Tickets – 2024 United States Grand Prix at COTA

Your guide to buying tickets for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2024. Advice on the best places to watch the racing at Circuit of The Americas.

  • The 2024 United States Grand Prix will take place on October 18-20. Tickets are now on sale
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With lots of elevation changes, the views from both General Admission (GA) areas and most grandstands at COTA are excellent. Most fans buy a ticket for all 3 days of the weekend (Friday to Sunday), though single-day tickets are also available for General Admission and in some grandstands. Attendance at the 2023 United States Grand Prix fell slightly, but the race was still one of the highest attended all season.

What Tickets are Available for the 2024 United States Grand Prix?

  • VIP/Hospitality: Tickets in special areas with full catering and good trackside views. For example, the Champions Club by F1 Experiences or the Formula 1 Paddock Club. The most exclusive hospitality at COTA is available with an F1 Garage Package, located in an actual pit box with entry to the F1 Paddock and F1 Paddock Club.
  • Premium Grandstands: Located on the Main Straight (Main Grandstand), Turn 1, Turn 2, Turn 4, Turn 13, Turn 15 and Turn 19 and Turn 19B. Comfortable individual seats with seat backs and cupholders.
  • Bleachers: Located at Turn 9, Turn 12 and Turn 19. Reserved grandstands with bench seating. These are the most affordable reserved seats at COTA.
  • General Admission: The cheapest 3-day tickets provide access to the circuit, but no reserved seat. With lots of elevation changes at COTA, there can be very good views. The downside is that with much higher attendance at the race, these areas can become very crowded, especially on race day.

Most bleachers and grandstands at COTA are separated into different sections with different pricing (Upper, Middle, Lower). The upper seats are most expensive as they provide better panoramic views. The views are also less likely to be obscured by the catch fencing. Please note that most tickets for the United States Grand Prix are sold for 3 days. Single-day options may also be available at a later date.

Main Grandstand

This is the grandstand to choose if you are keen to know what is going on in the pits and experience the build up, start and finish of the race (see video above). The atmosphere is always good here, but if you are after on-track action, it’s not the best choice. The Main Grandstand also boasts some of the highest prices of any at the circuit, which is another consideration. We prefer other grandstands, like Turn 1 or Turn 15.

Turn 1 Premium Grandstand

The Turn 1 grandstand is popular (and expensive) for good reason, with excellent panoramic views of the circuit from the top of the hill overlooking the main straight and first corner. There’s a big elevation change from the start/finish line to the first corner and the cars take the blind apex at low speeds, giving photographers a good chance to capture the action.

Turn 4 Premium Grandstand

In the Turn 4 Premium Grandstand, you get a view of the cars taking the high-speed esses section of the circuit. Check out a panorama of the view from Grandstand 4 here. (Note that Turn 4 was previously bleachers, but has been upgraded for 2022 to a premium grandstand with individual seats).

Turn 9 Bleachers

The views are also decent from the Turn 9 bleachers. If you get a seat high up in the stand (recommended), you’ll be able to see around 50% of the circuit; from the esses beginning at turn 4 through to the hairpin at turn 11. Check out the view from the Turn 9 bleachers

Most of the overtaking at COTA takes place in the heavy braking zone leading into Turn 12, which makes this grandstand (or Turn 15) a good choice for on-track action. Arguably the best seats are actually those furthest away from Turn 12 (closest to the Turn 15 grandstand), where you get a better view of this whole section of the track (Turns 12-16).

Turn 12 Bleachers

Most of the overtaking at COTA takes place in the heavy braking zone leading into Turn 12, which makes this grandstand (or Turn 15) a good choice for on-track action. Arguably the best seats are actually those furthest away from Turn 12 (closest to the Turn 15 grandstand), where you get a better view of this whole section of the track (Turns 12-16).

Turn 15 Premium Grandstand

One of the more popular grandstands at COTA, and for good reason. The views from the two separate Turn 15 grandstands are excellent; depending on your exact seat, you should get a decent view of the action from turns 12-16. You also get proper seats (as opposed to bleachers in the nearby Turn 12 grandstand) and the toilet facilities and food choice are better.

Turn 19 Bleachers

Introduced in 2021 due to high demand for tickets, the Turn 19 Bleachers offer decent, affordable views at the USGP. Positioned on the outside of Turn 19, you should also enjoy a more distant view of the cars exiting Turn 18, as well as the entrance to the pitlane and the approach to the final corner. Another advantage of this grandstand is that it’s very close to the Grand Plaza with lots of food and drink concessions, as well as off-track activities.

