Which F1 Circuits Offer the Best Fan Experience in 2024?

From city street circuits to historic rural circuits, the 2024 F1 calendar offers an exciting mix of venues. We take a closer look at which types of circuits offer the best fan experience.

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This year’s Formula 1 calendar features a record 24 races. Every circuit is different, but it’s also possible to group circuits based on their shared characteristics, such as location and whether they are permanent or temporary. We’ve identified four main types of circuits on the current calendar:

  • Purpose-Built Circuits Near Large Cities (10 on current calendar): The largest category includes permanent circuits (mostly modern) that have been built in the suburbs or nearby large cities. Included within this category: Bahrain International Circuit, Shanghai International Circuit, Autodromo Imola, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Hungaroring, Zandvoort, Circuit of The Americas, Interlagos, Lusail Circuit & Yas Marina Circuit
  • City Street Circuits (6 on current calendar): Temporary circuits running on the streets of large cities, normally downtown. Included within this category: Jeddah Corniche Circuit, Miami Autodrome, Circuit de Monaco, Baku City Circuit, Marina Bay Street Circuit & Las Vegas Strip Circuit
  • City Park Circuits (4 on current calendar): Temporary or permanent circuits located within city parks in the suburbs of major global cities. Included within this category: Albert Park, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Autodromo Monza & Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.
  • Purpose-Built or Historic Circuits in Rural Locations (4 on current calendar): The final category includes historic or classic circuits in rural locations, far away from major cities. Included within this category: Suzuka, Red Bull Ring, Silverstone & Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps.

When considering the best possible F1 fan experience, we’ve looked at aspects such as ease of getting to the circuit, vantage points, trackside facilities, on-track and off-track action, overall weekend cost and general trackside atmosphere. We’ve also given preference to circuits that offer proper General Admission viewing, and don’t restrict fans to particular zones inside the circuit. Of course, exceptions to the rule exist within each circuit category. We’ve ranked the fan experience for the circuits within each category based on our guides and personal experience; feel free to leave a comment if you disagree!

City Park Circuits

There are only four city park circuits on the current F1 calendar, but they are among the most popular with fans and also attract some of the highest attendances. We’d argue that city park circuits offer the best overall experience of any circuit type in 2024. Watching an F1 race in a public park is generally a pleasant experience. You are more likely to be using (at least some) permanent facilities, there is shade from the sun and established walkways.

City park circuits are also easily accessible from the city center of desirable global cities by public transport (Monza is a little harder to reach than the others, admittedly.) Being located close to major cities, these circuits also provide a better selection of accommodation, as well as plenty of restaurants, nightlife and cultural activities. On the downside, city park circuits are not known for having the best spectator views. All four city park circuits are generally flat and don’t have the elevated or panoramic views on offer at some purpose-built circuits.

Here’s our ranking of the four city park circuits on the 2024Formula 1 calendar:

1. Albert Park: 2024 Australian Grand Prix (Mar 21-24)

Host of the Australian Grand Prix since 1996, the Albert Park circuit is located within a city park that’s midway between downtown Melbourne and the seaside suburb of St Kilda. Free trams run past the circuit on race weekend. Despite being a largely temporary circuit, the facilities in Melbourne are excellent and the organization is always top notch. Ticket prices are reasonable, and the on-track programme runs for a full four days, though the F1 cars are not in action on Thursday. Learn More: 2024 Australian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

2. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve: 2024 Canadian Grand Prix (Jun 7-9)

A calendar fixture since the late 1970s, the Canadian Grand Prix is staged on an island in the St. Lawrence seaway, just one metro stop from downtown Montréal. The race is well organized, ticket prices are reasonable (especially for those south of the border) and the city comes to life on race weekend with F1-themed street parties and cultural events. On the downside, larger crowds in recent years are putting a strain on the facilities; the bridges to the circuit can get very congested, as can the narrow walkways near the grandstands. Learn More: 2024 Canadian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

3. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez: 2024 Mexico City GP (Oct 25-27)

Since returning to the F1 calendar in 2016, the Mexico City Grand Prix has established a reputation for being one of the best organized races on the calendar. The passionate Mexican fans also create an unrivalled atmosphere. Located within the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City park in the suburbs of Mexico City, the circuit is easily accessible via the metro. To top it off, the race also coincides with the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, a colourful national holiday. On the downside, tickets are quite expensive, and you cannot explore the track. Your ticket only provides access to the zone where your seat is located. Learn More: 2024 Mexico City Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

4. Autodromo Monza: 2024 Italian Grand Prix (Aug 30-Sep 1)

The oldest circuit on the calendar, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2022, Monza is located within the leafy surrounds of one of the largest city parks in Europe. The tifosi (Italian fans of Ferrari) create an awesome atmosphere, but the organization has been poor in recent years. It can also be hard to reach the circuit from nearby Milan. Learn More: 2024 Italian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

Did you know? Three of the four city park circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar are located in cities that have hosted the Summer Olympics. Two of the circuits, in Mexico and Canada, are located in parks that once hosted Olympic events.

