Trackside at Spa-Francorchamps – 2024 Belgian Grand Prix

Your guide to getting the most out of your trip to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix 2024

A record crowd of 380,000 fans were in attendance across the weekend at the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix. The race will remain on the F1 calendar in 2024 and 2025, though the long-term future of the Belgian Grand Prix is uncertain.

Despite being the longest current F1 circuit at 7.004 kilometers (4.352 miles), Spa has a fairly low spectator capacity. Most grandstands are located close to the pit straight and opening Eau Rouge corner, with the rest of the circuit given over to General Admission viewing areas – the latter have got much busier in recent years with “Oranje Army” fans of Max Verstappen.

Whatever ticket you buy, be ready to cover lots of ground on foot, especially when entering and exiting the circuit. Comfortable, hard wearing shoes are a must to tackle the hills and dirt paths through the mountains at Spa. A decent level of fitness is also needed to get the most out of General Admission; the best spots also tend to get busier over the course of the weekend, so you need to get there early on race day to secure your spot. The weather is notoriously fickle in the Ardennes area. It’s often warm and sunny when the race is held in late summer, but rain is never too far away. Pack for all conditions ahead of your trip, irrespective of the forecast.

Spa-Francorchamps: Access Gates

Four gates provide spectator access to the circuit. The La Source and Ster entrances , which are close to each other, are best for most grandstands and also convenient for access to the F1 Fanzone near Eau Rouge. Check the best entrance gate for your ticket type:

  • La Source: Gold 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 – Silver 1,2 & Bronze (General Admission)
  • Ster: Gold 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 – Silver 1,2  & Bronze
  • Combes: Bronze and Silver 4, Speed Corner, Bronze
  • Blanchimont: “17-27” and Bronze

Spa-Francorchamps: Circuit Opening Times

The expected circuit opening times for the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix are listed below, subject to confirmation:

  • Friday, July 26: 06:00-22:30
  • Saturday, July 27: 06:00-22:30
  • Sunday, July 28: 06:00-20:00

Prohibited Items at the Belgian Grand Prix

Drugs or narcotics, Glass products/articles, Any object (parasol, camera stand or cane) that can be considered dangerous for other visitors to the event by the surveillance services, Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous form, Flammable products or materials, aerosol cans, Pyrotechnic articles, Any weapon or dangerous object, Anything that can be used to disturb public order, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or damage property and people, Pets (guide dogs for the visually impaired are allowed, but the organisation must be informed), Gas cylinders.

Parking at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

You’ll need to buy a parking pass if you are planning to drive to the circuit. There are three official parking zones: Yellow is close to La Source and best for most grandstands, Green is close to Les Combes and Red is next to Blanchimont.

2024 Belgian Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The full timetable for the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix has been confirmed by Formula 1 and is listed below.
  • F1 Sprint: Spa-Francorchamps will NOT host F1’s sprint format in 2024 (though Belgium did host a sprint race in 2023)
  • Support Categories: Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup will be the main support categories at the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix.
  • Pit Lane Walk: A pit lane walk for 3-day ticket holders has not been held at recent editions of the Belgian Grand Prix. F1 Experiences has an “Exclusive Pit Lane Walk” for selected guests on Thursday afternoon. Guests in the F1 Paddock Club hospitality suite can also take part in daily pit lane walks from Friday to Sunday.

Friday, July 26

  • 09:55-10:40: Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 11:05-11:50: Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 12:00-13:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 12:30-12:50: Historic F1 Cars Demonstration
  • 13:30-14:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice Session 1 (FP1)
  • 15:05-15:35: Formula 3 – Qualifying Session
  • 16:00-16:30: Formula 2 – Qualifying Session
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 – Free Practice Session 2 (FP2)
  • 18:45-19:30: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Practice Session
  • 19:45-20:25: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk

Saturday , July 27

  • 09:50-10:35: Formula 3 – Sprint Race (12 laps or 40 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 11:20-11:50: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Qualifying Session
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice Session 3 (FP3)
  • 14:15-15:05: Formula 2 – Sprint Race (18 laps or 45 minutes +1 lap)
  • 15:10-15:45: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying
  • 17:15-17:35: Historic F1 Cars Demonstration
  • 17:30-18:30: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 18:30-19:30: F1 Experiences Champions Club – Grid Walk & Trophy Photo

Sunday, July 28

  • 08:30-0920: Formula 3 – Feature Race (15 laps or 45 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 10:00-11:05: Formula 2 – Feature Race (25 laps or 60 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 11:45-12:20: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Race (12 laps or 30 minutes)
  • 12:30-12:50: Historic F1 Cars Demonstration
  • 12:55-13:55: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:00-13:30: Formula 1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 14:46-14:48: National Anthem
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix 2024 (44 laps or 2 hours)

Merchandise, Food, Drink & Facilities at the Belgian GP

The biggest concentration of merchandise stalls, plus food and drink, can be found in the F1 Fanzone on the outside of the circuit near Eau Rouge. There is also good catering close to Pouchon, plus smaller food and drink stalls dotted around the circuit. Food and drink is disappointingly overpriced at Spa; water costs €3.50 and a half-liter beer cost €6. Fries with mayonnaise were €7, hamburgers/hotdogs cost €8-10, and other meals can be €10-15.

Please note that Spa-Francorchamps has used a digital token/coin system for buying food and drink at the circuit during recent editions of the Belgian GP. You need to first purchase a rechargeable card (cost of 0.7 coins) and load coins on to this before buying food and drinks. The coins are priced at €1..6667 (3 coins for €5). When purchasing beer, you also needed to pay a deposit for the plastic cups, which can be refunded to your card when the cup is returned.

Been to Spa Francorchamps? Leave a comment with your trackside tips!

252 thoughts on “Trackside at Spa-Francorchamps – 2024 Belgian Grand Prix”

  1. Thank you for the great info. This is a real service to the F1 fan community.
    My husband and I are familiar with the Montreal track and sit in the grandstand at turn 1 every year.
    This year we also bought GA tickets for Spa, driving up from Southern Germany for the race and staying in Aachen.
    Where should we position ourselves on the grass? It seems like Fagnes could be interesting.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Cara, thanks for the compliment! General Admission at Spa is awesome, just don’t forget to take some comfortable shoes (or hiking boots!) I walked around the whole of Spa in 2015, and I think for the race, the most comfortable place to watch in GA is Pouchon. There’s lots of elevation and plenty of room, plus great atmosphere and good places for food/drink. Fagnes has no elevation, so not such a great place to watch. Finger’s crossed for sunny skies this year. Rain at Spa only looks good on TV!

      1. We are going to spa this year with our 9 year old who is super excited. We have GA tickets and have been researching best place to be placed…. Where is Pouchon? Can’t see that area round the e track?

        1. Hi Debbie, check the circuit map here. Pouchon (Pouhon) is turn 10 in the middle of the circuit. This is definitely a good place to watch. You will also find a fairly direct path from the Fanzone under the track to Pouchon.

