The Beginner’s Guide to Attending a Formula 1 Race in 2024

Everything you need to know about attending your first F1 race in 2024, from buying tickets to booking flights, reserving accommodation & maximizing your trackside experience.

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Should I Book My F1 Trip Well in Advance?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Thanks in part to the hugely popular Netflix series ‘Drive to Survive,’ interest in Formula 1 has never been higher. Having been stuck at home during the pandemic, F1 fans old and new are also keen to travel and experience live events. This means that the most popular races are selling out well in advance. Tickets are also going on sale earlier than ever. If you don’t want to pay well over the odds for tickets on the secondary market, we recommend buying your tickets as soon as you can. Tickets are already on sale for the majority of the planned races in the 2024 F1 season, which begins in Bahrain on March 2 and ends in Abu Dhabi on December 8.

Which Race Should I Attend?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors and what’s most important to you. To make your first F1 experience easier logistically and cheaper (usually), attending the race in your home country or in a nearby country is a good idea.

From historic circuits in beautiful rural locations (Austria, Belgium) to city park circuits (Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico City) and city centre street circuits with nighttime racing (Singapore, Las Vegas), there’s something for everyone in 2024! Maybe you want to check out some big-name concerts, attend one of the six races hosting an F1 sprint race weekend or plan your race as part of a longer holiday?. Check the full 24-race Formula 1 calendar for 2024. Read our guides and resources to help you decide which race you want to attend and to help plan your trip.

Organized F1 Tour or DIY?

Both options have their pros/cons and will appeal to different types of fans. The biggest considerations are money and time. If you want the complete package with everything organized for you, and are prepared to pay for it, choose an organized tour. You’ll find F1 travel companies in major markets who specialize in organizing tours to F1 races. If you are on a budget and comfortable with independent overseas travel, then go for the DIY option, using our detailed travel guides to every race on the 2024 calendar to help plan your trip.

How to Get F1 Tickets?

After you have decided to attend a race, choosing which tickets to buy – and where to buy them – is one of your key decisions. Some race organizers handle their own ticket sales via an official channel (such as the circuit website), while others outsource sales to ticket agencies. The quality of customer service, information on available tickets and purchase process can vary in efficiency, depending on the destination.

We co-operate with one of the biggest and most reputable F1 ticket companies, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT), who supply tickets to all the races on the current Formula 1 calendar. We’ve used them ourselves and can vouch for their honesty and professionalism.

We also recommend Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences, which offer grandstand seats or access to trackside hospitality suites with a range of exciting trackside activities that will get you closer to Formula 1. F1 Experiences also offers accommodation and circuit transfers, which are definitely a good investment for the novice F1 traveller. Learn more: FAQ: How & Where to buy 2024 F1 tickets

How Much Does it Cost to Attend an F1 Race?

Formula 1 has never been a cheap spectator sport, but it has become even more expensive in recent seasons due to increased demand. The cost of flights and accommodation have also been rising in response to strong post-pandemic demand. In 2023, the three races held in the USA – in Miami, Austin & Las Vegas – were amongst the most expensive to attend on the calendar. But there are still affordable destinations, especially those in Europe which offer 3-day general admission tickets for $150 USD or less and cheap trackside camping. 

Don’t discount traveling to races outside your home country; even with additional costs for flights, it still may be cheaper than attending your home race. This can be true for British fans travelling to some European races and also for American fans travelling to either Canada or Mexico.

As always, it pays to book well in advance. Race tickets are often discounted when sales begin, and you will have a better choice of accommodation and flights. A typical minimum expenditure for going to a full F1 race weekend (Friday-Sunday) including tickets, hotel and spending money will set the average fan back around $500-1000 USD, not factoring in the cost of travel. But with a huge range of tickets to choose from – and much higher prices at some races – it’s of course possible to spend a lot more, especially if you choose to experience trackside hospitality. Check the “Budget Planner” posts in our guides for more information about the cost of attending a particular race.

Getting There

The majority of F1 circuits these days are located in or close to major cities, which makes booking flights easier. If you wish to save some money when flying to a race, particularly in Europe, don’t automatically choose the closest airport to the city. There may be other airports close by where flights are much cheaper. Budget airlines are present in most large markets serving Formula 1 around the world; use a site such as Skyscanner to research all the options, but book direct with the airline – this will give you greater protection in case of having to change or cancel your plans.

If you have more time and flexibility in your itinerary, don’t forget to check other means of travel such as train, self-drive, bus or ferry – particularly in Europe. More information about getting to the circuits on the current Formula 1 calendar can be found in the “Getting There & Around” posts in our guides.

Where to Stay?

Camping, which is still popular at many races in Europe, is the cheapest form of accommodation available. Staying next to the track is a great way to immerse yourself in a weekend of Formula 1, and also saves you time and money. Another budget option is to stay in a hostel. Most F1 cities around the world offer hostel-style accommodation, which is particularly suited for the budget solo traveler or younger F1 fan. Be ready to share your room with other race fans and don’t expect luxury. Budget hotels also appeal to many fans. Be aware of location though, as you don’t want to find a great deal only to find that you are nowhere near public transport and need to spend a fortune on taxis to get to and from the circuit.

There is no shortage of mid-range and luxury hotel options for F1 travelers in host cities around the world. Many F1 circuits are located close to large cities, so a good trade-off is to stay where there are better accommodation options, but with a longer daily commute to and from the circuit. Don’t forget that large accommodation booking sites such as often allow you to reserve a room with no down payment, and with free cancellation if your plans change.

