Where to Stay for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix

The best places to stay in Barcelona and near the circuit in Montmeló for the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix 2024

  • The 2024 Spanish Grand Prix is on June 21-23
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There’s plenty of accommodation near the circuit, but we recommend staying in the center of Barcelona, one of the world’s great cities. It’s easy enough to get to the circuit and you’ll have no shortage of things to do (not to mention restaurants & nightlife) away from the track. Another option is to stay in one of the resort towns on the Costa Brava and combine a trip to the race with a beach holiday.

Stay in Barcelona

The great thing about Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is its proximity to the center of Barcelona, meaning you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy a city break and an F1 getaway rolled into one. Barcelona has accommodation to suit every taste and budget, and prices are not as inflated on Grand Prix weekend as in some other cities.

Renting an apartment is worth considering if you are travelling with friends and want to keep costs down. Airbnb is still big in Barcelona, despite a recent crackdown on “unlicensed apartments.” If you want to pull out all the stops, the city has more than its fair share of 5-star hotels and luxury villas available over the race weekend. The F1 teams will mostly be staying in hotels around the swanky Avinguda Diagonal and the Marina, so why not see if you can bag yourself a room right in the thick of it?

Stay in the Gothic Quarter

If you are heading to Barcelona, it seems frankly criminal not to take a look at some of the architecture of the Roman era, which is still proudly standing next to buildings from all centuries since in this most storied area of the city. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, but make sure you take a map – the way to where you want to go isn’t always logical here!

If you’re on a budget, go for the Safestay Barcelona Gothic hostel, which has beautiful architecture including a courtyard you’ll love for outdoor dinners. If you can afford a hotel, try the well-appointed Catalonia Avinyo.

View all accommodation in the Gothic Quarter for June 21-24, 2024.

Stay in Eixample

Eixample dates back to the first great expansion of Barcelona beyond the original walls of the old city. It’s a great place for sightseeing, particularly if you’re fascinated by the Sagrada Familia, the crowning achievement of Barcelona’s most famous son, Antoni Gaudi.

If you want to see the famous church, still under construction even today, why not get a room in the Colón Hotel, which has a terrace view of it? It’s a luxury hotel, but with a timeless view. Otherwise, Hotel Barcelona Catedral is also right around the corner, and has a rooftop swimming pool, for roughly the same price per room.

View all accommodation in Eixample for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix (June 21-24). 

Stay in Clot

Clot is the area surrounding El Clot railway station, and that’s one of the main stations you can use for easy access to Montmelo and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. As a result, the leafy suburb represents a cool, hipsterish alternative that will pay you back in saved time during race week.

Take a walk through the clever architecture of the Parc del Clot, or explore the varied wares on sale at the covered market, which has been in service since the end of the 19th century. Catalonia Albeniz is a reliably excellent hotel near the station, while you can also look to the Catalonia Atenas nearby. 

View all accommodation near El Clot-Aragó Railway Station for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix (June 21-24)

Where to Stay near Montmeló

If you just want the priceless convenience of waking up right next to the action, even if it means no respite from the racing, then there is a variety of hotels near Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in the town of Montmeló. The closest – within metres – is the Holiday Inn Express Barcelona Montmelo, but the chances are that it will be full of F1 people before you’ve had a chance to book. Therefore, also only 2.6km up the road is the mid-priced Hotel H.

Hotel Granollers is slightly more expensive, but is less than 4km from the circuit. The town of Granollers borders Montmelo and represents another chance to get a decent hotel close to the F1 circuit. There, at the higher end, you can find Ciutat de Granollers, an excellent hotel that is always in demand, while if that gets booked up, head to Hotel Verti, or Ibis Montmelo Granollers.

View all accommodation near the circuit for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix on June 21-24

Spanish Grand Prix Trackside Camping

Tickets for the official campsite at the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix are not yet on sale. Camping tickets normally only go on sale a few months before race weekend. Information below relates to 2023 and will be updated.

