Tickets – 2020 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai

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Your guide to buying tickets for the 2020 Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit on April 17-19.

Tickets are not expected to go on sale for the 2020 Chinese Grand Prix until later this year. In the meantime, Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences are available. This guide will be fully updated for 2020 when tickets go on sale.

Prices for Chinese Grand Prix tickets were lowered in 2017 and remain at similar levels for 2019, though the naming convention for seats in the Main Grandstand has changed. After Malaysia left the calendar in 2017, China has taken the mantle of offering the cheapest race tickets overall on the current F1 calendar. The Shanghai circuit has a stadium layout similar to the Hockenheimring; there’s only a limited selection of grandstands, but they are all raised well above the catch fencing and offer great panoramic views over large sections of the track. The huge Main Grandstand opposite the pits seats up to 29 000 spectators and the total capacity for the circuit including the four large general admission areas is a sizeable 200 000. The circuit hasn’t been anywhere close to full since the first race back in 2004, but attendance has been rising again in recent years.

Experience F1 at the 2020 Chinese Grand Prix

Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access at the 2020 Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai with F1 Experiences! Fan packages include an Exclusive Pit Lane Walk and Guided Track tour plus grandstand seat. Hero and Trophy Packages also include a Paddock Club Reception with a current or legendary F1 driver!

2019 Chinese Grand Prix tickets

Ticket TypePrice (EUR)
Main Grandstand A Platinum
Main Grandstand A Gold Plus
Main Grandstand A Gold
Main Grandstand A Silver Plus
Main Grandstand A Silver
Grandstand H, K
General Admission B€76
General Admission F, J, L€63
Chinese Grand Prix tickets - need to know
  • All tickets are sold for 3 days (single-day tickets are not available)
  • China operates a Free Friday policy. You still need to buy a ticket, but you can sit in any grandstand you wish on the first day of the racing weekend. Grandstand seats are only reserved on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Main, H & K grandstands are all covered. The General Admission areas are NOT covered. Remember that rain is a distinct possibility at the Chinese race, so be prepared if you’ve chosen the cheaper General Admission tickets.
  • All grandstands have views of at least one big screen TV, as do the majority of the General Admission areas (with the exception of F).
  • Discounted tickets for children are available in all grandstands


The vast Main grandstand offers several different ticket types – several ticket categories have new names for 2019. The most expensive Platinum seats are located in the middle, top half of the grandstand opposite the start/finish line. Gold and Gold+ tickets are located in the top half of the grandstand (either side of Platinum) and provide excellent panoramic views over up to 80% of the circuit, whilst the tickets in the lower half of the grandstands are now known as Silver and Silver+. These are better for views of the pits; the catch fencing only compromises views in the lowest few rows of Silver.




Grandstands H &K are located either side of turn 14, a slow-speed corner at the end of the back straight where a lot of overtaking happens. From some seats in Grandstand H, you also get a view of the pit lane entry and pit straight. Both grandstands are recommended. 




There are four General Admission Zones at the Shanghai circuit (B, F, L, J). The pick of the General Admission in Shanghai are Zone J at the turn 14 hairpin, closely followed by Zone B on the first corner and Zone L at the start of the pit straight. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella and waterproofs if rain is forecast.

Click here to read about our tour of the Shanghai International Circuit. Been yourself? Leave a comment and tell us about your experience!

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  1. Hi, do you.offer a family pacakge for one adult and one child on grand stand A+

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jaco, yes there is a family ticket available for Grandstand A+ (high and low). It includes an adult ticket and one child up to the age of 16 years. The price is $273 USD for high ticket and $244 for low ticket (both for 3 days). You can buy HERE.

  2. Rich says:

    Is there anyway you can book a particular area/seat within a section like you can at the Malaysian seeping circuit?
    I’m trying to book A+ High seats in section 6 or 10 which are as close to A High Platinum. But whichever site I look at just give as a general A+ High section 4-14. Hope you can help?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Rich, sorry I am not aware of how you can book a particular section/seat. If you buy with Gootickets, you can request when you order and hopefully they will be able to accommodate you.

    • Shane says:

      Hi Rich

      do you have a seating Map . . I now have my tickets but would like to know where I am.. I have searched but cannot find anything

      • Charly says:

        Hi Shane, I was wondering the same thing. Did you find a seating map? I got tickets for A High and received section A.1c. Do you know which section is it? Close to turn 1 or entering the pits?

