Trackside at Monza – 2024 Italian Grand Prix

Get the most out of Monza at the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2024. Advice on entrance, trackside activities and things to see and do.

  • The 2024 Italian Grand Prix is scheduled for August 30 to September 1
  • Tickets are now on sale. 3-day tickets are priced from €157
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Monza attracted a record attendance at the 2022 Italian Grand Prix, but poor organization led to a less than satisfactory trackside experience for many fans. Some of the biggest complaints centered around confusing entry restrictions, substantial queues to get into the circuit (and also into and out of each grandstand), poor facilities (including a lack of free water stations) and a severely flawed token system for purchasing food and drink within the circuit, which also contributed to excessive queues. Overcrowding, lack of vantage points and too many off-limits areas also soured the experience for fans in General Admission.

The good news is that the trackside experience at Monza was much improved for the majority of fans attending the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. The token system was not used for purchasing food and drinks, additional free water stations were added, queues at entry and inside the circuit were manageable, and the new fanzone was fully operational.

The Monza circuit is located within the fourth largest city park in Europe, measuring 688 hectares. Unless you are being whisked by private shuttle to the Paddock, you’ll cover a lot of ground on foot over the weekend; the distances from the shuttle drop-off points to the entrance gates are long, and you’ll also have to walk to your seat inside the circuit. The weather is generally hot and sunny at Monza in the late Italian summer, and many grandstands are uncovered, so don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen and to wear light, comfortable clothing.

Monza 100 App: Introduced last year, the “Monza 100” app (available on the Apple app store and on Google Play) is worth downloading for maps, walking directions, points of interest and also the on-track schedule.  Learn more here.

Monza Access & Orientation

Read the Getting There & Around section of our guide for detailed information on how to get to Monza, including parking near the track. Once you have arrived, seven gates (Ingresso A-G) provide access for fans to the circuit – see below. All gates are open from 07:30-20:00 on Friday and 07:00-20:00 on Saturday/Sunday. In addition, Gate G (Mirabello) on the outside of Parabolica is also open from 14:00-20:00 on Thursday – this provides entry to the fanzone, which is open on Thursday afternoon (see below). Click here to download the Monza map.

Monza Access Gates

  • Gates A, G & F: On the eastern side of the circuit, closest to Parabolica. This is also the area where the shuttle buses drop fans off.
  • Gates B & C: On the south side of the circuit, closest to the stands on the pit straight and the opening Variante del Rettifilo.
  • Gate D: On the northwest corner of the circuit, close to the Lesmo corners and the Biassono train station. Not the greatest entry point if you are sitting in any of the grandstands, as you’ll have a very long walk.
  • Gate E: On the north part of the circuit, this is the best entry point if you are sitting in any of the grandstands on the Ascari chicane.

Prohibited & Allowed Items at Autodromo Monza

In a change from previously, fans were allowed to bring in one sealed water bottle (max 500ml), as well as small power banks with a max weight of 300 grams to Monza for the 2023 Italian GP. Please note that luggage storage services are not available at Monza. All objects that will be considered not suitable for entry to the circuit will be destroyed and will not be returned to the owners.

  • Prohibited: Weapons & Knives, Musical Instruments, Beach Umbrellas, Drugs, Work Tools, Smoke Bombs (Flares), Explosive Materials, Power Banks weighing more than 300 grams, Drones, Spray Cans, Glass, Bottles & Cans, Plastic Bottles larger than 500ml, Plastic Water Flasks larger than 500ml, Metallic Water Flasks larger than 500ml, Tens, Inflexible Rods, Bicycles, Scooters, Bags larger than 15 liters, Helmets, Alcoholic Drinks
  • Allowed: Plastic/Metal Bottles & Canteens up to 500ml, Rain umbrellas without metallic extremities, Photo Camera, Tripods, Monopods & Selfie Sticks, Flexible plastic flag rods, Laptops or other electronic devices* (tablet, e-reader, power banks weighing less than 300 grams), Pocket Lighters, Chairs & Folding Stools (no wood). *At the entrance gate, control staff will ask you to switch on the device and show that it works.

Please note that prohibited items are to be confirmed for the 2024 Italian GP

2024 Italian Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The complete timetable for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix won’t be published until 4-6 weeks before the race. F1 session times are confirmed for 2024 and listed below.
  • Support Categories: It’s been confirmed that Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup will also be racing at the 2024 Italian Grand Prix. It will be the last race weekend of the season for Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup.
  • Pit Lane Walk: This hasn’t been available for regular ticket holders on Thursday at recent editions of the Italian GP, though the new fanzone is open on Thursday. F1 Experiences does hold a pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon for selected guests. Paddock Club guests can take part in daily pit lane walks at selected times on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, August 30

  • 07:30: Gates open (TBC)
  • 13:30-14:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 1 (FP1)
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 – Free Practice 2 (FP2)

Saturday, August 31

  • 07:00: Gates open (TBC)
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 3 (FP3)
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying

Sunday, September 1

  • 07:00: Gates open (TBC)
  • 12:50-13:20: F1 Drivers’ Parade (TBC)
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Pirelli Gran Premio D’Italia 2024 (53 laps or 2 hours)

Monza Fanzone

Monza’s new fanzone was launched last year and much improved for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. Location on the outside of the track between Ascari and Parabolica, it’s much larger than the previous fanzone behind the main straight grandstands. The fanzone features a small stage where DJs perform sets and the drivers make appearances. Also on offer are race simulators, podium, pitstop challenge and other interactive displays. It’s also the best place to go for the best range of F1 team merchandise, food and drink.

In 2023, the Fanzone was open to the general public on Thursday afternoon from 14:00-20:00 (entrance only via Gate G – Mirabella) and featured interviews with the Formula 2 and Formula 3 drivers. From Friday to Sunday, the Fanzone was open from 09:00-21:00. The F1 drivers appeared on the Fanzone stage for interviews on Friday (10:45-12:25) and Saturday (10:25-11:05).

Monza Facilities

Monza is a historic track and hasn’t received the investment it probably needs for upkeep. This means that the facilities are a little tired, but the picturesque park surroundings go a long way to making up for this. The toilets are mainly of the portable variety, but they are kept fairly clean and queues are infrequent, except at peak times on race day.

Old Banked Circuit at Monza

You can’t visit Monza without checking out the historic banked circuit which still surrounds the current circuit. The best time to do this is before or after race weekend (e.g. on Thursday or Monday). When we visited Monza in May 2023, only the northern half of the old banked circuit was open.

Food & Drink at Monza

If you are on a budget, visit a shop before you head to the circuit to stock up on food and drink, but remember you cannot bring any glass, cans or alcohol. Being Italy, the food and drink on offer at Monza is better than at other circuits, but still overpriced. There are food and drink stalls located all around the circuit and prices vary. If you want to save a few Euros, there are also cheaper food and drink stalls just outside the circuit and passouts are available (near the Vedano gate, closest to Parabolica, for example).

Please note that the token system which was used for buying food and drink in 2022 was NOT IN OPERATION at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. You were be able to purchase food and drink in the spectator areas using cash or card. Click here for a sample food and drink price list from the 2023 Italian Grand Prix or check the prices below.

  • Cheeseburger = €12
  • Pizza Margarita  / Pasta Amatriciana = €10.50
  • French Fries  / Sandwiches = €4.50
  • Beer = €7.50
  • Espresso / Water = €1.50
  • Soft Drinks = €4.50

264 thoughts on “Trackside at Monza – 2024 Italian Grand Prix”

        1. Do you know if there’s anywhere in Monza where I can store my luggage? I have a plane at 22:45 on sunday and I need somewhere to store it.

