Which F1 Races Are Most Affordable for Locals in 2024?

Depending on where they live, F1 fans will have to spend anywhere from 4% to 60% of their net monthly wage on tickets for their home race in 2024.

As part of our annual ranking of Formula 1 ticket prices, we have also analyzed how affordable F1 tickets are for locals in the 21 countries that the sport will visit in 2024. We have done this by comparing the cost of the cheapest 3-day reserved seat (grandstand seat) for each race against the average monthly net salary in each country.

Cheapest Races for Locals: Bahrain, Qatar, Japan, Singapore

The cheapest races for locals can be found in the Middle East and Asia. Bahrain and Qatar are cheapest of all, with prices for three-day race tickets equivalent to 4.38% and 6.77% of the respective monthly wage. It must be said however, that the economies in both countries are boosted by significant oil and gas reserves, and that attending the race is likely to be beyond the budget of a large percentage of the migrant workforce. 

Race tickets are also very affordable for locals in Japan (mainly due to cheap ticket prices) and the small, wealthy city state of Singapore (mainly due to high wages). Race tickets cost less than 10% of the net monthly wage in both Canada and Australia.

Most Expensive Races for Locals: Mexico, Brazil, Azerbaijan

Locals in Mexico, Brazil and Azerbaijan will have to pay more than half of their net monthly salary to attend their home race in 2024. Average monthly net wages in these countries are significantly lower than the majority of destinations that Formula 1 visits. Ticket prices are also at the low end in these countries compared to the rest of the calendar, but still represent a very large percentage (50-63%) of net monthly salaries.

Austin, Miami & Las Vegas

Of the three races planned this year in the USA, the cheapest is in Austin, where a three-day reserved seat at Circuit of The Americas will set you back around 10% of the average net monthly wage. Miami’s ticket prices have come down around 20% for 2024. You’ll spend around 13.21% of the net monthly wage in the USA to buy the cheapest seats at Hard Rock Stadium. At the other end of the scale, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is one of the most expensive races to attend for locals, with tickets equivalent to 33% of the average monthly net wage in the USA.

2024 Formula 1 Tickets Prices: Affordability for Locals

RaceCheapest 3-Day Seat USDMonthly Net Salary USD% Monthly WageRank
Japan $169$2,2077.66%3
Singapore $372$4,7657.81%4
USA (Austin)$475$4,54110.46%8
Italy (Monza)$205$1,70312.04%9
Saudi Arabia$267$2,10112.71%12
USA (Miami)$600$4,54113.21%13
Abu Dhabi$449$3,38113.28%14
Italy (Imola)$292$1,70317.15%17
USA (Las Vegas)$1,500$4,54133.03%20
*France salary figures used for Monaco

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