Trackside – 2024 Mexico City Grand Prix

Your trackside guide to Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez for the Formula 1 Mexico City Grand Prix 2024. Access, on-track schedule and useful tips.

The Mexico City  Grand Prix, confirmed to remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2025, offers some of the best trackside atmosphere on the entire F1 calendar, though the presence of ticket zones within the circuit means you cannot walk around and soak up the whole trackside atmosphere like you can at most other circuits. The race is one of the best attended on the current calendar, with a record 3-day crowd of over 400,000 fans at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in 2023, most of whom were supporting local driver Sergio “Checo” Perez. Sadly, the Mexican driver’s race was over after a first-corner crash with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. 

Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez: Access & Orientation

  • Gates open at 08:00. Expect airport-style security screening; see below for allowed/prohibited items
  • No general parking is offered at the circuit. Take the Metro or taxi/Uber to the track instead. A free bus services travels around the perimeter of the circuit if you need to get from one entrance gate/zone to another. More information in Getting There & Around.
  • Be aware there’s no re-entry allowed at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. Once you’ve entered the track, you cannot leave and return on the same day.

Allowed Items

  • Hats, Sunscreen, Lighters, Sunglasses, Cigars, Beach towels, Cameras (for professional cameras, lens must not be bigger than 300 mm and two lenses maximum), GoPro Cameras, Fanny pack, Standard small-size bags (backpack, messenger bag), Motorcycle helmets, Flags or Posters of the event (PVC mast only), Jackets, Raincoats, Rain boots, Stroller (small eg: stick stroller), Binoculars, External batteries for cell phones, Baby food

Prohibited Items

  • Firearms, Sharp objects, Musical instruments, Chains or wallets with chains, Studded belts and/or large buckles, Camping backpacks, Pets, Umbrellas with pointy tip, Tents, chairs and trolleys, Drones, Video cameras or recording devices, Stick flags, External Food or beverages, Glass bottles or cans, Coolers, Blankets, Chairs, Stuffed animals, Bicycles, skateboards or longboards, Illegal substances, Tripod, Monopod, Reflective displays and lighting, Go Pro Poles, selfie sticks, Balls or frisbees (plate or frisbee), Backrest or seat pillows

Click the image above to download the full-size 2023 Mexico City Grand Prix circuit map

Ticket Zones at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

The circuit is separated into zones, which means you will be restricted to the area where your grandstand is located. It’s not possible to walk around and check out the views from different parts of the track. The zones are clearly marked on the circuit map. Check below to find out which zone your grandstand is located in and the best entrance gate to use:

  • Verde/Green: Main Grandstand 1-2, Champions Club, Paddock Club, Platinum Plus, Speed Lounge, Skybox (Access Gates 4,6,7)
  • Naranja/Orange: General Admission 2A (Access Gate 8)
  • Azul/Blue: Grandstands 3,4,5,6, 6A (Access Gates 9, 12)
  • Amarilla/Yellow : Grandstands 9, 10, 11, Speed Lounge 2 (Access Gates 13,14)
  • Gris/Grey: Foro Sol Sur / Grandstand 14 (Access Gate 2)
  • Café/Brown: Foro Sol Norte / Grandstand 15 (Access Gate 2)

2024 Mexico City Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The complete on-track timetable for the 2024 Mexico City Grand Prix won’t be announced until around 4-6 weeks before the race. F1 sessions times are confirmed for 2024 and listed below.
  • Support Categories: In 2023, the support categories in Mexico were GTM and the NACAM Formula 4 Championship. Support categories for 2024 have not yet been announced.
  • Pit Lane Walk: This is not held for regular racegoers. F1 Experiences does hold a pit lane walk on Thursday for selected guests. In additional, guests in the Formula 1 Paddock Club can take part in daily pit lane walks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, October 25

  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 practice (FP1)
  • 16:00–17:30: Formula 1 practice (FP2)

Saturday, October 26

  • 11:30-12:30: Formula 1 practice (FP3)
  • 15:00-16:00: Formula 1 qualifying

Sunday, October 27

  • 11:50-12:20: Formula 1 drivers’ parade (TBC)
  • 14:00-16:00: Formula 1 Gran Premio de la Cuidad de Mexico 2024 (71 laps or 2 hours) 

Food & Drink at the Mexico City Grand Prix

The food offer in Mexico is much better than many other F1 circuits around the world, and prices are reasonable. Choose from more than 50 different types of food, including seafood, churros, donuts, tacos, pizza and meat cuts. Please note that beer is available inside the circuit from 11:00-19:00. Hard liquor is available from 12:00-19:00.

The Citibanamex Cashless system is used for buying food and drinks at Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez. This is a rechargable card which can be topped up with bank card or cash and used for purchases inside the circuit.

Been to Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez? Leave a comment with your trackside tips!

63 thoughts on “Trackside – 2024 Mexico City Grand Prix”

  1. Hi Andrew.
    Love your webpage! So helpful and informative. I am in Mexico this weekend in the blue zone stand 6. Do you know if you can get onto the track at the end or walk down to the podiums to see the winners ceremony?

    1. Thanks Emma! Sorry, I am not sure of the answer to your question. Just ask some fellow fans over the weekend, and let us know! Enjoy Mexico

    2. Hello, there’s no access no the track or podium for the blue zone. The only zones with access to this are the green one, and the foro sol.

  2. HELP!! My son is racing at the Formula 4 support race at the Mexican Gran Prix this weekend! Is it being televised somewhere? I am getting no information on this and need to watch his race from here in Canada! Any news on this??

