Tickets – 2025 Australian Grand Prix

Your guide to buying F1 tickets for the 2025 Australian Grand Prix. Advice on buying general admission, grandstand and hospitality tickets at Albert Park

The ticket offer has remained fairly constant at Albert Park in recent years, though prices have increased by a few percent in recent years. You can buy 4-days roaming access in General Admission (now known as a “Park Pass”) for $250 AUD or a grandstand seat from just over $300 AUD. When comparing prices across the calendar in USD, Australia remains one of the cheapest races to attend on the 2024 F1 calendar

The views from grandstands at Albert Park are generally limited to one or two corners. Some stands have a more expensive ‘premium’ section at the top which is covered, offering protection from the elements and better views. Most fans agree that the best grandstands are located near the first corner. We prefer the Brabham Grandstand on the inside of the circuit, but Jones (on the outside) is also a solid choice. Of the cheaper grandstands, the Schumacher grandstand on the Senna curve at the end of the lap is also worth considering.

Access24 Loyalty Program

At the 2023 Australian Grand Prix, buyers of General Admission and grandstand tickets were able to participate in the promoter’s loyalty program called Access24 which provided perks such as a free Park Pass for Thursday (the first day of track action) and the ability to purchase additional experiences, such as as a Pit Lane Walk and laps of the track.

Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

F1 Experiences offers packages with grandstand seats (Prost, Ricciardo, Fangio Premium) or all-day hospitality in the Champions Club Fangio Lounge. Additional trackside activities in Australia include F1 driver appearances, an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk, Guided Track Tour and access to the F1 Paddock. Access is also available to the Oracle Red Bull Racing Energy Station.

AusGP Park Pass (General Admission)

“AusGP Park Pass” tickets are available for single days or the whole weekend (Thursday to Sunday). Children aged 14 are FREE when accompanied by a paying adult.

The cheapest race tickets provide access to the circuit but not a reserved seat. Despite having no elevation, Australia has a deserved reputation for offering some of the best general admission viewing areas on the current calendar. New general admission features have been added over the years to provide a better spectator experience for fans, including grassy viewing mounds and raised concrete viewing platforms. You can get very close to the cars at several points around the track, though your views are always obscured by the catch fencing.

Large viewing screens designed for Grandstand ticket holders can be viewed at various parts of the circuit, including turns 2, 9, 11 and 12. The best general admission vantage points get very busy on Saturday and Sunday, particularly ahead of qualifying and the race, so if you are determined to watch the action from a particular spot, get there early. See below for some videos showing General Admission views.

Australian F1 Tickets: Need to Know

  • Grandstands in Australia are not raised high off the ground. Try and get a seat in a higher row so your view won’t be obscured by the safety fencing.
  • Children’s tickets are available for all grandstands. Prices are set around 40% of the full adult price.
  • All grandstands have large viewing screens opposite so you won’t miss any of the on-track action.
  • Grandstand seats are not reserved on Thursday (there is no on-track F1 action on this day).
  • Premium tickets are covered and located at the top of the Senna and Schumacher grandstands.

Webber Grandstand

Webber is located at the start of the main straight, between the last corner and opposite the pits area of the V8 supercars. It offers a view of the final corner and start of the pit straight, but without pit, grid, or start views.

Schumacher Grandstand

Perhaps the pick of the grandstands in the cheapest price bracket, Schumacher is located between turns 15 and 16 and adjacent to the pit entrance. Note: you can also buy tickets for the “Ferrari Supporter Zone,” which is a dedicated section of the Schumacher grandstand.

Waite Grandstand

The popular Waite grandstand, located on the East side of the Albert Lake next to turn 12 also offers a great view of high-speed turns 11 & 12. There are often thrills and spills at these corners. The Kids Area and food and entertainment options are close by.

Clark Grandstand

Also on the Eastern side of the lake, the Clark Grandstand offers views of turn 9 and turn 10. Expect lots of on-track action, particularly in V8 supercars. On the downside, you are a long way from the off-track action on the other side of the circuit.

Senna Grandstand

The Senna grandstand is situated on the main straight, close to the final corner with views of the pit entrance and support pits. Cheaper than the adjacent Prost grandstand (which is closer to the corner), but still a good choice for a budget grandstand.

