Trackside at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 2024 Spanish Grand Prix

How to get the most out of your experience at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya during your trip to the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix.

After six visits to the circuit for testing and the Spanish Grand Prix since 2016,  Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has quickly established itself as one of our favorite European circuits. The natural amphitheater layout of the circuit makes for great spectating, the weather is generally warm and sunny and the race weekend is normally well organized.

Sadly, the fan experience at recent editions of the Spanish Grand Prix has not always been the best for many fans, especially in 2022 when very hot temperatures and a much higher attendance exposed shortcomings in the management of the event. Fans complained about transport delays, no free water inside the circuit and significant queues for concessions. 

Ahead of the 2023 race, significant changes to the circuit were announced, notably the removal of the final chicane that’s been in place for almost 20 years. The run off area behind Turn 1 was also extended to improve safety, circuit facilities such as toilets were upgraded and the hospitality directly area above the pits was redesigned. Despite attracting the largest attendance since 2008, the 2023 Spanish Grand Prix offered a much improved overall experience for the majority of fans.

Need to Know: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix

  • Gate Opening Times: The circuit gates open at 15:30 on Thursday, 07:30 on Friday, and 07:00 on Saturday & Sunday. Parking lots open at 07:00 on Saturday & Sunday. TBC for 2024
  • Circuit Entry: Seven gates provide entry for fans to Circuit de Catalunya. Check the interactive circuit map to determine the best gate to enter based on where you will be siting.
  • Permitted items at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: Food and non-alcoholic drinks, Umbrellas and chairs exclusively for the general admission areas, as long as other spectators are not disturbed, Plastic bottles up to 1.5 L (including caps) and tetra packs, Baby prams
  • Prohibited items at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: Any glass, metal, ceramic or wooden container, Alcoholic beverages (the sale of and access to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with alcoholic beverages is forbidden. Soft-drinks and alcohol-free beer will be available for sale at the different sales points inside the facilities), Dangerous objects. Knives, scissors or similar, Pets, Scooters, bicycles and other personal mobility devices, Flares and smoke canisters, Professional image recording equipment. TBC for 2024
  • Live Commentary: Available trackside over the whole F1 weekend in May. The frequency for English and French commentary is 98 FM and for Spanish and Catalan, 103.2 FM. Alternatively, with an internet enabled smart phone you can access live timing with the F1 app.
  • Be Prepared: There is little shade in the General Admission areas and the majority of grandstands are uncovered, so don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen.

2024 Spanish Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The full timetable for on-track action for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix has been confirmed by Formula 1 and is listed below.
  • Support Categories: Formula 2, Formula 3 and the all-female F1 Academy will be the main support categories at the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix.
  • Pit Lane Walks: A pit lane walk for regular ticket holders will take place on Thursday June 20 from 17:30-19:30, but will be restricted to 3,000 fans – see below for more information. F1 Experiences also runs a separate pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon for selected guests. From Friday to Sunday, guests in the F1 Paddock Club hospitality suites can take part in daily pit lane walks.
  • Free Friday: As of last year, ‘Free Friday’ is no longer offered at the Spanish Grand Prix. (This allowed fans to watch the action on Friday from any grandstand, regardless of which ticket they possessed)
  • Post-Race Track Invasion: It’s possible in Spain to walk on the track after the race has finished. Fans will be able to watch the podium ceremony from the start/finish straight. Note that only the Main Straight is open, and that security clears fans from the track soon after the end of the podium ceremony.

Friday, June 21

  • 08:00: Gates Open (TBC)
  • 08:50-09:30: F1 Academy – Practice Session
  • 09:55-10:40: Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 11:05-11:50: Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 12:00-13:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:30-14:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 1 (FP1)
  • 15:00-15:30: Formula 3 – Qualifying
  • 15:55-16:25: Formula 2 – Qualifying
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 – Free Practice 2 (FP2)
  • 18:30-19:00: F1 Academy – Qualifying
  • 19:15-20:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk

Saturday, June 22

  • 08:00: Gates Open (TBC)
  • 10:40-11:25: Formula 3 – Sprint Race (21 laps or 40 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 11:35-12:05: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 3 (FP3)
  • 14:15-15:05: Formula 2 – Sprint Race (26 laps or 45 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying
  • 18:00-18:35: F1 Academy – First Race (16 laps or 30 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 18:45-20:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 19:45-20:45: F1 Experiences – Grid Walk & Trophy Photo

Sunday, June 23

  • 07:00: Gates Open (TBC)
  • 08:50-09:25: F1 Academy – Second Race (16 laps or 30 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 10:05-10:55: Formula 3 – Feature Race (25 laps or 45 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 11:35-12:40: Formula 2 – Feature Race (37 laps or 60 minutes + 1 lap)
  • 12:55-13:55: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:00-13:30: F1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 14:46-14:48: National Anthem
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Gran Premio De España 2024 (66 laps or 2 hours)

2024 Spanish Grand Prix Pit Lane Walk

  • The pit lane walk is a great opportunity to walk down the F1 pit lane, get up close to the cars and maybe even spot a few drivers.
  • A pitlane walk for regular racegoers will take place on Thursday afternoon (June 20) at the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix from 17:30-19:30
  • Previously open to all 3-day ticket holders, this year’s pit lane walk will be restricted to just 3,000 fans. Tickets for the event were free, but had to be applied for via the circuit’s ticket portal on May 14. All 3,000 passes sold out within hours of first being available.
  • Ahead of the pit lane walk, Gates 3 will be open from 17:00

Parking at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • 3-day parking tickets are now on sale for 2024, priced at €49.50. Choose from the PB, PC or PD carparks (see map above), all of which are located on the northern part of the circuit closest to the final sector. We recommend buying your tickets as soon as possible, as parking tickets are likely to sell out ahead of race weekend.
  • Tickets must be bought in advance and will not be available on the day. Do not leave valuables in your car; break ins are quite common at the circuit. .
  • Delays are not uncommon on race weekend when arriving and departing the parking areas. Please try to avoid arriving and departing at peak times.
  • The highway system close to the circuit is well signposted, though congestion can occur at peak times on race weekend. Allow a bit more time on Sunday to get in and out of the circuit due to the larger numbers of spectators on race day. For more information on getting to Circuit de Catalunya, read Getting Around.

Facilities at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • The quality, value for money and selection of food on offer at Circuit de Catalunya is widely agreed by fans to just about the worst at any race in Europe. Visit a supermarket before you go to the track to stock up on food and drinks, but remember that you won’t get into the circuit with glass or cans and that alcohol is prohibited inside the circuit.
  • Water and soft drinks cost around €4 for 500ml with food starting at approx €8 for fast food such as hamburgers and hot dogs, more for pasta or other full meals. If you want a real beer and something to eat, you’ll find bars and food trucks just outside most entrance gates (Gate 1 and 6 for example); it’s no problem to get a pass out and come back to the circuit.
  • There are plenty of toilet facilities that are generally well maintained and cleaned regularly throughout the weekend.

F1 Fanzone

The Fanzone is located behind the Main Grandstand. You’ll be able to purchase merchandise from your favourite team as well as check out the displays from major sponsors or have something to eat or drink. The Boulevard of Champions (Avinguda dels Campions) is also located in this area, where you can see plaques commemorating the World Championship winning drivers (and Moto GP riders) who have competed at the circuit over the past 30 years.