  3. Hello, there’s no access no the track or podium for the blue zone. The only zones with access to this are the green one, and the foro sol.

    1. Anyone with a 3-day ticket should be able to attend on Thursday as well. We don’t know yet if there will be any activities at the track on Thursday this year, however

  4. Hi, I just got GA tickets for the 2021 race. Do we know if the seats are first-come first-serve or will we be assigned seats. Purchased on StubHub, so unclear. VERY EXCITED either way. Thank you.

    1. Hi Victoria, I hope you didn’t pay too much on StubHub, we don’t recommend that company. For reference you can buy General Admission tickets via our supplier for $270 USD. Please be aware that you don’t get an assigned seat with General Admission. I’m not even sure there is any kind of seating in the GA section in Mexico – some circuits have some small stands, bleachers etc, but mostly you just get access to the circuit with GA.

  5. Hi thank you so much for for this helpful article. Do all sections have access to the tiesto show on Sunday?

  6. Melody Jean Bishop

    Since looking, I find only tickets on Stubhub. Is there another alternative to Worldwide (seems to be sold out)?

    1. Most races do have headsets for rent. I don’t know what the prices are in Mexico, but in general they are pretty expensive. Another option is to listen to live commentary via the paid F1 app on your smartphone – the only issue could be the network being overloaded if everyone is on their phones

    1. Love your site. Thank you for all your guidance. If we have tickets to multiple zones can we move from one to the other and is there a shuttle around the course?

      1. I don’t believe there are any shuttles internally. Yes, if you have tickets for different zones it should be possible to walk between them – but I’m not 100% sure. Perhaps you have to go out of the gate first and then in via another gate

    2. I saw some prices at the track on YouTube they want around $100 us for a hat. I’m. Uh I h my stuff from Amazon instead

    3. A Red Bull shirt is $150 USD I bought the same shirt on Amazon for $45
      Beers are $8 USD
      Bring a empty clear water plastic water bottle fill it free

  7. Melissa Goodwin

    Hi! In the grandstand, are the seats bleacher type or do they have backs to them? I’m debating whether I should bring portable stadium seats.

    1. It says in prohibited items that chairs and seat cushions are NOT allowed. I’m bringing mine in my backpack anyway. Will see if anyone says anything.

  8. Hi Friends! Any insight on the seating chart? I have multiple sets of tickets, two in Section 102 and two in Section 105. Just wondering if there is a seating chart anywhere so I can see where they will be. I know they are both in Blue Zone, but would like to see more specifically.

  9. What’s the best way to listen to audio commentary at Mexico GP? Last year at Austin I couldn’t get anything on FM radio y felt lost the entire race. I missed the stats and insight during the race.

    1. I don’t know of any radio station in Mexico playing the commentary. Best idea – I think there is free WiFi at the track, at least there use to be – would be to have the F1 app on your phone and to get the live timing/live commentary on that.

  10. One more question. Since you can’t move between zones. Are there any autograph opportunities for those not in the Green (paddock area) zone? Thank you.

  11. Mobility in the circuit is very limited and you can only stay in the area indicated on the ticket, the offer of food and drink depends on the area of ​​your ticket, in the areas of more value as “zona verde” the luxury restaurants are present and exclusive drinks are given, while in the “zona naranja” the cheapest, there is only sale of beer and more accessible drinks, as well as food trucks of pizzas, hamburgers and tacos, the price of beer in all areas is from 160mxn pesos (8euro) and food from 150mxn pesos (7 euros).

  12. Hello!

    Do they have events and activities outside the track (considering you can’t move from zone to zone) as I was hoping there’d be things to do before going in.

    1. Sorry I’m not sure, but I guess there will be some merchandise stalls outside the gates etc. But I don’t think there will be any specific fanzones or F1 related activities outside the actual track gates.

    1. Not sure about after qualifying, but there’s normally a big name DJ set after the race on Sunday in the Foro Sol stadium. I’ve not heard who will be performing this year yet

      1. Thank you!

        Tried getting a refund (I know I have cash left on my card), errors out saying that my card number is wrong. Where do I go for help?

    1. I read they charge $25 fee to refund to non Mexican banks.
      Only purchase what you will use kiss the rest goodbye

  13. Purchased the F1 Experiences Package for Grandstand 11 for 2023. It says that it includes the pit lane walk, guided track tour and trophy photo on THURSDAY. Did anyone do this experience in 2022? Can you give some tips and schedule of when these activities started when you went in 2022?

    1. Hi Yong, I haven’t been to this race, but I do work with F1 Experiences at some races and from memory, the trackside activities in Mexico start around 3-4pm on Thursday.

  14. Hola :)
    I want to operate food stall around the circuit from 27 to 29 of octobor.
    Where should I contact?
    Can I get number of e-mail of the person who is in charge of?
    Thanks !

    1. Yes, normally they have DJs performing on the podium in the Foro Sol area after the race, but you need a ticket for that area to be able to watch. I’ve not seen any announcements yet about who will be performing this year

  15. Hi we are located in Grada 9 and the tickets say it is in Blue zone however i have seen maps that show the stand in Yellow zone, also in different location. I think it is linked to stand 8 on the outside of turn 4,5,6 but on some maps ( which maybe last years?) stand 9 is on the inside of the track. Any ideas?

  16. Great info! Do you know if there will be any showrun/showcase in the city? I’ve seen info for other places but not for Mexico City… Thanks!

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