2024 Hungarian Grand Prix: Everything You Need to Know Before Attending

The Hungaroring kicks off Formula 1’s final European double header before the summer break. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of attending the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix weekend on July 19-21!

  • The 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix is set to take place on July 19-21
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There’s usually an end of term feeling at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with the event traditionally marking the last race before the sport’s summer shutdown. That hasn’t been the case in the last couple of seasons, with the Hungaroring being the first in a double header of races before the summer break. The sport moves to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps for the 2024 Belgian Grand Prix one week after the Budapest race.

The 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix marks Formula 1’s 39th visit to the Hungaroring track. A mainstay on the calendar since 1986, the event was the first race to be held behind the Iron Curtain. Times have changed and facilities have progressed and improved greatly since the sport’s first visit to the track.

Over last year’s race weekend, it was announced that the Hungaroring will remain on the calendar until at least 2032, with a commitment from the circuit to improve its facilities. Plenty of building work has been taking place around the track since last year’s race – so hopefully fans and teams alike will notice improvements to the trackside experience in 2024.

There’s plenty to be excited about on track at this weekend’s race too, with four teams all seemingly able to challenge for victory. An outlier circuit, often referred to as ‘Monaco without the walls’, the Hungaroring could offer a change to the expected competitive order. Last year, it was Lewis Hamilton who had the upper hand on Saturday, securing his first pole position in almost two years. On Sunday, the on-form Max Verstappen stormed to victory, clinching a record-breaking 12th win in a row for the Red Bull team.

Off Track in Budapest

With the Hungaroring located close to Budapest, the event gives the opportunity for a summertime trip to one of Europe’s most picturesque, not to mention affordable, cities. We recommend purchasing a Budapest Card to get the most out of your trip to the city. Budapest is packed with architectural and cultural delights. We’ve rounded up the best places to visit on your Hungarian Grand Prix trip in Off-Track Activities.

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Getting to the Hungaroring

Getting to and from the circuit can be tricky, especially given the higher attendances in recent years. The easiest way to get to the circuit (but not the cheapest way) is to take an official Főtaxi. Trains are also available with a shuttle bus to get you to the circuit. Don’t be in a hurry to leave the circuit at the end of the day; there can be large queues for taxis and shuttle buses. Consider relaxing for a bit longer in the Fanzone, or walk 30 minutes to the closest train station to the circuit. More information: How to Get to the Hungaroring – 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix

Heading to the Hungaroring for the first time? All the essential travel information you need is in Travel Basics.

Great Vantage Points at Affordable Prices

The grandstands at the Hungaroring give some of the best views of the track at any circuit on the calendar, though only the covered Super Gold grandstand on the main straight offers protection from the hot sun. Be sure to take sunscreen and stay hydrated over the race weekend!

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to the event is the cheap ticket prices. We rate the Hungarian Grand Prix as one of the best value for money races on the calendar, thanks to the overall low cost of a trip to the event paired with the excellent selection of on-track action.

On average, 3-day tickets for the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix are the second-cheapest of any of the 24 races on the 2024 calendar, second only to the Chinese Grand Prix. The Bronze 1 & 2 grandstands are the cheapest of any grandstand on the current Formula 1 calendar, while General Admission access is the fifth cheapest of the year.

We estimate that the average fan will spend €770 on a trip to the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix, including the cost of a 3-day grandstand ticket, a three night stay in a Budapest hotel, plus daily spending money. Check out our Budget Planner for the lowdown on what you can expect to spend on a trip to the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Another Record Attendance at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix?

For the first time, weekend attendance at the Hungarian Grand Prix was above 300,000 in 2023. A new record for the event, the figure was up by 13,000 on the previous season. It saw the Budapest race rank as the 11th best-attended race of the 2023 season.

The 2022 attendance figure was up by 60,000 compared to the last pre-pandemic race at the Hungaroring in 2019. While the 2019 race’s attendance figure was boosted by Robert Kubica’s presence on the grid – with many Polish fans making the trip to Budapest – the Hungarian Grand Prix has also become a popular event for Max Verstappen’s army of Dutch fans to attend.

A similar record attendance level is expected at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix – so General Admission ticket holders should be sure to arrive early in order to secure the best vantage points. We also recommend exercising caution when leaving the venue after the race on Sunday. In recent years, pathways have become overcrowded when a mass of fans attempted to leave the grandstands at the same time.

