Tickets – 2024 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort

The best grandstands and trackside hospitality at Circuit Zandvoort. Where to watch the F1 action at the 2024 Dutch Grand Prix.

Demand remains very high for Dutch Grand Prix tickets. Many local fans have signed up for multi-year ticket deals from the promoter, and the remaining tickets are well oversubscribed via a ballot system. The promoter’s ticket resale platform is now open for 2024, or you can purchase your official tickets now via our trusted supplier, Grand Prix Tickets. We currently have a good selection of Bronze, Silver and Gold tickets available for two days (Saturday + Sunday) or three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Dutch Grand Prix Tickets: Need to Know

  • Most tickets are available for 2 days (Saturday & Sunday) or 3 days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Grandstands are categorized into Bronze, Silver 1/2 and Gold tickets. The cheapest Bronze tickets generally have poorer views than the higher priced Silver 1/2, while Gold tickets have the best views.
  • Tickets for children are not available from our ticket partner
  • Large video screens are located opposite all grandstands
  • The only covered grandstand at Circuit Zandvoort is the Main ( Grandstand opposite the podium.

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

F1 Experiences offers a range of ticket packages for the Dutch Grand Prix. Access to the Champions Club hospitality suite on the final banked turn at Circuit Zandvoort includes meals and an open bar plus a guided tour of the F1 Paddock and a guest appearance by an F1 legend or current driver. F1 Experiences also offers access to the high-end Formula 1 Paddock Club at the Dutch Grand Prix.

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Main Grandstand

The only covered and permanent grandstand at Zandvoort offers good views of the starting grid, start-finish line and podium. It’s set off just to the right of the pits, but you can get views of the top teams, which are located at the same end. The weather was warm and sunny at the Dutch Grand Prix in 2021 and 2022, but there was lots of rain in 2023, making this grandstand a good choice.

Pit Grandstand

As the name suggests, the Pit Grandstand is situated opposite the pits. It’s the best place for keeping up with all the pits action at Zandvoort, as well as the watching the build-up, start and finish of the race. The Pit Grandstand is essentially joined with the Tarzan-In Grandstand, running all the way from the covered Main Grandstand down to the outside of Turn 1. F1 Experiences Live | Pit Straight Packages include a reserved 3-day seat in the Pit Straight grandstand opposite the pits plus exciting trackside activities on Thursday

Tarzan-In Grandstand

Located on the outside of the circuit at the entry to the first corner, the Tarzan-In Grandstand is a solid choice for the Dutch Grand Prix. As with all the grandstands at Zandvoort, the atmosphere was excellent. If you are able to choose, go for Tarzan 1 or 2, as Tarzan 3 only offers low seats.

Ben Pon Grandstand

The Ben Pon Grandstand is located on the main straight near the pit entry. You’ll have quite distant views of the final banked corner, as well as the starting grid. Higher seats also offer views of the banked Turn 3. In our opinion, the Tarzan-In Grandstand closer to Turn 1 offers better views than Ben Pon. Currently available in our Dutch Grand Prix Ticket Shop: Silver Ben Pon 2 (2-day)

Arena Grandstands

The Arena section at Zandvoort doesn’t necessarily offers the best views of the track, but the stadium atmosphere more than makes up for this. There was even a dedicated DJ to keep the party going! Another benefit is that the grandstand is quite close to the main Fanzone and Gate 2 (nearest the train station). Recommended! Currently available: Gold Arena 1 (2-day & 3-day), Silver Arena-In 2 (3-day) Silver II Arena-In 1 (3-day), Bronze Arena-Out (3-day) / F1 Experiences Live | Arena 1 Packages include a 3-day reserved seat in the Gold Arena 1 grandstand plus insider activities at Zandvoort on Thursday

Eastside Grandstands

Essentially part of the Arena section of the circuit, but located on the Eastern side, as the name suggests. Apart from the most expensive Gold seats in Eastside 3, which are close to Turn 11, the track views in most of the grandstands here are not exceptional. Nevertheless, you can still soak up the Arena atmosphere, and it’s not too far from the Fanzone and Gate 2. Currently available in our Dutch Grand Prix Ticket Shop: Gold Eastside 3 (2-day), Silver Eastside 2A (3-day), Bronze Eastside 4 (2-day & 3-day), Bronze Arena-Out (3-day)

Hairpin Grandstands

The cheapest Bronze grandstands at Circuit Zandvoort don’t offer the best views, though the Hairpin 1 grandstand (situated between Turns 9-10) was much better than Hairpin 2 (situated between Turns 10-11). The other disadvantage of the Hairpin grandstands was that they were a long walk from the main fanzone and felt a little bit isolated from the best atmosphere at the track. Currently available: Bronze Hairpin 1 (3-day) and Bronze Hairpin 2 (3-day) / F1 Experiences Live | Hairpin 1/2 Packages include a 3-day reserved seat in the Hairpin 1/2 grandstand plus access to exclusive trackside activities on Thursday. Priced at $1,399 USD

General Admission

The General Admission areas at Zandvoort have good views as they are generally located on higher ground (in the sand dunes) overlooking the circuit. They are also located very close to the circuit at some points. Two General Admission zones are available at Zandvoort in 2024; General Admission 1 is the one to choose, as this gives you lots of places to watch between Turns 2 and 9. General Admission 2 is a small section on the inside of Turn 13.