Formula 1 Barcelona Fan Village

For the past two years, Barcelona’s Port Veil area has been home to a free F1 Fanzone before, during and after race weekend. This features static and interactive displays and a stage for interviews and performances. Details of the Formula 1 Barcelona Fan Village have not yet been confirmed for 2024.

What are your trackside tips for the Spanish Grand Prix? Leave a comment below.

268 thoughts on “Trackside at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – 2024 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. Robert Harris-Jones

    Regarding entry restrictions…

    From 2009 to 2012 taking in your own beer in plastic bottles in a cooler was not a problem. Several small supermarkets in Montmello (the local town) sell “cold plastic beer” and ice etc.

    Only problem in 2013 was that, come Sunday, all those shops had mysteriously run out of “plastic beer”!!

    At the 2014 Grand Prix we were allowed to take in our own beer (in plastic bottles) on the Friday but come Saturday that rule had changed and we were NOT allowed to take our own beer into the circuit! We sat close to a local Spanish season ticket holder who had steam coming out of his ears as even he had his beer taken off him for the first time ever!!

    I think you need to update your information to say that you will probably not be allowed to take your own alcohol into the circuit. Food and soft drinks seemed to still be OK this year.

    Prices for beer at the circuit were 4€ for 330cl, 8€ for 660cl and 11€ for 100cl.

  2. Last year (2014) on the Sunday they were very strict. This year (2015) there is no alcohol at all on any day and all the beer they sell in circuit which is still €11 for a large is now Alcohol free.

    Unless of course you are rich, then you get champagne :)

        1. Hi James, cannot confirm, but we were told it was a licensing issue, that someone forgot to apply for the right permits. Let’s hope this is remedied for 2016, because it made for a lot of unhappy fans this year.

          1. Jason McRazor

            It certainly did! And I have to say the food outlets around the track were awful, some of the most dire food I have ever come across. Also they were selling the non-alcoholic beer without telling people it was non-alcoholic, a lot of people were duped! Also there’s the pathetic “no bottle cap” rule on drinks brought into the track and drink bought at the track, this is due to “safety reasons”, one of the most pathetic excuses ive ever heard!!

  3. Steven Martin

    I would agree that a lot of people were duped last weekend in paying 11 euros for a none alcoholic beer. The food offering was dreadful and I think it lead to a very flat atmosphere within the circuit. The no bottle cap rule is crazy, it makes no sense at all.
    We had a good weekend overall, but a very disappointing experience from the circuit. Possibly one to avoid for next year unless they get their act together.

  4. Hi all, can anyone tell me where is the best place to meet the drivers at the Barcelona Grand Prix?

  5. HI Guys,

    Can anyone confirm wheter or not the “licensing” issue has been resolved. or will we be without beer again this year?

    1. Sorry Jack, it hasn’t been resolved and inside the circuit is still a dry zone. But you can get passouts at most gates (especially gate 1, gate 6) and there are bars just outside serving real beer. So you can go for a quick pitstop and come back!

  6. After six years of following F1, I’m going to my first Grand Prix to Barcelona :)) this blog is hilarious, I’m full of respect for all your effort! I’ve just got one question: what is exactly that thursday pit walk? Where can you go – garages, or just the open paddock space? Can you really meet drivers and team workers there? I’ll be really grateful for the response – Thank you!

    1. You get to walk down the pitlane, so you can see all the teams working on the cars. Normally, the drivers also make an appearance and sign some autographs. But it can get pretty congested, especially when the drivers come out. So not good for people who get claustrophobic or don’t like crowds of people.

      1. Hi I cannot see any prices for the Thursday pit walk as this is mine and my family’s 1st visit to a Grand Prix we would like to do this. Is it a turn up on the day and pay or can it be pre-ordered
        Many thanks John

          1. Which time would you recommand to be at the track for the pitlane walk?
            Got some tickets for this year as well and since Spa last year doesn’t really count as race this will be my first one so i would love to see as much as possible.
            Thanks in advance :)

          2. Firstly, I should say that it’s not 100% certain that the pit lane walk will actually take place this year on Thursday (read this article for background information). If it does take place, I’d say a good time to arrive for a place in the queue would be around 2pm.

          3. Hi, sorry this is my first race and I thought the pit lane walk was only part of f1 experience/package tickets. Is it also open to those who just have normal 3 day grandstand tickets? Thanks for all the info by the way!

          4. Nicky Haldenby

            Hi Isabella – yes, the Thursday pit lane walk is open to all 3-day ticket holders!

  7. Hi there. I am going with my husband for the very first time this year. I have read total alcohol ban. Is it ok to take plastic bottle with soft drinks in and food. Also , what is best to wear . Thanks x

    1. Hi Sue, there is an alcohol ban inside the track. (There are bars with alcohol outside gates 1 and 6 if you need a drink – you can get a pass out and return to the track during the day). You will be ok with plastic bottles, but maybe not more than one half liter bottle per person. Warning – they may take the bottle lids off you, so pack one or two more separately. (Same inside the track – cans and bottles are poured into plastic cups and you can’t keep lids). What to wear? Check the weather forecast, but it’s normally quite warm. Comfortable shoes are a must as you will be covering plenty of distance on foot. Enjoy!

  8. Hi I have a 3 day ticket Tribuna A Zona 8 3 day ticket. Face value 330 euros. For 210 pounds. My son can’t go with me now due to circumstances. If interested let me know. Can special delivery etc. Thx Wes.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for this awesome blog – a ton of useful information for someone who’s going to GP for the first time. I’ve been watching/interesting it since 1990 and IT IS THE TIME to see it live finally in Spain! Sooo… excited and wanna to make it perfect, so…
    Two questions (not about alcohol this time) but:
    1. camera – are there any restrictions regarding the photo devices you can take with you?
    2. food – any restrictions (except the glass bottles) you can bring in? I’m going with my kids and it’s going to be a long day for them. Reading your article I don’t think I can rely on quality (and prices!) of the food on circuit.


    1. Czesc Lukasz, thanks for the kind words! You should be OK taking a camera with a 400m or smaller lens. There’s no restrictions on food as far as I am aware, just avoid bringing glassware.

  10. Hi my wife and I are driving to the Spanish Grand Prix. I have breathing difficulties and can’t walk more than 100m without a rest. I bought my ticket privately for tribune K row 3 before I knew that people with mobility problems have deigneted areas in the main stand and stand G and there are also separate parking fascilities there for people like myself with a European blue badge. I have tried calling the circuit with not much luck in contacting the right person or having them respond. Can you give me any practical advice please?

  11. Hi, Some great tips here thanks. Can I just confirm you are sure about taking an DSLR camera into the circuit with a say a 70-105mm lens as I have read a lot forums that say otherwise.

    I don’t want to take a chance and be refused entry, I have emailed the circuit but had no reply. Oh and I leave tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nigel, I cannot be 100% sure as it’s not stated on the website. But I don’t think you will have any problem getting in with the lens you mentioned. Anything under 400mm should be fine. Good luck, perhaps you will share some your photos with us afterwards!

  12. Katie Walker

    I’m at the Grand Prix this weekend and wondered if anyone had any tips on where to get on the track after the race for the podium presentation?
    We have tickets for stand J but have been wondering around most of the day, we don’t really mind if we don’t sit in our seats during the race tomorrow.

    Also any tips on where we could see the drivers arriving? Or is that’s super duper ticket access?


