Tickets – 2021 United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas

Your guide to buying tickets for the 2021 United States Grand Prix on October 22-24, including advice on the best places to watch the action at Circuit of The Americas.


Tickets are not on sale for the 2021 United States Grand Prix, but you can already purchase Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences. This post will be updated when ticket sales begin.

With lots of elevation changes, the views from both General Admission (GA) areas and most grandstands at COTA are excellent. Most fans buy a ticket for all 3 days of the weekend (Friday to Sunday), though single-day tickets are available; these can be good if seeing the concert on a particular day is important to you.

United States Grand Prix Ticket Types

  • VIP/hospitality: tickets in special areas with full catering and good trackside views. For example, COTA Club at Turn 12 or Champions Club from F1 Experiences.
  • Premium Grandstands: individually seated grandstands at the best locations: Main Grandstand opposite the pits, Turn 1 & Turn 15. Most tickets are sold for 3 days, though some cheaper categories are also sold for individual days.
  • Bleachers: reserved grandstands with bench seating on Turns 4, 9 and 12. Sold as 3-day tickets, or single day tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
  • General Admission: the cheapest 3-day tickets provide access to the circuit, but no reserved seat.

Main Grandstand at COTA

Pictured above. This is the grandstand to choose if you are keen to know what is going on in the pits and experience the build up, start and finish of the race (see panorama, above). The atmosphere is always good here, but if you are after on-track action, it’s not the best choice. The Main Grandstand also boasts some of the highest prices of any at the circuit, which is another consideration. We prefer other grandstands, like Turn 1 or Turn 15.

Turn 1 Grandstand at COTA

The Turn 1 grandstand is popular (and expensive) for good reason, with excellent panoramic views of the circuit from the top of the hill overlooking the main straight and first corner. There’s a big elevation change from the start/finish line to the first corner and the cars take the blind apex at low speeds, giving photographers a good chance to capture the action.

Turn 4 Bleachers at COTA

This is one of the cheaper bleacher-style grandstands and represents decent value. You get a view of the cars taking the high-speed esses section of the circuit. Check out a panorama of the view from Grandstand 4 here.

Turn 9 Bleachers at COTA

The views are also decent from the Turn 9 bleachers. If you get a seat high up in the stand (recommended), you’ll be able to see around 50% of the circuit; from the esses beginning at turn 4 through to the hairpin at turn 11. Check out some pictures of the view from the Turn 9 bleachers here.

Turn 12 Bleachers at COTA

Most of the overtaking at COTA takes place in the heavy braking zone leading into Turn 12, which makes this grandstand (or Turn 15) a good choice for on-track action. Arguably the best seats are actually those furthest away from Turn 12 (closest to the Turn 15 grandstand), where you get a better view of this whole section of the track (Turns 12-16).

Turn 15 Grandstand at COTA

One of the more popular grandstands at COTA, and for good reason. The views from the two separate Turn 15 grandstands are excellent; depending on your exact seat, you should get a decent view of the action from turns 12-16. You also get proper seats (as opposed to bleachers in the nearby Turn 12 grandstand) and the toilet facilities and food choice are better.

General Admission at COTA

With lots of elevation, the views from General Admission (GA) at COTA are excellent. Walk the track during the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday to get a feel for the best places to watch, then get there early on race day to reserve your spot. There are good hillside vantage points in GA all around the circuit, but particularly around turns 1, 7-8, 11, 15 and 18-19.

Been to COTA? Leave a comment with your favorite place to watch the action!

67 thoughts on “Tickets – 2021 United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas”

    1. Hi Dennis, all US Grand Prix tickets will go on sale shortly, probably around the first week of April. You will be able to buy through the links on our site. Follow us on social media and we will be sure to update you!

  1. Hi Andrew… I attended the races back in 2012 (T4) and 2015 (T11). Would be more than happy to share my videos with you. T11 is pretty nice since you pay a grand admission ticket but cars will move so slow in front of you. Cheers!