          1. I can only suggest the Monza railway station, but I’m not sure storage will be available. Definitely nowhere to store luggage at the track. Can you not leave them at your accommodation? It seems like 22:45 is quite late, you should have time to go back and get your luggage

  1. Hi, great site! Appreciate the work that is done :)
    I am heading to Monza in 2017 and bought tickets for Ascari 12. On your website i read that the best entrance is E

    >Gate E: on the north part of the circuit, this is the best entry point if you are sitting in any of the grandstands on the Ascari chicane.<

    On the website of Monza or any of the maps i see that i need to get entrance A? What is the best entrance for Ascari 12, any tips for a good parking spot?

    Kr R

  2. Hiya

    I have main grandstand tickets for Monza, I’d love to be able to have paddock and pits access, any ideas of how I can get passes/tickets for this ?

    many thanks


    1. Hi Andrea, I don’t believe there is such an ‘add on’ for paddock/pits access. Normally this is sold together with tickets and used to be only Paddock Club, which is very expensive. This year, there is also the F1 Experiences offer which is cheaper than Paddock Club, but still expensive.

  3. Hi we are going to Monza and getting the train from Como then hopefully the free shuttle bus to the track. Are there big queues to get into the track, we have GA tickets? Trying to decide when to leave Como as don’t want to miss the earlier races. Also, when would you advise getting a spot and staying there so we get a good view of the actual race? I take it the good spots are taken early but we would like to walk around too? Thinking of watching from Ascari. Any advice appreciated. Cheers, Debbie

    1. We had hoped to go to monza but recent quarantine in northern italy means this visit is now uncertain

    2. Its kind weird because people last year in Austria bring the fridges with bottles and everything else to the track except glass, and here are restriction with only 500ml bottles, cans were allowed too (Austria). I only want bring about 4-5 litres of watter, its long day on track a i dont want wait at watter stations…

        1. Hello László, you had better read the post again! It’s stated above: “You can park inside the circuit on Thursday only (€10 for cars, €5 for motorbikes); enter via gates A, B and F (via Vedano, Santa Maria delle Selve and Golf club).”

      1. Hello, do you know did something change regarding this or can we still go to pitlane walk on Thursday with a 3-day ticket and when can we be there?

        1. Details of the pit lane walk haven’t been announced yet. Some other circuits this year actually started selling tickets and reducing capacity – there’s a chance this will also happen at Monza this year. Keep an eye out as we will announce on social channels as soon as we have more info

          1. Hi,

            Have details been released for the Thursday pitlane walk yet? Do you have to buy tickets beforehand or can your turn up if you have a 3 days ticket? Thanks

    1. We’ve booked General admission for the three days – kids under 12 go free. I am wondering therefore if kids can go free with parents who have 3 day General admission tickets on the Thursday for the pit walk and driver autograph signing?

      1. I don’t think you will have any issues taking your kids to the pitlane walk on Thursday. Just don’t forget to bring your own General Admission tickets along.

  4. Late decision to go to the circuit and travelling all the way from Namibia in Africa. Any recomendations for the best online ticketing sales services and considering the costs of these tickets where would the best seats be for the cheaper type of tickets.

    1. Hi Allvan, you’ve made a great choice. Monza is awesome! We recommend buying from Gootickets, our partner. You will also be supporting the development of our site! As it is getting closer to the race, I suggest you pick up your tickets at the track, it will be cheaper too. If you are on a budget, go for General Admission at 100 EUR for 3 days.

  5. Denise Barbour

    We have 3 days tickets and will be going to the pit walk on Thursday. We are intending to have a hire car just to get to and from Malpensa to our apartment in the centre of Milan (close to main railway station) BUT we were thinking of driving out to the circuit on the Thursday for the pit walk. Would there be parking close by and available on the Thursday. We wouldn’t consider driving for the race weekend, a cold beer is a must for race weekends!!! Also we have main straight bleacher tickets 27D for the weekend. Would we be better getting the train to Monza station on Sunday rather than the other train available?


    1. Hi Denise, driving to the circuit on Thursday for the pitlane walk is a good idea. Here’s the 2017 info from the Monza website: “Only for Thursday, the 3-days ticket holders can park inside the circuit (10 euro for a car, 5 euro for a motorbike). The entrances open are A, B and F (via Vedano, Santa Maria delle Selve and Golf club).” I agree with taking public transport on the other days. For the main straight bleachers, you are best taking the train to Monza station, followed by the Black shuttle bus. We’ve just updated the Getting There and Around section for 2017, more info there! Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Hi, we have 3-day tickets for Monza at prima varianti but we have limited mobility due to cardiac issues, is there a disabled courtesy bus/buggy and can it be booked. Can a taxi drop us at Ingresso C? Great site BTW.

    1. Hi Ian, I’m not sure about any internal courtesy bus or buggy for disabled fans. I suggest you contact the circuit (please let us know their response). Yes, a taxi should be able to drop you off at Gate C. Thanks for the compliment!

          1. Hi, for anyone that may need the info, I found this on another F1 related site (grand prix events):
            “DISABLED PEOPLE
            The entrance to the circuit is always free of charge for persons with disabilities and certified disability at 100%, all carers must pay full price for their own ticket. From Vedano gate it is possible to enter by car (with the disabled badge) to a reserved parking. Stand n.25 is reserved to wheelchair users (it can host up to 120 wheelchair) and equipped bathrooms are just behind it. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR FULL PRICES AND INFORMATION “

  7. Hi

    I bought tix for GA on, but the tix for the Monza Gp have not yet been received by the company. Did anyone else receive their tix?


    1. Hi Aaron, we don’t co-operate with BookF1, so I can’t help you out. But they are a reputable tickets company, I am sure they will do everything in their power to get the tickets to you in time. Worst case scenario, you will be able to collect at the track I guess.

  8. Hi, great site, we have tickets for the weekend and seats in Grandstand 24, Vedano. is english commentary broadcast on a radio frequency i can pick up with my scanner please? Thanks, Bob

  9. We had thre day tix at prima variante. As a long time motor racing person, I have been to many circuits.
    Monza is a DISGRACE – the toilet facilities are out of date and appalling, the management of the crowds and people skills are amateur at best, the place is run down and needs F1 to make them sort it out. It is trading and taking the p**s out of fans because of its history. Apart from one other circuit, it gets first prize providing the customers with less than they deserve.

  10. Dear Editor, after 2017 Monza your write up needs completely redone. Not sure if Monza Circuit or new F1 regime but having just been there here’s a few things you may want to consider:

    1. You can no longer enter the circuit with any plastic bottles or tins. All tins of beer, coke etc confiscated and thrown away, you can keep the plastic water bottles but the caps are confiscated. We usually ice our water in the freezer and allow to melt in the heat, nope that’s ‘too heavy’ and again confiscated.

    On this point, seen an absolutely disgusting situation Sunday morning where two British McLaren fans who’d purchased official Alonso Water Bottles the day before then had them confiscated by security, despite buying them in the circuit.

    2. Pricing is way off – the above is of course for a reason. Beer prices were 8 Euros for a 0.4 Heineken. Water at 3 Euros. Food, unknown as I’d never eat whatever it is they’re serving there.

    3. Entering Stands – average queuing for stand entry was 40 mins due to baggage checks confiscating as much as they could. Put the security on the perimeter and once in then no need again ….. surely. I came through security with my 1.5 Litre bottle of water for the 30 deg heat TWICE, then on trying to enter stand 8A, sorry bottle too large for Sunday, only 1 Litre allowed maximum, and yes, confiscated.

    4. Despite all these checks however, usual Italians in your seats and the stand with no tickets, happens every time, stair well in our stand full, and one elderly gentleman couldn’t get down the stairs, no one would move for him. No water, but these people can get in for free.

