How to get to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

The best ways to get to Barcelona for the 2021 Spanish Grand Prix on May 7-9, plus how to get to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

April 17 UPDATE: The 2021 Spanish Grand Prix will be held behind closed doors, with no spectators’ present. More information.

The great thing about the Spanish Grand Prix is that you can easily combine your F1 trip with a city break in Barcelona, which is really well served by a range of flight routes  (both short and long-haul) and airlines, including lots of discount carriers. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is about 30km north east of the center and the best way to get there is to take the train.

Barcelona Airports

Barcelona International Airport (BCN) is located in El Prat de Llobregat, 10km south west of the city centre. Long-haul and flag carrier airlines all fly into BCN, and this is the best airport to fly into if you have the choice. If you are on a budget and looking to save, budget carriers fly into the regional airports in either Reus (REU) or Girona-Costa Brava (GRO), both of which are actually located approximately 100km from Barcelona. If you want to couple your trip to the Spanish Grand Prix with a beach holiday, your best bet is to fly into Girona (GRO) near the Costa Brava.

Flights from Europe

  • There’s a huge selection of flights from the UK to Barcelona. Ryanair flies to BCN, REU and GIR whilst easyJet flies to just BCN, as does British Airways, Jet2, Iberia and Monarch. Expect to pay around £100-200 for return flights.
  • As an international hub, Barcelona receives flights from all over Europe on a daily basis. Among flag carriers, Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Swiss Air, KLM all fly into BCN. Many budget airlines in addition to the aforementioned Ryanair and easyJet also operate from European cities into Barcelona.

Long-Haul Flights

  • The New York – Barcelona route is popular and cheap, with return flights costing less than $1000 USD. Good deals on direct flights can be had with Finnair, US Airways, Air Europa and Air France. Other carriers include Lufthansa, United, American, Delta & BA.
  • From Australia, return flights from Sydney and Melbourne cost upwards of $1500 AUD. Most trips involve more than one stop and a total travel time of 30+ hours. Emirates fly from Australia with a stop in Dubai;  Other carriers with good availability and prices include Singapore Airlines & Lufthansa.

Barcelona Airport to the city

A taxi from BCN to the center of Barcelona will set you back around €30-40; make sure the driver uses the meter. Aerobus runs a slick service every 10-15 minutes during the day, dropping passengers off at Plaza Catalunya for around €6 each way. Aeropuerto station is a five minute walk from the terminals, and trains run into the city every thirty minutes. The journey normally takes under minutes, and costs €3 each way. The train from the airport stops at Sants, Passeig de Gracia and Clot stations, and you can transfer onto the Metro at any of these. You can also travel from the airport on the same line (R2 or R2 Nord) all the way to the circuit at Montmelo. More information on getting to the center from the city’s other airports; Girona Airport (GRO) to Barcelona / Reus Airport (REU) to Barcelona

Driving & Trains to Barcelona

  • Driving to Spain can be a good option if you want to keep costs down. The drive from London, for example, could take as little as fourteen hours, though it would be safer to break up the journey  somewhere in France, like Dijon or Orleans. Having your car in Barcelona also means that you can drive to and from the circuit each day – there is ample parking (26000 spaces) at the circuit (3-day parking tickets cost around €20). Read more about parking in Trackside. You can also hire a car inexpensively in Spain. For a small three door vehicle, you can expect to pay under €120 for one week’s hire. If you decide to stay near the beach on the Costa Brava, hiring a car is the best way to get to the circuit each day.
  • Barcelona is well connected by train to many European capitals. The high-speed train network in Spain is Europe’s second largest. If you are coming from London, you can book the Eurostar from St Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord, and then a high speed train all the way to Barcelona for as little as £120 and a travelling time of 6 hours. More information on Seat 61.