        2. There is this long straight (kemmel straight) after that you have i think 4 turns and than you have looooong bronze area and its almost at the end of it. It also has the secknd name i think double something but im not sure (im also going on spa this year so im doing a lot of research) Wish you best time

      2. Arnoux Smith

        Hi. Thank you for the great info!

        We (my son and I) will be attending our first F1 event…ever! We moved to Luxembourg from South Africa. We have GA tickets. Any helpful tips? (For example, can we pack our own snacks, bring chairs etc?). Also parking. I read the comments on Yellow Parking and will probably make use of this option. How far is this from the closest entry point. We want to use your advice and sit at Pouhon. We only there for the Saturday events.. thanks! Arnoux Smith

        1. Hello Arnoux, I suggest buying your parking ticket ASAP. If you want to sit at Pouchon, Green Parking would be better as the walk is not as long. From Green Parking, you enter at the Combes entrance and then walk down the hill to Pouchon (about 20 minutes walk, I’d estimate from the gate to Pouchon). You are allowed to bring in food and drink, but no glass. For General Admission, bringing a camp chair is also a good idea.

          1. Hey, we have seated tickets at speed corner, are the seats allocated or will be need to sit there from early in the morning to guarantee our seats for the race? Just wondering if we can leave without fear of loosing our seats!

          2. Yes your seats are allocated for all three days. If you find someone sitting in your seat, speak to the stewards at the grandstand and get them moved!

      3. Hi, we are a family that go to a F1 grand prix by the first time. We have Les Combes tickets and we want to know if with that tickets we can walking o going around the circuit, going de fanzone, shop merchandising or general admision areas.
        Thank you in advance.

        1. Hello, if you have tickets in the Les Combes Grandstand, you can still walk around the General Admission (Bronze) areas and go to the fanzone etc. Just make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

  2. Matt Gallacher

    Would you know whether you can enter and exit the track during the day to return to your car to pick up supplies? We will be parked in the Yellow Zone if that makes a difference?

      1. Hi, hope you can help me with this, do you know when do autograph sessions often happen on Saturday? I was at Silverstone and completely missed it, thanks

        1. In the past, there was a drivers autograph session during the pit lane walk on Thursday. This may change to be in the fanzone on Saturday, but it’s still too early to know. We need to wait for announcements from the circuit closer to the race.

          1. Hi Andrew, do you think they wil change it to the fanzone? In Austria the meet the drivers session was also on Saturday in the fanzone? And with bronze general admission tickets can you go to the fanzone in Spa?

            Kind regards Marijn

          2. It’s possible they will change to the fanzone – but we need to wait for confirmation (and what happens at other circuits is not relevant!). Yes, you can enter the fanzone with Bronze General Admission tickets.

          3. Hey Andrew,
            do you have any new Infos on Autograph sessions or any other Possibilities to meeting the Drivers this Weekend?

  3. Alvaro Capilla

    Hi Matt, where can i park my car if i go to the thursday pitlane walk? I already have parking tickets for the whole weekend on the red area (17-27 Zone), but i don`t find information about thursday.

    Thank you for the info!

    1. Who’s Matt?!!! I just replied to another comment about this. Best parking for the Thursday pitlane walk is the Yellow zone, close to La Source. It’s free to park there on Thursday.

      1. Hey mate! I was wondering at what time does the circuit open on Thursday? I want to get there early but I don’t know at what time it beggins. Thank you very much!

  4. Hello thank you for your site, a lot of information very practical! Just a question, on Sunday in the Bronze Zone (GA) what time is it better to come to have a good place? Like this year the affluence will be very strong I am a little worried about this. thank you

    1. Hi Olivier, as early as you can. The General Admission areas will be really busy this year. If you are travelling as a group, best to try and get your vantage spot reserved by 10am if you can. Otherwise you will be struggling to find a good spot for the race.

  5. Hi,

    Where can i park my car for thursday pitlane walk? I already have parking for the weekend, but ai dont find the info for thursday

    1. Hi Capilla, you can park in the Yellow parking zone, check the map. It’s free on Thursday. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the La Source entry to the circuit, which is where you enter for the Pitlane walk on Thursday. I suggest getting there early, it’s going to be really busy this year!

      1. If you have tickets to PRM
        Platform do you need to bring your own chair or are they provided?

        Thank u

  6. Hi, do you know where the officials will start letting people in on the track after the race on Sunday? This is my first live F1 race, but from what I’ve seen on TV they will invite people from the stands onto the track to cheer the drivers on the podium.

    1. Hi Ludwig, it’s normally around 2-3 minutes after the race finishes, once the last car has returned to the pits. I’m not 100% sure where they let fans on to the track at Spa, but probably at either end of the start/finish straight; near the bus stop chicane, and at La Source. Enjoy!

      1. Hi,
        I didn’t make it to buy the tickets this year. Is there any chance to watch it from behind the fence, just for fun. And are they letting people in after race is finished on entrance gates.
        Thank you for great information on spa track.
        Best regards

  7. Hello. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle bus between Spa-Géroneire and Circuit Spa-Francorchamp? thanks

  8. Penelope Jacobs

    I hear that toilets are an issue. What are they like for women in the general admission bronze zone?

  9. Andrew, great info, which campsite is closest to the track and with best elevation to view the race please?


  10. Nicolás De Teresa

    Hello Andrew.

    What time would be good to get to Pouchon in order to get a good spot?

    How long is it walking from green area parking?

    Thanks a lot and best regards.


    1. Hi Nicolás. I think it’s about 30 minutes walking from Green parking area. Probably you should be there as early as possible to get a good spot; before 8am would be best

  11. Donna critchley

    Hi which zone campsite do you recommend taking an 11 year old first time for us. We will have weekend GA tickets and will also do the pit lane Thursday. Thank you

  12. Hello Andrew

    Could you tell me how much time walking distance between Green camping and track?

    I am planning to go there and leave the car there all the time.

    Also, would you think camping is a good choice for going with my girlfriend? I mean, showers are reasonably good and you can be peaceful during the night? Thanks!

    1. Hi Javier, the Green camping is quite close to the track entrance. But remember it’s a big track, so this area at the top of the circuit is some 30-60 minutes walking from Eau Rouge for example. The trackside camping is a bit loud and drunken. If you are travelling with your girlfriend, I recommend a permanent campsite near the track, like Elephant. More here.

  13. bonjour j ai des tickets bronze pour le vendredi mais je ne sais pas quelle parking je dois allez pouvez m aider je viens de liège en voiture merci d avance

  14. I have read that a new non-covered grandstand Speed Corner is erected around turn 11, on the outside of the track. That must be opposite the general admission slope, Pouhon? Where are there tunnels that allow you to go from inside to outside?