    5. Toilets – disgraceful, no water, no toilet paper, no cleaning.

    I could keep going on and I expect more than Ian and myself will be taking to review sites after this weekend. I bumped into many brits who will not be back.

    This was my 5th time to Monza with my friend, we go to circuits every year and pay a lot of money for the privledge, and we WILL NOT BE BACK at Monza.

    Racing great, atmosphere great – but just ruined by the above. I’d love to know if this is a Monza thing or is every race going to this no plastics, no tins policy on entry. Love to read from anyone who knows.

    Almost certainly back to Budapest for us next year, how an F1 circuit should be run.

    1. I went in 2019.
      Absolute disgrace. Was allowed in Thur/Fri/Sat with 2ltr bottle. Turned up with it Sunday and got it taken off me. This meant I had to waste €3 buying one more bottle of 500ml water or dehydrate. Food and drink is extortionate. €8 for 400ml of beer. Can’t take your own alcohol in. Seems like they are just trying to rip everyone off – sponsored by Heineken of course. Staff are not very helpful. If you don’t speak Italian, they dont’t want to know what you have to say. I was allowed in Friday with my powerbank, had it taken off me on Saturday. It cost me £20. I told them I needed it for my journey home and a kind girl saved mine out of the hundreds they throw away until i collected it in the way out in the evening. If you are in the stand on the outside of turn 1, you will have to have your bags checked a 2nd time as it is it’s own enclosure, absolutely daft. Not many signs to tell you where to go. Paths are terrible or non-existant. Imagine how bad it gets in the rain with mud! I had to buy new trainers on Monday. Not sure why you’re not allowed bottle caps or powerbanks if anyone else knows please let me know. I simply had my bottle cap in my pocket and put it on after going through security.

    2. I wish I would have read your review. Nothing has changed, and your description is ACCURATE!!
      It is worse in 2022 as we were only able to find two places for free drinking water which had a 2 hour line up, they ran out of tokens so you could not buy food, water or drinks in the circuit in 27 degree weather, they locked down the circuit so you could no enter or exit, and we were sent back and forth in different directions to get to our seats at the Parabolica. It was a nightmare. Had we read your accurate review we would have saved our money. Too bad the editor didn’t update his review accordingly.

  11. I can confirm some of the above.
    My and my friend went to Monza for our first F1 race ever.

    What I have to say is that the security check was the most improper one I have ever seen. They did not check anything apart from the plastic lids on our bottles. The next day we just put them into our pockets beforehand.
    We both had a backpack which they did not check at all. We could have brought all sorts of things.

    The food is quite expensive indeed, but given the occasion the price cannot be argued with. A panini costs EUR 7.

    The toilets are a joke, already before the race they were out of everything.

    What I can confirm though is the inconsistency of the exits/ entries and staff behaviour. Italians are treated very differently. And the Golf Course entry is not an entry at all.
    On neither of the 3 days we were there we could use it, although it was mentioned as an entry on the ticket. One time the guy said “exit only” (when we tried to actually exit from the inside they said “no exit”) and one time we had to use a different entry for our stand although we used another one before.

    As it was our first experience we cannot compare at all, but it did not feel great.

    Train and bus service were great though.

  12. This was our first experience of Monza F1 and special Xmas present we spent a year planning. We will not be going back.
    We had seats in the Ascari stand, 3 days but I spent my Sunday telling Italians to get out of my seat or my space, people then stood at the edges and this seemed to be OK, why is this allowed? security on the stands is required.

    Security, where to begin!!!
    Friday picnic bag allowed, tops taken off water bottles
    Saturday – everything allowed through
    Sunday – over an hour of queueing to have our picnic bags taken off us with our lunch & water. Yet inside we see people with step ladders, flares and booze in glass bottles.

    I will not succumb to paying 2-3 EUR for a bottle of water and I will not be penalised for taking my own lunch.

    Transportation to the event great, I have to agree with the above if you are Italian anything goes but other nationalities I am afraid very strict rules apply.

    The whole (expensive) experience was sadly incredibly disappointing

  13. First off thanks to F1Destinations, the service you guys offer is excellent, thank you.

    My partner and I have just returned from our first Monza Grand Prix, would we go back? – I’m not sure. The atmosphere and just being at Monza is amazing, its steeped in motor racing history and that for the motor racing purist should not be compromised by the points below.

    Poorly trained stewards.

    Monza, please invest in educating your event stewards or you risk killing the magic that is Monza. What annoyed us the most was the inconsistency of the stewards, this might be down to their lack of training as they are almost certainly employed by event agency organisations.

    Your previous commentators have it spot on with the poor attitude of the stewards. They adopt an almost robotic stance on what is allowed and what is not. There is a board that illustrates what is not allowed into the grounds which everyone tries to adhere to but then they seem to add their own exclusion criteria at will with no justification or qualification of why these additional items are not allowed. You simply cannot reason with them.

    Example, the stewards remove all your bottle tops from water bottles on the grounds of safety, no bottle tops but plenty of Italians letting off flares inside the ground, Safety it appears isn’t compromised by flares, don’t get me wrong I don’t have a problem with flares as it adds to the fabulous atmosphere that is Monza.

    Another example, our wheeled picnic bag is confiscated on the Sunday because it had an Aluminium retractable handle, even though we took it in on the Friday and Saturday with no problem. Then you see people with Aluminium step ladders and 20-foot aluminium flag poles, these apparently are not safety concerns either. Everything, it seems is justified on the grounds of safety, even being forced to walk through a quagmire of mud that included wheelchair users, pushchairs and children when there is a parallel tarmac surface right next to the mud bath.

    Other things to be aware of:

    Use public transport to get to the circuit, it is excellent but do be prepared to wait a very long wait as you queue at the confiscation points, I would recommend leaving a minimum of 2-3 hours once you arrive at the circuit to then get to your seat. Any less and you risk missing the race,

    Once past the confiscation points, you are required to check both in and out of the stand, if you leave the stand after the race you will not have time to get back in time for the next race due to queues,

    Pickpockets – We witnessed a Fagin style pick pocket gang in operation, at least three wallets handed over to the ring leader and no one in authority seemed to care.

  14. Would just like to concur with much of the above. Just back – was my third Italian GP in a row – and the stewarding was a total mess this year.

    Taking a few beers (cans, not bottles) had always been allowed – until this year. That said, on both Saturday and Sunday I simply walked past the steward doing the searching without being challenged. However my friend got stopped on Sunday and was relieved of a 500ml bottle of water and sun cream. Fortunately I was carrying the beer.

    Meanwhile throughout the circuit there were poles and chairs and flares and everything else. In fact at one point I met a family cooking pasta on a camping gas stove. Sun cream dangerous, compressed propane ok?!!

    I wondered if it was just the stewarding where I entered (Biasono-lesmo, which is the best train route to avoid the shuttle bus)? The queues were also bad this year, but my impression was that this was made worse by the rain on Saturday which was slowing down ticket scanning. Certainly on Sunday the queues moved faster where I was.

    I love Monza, but am questioning whether I’ll go again now. I can make allowances for the rain making it a bit difficult given it is so unusual, but the expectation that you’ll sit it the open air blazing sunshine for 5/6 hours with no sun protection and get held to ransom for a €3 bottle of water or an €8 Heineken is not on.

  15. Andrew, keep up the great work – f1destinations is an awesome resource. Just purchased tickets for 2018 event in grandstand 26c (laterale destra). Travelling from Australia. 26c seems like a great spot to be close to podium celebrations (for when Daniel Ricciardo wins ;-)) and pit action.

    Do you have any tips or advice for seating in 26c?

