Tickets – 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Learn more about buying tickets at Monza for the 2021 Italian Grand Prix on September 10-12, including analysis of every grandstand.


Tickets are not yet on sale for the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, but you can already purchase Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. This guide will be fully updated when ticket sales begin. All images © F1Destinations.com. The Editor attended the 2014 & 2018 Italian Grand Prix.

Ticket prices have remained relatively unchanged for 2020, though the offer has changed considerably. Many popular grandstands are only available for the purchase of single-day tickets in 2020, and several categories have sold out quickly. When it comes to choosing your seat at Monza, there’s a lot of grandstands to choose from, but they are clustered around just a handful of the circuit’s major corners; the opening Prima Variante chicane, Seconda Variante, Variante Ascari and the Parabolica, as well as the Main Straight. General Admission tickets at Monza are also excellent value, despite a lack of elevated viewing areas.

Italian Grand Prix Tickets: Need to Know

  • All grandstands (plus some General Admission areas) offer big screen viewing. Seven grandstands are permanent, covered structures. The remainder of the grandstands are temporary structures.
  • Children under 11 years of age are granted free General Admission entrance to the circuit, but you will still need to reserve a free ticket when ordering your own. Children’s grandstand tickets (ages 0-11) are mostly priced around €100 for 3-days.
  • Single-day grandstand tickets for Saturday and Sunday are also available. Saturday tickets for the grandstands cost between €100-150. Sunday-only tickets for grandstands are around the same price as 3-day tickets.
  • General Admission tickets cost €60 for Saturday and €85 for Sunday (or €90/100 for 3 days). Not available for Friday only.
  • Disabled fans are granted free access to General Admission areas during the whole weekend. Grandstand N25 is reserved for wheelchair users.

Free Friday!

Monza operates a ‘Free Friday’ policy. If you have a 3-day ticket (General Admission included), you can sit in any grandstand you want, with the exception of the Central Grandstand on the Pit Straight. This is a great opportunity to move around and check out the view from different parts of the track!

Monza Pit Straight Grandstands

Eight grandstands are located on the start/finish straight (Rettifilo Tribune) at Monza, ranging in price from the most expensive covered Central stand down to the affordable and great value bleachers. As always with a seat on the pit straight, you will get a great view of the start/finish but little chance of seeing any proper on-track action. For fans on a budget, we recommend the Gradinate bleacher seats on the Main Straight.

Seats in the large covered Centrale Grandstand (1) are the most expensive at Monza, and are overpriced compared to similar tickets at other Grands Prix. Located on the main straight either side of the Central covered stand are the Left Lateral/Lat Sinistra (4) and Right Laterals/Lat Destra (26A, 26B, 26C). The pricing gives you a good idea of which stands have the best views – the Left Lateral is positioned after the start line, whilst the most expensive Right Lateral grandstand is located closest to the start line. The cheaper Right Laterals are further down the straight towards the exit of the final Curva Parabolica corner. If you want the best view of the after-race podium celebrations, the cheapest Right Lateral grandstand (26c) is the one to choose. All these stands are covered.

Also on the main straight is Piscina (5) a cheap standalone grandstand closer to the first corner and near the pitlane exit which we don’t recommend (click here for Piscina video). At the other end of the straight, closer to the Parabolica exit is the covered Vedano (24) which is a better choice, but a little more expensive.

Prima Variante Grandstands

Five grandstands are positioned on the opening Prima Variante chicane (also known as Variante del Rettifilo) at Monza. There are three grandstands on the inside of the circuit (Alta Velocita A, B & C) and two grandstands on the outside of the circuit (Esterna Prima Variante A & B). These grandstands offer some of the best viewing at Monza and remain popular, hence the premium prices.

The pick of the Alta Velocita stands on the inside of the circuit is Alta Velocita C (6C). As an added bonus, the stand is also located directly behind a section of the old banked Monza circuit. The cheaper Alta Velocita B (6B) and Alta Velocita A (6A) are further from the corner, but still offer decent views. On the outside of the circuit, there is one large grandstand divided into two sections: seats in the more expensive Esterna Prima Variante A (8A) are a little closer to the action than in  Esterna Prima Variante B (8B).