    1. Hi Katie, the main entry points for the track invasion/podium ceremony are either end of the Main Grandstand. The end closer to the final corner is much closer to the podium. I suggest you get there around 10 mins before the end of the race so you will be one of the first to get on to the track. We got a great view last year! As for driver’s arriving, you won’t have much luck. There is an entrance at the top of the circuit (close to gate 1) but they stay in the cars and go straight into the circuit via a tunnel.

    1. Julian B Timberlake

      Yes. 2017 we got on the track on the short straight between 3 and 4 and walked back to the start finish line. Lots of marbles.

    1. Yes, there is still an alcohol ban in force at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, but you can leave the circuit for real beer just outside several gates and return. You can bring other drinks in plastic bottles, but they can take the lids from you (bring a few spare lids separately to solve this problem!)

  13. Hi,
    Im going this year for GP Catalunya,
    I wonder one thing,
    It’s better for me bought ticket for Main grandstand, opposite pit lane park or Tribune F
    I still ca decide my choice.
    And after race it’s chance to get into track from Main grandstand?
    Thank You
    Really great blog !!!

    1. Czesc Michal. I’d probably choose grandstand F, because I prefer to see on-track action rather than pits action. After the race, you can get on to the track from both sides (ends) of the Main Grandstand, even if you are not sitting there. Don’t forget you also have Free Friday, where you can sit in pretty much any grandstand you want. A good day to explore the circuit! You’ll find video views of mine from all grandstands in our Tickets Guide for the Spanish GP.

      1. Are the entrys to the track the red gates around the main grandstand or is the entry somewhere on the main grandstand?
        Thank you

  14. Hi,
    I’ve noticed that you have given advice to others about taking digital cameras into the Spanish GP and that they are allowed, however I’ve noticed on the rear of this years ticket that it states photographic cameras are not allowed, has it changed for this year or are they relaxed about this rule? thanks in advance.

    1. I don’t know about any change of regulations, but I would follow previous advice. I don’t imagine you will be stopped with a camera, most fans have them! Should be fairly relaxed on entry about cameras unless you have a huge lens.

      1. Thanks for your reply, I am thinking of taking a 70-200mm lens which is about 8″ long excluding the camera, hopefully I won’t get stopped, this is my first and probably last chance to attend a GP. Regards.

  15. michael harrison

    we have tickets for all 3 days of the spanish grand prix. Is the pitlane walk on the saturday between 4-7pm? and also do we qualify to be able to do that pitlane walk?

  16. Scott marshall


    I’m getting the bus Sunday morning from the city centre to the circuit, can you advise the best way back to the airport after the race? My flight is at 2100hrs, taxi straight to BCN or return bus to the city centre first?

    Many thanks

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure. I suggest you contact the circuit (they will probably reply if you ask on social media). Let us know the answer!

  17. Hi, we are travelling in a group of 10 to the catalunya gp this year, we only have general admission and are partial to a beer or two throughout the day. we shall be arriving by coach from Barcelona and are wondering which gate is the best to be near so we are able to go and get a drink (alcohol) with out huge walks? also are there multiple drop off points for the coaches? any advise is much appreciated!

    1. Sorry Ollie, I’m not sure about the drop off points for the coaches. The biggest bar area I saw was right beside Gate 6. Also a bar near Gate 1 at the top of the circuit. Most general admission areas are between these two gates.

      1. That’s a worry. On the circuits website it says somewhere that it would be completed before Christmas.

        1. Check the circuit’s social media accounts, they have posted some recent pictures of the new grandstands. I’m sure it will be fine!

  18. I am booked on the campsite from Friday to Sunday, Am I able to access the campsite on Thursday as I will miss out on Thursdays activities if I can’t access. I have a 3 day Grand Prix ticket.

  19. Hi,

    We have general admission tickets for sunday. Do you know what time the gates open on sunday? We would like te get a good spot to view the race(hopefully with a screen). What time do the most people usually arive at the track?
    And can you normally leave your stuff somewhere and check out the fan zone, or will someone take your place?


    1. Hi John, gates open at 7am on Sunday and the first on-track action begins at 10:25am (GP3 race). I don’t like to get up too early, so I would be looking to arrive between 9-10am. There’s also plenty of room in the General Admission areas. Yes, it would be good to secure a spot early on the grass, but this only works if you are a big group. Up to you, but I would just enjoy the Fanzone and then aim to get a spot to watch from about midday. The area between turns 5 and 9 is best, in my opinion.

  20. Hi,

    We have a bus booked to get to the track on Saturday and Sunday but would also like to go to the pit lane walk on the Thursday and notice a bus isn’t available for Thursday. What is the best way to get there on Thursday? If we get a taxi will we easily manage to get one back?
    Also, what are the chances of actually getting an autograph during the autograph session on Thursday?


    1. Best way to get there on Thursday is to take the train to Montmelo, then walk or short taxi ride. Details on Getting There and Around. There’s supposed to be an organized autograph session as part of Pit Lane Walk on Thursday, but can be lots of people. You may get some autographs, but whether you get your favorite driver’s autograph I cannot say, good luck!

  21. Hello,

    First time F1 attendee here…due to my employment I may be able to hop a free flight to Barcelona on Thursday evening US time, arriving on Friday am. How do you like my chances of picking up a 3 day or 1 day Pelouse at the track on Friday or Saturday? I assume the track ticket office can sell me one if available?


  22. I’ve only just realised the start time is an hour later than previous years. Although it doesnt appear that Sagales bus company have noticed, their timetable looks to be the same as last year. I guess that means more beers outside the gate beforehand!

  23. Hello, very nice article! :)
    Can you please confirm that entrance to free practice 1 and 2 is free?
    Also about autograph session, is it also free?
    Thank you, best regards Konstantin

    1. No, you still need an entrance ticket on Friday. You can buy a ticket for Grandstand E or N on Friday for 55 EURO.
      You are supposed to have a 3-day ticket to attend the autograph session and pit lane walk on Thursday, but you could always try your luck without a ticket. I can’t guarantee you will get in.

  24. Just to clarify, I mean, entrance without any ticket, cause I’m not able to get on the gp (leaving Barcelona on Saturday)

  25. Hello,

    I would like to konow exactly what is fan forum? general admission, pelouse, include the forum?

    We’ll arrive at circuit at 8 a.m/ 8;30 a.m., saturday as sunday. I guess that is good, right? an hour without a lot of people.


    1. Hi Ana, the Fan Forum takes place on the stage in the F1 Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand. Anyone with a valid ticket can attend. They will have some F1 drivers talking and answering questions I guess. As for your planned arrival time, that’s good!

  26. Hi, we are attending the F1 race on Sunday, we are catching the Sagales bus from Barcelona. Does anyone know roughly how far it is to walk from where the bus drops off to the entrance at Gate 7? Or is it better just to go in the main entrance and walk to the Pelops area near gate 7? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lynda, the bus stops very close to Gate 3, which is behind the Main Grandstand and close to the F1 Fanzone. Better to enter at this gate, then walk to the General Admission Area. Follow the direction of the track and there is a handy underpass between the grandstands before the first corner (between E & K) that gets you into the center of the circuit, close to where you want to watch the action. I think it’s around a 20-30 minute walk total.

  27. Hello once again,

    I saw that exist a free bus to take the people from montmelo train station to the circuit entrance. Can you tell at time start the free bus? or is better and more easier to get a taxi?
    the taxi service existe near the montmelo train station and near the circuit entrance?