What to Pack?

Resist the temptation to pack too much! If you have forgotten something, it’s normally quite easy to buy it at your destination. Don’t forget to leave some room in your bag for F1 merchandise and gifts for yourself, family and friends. Make sure you pack comfortable clothing and practical shoes which you have already worn in, as most circuits require you to do a lot of walking over the weekend.

Research the likely weather conditions at the race you will be attending and pack accordingly. Don’t forget to take along a decent camera to capture your experience. Make sure you have a spare memory card or at least have the ability to download photos after each day, so you don’t run out of space. A power bank is also a necessity for your mobile phone at the track, but not at the races in Italy, where power banks are on the list of prohibited items!

Before you Arrive

Do your research before arriving in the host city for the race. Organize comprehensive travel insurance to cover your stay. Do you need to organize a visa in advance? Find out how to get to your hotel and how to get to the track. Have a printed map or save some relevant Google Maps on your smart phone before you leave. Buy a local SIM card or arrange a data package with your provider in advance so that you don’t have to rely on Wifi.

Circuits where F1 races are held are often some distance from where you are going to be staying, so it pays to know in advance how you are going to get from your hotel to the track and back each day. The full race weekend schedule is normally published around 4 weeks before race weekend. Be sure to check it carefully and plan your travel so you won’t miss any of the action. For example, it may be worth arriving earlier to participate in the public pit lane walk, which many circuits hold on Thursday afternoon.

Maximising your Trackside Experience

Don’t forget your tickets! Most are now electronic, sent to you via email a few weeks before the race. Whilst it’s normally possible to show your ticket on your mobile phone, we recommend having a hard copy as well. Some tickets are also nominative, so you may also be asked to show your ID card.

Before you leave for the track each day, pack a small backpack with essentials such as a rain jacket or poncho, hat, umbrella, sunscreen and camera. If you are on a budget, take along your own food and drink as trackside prices are generally high. Most circuits allow fans into the circuit with their own food and at least one plastic water bottle; glass items are generally prohibited. Detailed information on what to expect at the track is included with our “Trackside” posts.

Once at the track, you will need to find your entry gate and get yourself oriented. You will often receive a map with your ticket. If you are taking public transport, be aware that it can be very crowded at peak times; if you don’t want to be packed in like a sardine on the train or bus home, delay your exit from the circuit to avoid the crowds.

One of the best experiences of the whole weekend is the opportunity to walk down the pit straight after the end of the race and watch the podium celebrations. At most races, the track is normally opened to fans just minutes after the end of the race, so if you want a good view of the podium, get close to the finish line as the end of the race approaches.

Have Fun & Go With the Flow…

The quality of the trackside organization varies wildly on the calendar. Some races are super well organized (Australia, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, to name a few) while others are more chaotic and disorganized (Spain, Imola, Italy, for example). Some races attract very large attendances (USA, Australia, Britain, Mexico City) and involve lots of queuing and patience, while others are much more sparsely attended and relaxed, especially races in Azerbaijan and the Middle East.

Above all, have fun and go with the flow! Hundreds of millions of fans watch F1 on TV each year, but only a few million are lucky enough to see the sport live. As well as an amazing sensory experience, F1 circuits offer an awesome atmosphere and the opportunity to meet like-minded fans from around the world.

149 thoughts on “The Beginner’s Guide to Attending a Formula 1 Race in 2024”

  1. Hello, My wife and I will be in Monaco during the F1 week. Race day tickets are not as readily available as the Saturday and those that are tend to be the most high priced and outside of our budget. We are really interested in attending the event, and if we do it will be our very first F1 event. We would want it to be a memorable experience. Would you recommend attending Saturday or at least outline the benefits of attending Saturday.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Joe. The cheapest day to go is in fact Thursday, when all tickets are 60-70 EUR. You still get a great atmosphere and 2+ hours of on-track F1 action. Saturday is also good for qualifying, but it’s more expensive again. If it’s your first F1 event, I don’t think it matters which day you go. Sunday is the most exciting, but it’s also the most crowded and harder to get to and around the circuit. You can read about our experience going to just Thursday/Friday at Monaco in 2014:

      1. WHAT? Go all the way to Monaco and forego seeing the race on Sunday? Please – this is a bucket list venue. When are you going to be in Monaco on race week again?!

        Many hotels along the race route offer “hospitality” suites. Hotel suites with balconies and/or rooftops, restaurants, patios &/or yachts that are catered, out of the weather, have open bars & luxury of luxuries: clean, close bathrooms used by a limited number of people(typically 14 to a suite).

        Consider a hospitality package for Sunday to see the real race. It’s not cheap (…it is Monaco),but suite/yacht/Rascasse accommodations are still available. You & your wife deserve it.

        1. Just wondeting what exactly the numbered lawn step
          are at monza and if it is worth upgrading to them from general admission. Thanks

      2. Hi there I have a question about the Monza f1 Race in September 2022 please. I purchased some tickets from Viagogo and have read really bad reviews that I may not get the tickets or that they may not work and are from resales. I am thinking of purchases some additional tickets from another site Global tickets and then seeing if both do come in before the race if I can sell some of them. Please could you advise whether it is possible to resale F1 tickets? As I have read mixed information online.
        Just trying to find a solution as it’s for a surprise 30th birthday.
        Many thanks for your help,

        1. Hi Emma, I wish you had read the advice on our site before buying from Viagogo. This kind of platform should only be used as a last resort – I also don’t know or recommend Global Tickets. For example, we still have official tickets for sale in our Italian GP ticket shop – you can also try direct with the circuit at But if you end up with more tickets than you need, you can try to sell on Viagogo, Stubhub or Seat Geek – I haven’t used any of these sites, but you are allowed to on-sell F1 tickets.

