Tickets – 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix

Your guide to buying tickets for the 2024 Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix, including the best grandstands at the Hungaroring.

Held outside Budapest at the height of the European summer, the Hungarian Grand Prix offers excellent spectator viewing and a laid-back atmosphere with easy access to one of the continent’s finest cities. Over 300,000 fans attended the sold out race in Hungary this year. It’s also been confirmed that the event will remain on the Formula 1 calendar until at least 2032.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was the cheapest race to attend on the entire calendar, according to our ranking of 2023 F1 ticket prices. Prices have risen for most ticket categories for 2024, but only by around 10%. Given the affordable prices and enduring popularity of the race in Hungary, we recommend securing your tickets for 2024 as soon as possible.

Where to Buy Hungary F1 Tickets?

  • We recommend buying your tickets for the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix from our preferred supplier Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Tickets are supplied via the promoter’s official allocation. When buying more than one ticket in one transaction, you will be seated together.
  • We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. Choose from grandstand seats or access to hospitality in the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club plus exclusive trackside activities and accommodation/transfers.

Best Tickets to Buy at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix?

  • Budget (€100-200): The General Admission areas at the Hungaroring offer excellent panoramic views. Alternatively, the cheapest Bronze 1 & 2 grandstands are only a little more expensive and you get a guaranteed seat for 3 days.
  • Mid-Range (€200-500): Some of the best grandstands at the Hungaroring are located on the final corner, including Silver 3-4 and Red Bull. Gold 4 offers excellent views of the first corner, while Super Gold (the only covered grandstand) will keep you out of the sun/rain and offers views of the pits and start. Another good choice are the “3 Corner Hopping” tickets that let you sit in a different grandstand on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hospitality (>€500): The hospitality offer at the Hungaroring is not particularly extensive, though the VIP Fan Lounge (2-day package from €1760 EUR) offers great views and very affordable pricing. The Champions Club by F1 Experiences (3-days for $3,299 USD) is recommended for all-inclusive hospitality above the pits and access to insider activities, while the more expensive Formula 1 Paddock Club (3 days from $7,499 USD) offers the ultimate hospitality experience in Hungary. See below for more information.

Hospitality Suites at the Hungaroring

VIP Fan Lounge

Located at the top of the Super Gold Grandstand opposite the pits and starting grid, the VIP Fan Lounge offers some of the most competitively priced hospitality on the current F1 calendar. As well as a 3-day seat in the Super Gold grandstand, you’ll also enjoy full catering on Saturday and Sunday, with a buffet breakfast and lunch, snacks and an open bar serving coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer and wine. Tickets are available for €1,760 EUR.

Champions Club by F1 Experiences

Located at the pit exit and in the same building as the Paddock Club, the Champions Club is an excellent mid-priced hospitality suite at the Hungaroring that also offers a guided tour of the F1 Paddock and special guest appearances. Priced from $3,299 USD for 3-day access (also available with Super Gold seating).

Formula 1 Paddock Club

The best VIP hospitality in Hungary is found in the Paddock Club, above the pits. Enjoy gourmet seated meals, activations, guest appearances and daily pit lane walks. 3-Day Paddock Club tickets in the F1 Experiences suite are priced from $7,499 USD – more expensive Legend Ticket Packages also include a VIP Paddock Pass for one day and priority access to the post-race podium.

Hungaroring Grandstands

Given the natural contours of the circuit, most of the grandstands at the Hungaroring offer decent elevated views of the action – some over more than one corner. We think the best views can be found above the final corner, including Silver 3-4 and the Red Bull Grandstand. See below for a full analysis of every grandstand at the Hungarian Grand Prix, including video views of each.

Bronze 1

Bronze 1 is an excellent value grandstand. Worth it for the numbered seat and the view of Turn 5, a fourth gear right hander taken at around 220km/hr. One disadvantage of the Bronze grandstands is that they are a long way from the main Fanzone behind the Super Gold grandstand (approx. 30 minute walk)

Bronze 2

Bronze 2 is the better of the two Bronze grandstands. You’ll have a decent view of the cars taking turn 6. The disadvantage of the Bronze seats in general is that you have a long walk to the hub of the action and F1 village behind the main straight grandstands.

Silver 1

Silver 1 is the smallest of these grandstands, offering 1900 seats close to the exit of turn 14. As well as a ringside view of the circuit’s final turn, you’ll also get a distant view of turn 12, the pit entry, pit straight and back of the grid for the race start.

Silver 2

Silver 2 is a little further away from the final corner, closer to the pits. This grandstand is good value compared to the Gold grandstands further along the pit straight. On the downside, views are obscured by the advertising banner across the track.

Silver 3 Grandstand

Silver 3 wraps around the final turn 14 bend. Depending on where you sit, you will have a better view of turns 12-13 and pit entry or the exit of turn 14 and up the pit straight. As with all the Silver Grandstands (apart from Silver 5), this is a solid choice for a first time visitor to the Hungaroring.

Silver 4 Grandstand

Silver 4 is set further back from the circuit behind the Redbull grandstand. With greater elevation than the other Silver grandstands, Silver 4 provides an excellent panoramic view of turns 12-14 and the pit straight. Recommended. 

Red Bull Grandstand

The Redbull Grandstand is right in the middle of the cluster of grandstands around turn 14. Located between Silver 1 and 3, you’ll get a distant front-on view of the straight between turns 11 and 12, as well as the final two corners and along the pit straight. A good choice, not only for Redbull fans.

Silver 5 Grandstand

Silver 5 is located on the short straight between turns 11 and 12, is the cheapest grandstand in this category. From the higher rows,  you will also have a distant view from turns 9-10 through to 13-14. If you can afford it, we recommend paying a little extra for any of the other Silver grandstands (or Red Bull) instead.

Super Gold Grandstand

Super Gold is the only covered stand at the Hungaroring; good for keeping out of the hot summer sun!  Super Gold is located across from the start-finish line, top teams pit garages and podium. Great seats for the race build-up and start, but you won’t see much in the way of on-track action.

Please Note: There are two categories of Super Gold, with seats in Rows 1-12 cheaper because views are obscured by the catch fencing and you may not be able to see over the high pit wall at the Hungaroring. Buy the more expensive seats if you can!

Gold 1 Grandstand

Gold 1 is located on the pit straight, opposite the pits of the top teams and next to the start/finish line. This grandstand is good for pits action and the race start, but go for the similarly priced Silver 1-4 if you want to see more on-track action.

Gold 2 Grandstand

Gold 2 is good for pit action from the top teams, the race lead-up and start. You’ll also get a view of the cars exiting turn 14.

Gold 3

Gold 3 is located on the pit straight, closer to turn 1. It’s good for the race start and pit exit, but not much else. We don’t recommend Gold 3. Pay a bit more for Gold 4 on turn 1, or save some cash and buy a seat in one of the Silver grandstands on the last turn. 

Gold 4

Gold 4 is our pick of the Gold Grandstands. It’s located before turn 1, the best overtaking spot on the circuit. You’ll also get a great view of the race start and be close to the F1 Village behind the main grandstands on the pit straight. Highly recommended.

General Admission at the Hungaroring

Much like the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, the Hungaroring is situated in a natural amphitheater. This means that the General Admission areas offer excellent viewing opportunities, especially between turns 9 and 14. Many of the grassy GA areas are located on higher ground behind the grandstands (particularly at turn 14) so whilst the view is often quite distant, you still get the opportunity to see large swathes of the track, as well as the big TV screens for the grandstands (bring binoculars so you can follow the action). At less than €100 for 3-day tickets (cheaper with early-bird discount), these are some of the best value General Admission tickets on the current F1 calendar.