  • The official Spanish Grand Prix campsite is located right next to Gate 6 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, close to Turn 3. Check the location map.
  • The campsite is open from Thursday at 5pm until Sunday at 6pm. Minimal services  are available until Monday at 9am for fans who wish to stay on Sunday night for free
  • The campsite offers 24 hour security, free Wi-Fi, free electricity for motorhomes (only for the Motorhome zone, not for the Campervan zone), food truck service (bar service, ice cream sales and bread sales), shower service & guarded parking 50 meters away from the camping area
  • Prices start at just over €100 for two people with a tent plot and car parking. Prices are slightly more expensive for campervan and motorhome plots.
  • Learn more: 2024 European F1 Camping Guide

Where to Stay on the Costa Brava

If you want to make a beach holiday of your Spanish Grand Prix trip, the nearby Costa Brava offers plentiful opportunities to soak up the sun between practice sessions. Here are the seaside towns we recommend, where to stay when you’re there, and how to get from there to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Sitges is a relatively easy place for an English-speaking tourist to adjust to, kind of like a Spanish Disneyland, with all the local service workers speaking English, and families’ every whim catered-for. You can get from Sitges to the F1 circuit in around 50 minutes by car. Dedicated bus services are available with Sagales from the Costa Brava to the Spanish Grand Prix – details TBC for 2024.

Blanes is a town known for its package tours, but still good for a quiet getaway, with enough bars and restaurants to keep the average Grand Prix tourist busy, but also enough places where you can find the peace and quiet you may crave. The Mallorca Boutique Hotel is affordable, and won’t disappoint for the price.

The beach at Montgat is one of the nicest you’ll find close to Barcelona. It’s only 20 minutes by car from the circuit, but if the business of following Grands Prix ever leaves you with a headache, you’ll find respite in Montgat, where words such as “secluded” and “unspoilt” still hold their original meaning. Villa Beach Barcelona is a beachside haven here.

Need a break from all those hybrid engine whines? Rent a hammock in Ocata and enjoy great wine with cheap and plentiful seafood on the beach, with none of the hustle and bustle of Barcelona or the Costa Brava. Hotel Arey Alella and Hotel Sorli Emocions are both excellent choices, close to the beach and reasonably priced. Ocata is half an hour to the circuit by car.

12 thoughts on “Where to Stay for the 2024 Spanish Grand Prix”

  1. Hey. I will be staying in the heart of the city that is Rambla during the race weekend. Can you please tell me what are the possible hotels the teams would be staying at? I searched the area you mentioned. But they’re quite too many to narrow down the options.
    Also, is it anyway possible to get a glimpse of drivers during their stay at the hotel? If yes, then what’s the best time to go see them?


    1. I’m not 100% sure. Some teams stay at the W Hotel. There was also teams staying at the AC Hotel by Marriott Barcelona Forum last year – but this is some distance from La Rambla.

  2. Hi Vicki,
    It’s just under 30km (19 miles). Lots more information in our Getting Around post for the Spanish Grand Prix.
    I’d personally choose to stay in the centre, near La Rambla, as Barcelona is such a cool city to experience.
    You have several options. Best is to walk from La Rambla to Passeig de Gracia train station (about 15 minutes) and from there you have a direct train to Montmelo – at the other end, you can walk (30-40 mins) or take a taxi (10 EUR) or a local bus. There’s also bus services from central Barcelona, or you can take a taxi.

  3. Lefentse Makhudu


    Any recommendations where to look for accommodation if we’re traveling with a 2 year old toddler and a nanny.

    Whether hotel or self catering houses. We’re open to suggestions.

    Thank you

    1. I like to stay in the centre of Barcelona, as there’s always so much to do when you are not at the track. Lots of hotels and apartments to choose from. I guess an apartment will be better for you with a young child and nanny. I have used this company before and the apartment was nice, good communication as well. Otherwise, you may consider staying in a resort on the Costa Brava. Lots of good places to stay in Blanes and Lloret de Mar, for example.

  4. Joan Calderbank

    We are staying las ramblas. Can anyone tell us rough price train from airport to city and also passes available for the tubs we’re staying a week. Thanks

    1. Hi Joan, you have all the information about getting around in this post. You can take either the Metro (3 EUR) or Aerobus (7 EUR) from the airport to the city. Depending on how long you are staying, I recommend the Hola BCN travel card, which gives you unlimited rides on public transport for 2,3,4 or 5 days. But you need to buy different tickets if you are going to take the train to the circuit and back each day.

  5. hi, is the del mar area to far to stay for the f1 next year, never been and would like to be near the beach are too?
    will this be a pain in getting to the to circuit?


    1. Do you mean Lloret de Mar? This is a good place to stay, nice beach, restaurants etc and you have direct buses daily from there to the circuit and back with Sagales. You can also hire a car and drive to the circuit, get parking.

  6. Stacie Griffiths


    Just wondering will I be better in Barcelona or loret de mar when visiting for 3 days? And best firm of transport to the circuit.

    Many thanks.

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