RANKED: Top 12 F1 Races to Attend in 2024 for Exciting Racing!

Some tracks deliver showstopping races year after year, while others have brief spells of brilliance. We’ve ranked the top Formula 1 races to attend in 2024 for exciting racing!

What makes a great race? Drivers pushing through sweeping bends which require their maximum focus? Open corners with multiple racing lines which allow for overtaking? The threat of unsettled weather? Racing through the tight confines of a city, where the barriers are just one small mistake away?

We’ve considered all of the factors which contribute to brilliant Grands Prix to rank the Formula 1 races which provide the greatest amount of consistently exciting racing. For each race, we’ve dug into the archives to remember some classic F1 moments and looked at where the best on-track battles occur – and which are the best grandstands to see the action from.

Of course, such are the number of variables in Formula 1, we cannot guarantee that the races listed below will provide the most exciting Grands Prix of the 2024 season. This list brings together the circuits which have most frequently produced standout races in recent seasons and the ones which offer consistently interesting races – a good indicator of which tracks will produce the most on-track action.

12. Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix 2024 (July 26-28)

  • The longest track on the calendar provides overtaking opportunities, with fun-filled first laps
  • Location: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Where to see the best action: Gold 3, Gold 4 and Les Combes grandstands, General Admission
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Belgian Grand Prix

There are not many tracks on the Formula 1 calendar which are more highly regarded than Spa-Francorchamps. A real driver’s circuit, the track may be a shadow of its former self – which was originally over 14km long in the inaugural F1 season and sprawled across three villages – but it remains the longest track on the current calendar.

Spa may not provide the most action packed races but there are the occasional moments of brilliance – and the opening laps are always a hotbed of action, with slipstreaming along the Kemmel Straight meaning that anywhere near the Les Combes chicane is a great base to witness the opening lap jostling.

The longer term future of Belgian Grand Prix remains in doubt, so we recommend getting Spa-Francorchamps ticked off your Formula 1 bucket list whilst you’re still able. The circuit currently holds a contract for Formula 1 to visit until 2025. Nevertheless, if great racing and trackside experience were enough to keep the legendary venue on the schedule, Spa would surely be miles ahead of many of Formula 1’s other venues.

Limited numbers of 2024 Belgian Grand Prix tickets remain available in our ticket shop. Ticket packages from F1 Experiences are also on sale.

11. Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix 2024 (June 7-9)

  • Montreal races have produced memorable first time wins and close racing
  • Location: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
  • Where to see the best action: Grandstands 11, 12, 15, 21 and 24
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Canadian Grand Prix

For many years, you could always rely on the Canadian Grand Prix to produce an unforgettable race. Standout races include 1999, when the Wall of Champions was christened; 2007, when Lewis Hamilton secured his maiden win in a crash-strewn afternoon; 2008, when Robert Kubica secured his only win; 2011, when Jenson Button won a four-hour wet weather thriller and 2014, when Daniel Ricciardo secured his first F1 win in a multi-car battle for the lead.

In more recent times, the Canadian Grand Prix has struggled somewhat to provide interesting races. From the past few seasons, the 2017 and 2022 Montreal races are probably the highlights. The 2022 Canadian Grand Prix had a particularly tense ending, with Carlos Sainz closing in on Max Verstappen in the closing stages. The last two years have seen qualifying sessions held in wet conditions, which have put drivers out of their usual positions on the grid and has helped to spice up the Sunday action.

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve clearly has the potential to provide epic races and it’s surely only a matter of time before another breathtaking Canadian Grand Prix plays out at the venue. We recommend being at the opening complex of corners or the hairpin to witness most of the overtaking moves.

Tickets for the 2024 Canadian Grand Prix are mostly sold out but a limited number of VIP packages remain available. 

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10. Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2024 (March 7-9)

  • Wheel to wheel action on the fastest street circuit F1 has ever visited
  • Location: Jeddah Corniche Circuit
  • Where to see the best action: Main straight – close finishes are common! The ends of the DRS activation zones are also a hotspot for overtakes
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

All three races at Jeddah Corniche Circuit to date have provided high levels of drama. The bayside street circuit in Saudi Arabia is the fastest street track on which Formula 1 has ever raced. That alone makes it quite the spectacle. 

With the tight confines of the track, the threat of a Safety Car which could turn the race on its head is never too far away. And, with an abundance of overtaking opportunities added to the mix, it’s unsurprising that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has offered showstopping races so far.

