FAQ: How & Where to Buy 2024 F1 Hospitality Tickets

Ticket prices, inclusions & where to buy the best F1 hospitality & VIP packages in 2024, including the Champions Club & Formula 1 Paddock Club.

What’s New in the World of F1 Hospitality?

Increased interest in Formula 1, especially from new fans with high budgets, has prompted F1 promoters to introduce new hospitality offerings, especially at higher price points. The sheer number of new trackside suites available at new races in Miami and Las Vegas are testament to this increased interest in F1 hospitality. 

Existing hospitality suites have also been increased in size, especially at the most popular races. At the same time, prices have been rising for existing hospitality offerings due to strong post-COVID demand. However, during the 2023 season, some of the highest priced hospitality packages, especially at the races in the USA where prices were almost twice as high as equivalent offering at other races, did not sell as well as in 2022.

To meet demand from the wealthiest fans, Formula 1 has also introduced VVIP ticket packages in the F1 Garage, which as the name suggests is housed in an actual garage box next to the teams at selected races. 

Hospitality and VIP tickets are now available at almost all of the 24 races on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar.

What F1 Hospitality & VIP Tickets are Available? How Much Will I Pay?

Most races offer a choice of hospitality suites at different price points, though hospitality packages are much more expensive at the stateside races in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas. Other races with high-priced hospitality suites include the Singapore Grand Prix and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

The Formula 1 Paddock Club is available at all races on the calendar, whilst the Champions Club by F1 Experiences is available at almost every race. The most expensive VVIP hospitality in the F1 Garage is only available at select races.

How much you pay depends on which hospitality suite you choose, and which race you decide to attend. In general, the cheaper hospitality packages offered by the circuits/promoters tend to sell out very fast. Here are the approximate starting prices for F1 hospitality tickets in 2024 – remember, prices at some races are much higher:

What is the Formula 1 Paddock Club?

The Paddock Club offers an incredible VIP experience with all-inclusive gourmet cuisine during seated meals, open bars, views from directly above the pits (at most races) and access to insider activities such as current and legendary F1 driver appearances, truck tours of the circuit and daily pit lane walks. Additional benefits include viewing terraces and a reserved grandstand for Paddock Club guests. As the most exclusive F1 hospitality available, the Paddock Club is also the most expensive. Prices for Paddock Club tickets have risen about 20% since the pandemic.

We recommend buying access to the Paddock Club with F1 Experiences. Not only does F1 Experiences have their own large, branded suite within the Paddock Club at most races, but they also provide unique additional benefits. At some races, Paddock Club packages purchased via F1 Experiences include a guided tour of the F1 Paddock. Legend Ticket Packages, available at all races, include access to Paddock Club hospitality plus a full day of VIP access to the F1 Paddock and priority placement in the pitlane for the podium ceremony after the race. Most 2024 packages are sold for all three days of the weekend, though 1-day and 2-day tickets are sometimes available.

Are F1 Team Suites Available in the Paddock Club?

Yes, almost all the current F1 teams offer their own hospitality suites in the Formula 1 Paddock Club. At larger races, this is generally a private suite within the Paddock Club located above the team’s garage. At smaller races, you may be sat in an open area within the Club Suite of the Paddock Club. As well as enjoying all the benefits of the Paddock Club – high end cuisine, open bars, pit lane walks, etc – guests in team suites can get closer to their favourite team via garage tours and driver appearances, and also receive exclusive merchandise gifts.

Tickets to Red Bull, McLaren, Alfa Romeo and Haas hospitality suites in the Paddock Club are available with F1 Experiences.

F1 Garage: The Most Exclusive VIP Access Available

Introduced in 2022 and expanded this season, the F1 Garage is Formula 1’s most exclusive VIP offering. As the name suggests, this hospitality suite is actually housed inside a garage in the pit lane. As well as getting access to the F1 Paddock Club, guests in the F1 Garage enjoy cuisine prepared by Michelin-starred chefs and open bars serving high-end drinks and cocktails.

F1 Garage guests are also given a VIP pass for the F1 Paddock on all three days of the race weekend, and enjoy appearances by F1 legends and ambassadors, a photo safari, guided track tours and more. If you need to ask the price of an F1 Garage Package, this offer is probably not for you. But we can confirm that you will need to pay at least $25,000 USD for a 3-day ticket to the F1 Garage in 2024.

Access to the F1 Garage is available at the following races in 2024 via F1 Experiences: Saudi Arabia, USA (Miami), Canada, Spain, Britain, Italy (Monza), USA (COTA), Mexico City, Qatar & Abu Dhabi.

What is the Champions Club?

