Tickets – 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix at Interlagos

Your guide to buying tickets for the Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix 2024. Where to watch the action at Interlagos.

  • The 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix takes place from November 1-3
  • Tickets are now on sale. Currently available are seats in the A, B, D, H grandstands. 3-day ticket prices start from $400 USD.
  • Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences are also available. Champions Club hospitality at the top of Grandstand B is recommended.
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There’s only a limited choice of grandstands available at the São Paulo Grand Prix (previously known as the Brazilian Grand Prix), which makes choosing a ticket fairly easily. The choice for fans on a budget is even more limited, as there are no general admission tickets available and only two cheaper ticket categories. The cheapest seats are in Grandstand G, but we’d recommend paying a little bit more for the better located Grandstand A bleachers on the final corner.

Other good grandstands at Interlagos include Grandstand M opposite the pits with good views of Turn 1 and Grandstand H near the pit exit and Senna ‘S’. Access to several hospitality suites is also available in Brazil, the best of which are the Formula 1 Paddock Club (most expensive), Champions Club and the Orange Tree Club.

Where to buy 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix tickets?

Brazilian Grand Prix Tickets: Need to Know

  • All tickets are sold for 3 days. You will receive individual tickets for each day of the weekend.
  • All grandstands and VIP areas are covered, with the exception of the cheaper Grandstands A and Q (which also have bleacher style concrete benches, rather than individual seats)
  • There is no General Admission access at Interlagos. You buy a ticket for a particular grandstand and can only enter this area; you cannot walk freely around the other areas of the circuit.
  • Children under 5 cannot enter the circuit, whilst those aged between 5-12 must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  • Even though many of the spectator areas at Interlagos are elevated, it’s still a challenge to see above the catch fencing at the circuit, which is higher than at other races.

The Heineken Village

A new part of the Interlagos circuit was opened to the public for the first time in 2022. The Heineken Village is located in the large grassy area on the inside of the circuit’s final corners, between Turns 10 & 14. Two types of 3-day access to the Heineken Village are available in 2023; Field Area Access or Star Premium Area access. Not only does the festival-inspired Heineken Village area offer some of the best, close-up views of the circuit, fans are also treated to exclusive entertainment, including DJ sets. A range of food and drink is on offer and giant screens are available so you don’t miss a moment of the on-track action. Tickets are not yet on sale for the Heineken Village at the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix. Please Note: Children are not allowed in the Heineken Village. Admission is for over 18s only.

Grandstand G

The cheapest bleacher-style seats on offer at Interlagos are in the G Sector (previously known as the Q Sector) on the back straight. Watch the cars exit Curva do Sol (Turn 3) and pass you at high speed, often lining up an overtake into the first of the Descida do Lago turns. Good atmosphere here with the passionate local fans! Sold out for 2024.

Grandstand R

Located at the start of the back straight, Grandstand R is covered and offers close-up views of Curva do Sol (Turn 3). In the distance, you can also see the cars exiting the pits and taking the famous Senna ‘S’ turns. Sold out for 2024.

Grandstand A

Grandstand (or sector) A is the largest seating area at Interlagos. The bleacher style seats are well elevated and provide distant views of a large section of the infield area, as well as the final Subida dos Boxes (up to the pits) corner and pit entry. The best choice for fans on a budget. We have reserved a limited number of tickets in Grandstand A for the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix. These are available now in our ticket shop for $396 USD.

Grandstand B

The covered Grandstand B is located at the start of the pit straight, right in the heart of the action opposite the beginning of the pits, podium and starting grid. Food and drinks are included in the price, but this doesn’t justify the ticket price being almost double the adjacent Grandstand M. Tickets available from $1,250 USD

Grandstand M

Located on the pit straight, but closer to Turn 1, Grandstand M is good for the race start and pit stops. You can also expect to see plenty of overtaking into the Senna S. Recommended! Sold out for 2024.

Hospitality & VIP Tickets at the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix

  • Formula 1 Paddock Club: Priced from $7.099 USD for 3-days, the Paddock Club offers the most high-end hospitality in Brazil. Located above the pit lane, guests enjoy gourmet hospitality, live entertainment and F1 driver appearances.
  • Champions Club by F1 Experiences (Tower Club): Currently priced at $3,999 USD for 3 days, the Champions Club (also known as the Tower Club) is located at the top of Grandstand B (see above picture). It offers excellent panoramic views of the action from indoor and outdoor spaces plus all-inclusive hospitality and insider benefits such as a Guided Paddock Tour.
  • Orange Tree Club: The Orange Tree Club is on the inside of the track next to the corner of the same name (Curva do Laranjinha in Portugese). Features comfortable lounge seating plus full hot/cold sandwiches and drinks, including beer. 2024 tickets not yet on sale
  • Grand Prix Club – VIP Lounge: The Grand Prix Club area is also on the inside of the track & close to the Orange Tree Club. Full catering is on offer, including buffet service for breakfast and lunch, bar including wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks. 2024 tickets not yet on sale
  • Grandstand B: The most expensive grandstand seats at Interlagos offer great views on the pit straight and also include all-day finger food buffet and drinks (including beer, served from 11am). 3-Day tickets available for $1,250 USD
  • Grandstand D: Strategically located on the outside of the opening corner, the covered Grandstand D offers excellent views down the start/finish straight and into the opening corners (see video above), where many overtakes happen. Tickets include all-day finger food buffet and drinks (including beer, served from 11am). 3-Day Tickets available for $1,140 USD

Been to Interlagos? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite grandstand.

42 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix at Interlagos”

  1. We’re planning to visit Interlagos for the race on November 11th 2018 and this website has been very usefuil to us although we’re still working our way through the options!