    Some of the previous comments are a bit alarming – I hope these things are ironed out for the 2018 event. Going to Monza is a bucket list item for me!

    I purchased tickets via gootickets. Is it possible to request where in the grandstand we will actually be seated (eg towards the front, the middle or at the back)?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Tim, thanks for your comments. I need to go back to Monza again this year I think:) Don’t worry too much about the organization. Just go with the flow and enjoy Italy! For 26C, I’d request a seat higher up so you can take photos over the catch fencing. Go Daniel!

  16. Hi,

    I’ve purchased an official entrance for Monza 2018. But the invoice I got said that “Ticket to be collected at the event”.

    If I’m planning to stop at Biassono-Lesmo station, do you know where do I have to collect th ticket?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Chris, I’m not sure where you bought the ticket from. They should be able to tell you where you can collect the ticket at the track. Probably it will be near the Main Entrance, which is a long way from the Biassono-Lesmo station – at the other end of the circuit. If you are only coming on Sunday and need to pick up your ticket from near the Main Gate, I would take the train to the main Monza station.

  17. Hii I was wondering if you knew of any restaurants that I can watch the race from? Or some sort of club where I can pay more for drinks/food but be in air conditioning? Does anything like that exist?

  18. Hi, anyone know if there’s an English radio broadcast (and freq)? We have ear muffs that have normal FM radios in them, we used them at the Melb GP with great success.

    1. Hi. Did you find an english frequency for the monza f1? Going in sept 19 and would like to find out if we can listen in English.

  19. Aidan Phillips

    Hi, in terms of cameras and equipment, what is allowed in with a general admission ticket?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Check the list of prohibited items here. In general for F1 events, you should be fine with camera lens smaller than 400mm. Anything larger and you risk not being allowed in with it.

  20. I will be coming from Biassono-Lesmo station, I have general admission on,y – will I be able to get to the inside viewing areas of the track.

      1. Hi, Are you still allowed to go anywhere on Friday regardless of what ticket you have? In 2019 you could go in all the grandstands with GA and I hoped it was still the same

  21. Annabelle Chan

    Hi, can you please remind me where is the best place to get autographs and selfie with drivers? Not at the autograph session during pitwalk but when they enter and leave the track?

  22. Pit lane tour was very badly organised . The area around Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull was narrower than the rest should there was a ridiculous bottleneck as everyone wanted to be there, and they threw us out at the end before Lewis made an appearance.

  23. I am going to Monza next week! Honestly can’t wait first time at f1 race and I’m buzzing. Any tips for where’s best to sit for GA? Want to view a big screen and have good track view. TIA

    1. I like the inside of Parabolica, but there are lots of good spots to check out. Take a walk around the circuit on Friday and Saturday to see what you like, then get there early on Sunday to reserve your spot!

  24. Do you think we will be able to get a camel bag in? And how strict are they on the oddly sized 15L maximum back pack rule?

  25. Hi Andrew, thanks for having this site and sharing your knowledge. I have read a lot of your content for Milano and Monza in this site, and many of the other readers comments.

    I would like to ask some questions and hopefully receive some answers, as it’s my first F1 race visiting.

    1. Do you know if any identification such as a driver license or a passport is required for entry?

    2. We were thinking about taking the metro from central Milano to “Sesto 1° Maggio FS”, from there we take the bus z221 for easiest access to Ingresso B for our tickets in stand 4A. Is that suggested route crowded and inconvenient than the free options provided during the race day?

    3. Do you believe the grandstand 4A being full by the Sundays F2 race? We would like to still have great seats throughout the whole day, even if we would leave our chosen seats from the F1 race and go to the fan zone during the Porsche Cup.

    4. Is the security as bad as it’s mentioned in the comments, can it really take 20-40 minutes to return back the stand if you went to the fan zone and toilets?

    5. Are we allowed to bring soft drinks, beer or water purchased from the fan zone to the grandstand, as long as it doesn’t have a cap and is reasonably sized?

    1. I will answer myself for other people wondering.

      1. Simply the ticket is fine.
      2. It was fine on Friday, quite bad on Saturday and impossible on Sunday. We took a “private” taxi from the bus stand on friday to the track for the sum of 60 euros, divided on 6 people (3 with me and my friends, and 3 working with the logistics for Sky Productions). On the way back we had an offer of 80 euros which we declined for 3 people, we found another one a couple of hundreds of meters southwards for more reasonable 50 euros.
      3. It was not, but it was quite popular still.
      4. It was not that bad, it took at most 2-3 minutes to pass.
      5. There was no issues with caps. The main security control to enter the establishment might have been problematic with food items in bags and such.

      Make sure you buy those sit cushions for the grand stands to sit more comfortable, I sat in #4 and it was concrete or metal benches. They costed 8 euros outside the track from those inofficial shops.

    1. You still need a ticket (at least General Admission) to get into the circuit on Friday, but once you are inside it is “free seating” in all the grandstands, apart from the Centrale Grandstand.

  26. The worst F1 venue I’ve ever had the displeasure to visit. After the best part of 100yrs of running it, the lack of organisation beggars belief! Muddy footpaths areas flooded, extremely over priced food and drink and the queuing for well everything was a complete disaster. I talked to people in the city of Milan who had tickets for the 3 days but didn’t return after the first!
    I also talked to stewards and they said the authorities just don’t care unbelievable!
    The FIA should really look into this shambles as they make millions out of race fans.

  27. Hi, so my friend and I are going to Monza this year but we are surprised by the fact that you can’t bring a power bank to the circuit. Do you know if there is a reason why we can’t bring them because it would really suck if our phones died and we can’t see what bus we need to get back to the hotel or take pictures of the podium.


    1. I don’t know what to say Naomi, it’s a stupid rule and I remember loads of fans complaining about it last time I was there in 2018. I don’t know the reason, something to do with security. I guess you could try sneaking one in – your bag will get searched but maybe you’ll be lucky if you have in your pocket or something.

  28. Hello,
    my mom and I are going to Monza this year. We were there already in 2019.
    On Thursdays there used to be autograph session and pit pane walk for the holders of 3 day tickets.
    My question is, dont you know If it is this year as well?
    We dont know If it’s worth it going to the circuit on Thursday or not.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    1. I am almost 100% sure it won’t happen this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, sorry. I didn’t see official announcement however. You could still go on Thursday to have a look around, also check out the old banked circuit. It’s a lovely huge park around the circuit, so still a nice place to spend some time even if no events for F1 are on.

  29. Hi! Great information. Just bought tickets. I’m in the GF-9 section for 2021. What is the best entrance or where to park?

  30. Hello,

    I bought 3-day Monza GP tickets for September and I would like to learn, if I will be able to go to pits stop and if yes on which day?


    1. Not really sure about what you want to see. You want to do a pit lane walk? There is normally one for regular ticket holders on Thursday afternoon, but not yet confirmed for 2022

        1. Probably we won’t know until the schedule is released, a few weeks before the race. Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s still worth visiting Monza park on Thursday, good opportunity to check out the beautiful surroundings and also the old banked circuit

  31. Hi Andrew, thanks again for all the information, I see the F1 session times for 2022 but even based on 2021 could you give me an idea of what’s the best time I should arrive in monza each of the days and how much time to allow between the end of the race on Sunday and getting back to the train station after it? Thanks

    1. Up to you when you arrive, but mostly the track action starts quite early – around 9am. However as you can see, F1 doesn’t start till later. As for leaving at the end of the race, I would recommend not being in a hurry to leave. Soak up some of the post-race atmosphere and let the crowds depart to line up for buses and trains. But you need around 1 hour to get from the circuit to the train station, whether by walking or via the shuttle bus.