  15. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for your really useful post. I’m heading to Spa for my first F1 experience later this month. Do you know what ticket I need to go to the pitwalk on the Thursday? I bought a ticket for the full weekend from, which has a ticket for each day, but no mention of the Thursday?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Mark, if you have a ticket for Friday-Sunday, then you can take part in the pit lane walk on Thursday. Bring along your weekend tickets for entry.

  16. Thanks for really useful information.

    Do you know about shuttle buses and if there will be a bus going from Aachen, Friday and Saturday?

    1. Hi Karyn, they don’t have big-name concerts at Spa Francorchamps. They have a stage in the F1 Fanzone behind Eau Rouge, but I don’t know who will be playing.

  17. Hi there do you know if there will be any shuttle buses running from Verviers station in the Thursday for the pit walk? What time would getting there with plenty of time be?!
    Thanks so much,

  18. Do you know if there are any restrictions on photography equipment at the circuit? Specifically I’d like to take a monopod, but don’t want to find it gets confiscated.

  19. Hi Andrew

    Just wondering if you know whether any buses run to the circuit for the pit walk and what time you’d recommend getting there for the pit walk?

    Many thanks,

  20. Hey Andrew,

    we are camping at the Green Zone area and I know that it will be loud and crowded (and that’s ok), but what about hygiene? Do you know anything about the toilets and showers there?

    An answer would be much appreciated.

  21. You recommended a portable radio in order to listen to Grand Prix Radio at Spa-Francorchamps. Is that the Dutch station ? – or is there an official F1 GP broadcast, e.g. that of the stadium speaker? (being a Haas & Magnussen fan, I would not care to hear only about Red Bull & Verstappen aaall the time) :-)

  22. Hello Andrew,

    Given the bad stories I hear about traffic, I am considering to go by motorbike or even parking my car a bit further away and use a normal bike for the last few kilometres.

    However I can’t find anything about this, e.g. whether I can leave the bikes close to the circuit.

    Any recommendations here.

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Let me answer my own question, having been there last weekend, and for others having the same question in the future.

      Going by bike is perfectly possible. We parked the car about five kilometres from the circuit and went the last part by bike. We put the bikes very close to the entrance on the parking lot close to Eau Rouge, make sure you have good locks. Having bikes with good gearing is definitely an advantage, as it most likely involves some climbing.

      As I considered going by motorbike, but didn’t opt for it in the end, I had a close look on the motorbikes. That also is perfectly possible. I spoke with some guys and they told me that the police is very relaxed about parking the bikes around the circuit, as long as it doesn’t hinder anyone.

  23. Hello,
    Thanks for this great guide, that’s so helpful.

    We’ll come from Paris to the track this weekend, do you know if it’s hard and long to access to the green parking? For example at Le Mans, it’s always a big mess… 2 hours near the track to have access to the parking.

  24. Hi there. I’ve found some great and really useful information on your site so thanks a lot for that.
    Just a quick question, but my parents are coming at the weekend and they are having to pick up their passes when they are there. Do you happen to know which gate the bus from Verviers would drop them off nearest to?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. You will have discovered that Spa has a ticket system for most purchases, and you can pay with a card to get tickets. Cash is always handy though, just in case

  25. Hi
    I want to cycle to the track. What can I do with my bicycle?
    It says they are not allowed in.

    1. Hi, I’d say to bring a good lock and find somewhere close to the La Source gate – in full view of some security guards maybe – where you can chain it up.

  26. Tommy Stephens

    Hi Andrew,

    Do you know if the pit lane walk is taking place as usual this year i.e. Thursday 16:00 to 18:00?


    PS Excellent website by the way! Found it very useful for the few GP I have attended.

    1. I expect so Tommy, can’t see any reason why this would change. We should get the schedule confirmed about one month before the race.

  27. Hi. I would like to know if i can take with me a bag into the circuit. Can i bring some food and beverage?

  28. Hi, great site and info. My son and I have weekend ga tickets for this years race and are staying Aachen. We plan to take the train to Vervier and then the shuttle bus each day. We also want do the Thursday pit walk but cannot find any local busses that run after 18.40 which feels like cutting it too fine. Do they put on any additional services on the Thursday? Thanks

    1. Not sure Andy, I took the bus from Verviers to the track on Thursday last year, which worked well. But I didn’t take it back. I’m sure you will be ok. You could always share a taxi with a couple of other fans.

  29. Thanks for sharing this info. We’re off to our first Grand Prix and this has been really helpful.

    We are camping to the south of the circuit in Camping de L’Eau Rouge. Do you know if any shuttles or busses run from the south of the circuit to save us the walk?

    Many thanks.

    1. Not that I’m aware of, but some campsites do offer shuttle buses. Have you asked them? My experience is that it may be as simple as sticking your thumb out and hitchhiking to the circuit. I’ve picked up people before and dropped them closer to the circuit!

    2. Yes, there are free shuttle buses available. Frequent visitor of camping eau rouge and done it multiple times before. Just leave the camping ground, turn left towards the old circuit as you cross the eau rouge, at the end it’s a bit steep but asphalt road and at the top where you get on what used to be part of the old track turn right and you’ll see the shuttles. It’s around a 2km ride to the blanchimont entrance where they’ll drop you off. Buses go every day (Fri-Sun) to the track and back. But on Sunday you’ll have to walk back, because it’s gonna be too crowded.

  30. Hi Andrew,

    I will be going to the F1 Spa for the first time with my son.
    Can you tell me where I can find Parking lots P1, P2 and P4 for the Pit Lane walk on Thursday?


  31. I don’t have a portable radio? Is the official F1 app any good for commentary? Or can you recommend any other app that I could download?

  32. Hi Andrew fantastic info first time at spa do you know if they have water refill stations around the track like at Silverstone to save buying bottled water thanks

    1. Sorry, I was working at the track and didn’t get a chance to reply. You will have discovered that there was no refill stations and that bottled water was really expensive. Definitely something to improve in Belgium

  33. Hi
    I am planning to bring my boyfriend to the Spa GP as a surprise for a big birthday. He is very into F1. I am not very knowledgable about F1 and the circuits so am struggling to decide on what tickets to buy. As a first time F1 visitor (but with good F1 knowledge) would it be better to go with a great grandstand (say Gold 8 if I can get tickets) or GA so we have the flexibility to move around? Any views appreciated.

    1. Hi Clare, more info in our Tickets post. Personally, I’d probably go for a mid-range grandstand like Silver 2 next to Eau Rouge. A grandstand is important for race day, when there’s a lot more people on site. But the rest of the time I prefer to wander around the General Admission areas at Spa.

  34. Hello can you please tell me if you can purchase the in ear commentary radios at the track and if English commentary is available?


    1. There’s trackside commentary on loud speakers in French, Dutch and English. I don’t remember seeing in-ear commentary radios at Spa last year, but it’s possible they are available. Better idea is to get the F1 app on your phone – the premium version has live commentary.

    1. Unfortunately not, here is the info from the official site: “No. For security reasons, animals are not allowed on the Spa-Francorchamps site (neither on the circuit nor in the campsite).”