Do you have a favourite grandstand at the Hungaroring? Leave a comment below!

251 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix”

  1. Hi, we sat in Gold 4 in 2015 with Gootickets. We were on in Section K Row 9. This year we’d like to be left and higher.

    Can I ask fro your video what your exact seat section was and who provided it as many providers get bulked in the one area.

    We’re looking for section C or D and quite high to see the action once around the turn just like the video.

    Appreciate it


    1. Hi Jason, thanks for getting in touch. Honestly, I am not sure of the section. Back in 2014 when this video was taken, they still had Free Friday at the Hungaroring, which meant you could sit in any grandstand you wanted on that day (didn’t have it last year, trying to find out right now about 2016). For tickets, we bought via the official ticket agency for the event – GPTicketShop – they should have the best selection of tickets for Gold 4. Good luck and enjoy the race, maybe we will see you there!

      1. Philip van Rijk

        Speaking of the rows Andrew! This year I will be on the first row of gold 1. Does this mean I am at the row closest or furthest from the track?

        Hope to hear from you!

        Greetings philip

  2. Jason, when you say left and higher , what section would that be? As planning my first Grand Prix this year in Hungary as part of my Birthday treat..

  3. We had super gold tickets for the 2015 gp, and if you’re into the whole pit strategy part of the race, these seats are great.

    Does anybody know if you have access to the GA areas with a gold grandstand ticket in Hungary?

    1. Hi Thomas. Yes, you have access to all the GA areas if you have a grandstand ticket (all grandstand tickets offer GA access). I am not a huge fan of the pit straight tickets, but yes, they are good for the pit strategy (plus start/finish). I prefer the final corner grandstands personally.

  4. is there a free friday this yeaar?
    I have bronze 2 ticket and was hoping to watch FP1or2 form start finish seats :D

    1. Sorry Ivan, but I don’t think there will be Free Friday this year. This was discontinued in 2015 and I haven’t seen any information that it will be returning. But you never know your luck; it can be easier to get into the grandstands on Friday if you ask nicely or get lucky when the security are not looking:)

  5. We went to Budapest last year for the GP, and had a Gold 3 corner ticket – really good value, got to see a lot of the track, and being on the start/finish on race day was excellent. Wish other tracks did it.

    1. Thanks Kirsty, good feedback! That’s got us inspired to do some research into an article on circuits that offer 3-corner tickets. Cheers!

    1. Hi Dan, I’m not sure such a plan exists online. You could ask GPTicketshop directly, as they are the official tickets partner.

  6. Me and my son have got Row 20, Section 4 in Gold 4, think this is near the top which should be fab. How long is the walk from the shuttle bus? 1/2 hour?

    1. You’ll have a great view from those seats! I’ve never taken the shuttle bus myself, but it will probably be at least a 30 minute walk. If your legs are tired, I think you will find a taxi for that short distance as well.

  7. Hello! Can’t wait for the weekend! Question: I only can see that it’s free parking with a grandstand ticket. Googled it, checked all the FAQ’s but just can’t find it. What about the general admission ticket, can i park for free or can i get a ticket somewhere? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Chris, FREE parking for all ticketholders. I cannot remember any checks whatsoever, so probably you could park without a ticket as well. just turn up and park!

  8. Doy know if we can enter wih flags? I mean i am a little bit concern for the pipe holder of the flag. Is there any problems with the security.
    And also do you know which gates they open after the end of the race to step foot on the track?

    1. Hi Ivan, you should be fine with the flag, but I cannot guarantee. I think they open gates at the final corner, main straight and near turn 1 to let you on to the track after the race. Enjoy!

  9. Hi, there seems to be a huge difference in price between the Super Gold (rows 1-12) tickets and the cost of just Super Gold tickets. Is it just because you do not have a good view of the pits if you sit from row 1-12?

    1. Hi Ellie, that’s pretty much correct. The pitwall is quite high in Budapest, so below row 12 you can’t really see into the pits. You will also have the catch fencing getting in the way.

      1. thanks for the reply. In your honest opinion do you think its worth the extra £150 (for 2 tickets) to sit in gold 4, or as you can see the screens in Super Gold its not too much difference viewing wise

  10. Hello! I also have a question regarding seats. If you buy a ticket for the Bronze seats, do you also have acces to “General Acces”? This is just in case we want to take a walk and see other corners. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Gina, yes you do! It’s a good idea to buy the Bronze seats so you have somewhere to sit for the race. The rest of the time you can wander around the General Admission areas. Enjoy!

  11. Hi Andrew,
    I was about to buy the Bronze 1 ticket when I found your site.
    You seem to recommend the Bronze 2 over B1 as a better option. My logic would say that we would have better view of the cars taking corner 6 instead of seeing the cars going in a straight line.

    What would be your main reason for the Bronze 2 seats?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi, I don’t really have a strong preference for either Bronze grandstand. They are both outstanding value, the cheapest grandstands at a European Grand Prix.

      1. I had a feeling that’s the case. I will flip a coin then :) Thanks for the quick response! Christmas present sorted!

  12. Buying tickets from for 2018. It says that tickets can not be posted outside Hungary, is this normal? Is this the official seller?

      1. I was redirected there from, do you think it’s a doggy website then? This seems like a big think to alert people about if it is a scam. Visited their Facebook account and it’s hungarian or poor English. Not getting a good vibe from them.

  13. I’ve booked tickets for silver 5. Will they allocate our seats or is it sit anywhere within the silver 5 grandstand. Will they sit us together?

    1. Hello, you didn’t state where you bought the tickets from, so I cannot answer your question. Please contact the ticket agency where you bought the tickets.

  14. Hi, I bought tickets for the Red Bull stand this year. I just received them by post and we’re seated at section A, row 27. Do you by any chance know where section A is located on the Red Bull tribune?

    1. Sorry Nikki, I’m not exactly sure if section A is closer to the start/finish line or the other way around. Row 27 should be quite high in the stand. Either way, I think you’ve chosen a good place to watch the action at the Hungaroring!

  15. Hi there. Firstly, thank you very much for the website, which has so far been an informative and useful one-stop shop for me.

    In the last few days I’ve bought a (3-day) ticket in Silver 2 from Gootickets. However, I also noticed (before buying) that GPticketshop (the one you’re directed to from the official Hungaroring website) is instead showing all Silver grandstand options (except Silver 6 I think) as sold out. Therefore, is there a risk of my transaction “bouncing” due to lack of availability? And, if so, when am I likely to be informed of this? Any steer/advice you have is welcome.

    1. If you’ve paid for the tickets, you have nothing to worry about. Gootickets is the same company from Monaco (Platinium) that supplies official F1 Tickets. They get allocations for each race, so I guess they still had tickets available when they sold to you. Enjoy the Hungarian GP!

  16. Hi,

    we bought 2 tickets for Gold 1 Rows 1-12 for this year’s GP. Does it mean that I wasted more than 500€ for nothing, as I won’t be able to see anything from there?

    1. Depends. If you have row 1, you will be near the noise the most, but with less overview and yes, no view into the pits. Higher row-numbers means higher up the grandstands and also more overview, less noise and more people who can block you view. :-)

  17. Hi, can you tell me what level of ticket gets you access to the Formula 1 village at the Hungarian Grand Prix? Regards Chris

    1. Chris, not sure what you mean about “Formula 1 village.” If you mean the F1 Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand, then anyone can go there. If you mean the F1 Paddock behind the pits, then access there is very restricted. F1 Experiences does offer some packages with access to the F1 Paddock. Please email me if you want more info about this.