How to get to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

  • Take the train: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is next to the small town of Montmeló, approximately 30km north east of central Barcelona. It’s located between two major highways, making it easy to get to if you are driving. There are regular bus and train services from the city to the circuit on race weekend as well. Taking the train is a popular way to get to and from the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya each day. The closest station to the circuit is Montmelo, which is on the regional train network, not the metro. This means you need to purchase a separate ticket, which costs around 4 EUR return (you can also purchase for multiple days). Take the Renfe R2 (dark green) or R2 Nord (light green) train from either Sants Estacio, Passeig de Gracia or El Clot in the direction of Granollers or Saint Celoni. The train itself takes around 20-30 minutes, but allow yourself a further 30-45 minutes or so to walk from the Montmelo station to the circuit. There’s also a shuttle bus from Montmelo to the circuit (tickets cost around 2 EUR each way) but it leaves from the center of the town, about 10 minutes walk from the train station in the direction of the circuit. It will drop you off near turn 1, around 10 minutes walk from entrance Gate 5.
  • Take the bus: Sagales runs a regular bus service on Grand Prix weekend from Estació del Nord to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with a drop-off point just 300 metres from the circuit entrance (as opposed to 2km for the train.) The journey takes around 45 minutes and costs approximately €15 return. The frequency of the buses increases over the course of the weekend. Sagales also runs buses to the circuit (only on Saturday & Sunday) from the largest towns on the Costa Brava, including Lloret de Mar and Blanes. More info here.

Barcelona Public Transport

  • Barcelona has a world-class metro system and trains tend to be clean, punctual and cheap. Consider buying a T10 card for up to ten single journeys on the metro, trains, buses and trams in the city centre. A ticket costs €10, more than halving what you’d pay for buying individual singles each time you travel. One T10 ticket is valid for any journey up to 75 minutes in duration, but doesn’t include airport transfers or travel to the circuit. Validate your T10 ticket every time you enter the metro station – the machine will stamp and return it each time. Alternatively, you can buy a Hola BCN!  travel card, which gives you unlimited travel on Barcelona public transport for 2, 3, 4 or 5 days with a single ticket. Two-day tickets cost €15, three-day tickets €22, four-day tickets €28.50 and five-day tickets €35. Click here to download a Barcelona metro map. REMEMBER: Metro tickets will not get you to the circuit by train. You need to purchase a separate ticket for the Renfe regional service to Montmeló .
  • Barcelona also has a massive bus network and a night bus operation too. The popular T10 card can be used on buses, too. You can grab a bus to the metro station and travel across the city by metro, then jump on a bus at the other end – all for the cost of one ticket if the journey takes less than 75 minutes.

Barcelona Taxis

Official Barcelona taxis, which are black and yellow with a green light on their bonnets, are an affordable way to get about. Always insist on the meter being used and expect to pay around €10 per fifteen minute journey. You may have to pay a surcharge for luggage, but tipping is not expected. Bear in mind that the metro can be a better choice. in the pedestrianized city center.

Hop On Hop Off Buses

Buying a day pass for one of Barcelona’s hop-on hop-off bus tours is an easy way to see a lot of the city’s attractions in a short period of time. You can also sit upstairs and watch the world go by if the weather is good!  There are two services to choose from in Barcelona: City Tour Barcelona or Barcelona Bus Turistic. They both have several routes covering the city and adult tickets starting at around 28 per day, less if you buy online in advance.

What are your tips on getting around Barcelona? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi there will be traveling to Spain for the Grand Prix in mayb, could you please advise on transport and times times that would take me from the circuit back to el prat airport . Thank you .

    1. Hi Frank, thank for your enquiry. Do you need to get to El Prat Airport after the race on Sunday? If yes, I would leave as much time as possible and not book a flight that leaves before at least 9pm. It takes a while to get out of the circuit and there is lots of traffic. Your best bet would be to get back to the centre of Barcelona (via train or bus) then a train again to the airport. Have a great weekend!

  2. Martin Barron


    I am going to my first f1 grand prix (spanish) – I have tickets for the Friday and Saturday. Any tips re travel (going from Sants train station) and also what I should bring with me to the track? Will Friday and Saturday be very busy and how long will it take me to get back to Sants after practice on Friday and qualifying on Saturday? All advice welcomed.