    What is exactly the fan zone? and the wheather, it will be rainy or sunny, can you tell moreless?

    thank you

  28. Hi, does anyone know how to join the run the track activity on Saturday? I was told to register online but the website is wrong

  29. Thanks this is amazing information ! ,

    first time visitor in the spanish GP and managed to get a pelouse ticket for sunday , what corner would you reckon is best to watch?

  30. Mike Stollery

    We booked parking Car Park C.When we arrived it was full and we plus a lot of oher cars were redirected to an industrial estate miles away to park in the road.Cars were double parked all over the place.Also the ticket doesnt show which entrance you need to go in.We were mis directed three times until we found the right entrance.Lots of people looked lost.
    The food stalls outside are a disgrace.Over priced rubbish food.There were hardly any toilets and blokes were urinating in full view or everyone.
    The inside of the stadium might be or glitz and glamour but the organisation and facilities were very poor.

  31. I would like to go to the winter testing, we have a motorhome so is there camping available at the circuit in February?

  32. hello everyone
    i will be visiting the spanish gp this year (2019). i just noticed on the back of my ticket it says that you can’t take in a digital slr camera. Has anybody had problems getting in with a camera in previous years?
    I only take photos as a hobby.

  33. Hi everyone, I’ve got general admission for the race this year and am very excited. Any tips on the best places to sit? We obviously want to be at a good part of the track, but we also want to be near a screen so can see what else it going on. Also, how does it work with ‘reserving seats’ in general admission? Would we be okay to leave our towels / chairs on the grass so we can walk around in the morning to look at the merch etc., or it is more a case of find a good spot and don’t leave it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Grace! General Admission is great in Spain, but don’t forget to make the most of Free Friday, when you can sit in all the grandstands as well. I think the hill between Turns 6-9 is the best place to watch the race. It will get very busy on Sunday, but I think you will be fine to reserve your spot early by putting some towels down. Just get friendly with the people around you and I’m sure it will be fine!

  34. There are 4 of us attending the Spansih GrandPrix 2019 for the Sunday race day with one day general admission tickets. where is the best place to sit and can you take a picnic into the track with you ?? thanks for any advice

    1. Hi Paul, check my reply to Grace from a few days ago regarding best place to watch – right above. You can take a picnic with you – but no glass containers and no alcohol. If you have water or other drinks in plastic containers, I suggest taking one or two spare lids – they sometimes confiscate lids at the entrance.

  35. Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the general admission areas: Do you recommend bringing a camping chair? If so: Any recommendations where to get one in the area? I will have a rental car and I am looking for a stop on the way to the circuit to get a foldable chair. What do you think?

    Thanks for the great work with your site here!

    Best regards

    1. Hi Mario, I think it’s a good idea. I suggest you look for a large shopping centre in the area, or maybe a Leroy Merlin hardware store – sorry I can’t be more specific.

    2. Scott Couchman

      I have a REI Flexlite chair that is very compact and I’ve used in at LeMans, Hungaroring, Circuit of America’s, and several other races. It is compact and light, 12” long and 5” round. It fits in my day pack and is super comfortable all day long!

  36. What is the most reliable and fastest way to get to the circuit from Barcelona Friday-Sunday? We’re trying to decide between the bus and the train. Seems like traffic could be an issue for the bus.

    1. I’ve never taken the bus, but I hear it’s a good service. I just prefer the train – it’s easy, fast and cheap from the centre of Barcelona. I also always get a taxi from Montmelo train station to the circuit – total cost around 10 EUR, but you can normally share the cost with other fans.

  37. Hey Editor

    Is there an alcohol ban for this years race too?

    Can we take some in a hip flask etc? How strict are they?

    1. Yes, I believe the alcohol ban continues. You may try to take a hip flask, but I cannot guarantee it won’t be found in an inspection when you enter. Don’t forget that you can get real beer and other drinks at several bars just outside the circuit gates. You can get a pass out.

  38. We only have general admission tickets for race day. Having seen your comments regarding “free friday” what does this involve and does it apply to us?

    1. Do you have race day tickets only or 3 day tickets? If you have 3-day General Admission tickets, then you can enter on Friday and sit in all the grandstands. If you only have race day tickets for General Admission, you cannot enter at all on Friday.

  39. Hi , we have 3 day Grand stand G tickets. Will we be able to go into other areas/stands on Saturday?

    We are staying in Mataro what would be the most convenient way to get to the track?

    Appreciate the help!

    1. Hi Johannes, you can only sit in other grandstands on Friday. On Saturday, you can still walk around the whole track and watch in the General Admission areas. And you will be able to watch from different sections of Grandstand G. As for getting to the circuit from Mataro, you could take the Sagales bus from Arenys de Mar, which is close to where you are staying – but only on Saturday and Sunday. More info here.

  40. Hi, We have a 3 day Grandstand A ticket.
    So if I read your above answer correctly, we can go everywhere on Friday, On Saturday we can go to general admission areas and go to Grandstand A in other sections as well.

    And on Sunday walk around the track? general Admission areas? and our own reserved seats I presume?

    1. Correct, though I thought for some reason you said Grandstand G – that’s much bigger than A. Sunday you can also visit General Admission areas, but they will be much busier. And your own reserved seat is yours all three days – if someone sitting in it, you can ask them to move!

  41. Jean Stephan Canton

    Hi, I have a 3 day ticket for the race however on Sunday my flight out is at 8h10pm. I was planning to bring my backpack with my clothes, toiletries etc… and leave for the airport directly after the race. Are there any ”bag” restrictions? Also is the timeline too close to get the flight in your opinion. For the other days I will travel by train but might grab a cab from the circuit back to the airport (any other suggestions?) Thanks!

    1. Hi Jean, did you know there are direct trains from Montmelo station to BCN airport? That’s your best bet after the race – but check as not all of them go to the airport. It takes around 60 minutes from memory. You may have an issue at the track with your backpack – there are restrictions on bringing glass into the circuit. I’d be looking to leave my bag in a luggage locker. I don’t think there are any at Montmelo station, but there are at Sants. You could stop there on the way through to the airport after the race to collect your bag?

  42. Martin Devlin

    Thia a great page for us fans! Thank you! I have a question: I have a 3 day ticket (camping too), Do they allow you to take a coolbox (with wheels) inside the circuit?

    1. Hi Martin, technically you should be ok so long as you don’t have any glass bottler or alcohol. But there’s also a chance you can be refused entry with the coolbox. If you are there on Thursday, I suggest asking at the gate.

  43. I know some tracks ban certain items, even umbrellas at times! Is there a problem with taking a small power pack (size of a standard iPhone) to keep my phone charged or will this be taken off me at the gate?
    Thank you

    1. You should be fine with a small power pack – it’s a very good thing to carry (but they were taking them off fans at Monza last year…)

  44. Hi.
    About the autograph session what kind of session is it? Will it be one of those ones where they walk around behind a fence and sign things or are they at desks?
    I just wanna know what to expect and what time would be best to get there for.

  45. Hi.

    I am going to my first race and am planning to visit the circuit from thursday to sunday and I have a few questions.

    I have 3-day ticket for stand A. Do I have to enter the circuit through the south gate (6)? I’m thinking of taking the Sagales bus and to enter from entrance 4 seems easier.

    What entrance do you use for thursday and friday? Can I use any entrance?

    1. From Friday to Sunday, you can use any entrance you like. On Thursday, not all gates will be open. Best to enter via Gate 3, behind the Main Grandstand. That’s near where all the activities take place on that day anyway.