    2. David Winsemius

      Went to both Saturday and Sunday in 2009 and I found that renting one of the radio-linked viewing gadgets for about 60 USD/day was well worth it. May be able to do it on your cellphone now. Made keeping up with the positions much easier. I’m not sure that going only Saturday makes as much sense if you are already there and want the flavor of the trackside action. On race day there were people who climbed the road that looks down on La Rascasse (and I think the pits) and I think they paid nothing. (But I don’t know if there was some sort of limited access to that venue.) I suppose you could hang out in the streets and watch on a mobile device or you could retreat on race day to an air-conditioned hotel room if they broadcast the race locally then afterwards go back out to the streets.

      Our trip to the US GP was not as entertaining. Monaco was much more memorable.

  2. Hi I’m taking my husband to Silverstone as a surprise with National Holidays. I’m a complete novice to the sport do you have any hints or tips?


    1. Hi Ange, here goes: check the weather forecast carefully and dress accordingly. There’s always lots of walking at a Grand Prix, so wear some decent, comfortable shoes. Make the most out of the Friday practice sessions, where you can sit in most grandstands. Install the F1 app on your mobile phone and pay for the premium content so you can follow what is happening on the track. Buy the race programme, it’s a nice momento from the event. Take lots of photos, but don’t forget to sometimes put the camera down and enjoy the atmosphere! I could go on, but that’s a start. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I would like to do Austin and then Mexico, but cannot find any guide to best places to sit at mexico, ideally we want to be in the area where the cars race between the grandstands, and I believe where the drivers podium was, any recommendations?

    1. Hi Kerry, sounds like a great plan. We don’t yet have too much information on Mexico, sorry. But the area you are looking for is the stadium section, which is either Grandstand 14 (Foro Sol South) or Grandstand 15 (Foro Sol North).

  4. Hi. I’ve never been to any European F1 races before but plan on going to one or two next year. I was wondering what is the difference between weekend ticket and Sunday ticket? Does the weekend ticket include passes for Friday Saturday and Sunday?

    1. Hi Tess. Yes, weekend tickets gives you access to the track for all three days of competition – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Good luck with your plans to see some races in Europe next year!

  5. Hello, I’m looking into going to the 2017 F1 Austin race.I want to experience the full package. What’s your advice?

  6. Hello,

    I’m planning on talking my husband to the Monza 2017 F1. My question is: should I book through a travel agency or book on my own…I have read that generally getting around with all the people and the means of transportation can be rather chaotic… any recommendations?

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. If you book other holidays yourself, then you will be fine with Monza. Lots of useful information in our guide to help you out! Yes, getting to the track and back can be a little chaotic, but go with the flow and don’t stress out, you will be fine (take a taxi if walking long distances if a problem for you). And feel free to ask any questions.

      1. Hi,
        I’m planning on buying tickets to Monaco for my partner however I’m a complete novice on the sport and have no idea what the difference is on the different days. Therefore making it a minefield on which tickets to buy?

        1. Hi Ali, basically tickets are cheapest on Friday, when there’s two F1 practice sessions. Tickets get more expensive on Saturday, when there’s a third F1 practice session and then qualifying. And tickets are most expensive on Saturday for the race. Will you go for the whole weekend? What’s your budget? Happy to answer any more questions you may have

  7. Hi I’m planning on going to the Mexico GP and was wondering are all the tickets fri-sun (3 day pass)? I was looking at the ticket description and it didn’t say it was for one day only, so I was wondering about that.

    1. Hi Flor, we will start publishing our Mexico GP travel guide very soon. As far as I am aware, tickets are sold for three days only. You can purchase here.

  8. Hi,
    I’m thinking to give F1 tickets to my husband. Since this is my first time, please, provide some guidance on what I should buy and where. I tried the F1 official page and it is not on sale but I go to ticketliquidators and they are selling them. Not familiar with the best location /best price thing. I’m interested in the 3 days in Austin, TX. Thank you

    1. Austin – been there, done that. Circuit of the Americas is out in the middle of nowhere with no on site hotels. There is a parking fee. Getting in and out is a long wait hassle. Unless you live close enough to drive in every day,you will want to stay at a hotel and are well served to stay with one offering a shuttle service to the track. This versus waiting in a queue in the scorching sun to get to and from your car in the enormous lot. Alternatively, if you have an RV, rent a trackside slot – but it’s not going to be inexpensive…could work if you went with a group & split the cost.

  9. Hi, My wife and I are headed to Monaco for our first grand prix ever. We are looking to buy the K1-2 premium grandstand seats. Is there a way to know or choose just which seats we are getting if we book through you? Thanks

    1. Hi Patrick, normally you can make a request for specific tickets and our supplier will do their best to accommodate you from their pool of tickets. However, since they are based in Monaco, I will put you in touch directly to discuss!

  10. Christopher Covington

    I’m travelling to baharain to attend the race is a ticket good for the whole weekend or just one day

  11. Hi,myself and a friend are headed to the Spanish Grand Prix in a few days time, we have tickets in the ‘Superfan’stand. I’ve been to Silverstone before but wondering if we need to dress a bit ‘smarter’ for the stands – any advice?

  12. Hi! I’m going to Silverstone in July and it’s my first Grand Prix. Just wondering how much time should I leave b4 the race? We’re sitting in Woodcoote A.