    1. Hi Martin. There are direct trains every 30 minutes from Sants train station to Montmelo; take the R2N in the direction of Sant Celóni. There is a bit of a walk from the train station in Montmelo to the track, but you can’t get lost. Just follow the other fans! It won’t be super busy on either day – but there will be a lot more fans on Saturday than Friday. Door to door it will probably be about 90 minutes to get back from the track to Sants. Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly (e.g. wet weather gear if rain is forecast). In general, you should always take a hat and sunscreen and bottled water. Don’t forget that Spain has a ‘free Friday’ policy, which means you can sit in pretty much any grandstand you want. That means a lot of walking, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Enjoy your weekend in Spain!

    1. Hi George, personally we would recommend staying somewhere centrally in Barcelona (e.g. close to La Rambla) so you can get the most out of the city. If you are going to stay on the Costa Brava in Mataro, I would recommend hiring a car to get to the circuit.

  3. Hi,

    Thinking of going to the Barcelona GP in May but doing a day return.
    Seen flights from Manchester that land in Barcelona at 9:45AM, and leave that night at 22:05PM. Do you think this is allowing enough time? If so any advice on best way to get from airport to track and back?


    1. Hi Jeff, which airport? If you are talking about BCN (El Prat, the main airport), then there are direct trains from there to Montmelo (head in direction of Sant Celoni). The train will take 1 hour and then you have a 30 minute walk (or a short bus ride) to get from Montmelo to the circuit. Sounds doable!

  4. Hi,
    My brother and I are heading to our first F1 in May and have a 3 day ticket. We are staying in Barcelona City and getting the train to Montemelo and then walking to the circuit. I’ve a couple of questions:

    1. Is the circuit well signposted and is there a general entrance area?
    2. Are you allowed to bring water(non alcoholic) and sandwiches into the circuit in a rucksack?
    3. Where is the best place in Barcelona or Montemelo to chill with a beer with other F1 fans after the day?
    4. Are you allowed a DSLR camera (135mm) for private use?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Mick, good decision. The Spanish GP is one of our favorites.
      1. It takes around 30-40 minutes to walk to the circuit from the train station. There are signs along the way, or you could just follow the crowd. Everyone is going in the same direction. You will first walk through the town, and there are shops and places to eat. The closest entrance is Gate 6 for General Admission (there’s also a big bar and grill there next to the entranc). Gate 7 behind the main grandstand is the next closest gate.
      2. Water in a plastic bottle should be fine, but they could take your bottle lid. (Bring a spare one or two lids in case). No problem with your sandwiches in the rucksack.
      3. There’s a few bars in Montmelo town with outdoor seating, along the way from train station to circuit. Also a few bars next to other gates at the circuit (gate 3, gate 6). As there is no alcohol sold inside the circuit, you can easily step outside for a beer and then return. In the center, we stayed in the Gothic District. This is good for interesting bars and restaurants, and also close to La Rambla, as well as Barcelonetta Beach and the marina area. All good places for chilling at the end of the day.
      4. Yes 135mm lens should be fine.

      Enjoy the weekend!

  5. Hi we have booked to come on the Saturday and Sunday. We are meant fly back to manchester at 8pm….are we likely to make this flight?

    1. You should be fine, but depends which airport you flying out of. There are trains from Montmelo (nearest train station to the track) that go all the way to El Prat airport in about an hour. I am sure you could find somewhere to store your bags for the day as it will be safer to go straight from track to airport.

  6. Hi all,

    I’m aware of the possibilities to travel by train/bus.
    Has anyone experience with travelling by Taxi from Barcelona Centre to the circuit? My experience from Monza is that the dense traffic made the taxi very expensive…

    1. Hi Christian, I’ve not been to the circuit on race weekend by taxi, but it should be significantly quicker than Monza. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is quite close to some big highways, so you are less likely to get stuck than on the small village roads next to Monza.