City Street Circuits

Unlike Formula E, where almost all races are held on street circuits, only 6 races out of 24 (25%) on the 2024 F1 calendar take place on street circuits, including the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Four of these circuits can be considered traditional street circuits, while those in Jeddah and Miami are more hybrid in nature; both are run on a mixture of public roads and private land and are not located in the strict city centre.

The key advantage of city street circuits is proximity to the city itself, making it easier to secure accommodation with good transport links, or even within walking distance of the circuit. There’s also easier access to restaurants, shopping, nightlife and tourist attractions. The atmosphere is also unrivalled, with special events and activations often taking place in the city on race weekend. On the downside, street circuits are characterized by limited viewing opportunities. You normally can’t see any more than 1-2 corners from wherever you are watching. Views can be further interrupted by walls and catch fencing.

Here’s our ranking of the six city street circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar:

1. Marina Bay Street Circuit: 2024 Singapore GP (Sep 20-22)

Formula 1’s original night race is still one of the best races to attend on the calendar. Excellent nightlife, food, shopping, hotels and tourist attractions are within walking distance of the circuit, and the atmosphere on race weekend is electric. Prices for race tickets and local hotel rooms are high, but the organization is top notch, and the big-name concerts add a lot to the overall experience. Singapore is a major hub for air travel and the city has an excellent public transport network. Learn More: 2024 Singapore Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

2. Circuit de Monaco: 2024 Monaco Grand Prix (May 23-26)

Synonymous with money and glamour, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of Formula 1’s oldest events. It’s almost impossible for modern F1 cars to pass each other on the tight and twisty Circuit de Monaco, but there’s always been more to this race weekend than the racing. Like the legendary on-track parties every night! Staying in the principality itself is not affordable for most fans, but the transport connections to nearby cities like Nice and Menton are decent. Tickets aren’t cheap but attending the Monaco Grand Prix at least once should definitely be on your F1 bucket list. Learn More: 2024 Monaco Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

3. Las Vegas Strip Circuit: 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix (Nov 21-23)

The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix offered by far the most expensive tickets on the 2023 F1 calendar. Was it worth it? Not after the first day of running was compromised by a track issue. However, the race itself was one of the season’s best, and an F1 race under lights on a Saturday night in the middle of America’s nightlife capital is definitely unlike any other race on the calendar. Learn More: 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

4. Baku City Circuit: 2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Sep 13-15)

It’s not easy to find flights to Baku, but it’s worth making the effort. The capital of Azerbaijan has a stunning mix of ancient and modern architecture, and the circuit runs right through the heart of the city. The race is affordable, it’s easy to find cheap accommodation within walking distance of the circuit, and the low attendance (and good organization) makes for an excellent fan experience. The Fanzone is also one of the best on the calendar. Learn More: 2024 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

5. Miami International Autodrome: 2024 Miami Grand Prix (May 3-5)

Despite some teething issues in the first year, particularly related to trackside hospitality, the Miami Grand Prix can be considered an overall success after two races. With the circuit running around the Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins NFL team, there’s already better infrastructure in place than at other temporary street circuits. Despite being some distance from downtown Miami, getting to and from the circuit was also not too bad. The biggest issue for many fans, apart from high ticket prices? The Florida heat and humidity! Learn More: 2024 Miami Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

6. Jeddah Corniche Circuit: 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix (Mar 7-9)

One of the newest additions to the calendar has produced several exciting races under lights since 2021. Located next to the Red Sea in the port city of Jeddah, the temporary Jeddah Corniche Circuit offers very good facilities, especially for hospitality guests, and has attracted some big-name performers for race weekend concerts. General Admission and grandstand tickets are reasonably priced, though fans who like a drink while watching the action will be disappointed. Alcohol is banned in the conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Learn More: 2024 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

Purpose-Built Circuits Near Large Cities

The biggest category has some of the best circuits for spectating on the current calendar, including Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Hungaroring, both of which benefit from a ‘natural amphitheater’ location that lends itself to viewing large parts of the circuit from most spectator areas, even General Admission. As well as better trackside views, another advantage of purpose-built circuits near large cities is, in general, a better quality of trackside infrastructure.

Having said that, there is quite some variation amongst the circuits in this category; the newer purpose-built circuits such as Circuit of The Americas and the three Middle Eastern circuits have much better facilities than the older ones such as Autodromo Imola, Circuit Zandvoort and Interlagos. Most circuits in this list, apart from the Hungaroring, COTA and the Middle Eastern venues, also have decent transport links from the closest major city. Staying in the city centre for these races is usually recommended; the only downside is that you will generally be travelling at least 30-60 minutes each way to get to and from the circuit.