General Admission at COTA

With lots of elevation, the views from General Admission (GA) at COTA are excellent. Walk the track during the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday to get a feel for the best places to watch, then get there early on race day to reserve your spot. There are good hillside vantage points in GA all around the circuit, but particularly around Turns 1, 7-8, 11, 15 and 18-19.

Been to COTA? Leave a comment with your favorite place to watch the action!

240 thoughts on “Tickets – 2024 United States Grand Prix at COTA”

    1. Phillip Opdyke

      Going Sunday to Nascar event. Tried to get 2 seats in section 12, there are 3 tickets available but will not sell us just 2. WTF. We can’t leave 1 seat open they say. Never in my life have I heard of this type of robbery. Can you explain the training behind this, beside the greed$$$$.

    1. Hi Dennis, all US Grand Prix tickets will go on sale shortly, probably around the first week of April. You will be able to buy through the links on our site. Follow us on social media and we will be sure to update you!

      1. Do Turn 15 stands have seat assignments? Planning on coming with a group of friends, each will buy his own ticket? How do we ensure seating together? Thx

        1. Hi Sid, all the grandstands and bleachers have assigned seats. If you all want to sit together, it’s better to buy all the tickets in one transaction rather than separately.

          1. Hi
            We have purchased 4 tickets for the Texas GP but due to Coronavirus restrictions and the UK being unable to enter the USA we can no longer attend as our flights have also been cancelled. Are we able to resell our tickets anywhere or sell back to you?


      2. Hi we have booked 3 tickets for our 1st time to the cota Grand Prix however living in the uk we are now starting to worry that we might not be able to fly due to us restrictions…. The tickets are non refundable so is there anywhere online that we could sell them nearer the time?

        1. Hi Nigel

          Did you ever get a reply to your question? We live in the UK and are in the exact same position.


          1. Wondering the same. I have a wristband for GA 3-day admission and want to make sure someone can have my ticket — but also want to make sure they don’t arrive day of and get denied.

      3. Hello, Not to be that guy… but…. what will the ballpark price be on “shared hospitality” packages for COTA Formula 1 2022 be like? Would like to put down a deposit for the race but need to have a little more info.
        Thanks, Mike Patterson (Grew up in Watkins Glen, NY)

        1. Alexandria Christians

          I also would like to know. I’m half tempted to put the deposit down for our 4 seats but idk… Also what ages need to have tickets?

  1. Hi Andrew… I attended the races back in 2012 (T4) and 2015 (T11). Would be more than happy to share my videos with you. T11 is pretty nice since you pay a grand admission ticket but cars will move so slow in front of you. Cheers!

    1. Hi Nicki, we use the same supplier as, but we don’t apply an additional mark up on prices like they do. So it’s simple, we are less greedy:)

      1. what is your name via instagram or facebook to follow you, sorry. I am new to this and lookin for 2021 tickets for my husband as a surprise.

          1. Lakshmanan Venkatesan

            The main grand stand tickets show “sold out”. Are they really sold out or are the admissions being restricted due to Covid?

          2. They are really sold out, even on the COTA website. Huge demand for the USGP this year and I think the organizers are planning for full grandstands. You can still buy some other grandstand seats and General Admission tickets via our supplier, GPT.

          3. Karina Medeiros

            Are the tickets delivered to my house? Sorry first time buying tickets and super afraid to get scammed ☹️

          4. Hi Karina, these will be e-tickets. No extra cost for delivery. Print out at home. Understand your concern, but I can assure you these are legitimate tickets for an approved F1 supplier!

          5. Hi, i live in Houston heading to Austin tomorrow without tickets. at this late stage would need to pick them up in person either here Austin or on route. do you have any leads please.

      2. Hello. I live In the USA. I noticed that your business is located in Europe, Austria.
        As a costumer what kind of safety, security measures do you provide to online buyers to make sure we do not get “scammed” by buying tickets that are not valid?
        How do you deliver the tickets to the USA if that is an option?

        Thanks in advance

        1. This website is actually based out of Poland, but I’m from Australia. Our ticket company, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) is based at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. I can assure you that GPT is not a scam. They have been selling F1 tickets since 1991 and supply most of the F1 teams. You will receive the tickets when provided by the promoter (COTA). At this stage these will be physical tickets that will be sent to your nominated address, cost is $30 USD for registered courier (DHL or similar). If you purchase 3-day tickets, you will receive individual tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We currently have several grandstands plus general admission tickets to choose from in our ticket shop. (check the pricelist download on that link for more info).

  2. Do you get accces to the circuit and get to walk the track with any purchase or is it certain tickets?

    1. Hi Tor, all the tickets give you general access to the circuit and to the common areas. The cheapest of these tickets are General Admission, but you don’t get a seat with those ones. All other tickets give you a seat, plus general access to the common areas of the circuit.