    1. Hi Nicki, we use the same supplier as F1.com, but we don’t apply an additional mark up on prices like they do. So it’s simple, we are less greedy:)

  2. Do you get accces to the circuit and get to walk the track with any purchase or is it certain tickets?

    1. Hi Tor, all the tickets give you general access to the circuit and to the common areas. The cheapest of these tickets are General Admission, but you don’t get a seat with those ones. All other tickets give you a seat, plus general access to the common areas of the circuit.

  3. Will general admission be made available for single days (i.e Raceday) ? Or are they only available for all 3 days?

    1. Hi Raj, General Admission tickets are only for 3 days, but there are cheapish grandstand tickets available on Sunday (e.g. turn 4 or turn 9 bleachers for $175)

  4. Will there be a pit walk about for ticket holders on the Thursday (11/19) before activities begin on Friday. Thanks for an excellent site.

  5. I have 2 F1 three day tickets in the upper section of turn 12 for sale at COTA 2017. What is the best way to publicize that these are available for sale?

  6. Hi there, are there likely to be Fri/Sat or Saturday only tickets? I need to catch a flight Sunday but would love to see some practice and/or qualifying.

  7. Hi,

    When do 2018 tickets go on sale? Also, various folks I’ve spoken to have said the higher stands in T12 are the seats to go for. Would anyone here agree with this.


  8. Beta Karimzadeh

    Hi There! I’m looking to get some advice on where to sit. If I purchase tickets for the grandstand or bleacher grandstand, can I get into the GA sections as well?

      1. I received my 3 day grandstand tickets in the mail already. To see the concert, is there a wristband that accompanies the ticket, or do I just show the ticket to gain access the the GA section?

  9. Hi! It looks like the one day parking its not available at the moment and i dont want to spend over $100 for just one day… Is it possible to find parking on Sunday without buying it in advance?

  10. I’m looking for tickets for Nov 3rd. General admission. When will they be available for purchase? Thanks.

  11. Clyde Smithson

    Warning -avoid 2019 Paddock Club under new management – it is a rip off

    Experience: attended 2019 Australian GP Paddock Club (Bentley Suite)
    1) Marriott Bonvoy a bunch of jokers
    2) Room management clueless
    3) Room staff great considering they could not move around room because it was so crowded. Food frequently did not reach table. When I went to serving stand to get food, I was refused by server. When I mentioned it to management, a few minutes later a plate of crappy food was slapped down in front of me, “I heard you were hungry.” WTF? Needless to say I ditched that plate.
    4) Twice as many (or more) people in room than chairs and table situation was worse. WTF. At least in stands I get a seat and a view.
    5) During race crowd at rail was 3-4 people deep so impossible to see anything. Monitors in room frequently blocked by other people. Large section of my outdoor viewing space was blocked off for the Rolex crowd. Apparently there’s a different level of Paddock Club for them.
    6) Mostly corporate tools vs race fans. If you’re a corporate tool, this is a premium sardine experience for you.

    Paid way too much for a crap experience.

    To the new management I say boo. The other 5 hard core F1 fans at my table were similarly unimpressed.

    My 2017 Singapore Green Room experience was a dream by contrast. Turn 1 – assigned seating at tables indoor; plus plenty of outdoor seats. And, oh yeah, front row for the Turn 1 crash.

    But the new F1 management seems to prefer scraping pennies over providing premium experience.

    1. Hi Clyde, really sorry to hear about your experience. I think it depends very much on which race you attend. I worked in the Paddock and Paddock Club at seven races last year, and it really wasn’t crowded at most of them.

      1. Hello. I was wondering if you could help give me some insight into ticket buying for this race. Mainly, are tickets currently on sale?

        Tickets.formula1.com and circuitoftheamericas.com both indicate that sales haven’t started yet while offering a sign up for alerts. Despite this, I’ve seen some sites like stubhub, seat geek, etc that have listings, but they seem limited and come with large service fees.

