Tickets – 2024 Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix

Learn more about buying tickets for the Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix 2024 at Lusail Circuit on November 29 to December 1

Formula 1 returned to Lusail Circuit for the second running of the Qatar Grand Prix last October. F1 made its debut at the circuit – primarily used for motorcycle racing – in 2021. The event was not held in 2022 due to the country hosting the FIFA World Cup. The promoter holds a ten-year contract to stage the Qatar Grand Prix.

The first F1 race in Qatar in 2021 was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, though it still attracted 80,000 fans over the Grand Prix weekend. The 2023 Qatar Grand Prix was a larger event, drawing in 120,000 fans over three days, though it had the second-lowest attendance of any race in the 2023 season; only Bahrain posted a smaller three-day attendance.

Despite rumours about the event moving elsewhere – a street race in Doha reportedly among the options – Formula 1 remain at Lusail Circuit for the time being. The circuit will host three world-leading motorsport series racing from 2024, with the World Endurance Championship set to join F1 and MotoGP on the annual schedule.

Ahead of Formula 1’s return to Lusail Circuit in 2023, the venue underwent major renovation works. A totally new, three level pits/hospitality building and F1 Paddock were finished just in time for the event in October. Such was the disruption to the circuit that MotoGP’s Qatar Grand Prix – which was the season-opening event since 2007 – did not take place until November.

Where to Buy 2024 Qatar Grand Prix Tickets?

2024 Qatar Grand Prix tickets: Need To Know

  • Only 3-day tickets for grandstands are available. You can purchase single day or 3-day General Admission tickets.
  • The Main Grandstand is the only grandstand in which seat numbers are allocated. There is “free seating” in the other grandstands, meaning seats are available on a first come first served basis.
  • Tickets include access to the F1 Fan Village, featuring live entertainment and a range of family-friendly activities, plus the food court.
  • Access to post-race concerts from international and Arabic artists is included with your ticket.
  • Your ticket also includes complimentary shuttles between Lusail Metro Station and the circuit. Free parking is also available at the track and there is a taxi pick-up and drop-off zone. More information is available in our Getting Around Guide.
  • All children above the age of 2 require a full price ticket. Children aged 2 and below receive free entry to General Admission areas and Grandstands. Children under the age of 2 in grandstands must be carried by parents and will not receive their own seat.
  • Giant screens are located around the circuit, viewable from all grandstands and most general admission areas.

2024 Qatar Grand Prix Ticket & Hospitality Packages

  • The most exclusive trackside hospitality at Lusail can be found in the Formula 1 Paddock Club, situated in a brand new luxury building above the pits and directly across from the starting grid. Acccess includes seated gourmet meals, premium open bars, daily pit lane walks and appearances by F1 drivers and celebrities. 3-Day Packages start from $7,699 USD / Legend Ticket Packages are also available with all the benefits of the Paddock Club plus 1-day VIP pass to the F1 Paddock / VVIP Packages are also available in the exclusive F1 Garage

Where to Watch the Action at the 2024 Qatar Grand Prix

In 2021, tickets were only sold for the Main and North Grandstands. A wider range of ticket options were available for the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, including General Admission access. Read our guide to each grandstand below!

Main Grandstand

The Main Grandstand is located opposite the pit lane and will give you a great view of the starting grid, the pit lane and the podium celebrations. The grandstand is divided into three sections. The central Zone A is the prime position to see the grid lining up and the podium, while Zone B (to the left of Zone A) and Zone C (to the right of Zone A) also offer views of the main straight. Main Grandstand seats are included with Hero | Main Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences.

North Grandstand

The North Grandstand is also located on the pit straight but is closer to Turn 1. Rather than seeing the pit lane and the cars lining up on the grid, you’ll see the cars heading into the opening corner and should be able to follow the action through to Turn 2.

Turn 2 Grandstand

Located on the outside of the circuit next to the tight and long Turn 2, this grandstand was newly built for 2023 and offer good views. The Turn 2 grandstand consists of two parts; the first is facing the short straight between Turns 1-2 (see gallery above), the second is facing the exit of Turn 2 and the infield (gallery below). The section facing the exit of Turn 2 and the infield is preferred, according to Robert (who sat there last year), as you can see the cars for much longer.

Turn 2 seats are included with Hero | Turn 2 Packages from F1 Experiences

Turn 3 Grandstand

The Turn 3 Grandstand was newly introduced for the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix. It’s located between Turns 2 and 3, with prime views of the cars as they head through Turn 3. Expect to see plenty of jostling for position here – especially on the opening lap!