  18. Hi,
    I have just received our tickets for Hungarian GP. The seats are in Red bull corner, section J, row 1. Are they OK?

    1. Not sure about section, but row 1 is probably at the front. Not the best, as you won’t have so much elevation to see more of the track. Red Bull is an excellent grandstand!

  19. Hi, We have bought tickets for Bronze Grandstand. Just wondering if the seats are numbered as it looks like benches in the pictures?


  20. Hi there,

    We have a 2 weekend silver ticket?
    Is it allowed to take my wife on saturday training and my daughter on the sunday race?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Alex, the dates for the Hungarian GP are highly unlikely to change, but if you want to be on the safe side, you should wait until October 12. This is when the FIA World Motorsports Council will meet to approve the 2019 F1 calendar.

      1. Thank you, its more surrounding the airline tickets.
        as its highly unlikely, what would the grounds be for the FIA council to change the dates> presuming if it classed with another event in the FIA calendar

  21. Hi, was thinking of getting my partner tickets for 2019 Hungary race. Can’t secide between general admission or bronze? What are the different between the two? Do you still get to see enough with general admission, are you able to access the track after the race? Can you access the fan zone with general admission.


    1. Hi Heather, just buy the Bronze tickets. The current prices are 76 EUR for 3-day Bronze and 72 EUR for 3-day General Admission. But you get a grandstand seat with Bronze, and you can still go wherever you want in the General Admission areas. So you get the best of both worlds, even if you only use your grandstand seat for the race.

  22. Hi. I was on the Hungarian GP last year at bronze sector. Now all the tickers at this sector are sold out for the next year ;/ I wonder if that was all the tickets avaliable in this sector, or after 31st of december (when the discount will be ended) there will be additional tickets avaliable in higher prices? Now I don’t know what to do (buy general admision entrance or quite expensive tickets for Silver 5 sector which aren’t the most interesting, I think)
    I didn’t expect that Kubica’s comeback will bring this kind of problem at the beginning of december :) Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Mario, I’m afraid the tickets are already sold out (to Kubica fans mainly!) and there will not be anymore. I like the General Admission area at the Hungaroring, but I guess it will be busy next year. Otherwise, just get a grandstand seat on the last corner. Silver 3 costs only 156 EUR till end of December and it’s a great view from there.

  23. Hello Andrew! What do you think, will there be grandstand tickets to buy at race day or quali-day, at the gate or outside the track?

    1. Hi, I wouldn’t take the risk, especially if Robert Kubica starts the 2019 season strongly. The Poles could cause a sell out in Hungary! Better to buy in advance.

  24. Hi Andrew, i hope it will be my first time at F1 this year. Please tell me, will be general admission tickets available even on june/july?

    1. Hi Konrad, I think you should buy the tickets now. If Kubica starts the new season well, I think the race will sell out before June. I’d buy the Bronze 1 or 2 grandstand – the price is only a few EUR more than General Admission, and you will have your own seat to watch the race. You can still watch from the General Admission areas. Pozdrawiam!

  25. Hi Andrew,

    I was looking at taking my son to the Grand Prix who is in a wheelchair. I know they only sell wheelchair seating in Gold 3. Do you know what the seating is like as im struggling to find any information on the seats. Cheers

    1. Sorry Stuart, I don’t know exactly how the wheelchair section in Gold 3 looks like. I suggest contacting the circuit – I’m sure they will reply ([email protected]). The one thing I would say is that it gets very hot in the sun at the circuit, so take precautions. Gold 3 is not covered – Supergold is the only covered grandstand at the Hungaroring.

  26. Hello Andrew!

    As my boyfriend is a big fan of F1 and especially Robert Kubica, I would like to buy the tickets for Hungarian GP for his birthday. This will be our first GP and I am wondering which tickets to buy. I have to choose between 3 corner Red Bull (Gold1,SuperGold,RedBull) or just a RedBull grand stand for a weekend. Could you advise best option? Is the 3 corner worth to buy just to see friday and saturday in Gold perspective? It is almost two times more expensive than just a Red Bull granstand for a weekend and I am not sure if it is really worth it.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and regards from Poland ;)

    1. Czesc Anna! Great idea, I’m sure your boyfriend will be very happy with this birthday present :) I would buy the Red Bull Grandstand – you have the option of paying 20 EUR extra on Friday to sit in another grandstand, and you can also walk around the General Admission areas at any time. The views from the Red Bull grandstand are really good!

  27. Hi Andrew.

    Great website you have here! I am looking to come to the GP for the first time ever and was wondering about where best to sit.

    it seems as if only silver 6 is avaiailable now at a price around £170. I can’t find much information about these as i’m presuming its a new stand. Could you give me your thoughts and if it is worth the money or stick with the general admission or bronze stands?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Amish, yes Silver 6 is a new grandstand. Not the best location, but all the other Silver ones (good ones on final corner) are sold out. Also Bronze tickets sold out. General Admission is good, but I’d prefer to have a seat for race day and not battle all the other fans for a view of the action!

  28. Hi Andrew,

    I’ll be visiting the Hungarian Grand Prix this year (Silver 4) and had two quick questions: I have a ticket for the full weekend, but the pitlane walk will be on Thursday, can I access the circuit on Thursday with my fri-sun ticket?
    Also, last year I went to the Spanish Grand Prix, where I was able to access the Gold grandstand with a Silver ticket on both Friday and Saturday. Do you know if this is the case with the Hungarian Grand Prix as well?

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hello. Yes you can go to the pitlane walk on Thursday if you have a weekend ticket. Hungary no longer has “Free Friday” where you can sit in different grandstands. But you can purchase access to a different grandstand on Friday for around 20 EUR – not sure of exact details, but you should be able to pay at the circuit on the day for this.

  29. Hi, I want to buy 2 tickets but I can’t do it from official F1 site, because you have to be 21 years old. But when I want to buy them from I only have to be 18. So my question is: do I have to be 21 to enter the track on my own, or just 18? Or if I’m 19 do I need to be with someone who is at least 21?


  30. Since choices are limited now what are the Silver Grid Grandstand seats like?

    1. If you mean Silver 1 and 2 on the main straight, these are still pretty good seats. Not as good as the ones on the final corner, but still decent!

  31. The Sunday ticket gives access to GP2 and GP3? How the “pick up” ticket collection method works?

    1. Yes, you can watch all the on-track action (now called Formula 2 and Formula 3, plus Porsche supercup). There’s normally a ticket collection booth next to the gate at the circuit. You’ll need to bring passport or ID to collect your tickets

  32. Hello. Can i have a backpack with water in plastic bottle + digital camera with set of lenses? Michal

  33. Mate your page is unreal! im just wondering, is there an option of being able to pick up tickets at the sales booth at the race track? or are all companies just shipping tickets? id like to save some money and pick them up on the race weekend. any ideas?

    1. Hi Vlad, yes you should be able to pick up your tickets from the track – especially now with the race coming up soon! It’s a better idea in my opinion, saves issues with the post. You can pick up from the track with my company Gootickets – you need to state this in the checkout process.

  34. Hi, Cant wait for the race next week!

    There are 12 of us with general admission tickets. I’ve heard that you need to get there early to get a good spot/view and that the best place is between silver 5 and silver 6 to be able to get a good view, is this right?

    What time would we need to get there to make sure we get a good spot?