Seconda Variante Grandstands

Also known as Variante della Roggia. There are two grandstands on the inside of the circuit at Seconda Variante, the third corner at Monza. You will see the cars emerge from the high-speed Curva Grande before braking for the chicane, where good overtaking opportunities exist. Seconda Variante (9) is a better choice than Roggia (10). It’s worth noting that these grandstands are somewhat remote from the rest of the action at Monza. It will take you at least 30 minutes on foot to reach these grandstands from most entrance gates.

Variante Ascari Grandstands

Eight grandstands are located on the inside of the circuit near Variante Ascari, the high-speed eighth corner at Monza where there are good overtaking opportunities. The best views can be found in the middle of the corner in the Ascari Uno (15) grandstand. Ascari Tre (12) is on the entry and is close to the track, whilst Ascari Due (13) is set back behind the gravel trap in the middle of the corner and Ascari (16) is located on the exit. The Outer Ascari stands (A,B,C) are located on the straight between Variante Ascari and Curva Parabolica: Uscita Ascari B (19) & Uscita Ascari C (20) are small covered grandstand but there are better views for this price.

Curva Parabolica Grandstands

Five temporary and one permanent (covered) grandstand are located on the outside of the circuit on the approach to the final Curva Parabolica at Monza, one of the most famous turns on the current Formula 1 calendar. Tickets in the permanent covered Parabolica (22) stand closest to the corner. The Lateral Parabolic grandstands are priced according to how close to the corner they are: Laterale Parabolica A (21A) is closest to the corner and is a better choice than Laterale Parabolica B (21B) for the same price. In the lower price bracket, Laterale Parabolic C (21C) is a better choice than Laterale Parabolica D (21D) or Laterale Parabolica E (21E). An additional two grandstands are located on the inside of the circuit at the exit of the Parabolica, near the pitlane entrance. There is not much to separate these stands, so the cheaper Parabolica Interna A (23A) is a better choice than Parabolica Interna B (23B).

Monza General Admission (Prato)

The General Admission offer at Monza is excellent value for money, particularly when you take into account ‘Free Friday’ when you can sit in any grandstand you wish. Provided you are happy to cover a lot of ground on foot over the weekend, it’s possible to get some excellent views of the on-track action at Monza, and the park setting is beautiful. As always, it’s easier to get a good view earlier in the weekend before the tifosi arrive in greater numbers for qualifying and the race itself. There are plenty of small grandstands and raised viewing areas scattered throughout the General Admission areas. No trip to Monza would be complete without a walk through the forest to the furthest part of the circuit to check the view out from the Curve di Lesmo (turns 4 and 5). The General Admission area on the inside of Curva Parabolica is also recommended.

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106 thoughts on “Tickets – 2021 Italian Grand Prix at Monza”

  1. ciao,
    congratulations for the great site.
    Friday at Monza the ticket costs 50 € (you can buy a ticket for only friday practice). At friday you can access at all grandstands

    1. That’s right Luca. These tickets are a great deal! We made the most of Free Friday and sat in pretty much every grandstand at Monza, around 20 in total.

  2. Excellent info, thanks! One question, with second variant ticket, can you also access to general admission places? thanks!

      1. Thankssssssss, and what would say regarding second variant ticket, compare to general admission? if there a good view in general admission to take those curves?

        1. Because I see that you can’t select the seat in stands, and that isn’t that good to get pictures as from videos I saw there are grid which will interfere badly

        2. Get a second variant ticket if you can afford it, otherwise General Admission is perfectly fine. Don’t forget, you can also sit anywhere you want on Friday.