  35. Hello,
    Thanks for your great job!
    For next year, where can I get pit lane walk access?
    Thank you


  36. Melissa vanslembrouck


    I’m coming to spa for first time with bronze tickets. We’re 2 and we prefer to have seats on kemmel straight. Do we already have to take a seat at 8 am or do you think we can still find some good spots around noon, because in the morning we would like to explore the circuit and fanzone.

    Which address/coordinates do we have to use on oir gps to find the green parking area easily?

    Thanks for your feedback

  37. Hello,
    Thank’s a lot for the informations ! For you, at what time should we arrive with my friend at the Pit Lane Walk on friday to see good things ? :)

    1. Firstly, please note that the Pit Lane Walk is on Thursday (not Friday). It doesn’t start until 4pm, but I’d suggest getting to the Fanzone earlier (before 2pm) to make sure you are not at the back of the queue.

      1. Bonsoir, pour information suite à email aujourd’hui à l’organisation, la Pit Lane Walk de jeudi est annulé pour cause de COVID.

          1. I received an email today, after my inquiry, from the official website saying that the pitlane walk is cancelled due to COVID 19.

      2. Hi Andrew. Thanks for all the information :) Spa will be my very first F1 live experience and I‘m looking forward to next week a lot.

        Talking about the pitlane Walk: what does that mean exactly? Is it only two hours of standing at one place to get an autograph of the drivers or are you actually walking up and down the pitlane?

        And another topic: Are there long queues for the toilets and are they rare or do you have some located at every part of the track (also better ones, I guess paying for them will be worth it haha)?

        Thanks again :-)

        1. That’s great Sophie, hope you enjoy your first live F1 experience! Regarding the pit lane walk, I don’t think there will be an autograph session with the drivers this year – they probably cannot risk getting exposed to so many people! As for the pit lane walk, you should be able to walk up and down the pit lane and see the outside of the different team garages. But it all depends how many people there will be as to what you can actually see – probably there will be some crowd control to keep people from getting too crowded and moving along. The toilets are not too bad at Spa – mostly they are temporary buildings (but not the stinky portaloo kind, a building with three or four toilets inside). It used to be that you had to pay something to use some of the better toilets (about 50 EUR cents), but I don’t know if they are free now. Hope that helps!

  38. Hi Andrew,

    Thank for all the info. This is my first time at the Belgian Grand Prix and have GA tickets for Sunday and I will arrive by car (I already have the parking ticket). My questions are the following:
    – Can I still bring my own food and drinks (beers)?
    – Any recommendations on where to sit with the GA tickets?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Oscar, you are allowed to bring in your own food and drink – but no glass containers. So beers should be in cans or plastic bottles. Lots of good places to sit in General Admission, but they all get very busy on race day – so I suggest you get there early to reserve your spot! We wrote about the best places here:
      I’d say the best places – where there is more room – are on the Kemmel Straight (after Eau Rouge/Raidillon) and also Pouchon – though there is less space now at Pouchon as they added grandstands there.

  39. Hi Andrew,

    I’m looking to bring my camera to Spa this year, I was wondering if bringing a monopod is allowed in the grandstands? Thanks in advance.

  40. Hi Andrew! Thanks for all the great info!
    We’ve got some tickets for the Grandstands, do you know if they allow to bring my own food and beverages? Or that is limited to GA only?


      1. Hi Andrew, going to my first F1 race in 2022 in Spa. Do you have a tip what’s the best possibility to get an autograph or a photo with a driver (place, time, before, after?)? And how long approximately is the walk from Red Parking Zone to 17-27 Grandstand and how much earlier would you recommend us to arrive each day? Thank you very much, great work!

        1. Getting autographs/selfies etc from the drivers has got more difficult, especially with COVID restrictions which have made it close to impossible. But hopefully things will return to more normal in 2022. So there should be a drivers autograph session on Thursday afternoon, same time as the pit lane walk. But it can be really crowded. The only other thing to suggest is that most drivers stay at Hotel de la Source, which is near that corner/entry point to circuit. You could try to hang around near the entrance – or as close as you can get, in the morning or early evening, you may get lucky meeting some drivers. As for parking, I’m not 100% sure. Red Parking is for Paddock Club, right? Not sure if you can get a ticket for this parking. But if we are talking about walk from the main pits area (La Source) to 17-27 area, it’s quite a long way, I would say at least 30-45 minutes walk. As for how early you get there, it depends if you want to watch all the racing or just F1. I’d be getting there early though, around 8-9am if you can.

          1. Yes, we‘ve got tickets for Red Parking, so I assume it‘ll be a bit faster hopefully. :) We‘ll only arrive on Friday, so I guess we have to hope for other media activities or indeed check out the hotel entrance. Thank you!

  41. Hi, I am looking at buying tickets for next year. Is the pit lane walk part of the F1 experience packages only?


    1. No, there’s normally a public pit lane walk on Thursday as well for all 3-day ticket holders. The big difference is that the public walk has A LOT more fans, so you may not get to see very much.

  42. Hi Andrew, hope you are well.
    I’ve booked yellow parking slots for Saturday and Sunday for next year. What time do they open the carparks? I’m thinking I might have to get up very early and queue for most of the night to get in to the car park?
    Whats the directions, gates and queuing like once you leave the Car. We will be heading for Gold 3.
    Gold 3 is first come first served for reserved seats?
    many thanks

    1. Hi Craig, not sure what time the carparks open but I’m guessing pretty early. Putting 2021 aside, when the poor weather played havoc on transport/parking, it’s normally not too bad to get into and out of the circuit. Due to the small country roads around, the local police have a plan where you are guided on specific roads to enter and leave the circuit and normally it works pretty well. Yes, you will be stuck in traffic leaving the circuit after the race. But the delay should not be more than about 60-90 minutes. That was my experience in 2019 anyway! As for Grandstand, you are looking at around 30 minutes walk from Yellow parking to Gold 3, via the F1 Fanzone. And seats are reserved for all 3 days, though generally it’s a little more relaxed on Friday with less people.

  43. Hi, I have been there in y2018, ad going to be there again in 2022.

    Concerning public pit lane walk, it was 2 choces(on the same que).
    If you wish to walk in front of pit, OK, go ahead, I don7t know how crouded as they do not sprot the que, allow everyone to get in at once.
    If you wish to have autographs, do not go to pit, but go to 1st corner side, there is barrier and drivers shall appear by team.
    I do not know whether it happenes in y2022.

    Concerning monopod for camera, no worry I shooted aside with professional, he brought monopod.

    Do not forget to bring rain wear and warm jacket, once it start raining, it can be chilly immediately.

  44. Hi mate! I was wondering if this year will take part the pit-lane walk on Thursday, cause I’ve read that F1 won’t do that anymore. And if they finally do it, at what time aprox is it? And where can I park the car?
    Thank you!