    1. Hi Danielle, it depends how far away you are coming from and how you are getting to Silverstone? If you are only travelling for Sunday, the I suggest you get to the track as early as possible as there’s lots of people and traffic on the small country roads near the circuit. I would be aiming to get there by around 10am to make the most of the day!

  13. Hello! I plan on going to Hungaroring two weeks from now with my friends and we want to buy General Admission tickes. Any tips for us? Should we buy a VIP parking ticket or we can easly find a normal one?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Andrea, good choice! I’m thinking of going to the race this year as well and I will probably also buy General Admission. It’s a really good offer there and tickets only cost 90 EUR. There’s more info about General Admission tickets here. I recommend finding a spot for the race somewhere on the hill behind the final corner. And normal parking is fine, though I never parked there on a race day; still I think there is plenty of parking. Just don’t be in a hurry to leave the circuit after the race, wait until the traffic calms down. Enjoy!

        1. Hi Andrea, depends on the day and whether you want to see everything. But I would try and get there earlier on Sunday morning for the support races (by around 9am)

  14. Hi. Just back from our 3rd Singapore race and want to try Europe next year. It’s not easy to find out if any of the European tracks also offer great pre and post race entertainment. Any help would be appreciated. Initially thinking of Belgium, Austria, Monaco, Spain and Italy. Many thanks

    1. Hi Hazel, Singapore was awesome, wasn’t it? Most of the European races do not offer the same kind of entertainment like in Singapore. The races that have good concerts at present are Abu Dhabi, Baku in Azerbaijan and the US Grand Prix in Austin. There are small concerts at the circuits you mentioned, but no big name acts. To be honest, you go to the European races for a different kind of experience. If you like a race where you can stay in a big city and easily travel to the track, I recommend Spain (stay in Barcelona), Hungary (stay in Budapest) or Monza (stay in Milan). All of these are great tracks and amazing cities. Good luck with your planning and let me know if you have more questions. Andy

  15. Does anyone know if I purchase tickets as a gift for the Belgium Grand Prix 2018 If i have to attend the even as I paid for them?

  16. Hi there,

    I am wanting to get tickets for my boyfriend to go to either the Spanish/Italian grand prix. I am just wondering if it is advisable to get seated tickets over general admission?

    Many Thanks!

    1. It’s a hard question to answer, but if you are young and fit, I would go for General Admission. The General Admission viewing areas at Circuit de Catalunya are excellent, lots of elevation above the track. Also you can make the most of “Free Friday” and sit in pretty much all the grandstands on that day anyway.

  17. As with others, I’m hoping to surprise my husband for our anniversary with tix and trip to a 2018 race. I watch with him on tv sometimes but so many options to try and plan! For location I’m looking for friendly locals as well aside from the track because we won’t know any of the possible languages. The places I’m considering (without knowing ticket prices on most yet): France, Spain, Germany, Italy. Any suggestions based on track and local culture??? Also any recommendations on getting assigned seating versus general admission for those that have the option. Cost obviously makes general admission sound nice, but I want to choose the best option.

    1. Hi Jan, ticket prices should be fairly simmilar for the races on your shortlist. Weather should be warm for all, but you have the beach as well in Spain and France. I can’t comment on the grandstands (assigned seating) at Paul Ricard in France, but the other venues have a good selection, including some cheaper seats. As for General Admission, Spain wins hands down. Lots of elevation so the views are awesome. Plus you get Free Friday, so can sit anywhere you want on that day (also in Italy, Germany). Without knowing much about France (the Paul Ricard circuit is coming back in 2018 after almost 30 years), my order would be: 1. Spain 2. Italy 3. Germany. I love Monza in Italy for the history and atmosphere, but the overall experience in Barcelona is better. Enjoy!

  18. We are planning to go to Budapest for this year’s Grand Prix. We haven’t booked F1 tickets yet. My husband is wondering if we could save money by paying for ground passes for practice and qualifying and then a Gold stand for the race itself? What do you think?

    1. Hi Gillian, good idea but it won’t work:) If you want a good seat for the race itself, just buy the 3-day ticket. Sunday-only tickets are available, but they are only about 10% cheaper than the 3-day tickets. You can still explore the General Admission areas on Friday and Saturday, then keep your seats for the race. Enjoy!

  19. I’m attending the F1 in Monaco this year. I’ll be staying in Nice and commuting daily to Monaco. I was curious to know what a typical day at an F1 race was schedule wise…what time the gates open etc.


  20. Hi, I am thinking of buying tickets for the f1 this year for my boyfriends 30th, I know he would love to go to the Bahrain race but it is way out of my price range, I’m abit confused about which race to go to instead I am thinking Budapest, Barcelona or Monaco, can you give some suggestions which one would be best?
    Also I am stuck between getting general tickets and then seeing if I can book pit walks etc. (Haven’t really looked at what’s available just have ideas)
    What do you think?


    1. Hi Shannen, assume you are based in the UK? If you are on a budget, I would go to Barcelona or Budapest. Both circuits are awesome even with the cheapest General Admission tickets, and the cities are also incredible tourist destinations as well. The cheapest Starter package from F1 Experiences is also a good deal at around 500 GBP each for the weekend. Read our guides for these races and let me know if you have more questions!