  3. Peter Spencer

    Could you tell me the best way to get to the curcuit from Monza town? I am hoping to get a room there in the next few day’s, We are driving from the UK hoping to stay as close as possable.
    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Peter,
      Check out Monza on Googlemaps and you will see that the park and circuit are right next to the town, so you should be able to walk (or take local buses – see Getting Around for more information.) The bigger issue could be finding a reasonably priced place to stay in Monza itself, as it’s hugely popular on Grand Prix weekend and most rooms get taken by regular visitors or track workers. There’s always trackside camping or staying in Milan and commuting each day, more in Accommodation.

      1. I stay on lake Lecco every year. It’s a great location and it’s 15 minutes to Monza by train. The circuit put on buses to The to the track.

  4. Antonello Abela

    Hi. Considering going to Monza this year which seat would you recommend for best viewing of the action please?


    1. Hello, we’re considering 21a tickets or 23a to be near the pit lane. Any thoughts on the better of the two and is it worth trying to get a view of a big screen? Thanks

      1. I’d probably choose 21A as there is a better chance of on-track action, passing etc at Parabolica. It’s still pretty close to the pits area. Both grandstands should have a view of a big screen TV.

  5. Hi, where are the best areas to get onto the track from the grandstands after the race for the rush to the ceremony. I’m planning on sitting either 26b or 6b.


    1. I only know of two many points to enter the track, both on the outside of the circuit. The first is right in front of the podium (end of grandstand 26) and the other is near the finish line (in front of the main grandstand). If you want a good spot in front of the podium, best to go to one of these spots around 5 laps before the end of the race. We did this in 2014, what an experience!

  6. Hi, what time should i arrive to the circuit before the race on sunday? Like i have to be there one hour before the start or when? I am arriving at the airport froman international flight at 10 am, will i have time to check in at the hotel and go to the circuit on sunday?
    Thank u

    1. You should try and get there as early as possible! The race starts at 14:00, so it will be hard to get from airport to hotel to circuit in time for the race. I suggest going straight from the airport to the circuit.

    1. Hi Yazan, as you are in a hurry, it may be worth paying for a taxi (not sure of cost, sorry). Alternatively, check google (Milan Linate Airport to Autodromo Nazionale Monza) and there are instructions for taking a bus/train from the airport to the circuit.

  7. Planning to go this year as we will be in Florence, so can shoot up to Milan for the weekend. We are not Ferrari fans but some say the vibe is in any case worth the visit!
    I hear the track will lose the first Variant / Chicane (Cornes 1 and 2) and will change to a bend for corner 1, and then a new Chicane for corners 2 and 3 nearer the old second Chicane about halfway down the Curve Grande.
    Two questions:
    1. Is the Monza GP worth visiting and
    2. Which is the best place in the covered grandstands? From this, and other, websites, Stands number 24, 25, 26 and 27 seem the best for views of pre-race grid, pit boxes and post race podium.

  8. Thanks for the great site.

    This might be a silly question but do I have to buy general admission ticket to get in plus the grandstand ticket for my seat. This is my first F1 so I am clueless …

    1. Don’t worry Janine, there are no silly questions! You don’t need to buy a General Admission ticket plus Grandstand ticket. It’s one or the other. The benefit of buying a grandstand ticket is that you get to explore the General Admission areas as well! And of course on Friday you can sit wherever you like, even with a General Admission ticket. Enjoy your first F1 experience: you’ve chosen the best track for it in my opinion!

    1. Hi David, yes it is. “Admission to the circuit is always free of charge for spectators with disabilities at least 75%, including those with wheelchairs.” More information is here.

  9. Hello!

    Can I choose my specific grandstand seat or does it get assigned at random?

    Looking at one of the Alta Velocita stands but I’d like to sit as far back as possible.


    1. Hi, I don’t believe there is any chance at Monza to specify your seat. But if you buy with Gootickets, you can request this and they try to accommodate your request from their allocation.

        1. Część Ewa. Tickets for F1.com are supplied by Platinium Group in Monaco, the same company as Gootickets. However, F1.com applies a markup of around 10-20% to their tickets. We don’t apply a markup, that’s why our tickets are cheaper.