  3. Alexandra Jimenez says:

    Hi Richi! I would like to know what kind of ticket do you recommend for Shanghai GP, Grandstand A+ high or Grandstand A+ Platinum??

  4. Juan says:

    Hi Richi! I’m looking for one day only ticket! Can you help me to get the tickets?

  5. Robert says:

    Any information when tickets for the 2019 Chinese Grand Prix will go on sale?

    • Editor says:

      Should be soon. I would think sometime in December. Follow us on Social media and you’ll be the first to know!

      • Robert says:

        Great, booked my flights yesterday…so finally waiting for the Tickets to go on sale!
        Follow ypur great work on every platform, it definitely makes every F1 trip perfect;)

  6. Seamus Gough says:

    Any update on when 2019 tickets are going on sale?

  7. Albert says:

    Tickets are on sale but the platinum class of tickets for the main straight grandstand are missing from goo tickets and also the F1 website. Would you know when these will be available?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Albert, the response from the tickets company: “I’ve asked my team and the reason why for China, the Platinium Grandstand is not available is because it has been removed temporarily from sales, as the Lounge access is not included in the ticket anymore. Instead, there will be a goodie bag. It will be back online for sales and everything is settled, but we don’t know when exactly for now.”

  8. Alex Staines says:

    Hi Andrew,
    really informative articles and great to read you take the time to reply to so many enquiries.

    My family and i will be in Shanghai on the Friday 12th April but departing on Saturday. I understand the 3 Day ticket packages but is there any way you can think of where we can access for the Friday only for practice etc.?
    Cheers, Alex

    • Editor says:

      Hi Alex, there are no single-day tickets to buy as far as I’m aware. What I suggest doing is buying the cheapest 3-day General Admission ticket (62 EUR). China operates a “Free Friday” policy, so you can sit anywhere you want – including all the grandstands – on Friday. This is still a pretty good deal I think.

  9. Chris Heywood says:

    How can I get an E ticket as I’m travelling to China on 31st March won’t be home to except delivery by DHL that they say happens 7-10 days prior to event?

    • Editor says:

      You can always collect at the circuit. This is an option that is offered at checkout with Gootickets.

      • Robert says:

        Hope it will work tomorrow.
        Just go back from circuit, still everything under construction. The whole ticket office was closed today. Would have been great if I would have got my ticket already today.

        By the way: Looks like that atograph session is once again for Chinese fans only.

  10. Jurgen Verharen says:

    Earlier in the week there were some family tickets available for H & K stands, but don’t see those anymore. Will they be back again?

  11. Valandis says:

    Hi All, Now that all ticket’s are sold out. Does anyone have any recommendation of other legit websites I can purchase ticket’s from? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

  12. Elizabeth Cope says:

    I am also in desperate need of 2 tickets. I cannot believe they have sold out. 3 weeks ago there were plenty. Do they release more later on or is there a resell site?

  13. Kush Patel says:

    Whats a good/safe place to but resell tickets? I’ll be in Shanghai for work that same weekend

  14. Jonathan Mack says:

    Great site. Stupidly, I missed out on the sale of these tickets. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy site to buy tickets from now it has sold out?


  15. Guillermo Monroy says:

    Hello, I know that probably is too late, however, is there any possibility to have tickets for this grand prix in China??
    I am from Mexico and will be there and I really want to attend the race.
    Could you help me, I need tow tickets.
    Thanks in advance.

  16. Guillermo Monroy says:

    Does anyone knows a trustworthy site to buy tickets??

  17. Gary Roden says:

    As this is race number 1000 are there any events happening in and around the track such as concerts, exibits or driver meet and greet sessions etc?

  18. Rebecca Devries says:

    I purchased a weekend ticket and an F1 experience package for the race in Shanghai but we had to cancel our trip to China.
    Any idea how to safely resell these tickets? Is it possible to resell the experience package?

  19. Alex says:

    Hi. Interested in Shanghai GP Gold tickets. Preferably 15th or 16th section. If anyone got some for sale please contact me.

  20. Pip Naumovski says:

    Hi wanting Grand Prix tickets x2 in Shanghai

    Travelling from Australia can anybody please help
    Up to $3000 combined total

  21. Editor says:

    I don’t believe this is a scam site. Your comment also doesn’t make sense – you say you purchased with Paypal, then that you are disputing the payment with your credit card. I suggest you try and buy at the circuit, but obviously you will need to be careful of counterfeit tickets.

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