  2. Hey!
    Is there a possibility to visit the other grandstands on Friday like it is in Hockenheim?

  3. Hello,
    I am thinking about getting a second Grandstand ticket for the weekend. So that I can see more perspectives.
    Is it possible to switch between these 2 Grandstand during a day?
    Many Thanks

    1. Yes no problem for you to buy 2 different grandstand seats and to go from one to the other. There are no passouts, but that is just for the venue itself. You will be ok once you are inside.

  4. I was looking to buy 2 tickets for the 2019 GP in Brazil in grandstand M, but wanted to know if there was a site that you could choose your numbered seats ?

    1. There’s some websites that say orange tree club tickets includes a visit to the pits on Saturday and Sunday, but gootickets doesn’t say that. What information is correrct for 2023?

  5. Hi! I was looking for some views from grandstand R buy I didn’t find anything, do you know if is recommended? and between the rest in the practices, you can go out from the track?

  6. It is worth to pay more to choose the grandstand M, or maybe is better to save a little bit of money and go in the grandstand A? What are the differences?

    1. Hi Gabriel, I think the views are better from Grandstand M, plus it is covered and you get an individual seat. Grandstand A is still very good, but seats are not numbered and the regulars will probably reserve the best locations. I think there’s better atmosphere in Grandstand A, but the lack of cover (remember it rains a lot at Interlagos!) and the lack of reserved seating explain the much cheaper price.

    1. Hamilton Ramirez

      I’m planning to get tickets,
      Do the tickets are available by email or delivery by mail ?


  7. Hi,

    I purchased a ticket at Grandstand S it’s located at the end of the back circuit. It’s not actually shown on your graphic.

    Do you know where I’ll enter the track for this grandstand?

    Website has been incredibly useful by the way.



  8. Hi, we purchased two tickets in grandstand M but the tickets don’t have seat numbers on, just 0000000. I saw from the comments above you said that sector M should have reserved seats – do you know if this is a common issue or is there a solution?

    1. Yes, this is fine. It’s the main ticket portal run by another company for Formula 1. But in future, there are better places to buy as they apply a mark up of at least 10-20% and you can buy tickets cheaper elsewhere.

  9. Hola Andrew, soy de Colombia, viajaré por primera vez a Un GP de F1, en esta ocasión a brasil.

    Solo he logrado conseguir entradas a zona G, las he comprado en GRAND PRIX TICKETS, quiero saber si fue una compra segura, si los boletos me deben llegar por email o físicamente a Colombia y cómo funciona eso.

    Alguna recomendación sobre qué hotel elegir que me quede bien ubicado y cómodo? Mil gracias

      1. Hi Andrew, do you know how soon the tickets are posted? I am a bit concerned that I fly to Brazil 3 weeks before the event and just want to make sure the tickets are sent to me in the UK before I go,.

        1. To be honest, it can sometimes be later than this. If you are worried, you can contact GPT closer to the time – they should offer an option to pick up on site if you need

  10. Wow, really wow. The race of 2022 seems sold out.
    Do you know a place where I can still buy some tickets?

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


  11. My tickets were cancelled this morning as the F1 website overbooked. Any ideas where I can get tickets now?

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that this happened to you. Unfortunately, all the primary market tickets for this race seem to have sold out some time ago. I guess your only hope now is to buy on a secondary market site (resale platform). Such sites don’t have a very good reputation, and prices are high, but you should be ok in terms of getting legitimate tickets from sites such as Viagogo, Stubhub etc.

  12. Hi Andrew. Since the 2022 race is already close, Im planning to buy my tickets for the 2023 Sao Paulo race. Any idea of when they are gonna come out? And I also see that all the tickets are 3 days. Is there a way to find a 1 day ticket for the sunday?

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Alejandro, single day tickets were not an option for 2022. Maybe this will change for 2023 but such was the demand for tickets this year, single-day options were not made available. No news on when tickets will be on sale, but they were available from February 2022 for this year’s race.

  13. Hello Andrew, I got my tickets for this 2022 race from the official website but all of them have different seat numbers in grandstand G. I remember those tickets never mentioned something about being numered seats, do you have any information about this? Thanks

    1. I’m not 100% sure, but I think you will find it’s free seating in this grandstand. Even if people do have specific seats written on their tickets, I think you will find that people just sit wherever they want.

      1. Hello again Andrew, just to confirm, I got contacted by F1 official support and they told me grandstand G is not numered so I can sit where I want. Recommendation is to arrive early. Thanks a lot!

  14. Hi there,

    Did I miss something for 2023 Brazil GP tickets? I checked almost every day in the past 6 weeks, and weekly before that and never saw tickets on sale for general grandstands… only the more expensive experiences. I don’t even see tickets on secondhand markets anywhere. What’s going on?

    1. Sorry you missed out. We had tickets available, including the cheaper grandstands, for about 4 weeks before Christmas. But they sold out quickly and no longer available.

  15. Hi there. We have 2 tickets for grandstand R booked for 2023 race. Is there any wifi options to also follow the race on smartphone? It says there isn’t a big TV at this stand. Also, is there any particular part of the stand to aim for when finding a seat? Or is it all much the same? TIA

    1. Please see here for info about free WiFi at the track, though we cannot guarantee it will work well. Better to get a Japanese e-sim if your phone allows it, or take a second phone to Japan and get a physical sim. Circuit maps I’ve seen do show a video screen opposite Grandstand R, though I cannot guarantee how good your view will be. I cannot tell you best/worst seats in this grandstand.

    1. I believe seats in Grandstand H are not numbered. The cheaper grandstands at Interlagos don’t have numbered seats. According to my ticket supplier, only the following grandstands have numbered seats: B, D, M

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