          1. Hello! Thank you for the answer. When booking tickets via Gootickets is it possible to send an e-mail afterwards asking for specific seats? Is there an e-mail address I could write to?

  10. Excellent article thank you for this information.

    We’re travelling out and staying at Lake Como as a large family, we’d all like to see the F1 but it doesn’t matter that we’re all there on the same day. Can we get a few weekend tickets and then send different people each day or are the tickets on armbands?

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I was planning on buying general admission tickets but as it is the first time we’re going to Monza I’d love to get access to the pit lane. Th ething is that all the packages in the F1 experiences cost a fortune and include a lot of other activities I’m not really interested in.
    Is it possible to buy my own tickets and get a guided tour around the pit lane for a decent price elsewhere?

    Any tips will be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Natalie, F1 Experiences is the only company that offers guided pit tours on race weekend. You could buy Paddock Club access, but that is more expensive again. If you can stretch your budget, I highly recommend the Trophy package. I did this with some friends at the Malaysian Grand Prix, and it really is a once in a lifetime experience.

  12. James mackenzie

    Hi Andrew

    We’re going to Monza for the first time and looking to camp ,been told there’s a camp site c!ose to the first corner (where we have seats) but can’t seem to find where to book.
    Any thoughts?


  13. Why are the bleachers at the main straight not available?
    Is there a reasoning behind this?
    We had these seats last year and they were great.

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for the great article.
    It will be my first grand prix going to Monza and we have general admission tickets.
    Do you have any advice on the best place to watch where we would get a good view, big screen and a chance to get on track to watch the podium?

    Best wishes,

  15. When does GOOTICKETS ship them to the customer?

    I paid for mine in March and have not received them yet. I’m leaving for Italy in a little over two weeks.

    1. GOOTICKETS keeps telling me I will receive my tickets 2-3 weeks before the race. Well, no tickets yet. They know I’m leaving in ten days for Italy. There is no assurance I will receive my tickets before I travel.

      They have my money and I have weak promises.

  16. Hi,
    We are buying the general admission tickets(fri-sun) 2 adults and child (6years) Monza Gran Prix from http://www.tickets.formula1.com . The child is free? How to add a ticket for a child? Or he don’t need any and just entering with the parents?
    Thank you!
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Darja, it’s cheaper to buy your tickets from Gootickets than from F1 Tickets. General Admission tickets cost 100 EUR instead of 115 EUR. Your child is free, but I think you still need to reserve a free ticket when purchasing. If there is no option, you should be fine entering.

  17. Hi,

    I got tickets on Alta Velocita A (6A) and I was wondering which would be the best gate to enter the track area? I guess we will come to Monza from Milan by train and then take shuttle bus. Big thanks for help.

    1. Hi Arttu, more information about circuit access is in Getting There and Around post. If you take the Black Shuttle bus from the train station, then the closest gate for entry will be the Main Gate (Ingresso A). Check the map here! After that, it’s around about a 20-30 minute walk to your grandstand, using the tunnel under the circuit.

  18. Hi!

    We got our tickets today and we are seated in row 1 at interna ingresso parabolica gf 12. I was wondering how’s the visibility to the track from row 1, is the first row closest or the most further away from the track? And it seems that there is giant tv near us in the parabolica corner, is there any chance we could follow the race from there or should we go for the f1 vision?

    Best regards Mika

    1. Hi Mika, normally row 1 is the closest to the track (and lowest). You should be able to follow the action on the big screen, though F1 Access on your smartphone for times etc would be also nice to have. If you have both of these, I don’t think you need F1 Vision.

  19. Hi, we bought a child ticket instead of adult for 14 year old boy by mistake, is it possible to get that ticket upgraded to adult ticket ?

  20. What are the two small grandstands/bleachers to the right of 6C? Are those general admission areas? We had great seats in 6C several years ago and couldn’t figure out why there were only a few people sitting in those small stands the entire 4 day race weekend. Thanks.