In 2021, championship rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton made headlines with their wheel-to-wheel battles, each vying for the lead of the title ahead of the final race of the year. Fittingly, with Hamilton winning and Verstappen finishing second, the pair headed to the final race level on points. Verstappen was again one of the stars of the show in 2022 in a race-long battle of wits with Charles Leclerc, each trying to outsmart their competitor when it came to DRS activations. Verstappen won the race – but by only half a second. Sergio Perez won from pole in 2023, while a mid-race Safety Car period changed the complexion of the race for some of those behind him.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has provided good scraps throughout the field and close finishes are common. Esteban Ocon was overtaken on the finish line by Valtteri Bottas in 2021, denying him a podium finish, while one year later Ocon did well to defend his position at the end of the race from McLaren’s Lando Norris in a similarly close ending.

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9. Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024 (November 21-23)

  • There was thrilling racing against a stunning backdrop at the inaugural 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix
  • Location: Las Vegas Strip Circuit
  • Where to see the best action: Multiple overtaking opportunities around the track but your best bet is probably the East Harmon Zone
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Las Vegas Arabian Grand Prix

Although racing purists had preconceived ideas about the Las Vegas Grand Prix before the inaugural event in 2023, the event’s detractors were largely silenced by the first race at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, which ranked among the best of the season.

There’s no escaping the fact that the Vegas race is not exactly geared towards the traditional Formula 1 fan, with its lavish Opening Ceremony event and plethora of off-track distractions. However, with a three-way scrap for the lead, passes on the final lap and overtaking up and down the grid, it was hard not to be impressed by the track’s first appearance on the calendar.

The question now is whether the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix was a one-off, or if the circuit’s designers have created a layout which will produce exciting racing season after season. Time will tell whether the Las Vegas Grand Prix deserves to move further up this ranking in future seasons!

8. Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix 2024 (April 5-7)

  • One of the most challenging circuits on the current calendar, famed for title deciders and close action
  • Location: Suzuka
  • Where to see the best action: Grandstands Q1 and Q2, at the final chicane, and A2, B1 and B2, overlooking the opening corner
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Japanese Grand Prix

Suzuka, home of the Japanese Grand Prix, is one of the most challenging tracks of the year with its unique figure-of-eight layout. A narrow and winding track, on paper it maybe isn’t the best for overtaking. However, you’ll still see some daredevil moves here – particularly in the opening sector and through the fearsome 130R.

Of course, the final chicane is famed for its role in the outcome of the 1989 Drivers’ Championship, where McLaren team-mates Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna collided. The chicane remains one of the best overtaking opportunities at the track, with a last lap duel between Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc culminating in a poorly executed defensive move by the Ferrari driver at this turn in 2022.

With its position towards the end of the calendar, Suzuka has hosted more F1 title deciders than any other circuit and the unpredictable weather can often lead to damp races – adding another layer to the drama. Wins from far back on the grid are possible, too. Just ask Kimi Raikkonen, who won from 17th on the grid at the 2005 Japanese Grand Prix.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2024 Japanese Grand Prix, which moves to an early April slot on the 2024 calendar.

7. Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2024 (August 30 – September 1)

  • Slipstreaming and unexpected winners at a legendary race track
  • Location: Monza
  • Where to see the best action: The first and second chicanes for the best overtaking
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Italian Grand Prix

In its heyday, Monza was THE track for overtaking. Slipstreaming was abundant around the oval-shaped track, with its long straights. In F1’s formative years, battles for the lead between several drivers with many lead changes throughout the race were common and resulted in super tight finishes – including the closest ever in 1971, when Peter Gethin won by 0.01 seconds and the top five were separated by just over half a second on the line.

It may not be quite so easy to overtake at the Italian Grand Prix in the modern era but slipstreaming does still help the Sunday afternoon show at the legendary track. The first two chicanes and the Curva Grande are hotspots for action, especially in the opening laps.

In recent seasons, Monza has served up some unexpected results – from Sebastian Vettel’s maiden win with Toro Rosso in 2008, to Pierre Gasly’s win with the same Red Bull junior team in 2020 and Daniel Ricciardo’s McLaren victory in 2021. Of course, the partisan crowd are always there supporting the Ferrari drivers and you may even find yourself willing a red-suited driver to victory if you’re trackside, such is the atmosphere.