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi Emma, last time I went in GA was 2014. You can get pretty good views up on the hill behind the last corner. Sure you will get a better spot if you get there earlier, but don’t go crazy. My opinion you will still find a good spot somewhere if you get there a bit later.

  35. Hi Andrew!

    First of all, thanks so much for taking your time to answer all these questions. There’s so much useful info over here that I found reading through the comments!

    Now to my question:
    How long are the queues after the race? I know there’s a rather large one for the taxis. What about the trains (or the free buses)? How much time approximately would it take to get back to Budapest on Sunday after the race?


    1. Hi Henrikas, the queues can be really long – but that is at the peak time. Just relax at the track after the race, grab a drink and let the crowds die down. I think the train is the best way to get back after the race. I estimate the whole trip should take around 2 hours.

  36. Please tell me, are the ticket personal or anyone can use the ticket. I ask because my friend got ill….

  37. can i get tickets on friday for general admission, are they limited seats, because someone tell me there are solt out, please help me , ok

    1. Hi Jane, I don’t believe General Admission tickets are sold out. You should be able to buy a weekend GA ticket for 90 EUR at the track.

  38. Stathis Ballas

    Hi Andrew!
    nice work with your site!
    we will be travelling to Budapest tomorrow with 2 little kids for the GP with GA admission
    we will be arriving by car
    what is your opinion about GA views with kids as well as the easiest way to come and go by car
    thank you for your time

  39. Is it possible to buy 1 day grandstand tickets for the Friday or Saturday, an if so what is the price range. These do no t seem to be advertised on the F1, gootickets or other websites but I did see mention (perhaps a few years ago) that they could be bought at the circuit on the day

    1. I don’t believe so Mick. Not that I’m aware of. What you can do is buy an upgrade to a grandstand, definitely on Friday. For example, if you have General Admission, you can buy an upgrade to selected grandstands on Friday for around 20 EUR.

  40. What you think about the 3 corner Ticket with Sunday a place in Gold 4?
    It is Friday Silver 5 – Saturday Silver 1 and Sunday Gold 4. I like the idea to seat at different points during the weekend.
    Gold 4 for the whole weekend has the same price with 297€.

    Any experience? I just think having a seat at Silver 5 and Silver 1 on Friday and Saturday also offers great value.

    1. Yes, I like the 3-corner tickets in Hungary. It’s good to have some variety. The only issue is that none of these grandstands are covered and it gets really hot in Budapest! Don’t forget your hat (Only the Super Gold Grandstand opposite the pits is covered, by the way)

  41. Hi,
    Which do you feel is a better grandstand. Silver 3, silver 4 or the Red Bull one? And which has a better view of the TV screens?


    1. Hi Julian, not much between Silver 3 or Red Bull. I’m not sure about which has the best view of TV, but would be Red Bull or Silver 3. (Silver 4 is higher up on the hill)

  42. Hello,

    I bought two tickets for Gold 2 Rows 1-12 separately. I bought one at the end of 2019 and the other 10 days ago. Is there a chance that we can sit together? Are those seats numbered?


    1. Yes, the seats are numbered. I suggest contacting the ticket company who you purchased from and explaining the situation – hopefully they can give you the seats together. If that doesn’t work, you can always ask the people in the seats to move when you are at the race. Good luck!

  43. Hi,
    are there any information if there will be spectators at next season’s races because of coronavirus? It is still not possible to buy tickets on the official website or have any information (except for e-mail notification about tickets). How is it possible that tickets are already sold on gp1tickets, and there is no any information about selling tickets on the official website? I plan to buy tickets for the Budapest GP. Is parking there free?

    1. Hi Dora, thanks for your questions. Yes, there is a plan for spectators to return to the track next year. The CEO of Formula 1 has said this. However, I think there are more likely to be some restrictions during the first half of 2021. The “F1 tickets” store is just a reseller, like other similar companies. Yes, they are affiliated with F1, but the “official” place to get tickets is direct from each circuit or the company that the circuit appoints. Currently, tickets are on sale for 8 races out of 23 next year – mainly in the second half of the year. You will see on our website that tickets are already on sale for the Hungarian GP. We recommend Grand Prix Tickets, who will provide you with a refund in case the event is cancelled or run without spectators. Prices are also 15% cheaper when you buy before the end of the year. When it comes to booking accommodation or flights etc, I also recommend you book with free cancellation or free change so that you don’t lose money if the race is cancelled or runs without spectators. I hope that helps! As for parking at the Hungaroring, yes it is free. More information in Trackside

      1. Is there anything to prove they will provide a refund?

        On their terms and conditions it states:

        “GPT is only a ticket agent and not liable for the reimbursement of admission charges. Should an event be cancelled, GPT will make every effort to arrange a refund by the promoter.”

        Might be worth reflecting that in the comment unless I’m missing something :)

        1. Hi Harley, I guess GPT has to legally say this in their terms and conditions. The reality is that we are all at the mercy of the promoter when it comes to tickets. The promoter is responsible for providing refunds (either to individual buyers or to ticket agents). The issue we saw with many ticket agents in 2020, and the reason why we changed to GPT, is that a lot of agents were receiving a 100% refund from the promoter but then retaining 10-20% for themselves and not giving it all back to the ticket buyers. We know that GPT will not do this. I should say there is no reason not to believe that the promoter in Hungary won’t provide 100% refunds next year – but I can say that I know the French GP promoter will not. Instead they will only transfer tickets to the following year of the event, or another event at Paul Ricard. When I update our “French GP tickets” page, I’ll be sure to state clearly that policy. Hope this helps.

  44. Steve Mumford

    Hi, very useful site, thank you.

    I have tickets for this year’s race, does anyone know a decision date as to whether spectators will be allowed?


    1. The organizers are selling tickets and currently planning for a full – or close to full capacity. Of course something can change in the meantime, but I understand that is the current plan.

  45. Hello,
    I have been searching For information regarding The requirements and coldn’t find it. Do you know if the spectators have to be vaccinated? If not, I assume we have to provide a negative PCR test?

    1. Hi Eve, I think entry requirements haven’t been published for the Hungarian GP. But it seems that the general rule of thumb is that you will need either to show you are vaccinated, recently recovered or provide negative PCR test (less than 72 hours old) to gain entry to the circuits this year.

  46. Hi,

    Can Paddock Club tickets in Hungary be used by different individuals on Saturday and Sunday? If not, do you know of anyone who sells single day Paddock Club tickets for Sat or Sun only (not Friday)?


    1. I don’t know of any outlets that only sell Paddock Club tickets for Saturday and Sunday. I don’t believe there will be any issue with different people using the same Paddock Club pass on Saturday and Sunday, but best check when you purchase the tickets.

  47. Hello, is it guaranteed that the “weekend general admission tickets” are going to be available at on-site ticket sale offices on Saturday morning (Hungarian GP 2021)? Or is there any maximum capacity for the “general admission” tickets here?

    Thank you :)

  48. Stefan Minić

    Hello, thanks for this helpful website! I would like to know, does my Bronze 2 tickets provide me entry to General Admission?

  49. Hi, I’m thinking about going to the Hungarian gp next year. What seats are most worth their money? I was thinking about Red Bull or one of the Silver grandstands. Which would you recommend?

    Also if I buy 2 tickets at the same time, will we be seated next to each other?

    1. Hi Anne, I think the grandstands on the final corner like Red Bull and Silver 3 give the best views at the Hungaroring – and the prices are pretty good! Yes, if you buy two tickets in one transaction you will be seated together.