  32. Hi! Does anyone have an idea of there is a pitlank walk and autograph signing at Monza this year (2022), and if so how I would go about getting tickets?

  33. Hello Andrew!
    Is there any place nearby to drop off our luggage? We arrive at Monza just about time for FP3 and we don’t want to lose any action!

    1. Hi Vasilis – did you ever find out an answer to your question on nearby luggage storage? We have a similar situation in that we are checking into a Varenna apartment Saturday evening after qwali’s

  34. Hello Andrew!
    Two questions:
    1. Is there any free transport from Milan to the Monza Circuit and, if yes, what is the time or where can I check?
    2. Is the time gap between finishing the race (worst case at 17:00) and arriving at the airport (Bergamo or Malpensa, I don’t know yet) enough at around 19:00 (flight 21:00)? And what is the easist transport to go straight to the airport?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. All information about getting to the circuit is covered in this post. There’s no free transport from Milan to Monza. Most people take the train to Monza station and then walk, or take a shuttle bus. I personally wouldn’t be booking a flight at 9pm on Sunday night. Fly home on Monday morning if you can. Whilst it may be possible to get to the airport in time, you will be stressed and not enjoy the race if you are worried about missing your flight.

  35. Hello,

    I wanted to check if there are any covid restrictions at the circuit this year. Will we need to be fully vaccinated to enter?
    I know that all restrictions are now lifted in Italy but I wanted to double-check if that is the same at the circuit.

    Thank you.

  36. Hello, Andrew.
    is there any Monza GP trackside events schedule confirmed yet?
    and also I wonder where I get the schedule and information for the autograph session. I searched but did’t get any information about these on F1 official or monza circuit official website.

    1. Not yet. The full on-track schedule should be released in a few weeks. I don’t think Monza has run an official autograph session in the past. I don’t know if there will be one this year, sorry

      1. Actually there was one in 2019 but it was announced much before and there was a mess to get it in an online platform that basically didn’t work.

  37. Hello Andrew,
    I have tickets for the Prato zone, but I can’t find anywhere what kind of facilities are available in this area (if it is really only standing area, what we can bring inside etc) unfortunately the oficial website of the track has very little information, do you know any official website to find all this information? We were also this year at the Red Bull ring and the information available was much better.

  38. Hello Andrew,

    I wasn’t able to find availability for 3-day ticket at the grandstand I was aiming for, so instead bought 3 separate grandstand tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    I guess I wouldn’t be allowed on Thursday, right?
    Is there still free Friday?
    I should have bought 3-day general admission and grandstands on Saturday and Sunday.

    1. You should be able to go on Thursday – but we are still waiting for info about the pit lane walk, and what the exact requirements are. I’m not expecting Free Friday to be available this year. Again, no confirmation.

  39. Hi, I have tickets to grandstand 7 (Biassono) and there are no pictures of it or what the view is like. Do you have any info about this “new” grandstand?

    1. No pictures or view as it’s a totally new grandstand. It’s on the outside of the track between the start-finish line and the first corner. I don’t think it will have the best view as it’s on the straight, but you should be a distant view of the start and also the first chicane.

  40. Hi. Would anyone know if you can bring your motorcycle helmet into the track with you?
    It would be in a bag.

  41. Hi, thanks a lot for a great and informative website! I am going from Sweden to Monza with my daughter (who is now sold on F1 thanks to Netflix ha ha) and we have bought GA-tickets. We plan to explore the track on saturday to find a good spot to watch the race on sunday, but I have a question. Is it accepted/normal to come early and take a spot, and then leave some belongings (not valuable) to “mark the spot” so we can move around a bit, buy food etc. Or do you have to stay and keep/guard the spot in person from early morning to race?

    1. Hi Martin, your daughter is one of many millions of new fans since Drive to Survive! Sounds like a good plan. Yes, it is accepted in General Admission to reserve your spot in the morning. But the best way to keep it is to make friends with those around you, look out for each other. I’m sure those around you will be happy to guard your spot/belongings if you do the same for them.

  42. Hi! We have vedano seats, and coming from lake como – what time do you think we should plan to arrive saturday & sunday and do you have a gate recommendation to enter in ?

    1. When you arrive is up to you, depends if you only want to see F1 action, or also the support categories. But the earlier the better on the weekend as there will be more people arriving at peak times (10-12). If you are taking the train to Monza station, you can take the Black shuttle bus afterwards and then walk to Gate A/B (also called Vedano). Check the map here

  43. Do we know anything about Thursday yet and potentially the pitlane walk? Have a weekend ticket and was just wondering if anything was announced, or when we’re likely to know

  44. Hello. Where would you recommend us heading to for general admission for the best view at Monza? Thanks!

    1. We wrote about some of the best places to watch in GA in our Italy tickets post. With the new GF seats, I think the best areas in GA to watch on the inside of Parabolica are no longer, but Curva Lesmo is still a good spot. If you are there for all three days, I recommend using Friday to walk around and find the best vantage spots. Then you can return to these on Saturday and Sunday

  45. Hey I am going to the 2022 monza gp and my plane arrives at milan airport at 12.30 how bad will the traffic be around monza and would i be all good to make it to my circuit and seats in time for fp1 at least

    1. Assume you mean Milan Malpensa Airport? Given that you only have 90 minutes from landing to the start of FP1, no I don’t think you will make it. You also didn’t say how you are planning to get from the airport to the track – and I guess you will need to leave your bags somewhere? You have an express train from Malpensa to Centrale station in Milan (where you could drop your bags) and then trains to Monza, followed by shuttle bus or regular bus. I think you should be aiming to make it for FP2, which starts at 5pm

  46. Hi, I know it’s stated that digital cameras and lens are allowed. However is there a limit to the size of lens allowed? I was hoping to bring a 150-500mm lens.


    1. The general rule of thumb is that most circuits don’t let you in with a lens bigger than 200mm. There’s a chance you won’t be allowed in with a such a big lens. Sorry I can’t be more specific

  47. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for writing such an informative piece. I have one question: is there a Drivers’ Autograph Session at Monza this year? If so, how does one gain access to it?

    Thank you

  48. Hi Andrew! Everything here is so informative. Thank you so much. Question, are are Monza social channels that we can check for autograph session, pit lane walk etc, if there will be any.

  49. Hi Andrew,

    When will the weekend schedule (including pit lane tours) be released for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix?


      1. Erik Nilsen Aamot

        Hi there :)

        Do you by any chance know if “Free Friday” will return for 2022? :)
        Used it to great effect, & was very happy with it in 2019 :)

        1. I don’t believe so. I think someone actually wrote to Monza and they confirmed it wouldn’t be happening this year. But you never know, Fridays are always a bit more relaxed. Perhaps there’s still a chance to get into one or two grandstands. Worth a try


  51. Great site, thank you. I see a lot of people complaining hard about the experience around 2016-2019. Has the place/experience improved since then does anyone know. Going to Saturday GA and Sunday 21D. Can’t wait, but a little apprehensive after reading the comments.

  52. Hi Andrew,
    Is there an official allowable and prohibited items list?
    I’m unable to locate on the Monza website…

    Perhaps you could post a link.



    1. The official list of allowed/prohibited items doesn’t seem to have been published yet for 2022. I think it will be very similar to the list published on this post from last year.

    1. Hi Molly, this site is not official and is also not correct, in my opinion. The official F1 schedule – and the Monza website schedule – do not show a pit lane walk on Thursday. Also the ‘public’ pit lane walks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday listed in this schedule are actually for Paddock Club guests only. You can enter at most gates for Grandstand 8B, depends how you are planning to get to the track. Here’s the Monza map – closest gate is B or C, but for that you are best off taking the local bus Z221 or a taxi/Uber to get you closer to the gate.