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6. Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix 2024 (June 28-30)

  • Fast-paced races at one of the shortest tracks on the calendar
  • Location: Red Bull Ring
  • Where to see the best action: The Turn 3 grandstand
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Austrian Grand Prix

Since rejoining the calendar in 2014, the Red Bull Ring has hosted plenty of memorable races. Among the most captivating were the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix – in which Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg collided on the final lap – and the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix – in which Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc’s battle for victory went down to the wire.

Both of those races were decided with moves at Turn 3, at the top of the hill, making the Turn 3 Grandstand – added to the ticket offering only in 2021 – a much sought-after place from which to watch the action.

With just ten corners, lap times around the Red Bull Ring are little over a minute. That means fans trackside at the Austrian Grand Prix have plenty to look out for, with cars passing almost continuously as the race progresses. The short length of the track can also make qualifying quite the event, with 20 cars vying for space to set a fast lap time.

In both 2022 and 2023, the Austrian Grand Prix had even more racing action thanks to the Sprint format being utilised. The great news is that there’ll be an extra slice of action at the Red Bull Ring once more in 2024, with the Austrian Grand Prix confirmed to be hosting a Sprint event for the third time.

Tickets are almost all sold out for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix. Secure remaining tickets in our Austrian Grand Prix Ticket Shop.

5. Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2024 (October 18-20)

  • A modern classic venue, taking inspiration from legendary tracks and promoting plenty of overtaking
  • Location: Circuit of The Americas
  • Where to see the best action: Turn 1 Grandstand, Turn 9 bleachers, Turn 15 Grandstand
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 United States Grand Prix

One of the best-attended races of the season – with its weekend attendance figure well over 400,00 in recent years – the United States Grand Prix at Circuit of The Americas regularly provides onlookers with spicy battles on Sunday afternoon.

The first lap at COTA is usually action-packed and the driver starting second often has the advantage heading into Turn 1, thanks to the positioning of the grid slots and the long run up the hill into a tight left-hander. That makes the top of the Turn 1 grandstand a very enticing option to watch the race from.

Further round the lap, the final sector provides plenty of overtaking opportunities, which are usually exploited in the final laps. Many remember Max Verstappen’s moves on Kimi Raikkonen in this area during the closing stages of the 2017 race, even if he did pick up a penalty for exceeding track limits! Sebastian Vettel and Kevin Magnussen’s scrap on the final lap of the 2022 United States Grand Prix is equally memorable.

4. Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024 (February 29 – March 2)

  • Exciting scraps for the lead at the season-opening Grand Prix
  • Location: Bahrain International Circuit
  • Where to see the best action: Turn 1 Grandstand
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix

The Bahrain Grand Prix may not have picked up a great reputation as an exciting race track in its first years on the calendar – but that changed in 2014, when the race was first held at night.

The 2014 Bahrain Grand Prix is often referred to as the ‘Duel in the Desert’ – when Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg became embroiled in a battle for victory, which set the tone for the next three seasons of Formula 1. 

The 2014 event remains the gold standard for Sakhir races and the track may not quite have replicated that evening since. Nevertheless, since 2014, the Bahrain race has provided fans with many side-by-side battles and memorable race-winning moves. Fernando Alonso was the star of the show in 2023, making moves to secure a well-deserved podium finish on his Aston Martin debut.

An extra layer of intrigue has been added to the Bahrain Grand Prix since 2021, with it now hosting the season-opening race – and the first true look at the season’s competitive order. In 2022, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen swapped positions in the battle for the lead on numerous occasions. Could we see another close fight for victory as the 2024 season gets underway?

Tickets are still on sale for the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix.

3. Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2024 (September 13-15)

  • Unpredictable street racing on a track which has only one repeat winner.
  • Location: Baku City Circuit
  • Where to see the best action: Absheron, Azneft Grandstands
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

There were no repeat winners in any of the first six Formula 1 races at Baku City Circuit, which surely is a good indicator of unpredictable racing. The Azerbaijan track has appeared on the Formula 1 calendar since 2016. Bizarrely, the track was much maligned after its first event, where Nico Rosberg took a lights to flag victory in a Grand Prix which had barely any other action to speak of.

Flash forward one year, and Daniel Ricciardo won from 10th on the grid on an afternoon where tensions rose between title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll took an unexpected maiden podium, despite being passed by Valtteri Bottas on the finish line. That cemented Baku City Circuit’s position as one of the most exciting tracks of the year – and there’ve been many more memorable Azerbaijan Grand Prix moments in the years since.