  50. Which one of those two would you recommend more? And would you consider Silver 1 being as good as the Red Bull and Silver 3 grandstands? Or what’s the difference?

    At it says that you’ll be able to see the boxes and award ceremony from the Red Bull grandstand. As far as I’ve seen it seems quite far away. Do you have any info regarding that?

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Anne, I’d personally choose Silver 3 or Red Bull. Silver 1 is closer to the grid and pits, but still some distance away. Honestly, I think you will have good views from all these grandstands

  51. Hi, I’m looking to get Hungarian gp tickets for 2022, I wondered what grandstands you recommend? I was looking at silver 3 but wondered if any of the bronze ones are worth it too.
    Also where is best to buy these tickets? And if we can’t make it for whatever reason do they normally refund or postpone to next year? Which ticket company’s have done that? (Eg covid restrictions etc)

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Amy, I think Silver 3 is a very good choice (the other grandstands on the final corner like Silver 4 and Red Bull are also good). Bronze seats are fine, but they are on the other side of the track – better to be closer to the action near the start/finish straight – the F1 Fanzone is also behind the Main Grandstand. Refund or postponement of tickets is available with our supplier Grand Prix Tickets, but not for “whatever reason.” Here is the purchase link for tickets.

          1. Hi there, thanks for your really helpful information on this page. I’ve used the link you gave above to purchase 2 tickets for the 2022 Hungarian GP and I wanted to ask do you know if the tickets are going to be posted or emailed out from Grand Prix Tickets? I’m also nervous as I haven’t received a confirmation email, and the site won’t let me screenshot the confirmation there for “security reasons”, can you put my mind at ease?

          2. Hi Peggy. you will be issued with e-tickets for the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix. Normally these don’t get sent to you until around 2-4 weeks before the race. But you should have received a confirmation email. Please contact GPT for the confirmation – rest assured I can see your transaction on the system, so perhaps there is just a delay in sending you the confirmation. Thanks for supporting us!

  52. Hello. It will be my 1st time to a F1 GP and from the research i did for tickets i am between GOLD 1 or GOLD 4. The question is, if i buy GOLD 4 will i get to see the start of the race even with binoculars? Or the opposite, if i buy GOLD 1 will i have a view to turn 1 (hairpin)? Which one would you recommend?

    1. Hi Andreas, Gold 4 has views of Turn 1 and this is the best overtaking spot at the circuit, so a really good place to watch. Gold 1 you won’t see the first corner, but you will see the cars coming around the last turn – but this is better for seeing the pits and the podium etc. I’d go for Gold 1. Alternatively, the cheaper Silver grandstands on the final corner are also good

      1. thanks a lot for the reply. after some thinking i made and now seeing your reply that matches my thought i’ll go for gold 1. i’ll have the giant screen to see the rest action anyway.

  53. Hi there, thanks for your really helpful information on this page. I’ve purchased 2 tickets from for the 2022 Hungarian GP in the Silver 3 grandstands and I wanted to ask if we can stay where we choose or our seats will be assigned. Also where are the good places in the Silver 3?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Thanks Alex, glad you like the content. Sadly, you didn’t support our website by buying tickets through the company we recommend, so I cannot help you further. You will need to ask specific questions to the company you purchased the tickets from. Andrew

  54. Hi,
    we are slighlty late but were hopping to buy tickets to the Hunagrian GP. One of the few grandstands that aren’t sold out and fits our badget is Super Gold rows 1-12, but you say to avoid them if possible. How bad is the view? Because I watched a couple of youtbe videos and it doesn’t seem that bad.

    1. Hi Marios, I wouldn’t recommend against buying Super Gold 1-12 tickets, especially if many of the better grandstands are already sold out. Super Gold is still in the heart of the action, so you have a great atmosphere and a view for the start etc.

  55. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for all the info here, myself and two others are coming to the Grand Prix this year and this page has been extremely helpful. I’ve been looking on the site you recommend here for tickets. We are after Silver 3 or 4 ideally but can see they’re sold out, is there a chance more tickets get released closer to the event or do you recommend just taking what’s available now in Silver 6 or General Admission


    1. Hi Luke, just checking our ticket shop now and it seems that Silver 4 is still available. This is a good choice, but Silver 6 is also a good location – anywhere on the final corner is a great place to watch the action, in my opinion. Nothing wrong with General Admission in Hungary, except it is nice to have a seat on Sunday when it gets crowded for the race. In that case, you could also buy a cheap Bronze 1 or 2 ticket – even if you spend most of the weekend in General Admission, it’s good to have a seat for the race.

  56. Thanks for this Andrew, It seems there’s only 1 ticket left for Silver 4, unless I’m missing something ? If Silver 6 is a good option we will go ahead with this but is there usually a good view of the large TV screens here to watch the rest of the action ?

  57. Hi, I’ve found this site to be an invaluable resource in trying to plan an F1 trip. Taking my father for his 70th birthday to either Hungary or France this year. Probably left it a bit late for tickets so only realistic option for us for Hungary is General Admission. Think Hungary likely the better race, but a bit concerned about being out in 30°+ heat all day and being able to find a good spot to watch in Hungary, with having read about needing to get there at 7am etc. Also read about difficulties of getting away from Hungaroring. Given cost of Budapest flights vs cost of Marseille flights we could afford Grandstand in France within budget and have shade and a guaranteed seat. Also seems traffic problems of 2018 have been better. I know this is subjective, but what is likely to provide the better experience – GA at Hungary or Grandstand at France? Don’t know whether France might feel like a bit more of a “premium” experience with having a seat.
    Any/all advice appreciated!

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your kind words.
      We do still have Super Gold tickets in Hungary available in our ticket shop – this is the main grandstand on the pit straight, and it’s covered. Hungary is not too bad getting away after the race, especially if you are not in a hurry. Let the initial exodus happen, stay and enjoy the post-race atmosphere. Then it shouldn’t be too hard to get a taxi.
      I’ve also been to France and was really impressed (2019). This race has a lower number of spectators, so it just feels a bit more relaxed. But heat will be a problem in both France and Hungary at this time of year.
      For sure you will spend less in Hungary for a good hotel and eating out etc. Budapest is a very cool and historic city too (but so is Marseille!)
      Tough choice, let me know if you have any more specific questions.

  58. Is PODIUM a new stand? Cause it doesn’t appear on your map, but you can still buy tickets over there.

    1. Yes, it is a new stand. I’ve updated the map on this post. PODIUM has a very good location up on the hill overlooking the final corner – it should be a good one!

  59. Hi Andrew, I have a question.

    If I have grandstand ticket Bronze 1-2 for a weekend, can I go to General Admission areas? Because part of my friends have ticket there (general admission), and I would like to invite them.

    Thank you so much for answering.

    1. Yes, of course you can. At most circuits (apart from those which have zones), you are free to walk around the General Admission areas – even if you have a grandstand seat.

  60. Dear, general admission areas are sold :( What to do? Whether there will be additional tickets or not?

    Can i find tickets on day of race?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, the race is basically a sell out. I don’t think more tickets will become available, sorry. You may find tickets from scalpers on the day of the race, but not recommended – prices could be much higher and no guarantee of authenticity. Probably your only hope now is to buy on the secondary market, sites like Stubhub or Viagogo. I don’t normally recommend these sites, but they are probably your only hope right now

  61. Hi Andrew, great information on this website and very helpful in understanding the different tracks and experiences.

    I can’t seem to find the exact date when tickets were first available for purchase for the 2022 race. Do you recall the date? We are planning for next year and wanted to have an idea of when tickets on your recommended site might be available for 2023’s race.

