickets or GPT Worldwide?

    1. I can’t comment for F1 Tickets, but our ticket agent GPT is waiting for confirmation from Monza about their allocation of tickets. Our shop will be open later today or tomorrow

  149. Somebody know why some stand aren’t available ? I want the 28 but It’s not available….
    Is it sold out ?

  150. Hi Andrew I can see that the tickets are now on sale on monzanet. How come they’re not on sale from your site?

  151. Andrew,

    I have just bought tickets direct with Monza as they come on sale! Sorry Andrew but I have flights and hotel booked so didn’t want to risk missing out! Thank you for all the help you provide! I got tickets in 6B row O seats 134 and 135. I wanted to get closer to the chicane but for some reason they were not available, I assume reserved for other ticket outlets? Are these good seats and will I still be able to see the first chicane as I am a little worried they are too far away.

    1. Don’t worry, happy that you have tickets. Sorry, I don’t have a seating plan to say how good your exact seats are – I’m sure they will be fine. Our ticket shop will probably be open later today or tomorrow morning

      1. Thanks, Andrew! Seats are in the very back row and about three quarters of the way towards 6A! Was hoping I could get three quarters the other way and be closer to 6C but nothing was available. Hopefully these are good enough.

      2. Hi, have I missed your ticket shop opening or are you still waiting for your allocation of tickets? Do you know when you will have your allocation?

  152. This has probably been asked before, but I couldn’t find it: Is it possible to (officially) resell tickets after buying them (or are they personalized)?
    At the moment I don’t know if someone will come with me or if I will go alone, so I want to buy two tickets and if I go alone, resell the spare one for the original price.

    Thanks in advance.

  153. Hi Andrew,

    I have a budget of €350-400 per ticket and I’m lost trying to figure out where to sit! It will be just me and my boyfriend. For this price, where do you recommend? I have been waiting for these tickets a long time and have had alerts for all sites. I see the ones are on sale but can see that there are limited tickets on sale and most are either really expensive €500-600 or the cheaper ones €100-200. Should I wait or will all sites have limited seats in selected sections?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry Kayla, I was working at Imola on the weekend and then been trying to deal with LOTS of enquiries and questions. Did you get tickets on Monday when our shop opened? We are sold out now, but hope to get some more tickets. At this stage, you can’t be fussy about where to sit. If you see tickets available and the price is good, I would just buy them. Let me know if you need some tips on other sites you can safely buy the tickets, unless you already got them!

  154. Hello!

    I’m thinking about getting general admission tickets. Do you have any spot recommendations to get a decent view for the race and then being able to go on the track for the podium celebration ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    1. Did you get some GA tickets? Sorry but we sold out of them very quickly on Monday. Read this post for some ideas of where to watch in General Admission. And yes, you can get on the track for podium – best is near Grandstand 26 or Centrale on the start-finish straight

  155. James Richards

    im guessing different distributors are given different chunks of grandstands, as monzanet do not seem to have many!

  156. Where is easier to gain access to the track after the race (where is less busy) by end of grandstand 26 or in front on centrale?

  157. Dominique Lamon

    Hello Hello, I see some people above have managed to buy tickets? Have they gone live? It doesn’t seem possible to buy on the official F1 website?

  158. Bit puzzled with comments saying tickets are on sale at Monzanet (having booked flights and accommodation I dread missing out on tickets). If I click on the Buy Tickets link I just get a “404 error” and if I click on the “F1 Grand Prix” and then on “Buy Tickets” it just opens an email to Monzanet. Surely they aren’t selling tickets by email, and will shortly (well, maybe shortly) open up an online sale of them. Thanks. By the way, as with many others here I’d be really grateful for a price list. Thanks

    1. Hi Dave, is not working because they are already sold out. They started sales last Thursday and demand is massive this year. Our ticket shop opened yesterday and we sold out of the entire initial allocation in about 2-3 hours. More tickets are being added today, so please keep checking the Monza ticket shop link

  159. Hello!

    Seems at have been on sale only some areas. Is this correct or most is sold out? When you say that the resellers are waiting for allocation, you mean that seat are reserved for them so there will be availability?

    Anyway thanks a lot!! It’s great help reading your answers!

  160. Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t seem to see the General admission tickets on sale with Monzanet? I’m just seeing certain seated areas fro around 500 euros or so. Anyone have any idea?

    and then the tickets which are 100 euros but states – INTERO SECONDA FASCIA ? but not sure what this is? second band or something..

    many thanks,

  161. will not open on iPhone or laptop. Warns of website being unsafe and fraudulent? Anyone else had the same experience?

  162. Hi Andrew, fantastic site and info.
    We wanted tickets for our very 1st race and took your advice and managed to get Silver 3 Grandstand at Hungary, which you suggested was a great place to watch your first F1 race.
    In your opinion, which stand would be best value at Monza to watch our 2nd F1 race?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Great, good to hear. You will love Budapest and the Hungaroring. Great city and track. As for Monza, I think you will be lucky to get any tickets this year. They only went on sale a few days ago with the circuit and sold out. Our ticket shop sold out of the first allocation yesterday in about 2-3 hours, but we have more available today. Only higher priced ones right now, but hopefully some cheaper ones. Please keep checking the link – and read this article again for more advice on good places to watch. Italy ticket shop link

  163. Andrew,
    Any updates on the tickets ?
    I am trying to get a seat on 6b, closer to the chicane, rather than the straight. On the monzanet website, they look to be sold out.
    When tickets become available on GPT worldwide, will there be some seats available there or should I just get whatever I can on monzanet ?


  164. Hi Andrew,

    Any update on tickets yet?

    I prefer to go through you as opposed to

    Many thanks


  165. Hello Andrew, can you please explain if Monzanet is already sellingtickets for Monza 2022 and is showing only a small selection of seats remaining, does that mean there will be no more F1 tickets for sale on your website or via F1 directly? F1 directly is even still stating on their website that ticket sales have not begun. Would Monzanet get the entire availability of tickets for sale before anyone else and then ticket sales are finished? I would greatly appreciate your insight. Thank you!

    1. Hi Benjamin, I’m not sure how Monzanet is selling the tickets. But the good news is that we have an allocation with Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Our shop should be open tomorrow morning – Monday April 25 – by around midday CET. Here’s the link

      1. Hi Andrew, Thank you for your fast reply! I was able to get the tickets from your site this morning. I wanted GF10-13, but ended up with Parabolica 21B due to availability – hopefully in your opinion are those decent? Great site here, super helpful. Now we just wait for GPT to mail them in early August?

        1. Hi Benjamin, yes 21b is a good grandstand, quite close to Parabolica. You will have a great view! When you actually receive the tickets depends on the promoter at Monza. Probably 2-4 weeks before the race, maybe earlier but don’t count on it

  166. So did most of the tickets already sold out? I have been looking for tickets a long time, and now only 18 and 19 are still available. I can’t buy anything for the first chicane. It’s ridiculous. Do you have any idea if they’ll release more tickets later?