The close walls at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix can be punishing, while the track’s long straights allow for much overtaking. Safety Cars and red flags have become a staple of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend, punctuating races and leading to unexpected scenarios – such as Hamilton’s lock-up at Turn 1 at the restart in the 2021 race, where he went from win contention to back of the pack.

Tickets are not yet on sale for the 2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences are available now, including access to F1 Paddock Club hospitality.

2. Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2024 (July 5-7)

  • The birthplace of Formula 1 provided the top rated race of the 2022 season and offers enthralling races year after year
  • Location: Silverstone
  • Where to see the best action: Brooklands, Luffield, Copse, Vale & Club
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 British Grand Prix

When Formula 1 conducted a poll on the best race of the 2022 season, the British Grand Prix came out on top. Silverstone has a knack for producing multiple side-by-side battles up and down the field on Sunday afternoons. Add to that Britain’s unpredictable summer weather and Silverstone tends to produce enthralling races.

The opening lap of the British Grand Prix can be a point of high drama. The start of the 2021 British Grand Prix was as dramatic as it gets, with championship rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton making contact. Hamilton and then Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas enjoyed a side-by-side scrap in the early stages of the 2019 British Grand Prix, the Williams pairing of Bottas and Felipe Massa took a surprising early advantage in the 2015 race and the home crowd was delighted in 2023, when Lando Norris stormed by Verstappen at the start to take an early lead.

With two long straights (the Hangar Straight and the Wellington Straight) there are plenty of overtaking opportunities around the 18 iconic corners of the Silverstone circuit. The Brooklands-Luffield complex is the spot to see the most overtaking and is where many race-winning moves have been made in recent years, while the breathtaking and daring side-by-side moves which are made at Copse make that area an attractive place to watch the race from.

Tickets for the 2024 British Grand Prix are available only from the official Silverstone website and have mostly sold out. Hospitality and experience packages are still available. 

1. Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix 2024 (November 1-3)

  • Legendary host of memorable title deciders, with an added Sprint race for extra action
  • Location: Interlagos
  • Where to see the best action: Grandstands M, D, H and N
  • Learn more: Tickets – 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix

Few circuits are as universally loved as Interlagos in São Paulo. The track first hosted F1 50 years ago and has been a mainstay on the calendar since the 1990s. During that time, Interlagos has been host to a number of nail-biting title deciders. With its position towards the end of the season once more in 2024, it’s plausible that a title showdown could occur at the São Paulo Grand Prix again.

The weather can often be a major factor in São Paulo races – the 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix is remembered as a modern classic for this reason, while the 2008 and 2012 events – in which Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel secured unlikely title successes in damp conditions – have been written into Formula 1 folklore.

With a plethora of overtaking zones across the circuit, there is action aplenty throughout the field on Sunday afternoon. Even better, Interlagos has hosted additional Saturday Sprint races each season since 2021 – and there’s another extra dose of action on offer at the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix, with Interlagos confirmed to be one of six venues hosting the Sprint format in 2024.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix at Interlagos.

Honourable mentions

There are a few tracks not in this list which are worthy of mentions. The Hungaroring, near Budapest, has hosted some great races in recent years – the rain-hit 2014 and 2021 Hungarian Grands Prix, in which Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon secured well-deserved wins, are events which immediately spring to mind when mentioning the track. Races at Albert Park, host of the Australian Grand Prix, have been much-improved since the track was re-configured in 2022.

The Singapore Grand Prix, too, can produce memorable moments under the correct circumstances and is a real challenge for the drivers. The fact that every Marina Bay race so far has featured a Safety Car period is a particularly telling statistic. In 2023, it was the only race of the season which was not won by a Red Bull driver. The top four drivers in the race were separated by mere metres throughout the exciting final laps.

We’ve reserved judgement for some of the newer races on the F1 calendar. The first races in Miami in 2022 and 2023 have not exactly been showstoppers but Miami International Autodrome feels like a track which could be capable of producing a memorable afternoon of racing. It has two opportunities to do so in 2024, with a Saturday Sprint race planned for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix weekend. Meanwhile, both of the first two Qatar Grand Prix weekends have been affected by tyre issues – something which should be ironed out by the time it hosts the penultimate round of the 2024 F1 season in December.

Returning tracks Zandvoort and Imola – hosts of the Dutch Grand Prix and the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix respectively – have shown signs of promise since returning to the calendar in 2021. The Dutch Grand Prix shone in 2023 as it hosted a thrilling wet race. We’d like to see more modern day races at the legendary venues to give a fair assessment of where they should rank here.

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