2023 Spanish Grand Prix: Everything You Need to Know Before Attending

2023 Spanish Grand Prix - Everything You Need to Know Before Attending

Round 7 of the 2023 Formula 1 season takes place at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of attending the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix on June 2-4.

Formula 1 has been visiting Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya since 1991, with the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix event set to be the 33rd Spanish Grand Prix held at the venue. In November 2021, the Catalunya track secured a new deal with Formula 1 which will see the Spanish Grand Prix remain on the calendar until at least 2026.

With its status as one of the most visited cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that Barcelona, the closest city to the circuit, has a wealth of cultural draws. From beaches to a buzzing nightlife and the iconic Sagrada Familia, there’s plenty to see and do away from the track during your visit to the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix. In addition, there’ll be a free F1 fan festival in the Port Vell region in the week leading up to the race weekend. More details about the festival and the best places to visit on your trip in Off-Track Activities.

Heading to Catalunya for the first time? All the essential travel information you need is in Travel Basics.

Last 2023 Spanish Grand Prix tickets available

With Fernando Alonso back in action at the front of the grid, it’s no surprise that the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix is close to selling out. 40,000 tickets sold within days of them first being available in November 2022. Some of the last remaining tickets are available through our ticket shop. Additional grandstand seats were put on sale in April due to the demand for tickets. 

Over 275,000 fans attended the track over the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix – an increase of 30,000 from the last fully-attended race at the track in 2019. With almost 130,000 fans packing into the circuit on race day, it was the best attended Spanish Grand Prix since 2008.

Sadly, last year’s race weekend was blighted by organisational issues. Long queues, transport issues and a lack of food and water in the midst of a heatwave left many fans in attendance angered. In the aftermath of the event, Formula 1 issued a clear warning to the circuit, branding the situation “unacceptable” and saying that the problems “must be fixed” for this year. We hope that the circuit lives up to its promises of improving the trackside experience for fans.

How much will I spend on a trip to the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix?

The Spanish Grand Prix is the sixth cheapest race weekend of the 2023 Formula 1 season, based on the average cost of a 3-day ticket. General Admission passes are the eighth cheapest of the year, while grandstand seats opposite the pit lane are the fifth cheapest of their kind in 2023. Tickets are relatively affordable for local fans, costing 15% of the average monthly wage.

With cheap flights from all over Europe and plenty of accommodation to suit all budgets in Barcelona and surrounds, the race remains popular with traveling fans. We estimate that the average fan will spend just over €1,000 on a visit to the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix. That includes grandstand tickets, three nights in a nearby hotel and daily spending money. 

Check out our Budget Planner for the lowdown on what you can expect to spend on a trip to the Spanish Grand Prix!

Trackside at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix

There’s a major on-track change at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix. The clumsy final chicane has been removed and the track layout has reverted to its previous configuration. The sweeping right-hand bend which made up the final corner before 2007 will be back in action once more. Fingers crossed it leads to more exciting racing! 

Both of Formula 1’s feeder series appear on the support schedule at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix. Formula 2 and Formula 3 will contest two races each over the weekend. You can find all the vital information about watching the race, including session times, on our updated Trackside page.

You can take advantage of “Free Friday” at the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix, where your ticket allows you access to most grandstands for free to watch the practice action. Also returning this year is the Thursday evening pit lane walk, which is open for free to all 3-day ticket holders and runs from 17:30 to 19:30 on June 1. 

Be aware of the circuit’s relatively hot and humid conditions, and be sure to bring sun cream and drink plenty of water – especially if you are sitting in an uncovered grandstand.

Got a question about attending the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix? Leave a comment below!