51 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort”

  1. Connah Holloway

    I have a 3 day grandstand ticket for the DGP if anyone would like to buy it? I unfortunately can’t attend due to it clashing with my final exam :(

        1. Hi Jorge, I don’t know about the tickets from the circuit ( but with our supplier children’s tickets are not available. This does make attending the race with young kids very expensive. Many other races in Europe either offer free entry for young children or very cheap tickets.

    1. Hi Mate, how much would you be willing to sell the tickets for and how many do you have in hand?


  2. Hi
    I was successful in the ticket draw for 2022, unfortunately, due to health issues can’t attend. Can the tickets be re-allocated?

        1. It’s quite normal for F1, however. Normally there is more flexibility on Friday, and you can move around the grandstand if it’s not full – however, Zandvoort seems to have packed grandstands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

        1. You will be able to see the start/finish straight and pits (team garages). Yes, you get an individual seat in the Pit Grandstand. Sadly, tickets are already sold out for the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix.

  3. Hi Andrew, is it safe to buy tickets from viagogo for example? They are very expensive, but that seems to be the only option at this time. Thanks.

    1. It should be safe, they are quite well known and should have policies in place to ensure that tickets are genuine and you are protected in case of any issues.

    1. Yes, they are reliable. F1 Experiences is partnered with Formula 1 itself, and is the official travel and experience programme. I’m also biased, having worked with F1 Experiences for the past 4+ years. Feel free to send me an email if you have more specific questions about the experience or attending a particular race.

  4. Hi Andrew, just out of interest: Do you know in which hotels the drivers are staying? And what might be the best shot at getting an autograph or selfie without being bloody rich and able to afford a Paddock entry? :)

      1. Hi there, the drivers will mainly stay in Noordwijk and not in Zandvoort. Some of them will be transferred by car to Zandvoort, some of them will use helicopter or even RIB-boats for transfer.

  5. Hi Andrew,
    We have tickets through a friend who had bought multiple 3 yr passe partout. His name is on them though. Will we still be able to use them? He is coming with us by the way.

  6. Hi Andrew,
    Do you know if Motorsport Tickets is a reliable source to be buying tickets from for the dutch F1 2023?

  7. Hi Andrew

    Have bought Sat and Sunday Arena 1 Grandstand tickets. I understand that I have access after the race to all GA areas, but if I want access to the paddock area do I need to purchase an additional pass? Cheer Andrew.

    1. You cannot access the Paddock area at all. It’s not possible to buy a “Paddock Pass”. These are tightly controlled and only given out to teams and major sponsors. The highest level of F1 Experiences packages is called Legend, and for about $8000 USD you get access to the Paddock Club hospitality all weekend, plus a Paddock Pass for one day. But that’s obviously out of the budget of most fans.

  8. Can someone please confirm I can take a 8 month year old baby without needing a ticket or having to pay extra?

    I read somewhere when I booked kids under a certain age were free on adults knees but I can’t find it again.

    1. I tried to find out this information for you, even wrote to the Dutch GP promoter, but I didn’t get a response yet. Personally, I wouldn’t be taking an 8 month old baby to the track. But if you do, I’m almost certain that you won’t have to pay extra, but you may need a free ticket.

  9. Hi Andrew, greetings from Argentina!

    I want to know if fans are allowed on the track after the race in DGP, can’t find any videos or photos of people on the track during podium celebration like others GP.

    Thank you!

  10. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve been in the Barcelona Grand Prix. It was absolutely amazing and Now, I’m already starting to think about next year’s races.

    I’m considering attending the Dutch Grand Prix, and one of the things I loved about the Barcelona race was witnessing some exciting overtakes. In Spain, I sat in Tribune F – Zone 5, which offered a great view. Now, I’m trying to decide between two options for the Dutch Grand Prix: Arena-In 2 or Eastside-3. I value your opinion, so I would appreciate your recommendation on which one would be best for me.
    Is there any chance to get Tickets with “Max Orange Army”??

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

    1. Even though it is cheaper (Silver), I would probably choose the Arena-In grandstand over the Eastside 3 (Gold), because I think it has a better perspective, and you will see a little more of the track from that seat.
      As for grandstands at Zandvoort, they are pretty much all “Max Orange Army”!

  11. frederic motte


    I have three bronze ticket for Hairpin zone (Bronze) for Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately i cannot get there. I tried to reach the resell platform but cannot find the way to get them back for sale. Any ideas how to do so ?

  12. I’m hoping to go to 2024 Dutch Grand Prix and would like to do the Thursday pit walk but I can’t find any information about how to do it, what type of ticket etc. Can you help please

  13. Hi, will tickets be sold anywhere else except the official track site or should i request tickets from there for 2024? Thanks!

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