  21. I am planning to surprise my husband with formula 1 race tickets for his big birthday. He is a huge fan of the race. I was thinking of Budapest. There are so many choices like formula one experience, gold stand, silver stand etc. I want to buy tickets for three days. What is your advice while choosing the stands? Which is the best one to view the race? I want him to have a great first formula 1 race experience. Is there any chance where we can walk in the track? Formula one experience is very expensive. Please also advice at what time should we be there for the race? Thank you very much in advance.

    1. Hi Anitha, the Hungarian GP is a good choice, but it depends where you are traveling from? We also love the Spanish GP in Barcelona. Both Hungary and Spain are very good spectator circuits, with good views even from the cheapest General Admission areas. You can walk the track normally on Thursday for the pitlane walk and after the race as well. On Sunday, it’s up to you what time you arrive. There is on-track action from the morning, but if you have a grandstand seat, you don’t need to be there till around 1-2 hours before the race, which starts at 15:10. Once you decide which race to attend, I can recommend grandstands and where to stay etc.

  22. Hello,
    I would like to visit Tokyo this year and go for Race at F1 there, Can I buy a ticket only for one Day (Sunday)

  23. Hi,

    I bought tickets for the Belgian grandprix 2018 from the Official F1 site. I want to get it delivered to a different address. In that possible?

  24. Hi,

    Can you share if there are available tickets for Saturday in Austrian GP that could be bought on spot? If tickets can be bought on spot on Saturday, then I wouldnt book them in advance


  25. Hi, going to my first F1 race (Belgium) this year, what’s the best way to get to the track Saturday and Sunday, staying in Brussels and how much per day? Thanks

  26. Silverstone F1


    It’s my first time going to see a GP and I am going to Silverstone in a few weeks. We have general admission/inner track and camping near by. Do you have any recommendations for Silverstone. Do the drivers ever do any set signings etc?

  27. Hi,

    I’m hoping to buy a ticket at the Hungarian Grand Prix for my husband.
    There is only one week until the race weekend, and therefore he will need to collect his ticket from the ticket office at the track.
    I’d like to know if he will be able to collect his ticket without being in possession of the credit card it was booked on.
    The booking site is


  28. Jocelyn Shakspeare

    Hi there

    My partner loves F1 & thinking of getting tickets to Silverstone next year. On a bit of a limited budget so just one day. Was looking at the Sunday general admission for £140 each which is still quite a lot for my budget really but just wondered if we went on Friday or Sat whether it would be “any good” or is it best for his first time at a Grand Prix to be on the Sunday?
    I also see it says 6am start – would we need to be there that early? Ideally I’d like to do just a day trip but getting there for 6am would mean leaving around 3.30am!

    Thank you so much for any advice


  29. Hello,

    I want to go to baku next year for the F1 but my boyfriend is concerned about safety in baku and especially on face weekend.

    Have you ever been to baku for the race and do you know much about the safety of the events and the city in general?


  30. Hi!

    Looking to get my boyfriend tickets to the 2019 race in Canada, but am completely clueless on which seats/package to buy! Any suggestions for good seats that won’t break the bank? Thank you!

  31. Hey all,

    I am wanting to travel to the 2019 Canadian GP from the UK. I will stay with family in Toronto and fly to Montreal for a few days for the GP. I will be doing this alone. Does anyone have experience of going to a GP alone/do you recommended this? Id be open to meet up with anyone who going and talk F1!

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Nathan, I’ve been to lots of races by myself and it can be great. As long as you are open and friendly, you’ll have a great time and meet lots of friendly fans.

  32. Hi, i will attend Baku GP 2019 but i am wondering about the way of buying the ticket. I mean if i buy a ticket online through the website how i will receive it? Will they send it through email or DHL. I am very confused. Please if somebody can give advise.

    1. The tickets are normally sent via courier like DHL. You may also have the chance to collect in person at the circuit. Formula 1 doesn’t really do eTickets.

  33. Hi, I’m going to the French gp 2019 with a friend. We are both aged 19 at that time. Are we allowed entrance without any older company?
    Thanks in advance

      1. Hi, I just bought the ticket to Austria race on 30th June, general admission. the race starts at 15:10. I was wondering what time do we need to get to the circuit? this is also my first time to a formula event. any suggestions or tips are much much appreciated! We will leave from vienna

        1. Hi Angie, I recommend getting there as early as possible! Gates normally open around 8am and the first race starts around 10am. It’s also worth getting there early so you can reserve a good spot in General Admission for the race. Advice – check the weather forecast and be ready for the conditions, plus wear comfortable shoes as you will be walking a long way. Have fun!

  34. Hi,
    I´ve bought tickets for grandstand E for the Sunday race in the Spanish Grand Prix in May. As I got the tickets on email it was revealed that I only got vounchers and that I have to collect the tickets on the racetrack. Do you know if I ought to collect the tickets on Saturday to be able to get good seats or is it ok to collect them on Sunday? There are no seatnumbers on my vouchers.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Lina, I don’t think it will matter when you collect the tickets. Even though you don’t have seat numbers now, I’m sure they will be allocated to you later – and they won’t change from Saturday to Sunday.

  35. Hi! Awesome site with a lot of good information!

    My wife and I are staying in Nice for holiday during the France GP. We are considering buying tickets for sunday (general admission). We have no idea what to expect since none of us has been to a f1 race before. I have some questions that you may could answer.

    I see that the race don’t start until 15.00. But the area opens at 7.00. Do you know how the typical viewing is with GA-tickets? When should we arrive? If we arrive lets say at 11.00, do we ”need to” find good places to se the race, and stay there for 4 hours, or could we walk around etc and find spots to see the race later?