A Full Support Schedule at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix

As with most European Grands Prix, motorsport fans will get to see plenty of racing aside from Formula 1 on track at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup are all on the timetable this weekend. While Formula 2 and Formula 3 will contest two races each (a Sprint Race on Saturday and a Feature Race on Sunday), the Porsche Supercup race is held before the Grand Prix on Saturday afternoon.

The full on-track timetable with all the session times for Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup – plus Sunday’s Drivers’ Parade – can be found in our updated Trackside guide to the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Trackside at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix

When there is no action happening on track at the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix, head to the main Fanzone – behind the Super Gold grandstand – for a range of entertainment. In the past, this has been the place to partake in Driver Reaction challenges, pit stop challenges and try out the new F1 game in the E-Sports area. There’s also usually the chance to take a look at the World Championship trophy and have your photo taken on the podium! A second Fanzone was added last year, between the Silver 5 and Silver 6 grandstands.

On Thursday, a pit lane walk will take place for fans who’ve bought a separate ticket for the event. A new system introduced in 2023 meant that all 3-day ticket holders were no longer eligible to attend on the Thursday for free. Thursday tickets for this year were priced at €35 and sold out quickly. If you have a ticket, you will be able to take a tour of the pit lane and witness the high speed test of the Safety Car and Medical Car from 14:00 on Thursday July 18.

The popular Fan Forum, held in the Fanzone on Saturday, is also likely to take place once more. You can find all the vital information about watching the race, including session times, on our updated Trackside page and find the answers to FAQs on the Hungaroring website.

Got a question about attending the 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix? Leave a comment below!

40 thoughts on “2024 Hungarian Grand Prix: Everything You Need to Know Before Attending”

  1. I bought tickets for General Admission and they’re numbered – x/60. What does that total number mean?

    1. Not sure, must be some kind of internal numbering system. But you don’t get a seat with General admission, so it doesn’t refer to this.

  2. Hi!! Do you have any recommendations on more or less where to sit for the general admission, to have good views of the tracks

    1. Check the Tickets post for Hungary, there is a section on General Admission. Basically, the best areas are on higher ground from Turns 8 to 14 – the second half of the lap. Best in my opinion is high above the final corner, where you can see quite a lot of the track. But of course you will need to reserve a spot there early on Saturday and particularly Sunday, as it will be crowded.

  3. Hi! I love your website, It’s giving me amazing tips for my upcoming trip. I have a really basic question, that I wasn’t able to find in your post. I have tickets for the Silver Grandstand for Sunday race so it’s assigned seated place. What time you think I should be there?
    Many thanks!

    1. It’s up to you when you arrive. First support race on Sunday starts at 10am. To get the most out of your day, it’s a good idea to arrive before this. But also ok if you want to arrive later.

  4. Carmen Prunache

    Hi! For the pit Lane walk is it necessary to have the ticket for the weekend printed or can I show it on my phone? Thanks!

    1. Sorry I was working at the track today and didn’t get the chance to reply earlier. I think it’s fine all weekend to show the ticket on your phone, but it’s always a good idea to have it printed as well if you can

    1. No there are no luggage lockers at the track, don’t bring large bags or suitcases to the track. Better to leave at your accommodation in the city. The main Keleti train station in Budapest should also have luggage storage facilities

  5. Are we allowed to bring in water and food ? Is there a site that has clear guidelines for when the track opens on the Sunday/ what you’re allowed to bring in?

    1. Track opens early. Here are the official food and drink guidelines (see under Terms and Conditions here)

      10. No animals are allowed in the Venue or in the parking areas. It is also prohibited to bring any of the listed items into the Venue: objects or devices defined by law as particularly dangerous to public safety; stabbing or cutting instruments; authoritarian symbols; glass; drones; segway; bicycles; scooters; skateboards; electric or explosive motorcycles; pyrotechnics; laser devices; seating of any kind; coolers; rucksacks over 20 litres; parasols and any other object that can be used as a weapon and/or that may endanger public safety. Visitors arriving with any of the above listed items will be refused entry by the Promoter.

      11. Food and drink restrictions on the race course: maximum 0.5 litres of liquid per person (water and other non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, beer, other) and 3 sandwiches per person. Drinking water is available for consumption in the area of the Hungaroring.