        1. Tickets for the US Grand Prix in Austin next October are not on sale, but we are expecting them to be available in early 2022. As for Miami, this race was completely sold out in record time via pre-registration. For the Miami race, you will only be able to get resale tickets for 2022 – and prices will be very high.

  3. Will general admission be made available for single days (i.e Raceday) ? Or are they only available for all 3 days?

    1. Hi Raj, General Admission tickets are only for 3 days, but there are cheapish grandstand tickets available on Sunday (e.g. turn 4 or turn 9 bleachers for $175)

  4. Will there be a pit walk about for ticket holders on the Thursday (11/19) before activities begin on Friday. Thanks for an excellent site.

  5. I have 2 F1 three day tickets in the upper section of turn 12 for sale at COTA 2017. What is the best way to publicize that these are available for sale?

  6. Hi there, are there likely to be Fri/Sat or Saturday only tickets? I need to catch a flight Sunday but would love to see some practice and/or qualifying.

  7. Hi,

    When do 2018 tickets go on sale? Also, various folks I’ve spoken to have said the higher stands in T12 are the seats to go for. Would anyone here agree with this.


  8. Beta Karimzadeh

    Hi There! I’m looking to get some advice on where to sit. If I purchase tickets for the grandstand or bleacher grandstand, can I get into the GA sections as well?

      1. I received my 3 day grandstand tickets in the mail already. To see the concert, is there a wristband that accompanies the ticket, or do I just show the ticket to gain access the the GA section?

  9. Hi! It looks like the one day parking its not available at the moment and i dont want to spend over $100 for just one day… Is it possible to find parking on Sunday without buying it in advance?

  10. I’m looking for tickets for Nov 3rd. General admission. When will they be available for purchase? Thanks.

  11. Clyde Smithson

    Warning -avoid 2019 Paddock Club under new management – it is a rip off

    Experience: attended 2019 Australian GP Paddock Club (Bentley Suite)
    1) Marriott Bonvoy a bunch of jokers
    2) Room management clueless
    3) Room staff great considering they could not move around room because it was so crowded. Food frequently did not reach table. When I went to serving stand to get food, I was refused by server. When I mentioned it to management, a few minutes later a plate of crappy food was slapped down in front of me, “I heard you were hungry.” WTF? Needless to say I ditched that plate.
    4) Twice as many (or more) people in room than chairs and table situation was worse. WTF. At least in stands I get a seat and a view.
    5) During race crowd at rail was 3-4 people deep so impossible to see anything. Monitors in room frequently blocked by other people. Large section of my outdoor viewing space was blocked off for the Rolex crowd. Apparently there’s a different level of Paddock Club for them.
    6) Mostly corporate tools vs race fans. If you’re a corporate tool, this is a premium sardine experience for you.

    Paid way too much for a crap experience.

    To the new management I say boo. The other 5 hard core F1 fans at my table were similarly unimpressed.

    My 2017 Singapore Green Room experience was a dream by contrast. Turn 1 – assigned seating at tables indoor; plus plenty of outdoor seats. And, oh yeah, front row for the Turn 1 crash.

    But the new F1 management seems to prefer scraping pennies over providing premium experience.

    1. Hi Clyde, really sorry to hear about your experience. I think it depends very much on which race you attend. I worked in the Paddock and Paddock Club at seven races last year, and it really wasn’t crowded at most of them.

      1. Hello. I was wondering if you could help give me some insight into ticket buying for this race. Mainly, are tickets currently on sale? and both indicate that sales haven’t started yet while offering a sign up for alerts. Despite this, I’ve seen some sites like stubhub, seat geek, etc that have listings, but they seem limited and come with large service fees.

        So I am curious if the normal sales haven’t started yet, if I’ve missed out, what exactly I’m seeing on the secondary ticket sellers sites, and what the best way to proceed would be.

        Thank you in advance for any help given. I’ve been searching for a while but can’t really sort it all out with what I’ve managed to find.

        1. Be patient Chris, sales have not yet started for 2019 and I don’t recommend using the resellers like Stubhub. Sales normally begin some time in April, so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

          1. Hey Andrew,. I’m curious if there is any tent camping available at Cota for the Grand Prix? Any information you have would be great! Thanks!

          2. Hi Philip, not that I’m aware of. I know there is parking for RVs, but I don’t know about tent camping. I suggest contacting the circuit – let me know if you get an answer!

      2. Hi, coming to COTA for the first time, used to go to Watkins Glen every year, and once, long ago, went to Monaco, Jackie Stewart’s last year of racing. Just got general admission tickets, direct from COTA, are they physical deliveries? And once we stake out a spot on a hill somewhere, are we allowed to bring folding chairs? Are there concessions available to general admission? I was at the Glen back in the day when there weren’t.