    We’re still undecided whether to go to Hungary, France or Monza, but plenty of time to work it out!

    1. Hi Zara, Hungary tickets go on sale quite early. For 2023, tickets should be available before October this year. They are always about 15% cheaper till the end of the year too, hopefully for 2023 as well

    1. I think not, but in the last few years it was possible on Friday to buy grandstand access for a cheap price, about 20 EUR for some of the grandstands. Perhaps this option will be available this year but I’m not sure as the event is basically a sell out

  62. Richie Murphy

    Hi Andrew,
    Apparently there are no more tickets available for this years race. My three friends and I have flights and accommodation booked but can’t get tickets.
    Will more be released in the lead up to the race?

    1. I don’t think more tickets will be released, but I guess there is a chance. Otherwise, I think you need to look at buying tickets on a resale platform like Seat Geek, Viagogo, Stubhub.

  63. Andrew Brindley Guy

    Hi Andrew
    Top site thank you for all the great info. I’m going to Hungary for the 1st time this year and wondered if you had any top tips, I’ve done Silverstone 6 times with my daughter (whos 16 this year), so she’s going along with my Wife (her 1st GP so we tagged it on to a holiday. We have general admission tickets as we weren’t quick enough off the mark to get a grandstand. I also wanted to know what type of entertainment to expect after the race, is it like Silverstone with bands etc as I didn’t want to rush off due to the long wait.
    Many thanks Andrew

    1. Hi Andrew, Hungary is a favourite race of mine. I’ll be working there next weekend with F1 Experiences. I think you will find lots of tips by reading all the posts in our travel guide, but feel free to ask any specific questions. As for post-race entertainment, there’s not normally a concert after the race. But it should still be lively in the Fanzone after the race. Definitely don’t be in a hurry to leave with everyone else.

  64. Hi,
    Great site! We have tickets for Podium this year. Am hoping to take photos but see its high up. Happy for the views though. Will there be chances to get closer, perhaps not necessarily during the Sunday. (we have weekend tickets)?
    Also, the terms and conditions seem a little confusing. No alcohol…but you can take in beer? Do they mean non-alcoholic beer? Three sandwiches…does this mean 3 packets? Would we be able to take in any other food – fruit, salad, sweets etc. We don’t mind paying but not keen on queueing up too many times in the sun to buy food.
    Many thanks – my 1st Grand Prix and I live close to Silverstone!!

    1. Hi Sharon, the Podium grandstand is new but looks like it will have very good views of the action (not sure about the views of the podium itself, however). The entry conditions do seem a little confusing. Generally, it’s a bit of a lottery with the entrance and depends on who is conducting the bag search. You should be fine with your food for personal use, but I think the 0.5 liter drink limit will be enforced.

  65. Hello Andrew. I hope you can still answer some questions. I’ve never been to an f1 race before and I want to go next year to Hungaroring with my father (it will be a gift for his birthday). I am not sure which seats to buy. Many people seem to recommend silver 3-4 and redbull seats but I am afraid that I won’t see much action/overtaking there. I am thinking about gold 4 but it’s sooooooooooo expensive. What can you recommend me? Also which is the best between silver 3, 4 and redbull seats? When I buy the seats, will I be able to pick the ones on the top or is it random?

    1. Hi Rob, the Hungaroring is a good choice. I still think the Silver and Red Bull grandstands overlooking the final corner have the best views, because you can see a large amount of the track, not only that corner. Silver 3 and Red Bull are closer to the track, while Silver 4 is more elevated and should even have a distant view of the start grid. But they are all good. You cannot pick individual seats but you can ask for high/low etc and they will try to accommodate your request. Here’s the link to our Hungary ticket shop.

  66. Hi Andrew,
    Just wanted to ask is the Hungarian GP offering the discount before the end of the like they have done previously?

  67. Hi! I am planning to attend my frist GP next year. I was wondering if it will be possible to buy a Bronze ticket only for Sunday because for now you can only buy a 3-day ticket.

    1. Hi Dagmara, I don’t think it will be possible to buy single-day tickets in the Bronze grandstands. These are actually really affordable tickets for F1. But maybe it will be possible to sell your Friday/Saturday access or let a friend go instead. Personally, I would be buying the tickets soon as they could sell out before too long.

  68. Hi,

    I was wondering if you are going to have anymore 3-corner tickets for sale for this? or if you know of any reliable sites that could possibly have them onsale?

    Thank you!

    1. Looks like we are sold out of these. I also checked the official ticket site for this race (GPticketshop) and a few other reputable resellers, and they are also sold out. Sorry. I don’t really have recommendations at this stage for secondary market sites. I’d personally just buy another pass.

  69. Hi Andrew.
    Please let me know if I can buy a ticket only for Saturday, from the ticket offices. My familly have week-tickets in Gold 1, but a friend want to come only Saturday, he has to leave Budapest for France that evening.

    1. If the event is not sold out, then yes you can buy tickets in the ticket shop at the track. However, I was there this year and the event was almost sold out. I remember some Friday tickets being available, but I think the Saturday and Sunday tickets were sold out. Of course, we don’t know how it will look next year yet.

  70. Hi Andrew, we are looking at buying either silver 3 tickets or gold 4. Which of these two options do you think would be better and do you think the gold 4 is worth the additional cost?

    1. I’d be saving my money and buying Silver 3, as I like the views from the final corner. Gold 4 is good because it’s the best overtaking spot on the track, but the location of the grandstand is not as good in my opinion and you can only see Turn 1.

    1. Good choice, General Admission at the Hungaroring is still pretty good, despite the fact that some areas have been lost to new grandstands and the crowds are larger than they used to be. Unfortunately, chairs of any description are officially not allowed inside the Hungaroring. See our Trackside post. Bring a cushion or a picnic blanked to sit on the grass

  71. Hi, we are looking at our ticket options and have:

    Lowest Price – Silver 6
    Medium Price – SuperGold (Rows 1-12)
    Highest Price – Silver 3

    Which would you recommend considering the prices? Thanks!

    1. These are all good options. If on-track action is more important to you, then choose Silver 6 or Silver 3.
      If you want to see the pits action and the race start/podium ceremony, then choose SuperGold Rows 1-12.
      Honestly, I’d probably save a bit of money and choose Silver 6 over Silver 3.
      Silver 6 still has pretty good views though not as good as Silver 3.

  72. Hi! I want to attend a GP in 2023 (my first one) and was wondering which one would provide a better experience. I’m between Spanish and Hungarian GP, which do you think is best? I’ve heard that the Spanish GP is great to attend, but the races in the Hungarian GP usually are better.
    (Imola could also work for me, but I’m thinking about going only on Sunday, since going to Italy it’s not a long trip for me).

    Your website is really great, thank you!

    1. Hi Mariana, tough decision! Spain and Hungary both good choices, though both had their issues this year in terms of overcrowding and problems getting to the track, especially Spain. If budget is an issue, then Budapest is cheaper for both tickets, accommodation and spending money. But really, I think you will have a good time at either race.

  73. from the super gold can you see the podium celebration? and does it has access to the track once the gp is done?

    1. The podium is a little to the right of the Super Gold grandstand. You will have a view, but depends on your seat as to how good the view is. Quite distant. The track is opened near the grandstand so you can do the track invasion and watch the podium ceremony.