        1. Hey Christian, did you try the taxi option was it ok did it take long and how much did it cost?

  7. Hi, flying home from El Prat Sunday night after the race, can I bring my luggage (carry on) to the circuit or what would you recommend?


    1. To be on the safe side, I would leave my luggage at Sants station. It means you will won’t be able to take the train all the way from the circuit to the airport, but I don’t know of a better, organized solution. I don’t think the circuit offers any luggage storage facilities.

  8. Hi,

    Do you know anything about a ban on BBQs on the campsite? I’ve visited this race in 2004 and everyone was using his BBQ, but the website this year states “Barbecues are not permitted on the campsite”.. Is that new, is this an annual statement which is ignored by everybody?

    1. Hi Mo, sorry I don’t have any information on this. But given the circuit’s alcohol ban, it wouldn’t surprise me. I would play it safe and go with the advice from the website to not bring a barbeque.

  9. Hi, can anyone recommend where we could leave our luggage during the race ? I was initially going to leave it at Sants but I believe the train goes straight from Montmelo to the airport so it would save me getting off at Sants on the return journey just to pick up luggage ?

    1. Hi Vicky, I can’t think of a better solution that what you have suggested. You could try your luck in Montmelo town, but it would have to be an informal arrangement (e.g. with a restaurant), which carries some inherent risk.

    1. hi Linda, just take the train. Follow the advice in this post and you will be fine. “Take the Renfe R2 (dark green) or R2 Nord (light green) train from either Sants Estacio, Passeig de Gracia or El Clot in the direction of Granollers or Saint Celoni.” Get off at Montmelo and follow the other fans to the track – around 30 mins walking. Or ask, everyone knows where the circuit is located and it’s virtually impossible to get lost along the way

  10. Hi,

    Do you know if there are taxis at Montmelo station to take you to the track, as this sounds like a long walk?


    1. Yes, there are taxis at Montmelo to take you to the circuit, but they are likely to be expensive. Confirm the fare before you get in.

  11. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the of the world’s favourite tourist, economic, and cultural centre. It is the perfect city to relax in, stroll around and enjoy. Barcelona has its own way of life which makes it unique.If you are tourist and want to trevel form airport to city centre or anywhere else in Barcelona city.About the transport from the airport, the passengers are able to use a rented Car,Taxi services Barcelona.It is easy to book a taxi from airport to city centre or anywhere else in Barcelona city.

  12. I am planning to attend 2018 Barcelona Grand Prix, I will be staying in Lloret De Mar, I believe there is a bus service which runs from Lloret to the circuit, any idea of roughly how much this will cost?

    1. Hi Steve, it does appear that Sagales will offer a bus connection from Lloret de Mar to the circuit in 2018; but only on Saturday and Sunday. I don’t have price information, but I would estimate it will cost somewhere around 15 EUR each way. Have you considered hiring a car and driving instead to the circuit? This is also a good option from Lloret de Mar on GP weekend.

  13. Hi Steve,

    We are coming to the 2018 GP on the Sunday with a family pass GA ticket. What are the chances of parking on the Sunday as we have hired a car for our holiday in Europe? We will be staying about an hour and a half away from the track near Lleida on the Saturday to break up our drive on Friday from Madrid so will need to leave early to get parking. What time do you suggest we arrive at the track to ensure parking?

    Also in Australia there is an area where the drivers arrive on the Sunday and you can get autographs, photos etc if you’re there. Do they have an area for this at the SpanishGP and if so where is it?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Trina, parking/traffic hasn’t been too bad at Circuit de Catalunya in recent years (would have been a different story if Alonso was winning!) Anyway, it depends if you want to get there for the support races on Sunday morning, which start pretty early, before 9am I think. You’ll need to buy a parking pass for 18 or 20 EUR which is valid for 3 days. Available from the circuit. As for the autographs, there is nowhere in Spain like this, the drivers enter the circuit in cars and go straight to the infield paddock. There may be an autograph session earlier in the weekend in the F1 Fanzone. Enjoy, Spain is a great GP to attend!

