Tickets – 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos

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Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Interlagos for the Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix. This year’s race is on November 9-11, 2018.

Please note that ticket sales for the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix have not yet begun. We expect sales to commence in March or April, and will then update this guide.

There’s only a limited selection of grandstand tickets available to foreign buyers at the Brazilian Grand Prix, which makes choosing a ticket fairly easily. The choice for fans on a budget is even more limited, as there are no general admission tickets available and only two ticket categories priced below $250 USD for the weekend; the best of which are the Grandstand A bleachers on the final corner. Seats in the main pit straight grandstand will set you back just over $500 USD for 3 days and the rest of the tickets are priced at close to $1000 USD, which is hard to justify for the majority of fans.

2017 Brazilian Grand Prix tickets

All tickets are for 3 days.
TypePrice USD
Interlagos Club (VIP)$1955
Orange Tree Club (VIP)$1330
Grandstand B (Main Straight)$925
Grandstand M (Main Straight)$510
Grandstand Q (Back Straight)$185
Grandstand F (Back Straight)$410
Grandstand A (Pit Entry)$245
Interlagos F1 tickets: need to know

  • All grandstands and VIP areas are covered, with the exception of the cheaper A and Q sections (which also have bleacher style concrete benches, rather than individual seats)
  • Children under 5 cannot enter the circuit, whilst those aged between 5-12 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  • Even though many of the spectator areas at Interlagos are elevated, it’s still a challenge to see above the catch fencing at the circuit, which is higher than at other races.

Grandstand Q

The cheapest bleacher-style seats on offer at Interlagos are in the Q sector on the back straight. Watch the cars exit Curva do Sol (turn 3) and pass you at high speed, often lining up an overtake into the first of the Descida do Lago turns. Good atmosphere here with the passionate local fans!

Grandstand A

Grandstand (or sector) A is the largest seating area at Interlagos. The bleacher style seats are well elevated and provide distant views of a large section of the infield area, as well as the final Subida dos Boxes (up to the pits) corner and pit entry. The best choice for fans on a budget.

Grandstand B

The covered Grandstand B is located at the start of the pit straight, right in the heart of the action opposite the beginning of the pits, podium and starting grid. Food and drinks are included in the price, but this doesn’t justify the ticket price being almost double the adjacent Grandstand M.

Grandstand M

Located on the pit straight, but closer to turn 1, Grandstand M is good for the race start and pit stops. You can also expect to see plenty of overtaking into the Senna S. Recommended!

VIP tickets at Interlagos

  • Grandstand E: the covered grandstand E is located on turn 2 (middle of the Senna S) with good elevations to view more of the circuit. As with Grandstand B, cold food and drinks are included in the ticket price. (not yet available for 2017)
  • Orange Tree Club: priced at $1330 USD (Friday-Sunday), the Orange Tree Club is on the inside of the track next to the corner of the same name (Curva do Laranjinha in Portugese). Features comfortable lounge seating plus full hot/cold sandwiches and drinks, including beer.
  • Interlagos Club: priced at $1955 USD for 3 day, the Interlagos Club area is also on the inside of the track; at the bottom of the hill after turn 5. Full catering is on offer, including buffet service for breakfast and lunch, bar including wine and soft drinks, plus a daily pitlane tour.

Click here to buy Brazilian Grand Prix tickets. Have you been to Interlagos? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite grandstand.

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