    1. Fernando, we don’t know if the pit lane walk will happen or not this year. Yes, it’s true that F1 is planning to have less activities (or even no activities) on Thursdays this year, but I think for larger races like Belgium, there’s still a chance that the pit lane walk will happen. You can park in the Yellow zone on Thursday for free, I believe. That’s the closest to the fanzone and the pits lane.

    2. Hello, Andrew. I have a question regarding parking at circuit. It is a mandatory thing to buy parking tickets online, ahead of the grand prix, or it’s possible to pay directly when you park? Thanks!

      1. If you want to park in one of the official carparks for the race, I think you need to purchase tickets in advance. You can also find some unofficial carparks near the circuit where you can pay on the day.

  45. Hi Andrew,
    I’d like to go to Spa again this year and when I bought Bronze weekend tickets in 2018 and 2019 I was able to wait until approximately 2 months before the race. This time the Bronze weekend tickets are apparently already sold out though? Do you know if this is Covid related or something? Is there a chance for more tickets to be available at a later stage?

    1. Hi Mike, sorry you missed out. We are seeing huge demand to attend all races this year, so you really need to buy well in advance. I don’t know if more tickets will be available later

  46. Hi Andrew!
    I’m curious about a few things.
    1. How long is a walk from Combes to the Bus Stop chicane? I want to squeeze in a few spots on the Saturday, and am trying to estimate if that one is feasible.
    2. Other than being in GA and trying to book your spot, are there any other draws of coming to the track early (8am) on race day?
    3. Any idea what the current set of COVID protocols are for the track entry?
    Thank you for the guidance, this site has been a huge help already!

    1. 1. Combes to Bus Stop chicane. Via the inside of the circuit, I’d estimate it’s a 30-45 minute walk.
      2. Totally up to you. Support races probably start on race day from about 10am
      3. No idea. Hopefully there will not be any restrictions related to COVID-19.

  47. Hi, we have tickets for 2022, we want to cycle from stavelot. Reading the posts it seems we can just leave our bikes somewhere near the entrance with a good lock. Is this OK or is there an actual bicycle park somewhere? Don’t want to have the bike removed or stolen…..

  48. Hi Andrew,

    First of all thanks for your amazing website! Lots of usefull information to be found.
    For your information:

    Visited Spa last year for the ‘race’ and unfortunately, the food and drink prices have risen even further. Chips with mayo where around 7 eu and a large beer (500 ml) was around 6 eu.

    Also they have a implemented a rubbish cashless ‘token’ system. You must load ‘tokens’ on a card. I think if you loaded more then 25 eu worth of tokens the card was free, otherwise you need to pay 2 eu for the card itself. As often with these kind of systems the pricing is structured in a way that is is almost impossible to spent all your tokens so you will end up with leftover tokens after the event. It is possible to exchange your tokens for cash but there is a transaction fee that is so high it will only be worth it if you have a substantial amount of tokens left.

    Will visit the race in Austria this year, allready looking forward to it.

    Thans againg and keep the blogs coming :)

    Kind regards from Holland!

    1. Thanks a lot Victor, I’ll update this post with the new information. I hate those token/card systems for spending money at the track. Red Bull Ring has this too, but you don’t need to use it – you are able to pay for most things with card easily.

  49. Hi, I was just wondering where the Max Verstappen grandstand is located on the track and also what the best block is to sit in in that stand?
    Also what is the best car park to go for if you’re staying in the Max stand?

    1. I don’t know much about the Verstappen grandstand at Spa, as this is sold exclusively via Check details here – sorry, this is in Dutch only, the English translation doesn’t seem to work. You can see the map on this link, the Verstappen grandstand is located after the Pouchon corner. I don’t know the best block to sit in this grandstand, sorry. The best parking for this grandstand would be the “Parking Red Area Blanchimont” – you can get tickets in our shop for 20 EUR per day.

  50. Niamh Perrick

    Hi there,

    Is the pit Lane walk only on the Thursday for spa Grand Prix 2022? I have gold pit 1 tickets for Friday and Saturday for spa this year. Also are these good seats? Unfortunately couldn’t get tickets for the actual race on Sunday as we have to fly to Ireland back for work purposes. I bought these tickets for my boyfriends birthday he is an F1 fan. Do you think he will still enjoy being there on Friday and Saturday? Will there be much happening apart from qualifying on both days?

    Also we are travelling from Brussels. I have bought direct bus tickets with a company who will pick us up from our hotel and drops us very near the entrance. Is it a lot of hassle to get from Brussels? Have people done this before?

    Sorry for all the questions.

    Thanks very much!

    1. Hi Niamh, I think you will still have a good time at the Belgian Grand Prix despite missing the actual race. I had a similar situation a few years ago and I only went on Friday and Saturday, due to work commitments. There’s lots happening at the circuit on all days, including the first races from support categories on Saturday.
      As for your other question, sounds like you already have a plan. Yes, it’s a long way from Brussels, but you will be fine. You can sleep on the bus there and back!

  51. Hii,

    Thank you so much for all the information!
    Do you perhaps know something about the pitlane walk of this year? And is it already known where the new parking will be on asphalt?
    Thanks a lot!

  52. Hi, I’ve gone to silverstone for two years and in both of them, I’ve had arrived to the track very early in the morning to see the drivers arrive to the track and if lucky take a picture with them, unfortunately I missed the autographs sessions as I had no idea there was any, do you know if this will be happening at spa or if by your advice there’s any way to get to see the drivers, sorry for such a long question but I would appreciate an advice for how to approach the drivers

    1. Hello, it can be difficult to actually meet the drivers or get autographs at the organized sessions, as so many other fans are there as well. One place you could go at Spa is to Hotel de la Source. This is a nice hotel right next to the track (near La Source corner/gate) and many of the drivers stay there. If you go near there in the morning or evening, you may be lucky.

  53. Hello, Can you let me know about parking on Thursdays at Spa? The track are saying there is no official parking. Can anyone shed any light? Trying to attend the F1Experiences track tour and pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon.

    1. You should be able to park near the track for free. Close to the fanzone would be best, but it all depends on other activities at the track on Thursday – if there’s going to be a public pit lane walk, for example, you may not find a space there. Otherwise you should head for the Yellow parking, which is not too far away

  54. Hi. Do you have any experience of the red car park? And walking distance to track?
    Thanks. Great page

    1. I think there will be a public pit lane walk, but haven’t seen it announced yet. Normally autograph session is held at same time on Thursday afternoon. Also still not confirmed yet for 2022

      1. Rosheen Speier

        Hi there,

        Thank you for all that information, super helpful.

        We have general admission tickets for the Sunday at spa this year and were thinking of getting up super early to try get a spot at the bus stop chicane, is this a good viewing spot and easy to get to from the green car park? Presumably from the size of the track it could be an hour or so? We just thought the chicane could be good for getting to the podium when the race is over. Also heard of the 17-27 stand, would this be better either?

        Also was wondering do the merch shops and food and drink etc. open when the circuit opens I.e 6am ? We are going to try get there as early as possible and if we are doing the long walk to the chicane would like to pick up some merch when passing at that hour.