  21. Hello Andrew. Can you tell me (approximately) when ticket sale for de Italian Grand Prix 2019 starts?

    Already big thanks for your quick comment!

  22. Hi… firstly I’d like to say your page is awesome and gives every bit of info needed im gong nect year a group of five of us and looking through your post and picture were thinking of sitting at 2/3 but couldn’t see pricesfor them is that because there general admission? We’re also flying into malpensa and didn’t know the best way to get from there to track (our flat is next to the track)

  23. Hi! I have 3-day tickets for the 2019 race weekend. I’m wondering about the pit walk on Thursday. When does this usually take place? I access this with my 3-day tickets, correct? Trying to book my arrival into Milan.

  24. Hi. I’m looking at getting tickets to the 2019 race. Do you know if its possible to pick up tickets at the circuit? I’m planning to travel beforehand so I wont have an address to ship tickets to. Thanks

    1. Yes, it is possible. If you are buying with Gootickets, you need to request circuit pick up when completing the transaction. You’ll collect from the “F1 Tickets” booth near the main entrance.

  25. Mitroi Vladut

    Very nice article!
    What would you recommend, Ascari Uno or Alta Velocita B? Want to buy tickets this for this year’s race and I can’t decide between the two


  26. Hi! Bought tickets via monzanet. Got e-tickets, just wondering do italians really know those are real tickets or do I have to chance those for papertickets somewhere. I know that they can be little oldfashioned with this kind of situations;). Off course I have printed those tickets.

    1. Given that you have purchased the tickets from the circuit website, you should be fine. I believe there’s an option to swap your E-Ticket for a real paper ticket at the circuit ticket booth near the entrance if you want. I suggest contacting the circuit to ask about this if you want.

  27. Hi

    Is there usually a concert at the end of the weekend? I know they have one in Singapore etc but wasn’t sure if they did this at Monza too? If there is, when does it usually get announced who is performing? Thanks!

  28. Mauricio Ramirez Jauregui

    Great site!
    I’m attending to Monza in General Admission. This is my plan, can you let me know your thoughts?

    Day 1: Enjoying the free Friday at Sinistra (4) and Lat Destra (26A). Right decision or do you have a better spot?
    Day 2: Curve di Lesmo (turns 4 and 5).
    Race Day: Parabolica Curve (leaving 5 laps before the race finish to get into the track).

    Monza will be my 5th Grand Prix and I’m very excited about it. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mauricio! I think you have a good plan for Saturday and Sunday, but I would be sitting in some of the following grandstands on Day 1: 6C on the inside of the first turn and one of the grandstands at Ascari.

          1. Sry bud I meant where to access the actual race track
            (Race Day: Parabolica Curve (leaving 5 laps before the race finish to get into the track))

          2. Sorry. Best to go to the Main Straight about 5-10 laps before the end of the race. There’s an access point on the outside at the Parabolica end and also next to Centrale Grandstand, by the start/finish line. I’ve done the run down the straight before, it’s a great feeling. And of course the podium is amazing. Enjoy the experience

  29. Per prima cosa voglio congratularmi con te per il tuo eccellente sito. Accredit che le persone che non sono mai state o il GP di Monza hanno avuto dei dubbi. Se possibile, considero importante il mio biglietto.

    1. Per quanto riguarda loro, il sito è veramente ufficiale da comprare o ticktet, è davvero o sito ufficiale. Posso acquistare https://tickets.monzanet.it/it/4661-monza/tickets/5241-Weekend/

    2. Voglio davvero partecipare all’invasione della corsia. Qual è il miglior settore. Sono in dubbio per l’acquisto del settore o 23a e 23b, hai accesso?

    3. Per quanto riguarda il biglietto per l’ammissione generale e sarei in grado di accedere ai Bleachers. Con il biglietto finale della settimana settoriale 23a e 23b puoi avere lo stesso accesso generale?

    4. Che cosa vuoi dire?


    1. Hello
      1. Yes, you can also buy tickets from Monzanet.
      2. 23a and 23b are close by for the track invasion at the end of the race.
      3. Yes, you can access all the General Admission areas as well!