Moss Grandstand

Moss is located at the end of the main straight, before the first corner and adjacent to the more expensive Jones grandstand, which has a better view of the corner. Tickets are quite cheap however, so it’s worth considering if you are on a budget.

Fangio Grandstand

Fangio is located on the start/finish straight opposite the F1 pits. Despite offering little chance of on-track thrills, Fangio does offer a ring side seat for the build up and start of the race, as well as the finish and podium celebrations.

Prost Grandstand

Adjacent to the Schumacher grandstand, but higher priced due to the better view of both turns 15 and 16, the pit entry and a view of the cars going down the main straight.

Brabham Grandstand

Brabham offers similar views to the Jones stand (turns 1 & 2), but is located on the inside of the track, so also offers a view down to turn 3. Unlike Jones, Brabham has the sun behind it for most of the day, a definite positive. The best views are from the higher rows on the right side.

Jones Grandstand

The Jones stand is situated on the outside of the track at the end of the pit straight and offers views of the pit straight and first corner, a great place to watch the start of the race and lots of passing maneuvers. Best views in Jones are from seats higher in the stand. A downside to Jones is that it faces the sun for most of the day.

Ricciardo Grandstand

One of only two grandstands located on the inside of the track (the other being Brabham), the Ricciardo Grandstand is located on Turn 4 and offers views of Turns 3-5. The stand is all covered and has its own dedicated catering and bar facilities.

Hill Grandstand

Situated on the outside of Turn 3 with a great view of the cars approaching this low-speed corner and also a view of Turn 4. The Hill grandstand (previously known as Piquet Premium) is covered and has its own dedicated bars and catering facilities located directly behind the stand.

Turn 3 General Admission

Although a little cramped and without elevation, turn 3 is a slow speed corner which allows fans to get very close to the cars (both on the inside and outside of the corner.) There are a few spots with gaps in the safety fencing providing opportunities for amateur photographers and trees provide cover from the sun.

Turns 6-7 General Admission

You can get very close to the cars on the inside of Turn 6 and then see them across the lake as far as Turns 9 and 10. This area doesn’t get so congested, even for the race, so it’s a good option if you want to escape the crowds, but it is a long walk from the other parts of the track.

Turns 9-10 General Admission

Adjacent to the Clark Grandstand, this is a great spot to watch the cars approaching turn 9 and 10, where there is always lots of action in all racing categories over the weekend. You can also see the video screen for the Clark Grandstand and there are food and drink options close by.

Turns 11-12 General Admission

This large viewing mound with a viewing screen – also known as Brocky’s Hill –  is directly beside the Waite grandstand and provides a great opportunity to see the cars coming down the back straight and going into the high speed turns 11 & 12. This area is very popular, so get there early on race day to reserve your space.

Been to the Australian Grand Prix? Comment below your favorite place to watch the action.

111 thoughts on “Tickets – 2025 Australian Grand Prix”

  1. Is there any sort of indication as to when GA tickets may be available, or when they have become available in previous years?

  2. is there any way to reserve an actual seat number when purchasing something like the 3 grandstand pass or is it just at random selection until fully allocated ?

  3. This might be a daft question but if purchasing a grand stand ticket do I also have to buy a general admission ticket as well or is it included in the price of the grandstand ticket?

    1. Hi Nic, General Admission tickets went on sale today. They have been renamed to “Aus GP Park Pass” for 2019, but prices are the same or cheaper.

      1. When it comes to Brabham Grandstand – what do you mean by right side? Further away from the start line? That is sector F?

  4. How much does the club 15 add on cost and how do you purchase this in addition to a GA ticket?

    Anyone any experience of this?

    1. Yes, you need GA Ticket to enter the GP as a minimum.
      The Club 15 Ticket is an ADD-ON COST which has a Bar with Umbrella seating (about 20 tables) & has some Chairs/Beanbags spread over an Enclosed gated/security manned Grassed Area about 200m L x 100m W.
      Basically first in best dressed (meaning sit wherever you can).
      Most of the Grassed area is UNSHADED. If it rains your F#CKED.
      Has great views though & close to Food trucks.
      Think of it as, sit on your a$$ on the grass with Premium view & a bar.

  5. I was wondering for Brabham grandstand, would it be better to take sector F row K or sector E row M? Which one has a nicer view, higher rows or further right side? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jo, you should be able to purchase an “AusGP Parks Pass” (the new name for General Admission) at the gate, provided they haven’t already sold out. Prices are as follows: Thursday $30, Friday $40, Saturday $75, Sunday $89 or 4-day pass for $175.