  46. Hi , I love this website it really has helped me a lot , however I do have a question if I may – I am staying at Catalonia Sabadell hotel and have a 3 day ticket in stand G and I was wondering how do I I get to the track ? It’s my first time at an F1 race and I just don’t want to miss anything- thanks.

    1. Hi Glen, it seems your hotel is a bit out of the way. You are not near the trains to the circuit, nor the Sagales bus. Looks like getting a taxi will be your best bet. Perhaps you can find some fellow fans at your hotel and offer to share with them?

  47. Hi. As you suggested, my wife and I are planning to be seated between turn 6 and 9 in general admission with tv around. I wish to know:
    1. What time do the gates open on Sunday as we want to catch our spot as soon as possible?
    2. What is the nearest entry point to access the above mentioned Pelouse area? Will it also be open to enter at that time or we will have to enter first through the main entrance as it may be too early for all gates to open? Asking this because we can have a clear road map to follow and not waste time getting around the track…
    3. Is it possible to cut through the track if we do have to get in through the main entrance? I am almost certain you cannot but still just to be clear…
    4. Would you rather choose turn 6 area where you can see the main straight at a distance or towards end of turn 9? What makes for a better racing experience?

    Must say, this blog is VERY informative! Thanks a lot for this!!

    1. Rohan, I assume gates open around 8am – but I have asked the circuit on Twitter and will update when I get a reply. To get to the area between Turns 6-9, you can either enter from the top of the circuit (Gate 7) and walk down or the bottom of the circuit (Gate 4, 5) – to get there from here, you need to take the underpass near Grandstand K, which takes you out on the other side next to Turn 6. Personally, I would choose closer to Turn 6, as you can also see the main straight from here and run to the first corner.

      1. Oh okay. Little confused now as to if I should choose Turn 6 or Turn 9. As I understand, Turn 6 is for main straigh view and Turn 9 has a plus for the tricky corner and the tv screen. Correct?
        And also I feel Turn 6 is much more closer to the circuit than Turn 9 is…! Also, if I do choose to sit at Turn 6, then as suggested by you, I go under Grandstand K and reach Turn 6. That would be a great choice to do if we happen to take shuttle bus that run from Montmelo to the circuit because I am assuming that will stop the main grandstand first. Right?

        1. Hi Rohan, yes to your second answer. As for the views, go on Friday and check it out. You will know which you prefer when you take a look.

  48. Michael Bedell

    How intense is the security screening? Can we sneak in mini bottles (what airlines offer) on our person. Not to sound like degenerate boozers, we just like to enjoy a cocktail while watching F-1 as we do at all the other tracks my wife amd I have been to.

    1. Luck of the draw. Some guards will be more thorough than others. You could pre-mix your drinks in coke bottles (plastic) – just take spare bottle lids in your pocket as they do sometimes take lids off bottles.

  49. Laura Robson


    Can you explain “Free Friday” please? We are, last minute, intending going tomorrow, and just tomorrow, Friday. I was going to buy stand seats online in advance, which in total will be just under €60. Is this the basic I need to do to get in anyway, or is there another option? Would it be cheaper to buy on the gate tomorrow? A total newbie and just going along for the experience.

    Also, we will be travelling from Girona and it seems that driving might actually be better than train on the Friday. Should we book parking in advance?

    Many thanks for your time and help. It’s been really helpful browsing through everything!

      1. Laura Robson

        No worries, and thanks for the reply – the place was basically deserted on Friday. Parking was a doddle, both in and out. But glad we pre-bought the parking as it made it much more straightforward on arrival, as well as slightly cheaper. Annoying though we had to buy a 3 day ticket, rather than a Friday only being available.

        Tickets were being checked to get in to the grandstand so no “Free Friday” options that we could see but we were happy with our choice of seat on the main straight.

        I was really amazed at how quiet it was, I have photos of several almost empty grandstands – the 3 day ticket options clearly mean most tickets are bought by people with no intention of going on the Friday. It seems it would be far better to have more 2 day tickets and then Friday only options at a far lower price to fill the place and create more atmosphere. After all there’s F1 cars on the track for 3 hours on the Friday.

        But anyway, thanks for the reply!

  50. Harry Boston


    I’m driving to the catalunya circuit on race day. I have a parking pass. However it states this doesn’t guarantee me a space. What time should I aim to get to the track for on race day to make sure I get a space?

    1. Gates open for the circuit at 8am, so best to get there a little before that and you will definitely be fine. A bit later should also be ok!

  51. Hi, is it possible to get to the area where the drivers enter the circuit before and after the race? Like in Monza?

    1. It’s hard in Spain. Normally, there is no access inside the track. You can try the underpass between Gates 3 & 4, but you may not get in.

  52. Hey, first ever grand prix and just wondered what the best lower priced grandstand is in the circuit? And also if you can go outside the gates for a beer, do you know if can you walk back through with it?

    1. The best chance is on Thursday afternoon if there is a pit lane walk – there’s normally also a drivers’ autograph session at this time. But it can be crowded and hard to get close to the drivers. Of course, we don’t know if the Thursday activities will happen in 2022 – there’s rumours that F1 will change the weekend format and stop this. COVID restrictions may also mean that it doesn’t happen.

      Otherwise, there’s no opportunities really in Spain to get close to the drivers at the track, as spectators cannot really enter the area behind the F1 Paddock where they enter and leave the circuit each day.

  53. Is there anywhere to fill up a reusable bottle with fresh water during the day or do you have to keep buying it from the vendors?

  54. Hi we are coming from the UK and have 3 day Grandstand tickets. Do you know how we can listen to the commentary in English during the race ? Does the circuit have free wifi so we can use the F1 App or maybe we could pick up the radio commentary on 103FM if we had a radio (would this need to be a Spanish radio or maybe DAB radio from UK. Thanks.

    1. Hi Heather, not 100% sure of the answers to your questions. But I definitely wouldn’t rely on any free WiFi at the track – even if available, these systems can get overwhelmed when lots of fans try to use at the same time. Better to organize daily roaming access for Spain from your UK phone provider – this will also come in handy when getting around in Barcelona and to the track. If you have WiFi, the F1 app does have live timing as well as BBC Radio 5 live commentary – but this may only be on the premium version (which is worth getting, in my opinion). Not sure about radio, sorry, though a UK DAB radio could be an option if Spains uses the same Band III spectrum as the UK.

  55. Hi Andrew. Can you confirm if the parking ticket are already available? I cant seem to find them on teh website and am trying to get all prepped for the F1 weekend, I want to make sure I can still get the tickets since most hotels are sold out already.
    Thanks in advance.

  56. Hi Andrew,

    I’ve decided on getting Montjuic Club passes for the Spanish Grand Prix in May. Do you have a recommendation on where to purchase it from? Unfortunately I did not see it on your website. I also remembered you mentioning on another forum that the official F1 store is also a third party reseller. The circuitcat website offers them, but it says you need to pick up the tickets on site. we are coming from the US, I’d rather have the ticket in hand if I can before we go.

    1. Hi Ruby, I can’t seem to find the Monjuic Club tickets on the track website. Don’t have any more suggestions on these tickets, but I can suggest an alternative. That’s the Champions Club from F1 Experiences, which is basically located in the same place as Montjiuc Club above the pits – plus some cool additional benefits. Sadly, the multi-day Champions Club tickets are sold out right now. Only Friday tickets are available. I’m also working for F1 Experiences and can ask if there will be more supply.