  53. Hi, any news on thursday pit walk? If it won’t be held, then I guess there’s no point in going to the track on thursday?

    1. It’s not going to be held, but I guess you didn’t read the rest of this post – there is a new fanzone which will be open to anyone on Thursday, and I think this will be worth checking out

  54. Hi there,

    First of all, thanks for your great work, Andrew. Your site has helped me pick a seat (6B) and plan my first visit to Monza.
    Couple of questions: is English language FM radio commentary available?
    Secondly, and this is probably a long shot: any info on vegan food available to purchase? Thanks.


    1. Hi Bernhard,
      I don’t know of any English commentary on FM radio at Monza, sorry. Alternative is to try to get the live commentary on the paid version of the F1 app. As for vegan food, I also don’t know. But trackside food is generally getting better and more choice all around the world, so I hope there will be something for you. Alternatively, best to bring in your own.

      1. Hi Andrew,

        thanks for the swift & helpful reply. I was not aware of the live commentary of the paid version of the F1 app so will definitely check this out. Or may just listen on BBC 5 live if I get a good enough signal.
        I agree it might be sensible to bring food on Friday and see what’s what.
        Thanks again.


  55. Hi!
    Is it true that the fan zone is cancelled as they don’t have some kind of official permission? Link from the article is no longer available.
    Also there is a problem with “temporary grandstands”. Which one are they?
    Gotta love this Italian organisation…

    1. It does seem that there’s a big issue with the new fanzone, was just reading an article in Italian that said they didn’t get the right approvals. However, I don’t know which (if any) temporary grandstands are affected, but likely to be the new ones for 2022.

  56. Just watched Teds notebook following the Dutch GP and at the end he “just mentioned” about some Monza tickets being cancelled due to grandstand problems.
    Is this true? And if so, which grandstands are affected. Bit late in the day given most will have booked travel and accommodation by now

    1. I heard about this, and actually saw a reply posted by Monza on twitter – they said the tickets were bought by a large reseller in the UK, who couldn’t pay for them or deliver to customers, what’s why they were cancelled and returned to the circuit. However, there does seem to be a legal issue with the planned new fanzone at Monza this year – apparently they didn’t get all the permits required or something to build it in the park.

      1. Thanks Andrew – and phew! It just confirms your advice to buy from a reputable seller (I used your site and am looking forward to sitting in stand 6b)

  57. Hi Andrew,
    Do you happen to know where the drivers car park is and from where they will be entering the circuit? If im not mistaken there used to be fans queuing up to get autographs from the drivers at their entrance into the circuit in the pre covid times however I do not know where that is located. Many thanks!

    1. Read this article. I’m not 100% sure that this spot is still good for getting autographs, as I think it’s become much more popular – and the drivers come in a different way now. The drivers used to park in the adjacent carpark to the area indicated (inside of circuit, final corner) but not sure if they still do.

  58. Hi Andrew,

    Great site and super informative for a first time GP spectator. So Thank you!

    We have General Admission tickets (waiting on them to be released from stub hub) can I ask you a few things if you don’t mind…

    1) what gates should GA ticket holders enter from?

    2) based on GA tickets after arriving at Monza Train station from Central Station will the black shuttle be the best option to reach the track (I understand it’s a bit of a trek once you get off the shuttle also)

    3) best places to see the GP for GA ticket holders? (Our tickets are GA Prato but mentions Ferrari row so no idea exactly until they are released to us from stub hub)I believe there are some new grandstands for 2022 but from reading comments above maybe there are some issues on these now

    4) how long do you think it will take to get to Monza train station after the GP ends? We have the orio shuttle booked to take us to Malpensa after

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Niamh, thanks a lot.
      1. You can enter from any gate for GA.
      2. The Black Shuttle is the most popular way to get to track after arriving at Monza station, but it’s not the only way. You can take the train instead to Biassono-Lesmo. This is closer to the track, and gets you into some good GA areas near Lesmo.
      3. Honestly, it’s been a while since I was in GA at Monza and there have been changes. I remember watching from inside of Parabolica, but now there are small grandstands there. Basically, you need to wander around the circuit (Friday is good for this) and find a spot you like. Then get there earlier on the weekend if you want to reserve it.
      4. Well, even without shuttle, you should be able to walk to Monza station in under an hour. The Sunday only express train from Biassono-Lesmo is also worth considering.
      Everything is covered here:

  59. Hi! I have a question about my backpack. I have a regular 24 L eastpak backpack that will use to travel, and thats the only one I will have to take to the circuit. Can they tell just by looking at it? Are they strict with this type of sizes?
    Thank you

    1. Well you have seen that the limit is 15l, so it’s up to you to take the risk. Probably it will be fine, but you could have an issue – it’s always up to discretion of the security person

      1. Yes, but it also says “(sizes larger than a school backpack are not allowed)”. Mine is a school backpack, but I don’t know what a school backpack is for them. Thank you for the answer! Amazing website!

    1. Dogs are not on the prohibited list at Monza, but they are at other circuits. Honestly, I think it could be a problem. I wouldn’t be taking a dog in. Try to find another solution

  60. Dear Andrew,

    Would it be possible to enter the track on Thursday if the Fanzone would not be open?

    Thank you :)

  61. Would you know if it’s possible to bring in a camera tripod ? ( about 50cm long when packed ) .
    Thanks you

  62. Hi there! Could you please suggest whether there is possibility to join the crowd behind podium once the race finishes from Parabolica 23? If yes, how to do it? Thanks!

      1. We see the opening from the marshal post, but we are not sure how to cross the fences to marshal zone. Is it like specific opening?

  63. This was a disgrace we saw lance stroll asked for a picture te responds and said yes in a sec and then the monza security guard came up to us and started telling us to shut up and get out for absolutely no reason we where allowed to be there but he said to leave the circuit

  64. Think the information provided on here is excellent and so informative.

    I’ve just been to the 2022 Monza F1 and whilst the F1 is spectacular, the fan zones and food/drinks at Monza are utterly disgraceful.

    The stewarding and entrance access is unnecessarily slow and is marshalled by young kids leading to long waits for no reason. Leave at least an hour more than you think to get in on top of a 30-40 minute walk from train or shuttle bus drop off points.

    The food villages behind Centrale Grandstand where we were seated were shamefully run and overcrowded.
    A token system is used instead of a much easier contactless system and prepaid token bracelets also available.
    Needless to say the bracelet system did not work and 2-3 hour queues in the baking heat for tokens were needed, to buy any kind of food and drink including water.
    I witnessed people have seizures, feinting and just in desperation just trying to get tokens for themselves, their kids etc.

    After you have tokens you were probably then looking at queuing for another hour for any kind of food or drink.
    It’s a level of mismanagement on an entirely different level to any sporting event I’ve ever attended. It’s almost a form of abuse to the fans and so sad for such an iconic track.

    Plus points for me were that Tenord operated excellent trains and shuttle bus service from Milan, really well done to them.
    We thought using that service through Monza station was better than the Biassano-Lesmo option with very little waiting. Well done Trenord!

    We had fantastic tickets in Centrale Grandstand, but due to the quite frankly ‘dangerous’ food and drink debacle going on just behind the stands, I think I can safely say this is the first and last time I would do Monza unless I could afford a corporate package.

    I’m not sure how there isn’t more outrage over this as it appears it has been happening for years. It seems the F1 papers over some gaping cracks in what is going on behind the scenes at Monza and the powers in charge are no doubt happy to keep fleecing the fans while they continue to fill their pockets.

    My advice would be to go to a better organised event than this as the ‘behind the scenes’ real experience of Monza is shamefully bad.