  6. Can you recommend any good spots for the amateur photographer to capture some great images in the general admission zones?

  7. Aislinn Sherwin

    Can you transfer your four day ticket for a day to someone else? I want to go Saturday and Sunday but won’t be able to make the Thursday and Friday. Is it possible to let someone else have my ticket for those days or do you need to name the ticket holder?

    1. Hi Kevin, not really sure what you mean. First and foremost, no tickets are on sale yet for the 2021 Australian Grand Prix. Secondly, there’s no ticket that provided pit lane access – some tickets do provide a pit lane walk, either for the public on Thursday or with Paddock Club on the weekend. F1 Experiences also offers an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk. If you mean Paddock access, then some high-end tickets also provide access to the Paddock.

  8. Hey just wondering, what grandstand is the best to get to the track for after the race to get a good position for the podium? If I was wanting to get the best photos. Thanks!

    1. Any grandstand near the Main Straight would be good for getting to the podium after the race – so that includes Brabham, Jones, Fangio, Moss, Webber, Senna, Prost and Schumacher grandstands

  9. Hello there. Do you have any idea of the rough prices for the Off-Track entertainment? Is this usually included within the admission ticket costs? Thanks!

    1. Hi Adam. Most activities at the circuit aside from the racing are included as part of your race ticket (displays, live music etc).

  10. Elle le Clercq

    Would your recommend Jones grandstand as the best option to get the most out of first time f1 experience?

    1. Hi Elle, Jones is a very good choice for a first-time visitor. Great for watching the start of the race and some overtaking moves during the race. Another choice would be the 3 Corner Grandstand tickets, where you get to sit in a different grandstand each day.

  11. Do you think only purchasing a park pass for a first timer would be enough to experience the weekend well on a budget?

    I’m also confused, do the grandstand tickets also give access to everything that the Park pass gives + access to sit in the grandstand, or does the grandstand ticket need to be purchased on top of the park pass?

    Is Club 15 as mentioned in another comment above something that is likely to be available for 2022’s race weekend ? and if so – how much is it roughly?

    Im just trying to figure out what is the best budget friendly option is to be able to enjoy the majority of the weekend.

    i was also wondering what time saturday and sunday wrap up ?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Dani,
      I think the Parks Pass (General Admission) will be fine for a first time visitor, as long as you don’t mind not having your own reserved seat. You should also be aware that there’s plenty of room in the General Admission areas on Thursday and Friday, but they can get quite crowded on Saturday and Sunday – need to reserve your spot early to get a good view of the race. I believe tickets are going on sale in November or December, so we will know more about ticket prices soon (sorry I’m not sure how much Club 15 tickets cost). As for on-track timings, you can see the schedule from 2020 in this post.

  12. Hi I noticed that GP advantage tickets are on sale so people with this membership can secure tickets before pre sale and general public tickets go on sale for grandstand tickets. Does ticketmaster reserve tickets so that many are still available to purchase during the pre sale and general sale or are a lot of seats already booked out through the gp advantage sale?

    1. Hi Pia, I think you will still be able to get tickets after the pre-sale. But I wouldn’t be waiting around too long. No race in Australia since 2019, so I think there’s plenty of pent up demand!

      1. Okay thanks! As I’m a first time visitor, do you have any recommendations for what sector and row would be the best to sit in at the Jones and Brabham grandstands?

  13. Hi,
    Can you please settle am argument at home please, if purchasing a 2 or 4 day grandstand ticket does this give you access to all general admission areas as well? Or do I need to buy a park pass as well for the 2 or 4 days?
    Hoping the grandstand ticket is a full entry ticket as well as a seat in a stand.
    Hoping you can help,
    Thanks Darren

    1. Hi Darren, I can confirm that if you buy a grandstand ticket (2 or 4 day), you do get access to all the General Admission areas at the circuit. No need to buy a separate Park Pass as well. Who wins the bet?

  14. Hi!

    My friends and I are looking to buy tickets around turn 1/2 but were wanting to keep the budget low. Will Moss give us a good enough view, even though it is a low budget option? Thanks :)

  15. Hi there,
    I have pre-sale access for tomorrow, however I can’t see the 3 corner grandstand ticket. Is this option still going to be available for 2022?