        Thanks, and I’m really excited!

        1. Hi Rick, I’m pretty sure that tickets bought direct from COTA will be e-tickets that you can print out at home. Check the information you received after purchase, it should confirm this. Yes, you are allowed to bring folding chairs and they are a great idea for General Admission. Concessions everywhere, you won’t be far from food and drink! Hope you have a great weekend.

  12. Clayton Camblin

    Hello Andrew,

    Taking into account access to trains, overnight accommodations, and a way to get to the track, any recommendations on which village to stay at during the race?

  13. Hi Andrew

    I note that tickets are now on sale from the cota website. Having done some research we have settled on turn 12 bleachers based on view and value. On selecting tickets and refreshing a few times it looks like they are starting sales in section 1 and working their way back row by row, however we’d like to be more central. Bit of a long shot I know but do you know if this is their tactic and if we hold out, tickets in other sections will become available.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Tom, I’m really not sure how COTA conducts their sales, sorry! However, the tickets are now also on sale with our supplier here. You can ask about a specific section/row and they may be able to help.

  14. Hi, Andrew we recently purchased turn 12 bleacher tickets do you know if they have a good view. Row 18.

    1. Hi CJ, I don’t really have much experience with resellers like Vivid, but I think this is previous ticket holders (from last year’s race) trying to sell their tickets for this year. I don’t recommend buying there as prices are high and there’s no guarantee of authenticity. Tickets via COTA are not yet available – normally they go on sale around April, but I don’t know about this year. If you want to get tickets now, you can purchase packages from COTA Experiences or F1 Experiences – both official outlets, though many packages include activities above just the seats, so are higher priced.

      1. Hello, I see I can purchase tickets on COTA for the Austin race for specific turns, but not on F1. What is the difference?

        1. COTA is the main source, as they host the race. F1 Tickets is only a reseller – and they apply a large mark up on tickets. So you are better off buying directly from the track – or from our supplier Grand Prix Tickets

    1. Hi John, 3-Day General Admission tickets were last sold in 2019 for $175 early bird / $195 regular price. We don’t know prices yet for 2021, but expect similar or a bit higher. I expect these will sell out very quickly this year given the huge interest in the event

  15. Hi there,

    On COTA’s website I get redirected to vivid seats for GA seating, but I see earlier in this thread you advise against ordering from there. Will additional tickets from somewhere else be available from COTA come end of April?


    1. Hi Jordan, tickets will be available from COTA itself at the end of April. However, preference will be given to people who already registered their interest in buying, so I don’t know how many will be available on the open market.

  16. Hi, thanks for all the information you’ve provided on this page. You said that preference will be given to people who already registered their interest in buying, is there a way I can still do that?

    1. Hi Ria, unfortunately registration closed at the end of March. You will have to wait until tickets go on sale on April 27 – I suggest buying your tickets quickly!

  17. This site is so helpful. First timer and it’s been hard to find specific info, however, so here are my questions:
    At what time do the tickets go on sale on 4/27?
    What is a ballpark guess of what a 3-day ticket for Turn 1 will be?
    I’m trying to decide whether to buy one of the available experiences or chance it on the 27th.


    1. Thanks Anita. COTA haven’t yet announced what time tickets go on sale on April 27, but I’m guessing 9am or something. Here’s the most recent prices for Turn 1 Premium Grandstand (3-day tickets): Top = $675 /Mid = $565 / Lower = $455. I’m guessing prices could be higher in 2021, but we will see.

  18. hi is our first time purchasing tickets and i saw that on the FI experiences website some of the packages are sold out are their packages different than what FI tickets offers?

    1. Hi Mireya, F1 Experiences access includes a grandstand seat or hospitality suite access – plus a range of additional “experiences” on the weekend, such as a pit lane walk, guided tour of the track, opportunities to meet drivers, get into the F1 Paddock etc. That explains why they are more expensive than just the regular access.

  19. Thoughts on the new seats at Turn 18 and Turn 19? Also, I’m assuming I wouldn’t need to buy a ticket for a baby who will sit on my lap?

  20. Looking at purchasing Sunday-only tickets this year. Are those available yet and are they only available for certain ticket categories? (i.e. GA, bleacher, grandstand)

    1. Josh, all I know is that “single day tickets may be available in the future.” Given the level of interest in the event (and the fact that 3-day tickets are more profitable for the circuit to sell), I wouldn’t be holding your breath that single day tickets will be available at all this year.

    1. Single day tickets are not currently available, and may never be given the strong interest in this year’s event. It’s obviously more profitable for the circuit to sell 3-day tickets – and I wouldn’t be surprised if these sell out fairly quickly this year.