        1. Hi Rosheen, good to hear you have GA tickets! I think the bus stop chicane is a great place to watch, I like your plan to go to podium ceremony after race. The 17-27 stand would require separate tickets; given you already have, it’s not necessary – also these tickets are sold out already. Not sure if the merch and food stalls will be open so early. As for the walk, I think it could be more like 45 minutes, probably quicker via the top of the circuit. There’s a walking path from Eau Rouge up to the Bus Stop chicane

  55. Hi there. It appears the car parks are sold out – so I was wondering if you knew of any other way of accessing parking tickets? We are in the La Source grandstand with an infant and will have a car – so not sure we have any option apart from driving. Thanks very much for any assistance.

  56. Hi, small questions
    Since Spa has a fairly low spectator capacity of 70,000 fans (which always seems low to me, ive seen 213k visits but I assume thats for the entire weekend then?

    I’m planning a FP1-2 friday visit only, but have no idea how busy that day is.
    I assume that sunday is completly full, but hows a friday?
    Do I need to be there at 10 to even have some room (for a bronze), or are friday’s doable?

    1. Hi Tom, yes the 200k+ figure was for all 3 days. Honestly, the capacity is probably a bit higher now than 70k per day, guess we will find out soon for 2022. In the past, Friday was always much quieter than Saturday or Sunday. But I couldn’t believe the crowds on Friday at the Hungaroring a few weeks ago, grandstands were almost full! I still think there will be less people at Spa on Friday, but maybe not that many less than the weekend. I wouldn’t worry about getting there too early on Friday. Remember that GA is a huge area at Spa, you’ll still be able to walk around and see something.

    1. I’m being told that no public pit lane walk is happening this year on Thursday. Perhaps on this day there will still be some activity (pit lane walk or other) for the ticket holders from last year – they were promised something, but nothing yet announced

  57. Hello, I confirmed there will be unfortunately no Pit lane walk this year !! Do you have any idea where we can obtain autographs or photos ?
    Thanks ;-)

    1. That’s correct, unless you were at the race last year – a special programme of events is happening on Thursday, but only for those who had tickets to last year’s race. No further info about other F1 driver appearances, but maybe there will be some in the fanzone on Friday or Saturday

      1. Thanks for the info. If you have more news about F1 driver appearances, it should be great ;-)
        It was the first race for my daughter and she is so impatient to meet drivers !
        Do you know when the drivers arrive at the circuit on Thursday ? Do they come through the parking “la Source” ? In fact, we are looking for a place to meet them for pictures and autographs. So difficult ! Thanks a lot.

  58. Hi

    Could you confirm if there is a trackside radio please? I last went in 2014 and I cant recal if there was. we have GA tickets for the weekend. Hopefully will find a good spot near pouhon.

    I was thinking of getting a radio before we go to tune it at the track, but I cant seem to find if it will have FM/AM frequency?

    1. I cannot confirm. It used to be 99.1 and 104.5FM, but I don’t think it’s been working the last few years. Another option is to get the live commentary from the paid version of the F1 App (along with live timing)

  59. Hey, I have confirmation that there will be an interview session with the drivers on Saturday. However, why did they cancel the pit lane walk and is this official? Does that mean you cannot get into the fanzine on Thursday at all?

        1. Im looking for the same. Im arriving early on Thursday as I thought there would be a pit lane walk about. Now ill just be spending a day in a field

      1. Svern Hendrickx

        Dear Andrew, are there any big screens placed so it is possible to follow the live action during the race?

  60. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for all the great advice! I have read through most of the comments, but if this has already been addressed please accept my apologies in advance.

    We are attending our first ever F1 race at Spa in a few weeks. Commentary would be very important for us to follow the race without missing too much detail. You mentioned that commentary is played over the circuit loudspeakers, but do you know if you can also catch it trackside on the radio? At some sporting events, this is offered (AM/FM radios are also sold at some events for this purpose).

    You also mentioned previously that something like F1.TV could be a great source for live commentary, but I am not sure with so many people and overloaded cellphone towers if there would be any proper reception during the race – what is your experience in this regard?

    Thanks a lot for your input and advice!

  61. Hi there, some great advice here.

    My dad and I are staying in the town of Spa itself in an Air bnb and I’ve been researching local buses and taxis. What would your advice be for getting from Spa to the circuit? Don’t want to drive as would like to have a few drinks while there.

    Also, we have paddock access but also seats at the top of eau rouge (gold 3). Do you know of the best way of getting from the Paddock to the top of eau rouge? It looks like there may be a path via the middle of the circuit, but wondered if you had any better advice. Thanks.

    1. I believe there are local buses from Spa to the circuit. Best idea would be to check options on Google Maps. As for getting from Eau Rouge to the F1 and support Paddocks, you have two underpasses. It’s pretty quick and easy

    1. I’m not aware of a map that shows the locations of TV screens, sorry. But they will be opposite all the grandstands. There may be some additional TVs in the Bronze (General Admission) areas but I’m not 100% sure

  62. As a spectator at Spa what is the best way to get live data and commentary during the race? Is there a local AM or FM radio broadcast in English?
    This is my first time going to a live F1 Race and I want to have the full experience!
    Thank you!

    1. I don’t know of any radio broadcast of commentary in English. You always have the tannoy system (should be in Dutch, French and English) but obviously cannot always hear this when there is action on the track. The other option, also not ideal as it relies on a solid internet connection, is to use the live timing on the paid F1 app, which has audio commentary available (BBC5 I believe).

    1. There will be some concerts across the weekend in the fanzone, but I’m not expecting any big-name artists to be performing (it’s not like Singapore, COTA or Abu Dhabi)

  63. Hi, We have yellow parking Bis area for race day at Spa, is it walking distance to the circuit or is there a shuttle bus, information given is unclear. Thanks

  64. Hi Andrew

    we have the opportunity to buy two Gold 3 tickets for the new Eau Rouge Grandstand. Could you tell us, if there will be a nice view from Block D, row between 15-20?

    Many thanks!!

  65. I have general admission tickets, but the green parkingtickets are sold out.
    I prefer to sit at kemmel straight. What is the best solution? A Yellow parking ticket or a parking ticket with shuttle to the entrance at les combes?

    Is it even possible to enter at ”ster” and walk to the bronze viewpoints (spectator zones)?

    Thanks in advance!

  66. Hello,

    I saw that some access are possible with a Formula 1 Pass Holder. Are our gold tickets for Friday and Saturday considered as Pass Holder ?

    Do you have any information concerning drivers arrival at the airport ?

    Thanks a lot

    1. No, your Gold grandstand tickets are not considered an F1 pass holder. These passes are only issued to media, teams etc and normally have a picture and job title etc on the pass. There are many airports near Spa-Francorchamps, not possible to say which airports the drivers land at – also, many of them will fly privately.