  30. Hi! We got seats on grandstand 14, but now I’m a bit worried since in many of the maps online it’s not even marked. Is there something special about the grandstand that we should be aware of?

  31. Hi everyone,

    every year I attend the Italian GP but this time, unfortunately, I won’t be able to go. So I have two very good tickets I bought lots of months ago for the 3 days (Fir-Sun) for the 2019 Italian GP at “Esterna Prima Variante A (8A)”.
    Actually, the tickets I have are at the last row at the top of the grandstand so the position is really interesting – I would like to resell them at 330 € each (it’s the price I originally spent for the tickets – I don’t want to gain money on this!).
    Right now these seats are sold at a very higher price on lots of sites (you can check by yourself!).
    I just would like to not waste my money and allow someone who is interested to go to the Italian GP and attend it in an excellent position, saving some money.

    If anyone is interested please email me at trema87@alice.it

    Thank you!

  32. Aristidis Anagnostakis

    Hi, interested in family (2adults + 2children 7 and 10) general admission for the Italian Grandprix (6-8 Sep 2019).

    Can you please tell me the procedure?

    Do I get some sort of e-ticket after I pay? – interested in the 3-day ones
    What should I do to assure the free entrance for the children?

    Thank you!

  33. Hi,
    Great website with lots of information you have!

    I have a question, I would like to visit Monza GP on Friday only. Is it possible to buy tickets at the track?
    Or is buying e-tickets the only way to go?
    Thanks for your reply!

    BR Koen

  34. Firstly thank you for a great website!
    Really informative for us fellow fans.
    I had a question, I only have general admission for 3 days but desperately want to get to 6C Grandstand.
    When I attended Silverstone, they had grandstand tickets available to purchase on the day – the price was quite reasonable as well.
    Is there any chance of this being the case at Monza as well?
    Many thanks!

    1. I’m pretty sure you can buy grandstand tickets on site, but it is not an “upgrade” like at Silverstone. You need to buy a separate ticket, which can be expensive. Don’t forget you can visit all the grandstands for free on Friday with your General Admission ticket (apart from Centrale).

  35. great article
    i have General admission ticket for race day
    i have a question: is there any place i can sit where i can also see a screen to keep track whats happening around race?

    1. There are screens in the General Admission areas, for example if you are watching from the inside of Parabolica. You will sometimes also be able to see the screens that are for the grandstands. Get there early, find a spot and keep it!

  36. Hello does anyone know when the Italy 2020 ticket sales will start (the regular ones not the packages) if yes which is the best site to buy from?
    And based on 2019 are children (under 1 yr old) free admission?

  37. Hi,

    I would like buy tickets for Monza 2020. I’ve seen tickets are available for Parabolica, Ascari A & B, General Admission. I can’t find tickets for Piscina or Parabolica Interna for example. Tickets will be available next time or not? Do you know?

    Best regards

  38. Hi Andrew,
    Please can you tell me if we can gain access via the gate near the second lesmo all weekend including the Thursday and if this is a good call for beating the crowds. We have a 3 day ticket for 26a. Also are mosquitoes an issue. Excited already ?

    1. Hi Ellis, I believe the Lesmo entrance is open all weekend (but the trains only stop at Biassono near there on race day). I think you will be fine going to other gates on Friday and Saturday, but this could be a good call to beat the crowds on race day. It’s a long walk from there to your grandstand however, at least 30-40 minutes.

  39. Good afternoon everyone!
    Just a quick question to confirm things, so, if our budget, per ticket, is say about 200€, we can only book in Prato? So no numbered seats at this price from what i understand.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Irene, tickets are not yet on sale. However, if the ticket offer is similar to previous years, there should be quite a few tickets under 200 EUR for the weekend, including Piscina (5), Laterale Parabolica (21C / 21D / 21E) and “Gradinate,” which are the cheapest seats on the main straight at the front of the grandstand. Hope that helps!

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