      1. Is it possible to sell the days I wouldn’t need on say StubHub if I buy a 3 day and only need 1? Or is it all on one ticket.

        1. I don’t know for sure, but I think this is not possible. Normally you get one ticket only for all 3 days. That would still leave the option of sharing with a trusted family member or friend.

    1. Hi Ria, yes General Admission tickets include concert access. It’s possible to buy a concert upgrade, but I believe that’s for a section that is closer to the stage.

  21. I just bought Turn 18 Upper Bleachers from gpt-worldwide but there was not a choice for which row or seat. How does it work for tickets?

    1. Tracy, GPT receive an allocation of tickets for each grandstand from the promoter, COTA. You will be assigned a seat – you can make a request to their customer service after for a particular row/seat and they will try to fulfil your request.

  22. Christopher Moloney

    Hi, what is the best experience for around 700-900$ budget? I like the good things, hospitality etc. so with that known what do you think?

  23. Attending the race is fun, but I’m really interested in attending the Billy Joel concert. What do I need to purchase in order to get a reserved seat in the amphitheater to see Billy Joel?

    1. Hi Chico, you need minimum General Admission ticket for the race to attend the concert. You can also buy the concert upgrade to get entry to an enclosure that’s closer to the stage. I guess reserved seats for the concert could be available later.

  24. Hi there, two questions. Is it possible to buy tickets to just the concert?

    Also, what is the difference between the upgraded concert add on versus what comes with race tickets?


    1. Hi David, you cannot just buy tickets to the concerts. You will need minimum a 3-day General Admission entry ($210). The concert upgrade gets you entry to an enclosure that’s much closer to the stage.

  25. If I purchase grandstand tickets do I still have access to the general admission areas? And if I were to buy the turn 9 grandstand tickets in specific, would it be good for views on any overtakes?

    1. Yes, all grandstand ticket holders have access to the General Admission areas at the circuit. I don’t think Turn 9 is the best place to watch overtakes, to be honest. But the price reflects that. It’s also closer to the big concert stage, which is an advantage.

        1. Yes, I think so. I’d probably spend most of the weekend checking out the views in General Admission, but it’s always good to have your own seat for the race itself

  26. On a general admission 3 day ticket is it possible to change who comes each day i.e. bring one of the kids on the Friday/Saturday and bring my wife on the Sunday?

    1. I don’t believe so. My understanding is that General Admission ticketholders will be provided with a wristband for the weekend that is not transferrable

  27. Do you have any updated information regarding the shuttle service that you can pick up in downtown Austin near convention center tat takes you directly to track and back for 2021? Also, how do you purchase advanced tickets for that? What is the website information?

    Thank you

    1. General Admission tickets only include access to the circuit and the spectating areas. You don’t get a grandstand seat or a hotel room.

  28. Thanks for your quick feedback. Quick question. When I click on page to buy tickets, it shows open tickets, if I click to buy. Am I buying all three days, or only each day? Thanks for your quick feedback

    1. Hi William, the (WE) stands for Weekend. All the tickets sold are for 3 days. I don’t believe single day tickets are even available this year.

  29. Awesome article! Thank you for all the info. We’re going, thankfully we’re able to get GA before they sold out so, we definitely appreciate all the info on where to investigate during practice and quails!

  30. Hi, if I were to buy a General Admissions ticket, would I still be able to go to all the fan zone type things like the autograph sessions, walking the pit straight before or after the race, etc.? Any info on those sort of interactive activities would be great! Thanks.

    1. Hi Kyana, the short answer is yes. General Admission gives you access to all the areas inside the track, apart from the grandstands and the pits/paddock of course. You can find more about what is going on at the track in our Trackside Guide – but be aware that the full schedule of events won’t be released for 2021 until closer to the race.

    1. Hi Vishnuu, I don’t think they will release 1-day tickets for the 2021 United States Grand Prix. They may issue more grandstand tickets, but demand has been very high and the event is already a sell out basically. So they don’t need to sell 1-day tickets this year.

  31. Hi there! Looks like I’ve missed the boat for lots of tickets but I’m looking to purchase tickets for the Paddock Club or Champions Club – do you have experience with either of those in Austin (as I’m reading the experience varies wildly from circuit to circuit). I see that COTA also has the SI club as well as the Tower and Podium Club – any experience with those?

    1. I don’t have personal experience of these hospitality suites at COTA, but I’m hoping to see for myself this year! The Champions Club is cheaper than the Paddock Club, but is still a good deal and has a great location on the Pit Straight. Kimi Raikkonen is also appearing this year, which is pretty cool. But I believe Champions Club may be already sold out for 2021. You can buy Champions Club, Paddock Club and Tower Club via F1 Experiences – the latter is only available via a sales agent.