  67. I ve just been told by the spa organisation that no pit walk or autograph session has been scheduled for thursday.
    There is only a drivers interview session on saturday

  68. Hi, Thanks for the information
    Can we bring food and beer with us? (with plastic containers)
    Is there a tickets office? If yes, is there any possibility to buy Sunday’s tickets (race tickets) for two people one day before?

    1. You are allowed to bring food and drink, but no glass bottles and no alcohol. The race is a complete sell out, so I don’t believe there is a possibility to buy Sunday tickets officially – unofficially, perhaps you can buy from a tout outside the venue – but be careful as scams are common

  69. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for having such an informative website! I’m really looking forward to it!
    I do have one question. I’m going with my sister and because of issues with her knees she can’t walk very long. We didn’t buy special wheelchair tickets, because she can walk, only not that long. Do you know how long it would take to go from the yellow parking area to pouchon? Or maybe anonter bronze area that is closer by? We want to avoid to bring her wheelchair if at all possible (she only uses this on days in theme parcs and such). Would love to hear from you!

    Best wishes, Manon

    1. It depends which Yellow parking, as some areas are closer than others. But from the Yellow parking to the Fanzone near La Source is normally around a 20-30 minute walk. It would be another 20 minutes or so to walk from there to Pouchon.

  70. Hi Andrew, thanks for the great info! We have parking tickets in the asphalt parking area in Malmedy. Do you have any estimates on how long the shuttle takes between the parking lot and the track? And how often the shuttle runs? We would like to try to estimate both what time to get to the parking area in the mornings as well as what time to meet up with friends after the races each day. Thanks!

  71. Alen Tadevosyan

    Hi Andrew. Thanks a lot for all the insights.

    We are at the race and could not figure out where exactly the gates are for track invasion at the bus stop chicane.

    Could you guide me here?


  72. Hi Andrew

    Just wish to report on the trackside food and drinks side, Spa has now also implemented a digital token system, where you have to purchase a card (at the price of 0.7 “coins”) to load “coins” on before you can buy and food and drinks (at the rate of 3 coins per €5). Also beer stands in the fanzone will also charge you a deposit for the plastic glass which they will only refund back onto the coin card! Really wish F1 could tell circuits to stop doing that!

  73. Hi Andrew, tanks for all this information, SPA 2023 is the first F1 race that i’m going to. So thanks to this website i know almost everything. I have 1 question left.
    We want to go on sunday only, I have seen that the gates open at 6am. But at what our would you recommend us to arrive at the track?

    1. Hi Luca, thanks for the kind words. It’s up to you when you arrive on Sunday. If you only have Bronze tickets (General Admission) you should get there as soon as you can to get a spot to watch. If you have a grandstand seat you don’t need to get there so early. Normally the first race (Formula 3) is on pretty early, around 9-10am.

  74. Hello Andrew,

    Our Spa GP 2023 will start at the airport to try to see drivers. Do you have any idea of the day of arrival at the airport ? Wednesday or Thursday ?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Caroline, the question is which airport? There is not just one airport near Spa that the drivers may use. I think Wednesday would be the best day, but not sure which airport.

      1. Hello Andrew, I’ve heard that the drivers arrived at LIEGE Airport. We’ll try to be there on Wednesday and cross fingers ;-)

  75. Hi Andrew, I bought tickets to SPA as a surprise for my husband‘s birthday. Almost all tickets were sold out so I got the SILVER 6 BIS. A friend recommended to get EAU ROUGE, but they are sold out. Do you know if the organisers will help upgrade? Or is sold out definite and no more tickets will be available? Also they do they send a nice looking card for a gift? I read the ticket is sent one week before. Thanks so much (I’m a novice at F1) so appreciate your help as I wanted the present to be special with a nice spot. Yasmin

    1. Hi Yasmin, I don’t think you will be able to upgrade. The race is almost sold out. Also, you will get e-tickets sent on email. If you bought via our supplier, Grand Prix Tickets (GPT), you can send them an email ([email protected]) and explain that it’s a gift, and you would like to give a kind of gift card. I think they can send you something to print out (before the e-tickets arrive – normally 1-2 weeks before the race).

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t know. I think normally the price is quite similar, or a bit higher at the track. But at least you can try the sizes at the track. I do recommend buying your merch on Friday, as items can sell out on the weekend.

  76. Thanks for all the info! I am going to Spa this year for the second time. Last time I did not really spend time in the Fanzone, but this year I want to and I would also like to see the drivers talk on the podium in the Fanzone. Do you know if there will be a schedule for that? I didn’t really see that last time and was wondering how people know where to be and at what time.

    1. Yes, there will probably be some kind of “Fan Forum” where the drivers of each team appear on the stage in the fanzone. Normally this is on Friday or Saturday, but I don’t know exact timings. And for sure, this info won’t yet be available for 2023. If it happens, it’s likely to only be announced a week or two before the race weekend.

  77. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for all the info and feedback.
    I live in Canada and will be in the area for a work trip around that time. Managed to get a “Bronze” GA ticket for the Saturday sessions. I’m taking the “City Shuttle” to get to the track and it is supposed to drop off around the Ster gate by the paddock. Do you have any recomendations on where the best places to sit in GA would be? From looking at the map the general sections are more on the south side of the track, so would have to walk over to them. This is my first time in Belgium and at any F1 event. I appreciate your help and feedback.

    1. Hi Alister, I hope you will have an amazing day at Spa for qualifying. Be ready to walk a lot. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, even hiking boots would be best. Finger’s crossed no rain, but if it is in the forecast, make sure you are ready with wet weather gear. Many of the paths around the track are not sealed. Some level of physical fitness is required to get the most out of your day! The general admission areas around Spa are fantastic, but of course more people are attending now (and new grandstands have been added) so it can be harder to get really good vantage points if you are on your own and only there for one day. Entering via the Ster gate puts you in the middle of the F1 Fanzone, close to Eau Rouge/Raidillon. From there you can walk up around the circuit via Kemmel, or under the circuit and through the forest to Pouchon. Either part of the circuit are better for viewing than the Blanchimont area, in my opinion. I loved watching from the inside of Bruxelles, but that was a few years ago now. It’s also high up there, so you get some nice views of the circuit.

  78. Hi Andrew,

    Are you able to give any insights into the differences between the yellow parking zones?

      1. Thanks Andrew. I had posted the question a couple of months previous but it didn’t appear to show. We have tickets in the Silver 1 Grandstand and will be driving up from Luxembourg each day. There are 3 options, Yeloow, Yellow Bis and Yellow E25.

        The official F1 website states that “The Yellow E25 and Yellow bis car parks are located not far from the centre of the village of Francorchamps, in a grassy area specially laid out for the event. Their advantage? Take a smoother route via the E25 motorway and reach the centre of the village by direct shuttle bus! A recommended route that will certainly save you time”

        1. Hi Andrew,

          Just following up to see if you have any information you can share about this? No worries if not.

          Thanks again

  79. Hey Andrew.

    This is great feedback.