  6. This website is such a fantastic resource! I went to my first every F1 race abroad last year which was Spain and whilst it was chaos this resource really helped with all the logistics, thank you.

    We’re looking at Hungary or Austria for 2023 – just wondered what dates the Sprint Quali usually gets decided? As that could be a deciding factor.

    1. Austria and Hungary are both great choices, and both races are already on sale and have provisional dates – so you may not want to wait too long as they will sell out at some point. This year, the sprint races were not announced till February, a month before the season kicked off. I’m sure it will be earlier than that for 2023, but it’s not something I would be waiting for as it could be too late to attend the race you want. Another factor to note is that finding accommodation near the Red Bull Ring can be difficult. With so many tickets already sold for this race, it could already be hard to find something good that’s not a long way from the track.

  7. Hi Andrew,

    We’re first timers at the Hungarian race. It’s been suggested to us that Gold 4 is a great place to see plenty of race action. Do you agree or would you say Silver 3 or 4 would be better?

    What are the main differences between the Super Gold tickets and Gold 4?

    What other things would you recommend please? i.e. guided track walk, pit lane walk etc.?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello, I prefer Silver 3 and 4 as you can see more of the track from the final corner. Gold 4 is great for passing moves and on-track action. As for Super Gold, the big advantage of this grandstand is that it’s the only covered one at the track. It’s generally really hot in Hungary (but can also rain, as in the last few years) so protection from the sun/rain is a big bonus. The Pit Lane Walk is a good experience, but you now need to buy tickets. As for activities like Guided Track Tour, you need to buy an F1 Experiences package to get that.

  8. Hi Andrew
    What gate will I enter to get to grandstand silver 3? How near can a private car transfere get to that get? I have a weak leg and need to be aware of this on the day. How long should it take the driver to get to track from Budapest on race day and practise day?
    Thank you in advance of answers.

    1. Hi Denise, the closest entrance gate for Silver 3 would be Gate 6. But I think it will be very difficult for a private transfer driver to get near there without some kind of special pass. I suggest asking if your private transfer company will be able to use the VIP access lane to get into and out of the circuit – this is important. Without this, you are better off, in my opinion, taking an official Bolt taxi, which can use the VIP access lane and will be able to drop you near the main gate – from there you can enter at Gate 8 and walk around 15 minutes to your grandstand. Hope it works out for you.

  9. Hi,

    I am just wondering if you get a wristband for the 3 day ticket or if you just simply scan your ticket each day upon arrival?

    Many thanks!

    1. No wristbands, just scan your ticket. And if you want to leave and come back in on the same day, don’t forget to scan out your ticket when leaving the circuit

  10. Hi Andrew
    I am travelling from Ireland and staying in the city centre. It is mine and my teenage sons first Grand Prix. How would you recommend to get to the track each day. Taxi or train ? Or taxi out train back for example? Lastly do we need to pre book them? Thank you.

    1. I think for getting to the track, the Bolt taxi will be the best (not the cheapest, but you can perhaps find some other fans to take the other seats in the taxi).
      For getting back, I’d take the train. As the queues for the shuttle buses can be long after qualifying and the race, I’d consider walking to the closest train station (about 30 mins) and taking the train direct. If you don’t want to queue for the train tickets, definitely get them in advance. You can buy a Budapest Card for 72 hours or more, and it covers all public transport and travel to/from the circuit, plus other benefits. Or you can just buy the train tickets if you don’t think you’ll get the value out of the more expensive travel card.
      More info here: https://f1destinations.com/getting-around-hungarian-f1-grand-prix/

  11. Hi, it is my first time going to GP. I am wondering if everyone with a ticket can go to a Fanzone? We have GA

  12. Hi there!

    Do we need to have tickets printed, or will digital tickets (QR codes on my phone) work instead?


  13. Appreciation for this wonderful platform and all the valuable responses. We are currently en route and planning to stay at the campsite. Regarding departure from the track on Sunday, would you recommend leaving immediately after the race or waiting for a couple of hours?

  14. The person I’m attending with can’t come to the practice on Friday. Would it be an issue for my wife to use the ticket on Friday, then my friend use it on Saturday and Sunday?

  15. Hello, I am attending at Hungaroring next weekend, i have 3 day ticket (GA), so i don’t know if i can get in the fanzone with my ticket, anyone who might know ?

    Thank you in advance

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