Available at almost every race on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar, the Champions Club is a hospitality offering from F1 Experiences. Generally priced at about 50% of the cost of a similar package for the Paddock Club, the Champions Club still offers premium all-inclusive meals and open bars, along with special guest appearances and insider access. One of the most popular inclusions with Champions Club tickets is a guided tour of the F1 Paddock, where you can watch the teams and media at work and even meet your favourite driver for an autograph or selfie if you are lucky.

Champions Club hospitality suites are located in prime viewing locations at each circuit, often next to the Paddock Club in the pit lane. At some races, Champions Club packages also include a reserved seat in an adjacent grandstand. Champions Club packages are generally sold for three days, though 1-day or 2-day access is sometimes available.

Champions Club ticket packages are available from F1 Experiences.

Are Additional F1 Hospitality Packages Available?

In addition to the Champions Club and Formula 1 Paddock Club, most circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar also offer their own hospitality products. These hospitality offerings generally include all-inclusive food and open bars, but the quality varies considerably, as does the pricing. Entry-level hospitality packages at some circuits in Europe can be yours for under $2,000 USD for the weekend, whilst some VIP packages are priced well in excess of $10,000 USD.

For cheaper hospitality packages, be sure to check if the suite has a view of the track or access to grandstand seats – you may need to purchase a reserved seat as well. One advantage of buying a hospitality package from the promoter is that more flexible and cheaper ticket options are often available, including 1-day or 2-day access. At certain races where alcohol is not readily sold in the fan areas (e.g. Bahrain, Spain, Qatar), you can buy access to affordable circuit hospitality where alcohol is served.

Recommended affordable trackside hospitality suites currently available for 2024 include:

Learn more about VIP & hospitality packages currently available at every circuit on the 2024 F1 calendar

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix (Feb 29-Mar 2)

2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (March 7-9)

2024 Australian Grand Prix (March 21-24)

2024 Japanese Grand Prix (April 5-7)

2024 Chinese Grand Prix (April 19-21)

2024 Miami Grand Prix (May 3-5)

2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (May 17-19)

2024 Monaco Grand Prix (May 23-26)

2024 Canadian Grand Prix (June 7-9)

2024 Spanish Grand Prix (June 21-23)

  • Spain offers some of the most affordable trackside hospitality suites on the F1 calendar. New for 2024, the Palcos Restaurant is situated across from the pit exit and offers all-inclusive hospitality (3-day package from €1,360 EUR; download brochure). Located close to the final corner, the Garden Village hospitality area includes a seat in grandstand H (2-day package from €1,360 EUR). 
  • The best promoter hospitality is located in the Sky Club at the top of the Main Grandstand overlooking the starting grid (2-day packages from €2,100 EUR; download brochure). All promoter hospitality packages are available in our 2024 Spanish Grand Prix Ticket Shop
  • Champions Club Packages are currently sold out
  • A range of 3-Day Paddock Club Packages are now on sale, including Sauber and Haas team suites. Prices start from $6,799 USD.
  • Exclusive F1 Garage hospitality is also on sale (3-day package from $30,250 USD).
  • Learn More: Spain F1 Travel Guide / Ticket Buying Guide / Spain Ticket Shop / F1 Experiences

2024 Austrian Grand Prix (June 28-30)

2024 British Grand Prix (July 5-7)

2024 Hungarian Grand Prix (July 19-21)

2024 Belgian Grand Prix (July 26-28)

2024 Dutch Grand Prix (August 23-25)

2024 Italian Grand Prix (Aug 30-Sep 1)

2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (September 13-15)

2024 Singapore Grand Prix (September 20-22)

2024 United States Grand Prix (October 18-20)

2024 Mexico City Grand Prix (October 25-27)

2024 São Paulo Grand Prix (November 1-3)

2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix (November 21-23)

  • The most anticipated new race on the F1 calendar delivered a really exciting race, though the inaugural weekend in Vegas wasn’t without organizational issues. Grandstands and hospitality are not yet on sale for 2024, but we know from this year that the race will offer a wide selection of hospitality packages at some of the highest prices on the current calendar. You can already place a $1,000 USD deposit with the promoter for 2024 hospitality packages.
  • F1 Experiences is also accepting 2024 deposits with $1,000 USD also payable to reserve hospitality access. Popular locations for hospitality at the Las Vegas Strip circuit include the Koval Straight (F1 Experiences Lounge & Champions Club) and the two-level Paddock Club suite above the pits.
  • Learn More: Las Vegas F1 Travel Guide / Ticket Buying Guide / F1 Experiences

2024 Qatar Grand Prix (Nov 29-Dec 1)

2024 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (December 6-8)

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