  16. Hi Andrew,
    I purchased some Sunday Grandstand tickets today – we wanted 4 day or 2 day Grandstand tickets but everything sold super quickly so had to settle for just the one. Am I right in thinking if I want to attend the circuit in general admission on Friday or Saturday that I’ll need to buy a Park Pass as well?

  17. Hi Andrw,
    I just saw that all the grandstands are sold out from the pre-sale. Do you know if there will be still tickets available once they open the sale to the general public, and when?

    1. Hi Carlos, yes I hope so. My ticket agent is based in Europe – they have provided me with the ticket offer, but the Australian GP promoter has asked not to sell to overseas residents until the situation with the border opening becomes clearer. If you are based in Australia – let me know and I can see about sourcing tickets for you. Which grandstand are you interested in?

      1. Hi Andrew,
        I’m based in Australia and am really desperate for any 3 tickets together. Ideally near the Schumacher & Prost areas but any grand stand will do. Are you able to please help? Thank you.

  18. Hi, I am a real novice when it comes to F1. My husband is a huge fan and I want to get him a ticket at a budget of up to $300. What would you recommend? Seated rather than GA but not sure how I go about purchasing tickets or which is the best day? Any help much appreciated.

    1. You will see from the text at the top of this post that grandstand tickets have all been sold out in the pre-sale. I hope that more will become available, but can’t guarantee this. We can try and help via our ticket partner, but right now they are waiting for more information from Australia about their allocation of tickets. But I will say that the cheapest grandstand seats will be more expensive than $300 if you want to buy for all four days. There are some single-day passes available now via the promoter, but not many for 4-days.

  19. Hi Andrew
    Not sure whether my last post worked but I am keen to purchase x 1 grandstand tickets for Saturday ideally in the Schumacher grandstand. Please can you help?

  20. Hi Andrew, appreciate your time and effort running this fantastic F1 website for first time attendees like me! What’s the cheapest Sunday Grandstand area (below $300) that would give a great view of the podium celebration (may be far but at least viewable from the seats)?

  21. Thanks for the rundown! It’ll be my first time attending next year, super helpful 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

    1. Good question. In general, no – is my understanding. But in some areas of General Admission, you will be able to see the big screens facing grandstands. But I could be wrong, as the organizers have been improving the fan experience in General Admission recently, so maybe there is a plan to add some big screens in the General Admission areas.

  22. Has anyone been able to get hold of a 3 corner pass? I’ve been looking everywhere and haven’t been able to find them :(

  23. With these new stands, WIll we be able to return General Admission passes bought for days we now buy Grandstands?
    The original stands sold out in total chaos, leaving many to scramble ofr leftovers and a GA pass Sunday. Now we are not positioned to buy new stands and its the people who never tried who get the cheap run, Pretty poor deal.

  24. Is there any sort of idea when the tickets for this year’s race will be released? If not, when were they released for last year’s race?
    Thanks, A S

  25. Hi. I have purchased 1 basic tier AusGP Access membership in anticipation for the pre-public release of tickets. I am planning on purchasing 4 grandstand tickets (Brabham). With my basic membership, can I to buy 4 tickets or can I only get 1 during the pre-public sale?

    In addition, what’s your opinion about when is the pre-public release? Do you think it will be sometime in October 2022?

    Thanks and Cheers,

    1. Sorry, I’m not 100% sure if you will be able to buy 4 tickets in the pre-sale, but I would think this will be possible with your AusGP membership. I also don’t know when tickets will go on sale, but I think October is pretty likely

      1. Do you know when in October it’ll go on sale?
        Also, how much do the Schumacher, Prost, Senna, Webber and Fangio grandstand tickets usually approximately cost?

        1. Not sure, but I think it will be in the last week of October. Here’s some approximate prices for 4-day grandstand tickets from recent years. I expect prices will be similar or a little bit higher in 2023. Schumacher = A$350, Prost = A$450, Webber = A$340, Fangio = A$450

  26. As a first timer who is going to attempt to get tickets, is it common for tickets to sell-out in pre-sale ? Just wondering if I should get one of the Aus GP memberships. Thank you.