    1. Thank you for your honest review and feedback. Monza really needs to work on a better experience, especially regarding queues at entrances/issues with buying food and drink. Many other races in Europe have no issue organizing a much better event for the fans.

      1. Just out of interest which of the F1 races have you considered the best experience from those you’ve visited?

        1. Good question! I’ve visited most destinations now on the current F1 calendar. Best experience is hard to describe, but I’ve definitely enjoyed more attending the smaller races in recent times. This was also because I was actually working, and the smaller races are less stressful than the bigger ones. But I absolutely loved Bahrain, Imola and Baku this year – for different reasons. In terms of good organization, it’s hard to go past races like Austria, Netherlands, Canada. Silverstone is also really well organized but I’m not a huge fan of the circuit itself.

    2. What we did was carry 1.5 liter fluid per person and lotsd of food like sandwiches, deserts, fruits etc. and just used the tokens at times when the queue was small, so the total waiting time for 3 days was around 10 minutes.

      I am just saying this is a solution, not THE solution. But it is cheaper and buying less makes them think more and organize it better. :)

    3. Hi, I can confirm all above.
      Additionally, despite declared “water bottles larger than 1 l not allowed” in fact there was “bottles above 1 l must not have a cap on it”. If the cap is in you pocket, you are good to go with 2 l bottle :)
      We were seated in Vedano (24) stand, and there were no gates to enter the track after the race. We went towards Grand stand and there was one place with the fence of just about 2 meters which was climbable, as many fans did. Going back from the track we had two more fences to climb, but that was ok :)
      We went to track by car, parked in Orange zone (33 eur/day), there was ~2 km to the gate, the same as from the bus stop if you would come by train/bus shuttle.
      Mobile phone reception (both calls and data) at the track was very poor (due to the crowd), I think this may be the reason why NFC/tokens systems weren’t working.
      After seeing problems on Saturday, we brought own sandwiches and water on Sunday to avoid token ques. Luckily I saw the email sent from track about these tokens Friday morning, and had registered myself online, so I got some QR code by mail. This saved me the huge que, as I was able to get the NFC bracelet and top-up the bracelet at self service machine. However, few hour later the machine stopped working.
      Glass of beer was 6 tokens (that’s 9 euros), or you could ask for reusable cups, then it is 5 tokens. Water/cola 3 tokens. After waiting 10 mins for at the drinks spot, we were told they only accept physical tokens, not NFC… So had to go to another spot and… you get it.
      Food available was fokkacias (terrible in fact) and some burgers we hadn’t tried (because of the ques). Prices for food also inadequate.
      We couldn’t access other parts of the track, namely fan zone, because passage under the track was blocked by security.
      Shops sell caps for 60-80 eur, t-shirts for 75-100 eur, no matter what team. Compared to Germany and Hungary few years ago, prices had gone up two-fold.

      To sum it up, Budapest remains one of the most convenient tracks to visit in Europe, both because of the track facilities and the city itself (You really don’t have much to do in Milan center, except spending ridiculous amounts of money in restaurants around Duomo or you have to live in some remote district of Milan, because after day at the track you don’t want to take long trips by metro/bus to and from the center).

  65. Hi Andrew
    Awesome article! Went to the Belgian GP this year and I’m absolutely hooked now on visiting some iconic tracks.
    I’d love to visit Monza but am worried about the reviews I’ve read in the comments thread :(

    Would you/anyone else in this thread have any positive stories from Monza 2022?

    I also have time off work to visit Austria instead, so of course will be reading your article if you’ve written one up!
    Would you recommend Spielberg over Monza to see if the Italians have improved the experience in 2023?

    Cheers!! :)

    1. Monza was best described this year as a ‘shitshow’ but to be honest, the organization in Italy has always been like that. It was just made worse this year by a capacity crowd. With proper planning and realistic expectations, you can still have a great time at Monza. Austria on the other hand is one of the best organized races on the calendar, and the surrounding area is fantastic. The issue is that Austria is almost sold out already, and finding good accommodation not too far from the circuit is tricky.

  66. Hi, any idea when tickets will be released on F1 destinations for this race as it says coming soon? Saw and unfortunately missed the main sale and wondered if i still have a chance for Monza or should start looking at other races such as Imola? Thanks!

    1. Hi James, we are trying to get tickets, but our agent wasn’t given a big enough allocation yet to open the ticket shop. Imola tickets still available via TicketOne/circuit website

  67. Hi Andrew,
    I would like to take a flight after the race leaving from Malpensa at 21:20.
    I intent to rent a car.
    Do you think it is possible this schedule?
    Thank you.

  68. the 2023 Monza Gp will be my first ever race, and im going to general admission. any recommendations in term of where to sit?

    1. Hi Ignacio, as I mentioned in the Tickets post, I really don’t recommend General Admission at Monza. The experience last year was really bad. Almost all of the good viewing spots were taken away because they added new grandstands. There was also many areas restricted. I think you can try the inside of the track near the Lesmo corners. I don’t know where else to go now, sorry

  69. Hi Andrew,
    Wonderful site, very helpful. We’re going to Monza for this year’s GP from the U.S. and I just registered for an NFC bracelet on the Street Food National League site and put 35 “coins” on it. But no next step or anything shown after that…do you know if we just buy the physical bracelet at the circuit and it “matches” to our account or something? Thanks for any help, Douglas

    1. You are very organized Douglas. Honestly, I’m surprised you were able to put coins on your bracelet so early. I didn’t think it would be operational yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some changes to the system this year, as many people complained about it last year – mainly the big queues to buy food/drink. I don’t know the answer to your question, but it sounds logical that if you buy a physical bracelet at the track, you will be able to login and credit your coins to it.

      1. Joanne Taylor

        Hi Andrew on the NFC bracelet website if you hit the 3 lines top left, one of the options is QR code & bracelet. Apparently you pick up a bracelet at one of the vendors at the track and scan the QR code which uploads your credit to the bracelet

        We’ve just done the same as Douglas, payment is showing ‘pending’ in my account no coins are showing as credit as yet.

        1. Hi Joanne,

          Do you have a link to the website for these said bracelets? My partner and I are travelling from Australia this year for our first GP and want to be as organised as possible, and the only site I could find was last years in which I cannot register. Any help would be appreciated (: thanks

  70. Arlene Vosloo

    We have not received our tickets – which will apparently be sent via email on 1 or 2 Sept. We will be travelling so wont be able to print them out. Is it possible to present them on a phone when entering?

    1. Hello, I’d say there is a good chance you will get them before September 1-2. That’s probably a worst case scenario. You should be fine with tickets on your phone, but it’s always recommended to print out your tickets as well if you can. Normally it’s easy to ask your hotel or a printing shop to do this for you

  71. Hello,i am from Sweden and i will travel to Monza in september to see the F1 circuit.I don’t have any idea where to wait to see the drivers more closely because i hope from little child to get an autograph from some of them.Maybe some of you know :)

    1. Hi Carina, it’s getting increasingly difficult to see the drivers at the track as so many fans want to meet them and get selfies or autographs. But you can try to get to the Paddock entrance at Monza, the end closer to the final corner. This is where the drivers arrive and depart the circuit. It used to be able to hang out here, but I’m guessing it’s more difficult now with increased security.

  72. Hello, I am from Greece and i will travel to Monza in September for the Grand Prix. Does anybody know if there will be a public pitlane walk for 3-day ticket holders this year? Thank you in advance!

  73. Hi, all

    I have been watching F1 on tv for a very long time, but this is the first time I will visit the real grand prix. Can you help me with some questions?

    1. I got tickets for Prima Variante 8b stand. But I will use the Black shuttle bus from Monza train station. Can I enter the track through any gate or only gate B/C which are near my stand? I want to enter through gate G.