      1. Hi Andrew,

        They are still on the track website under VIP / Hospitality package, but now I’m a little concerned. I can’t seem to get a straight answer if the Montjuic Club passes include the guided paddock tour and pit lane walk, meaning someone will take you around on the weekend, or are they only talking about the free Thursday pit lane walk, which I can’t do since I will not be in Barcelona until Friday. Do you know anything about that? I’m now leaning towards the 2-day Paddock Club tickets but is it really worth the cost?

        1. Found them on the circuit website! The Guided Paddock Tour would be really cool – but there is some doubt now as to whether the COVID restrictions will allow this to happen in Spain, that’s why it is TBC. And I don’t know if the Pit Lane Walk will be the general one on Thursday afternoon, or another one – sorry. Paddock Club is incredible, and worth doing for one day at least.

          1. Hi Andrew,

            We ended up booking the two-day Paddock Club passes with F1 Experiences, Harley was a great help. Thank you for your help and answering our questions. Very informative!!

  57. Hi quick question, we have grand stand tickets , does this mean we can sit anywhere on Friday and Saturday ut must sit in our designated seat for the Sunday . Thanks

    1. We don’t yet know if there will be “Free Friday” at the Spanish GP this year. If yes, then you can sit in almost all the grandstands on this day. Saturday and Sunday you will be restricted to only your grandstand, plus the General Admission areas.

  58. Hello Andrew, love the website and open forum. I am probably asking a repeat question sorry. I am a big fan of watching the race with a good vantage point but taking my wife for the hospitality option for our anniversary. I am deciding on Montjuïc Club or Sky Lounge. I cannot find anywhere if the Montjuïc Club gives you a reserved seat in the grandstand as the standing area looks as if it will get too busy and crowded. You mention a pedestrian area but I cannot seem to find a bridge from pit lane to grandstand on the circuit images or map. Please can you give me some info on it. Thank you

    1. Hi Harry, I don’t know much about Sky Lounge – is that in the Main Grandstand? As for Montjuic Club, I can confirm that the terrace overlooking the pits is quite small and will undoubtedly get quite crowded for the race start. But the VIP grandstand is quite easily accessible (the grandstand is on the inside of the circuit, overlooking entrance to the stadium area). There’s a bridge from the pit building to the grandstand, used it many times myself!

  59. Hi Andrew I’m travelling over to this years race in Barcelona it’s my first time going to a race weekend and have two questions. I heard about the pit walk on Thursdays and was wondering if it is true and if I turn up would I be turned away? I have a full weekend general admission ticket.

    Second question, is the alcohol ban at the track true or is alcohol allowed to be consumed at the track?

    Thank you!

    1. If the Pit Lane Walk is happening on Thursday, you will be able to attend with your General Admission tickets. And yes, there’s no alcohol sold inside the circuit (apart from available in hospitality suites). But there are some bars right outside the gates if you need to have a beer – you can get a pass out and come back in

  60. First time at Grand Prix. Is it best to take Euros to Spanish Grand Prix, or does everywhere take Credit Cards? Would a General Admission ticket give access to Merchandise Stands??
    Many thanks.

    1. You can probably pay for almost everything at the track with a credit/debit card, but it’s always a good idea to have some cash in Euros as well. Yes, General Admission tickets let you go anywhere inside the circuit, apart from the grandstands and the F1 Paddock. The Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand has the best selection of merchandise stalls, though more are also dotted around the circuit in other spectator zones

  61. Hi we are going to the spanish gp..can u only take 1 500 mil bottle with no lid or can u take multiple bottles with no lids..thanks in advance

  62. Hi there,

    Do you know what the covid entry restrictions are going to be for this year’s Grand Prix? Where could I find out?

    Many thanks :)

      1. Thank you :) I have already emailed the circuit but was told they weren’t sure. When can these be expected? It would be helpful to know in advance, and we are already really close to the race.

  63. Hello! Wonderful site! I will be for the first time in an F1 GP at Barcelona on 20 and 21 May, and wish your advice on this: The prices of F1 Merch like Polo shirts, are the same at the Circuit than on I travel from another country and need to plann whether to buy online or not.
    Thank you very much!!

    1. I really should know this, but I don’t. Sorry. If I had to guess, I would say the prices will be similar at the track to online – but you will save on the shipping costs. I would personally wait and buy at the track – but make sure you buy on Thursday or Friday, as popular items/sizes could sell out quickly

  64. I have tickets in one of the VIP Hospitality Areas (Sky View Racing Lounge). Some places I’ve seen it mentioned that there is an open bar for alcohol in the VIP Lounges (in addition to catered food). I know alcohol is generally not allowed in the Circuit, but do the VIP areas include alcohol?

  65. Hendrik Loots

    Can I bring my photocamera to the track? Not every track allows it, Zandvoort didn’t allowed it last year.

  66. Andrew,

    I am heading to the Spanish grand prix with my son and we are looking to pick up some merchandise whilst over there in the form of the team t shirts and maybe a hoodie or two and a team flag. I note from your article that there is merchandise shops in the Fanzone?

    Am i able to get access to that area with a general admission pass?
    Is it open on Saturdays & Sundays?
    Does is stock all the team t shirts, hoodies etc?

    Are there any other stores in Barcelona or near the track, such as stalls etc that sell the team merchandise?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Mark, yes you can get it at the track. The biggest merchandise stalls are in the Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand – you can get there with GA pass. You will also find smaller stalls around the fan areas in different parts of the track. The only thing I would say is to buy early as some popular items/sizes could get sold out over the weekend. You will find a full selection of different clothing etc for all the teams. There is also a circuit shop with merchandise specific to the circuit itself.

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Darren – yes, the circuit has confirmed the pit lane walk will be taking place on Thursday. Details are in this post!

  67. Hi guys,

    I’ve heard that security is pretty strict here on bringing food and drink into the circuit. Do you know if they are likely to confiscate metal reusable water bottles? I don’t want them nicking mine 🤣

  68. Hi,
    I see a few posts about the pit lane walk and it’s on the schedule. As a Grand Prix novice, what does it consist of? You can hardly walk in and out of the garages and I presume the cars aren’t out?
    Thanks very much,

    1. You can’t walk in and out of the garages. There will be a rope that prevents you getting too close to the cars, but the garages should all be open and the cars visible. Sometimes the teams are also doing pit stop practice, which is cool. Possible to see some drivers. The only thing I would say is that it can get quite crowded

  69. Hi, great website, really informative!! My fiancée and I are going to the GP, our first one! We are staying in Barcelona, can you recommend the best way to get to the circuit on the Saturday and Sunday? I have looked at trains / busses – would we have to pre-book?

  70. The pit lane walk starts at 17:30 on Thursday. What time would be best to arrive at the circuit?

    1. I expect there will be lots of people. I would aim to get there by about 15:30 if you can. Probably a line will already be forming for the pit lane walk. The Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand will also be open on Thursday

  71. Hello! I am very happy to see that the Thurs Pit Lane Walk is happening and I appreciate your site & info. Unfortunately the Sagales buses only run Fri-Sun. I therefore plan to take the train, and I will check on RENFE, but wanted to check on here that I’m not missing something like the trains not running on the Thurs either :)

    1. Well, the official site says you are not allowed to bring in ‘professional cameras/recording equipment.’ But normally it is about how lucky you are at the gate. It’s up to you to take the risk, probably you will be allowed in with your camera, but there’s a chance you won’t and then you have a problem.