        So I am curious if the normal sales haven’t started yet, if I’ve missed out, what exactly I’m seeing on the secondary ticket sellers sites, and what the best way to proceed would be.

        Thank you in advance for any help given. I’ve been searching for a while but can’t really sort it all out with what I’ve managed to find.

        1. Be patient Chris, sales have not yet started for 2019 and I don’t recommend using the resellers like Stubhub. Sales normally begin some time in April, so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

          1. Hey Andrew,. I’m curious if there is any tent camping available at Cota for the Grand Prix? Any information you have would be great! Thanks!

          2. Hi Philip, not that I’m aware of. I know there is parking for RVs, but I don’t know about tent camping. I suggest contacting the circuit – let me know if you get an answer!

  12. Clayton Camblin

    Hello Andrew,

    Taking into account access to trains, overnight accommodations, and a way to get to the track, any recommendations on which village to stay at during the race?

  13. Hi Andrew

    I note that tickets are now on sale from the cota website. Having done some research we have settled on turn 12 bleachers based on view and value. On selecting tickets and refreshing a few times it looks like they are starting sales in section 1 and working their way back row by row, however we’d like to be more central. Bit of a long shot I know but do you know if this is their tactic and if we hold out, tickets in other sections will become available.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Tom, I’m really not sure how COTA conducts their sales, sorry! However, the tickets are now also on sale with our supplier here. You can ask about a specific section/row and they may be able to help.

  14. Hi, Andrew we recently purchased turn 12 bleacher tickets do you know if they have a good view. Row 18.

    1. Hi CJ, I don’t really have much experience with resellers like Vivid, but I think this is previous ticket holders (from last year’s race) trying to sell their tickets for this year. I don’t recommend buying there as prices are high and there’s no guarantee of authenticity. Tickets via COTA are not yet available – normally they go on sale around April, but I don’t know about this year. If you want to get tickets now, you can purchase packages from COTA Experiences or F1 Experiences – both official outlets, though many packages include activities above just the seats, so are higher priced.

      1. Hello, I see I can purchase tickets on COTA for the Austin race for specific turns, but not on F1. What is the difference?

        1. COTA is the main source, as they host the race. F1 Tickets is only a reseller – and they apply a large mark up on tickets. So you are better off buying directly from the track – or from our supplier Grand Prix Tickets

    1. Hi John, 3-Day General Admission tickets were last sold in 2019 for $175 early bird / $195 regular price. We don’t know prices yet for 2021, but expect similar or a bit higher. I expect these will sell out very quickly this year given the huge interest in the event

  15. Hi there,

    On COTA’s website I get redirected to vivid seats for GA seating, but I see earlier in this thread you advise against ordering from there. Will additional tickets from somewhere else be available from COTA come end of April?


    1. Hi Jordan, tickets will be available from COTA itself at the end of April. However, preference will be given to people who already registered their interest in buying, so I don’t know how many will be available on the open market.

  16. Hi, thanks for all the information you’ve provided on this page. You said that preference will be given to people who already registered their interest in buying, is there a way I can still do that?

    1. Hi Ria, unfortunately registration closed at the end of March. You will have to wait until tickets go on sale on April 27 – I suggest buying your tickets quickly!

  17. This site is so helpful. First timer and it’s been hard to find specific info, however, so here are my questions:
    At what time do the tickets go on sale on 4/27?
    What is a ballpark guess of what a 3-day ticket for Turn 1 will be?
    I’m trying to decide whether to buy one of the available experiences or chance it on the 27th.


    1. Thanks Anita. COTA haven’t yet announced what time tickets go on sale on April 27, but I’m guessing 9am or something. Here’s the most recent prices for Turn 1 Premium Grandstand (3-day tickets): Top = $675 /Mid = $565 / Lower = $455. I’m guessing prices could be higher in 2021, but we will see.

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