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      It’s unlikely that tickets will sell out in the pre-sale. Silverstone introduced a similar membership option for access to a pre-sale for 2023 British Grand Prix tickets, but plenty were still available when tickets went on general sale 48 hours later. If you’re happy to pay extra then go for it but you should be ok to secure tickets after the pre-sale period.

  27. Would I be able to purchase a 4-day ticket and a Sunday-only ticket at the same time so that we are sat together on the Sunday?

    Thanks, A S

  28. Hi Andrew! My friends and I just tried to buy four 4-day passes in the Prost Stand. The tickets were supposed to be a surprise Christmas present for my partner, and we were crushed to not get a single ticket. Do you have any 4-day passes available? I’ve also joined the waitlist listed above. Thank you for your time and hope you’re having a lovely day!

      1. Hey Andrew. I’m looking at the mad dash for tickets on the 6th of December I missed out last tuesday. The queue put me 14,000. I got in 13 minutes in everything was gone. My question is do 4 day General Admission tickets sell out on day 1 normally?. As I want to aim for Button Stands knowing very likely I will miss out on them. But if I miss out on them I don’t want to miss out completely. So if the GA normally sells out straight away I would put my efforts towards them instead as the better bet. Cheers

        1. GA doesn’t normally sell out straight away, but it seem like the demand rises year on year, so I cannot say if the same will happen in 2023. I’d personally be getting tickets now and not risk missing out. We also have other grandstand tickets available in our ticket shop

      2. Hey Andrew I had a look at the ticket store. Are all the tickets available on the site up to date?. Because the ticket site Australia GP use are all sold out in the grandstands for the 4 days and the GA Park Pass does not become available until the 6th of December.

        1. Hi Alex, yes the tickets are up to date – and selling out fast. This is a separate allocation of tickets given by the promoter in Australia to our ticket agent, GPT. These are official tickets, just being sold separately to the tickets in Australia.

  29. Hi Andrew
    Have been scouring numerous sites for the last month or so looking for some GA passes, either 2 day or 4 day and nothing substantial has come up.
    Any leads on some tickets would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Frank, you are pretty late to the party. Sorry. We did have some GA passes a while back, but they got sold quickly. I think the event is basically a sell out – I can only see Friday passes on the official website. Your only option now is to pay a lot more on a resale site I think, like Viagogo, Stubhub.

  30. Hi Andrew
    Can I ask if Turn 2 and 3 would be the best position for GA passes to get to the podium on Sunday?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  31. Hello, I really want to attend the next years Aus GP. From what I understand, it is pretty much impossible to get a 4- or 2-day grandstand ticket on general sale. I see that there is a limited amount of pre-sale tokens in the shop; hence, if I buy the token, how high is the probability to get a 4-day (or a 2-day) ticket at vettel/lauda/clark grandstands?

    1. It’s very difficult to buy tickets via the circuit/promoter, but getting a token will definitely help your chances. Even if you miss out however, sales agents do have allocated tickets so you won’t miss out. We had tickets this year, for example and they didn’t sell out straight away

    2. Hi Umut! For the 2023 GP I purchased in the general sale, and purchased 2x 2day grandstand tickets for the Waite grandstand. Granted this what was in our budget at the time, and is a cheaper stand. There was definitely availability for Riccardo when I was looking at the other options. Good luck!

  32. Hi Andrew! Do you happen to know much about the Paddock pass offerings? Do they offer single day entry or do you need to shell out for the entire weekend? I want to be in the stands – but also want the benefits like a pit walk or track tour. Any recommendations here?


    1. Just to clear things up regarding terminology.
      Paddock Club = the best trackside hospitality suite, gourmet food, open bars etc. Located above the pits. Expensive and generally only available for 3 days, sometimes Friday only access is available – but probably hard to get in Melbourne.
      Paddock Pass = VIP ticket to the F1 Paddock, the backstage area of F1. You can’t see the track from here. No hospitality. These are not sold. Only way you can get one of these is if you are invited by F1, one of the teams or buy a high-end package from F1 Experiences.
      F1 Experiences also does grandstand packages which also include some trackside activities on Thursday like a pit lane walk, driving tour of the track, sometimes also a party on Friday night with hospitality at the track. F1 Experiences also has the Champions Club in Melbourne, which is their hospitality offering. It’s cheaper than Paddock Club, and you also get a guided tour of the F1 Paddock.
      None of these packages are on sale yet for 2024, but you can register your interest here

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