    2. Hi Erika – I have two Tower Club tickets (I have purchased them directly from COTA, but have not received them yet). I am still undecided whether or not to attend due to COVID and my personal health situation. If you are still interested in tickets and Tower Club is of interest, please post a reply here with either an email or text number where we could communicate. Thanks – good luck – looks like a great venue!

      ps – sorry for the “double reply” – I inadvertently replied to Editor with my first reply….

  32. Any secrets to parking? The only ones on the website are $500+ ? Is there other options then the official lots, we are fine with plenty of walking.

  33. Hi Andrew,

    I have GA single-day tickets for Fri and Sat but no ticket for the race itself.

    Should I wait for the single-day ticket for Sun? I know you said it is possible they won’t have them at all.

    What are my options at this stage and time?


    1. Hi Rohan, given that the race is basically sold out, I don’t think they will be releasing new Sunday GA tickets – probably they have reached capacity. So I guess you will have to find somehow on the secondary market.

  34. Is there anywhere that I can find 3 day GA tickets from people who bought previously and have now decided not to go? I really want to go to the race this year but am really struggling to find tickets at a reasonable cost through third party groups. If anyone on here is selling tickets please let me know!

  35. I accidently wore my wristband before the race. I need to remove but if damaged can i get replacement? (Should have read the details before being stupid.

  36. GP newbie so excited to attend next weekend!! any tips for the weekend? I know at nascar they have headsets to rent with commentary of the race, is that type of thing Available here? Or any other recommendations for listening to the race/noise protection?

    1. Hi yes, there should be headsets available to rent – but expect the price to be really high. You don’t really need noise protection any more for F1 – the current engines are not that loud. (But young kids should wear earplugs). You can also listen to commentary on the loudspeakers or on 104.9 or 105.3 FM. The paid version of the F1 app also has live timing and live commentary available – but then you have to hope that the local phone network doesn’t get overwhelmed. More info in this post:

  37. Harshwardhan Ketkale

    I brought a general admission ticket in the month of June. I also received the band for the event.. can I sell the ticket? I mean am I allowed to sell my ticket and transfer the band all other details to someone ?
    Thank you.

  38. Harshwardhan Ketkale

    I have brought a general ticket. I did get a wrist band via mail. I planning on not going to event. Is there a way I can resell my ticket? If yes, where?
    Thank you.

  39. Any suggestions on where to resell or request a refund the twenty one pilots upgrade for Friday? The Ticketmaster/Cota website allows transfer, but wasn’t sure if there was a preferred site to list them.

    Thanks for the guides and info!

  40. Hi, due to unplanned circumstances i cannot attend the GP, im currently in Austin and I have 1 parking lot T Entrance and 2 GA wristbands available for sale. Contact me at

  41. I’m looking to purchase multiple groups of tickets don’t have to be in the same sections. Can you please give me a contact to do so?

  42. When will tix go on sale for Oct 2022?

    Also, can you clear up exactly what grandstands/Bleachers/GA have “assigned” seating? want to get tix and have assigned and not be in a first come first serve bleacher.

    1. Hopefully tickets will go on sale in late January or early February. Not sure if my understanding is 100% correct, but I believe that all grandstands at the US GP – even the cheaper ones with bleacher style seats – have assigned seating.

  43. Would there happen to be any website that would be recommended to purchase tickets from? Im looking to bring a group of 5 people to the USGP in Austin. I’ll take any other advice that would be recommended as well!

    1. Hi Ethan, we don’t believe that tickets will not be available until the middle of March. Tickets should be available from the circuit (COTA), though you needed to pre-register for these. We are also expecting to have tickets available from our supplier Grand Prix Tickets (GPT).

  44. When do we expect tickets for the US GP to go on sale for 2022? Looking to buy tickets from the UK and see on the COTA website it says ‘Deposit-holders will be contacted in early 2022 to complete their transaction’. How do we buy a ticket through deposit and if we haven’t done this already can we still get tickets?

    1. Hi Tom, we are expecting that tickets for this year’s race will go on sale in mid-March. It’s too late to make a deposit with the circuit, and I don’t know how many tickets COTA will have over and above for those who haven’t made a deposit or pre-registered, but we will have tickets as well for sale via our partners, Grand Prix Tickets. I’d expect most tickets to sell out very quickly.

      1. Heather Frisco

        Hi Andrew.
        I’m piggybacking on someone’s inquiry.
        Is the only way to get tickets for COTA races this year through your website for the formula one site?
        Is there a way to be notified via email when tickets will go on sale? If so, please let me know at [email protected]

        1. Hello Heather, we won’t be the only way to get tickets. COTA should have some tickets available too, but I don’t know at this stage. The best way to be notified is to join our mailing list. You can fill in the form on the footer of the website, or here. We will definitely send an email out when our ticket shop goes live for the USGP.