    2. Also I want to visit old circuit. Is it possible to sneak somewhere near gate G and reach the famous banking on Sunday before race? (Curva Sud).

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jury,
      You can enter through any gate.
      If you are coming from Monza station, I’d actually recommend taking the 221 or 204 bus from near the station, as these will get you much closer to Prima Variante than the Black Shuttle bus.
      Normally you can only visit the old banked circuit on non race days (I was there in May and could see the whole northern section of banking up close). I don’t think it will be open on race weekend, but you can try on Thursday or Monday. I think the southern banking is closed at the moment.

      1. Thank you very much Andrew for your information.
        Sorry, but one last question: is it better to go by car to Italian grand prix or by public transport?
        I’m worry about traffic jams and parking.

        1. If you are staying in Milan, I’d be taking public transport. As long as you are patient and prepared to walk a little, it’s easier and less hassle than driving and parking.

  74. Hi Andrew. Thanks for all the work and posting all the info here to read.

    We are coming for the 2023 Italian GP. Is the backpack size/volume limit still at 15L? Do you know if they have made any change? Is there any where I might be able to ask/email for info if you are unsure?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. We need to wait for Monza to publish the updated guidelines for 2023. This should happen soon. Having said that, if you have a slightly larger backpack, it’s unlikely to be a problem.

  75. Sorry, but forgot to include this with my original question.

    Are you not allowed to bring in sealed 500ml water bottles into the park in your backpack? I’ve read an 2023 update of what they are allowing but it seems according to what others have posted that a sealed water bottle (like an Evian bottle of water) is not allowed to be brought into the park and that you have to have it opened.

    Pardon my ignorance, and thanks again.

    1. I think we need to wait for the exact 2023 rules to be published by Monza. Last year, you could only take an opened bottle of water (but easy to carry an extra lid in your pocket). Also no powerbanks. However I think it is likely to change this year based on the rules for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, which did allow for one unopened bottle of water 500ml and a power bank weighing not more than 300 grams.

  76. Which stand from GF13-18 is the best to get access to the track after the race so that we can get a chance to reach the main straight to see the celebrations? Also, which stand among the above stated is generally the best for raceday in your opinion?

    1. I don’t think it’s about which of these stands, GF13-18, will be the best access. The track gate is likely to be opened either side of this. I’m not sure exactly where, sorry.

  77. Natalie C Evertson

    Hello – my husband and I have tix for grandstand 1 (Tribuna Centrale) row J. However, I have vitiligo and should not sit in the sun. How do I find out if these seats are under the cover? I can’t seem to find a seat map online. Would you know where I might find one?

    BTW, we’ve been to F1 in Montreal (which is quite organized and very easy to navigate) so I’m a little nervous about attending Monza since I’ve heard so many horror stories about the lack of upkeep and the chaotic logistical organization. Reading your post and your Q&A is super helpful!! Thank you for doing this!

    1. Hi Natalie, this grandstand is sold out so I cannot check the seat map. But looking at other grandstands on the main straight, the row letters begin from the top. So Row J should be ten rows from the top. This should mean you will be quite close to the top, and definitely with cover from the sun. (This grandstand also faces East). As for organization, as long as you go in with open eyes and don’t have big expectations, you will be fine. In my opinion, the incredible atmosphere and history of Monza makes up for the organizational shortcomings

  78. I’m flabbergasted that we still don’t know what payment system will be in place, two weeks time for food and drink. I’ve been to 4 Monza GP’s, the last being 2018 and no problems. I’m 76 and it’s bad enough the walk from the shuttle park to your seat without this mega problem. When do you think the circuit will make an announcement.

      1. Thanks Andrew,
        I can’t see getting an answer before, which will be very annoying, but heyho. Just have to take in sandwiches etc as I did in 2014 when we had a similar scenario

  79. Hello Andrew, i have tickets for the Circolare Prato, what is the best acess and best locations near the track?
    thank you for the information

    1. The views in Prato/General Admission are not that great. I think the most space is at the top of the circuit, near the two Lesmo corners. Best way to get here is to take the train to Biassono-Lesmo and enter via Gate D

  80. Hello! We’re headed to Monza for the first time. I haven’t seen anything on the restrictions or “fine to bring” lists regarding purses or backpacks. Anyone know any details there? If they need to be clear plastic like some other sporting facilities, backpacks not allowed at all, etc.
    Thanks so much!

    1. I updated this page a few days ago and it does clearly stated that you are allowed to bring a small backpack, up to 15 litres. No requirement for it to be clear plastic. Of course, you will probably be fine with a backpack larger than 15 liters (provided it is not full and overflowing), it just comes down to discretion of the guard at the gate.

  81. Hi Andrew
    I receive the tickets today to the Grandstand 8b (3 days). Exist a plan of the places in the Grandstand so I can see where my place is on the stand?
    2nd question is about car. I’ve a flight sunday at 21:30 in Malpensa. Do you thing that the best choice is to rent a car and go in to the circuit, to not loose the plain?
    3th question is about parking car: what is the park near the gates B?
    Do you think it’s worth hiring a car (rent car) to leave the circuit and go to the airport with a flight at 21h30m? Or are there better transport alternatives, such as the train?
    Thank you in advance

    1. There’s a seat map for Grandstand 8b on this link, but it doesn’t state section numbers. Rows start with A (closest to the track) and go up to O (top row of the grandstand).
      I personally wouldn’t rent a car just for a day. Traffic is horrendous around Monza on race day, and parking is not that close or easy to book. I would leave the circuit and get back to Milan via train (either from Biassono-Lesmo station or Monza station). From Centrale station in Milan, you have a regular express train to Malpensa. Your flight is not that early, so I think you will have plenty of time. Just don’t forget to check in online before for your flight!

  82. Hi, thank you for all the useful info and answering questions.

    I was wondering if compact kids strollers (airplane carryon size) are allowed?

    Because it is such a long walk from shuttle bus to gate entrance (entrance B).

    Looking at the list of prohibited items, I doubt strollers would be allowed, but would be nice to know from folks with experience visiting Monza f1 gp.

    Would it be worth taking a taxi just to get closer to the entrances with kids?

    Thank you!

  83. Christopher Flynn

    I have a mirrorless camera but only have the kit lens which is 18-55mm zoom lens, nothing huge. But I have seen on other forums a ban on “professional cameras” meaning interchangeable lenses. Wondering if that isn’t true and if I can bring my camera in. Thank you!

  84. Thank you so much for this website – the information has been insanely helpful for planning what I can bring it, what to budget, etc.! My wonderful husband surprised me with a trip to Venice for my 40th birthday this summer and when I realized we were going to be there during the Italian GP I knew I had to surprise him right back with tickets to Monza. I have the tickets purchased, we are only able to attend on race day (Sept. 1) and I will be driving a rental car in from Venice that morning and returning that night (we are Canadians – 5 or 6 hours round trip in a day is nothing!). I got tickets for GF13, inside the parabolica. Will it be obvious to me where I should park and how to get from parking to the entrance and then the interior of the circuit? We’ve never been to an F1 race but hubby has been a fan for years (and yes, I’m one of those annoying people who only got really into it after Drive to Survive started on Netflix, but now we are an F1 obsessed family!) and this is a totally coincidental, once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing for us so I just don’t want to screw it up!

    1. Hi Annie, love your plan! It will be a long drive from Venice to Monza, but sounds like you are ready for that. Most parking tickets will not be available until closer to race weekend. When you buy, you will have a choice of parks – some of them include a shuttle bus (park & ride). GF13 is on the inside of Parabolica, so best parking would be on the south east corner of the circuit.

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