    My wife is some months pregnant, so if we need to be there very early and just hold on to a place in many hours if we should have an ok view of the circuit, then I am not sure…

    Do people normally bring chairs to sit in during the waiting?

    Other tips for first-timers we should know about?

    Thanks a lot :)


  36. Hi,
    I have booked tickets for the US GP 2019, seating at Main Grandstand Trackside E/W FRI-Sun. This is my first time for an F1 event. I want to know if taking a car rental is good or taking an Uber. Also will there be any events where I can meet drivers and take autographs in my ticket or should i get any other tickets for that ?

    1. Better to take Uber or even the shuttle bus. Leave the car at home, less stressful dealing with traffic and parking at the circuit. For autograph sessions, these are normally held over the weekend – check out the Trackside post of our guide.

      1. Hi! I’m planning on getting my fiancé and I F1 tickets for Austin. My fiancé’ used to race professionally for IMSA and I want this to be the most special and amazing time ever. He can no longer race due to his ex wife passing and being the sole parent. What is the BEST area for COTA and or what package would u recommend?

        1. Hi Ellie, it all depends on your budget. Most grandstands are pretty good – even General Admission. But for a really exceptional experience, I recommend F1 Experiences. Feel free to send me an email if you want more information, [email protected]

  37. Hi, just wondering if you have any tips for Spa? Taking my son there in a few weeks and it’s our first race. Accomodation and transport are sorted. We can only go the Sunday so any info on race day at the circuit would be appreciated :) Thanks

    1. Hi, what tickets do you have? I’d suggest walking around the circuit a bit, but it gets pretty crowded now on race day. If you are sat somewhere near Eau Rouge, you can go under the circuit and walk through the forest around 10 minutes to Pouhon – that’s worth it.

  38. Can anyone suggest me a online travel agents to get me visa to Spain. i am planning to visit on January and plans to attend 1st Wintertest, Catalunya Circuit.

    1. Hi Limat. Testing normally happens in the second half of February, not in January. We also don’t know yet if testing will definitely happen in Barcelona in 2021. It could also be in Bahrain. Or there may be no winter testing at all.

  39. I am planning to go to the Belgian Grand Prix 2021. Can you tell when the tickets go on sale and how fast are they sold out? I would like to hold out on buying the tickets to as late as possible. I am worried about other commitments coming up during the time.

    1. Not sure what you mean about an “all session ticket.” If you get a 3-day ticket (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) then you can watch all the practice sessions (two on Friday, one on Saturday), qualifying (Saturday afternoon) and the race (Sunday afternoon). Single day tickets only include the sessions I described.

    1. Hi Jonathan, it depends if you want to see everything happening at the track or just Formula 1. We don’t know exactly when gates will open each day yet for 2021, but previously it was between 7:30-9:00am depending on the day. I’d make sure you get there as early as you can on race day, as there will be more traffic etc. This post should give you some more information:

  40. I’m interested in taking my son to the Hungarian GP this year…need to plan ASAP and do not want general admission tickets – we would like a seat. Any recommendations for the best value for the money…silver/gold? Also we are from the US – any worry that we will be traveling alone and do not speak Hungarian?

    1. Hi Melinda, I’d choose Silver 3 seats, which are overlooking the final corner. This is a great place to watch and the prices are reasonable (just over 200 EUR for adult ticket. And absolutely no need to worry about language. It’s a really difficult language and almost everyone working in hotels, restaurants, trackside etc will speak good enough English. Budapest in the summer is great, really recommend this race!

  41. Hello, I am planning my first F1 weekend schedule for the Mexican Grand Prix. I want to make the most out of my time in the city, while also getting my full experience of the F1 races. What would be the time I will be leaving Fri-Sun.

  42. Hiya – Me and a buddy are flying into AMS for the Dutch GP. We are very excited but wondering if you have any special advise that you would be willing to share about this area in particular. It seems the Dutch fans are there early and often, and we want to make sure we are too!

    We already have tickets for the whole weekend, mainly looking for advise on what time to arrive , who to join up with etc…


  43. Hi, I was wondering if the single day ticket on Saturday for Circuit of the America’s cover P3 and qualifying? Or is it just practice?

  44. Melissa Lennon

    Going to Austin for my first F1 race! We have general admission tickets — any advice for that track in particular? Do people usually sit on the ground, or bring chairs? Also, is there an app where I can follow along with the commentary? Thanks!

    1. Lots of great views in General Admission. Less people on Friday, so take a look around and find the spot you like then try and reserve it for qualifying/race. You can bring camping chairs if you don’t mind carrying them in and out! Race commentary should be available on 104.9 or 105.3 FM. Alternatively, get the F1 app – the paid version has commentary as well. More info in Trackside

  45. Hi, I’m planning on surprising my husband with tickets to Montreal in 2022. I have no idea what to expect. Are these full-day events? Can I purchase for Saturday to Sunday only? What type of seats should I get? Should I stay at a hotel closeby? Are there restaurants there? I want to make it a little get away so spending time there but also doing other stuff there. Thank you so much for your help in advance:)

    1. Hello, you will find most of the answers to your questions in our 2022 Canadian Grand Prix Travel Guide.
      Are these full-day events? Yes, most people attend from around 9-10am until 5-6pm. But you can of course come later or leave earlier.
      Can I purchase for Saturday to Sunday only? Most grandstand seats are sold for 3 days, Friday to Sunday. Some hospitality packages are only two days.
      What type of seats should I get? Lots of good grandstand seats in Canada, I recommend either watching at the hairpin (Grandstand 15, 24, 31) or the Senna S (Grandstand 11, 12)
      Should I stay at a hotel closeby? Best place is to stay downtown or in Old Montreal, where you have access to lots of restaurants, cultural attractions, shopping and even F1 street parties. It’s easy to get to the track by metro.
      Are there restaurants there? At the track, not really. But the Montreal Casino is inside the track, it has a few restaurants and good facilities if you get tired of the track.
      Montreal is an awesome F1 city and you’ll have a great time there!