      1. Thank you Steve. Shame about the autograph opportunities. Unfortunately we will only be there for the Sunday so will miss out, will have to get his photos signed here in Melbourne in March!

        Hopefully with Renault engine in the McLaren FA will get some podiums in 2018 rather than sitting in the deck chair!

        Have other things planned that week like the Fernando Alonso Museum in Asturias at his go-kart track as my son owns an FA kart and races karts here in Australia.


          1. Oops sorry, Steve posted above. I mistook his reply thinking it was your name. Apologies

  14. Leonis Bardwell

    Hello my husband and are I are going to the Spanish Grand Prix in May for his birthday treat! We have booked our flights and are staying in the center of Barcelona. I have seen that as well as the train from the center of Barcelona you can also get a bus organised through Sagales. Do you recommend this as a good option? I see that it drops you right by the circuit and also they are quite frequent especially as the weekend progresses. Also we have a 3 day ticket and are coming on the Thursday so are hoping to get to the circuit from the center then for the bit late afternoon where you can walk around the circuit. Thanks

    1. Hello Leonis, I’ve not personally taken the bus and don’t have any feedback, sorry. The train is pretty convenient however, and you’ll probably need to take that on Thursday for the pitlane walk.

  15. Hi
    We are staying in mataro for the week, hubbies 50th and got tickets for track day..
    Would you recommend hiring a moped to get there , or bus to montemelo then bus to circuit ..
    Any advice would be very grateful as we’ve never been to Barcelona.

    1. Hi Mary, if you are comfortable on a moped, that could be a great way to beat the traffic. It’s 25km from Mataró to the circuit, which seems doable. I don’t have much information on buses from Mataró to the circuit, sorry.

  16. Hi,
    We went to Monaco for the race and had a great time. The course at night turns into a big party which makes sense since the race takes place on the streets of Monaco. What is the party scene after the Barcelona race? Do people party near the track or go back into the city after the race? Also we were thinking of staying at the W which is on the beach. Have you ever stayed there for the race?

    1. Monaco at night on race weekend is indeed one big street party. It’s a big different in Spain. I’m sure those camping next to the track have some fun, but most fans stay in the center of Barcelona. There’s no particular F1 zone for parties in Barcelona, but the city has an awesome nightlife scene. I haven’t stayed at the W Hotel, but the location is awesome. You are close to the beach, marina, La Ramblas and Gothic Quarter. Enjoy!

  17. Hi, Thanks for all your replies, which really help a lot. I also have a couple of questions I’d like to ask. First, did the situation with taking water to the stands change for this year? Also I just got my tickets, which say Tribuna E zone 17. Any idea which part is zone 17 of stand E? I could only find pictures of stand E with 9 zones! Oh and another thing, since this is my first F1 race, will I be needing binoculars or is it all clear? Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Ben, I’m really not sure about the number of zones in Grandstand E, sorry. You can bring 500ml plastic water bottles into the circuit, but the gate keepers can take the lids. Solution is to carry a lid separately. Crazy, I know. I don’t think you will need binoculars. Grandstand E is pretty close to the track and you should have a good view of the big TV screen as well.

  18. Hello
    Iwe are in the stands – how long before the race starts should we arrive and what time will it finish both the Saturday and Sunday so I can arrange for a taxi pick up?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Maxine, most fans arrive on Saturday and Sunday around 9-11am. Depends if you also want to see the support races (F2, GP3, Porsche Supercup). Most racing is done by around 5-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. I’d say 6pm is a good time to organize your taxi to pick you up.

  19. Hi. We’re attending for three days in May. Is it true that we can use our tickets to roam any grandstand on Fri & Sat? Our seated tickets are grandstand L, is this a good view of the action and do you know which would be the car park to use as we’re driving in from Sabadell each day.