  45. Hello,
    It’s difficult to plan when ticket prices aren’t shared for the upcoming year. How accurate are the prices on this website? Would this be good to use as a gauge in planning for F1 2022? Also, for those who did not put a deposit, appx when would those tickets go on sale? I am part of the mailing list but with so little information out there, it’s quite hard to plan. Any guidance would be much appreciated

    1. We expect ticket prices to be broadly similar to last year, perhaps a litte bit higher. But we don’t yet have a pricelist. Tickets are expected to go on sale around the middle of March. Join our mailing list and we will definitely inform everyone on the list when our ticket shop is open.

  46. Hello Andrew. Do the Turn 9 bleachers have either a screen or a speaker for observing the race/commentary?

  47. New fan here….I realize tickets are not officially on sale on either the COTA nor your site, however, sites such as Stub Hub and Vivid Seats are currently selling them for what is, I’m assuming, a higher price. Are there any other differences in the actual tickets on the different sites? And, do the General Admission tickets generally sell out as fast as seated tickets? Thank you for any information.

    1. Yes these resale sites are selling already for higher prices, but I don’t see how the tickets can be legitimate if not already on sale – they are ‘speculative’ in my opinion, being sold by people who expect to receive tickets in the presale. GA should be on sale for longer than grandstands because there are more available, but I’d still be getting mine as soon as they go on sale.

  48. Are any of the grandstands covered? We went last year and baked in the bleachers in Austin. First time and it was unseasonably hot here.

  49. We put down a deposit last year for tickets. When we got the email to buy tickets all of the grandstand tickets (MG, T1, T15) were gone accept for the wheelchair seats – back back row. What gives? Can I get my deposit back from these people??

  50. The pre-sale is happening right now, was there a code or link to be able to get them? because we were in line and the COTA F1 US GP didn’t show once we reached the front of the queue

  51. Will you have main grandstand tickets available? If so, when? I see all other tickets available at the moment except main grandstand.

  52. Does anyone have experience with buying an Austin 2022 F1 Experience? The wait time to talk to an actual sales rep is so long!

    I can’t figure out what exactly is the benefit to the
    “Haas F1 Team Fan Package – Turn 19 Lower” experience package. Why is it better than just buying a 3-day pass with Turn 19 Lower seats? The official website doesn’t say anything except for the mention of a team gift which doesn’t seem to justify the higher price.

  53. Hi,

    I just noticed that the GA tickets are sold out for the 3 days.

    question: will ONE day tickets go on sale at all in the near future for GA?

    thank you

  54. Are tickets currently sold out for COTA at the moment? Was a little late to noticing they were starting to be sold.

  55. HI,
    I bought tickets for GA for F1 Grand Prix at COTA.
    I have just received an email for order confirmation but have not received my invoice and the tickets yet.
    Wanted to check if the tickets are going to be delivered via mail or email?

    Thanks. :-)

  56. I see that there is a concert upgrade when purchasing 1 day General Admission tickets. If we want to see the show, do we add this upgrade to see the concert or is it already included? It is not clear if upgrade means upgrade to add a concert or upgrade to get a better seat at the concert.

  57. Hi there, I’m buying GA tickets to COTA and I understand they will be sent out via mail. Since I live in another state and would like to travel as early as possible, any idea as to how far in advance of a race those tickets usually get mailed?

    1. No I don’t, sorry. I’m not sure if they will even be available or when. One option if you don’t want to miss out is to buy a 3-day ticket now. These will be e-tickets, and you may be able to sell/reassign the tickets for the days you don’t need.

  58. Can you buy just hospitality tickets? Already have tickets but looking for any hospitality options as an add on.
    Thank you

  59. Alicia Sorto

    Does anyone know of someone/website that can sell my tickets for me and offer me alternatives?. I bought 5 GA passes for Austin’s GP. Parking pass included. I would be interested in getting tickets for one single day instead for 5 people.

  60. I am confused about ticket sales. When I went to F1 official site to buy this year they were sold out for 3 day, and only had tickets for first 2 days so I bought Friday & Sat 1 day tickets on April 22… Sun said “coming soon” Now official site says Sunday sold out, your site doesn’t have single GA Sunday tickets as far as I can tell (also, can’t afford $100s of $$$ for each ticket) The COTA site says Single day Sunday tickets are “coming soon.” So… are there still single day tickets for Sunday that will become available (as the original, I am not interested in scalper prices or supporting the scalping system)?? I already bough my nephew’s flight, he is the big fan, along with his dad. Buying for the 3 of us. I don’t have to go, but I do want to get them 2 tickets. (and obvs would prefer to go with them)

    1. Sunday only tickets have not yet gone on sale. It was quite late last year. Sorry but it could be quite hard to get these direct from COTA as demand is very high. I don’t know if/when these tickets will go on sale. I understand you not wanting to purchase at inflated prices via a resale site. I will let you know if we get any Sunday GA tickets, or you can sign up for alerts from COTA and also check their social media for updates.