Here’s our ranking of the nine purpose-built circuits near large cities on the 2024 F1 calendar:

1. Yas Marina Circuit: 2024 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Dec 6-8)

The most expensive F1 circuit ever built at a reported cost of $1bn USD, Yas Marina is the centerpiece of a huge investment on Yas Island that also includes theme parks, shopping, hotels and concert venues. All grandstand seats are covered and the trackside views at F1’s only twilight race are exceptional. Ticket prices are high, but you also get four nights of A-list concerts. Whilst not particularly close to Abu Dhabi (or Dubai), access to the circuit is quite good with ample parking and public transport options. Learn More: 2024 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

2. Bahrain International Circuit: 2024 Bahrain GP (Feb 29-Mar 2)

Almost 20 years old but still modern and offering good infrastructure for fans, Bahrain International Circuit regularly hosts exciting races under lights. Tickets are cheap and all the grandstands are covered. The fan experience is also improved by the fact that Bahrain attracts a much lower attendance than most other races. The easiest way to get to the circuit from the capital, Manama, is via car. But the organizers do offer a free shuttle bus service from several city centre hotels. Learn More: 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

3. Hungaroring: 2024 Hungarian Grand Prix (Jul 19-21)

Excellent spectator views, very affordable tickets, warm summer weather and proximity to the fantastic city of Budapest are some of the drawcards of the Hungarian Grand Prix, which has been staged every year since 1986. On the downside, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get to/from the circuit from the centre of Budapest, and the trackside infrastructure is definitely in need of an upgrade. Learn More: 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

4. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya: 2024 Spanish GP (Jun 21-23)

It’s all about the trackside views at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, which is compact and situated in a natural amphitheatre. Ticket prices are affordable, and the circuit is relatively close to the fantastic city of Barcelona. State of the art when it was built over 30 years ago, the circuit is starting to show its age. More concerning is the organization, which left a lot to be desired in 2022 when combined with extreme heat. The organization was better in 2023, and changes to the track layout improved the on-track spectacle. Learn More: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

5. Circuit of The Americas (COTA): 2024 United States GP (Oct 18-20)

One of the newest permanent circuits on the calendar, COTA offers lots of elevation changes with great trackside views and close proximity to the restaurants and nightlife of Austin. As one of the best attended races on the calendar, the trackside atmosphere is also excellent. On the downside, getting to the circuit from downtown Austin can be difficult and ticket prices have increased substantially in recent years. This year’s race was also very hot, and the lack of shade at COTA was a big minus for many fans. Learn More: 2024 United States Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

6. Circuit Zandvoort: 2024 Dutch Grand Prix (Aug 23-25)

The home of the Dutch Grand Prix, which made a very welcome return to the calendar in 2021 after an absence of more than 30 years, is not the most modern F1 circuit. But the shortcomings of the historic Circuit Zandvoort in the sandhills next to the North Sea are more than compensated by the fantastic organization and lively trackside atmosphere. You can also get to Zandvoort by train from central Amsterdam in just 30 minutes. Learn More: 2024 Dutch Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

7. Autodromo Imola: 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (May 17-19)

Autodromo Imola made an unexpected, yet welcome return to the F1 calendar during the covid pandemic. It’s all about history and atmosphere at this classic circuit in the north of Italy, which is located in the heart of a region known as “Motor Valley” that’s home to top automotive brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati. The circuit definitely needs to invest in improved facilities and the organization of the race could definitely be improved, but it’s still one of our favorite races to attend on the whole calendar. Learn More: 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

8. Shanghai International Circuit: 2024 Chinese GP (Apr 19-21)

No expense was spared on the construction of Shanghai International Circuit, but it’s now more than 20 years old and hasn’t staged the Chinese Grand Prix for almost five years. The main grandstand is an impressive structure, and the circuit has its own station on the Shanghai Metro for easier access. Tickets are also cheap and the organization is decent, though the language barrier can make it more challenging for foreign fans to visit the race. Learn More: 2024 Chinese Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

9. Interlagos: 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix (Nov 1-3)

The primary home of the Brazilian Grand Prix for the last 50 years, Interlagos is not the most modern circuit and is located in a sketchy part of the city next to a favela (shanty town). But it also regularly produces some of the most exciting races on the entire calendar. Tickets are relatively cheap, though being restricted to only one part of the circuit is a downside. The circuit is well connected to São Paulo via the metro, and the most populous city in the Americas offers exciting off-track activities. Learn More: 2024 São Paulo Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