    Myself and the girlfriend are camping in the yellow zone, we’re going to be leaving Monday morning. Do you know if it’s easy getting out the campsite? We’re looking to book the ferry crossing back but unsure of a time.
    Also we arrive late Thursday night, I’m guessing it’s first come first served for camping pitches, we have a Campervan so I’m guessing they have to leave us a space..
    Thanks Phil

    1. As long as there’s not heavy rain this year, I think you should be fine getting out of the parking on Monday morning without too many delays. I guess the drive to the ferry is going to be at least 3-4 hours (?), so I’d suggest booking a late afternoon ferry just to be on the safe side. As for arrival on Thursday, I’m not sure, sorry. I’m sure there will still be space for you.

  80. Thanks for all the info on this page. We are going to our first F1 race in Belgium this year, Bronze area.
    Question: since we are pretty “nerdy” about the whole thing, it would be great to be able to get real time race information (F1 app or even F1 TV). How reliable is the mobile network around the track with the large number of spectators? How realistic is it to have a reliable data connection? Thanks!

    1. I don’t have any particular information about the quality of the data network at Spa-Francorchamps. You should have a good connection, but maybe not at peak times. Depends where you are sitting also I think, as many more people are located near the Fanzone (Eau Rouge) part of the track than at other areas.

  81. Hi Andrew
    Thanks for all the really helpful information on here.
    Given the problems with traffic around the site over the F1 weekend, we have decided to cycle to and from the circuit each day (from rental place about 15 km away to the north). We have tickets in a grandstand near Ster gate / Eau Rouge and were wondering if it’s possible to park a bike near the Ster gate? Do you know if there is bike parking available around there? Do you need to book it in advance?
    I have seen lots of mentions of bike parking down at Blanchimont, but that’s not especially helpful for us as it’s on the other side of the track to where we will be sitting and approaching the circuit.
    Thanks Tom

    1. Hi Tom, it seems like there is only a Park & Bike option, with a carpark around 5km from the circuit – tickets for this are already sold out.

      From the FAQ, it looks like you can only use the bike parking next to the circuit if you have booked the Park & Bike.

      You can get your free bike parking tickets on our website by clicking here.

      Please note that tickets will not be available at the ticket office at the entrance to the circuit or at the entrance to the bike park.

      The bike park is open from Friday to Sunday, from 6 am to 10 pm.

      When you buy this ticket, you will automatically receive a car parking ticket so that you can leave your car at 5 km from the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps. You will be able to go for a bike ride on the RAVEL. This car park is forbidden to people who do not take advantage of the bicycle offer. Access will be refused to vehicles without a bike, even if they have a bike parking ticket.

      Based on all of this, I would be looking for another option. I’m sure one of the parking areas or businesses in the main street of Francorchamps would allow you to park your bike over the weekend. From there it’s not too long a walk to the La Source or Ster entrances.

  82. Hi Andrew!

    I will attend the Spa GP Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this year and I was wondering if there is any news on the pitlane walk for Thursday? Do I need to buy tickets for that or how does it work?

    Also, is there already some kind of time table when the different teams will appear on stage at the fan zone?

    1. There’s been no announcement yet of a pit lane walk, but it could still happen. As for the Fan Forum appearances, these are normally not announced until a few days before the race weekend. Keep an eye out on social media accounts for “Spa Grand Prix” and the circuit for updates.

      1. They have announced that there will be no pit lane walk this year. The circuit is closed for the public on Thursday due to an charity event.

  83. Franziska Wichmann

    Thanks for the amazing information.
    I am thinking about getting a ticket for Friday or Saturday? Do you know whether the will be Interviews hold with the drivers in the stage in the fan zone and if so, when?

    1. Yes, there should be a “Fan Forum” on the stage in the Fanzone on both Friday and Saturday – but each team will only appear once (one of the days). The information and schedule is not likely to be announced until a few days before the race weekend.

  84. Hello! I’m going to Spa for the first time. I’ve bought green parking tickets and will be staying around 40 minutes away from the track. How early do you recommend leaving for the track on Sunday? Will we expect to queue for hours to get there in the morning?

    1. Leave as early as you can. You are unlikely to face big delays arriving at the circuit. Leaving the circuit is different, and you should not be in a hurry to leave as the traffic leaving the carparks will be very slow for the first few hours after the race

  85. Hello Andres, how are you? We come from Chile and we have many questions:/ Do you know if there will be an autograph signing this year or if the drivers will be in the fan zone?
    And we have speed corner tickets, do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you!! :)

    1. Hello Catalina, welcome! There won’t be an autograph session probably; too many fans at the track for this now. But the drivers should appear on the stage in the Fanzone behind Eau Rouge on Friday/Saturday. Have you got parking already or you will take public transport to the track?

  86. Hello Andrew,

    I will be sitting at the Silver 6B section, and I am wondering if I should book the yellow parking or Malmedy (which has a shuttle option)? Any idea about this shuttle?
    I saw that last year, it was very difficult to leave the yellow parking.


  87. Hello thanks for the help! We are traveling from Mexico, our tickets are for the grandstand but we are camping close to villa les LL rivage, do we have to walk all the way to la source entry? greetings

  88. Hallo,

    Aanstaand weekend willen we op pouchon zitten. We hebben parkeertickets voor yellow. Hoe lang is dit ongeveer lopen en welke entry kunnen we het beste nemen? Mijn vader die slecht ter been is gaat mee, kan ik hem dichtbij een entry afzetten en daarna de auto parkeren? Zo ja, enige tips?

    Alvast bedankt! Wat een fijne informatieve pagina dit 🙌🏼


  89. Hey! Do you know if there is going to be a autograph signing session this year? As the pitlane will be closed on Thursday?

  90. Hi, brilliant site for information. Going to Spa this year and lucky to have grandstand tickets. Silverstone is my only experience to date so is it similar where you have unrestricted access the first 2 days and only on race day are you restricted to your seat?

    1. No, it’s not similar to Silverstone. Seats are reserved all three days at the Belgian Grand Prix, but I do recommend you get your walking shoes on and go to check out the General Admission areas on Friday.

  91. Thank you for all the amazing information. We bought tickets in the 17-27 Zone, not knowing it meant ages not a section. Do you know if ID is checked? Is the age range mandatory? Of four of us, only one is in that range.

  92. Hi, Andrew
    I bought bronze 3-day tickets for Spa 2024 ( all I could afford) for my partner and son and they will be camping. Both are looking forward to going and I wanted to ask if you had any updates regarding what 3-day bronze ticket holders can access. Thanks for all the info and feedback

    1. Bronze tickets at Spa are like General Admission at other tracks. You don’t get a reserved seat, but you can access pretty much the whole track, the fanzone near Eau Rouge with all the activities and concerts etc. They can also watch all of the on-track action as well. Everything described in this post.

  93. Hi
    I am planning to travel on my motorcycle. Is there any secure storage places on site for helmets and leathers?

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