  72. sophie wallace

    Hello! I am going to the Barcelona F1 this year – my first ever race! I was wondering whether there will be any signings by the drivers at all, do you know?

    Thank you for all the great info!

    Many thanks

  73. Calle Carlsson

    Hi Andrew!
    We are a group who will be attending to our very first GP in Barcelona. Unfortunately we missed the information about the recommended Pit-walk on Thursday and booked our flights the very same day. We will be landing in El prat 17:40. My question to you is if it’s really any worth to take a taxi as soon as we get outside the airport to the circuit for a chance to see some of the Pit-lane before it closes or if we will simply be to late. We will also have to bring our hand luggage with us to the circuit and wondering if that will cause problem when we try to get inside the pit lane?

    Thank you for your time reading this.
    Best regards, Calle from Sweden.

  74. No you can take multiples but don’t try and take too many and they can have lids well as have always taken them with lids it’s only when you buy inside the track they take lids off – take a couple of spare lids just in case they do.

  75. We have general admission tickets and wanted to bring a picnic. Based on the comments, it appears that there are no restrictions on brining in food, but are there any restrictions on what we bring the food in? Are coolers ok? We have a soft fabric backpack cooler and want to make sure we can bring it in.

  76. Hello and thanks for the info. Can you share any official links about pit lane walk? I can’t find anything on the website.

  77. Anders Ericson

    Is the a luggage storing area on the areas as we have a return flight at 20:55 on the Sunday after the race?
    Is there a taxi stand outside the arena to get to El Prat airport?
    Many thanks for the support.

  78. My daughter is coming to the circuit this weekend for the F1. She will be going to the circuit straight from the airport on Saturday. Are there any facilities for her to check in her hand luggage in for the day as she will not have time to go to her accommodation first? Not expecting it for free but cannot find anything on the official website. I have seen luggage stores around Barcelona but they all seem to be a long way from the track.

    Many thanks

      1. Clinton Piggott

        Just to be sure as I am taking my daughter to our first grand prix thus weekend ( Spanish)
        Where is the best place to stand ?
        What time should we get there on the Sunday for a standing spot ??
        Thank you
        Clinton and Jodie

        1. Hi Clinton & Jodie, not sure how old your daughter is? Lots of good places to watch in General Admission (see more info in our Tickets post) Also be aware that on Friday you can sit in any grandstand you wish, which is a great bonus. It will be busier on Sunday. Gates open at 7am, but I think you will still be fine if you arrive at the circuit by around 9-10am. Best idea is to walk around on Friday and Saturday, check out the different views and find where you want to watch the race – then go there first thing on Sunday when you arrive.

  79. Dennis Van der Aalst

    Hey Andrew,
    Red about the alcohol ban, it’s a pity when you stay out in the sun all day watching this amazing sport. Saw some information about places to get a beer (with alcohol). You mentioned exit 1 and 6 before, is this still the case? And can you get in and out the gates as long as you show the tickets? We’ll be on stand G, among the other Dutch fans.


    1. Hi Dennis, yes it’s annoying they don’t serve beer at the track (unless you are in the hospitality suites, of course). Yes, there still should be a bar outside Gate 1 (near Grandstand G). It was next to the helipad. And yes, you should be allowed to scan out and scan back into the track, no problem.

  80. Selmin Muminovic

    Hello! I’m going to attend my first ever F1 GP finally and im i have the sky view racing lounge ticket, Problem is i have no clue where to enter or find my way around the track.. any help how to find my gate/lounge would be helpful!

  81. Hi !
    I´ve seen that in previous years there’s been somewhat of a pathway area made where the drivers have to go through and any fans standing at the fences get a chance to get a pic/autograph, but it hasnt been there last year because of covid. Do you know where this area was and whether this would be on this year? And what time would you recomend getting there to be semi-close?


    1. This is probably at the Paddock entrance on the inside of the circuit. Unfortunately, regular fans can’t access this area without a special pass. Otherwise, the drivers come in via car at the top of the circuit, but you will probably only get a glimpse and not many will stop for selfies or autographs.

  82. Hi Andrew,

    I’m heading to Barcelona this weekend. I’m trying to find the best way to watch the premier league football finale after the formula 1 finishes on Sunday. Providing no red flags/major incidents there should be roughly a half an hour difference between the F1 finishing and the football starting. Would you happen to know if there are any sport bars near the track that would be showing the game?

    If not, I can see there are a lot of potential bars in the city centre which I think could be options (although I may end up missing the first half). Any tips on the best way to leave the circuit early and get into city centre asap? I’m in general admission.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Philip, I would be heading for the nearby town of Montmelo. There are several bars and pubs in the town and for sure some will be showing the match. I’d say there will be a good atmosphere too! And if that doesn’t work, you can hop on a train from Montmelo train station and be back in the centre of Barcelona in 30-40 mins – enough to catch the second half somewhere if you are quick.

  83. Clinton Piggott

    I attended my 1st Grand prix in 30 years having attended Silverstone for my 40th ( Mansel days ) with my older children. Decided this year as we live in southern Spain to go to the Spanish grand prix, mainly for my youngest daughter ( 12 ).

    Qualifying day we decided to walk most of the track to find the best vantage point. We shortlisted the grass long bank before turn 4 by the bridge and the small fenced in area at turn 1 at the end of the pit lane for race day. We decided on turn 1 a great view of the cars coming down the straight and in to turn 1 and disappearing. We were there by 7.30 put our blanket, chairs and leaning umbrella on the floor in place. Plenty of space but the small area was already getting busy.

    As race time approached it started to get really busy. Being a fenced in area it got very squashed as more people squeezed in. Impossible to go to the toilet or getting something to eat. The queen prior to the race n qualifying for the toilets ( particularly for the ladies ), food n water desperately needed with the heat were horrendous, ridiculous. Having sat in our car for over 2 hours on qualifying day when leaving, we stayed behind after the race following the Premiership scores before and still found ourselves in slow moving traffic.

    The pluses of the weekend, the atmosphere of being there watching it live. The minuses, unreasonable queues for everything. The screen with leaderboard was impossible to read and I have good eyesight, making it difficult to follow the race. Who had pitted. Distinguishing if the car was example Verstappen or Perez because the numbers on the cars are to small. They really should put a restriction on the numbers entering at area at turn 1. Go early. Leave late. Take your own food n drinks.

    1. Thanks for your review and feedback Clinton. I know the experience was not great for many fans in Spain this year, sorry to hear that. I know the extreme heat cannot have helped, but the organizers should have been much better prepared for a sell out race.

  84. I got a F1 package to the Spanish GP as a present. Which include grandstand G seats. My girlfriend wants to join as well, but only Friday-Sunday. Is it possible to buy a ticket for her when 3-day tickets release and still sit next to each other?

    1. Lucky you! You can definitely buy another Grandstand G ticket when they go on sale, but you won’t be sat together. Of course, in reality you probably can sit together on Friday as there won’t be so many people in the grandstand – but the rest of the weekend, you probably have to take your separate seats. Not ideal, sorry

      1. Thank you for the reply! Is there any problems with selling tickets? How are tickets handed out and checked at the gate? If I buy two tickets that are seated next to each other when they release, can I sell the ticket I already got? After Thursday as I want to take the tours myself :)

        1. I don’t have a lot of experience selling tickets, but you can do this on resale platforms like Vivid Seats, Stubhub etc. It should also be possible to sell on site, though it’s a little more tricky with e-tickets.