    1. Hi Vito, roaming grandstands is only on Friday. You can sit pretty much anywhere you want, with the exception of one or two grandstands (E,N). More info in our Tickets post. Grandstand L is a great choice! I love the panoramic views from this grandstand. Closest parking is in the South area (D), check the map.

  20. Hi Steve what is the best way to get to the circut am staying in barconletta, I was thing of staying in badalona instead, which would be easier.thanks

  21. Stephanie Byrne


    My husband and Dad are arriving at 12:30 on the Saturday for the Spanish Grand Prix at girona airport… it is for my husbands 30th present and would really like him to make the qualifying race at 3pm… what is the quickest and easiest way to get to the circuit from Girona airport… we wouldn’t mind paying for a taxi but have read on various websites that the traffic will be terrible.

    Thanks for any help

    1. I think you need to get a taxi or hire a car. The traffic shouldn’t be that bad if you are arriving at the circuit just before qualifying.

  22. Hi, we are coming in May we have weekend tickets but will be coming for the Saturday and Sunday.
    We also have parking paid for as we are hiring a car.
    Please can you advise of how long it will take to drive to the circuit from Barcelona Airport?
    What time will the grand prix finsh on the Sunday as Im hoping to book a 18:30 flight and need to work out if its doable.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Chloe, the drive from the circuit to BCN Airport should take around 45 mins, but it will definitely be longer after the race on Sunday. Booking an 18:30 flight is a bad idea! You’ll be stressed the whole day about missing your flight and won’t enjoy the race. Don’t book a flight any earlier than 21:00, or even later just to be sure.

  23. Hi. We are travelling to Barca for our first GP. We land in BCN on Thursday and want to head straight to the track for the pit walk. Do you know if we can travel directly from the airport to the track? And also what time the pit walk starts at. TIA

  24. Hi, I’m coming to Barcelona for my first f1 gp in May and I’m staying in Granollers, do you know the best way to get to and from the circuit from here?Any help would be appreciated,cheers

    1. Hi Toby, Granollers is pretty close to the circuit. You could take the R2/R2 Nord Renfe train one stop to Montmelo and then walk to the circuit, or take a taxi. Perhaps there are also local buses, but I don’t know about their routes or schedules.

      1. That’s brilliant thanks so much. Sorry but I forgot to ask one question .. is it possible to get onto the track after the race from stand k? Or do you need to be sat in the main grandstand for this?

        1. You will need to walk up towards the Main Grandstand, but don’t need to be sitting there to get on to the track. They open the track at either end of the Main Grandstand after the race.

  25. Hi! I am going with my wife who is over 5 months pregnant by then. We have General Admission tickets. Should we be at the circuit extra early in order to find a place for her to sit? It’s our first GP so I have know idea how crowded it’s gonna be. Can you help us out?
    Also: how loud is the noise going to be? My wife has got some concerns since it’s not ideal to expose an unborn child to loud noises.

    1. You should be fine. I think the best place for General Admission viewing is on the hill between turn 8 and 9. Bring along a portable chair and sit in the shade at the top of the hill. I suggest arriving before 10am, that should be enough time to get a good spot. And don’t worry too much about the noise; F1 is not that loud anymore. I haven’t used earplugs since the new generation of cars were launched in 2014.

  26. Hi, can you please confirm if the Aerobus from Plaza Catalunya is definitely running this year – I’ve no reason to think it isn’t, just want to be sure, thanks.

  27. My husband is going to the Spanish Grand Prix on the Saturday and Sunday and is not sure whether to bring food or buy it at the track. If he brings foodwhere is the best place to buy it as he cannot bring much on the plane he is Staying in Barcelona City Bogatell.

    Also will there be any shade if it is hot or should he bring an umberella as he doesn5 want tto get burnt. If it rains is there anywhere to shelter


    1. Hi Donna, I normally buy a baguette or something on the way to the circuit, but also can top up with food at the track. It’s more expensive, but what can you do. There is some shade in the General Admission areas (e.g. on the hill between Turns 7-9). Not much protection in case of rain, sorry.