  46. I am buying tickets for the Spanish F1 in May 2022 – due to the present covid situation I am unwilling to go for the expensive tickets now – is it possible to purchase general admission tickets and then upgrade them to a seat in one of the stands later closer to the date?

  47. Hi there,
    I want to buy 3 tickets for Abu Dhabi. I will be on a short holiday and want to visit Dubai as well. The first multiple day tickets on the Yas Marina website are already available for 1400 AED. Preferable we want to just visit the racing day on Sunday. 1. Do you know if there will be tickets for just Sunday? 2.If so, what was the pricing last years for entree just on sunday?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello Sjors, normally Sunday-only tickets are not available in the grandstands. You can only buy 2-day or 3-day tickets. I’m not sure when the 2-Day tickets will be available, but these will be cheaper than the 3-day ones of course.

      1. Thanks Andrew for your reply. Are there normally hill tickets available for just the sunday? I read on the internet that hill tickets have a really bad view on the track. Do you have information regarding the views? And do you know the pricing of those hill tickets?
        Thanks in advance!

        1. No – all tickets for Abu Dhabi are either 2-Day or 3-Day (apart from some single-day hospitality offers, but these are on Friday only normally). I was on the Abu Dhabi hill the first time I went to the race in 2015, and it’s not great to be honest. Very little shade during the day, and the views just are not very good. Prices previously for the Abu Dhabi Hill are approximately 700 AED ($190 USD) for 2-day and 1000 AED ($270 USD) for 3-day tickets

  48. Hi there,
    My husband I bought the formula 1 experience tickets for the Montreal Grand Prix and there is a possibility I might be pregnant. Is it safe for pregnant women to attend to this race ?? I know there will be loud noises and fumes. Not sure what to do from here. It would be great to get some information.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Rosy, I guess this depends on what month of your pregnancy the trip will be, and also if you will be flying to Montreal. If that’s all ok, and your doctor is happy, then I don’t see a problem with going to the race. F1 is not as loud as it used to be. I’d also consider booking accommodation with F1 Experiences, as they offer transfers from hotel to the circuit – this will mean less walking for you.

  49. Hi ,
    Im hoping to take my 13 year old brother on a surprise trip to Spanish GP this year .
    Im torn between general admission tickets and stand tickets as i want to make sure he can see some action and worried he will get tired . Would it be permitted to bring camping chair in for him ? I also plan on taking him on Friday evening – hoping he can get some autographs , am i correct in thinking the best chance for that would be Friday as it will be less crowded? any tips for getting him close to the drivers ? We are flying out from Ireland and staying in Barcelona . All advice for the weekend is so appreciated.
    Thanks – Lou

    1. Hi Louise, I personally think you’ll be fine with your brother in General Admission. You can still sit down on the grass if he does get tired, but perhaps bring a picnic rug or something. Otherwise, I would go for Grandstand G. Not sure what you are thinking is happening on Friday evening? Perhaps you mean the pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon (if it happens in 2022). This is normally the best chance to get driver autographs, though it can be quite crowded. Otherwise, there’s not really opportunities at this race to get driver autographs – as the drivers enter the middle of the circuit via car and leave the same way – this area of the circuit is off-limits, so no real chances to get autographs, sorry.

  50. Hello Andrew,

    Thanks for all the great tips for first timer. I will be attending the Canadian GP this year, and is planning to fly out (domestic) when the race finish. Considering the race at most takes two hours, how long dose it typically take to get back to downtown Montreal from the race track via public transit or taxi/uber/ferry(is that even possible)? Would an hour be a realistic estimate?

    Thank you

    1. Most people use public transport to leave the circuit, but there can be delays right after the race with everyone leaving at once. Not sure what time you are thinking for your flight, but I suggest not flying before 8-9pm at the earliest. If you have an earlier flight, you’ll just be stressed about missing it and not enjoy the end of the race.

  51. Hi,
    I am just wondering if you can skip a day of free practice even though you bought a 3 day grand stand ticket, we are planning on watching the Singapore Grand prix and I would like to ask is there anymore grandstand tickets that I can avail.

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Gerald. You don’t have to attend all 3 days if you don’t want to – but Friday is a great opportunity to see the cars on track! Grandstand tickets for the Singapore Grand Prix are currently available in our ticket shop.

  52. Hi! I´m going to the Monza GP in a week and it´s the first GP i will be attending so my question is if there is any special place where i can meet the drivers during the weekend? Is there any place like that? I would love an autograph haha.

    1. You can try your luck at the Paddock entrance. We talked about this place in a blog post a few years ago, read it here. However, I believe this place has got a lot more popular in the last few years and it’s much more difficult to meet the drivers.

  53. Hi,

    I’m attending Monza next week and wondering if there will be people outside the track selling “unofficial” merch. I know there are shops selling authentic merch but it’s quite expensive. Thanks

  54. Hi,

    I’m attending silverstone in July next year. This is my first time at F1 and I want to make the most of the weekend. Have you got any tips of how I can make the most of the experience? Thanks :)

  55. I’m looking at purchasing tickets/package for the Austin Tx race in 2023 as a gift for my husband and 2 young adult boys. I have no experience what to look for and best prices. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you!