  85. Hi Andrew, I read the guide recommends seats higher up for the view. I’m struggling to find tickets this year for the Sunday and I have an option of Row 1 in Grandstand F. Is it really that bad a view from there?

    1. Just a recommendation. It’s hard to get tickets for most races this year, so I’d still go for it. It’s just that the catch fencing will obscure the view a bit. But really, most of the weekend you should be able to sit in a different seat if the grandstand is not full. You will have to take your allocated seat for the race though.

    2. Grzegorz Kolodziej

      Hi Steve, how was your race experience of the weekend and race from the front row of Grandstand F? Did you watch the start of race sitting or standing at the protective railing?

  86. We’re attending the Spanish GP this year, and now looking at accommodation options. It sounds like both travelling to the circuit via train or driving + parking were both problematic in 2022. Given the choice, would you suggest that rail or car are likely to be the best option?

    1. Hi George, I think driving would be preferable, provided you are smart about it. Buy your parking tickets now, in advance. And try to avoid arriving and leaving at peak times. The circuit is quite close to several motorways, so it shouldn’t be too bad, depending where you are planning on staying of course.

  87. Hello ! Thank you for the all the information ! Do you know where the drivers’ entrance to the Barcelona circuit is? Is it possible to wait in front of the entrance to hope to see the pilots? 😊
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hello, the drivers enter at the top of the circuit in vehicles, going via an underpass into the middle of the circuit. You will probably find some people waiting there to see the drivers. But they won’t get out of the cars, so you can only hope that they will roll the window down and stop for a photo or autograph. Here is the location

    1. Good question. Some circuits do state that you cannot enter with a lens longer than 30cm. Spain just says you cannot bring in “professional image recording equipment”. This is vague and means you are generally at the mercy of the particular security guard on the gate. Definitely carry the lens separate to the camera, make sure it is packed away in your backpack, and you should be ok. If you do have an issue, consider trying another gate. Sorry, it is a risk but you will see inside that many fans are using long lens.

      1. I asked via their contact form what kind of equipment is allowed for private use.

        The answer I got was short and concise: “Only for personal use and maximum 300mm of optics.”

        1. Thanks for confirming! Doesn’t mean you won’t see fans inside the circuit with 600m lenses :) It all depends on the security guard who searches you, and some fans take the risk for better photos

  88. Could you tell me when the best time to purchase merchandise would be during the race weekend? We will be there Friday-Sunday, I assume the earlier the better for the best selection? Thank you for your clear and helpful guide!

    1. Yes, all fans at the track can do this if they want. But it obviously gets pretty busy on the track after the race. If you want a good vantage point for the podium etc, I suggest you go to the “final corner” end of the Main (Principal) Grandstand a few laps before the end of the race and join the queue. They will open up a gate there just after the race finishes and you are very close to the podium.

  89. Stephen Naughton

    Hi Andrew. Fantastic info on here. This is my 1st F1 and can’t wait. Is the Pit Lane open for Fans any other time after Thursday Pit Walk? I only arrive late Thursday night so I will miss that opportunity? Many thanks in advance.

  90. Hello, we have weekend grandstand seats. Just wondering what happens on Friday when people can sit wherever they want? Can we ask people to move if they are sitting in our designated seats? Thank you

    1. Sorry, the circuit has now confirmed that Free Friday will not happen in 2023. So you won’t have anyone sitting in your seat on Friday, and if there are, please speak to them kindly and ask them to move. If this doesn’t work, speak to the security people at the grandstand entrance.

  91. Hi Andrew, we have tickets for grandstand L- what is the best way to get into the interior of the circuit to reach this (and how do you get from the fanzone at the main stand to this area). Thank you!

    1. It depends how you reach the circuit and which gate you enter. However you can see on the map that there are two overpasses to the inside of the circuit where Grandstand L is located. There’s also an underpass near Grandstand K that goes to the interior of the circuit – this will be the best to use when going to or coming back from the fanzone behind the Main/Principal Grandstand

  92. Hi Andrew,

    I gave general admission tickets for the weekend, but I have kindly been offered the chance to go in the paddock on Sunday from around 11am.

    How would i get to the paddock with general admission tickets? Is this even possible? Thanks

  93. Hi, I am in Grandstand J during this Grandprix, do you know which gates are opening after the race to get a look at the podium up close?

    1. Not sure exactly all of the gates which are opened after the race, but if you want a good view, I suggest heading down to the Main (Principal) Grandstand a few laps before the end of the race. For sure they will open gates either side of the Main Grandstand just after the race finishes. The right side (closer to the final corner) is better as you will enter the track very close to the podium.

  94. Hello, I’m still debating if i should bring a camping chair.. I regret that I didn’t bring it to the Belgian GP last year, but it looks like the general admission has really steep slopes?
    Any advice?

    1. I’d personally bring one, even if it is to help reserve your spot! There are some steep embankments at the circuit, but also some flatter, elevated areas.

  95. Helllo,

    We have grandsand peleuse zone ticket and we wonder if its worth to bring small camping chair with us ? Also, have no idea about the view there. Do you think it is good ?


    1. Sorry Murat, I’m not exactly sure about this zone. But if it has grandstand in the title, that means you should get a seat and will not have to bring a campchair. Hope you enjoy the race this weekend

  96. Hey Andrew,
    I am thinking to attend to the 2024 Spanish GP and it will be my first ever time and I have some questions in mind that maybe you could know.
    Firstly, I have general admission tickets and I want to secure the best spots to watch the race. But I’m not sure about what time I should go there, should I go early in the morning? And I had some trouble while understanding the tickets. I can enter the track after the race, right? But as I know, its only ‘after’ the race. Am I correct?
    And lastly, are the merch at the gp really expensive than usuall or is it an logical amount?
    Thank you so much!

    1. General Admission in Barcelona is really good, the views are excellent – but it does get crowded, so you should get there early, especially on Saturday and Sunday, to reserve your spot. You can only go on the track after the race for the podium ceremony, that’s correct. Merch is normally a bit more expensive at the track than online, but at least you can try the size. Remember that popular items sell out quickly, so you should buy your merch on Thursday or Friday.

  97. Would you recommend bus / train options or to hire a car? We came in 2022 when the traffic was horrendous but we were doing an F1Experience package with track transfers arranged so we didn’t mind as much! Looking to book for this year! If hiring a car where do you purchase the parking passes? Thank you

  98. To get to the race track, do you recommend we buy train tickets from Barcelona in advance or can we buy on the days of the event itself? Or do you recommend bus/taxi over the train?

    Also, we buy our 3-day tickets from and usually receive the digital tickets 5-7 days before the races. Is there any way to secure the Thursday Pit Lane Walk tickets without a ticket barcode? Thanks!

    1. Hello, recommend buying your tickets in advance. There should be a special ticket (10 EUR per day) to get you from the city to Montmelo, closest station to the track. I recommend the train, but try to avoid the peak times. And remember you have to walk from train station to the track (30+ mins). If you don’t want this walk, take the bus – it drops off closer to the track. But with everything, lines can be long. More info here:

      For the e-tickets, you need to reach out to F1 Tickets and ask them for a code. I can’t help you with specific ticket providers, aside from our own recommended one.

  99. Hi there!
    I’m attending the Grand Prix this year and it is my first one! i just wanted to ask if i am able to bring a power-bank to charge my phone in case the battery gets low as I know being at the circuit is a full day thing so with taking pictures and videos my battery will run out quite quick!

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