  74. Hi Andrew , just after some advice and guidance please , we are looking at going to Hungary for the F1 (2023) race weekend but we are unsure which ticket supplier to use as most of them say ‘e tickets’ issued just a few days prior to the race . If you can offer any guidance on reliable ticket suppliers it would be appreciated , we are wanting 6x tickets for the 3 days to the super gold covered grandstand or similar on the start / finish straight .

    1. Hi Ian, e-tickets issued a week or two before the race is pretty standard now for most races on the calendar. We would of course recommend our ticket company, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT), who sell official tickets for the race. You can also check GPTicketshop. However, at this stage, tickets are starting to sell out, so I guess you would choose which company has the tickets you want. And I wouldn’t hang around making a decision.

  75. Hi Andrew, what would be your preference between the Podium, Grid and Silver 6 grandstands? They seem to be in the same price category and the only available alternatives to GA & Super Gold currently.

    Thank you!

    1. Tough choice! Grid is closest to the track and will have a view of the start, pit entry and podium. Podium is set higher up on the hill, so will have more distant but further views over larger parts of the track. I’d actually probably go for Silver 6, as it provides a good view over larger parts of the track. But really, all are good choices.

  76. Hi Andrew,
    We are looking to book some tickets for the Hungaroring 2023 and wanted to ask your opinion of the view from the new Super Bronze stand. Since it is behind Bronze 1 and 2, we are worried we may be too high up and far back from a good view of the action/screen. Have you got an insight? Otherwise we might go for the Silver 6 or a cheapish Gold stand, but the section of track near the Bronze areas seems more exciting! Thanks!

    1. I really can’t comment on the Super Bronze grandstand as it’s new. But honestly, in my opinion, the worst part about the Bronze grandstands is that they are a long way from the Fanzone (behind the Super Gold Grandstand) and so don’t have as good atmosphere. They feel a bit distant from the action, if you know what I mean. I’d personally go for one of the grandstands near the final corner. We still have Silver 6, Grid and Podium available in our ticket shop

  77. Hi Andrew,
    I’m looking to book tickets for 3 days in general admission for the 2023 Hungarian GP. Apparently they are sold out on every website. Can you help me since the GP is in 8 months, i think there is a problem.
    Thank you.

  78. Hi, Andrew

    First of all, congratulations on this website, lots of valuable information.
    My wife and are from Brazil and we have already attended twice to Brazilian GP (2021 and 2022), both times at Grandstand A and it was awesome to stay at this place: no sun after noon, great atmosphere and a lot of action was possible to see at naked eye (I’d say more than half racetrack).
    For 2023, we’re planning our first visit to Europe and the Hungarian GP fits the dates we can be in Europe, and since our home GP provides us a very nice view to the race itself, we’re looking for a more ‘premium’ experience, so we’re thinking to get the Hero Package from F1 Experiences, and here comes my questions to you:

    1) The package’s price is quite high: what it adds from the standard Supergold 3-day tickets really pays off?
    I mean, we get to walk through the Pit Lane on Thursday, but is it really possible to see cars real close, maybe even one or another driver?
    2) I understand the view from Supergold grandstand (top rows) allows us to see Pit Stops, correct?
    Overtaking at turn 1 can be seen?
    Is there any other sectors/turns from track that can be seen?
    3) We intend to access the track after the race (just like in Brazil, which is always awesome!), but watching the podium from the grandstand could be nice. From what I saw, if we stay closer to the podium, it’ll be harder to see turn 1 action. Did I get it right?
    4) If we chose not to get the Hero ticket, we’ll still going and stay at the Super Gold grandstand.
    Is there any difference between getting the tickets at F1 official website, Gootickets or GPTickets?

    I know it’s a lot of questions, but since this is going to be a huge event for us, I’d like to get all doubts covered before spending so much money and time, so your knowledge on this GP is going to be very much appreciated, and if you have further tips that’s also very welcome.

    Kind regards,

    Bruno S.

    1. Hello Bruno, thanks for the nice comments. I would love to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix one day from Grandstand A.
      Hungary is a really good choice for your first race in Europe. I love this race and city, have been five times!
      Here’s the answers to your questions.
      1) I do think the F1 Experiences packages are worth the extra money. I actually worked for F1 Experiences for the last five years. There is a public pit lane walk on Thursday as well, but it gets very crowded. The F1 Experiences pit lane walk has many less fans, and yes, you can see the cars up close, maybe even some drivers. The teams are often doing pitstop practice as well, which is aweseome to watch. Here’s a few photos from last year’s pit lane walk at the Hungaroring. Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3.
      2) Yes, you can watch the pit stops from the Super Gold grandstand. You are closer to last turn, but you won’t really see the Turn 1 overtaking – it’s too far away. You may see the cars lining up the overtakes though.
      3) I recommend going on the track for the podium ceremony, but you can get a distant view from the Super Gold grandstand. As I said above, you won’t see Turn 1 action from Super Gold. Also the podium is closer to the last turn than the first turn. Here is photo from podium ceremony, looking back – you can see the Super Gold grandstand in the background.
      4) Sounds good. Another advantage of the Super Gold is that it’s the only covered grandstand at the Hungaroring, and this is good for staying out of the hot sun. There has also been some rain in Hungary the last few seasons. No difference between the tickets from F1 Tickets, Gootickets, GP Ticketshop or our supplier, Grand Prix Ticket (GPT). Just prices are a little different, but these are all official outlets. The race is almost sold out though, so you should buy the tickets where you can find them! We still have Super Gold tickets available in our ticket shop.
      For further tips, be sure to read the rest of our Hungarian Grand Prix Travel Guide, or just ask! All the best, Andrew

      1. Hi Andrew i am looking for general admission tickers for Hungary Grand Prix is it completly sold or it will be more bundles on sale?

        1. It seems like there won’t be any more available, I’m sorry. If you are after 3-day tickets, I can see that Gootickets currently have Super Bronze tickets, which are quite affordable.

  79. I could buy the super bronze tickets on goo tickets as you’ve mentioned but would I have the opportunity to sell the general admission ticket at a later date? I bought from official F1 site.

    1. Just replied to your other related question. If you can find a buyer yourself, I think the official F1 Tickets site can help you reassign the tickets to a new buyer. This also should be possible somehow via a resale platform as I mentioned

  80. Hi Andrew, I’m looking to get seated tickets somehow. Bought GA tickets and now looking to upgrade as I’m having back issues. What would be the best way to do this? To buy seated and try resell my GA tickets or what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi James, yes you should be able to sell your tickets fairly easily on a resale platform like StubHub, Vivid Seats, etc. Sorry, I’m not an expert in such platforms. As for buying grandstand seats, you’ve left it quite late. Not many left, the event is almost sold out. In our ticket shop for Hungary, we only have Super Gold (the most expensive grandstand seats). Worth also looking at Gootickets, as they have a few other cheaper categories last time I checked.

      1. Thanks Andrew for your help. Apologies for posting twice. I couldn’t see my first comment after rechecking and thought it was deleted.

  81. Hi Andrew,

    Second time to attend this event. In 2018 free busses ran from the city centre to track and back. Is this still the case.

    Have the 3 day gold 2 tickets. Is there also still the pit walk on Fridays?


    1. No free buses any more. You can take the train, followed by a shuttle to the circuit. More info here. Attendance has increased a lot since you were last there, so plan ahead for getting to/from the circuit and be patient! As for the pit lane walk, it’s on Thursday afternoon. Not confirmed yet for 2023. Last year you had to buy a ticket for about 20 EUR, and they sold out pretty quickly. Join our mailing list (check the box for Hungary) and we will notify subscribers when the pit lane walk tickets go on sale.