40 thoughts on “2023 Spanish Grand Prix: Everything You Need to Know Before Attending”

  1. Hi,
    What’s the situation with bringing water and food into the circuit? I’ve read your piece that says Barcelona has some of the worst out of all the GPs so can we bring in as much water and food as we want? Also, can we use like proper water bottles or do they have to be clear, plastic bottles?
    Thanks very much,

  2. Alexandra Carrier

    Do you know how to book parking for the pit Lane walk on Thursday? We have a 3 day GA ticket with parking, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of parking on Thursday! Thanks in advance

    1. You will be allowed on the track for the podium ceremony, but normally not to walk around the whole track. Need to wait and see if it is opened up this year

  3. Do i have to pick up a bracelet that allows me to get into the circuit ? Where can I pick them ?

    1. Most races are digital now, including Spain. I think some larger races like Silverstone still decide to produce a physical programme, but I’m not sure yet about this year

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Sorry to use your platform for this type of query but by any chance can you provide me with contact details to make a complaint to Formula 1 about what went on at the Spanish GP. The queues to leave the circuit and get back to Barcelona were completely unacceptable. I took my son to his first GP and on that experience we wont ever be back! People getting carted off in Ambulances and I actually gave my sun umbrella to a girl who was hyperventilating under a tree…its, as I said, completely unacceptable.( I’m just giving you this background because I know you care about fan experience). I genuinely want to be able to contact somebody in Liberty or the relevant corporate body and let them know, in detail, how I feel about what went on at that GP. It should never be repeated. If anyone can point me in the right direction you can!!

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Mark, don’t worry about it. We want to hear about the fan experience, good and bad. I’ll see if I can find an email address and send it to you privately.

    2. Yeagh, left the circuit at 5pm on the Sunday and was in a 3 hour queue for transport back to Barcelona . Got on coach at 8pm.

  5. Hi ref the fm radio for listening to the commentary, is there an app we can download to listen to it via our phones and Bluetooth earphones or do you have to specifically buy FM earbuds/headphones?

    1. Hi John, yes there are lots of apps you can download to listen to radio. For example, “Radio FM”. Another option is the premium version of the F1 app, which has live timing and live commentary.

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I have bought 6 tickets for pelouse and now one of the ticket holder has decided to bring his 5 year old son too. could you let me know if I need to buy ticket for a 5 year old? I couldn’t see any guidance in ticketing page for this?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I think your friend is lucky. It is my understanding that children under 6 can enter the Pelouse/General Admission area for free, accompanied by an adult. But to be sure, I suggest contacting the circuit to confirm, as you still may need to get a free ticket for the child. The circuit is normally very good in replying, but please also tell them where you bought the tickets (it may be important): https://www.circuitcat.com/en/contact/

      1. Thanks Andrew,

        I emailed them and to my surprised they replied within minutes confirming the same, that he doesn’t require a ticket as long has the child and adult carry form of ID with them also soft copy of birth certificate.

        Thanks again.

  7. Hi Andrew, do you know if there are any plans for fan zones, events or similar in Barcelona city centre in the days leading up to the race?

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Steven, there is a free fan festival taking place in Port Vell which opens from Friday May 26. More information is in this post.

  8. Hi Andrew, thank you so much for helping out and answering all our questions.

    Do you know if the drivers will be appearing on stage for some fan activities during the GP weekend in Barcelona, and is that going to be in the fan zone for everyone to access? I have a ticket for Grandstand J.

    Thanks you :)

    1. Not yet confirmed, but yes. There is a stage in the fanzone behind the Main/Principal Grandstand, and the drivers will normally make an appearance at some point over the weekend – usually on Saturday. Keep an eye out on the “Circuit Cat” social media accounts, they will probably announce it there in the next day or two

  9. If I buy a Friday ticket that is just labeled “Pelouse” and not a section, will I be able to access whichever grandstands? Thanks!

  10. Conor Harley

    Hi, heading to Barcelona this weekend. Are there any audio earphones available to rent/purchase at the track to listen to the English radio feed?

    Been at races in the past and it’s quite frustrating when the loudspeakers switch languages throughout the race.

    1. There could be some ear defenders/headphones to purchase at the track for listening to the commentary, but I’m not sure. Better to buy your own headset before hand and then just tune in to 98 FM for the commentary in English/French.

  11. Hello, We’re attending GP this weekend and are in Grandstand G, zone 18.
    Would you know what way the rows are numbered.?
    Trying to figure out if we’re up the back or in front of the fence

  12. Hey! I wanted to know if they sell any sort of team merchandise at the track or should I buy a hat/t shirt before i attend?

    1. Sorry for the slow reply, bit late now. Generally, it’s cheaper to buy your merchandise online rather than at the track. But there is lots of team merchandise available for sale at the track – always better to buy on Friday if you can, as popular items do sell out as the weekend progresses

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