  28. We have general admission tickets for the fulk weekend and plan on findinf a place between turns 8 and 9. Which gate is best to enter? Also, we will be getting the train to Montmelo and I’ve heard it can be a long walk but that there are also shuttle buses bringing fans from the station to the circuit and that there is also a perimeter shuttle stopping at every gate. Do you know if this is the case?

    1. If you are getting the train and walking from Montmelo to the circuit, best gate to enter is Gate 6. It’s a 30-45 minute walk or you can take a local bus. I don’t know of any shuttle bus going around the perimeter, sorry.

  29. Giorgos Psathas

    Hello , I would like to ask you several questions for the race :
    First , what time exactly we have to be at the circuit ? (the race starts 4:10 p.m ). If we will be there at 2 o’clock is it ok , or we have to be there earlier?
    Secondly , if i rent a car , how much time would it be to get there from the city-center??

    Thank you in advance

  30. Anna Lewandowska

    We are planning on attending the 2019 Barcelona F1 race. My husband and I want to bring our small children (5 and 2) any tips for watching the race with kids.

    1. Hi Anna, Barcelona is a good race to attend with kids, in my opinion. There’s plenty of tree cover to get out of the sun, plus a good family zone and the F1 Fan Zone. You should be fine with General Admission tickets. Free entry to General Admission for children under 12, which is also good. You can also take them inside the grandstand if you bought tickets, but they cannot occupy a seat when it’s busy. Pozdrawiam!

  31. Hi,

    Fantastic website!!

    Planning on doing Spain as our first F1 experience next year after debating between this and Italy. Would you recommend one over the other?

    Also, I would like to get grandstand tickets for Barcelona. Would either be looking at K on the main straight or G/C in the stadium. Where would you say would be the best place to be seated?

    Thanks very much!

    1. Spain and Italy both good choices. Spain is a bit better organized and the spectating is much better, but it doesn’t have the special atmosphere and history of Monza. Both cities – Barcelona and Milan – also awesome, and I recommend staying in the centre so you can get the most out of your weekend.

  32. Kimberley Pickles

    Hi, can you recommend any nice hotels close to the Spanish circuit, I am taking my hubby for his 40th next year. Tia

    1. I can’t recommend specific hotels, but why not just get a package holiday and stay on the Costa Brava. Then you could hire a car and drive to the circuit each day (or get a car to transport you). Each way is 40-60 mins. Otherwise just stay near the centre of Barcelona; I like to be withing walking distance of La Ramblas, but not on it. Gothic quarter also lively, but cool. If I hear of any good hotels which are close to the track, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, just search here and choose the best based on a rating of more than 8.0! Good luck

  33. I am thinking of taking my husband to the grand prix,he is a disabled (blue badge). Is there disabled parking and where would be the best place to sit. Can you also give me some idea of costs and/or concessions

  34. Can anybody tell me what time do the gates open on race day? My wife and I have taken General admission tickets and wish to grab our spot in time…

  35. I am travelling with my daughter to our first f1 event….you have been spool helpful….thank you. Booked hotel near el clot train station….direct train from airport and then from hotel to track….Super advice… I would have been lost without you !! Literally ! Just one question….Will there definitely be local buses going to th es track every day ? Thank you again…and our countdown is on to the d ate now :)

    1. Yes, there are local buses from Montmelo train station to the track. Don’t forget though, it’s only a 45 minute walk or a 10 EUR cab ride as well. You can often find people to share the cost of a cab – this is my preferred way to get from the train station to the track.

  36. Myself and my husband are attending our 1st F1 to celebrate his 50th so wanted to tag on a beach holiday. Can you please advise on the best way to get from Lloret de mar to the track over the 3 days?

    1. The short answer is hire a car and drive to the circuit. Parking is cheap and traffic is not too bad – the circuit is close to several motorways. I believe there may be some buses from the Costa Brava to the circuit, but I don’t have any information on them.