    1. Hello, firstly I should inform you that neither tickets nor packages are yet available. Tickets have previously gone on sale for the race in March-April, we don’t yet know if it will be earlier or a similar time for 2023. Best idea is to sign up for email alerts direct with the circuit, which fulfils tickets via Ticketmaster. You can also place a deposit or sign up to the waitlist for F1 Experiences packages, but these are more expensive than just tickets. We should also have competitively priced tickets with our supplier. Join our mailing list and click the check box for the USGP; we will notify everyone when our tickets are on sale. These are the best options for buying tickets; you should only really be looking at secondary market sites like Stubhub, Viagogo etc if the official tickets are already sold out.

  56. Hi Andrew,
    I am going to the Melbourne Grand Prix 2023 with my father. We only managed to secure grandstand seating for Fri and Sat, and Thurs & Sun as General Admission. It’s my 1st time at the Grand Prix.
    My father is elderly, and I know there are some grassy areas to sit, but do you know if there is ANY available seats around the circuit if he needs a break. (I was hoping to be able to take sneak stops at vacant grandstand seats, but I think they’re fenced off)?
    Thanks J

    1. Hi Jacqui, hope you will have a great time at the race with your Dad. There are seats around the circuit; for example in the food service areas you will find tables with seats and umbrellas. And because Albert Park is a city park, you will also find some park benches scattered around. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to sit in spare grandstand seats on Thursday or Sunday without a ticket.

  57. Hey Andrew ,
    I booked for the Racing day in Monaco GP 2023, any recommendations about specific parking areas ?
    and how earlyI should be there to avoid the Monaco traffic as it’s a small city ?

  58. Hi,

    My first experience with F1 this year and just wanted to ask for tips and advice.

    I’ve purchased Imola tickets for 2023 for Prato Rivazzo. Is this area just general admission with no particular seating?

    Also, for the Spanish GP, currently tickets are only available as a 3 day pass. Would they sell Sunday race day on its own?


    1. Hi Belinda, good choice going to Imola. I love this circuit and location! Yes, Prao Rivazzo is just a grassy area with no particular seating. Hopefully it doesn’t rain this year (this area turned to mud last year). The Spanish GP is pretty much sold out. I don’t know if Sunday only tickets will be sold at a later date.

  59. I am attending the Miami Grand Prix and have a question about Friday practices. I bought tickets for Sunday separate but am thinking of going on Friday as well. Would start/finish grandstand tickets be good for that day or should I look for something else – basically, I am just wondering if that is a decent place to be on Friday since it is just practice, or if somewhere else might be better. I’ve never been to any race before and want to make the most out of each day I go. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Justine, to be honest, you would be better going on Saturday for qualifying, rather than Friday for practice – but I understand if this is not possible. The good thing is that lots of tickets are still remaining for the race next weekend, and in some cases prices are being discounted heavily. This mainly applies to 3-day tickets, but it’s possible you can find some cheap Friday-only tickets. You may even be able to get a hospitality ticket for Friday, which would be a cool experience. To answer your question, I think Start/Finish Grandstand is always a good place to watch, as you should also be able to see the action in the pits. But you didn’t say which seats you have for Sunday? I think Beach grandstand or Beach enclosure could also be good for Friday, especially if you can get a ticket that includes access to the beach area with concerts etc on the inside of the corner.

  60. I have a weekend ticket for the Austrian gp but is it possible for me to only turn up on race day? Would day cancel my ticket if I don’t show up on Friday?

  61. Romind Santos

    My family and I had an absolutely amazing time at Silverstone last year. We stayed in Bicester and went for Friday’s FP1 & FP2. Lots of walking, but tons for the kids to see and do, and with roving tickets, we got 3 different and amazing vantage points.

    We’re so excited to be doing Quali for Monza this year! Question is, we’re staying in Milan, and I do have a car rental, should we drive to the circuit or take public transport? How much is parking and how far is the walk?

    I noticed that you mentioned the Monza prohibits power banks? What can we do about that?

    If we only have tickets to Quali, can we still do the track walk on the Thursday?

    Can’t wait to hear your input. You have such great insight from the replies I’ve seen!

    1. Hello Romind, I think it’s better to leave your car at the hotel and take public transport to the race at Monza. You can find out more about trains/buses in this post. As for powerbanks, the rule was changed for Imola this year and I think it will also apply at Monza – you can take a power bank, but only if it weighs less than 300 grams. On Thursday last year, there was no pit lane walk, though it was still possible to visit the circuit. I think you can also visit on Thursday this year.

  62. Great site! We have booked tickets to Hungary in July. We have to take a plane home the same evening. Worst case scenario, how much time will we need to get out of the stadium? We will most probably need a taxi to collect our luggage.

    1. What time is your flight on Sunday night? I wouldn’t want to be flying before about 9pm. It can take quite a while to get out of the circuit on Sunday. Queues for taxis can be very long at the circuit. You may be best off taking the train back to Budapest, then a taxi.

  63. Hi, I’m looking for a 3 day ticket to Hungarian Grand prix, but I can’t be there on Friday, just very late. Can I attend only Saturday and Sunday if my ticket is for 3 days? Thank you

  64. Hi Andrew,
    I’m going to the Singapore grand Prix for the whole weekend, the official website did show the race schedule, but I’d like to know when it’s open for the audience to enter the zone ? Think you might have answer for this.

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