10. Lusail Circuit: 2024 Qatar Grand Prix (Nov 29-Dec 1)

Lusail Circuit underwent significant upgrades for the second edition of the Qatar Grand Prix in October 2023, including the construction of a new pits and paddock building, but the organization was lacking and the race was held too early in the season, with drivers, teams and fans alike struggling with the extreme temperatures in Qatar this year. Luckily the race moves later in the year for 2024 when temperatures should be much more comfortable. Lusail Circuit is not particularly well connected to Doha, though general infrastructure in Qatar has been improved considerably after the country staged the FIFA World Cup. Learn More: 2024 Qatar Grand Prix Travel Guide / TicketsF1 Experiences / Accommodation

Purpose-Built Circuits in Rural Locations

Some of F1’s most historic and atmospheric circuits fall into the final category. Given Formula 1’s current focus on adding new races in ‘destination cities,’ it’s unlikely that many new rural circuits will be added to the calendar in the near future. But we would argue that such circuits give F1 its unique character and deserve their place on the current F1 calendar. The positives of such circuits include beautiful surroundings (especially at Spa and the Red Bull Ring) and good spectator views, as well as the chance to camp right next to the track (with the exception of Suzuka).

On the downside, it can be hard to get to circuits in rural locations. The closest airports and major cities can often be a long distance away, and transport links are less well developed. Unless you like camping, finding reasonably priced hotel accommodation nearby can also add considerable cost to your weekend budget. Luckily the history, close racing and special atmosphere at rural circuits can more than make up for their shortcomings.

Here’s our ranking of the four purpose-built circuits in rural locations on the 2024 F1 calendar:

1. Red Bull Ring: 2024 Austrian Grand Prix (Jun 28-30)

One of the most picturesque circuits on the calendar, the Red Bull Ring also delivers some of the most exciting racing. Tickets are reasonably priced, the views from General Admission and most grandstands are really good and the organization is first class, despite sell-out crowds in recent years. The circuit is some distance from the closest major cities but is well connected via motorway; efficient train services are also available. Learn More: 2024 Austrian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

2. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps: 2024 Belgian GP (Jul 26-28)

The current layout of the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is much shorter and less dangerous than the original, but it’s still the longest circuit on the F1 calendar and one of the most challenging. It’s also in danger of falling off the calendar, so we recommend taking a trip to the Belgian Grand Prix while you still can. The surroundings are majestic, and the trackside views are excellent, though ticket prices are high and getting to and from the circuit remains challenging, unless you decide to camp. Learn More: 2024 Belgian Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

3. Suzuka: 2024 Japanese Grand Prix (Apr 5-7)

The scene of so many memorable moments over the years, Suzuka remains popular with drivers, teams and fans alike. Tickets are affordable, the racing is invariably close and exciting, and the passionate Japanese fans give the event a special atmosphere, though it can be challenging to get to and from the circuit, especially for travelling fans. The weather is also a bit of a lottery, with a better than average chance of rain and storms, though the race moves from autumn to spring in 2024. Learn More: 2024 Japanese Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

4. Silverstone: 2024 British Grand Prix (Jul 5-7)

The spiritual home of British motorsport remains one of the most popular races of the year, despite high ticket prices. Though rather flat and featureless in comparison to the other rural circuits on the calendar, the spectator views at Silverstone are generally good, and the racing is often close and exciting. And Silverstone really excels with excellent organization and a packed schedule of events, including lots of support categories and trackside concerts. Getting to and from the circuit is also much easier than it used to be. Learn More: 2024 British Grand Prix Travel Guide / Tickets / F1 Experiences / Accommodation

4 thoughts on “Which F1 Circuits Offer the Best Fan Experience in 2024?”

  1. I’m reading this after attending the Bahrain gp for the 2nd time , I’ve attended quite a few races around the world and although my home race of Silverstone is my favourite after Malaysia finished in 2017, Bahrain is very well organised, flights and hotels are well priced and transport is excellent with the free shuttle bus from all the popular hotels or get an Uber for less the £20 to the track in the morning . Ticket prices are great value compared to the ever increasing cost of some venues with university stands my choice for great 1st corner action . Oh and it’s 27c!

  2. Ive been to several European locations before, but have just returned from the 2023 Zandvoort weekend. And I would like to say that without a doubt its been my favourite Grand Prix weekend by far. I should say though that these other trips were pre-covid.

    The travel organisation on trains was perfect, there was a train literally every 5 mins and we never waited more than 2 mins to get on. We had the trip 4 times and even got a seat on 3 of them. Perfect.

    The atmosphere of the crowd was friendly but lively. The onsite DJ’s really got the whole place going. Not just around the site but a site wide entertainment via the screen and a great sound system.

    Are any other Grans Prix that offer this sort of effort to make a great atmosphere. The others I went to, whilst excellent racing, were very stale. Maybe its been livened up across the calendar. I’d be interested to hear other peoples experience.

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