  37. Hi travelling to see the motogp on the 16th of June.was wondering on the best way to get there.was thinking on the bus or taxi,any help would be great

    1. I’d say driving. Get a hire car, make sure you have a smart phone with Google Maps or a GPS and you will be fine. Trackside parking costs around 20 EUR for the whole weekend.

  38. We will be in Spain for this years F1 GP. We are staying in a resort near Malgrat Del Mar. What would be the best routing/ travel options to get to the circuit?

    1. Hi Mark, you are in luck! Sagales runs buses on Saturday and Sunday to the Spanish Grand Prix from Malgrat Del Mar. Click this link for more info – on the page you can also click for exact departure times and places in Malgrat Del Mar. Otherwise, driving a hire car is also an option. Weekend parking costs 20 EUR and the circuit is close to several motorways.

  39. Hi,

    How easy is it to get a taxi at the end of the race, on Sunday? We have tickets for Barcelona match on Sunday which start at 6:30 how long do you expect it would take to get a taxi and get to the match?


    1. Forget the taxi is my advice. Just walk or get taxi/local bus to Montmelo station and then take a train to Sants Station. From there it’s a 20 minute walk or quick cab. Total trip time should be 90-120 minutes so you should make it! But it’s not ideal. You probably won’t enjoy the race if you are worried about missing the match…

  40. Do you know if the shuttlebus from the train station runs on Thursday too? We have transfers booked for fri-sun but would like to do the pit walk on Thursday too. We are staying on Lloret De Mar but are planning on spending the morning in Barcelona so would be traveling from there. Thanks!

    1. Maddie, I think they are just regular local buses. But to save you the hassle, just get a taxi from the train station to the track. Cost is around 10 EUR each way, and I have always found people to share with and reduce the cost. Cheap, easy and quick! The taxi stand is right next to the station. Coming back from the track, the taxis wait next to Gate 3 behind the Main Grandstand.

  41. Hi Mark,
    I would like to collect my son and his friends by car after the GP, is there somewhere you would recommend as a collection point?

    1. Sorry Adrienne, I was working at the circuit this weekend and didn’t get a chance to check messages. Hope it worked out for you and your son and friends

  42. Hi, is it easy to catch the train from Barcelona to the circuit as we are quite inexperienced at train travel?
    We’re planning on going on a guided tour so is it difficult to get to the circuit?

    1. It’s pretty easy if you follow the directions in this post. When you get to Montmelo, I recommend taking a taxi to the circuit for 10 EUR.

  43. Andrew Stannard

    Hi, I am an F1 virgin but me and the Wife are planning a trip to Pre Season testing in February. if we can get a Train to Montmelo are taxis available to get to the circuit. Also would Taxis be available at the circuit or would we need to walk back to the Train Stattion. My wife isnt very good on her feet.

    1. Hi Andrew, you’ll really enjoy testing. I always take the train myself, and taxis are available. You may have to wait a few minutes, but never had a problem at either end. Best place to get taxi at the circuit is the entrance gate behind the Main Grandstands. Cost is approximately 10 EUR each way, but you can normally find one or two people to share the cost.

  44. Hi, I am looking to go to the Spanish Grand Prix this year, but we need to fly back on the Sunday evening due to work the next day. How long does it typically take to leave the track after the race on the sunday to get to the airport, and what would be a safe bet when it comes to flight departure time so we don’t have to rush out of the venue as soon as the podium is finished? I know of others who have been to races and flown back on the sunday evening after the race, just want to know what the best way of doing this is…

    1. To make sure you enjoy the race and podium, I wouldn’t be booking a flight that leaves earlier than about 9pm. You can take the train from near the track (Montmelo Station) all the way direct to the airport – but I guess you may need to collect your suitcases somewhere.

    1. Children under 6 get free entry to General Admission and also the grandstand (provided they don’t occupy a seat). Make sure you bring adequate ear protection!

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