Turn 16 Grandstand

Newly added in 2023, the Turn 16 Grandstand offers views of the cars entering the pitlane, taking the final corner and heading down the start/finish straight. Turn 16 seats are available with Starter Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

Turn 16 Grandstand seats are also included as part of the circuit’s hospitality offering. In addition to reserved grandstand seats, you’ll also have access to an outdoor terrace looking out across the circuit. Hospitality tickets here also include a range of international catering options plus an open bar. 

Corner Ten Grandstand

Corner Ten Grandstand is located – predictably – at Turn 10. It offers views across Turns 8, 9 and 10. It’s not yet known if the Corner Ten Grandstand will be part of the ticket offer in 2023.

Lusail Club Grandstand

The Lusail Club Grandstand is usually geared towards the VIP audience and seats in this grandstand are commonly included in hospitality packages at the track. This grandstand overlooks the high speed section of track between Turns 9 and 11. Tickets here usually include access to the Sports Lounge. It’s not yet known if the Lusail Club Grandstand will be part of the 2024 ticket offer.

General Admission

General Admission tickets have been part of the ticket offer since the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix. 1-day or 3-day passes are available. General Admission tickets grant you access to viewing areas between Turns 16 and Turn 3, including on the Main Straight. 

The best views in General Admission areas are on the outside of Turn 1, see image above, though the viewing area is a long way from the track.

Overall, we’d recommend grandstand seats over General Admission at Lusail circuit, if your budget allows.

Any questions about attending the Qatar Grand Prix? Leave a comment below.

17 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix”

  1. F1honeymooners

    Thank you for the article! We are getting antsy as we’ve booked a 3 day “layover” in Qatar as part of our honeymoon to catch the race. We’re flying from Australia to Europe (needed to stopover anyway, it’s a looooong trip) and crossing all fingers and toes to get a pair of grandstand tickets when they’re released. Have saved this article for any updates, can see you reckon they may be released in May. Lesssgooo!!!

    1. Sounds like a great plan! I attended the Qatar Grand Prix in 2021 and really enjoyed the race and the city. I don’t imagine it will be that difficult to get tickets

      1. I love to attent the formula 1 race again in 2023.
        I was there in 2021 and enjoyed every minute of our stay in Doha.
        I hope the prices will not raises a lot.

        1. Hope you can make it. I was there in 2021 too, and I really enjoyed the city and the race, but of course it was still ‘covid times’. Will be interesting to see how many people attend this year. I hope the ticket prices will still be reasonable.

  2. Thank you for the article! We’ve been keeping our eye on the ticket offerings for a few weeks now and were wondering when more would be released. I was wondering if you know if the Champion’s Club package is also offered at this GP? I can’t find any info on if it was available for 2021.

  3. Have the tickets for the race been made available. Checked F1 tickets and you can not buy anything

  4. Hi! Do you think the view from the general admission area is good? Is it possible to see well from that distance? Thanks!

  5. Hello,

    I’m planning to visit the qatar-race in 2023. And i would really like to sit as close to the podium, to see the podium ceremony (at the end of the race). However, i can’t really find out which zone this is. On the pictures it looks like the podium is at the left side of the building (from the viewer perspective), so this would mean zone E/F (close to start-finish). Who knows exactly?

    1. The whole pit/paddock building is being rebuilt right now, so I’m not sure of the exact location for the podium. But it should be close to the start/finish line.

  6. Hey Andrew, which grandstand would have the best views among T2, 3 and 16? I couldn’t get much footage from those corners, hence I’m pretty skeptical of the views. North grandstand should be much better but it is 1.5x the cost of T2/3/16 prices, I don’t want to splurge that much.

    1. Hi, I have been at the 2023 Grand Prix in T2 Grandstand.
      T2 Grandstands consists of two Grandstands.
      – One is facing the short straight between T1 and T2.
      – The other one is facing the exit of T2 and the infield.

      I favored the grandstand facing the exit of T2 and infield, as you can see the cars much longer.

      If North Grandstand is no option, I would go for T2 > T3 > T16.
      In my opinion, T2 offers you the best options (two grandstands) in this price range, as you can experience different views of the on-track action with the same ticket as well.

      I will be on the North Grandstand for the 2024 Grand Prix. :)

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