  82. Hi Andrew
    Your website has gave me lots of great information! I am looking to book a surprise trip for my husband’s 30th in 2024. I want to be as organised as possible to get the seats I’m looking for. When do you reckon they will go on sale? I will probably buy one of the silver stands or red bull stand, depending on prices. Is there anything else I need to be prepared to buy? Or is the 3 day weekend ticket enough. Also, when planning my trip would arriving the Thursday and leaving the Tuesday be sufficient?
    Thanks for your help :)

    1. Hi Samantha, thanks a lot! Tickets for Hungary normally go on sale early, soon after this year’s edition of the race. So probably in August or September. Good idea on the Silver or Red Bull Grandstands. I think the stands overlooking the final corner have great views, and the prices are pretty good too. The other thing to plan is accommodation; I would be looking to reserve a room in Budapest soon after the 2024 dates are confirmed. The calendar should be announced around the same time as tickets go on sale, in August or September (but could be earlier as well). I think Thursday to Tuesday is good, as it will give you a little time to explore Budapest, which is a beautiful city. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions!

  83. Nikolai Karlsen

    Hi Andrew,

    Do you have any knowledge of
    Getting some dogy vibes. Have already bought tickets here for 2023.

  84. Max Schrader

    Hi Andrew!
    Max Schrader from Chile. Never been in a Formula 1 Gran Prix and want to invite my father to the Hungarian Gran Prix next july 2023. DO you know where can I find some 3 days tickets,preferably Silver, Bronze or general admission?
    Thank you so much, all the best!

    1. Hi Max, you are pretty late! Tickets went on sale for Hungary soon after last year’s race and have been sold out for some time. They even added a few new grandstands and these are sold out, too.
      The official ticket agent still has some Friday and Saturday tickets. Otherwise, you will need to buy on the secondary market, from a site such as Stubhub

      1. Max Schrader

        Thank you so much Andrew for your quick response. I was checking in the secondary market like Stubhub and viagogo but I dont know if the tickets are reliable and not fake ones.If you know about some tickets, dont hesitate and contact me to purchase the tickets, I really want to buy 2 tickets.
        Kind regards!

        1. I understand Max, and that is why we don’t normally recommend these sites. You should be protected by the company in case of fraud, but getting your money back won’t help you if you are at the gate and don’t have valid tickets. I will let you know if something comes up.

  85. Hi, so much fantastic content on here for first time fans so thank you! Where can you got onto the track for the podium presentation from general admission areas?

    1. Thanks! Depends where you will be watching the race, but generally they will open the gates to the track on both sides of the Super Gold grandstand, as well as near the final corner and the first corner. Be there a few laps before the end if you want to be one of the first on to the track, and get a good vantage point for the podium ceremony.

  86. Hi Andrew, my friend and I are thinking about buying GA tickets for this years GP (we found affordable ones) and this will be our first time going to a race. We are planning going by car. Is there still free parking? How long was the trip from Budapest to the track last year? I’ve seen you post a guidebook from 2018, do you have an updated one or is everything still the same?

    1. Yes, there is still free parking at the Hungaroring (though some lots are not paid – the ones closer to the track). Getting to the track from Budapest shouldn’t take that long – an hour max, even at peak times. The issue is with leaving the circuit, which can take a long time to get out of the parking lots and on to the main road. Best idea is to not be in a hurry to leave at the peak time. Hang out at the track and wait for the traffic to die down a little bit. Not many changes since 2018, apart from the same thing affecting all F1 tracks – many more spectators are attending, which puts pressure on the infrastructure etc.

  87. Hi Andrew,

    At gold 3, which row is the best? Got 1.row this year and is a litle conserned about the fence.

    1. Normally, it’s better to be up high to get more panoramic views and not have the fence blocking your view. Another way of looking at it is that you will be closer to the track action :)

  88. Hi Andrew,

    I booked up for this year’s Hungarian GP using your ticket agent GPT after reading your site last year. The booking confirmation states they will be posted to me within 4 weeks of the race (so anytime from now), at my risk. Do you know if they are physically posted out or will they be sent electronically?

    Also what is the Hungarian GP like for entertainment etc after the main Saturday and Sunday events? Is there much worth hanging around for (music, rides etc), to let the traffic die down or would you suggest just heading back to Budapest once qualifying and race are finished?

    1. You will receive e-tickets via email. There are no concerts in the fanzone after quali or the race, as far as I’m aware. But you can still hang around, and the bars will be open. Not sure how you are getting to/from the circuit, but it generally is a good idea to let the crowds/traffic die down a bit

  89. Hi Andrew, do you know anywhere that i can get Thursday Pit Lane walk tickets, they seem to be sold out everywhere. Thank you

  90. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for all the useful information on your site, it is our first F1 attendance and it was very helpful.
    As we got seats in Gold 3, section A, row 2, I would like to know if it happens to be close to the Fan Zone? And the view, will it be ok from there, the fence is not obstructing it, I wonder?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello, Gold 3 is very close to the Fanzone, which is behind the Super Gold grandstand (Super Gold is next to Gold 3). As for your view, I believe Row 2 is very close to the track. This means that it is not very high, and the fence will probably be obstructing your view, sorry

  91. Hello Andrew,

    Can you give me some more details about buying a Thursday Pit Lane tickets? When were the tickets available this year and on what websites was possible to buy them? Those tickets are available for weekend ticket holders but how would they know I have the 3-day ticket? Is it required to give some additional info regarding GA tickets for example when buying the pit lane one? Also, I read somewhere that we need the wristband but not sure where to get it.

    Sorry for so many questions, but it is confusing to find all the info. You are the only one who is helping us for years now. Thanks for all the help Andrew, you’re the best!

    1. Hi Lucy, the tickets went on sale about one month before the race. Main outlets for the tickets was We also had some tickets via our supplier. When you are buying they don’t check if you already have 3-day tickets, but they check on the day when you go in – you had to bring both tickets to the track to get in on Thursday. Yes, you have to get a wristband on Thursday from the parking area next to the main gate. You don’t need to get a wristband for Friday to Sunday.

  92. Hi,
    I have bought two 3-days tickets in the Red Bull Grandstand on the Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) website. Someone told me that I can contact the website to choose the exact seats. So, do you know what are the best seats (block, row and seats numbers) in the Red Bull grandstand?
    Thank you very much in advance for your help.

  93. Hi Andrew. Are the silver tickets already sold out for 2024 or not for sale yet?

    I’ve also tried to pick 3 tickets in the red bull stand, but can only choose 1 already sold out?


    1. Hi Jacob, yes we are currently sold out of Silver grandstand tickets. For Red Bull grandstand, we are also now sold out – probably there was only one left when you tried to buy.

  94. Hi Andrew,

    Firstly, thank you for your article, it was very informative and helpful! :)

    We are looking to buy 2 tickets to watch at the Hungarian GP, we are planning to travel from UAE. This is our first time, and I believe we are VERYYY late on booking the tickets :(

    But is there any way we could book the GA tickets now? or any other affordable tickets you would recommend?

  95. Hi Andrew,

    Any details on the Pit Exit Grandstand? Does it offer decent views of the race? Is there a screen nearby?

    Thanks! Really appreciate the guides!

    1. Hi Khalid, this is a relatively new grandstand so I don’t have much info about this one. The location is good for the start of the race, but not for racing action. Yes, it should have a big screen nearby. However, you are very late as most tickets are now sold out. I would be buying your ticket now before it sells out!

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