  61. Andrew thank you taking the time with all these responses. I have a question regrading secondary ticket sites- Do all PSL ticket holders get a VIP pass? Or is a VIP pass (the one that allows you to enter VIP areas, not including any beverages/food) something that you purchase as an add-on? Some of the tickets listed on these sites have VIP pass included and I want to know if certain sections are automatically given a VIP pass. Thanks in advance, looking forward to my 1st F1 race.

    1. Sorry I can’t help answer your question. I don’t know anything about PSL tickets to be honest. When it comes to F1, if you are talking about Paddock Passes (VIP Access) then these are not included with any packages, apart from the Legend Packages sold by F1 Experiences, and then you only get for one day.

      1. Thanks Andrew, I did some digging and it looks like PSL (personal seat license) holders do in fact get a designated PSL tent for drinks or shade or some type of extra perk. I know that there are many PSL tickets at T-15 specifically but not sure about other turns. You also cannot differentiate on Stub-hub as to which tickets are originally PSL (meaning they would come with a PSL access pass) or just secondary selling for tickets purchased from general public sale.

  62. Hi Andrew, Hoping you might be able to answer this. We have 3 day passes for the Austin F1 race at COTA. They came as physical tickets but the COTA website says that all tickets will now be e-ticket/mobile. Will the paper tickets still work or do we have to figure out how to access the mobile ones? Thanks.

    1. Did you buy General Admission tickets? Where did you buy them from? I think General Admission are the only physical ones (apart from Paddock Club and some other hospitality).

  63. Mikhail Jackson

    HI Andrew – do you know when/if there will be driver autograph sessions or fan forums at this years US GP in Austin 2022. I have been searching high and low and cannot find.

    Also, would love to get my hands on a single day paddock access for Friday if anyone has available.

    1. I don’t know if there will be autograph sessions or Fan Forums with the drivers at COTA this year. It’s possible they will be announced closer to race weekend, stay tuned to COTA’s social channels. As for a single-day pass to the Paddock, good luck with that. These are not something you can buy normally. F1 Experiences offers a pass for the day with their highest priced Legend Ticket Packages. Otherwise you need to be given one by F1 or a team, which means knowing the right people.

  64. Hi Andrew, when do you expect 2023 US GP tickets to go on sale (early bird)? What is the best way to get notified of upcoming ticket sale dates?

    1. I’m not sure when tickets for the 2023 USGP will go on sale. This year it was in March, but could be earlier next year. Best way is to sign up for mailing lists. The COTA one is here (scroll down to the section that says “Be the first to know when new events are announced”), the F1 Experiences one is here.

  65. Vegas GA tickets are $500 for all 3 days, with food and non-alc drinks included. How much were 3-day grandstand tickets for this year’s (2022) Austin GP?

    I’m debating on going with Vegas 2023 GA or Austin 2023 Grandstand if they’re similar in price.

  66. Hi Andrew, I own a small boutique property less than 30 minutes from COTA – in downtown Smithville, Texas. How would you recommend I connect with teams, owners and/or attendees as an accommodation option for the race?

  67. In the stands with bleacher seats am I right in thinking its just first come first served in terms of seating? They can’t allocate you a seat in the bleachers surely?

    Also will there be 2 day tickets to this race going on sale, on the website it seems like initially it will only be 3 day tickets?

    1. I do believe seats are allocated and numbered in the bleachers. Tickets are almost all for 3 days. No 2-day tickets. Some single day (race day) tickets for General Admission and grandstands/bleachers.

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply Andrew.

        Will it cause me any problems if I buy a 3 day ticket when I will only be attending on Saturday and Sunday? As in they won’t re allocate or resell my ticket when I don’t attend on Friday will they?

  68. Hello Andrew,

    What would be the best way to get access to the presale codes?
    I noticed ticket master has 3 presales going on for this upcoming race.

  69. Hello Andrew!
    I have a question, do all of the grandstands and GA 3days tickets include the concerts on Friday and Saturday?
    And can people from all seats enter the track during the podium? Like happens in Brazil

    1. Yes, if you have a valid pass for the day in question (GA is fine) then you can attend the concerts. (If you want to be closer to the stage, concert upgrades will also be available closer to the race). And yes, any fan with a valid ticket can enter the track for the podium ceremony after the race

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