How to Buy Tickets for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024

Tips and advice on buying tickets for the 2024 F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will take place at the Las Vegas Strip on November 21-23

  • Tickets for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix are on sale now
  • You can also purchase an official ticket package via F1 Experiences
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Amid much fanfare, Formula 1 returned to Las Vegas in 2023 for the first time in almost 40 years. 315,000 fans attended the first race at the Las Vegas Strip Circuit. Despite an inauspicious start when much of the first day’s running was curtailed due to track repairs, the race itself was one of the most exciting of the 2023 season. Las Vegas offered by far the most expensive tickets on the 2023 F1 calendar, though many higher-priced hospitality suites failed to sell out and resale prices on the secondary market fell substantially in the run up to the race.

Are Tickets for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix on Sale?

  • Yes, tickets are now on sale for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix
  • Tickets for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix went on sale to the general public at 10am local time on March 25. Pre-sales were held for American Express cardholders from March 13-15 and for Nevada residents from Friday March 22 to Sunday March 24. In 2024, it was possible to place a deposit on 2024 race tickets via the promoter. You needed to pay $250 USD per ticket for grandstand seats, $1,000 USD for shared hospitality and $5,000 USD for private hospitality.
  • You can also purchase an official ticket package for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix via F1 Experiences. Choose from a wide range of trackside packages, which include exclusive perks.
  • The promoter does not use dynamic pricing* and has published guide prices for 2024 tickets, including General Admission ($600-1,050 for 3 days, single-day tickets will also be available), grandstand seating ($1,800-2,750 for 3 days) club hospitality packages ($3,500-10,500 for 3 days) and luxury hospitality packages ($12,500-35,000 for 3 days). More information below.
  • (*This is the practice of increasing ticket prices based on demand, which has become increasingly common at other F1 races on the calendar.)

Where Can I Buy Tickets for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix?

What Tickets Are Available at the 2024 Las Vegas GP?

The following ticket types are available for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix: General Admission, Grandstand, Three of a Kind, Club Hospitality, Luxury Hospitality. More information about each ticket type is listed below. Note that General Admission and grandstand tickets in Vegas include ‘all-inclusive food and non-alcoholic beverages’ served by Wolfgang Puck Catering. Hospitality ticket packages include higher-quality meals and alcoholic beverages.

  • General Admission: Only a limited number of GA passes were issued last year for the T-Mobile at Sphere Zone, priced at $500 USD for 3 days. This year, the organizers have promised up to 7,000 more affordable GA passes for the race weekend, with three GA zones listed: Flamingo General Admission (from $600 for 3 days), Caesars Palace Experience (from $850 for 3 days) and T-Mobile General Admission (from $1,050 for 3 days). Single day passes are also going to be available for the Flamingo General Admission area from $150 per day. The T-Mobile General Admission is likely the most expensive, as access includes the nightly concerts which only take place in the T-Mobile at Sphere Zone.
  • Grandstand Tickets: At this stage, grandstands have been announced for three of the circuit zones at the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Main Grandstand tickets opposite the pits and grid (East Harmon Zone) are priced from $2,750 USD for 3 days. Also available will be a series of grandstands in the T-Mobile at Sphere Zone with 3-day ticket prices from $1,800, and the cheapest grandstands in the West Harmon Zone from $1,500 USD for 3 days.
  • Three of a Kind: New for 2024, these tickets give you different access on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of race weekend. The access offered will be General Admission, grandstand seating and trackside hospitality. Prices from $2,100-3,600 depending on the days of access.
  • Clubs Hospitality: A range of premium shared hospitality spaces around the circuit with 3-day prices starting at $3,500 for the HGV Clubhouse (Hilton Grand Vacations Zone) up to $10,500 for Skybox hospitality (East Harmon Village Zone). In this ticket category, we recommend Champions Club hospitality by F1 Experiences (South Koval Zone).
  • Private Suites: For a minimum of 25 and maximum of 100 guests, located trackside. Prices on application.
  • Luxury Hospitality: The most high-end hospitality suites in Las Vegas are located in the MGM Rewards Zone (Bellagio Fountain Club), above the pits (Paddock Club & Wynn Grid Club) and next to the actual pit boxes (F1 Garage). Prices for 3-day access start from $12,500 for the Bellagio Fountain Club and go up to $35,000 for the F1 Garage.

What are the Best Grandstands at the 2024 Las Vegas GP?

  • The Las Vegas Circuit is divided into several zones on race weekend (see image above), and tickets only grant you entry to one particular zone. Large viewing screens are available for both General Admission areas and all grandstands.
  • The East Harmon zone, which includes the Main Straight and opening complex of corners is a good choice, as you’ll be able to see see the cars either in the pits or jostling for position through the challenging opening turns of the track.
  • We have listed the locations of the zones in Las Vegas below and the tickets available in each.
Paddock Zone & East Harmon Zone at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Visualization courtesy

East Harmon Zone

The East Harmon Zone is likely to be one of the best places to watch the action in Las Vegas, as it encompasses the last corner (Turn 17) and opening corners (Turns 1-3) of the circuit. The PH1 Skybox hospitality and PG1 Main Grandstand both face the pits complex and the starting grid, while the PG2 grandstand is located on the outside of Turn 2. Please note that the PH1 and PG1 tickets are for four days, as they also include entry to the Opening Ceremony taking place on the Main Straight on Wednesday November 15, as well as the three days of racing (November 16-18).

West Harmon Zone

Grandstand tickets in the West Harmon Zone went on sale with the second phase of tickets in March. These are the cheapest grandstand tickets available for this year’s race. The lower prices are explained by the fact that the HG1-3 (17.1-17.3) grandstands are largely located on the straight before the final Turn 17. HG3 (17.3) is the largest of the grandstands here and the best to choose as it is closest to the final turn.

Koval hospitality suites at the 2023 Las Vegas GP. Visualization courtesy

South Koval & North Koval Zones

There are no grandstands located in the small South & North Koval Zones located between Turn 4 & 5, which are home to three-tier hospitality suites. The South Koval Zone is larger and should have good views of the section of track between Turns 2-4, while the North Koval Zone is located on the straight near the approach to Turn 5.

MSG Sphere Zone

The MSG Sphere Zone includes a large section of track between Turns 5 and 9 that passes the new MSG Sphere, an impressive globe-like structure that’s part of The Venetian and will be used for concerts and events when it opens later this year, just before the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix. The area will also be the location of the second-largest fan zone at the circuit. As well as being home to the General Admission area of the circuit, there are six grandstands arranged around the outside of the circuit and one on the inside of the circuit. SG6 is closest to Turns 7-8 and should have the best on-track views.

Paddock Zone (left) & East Harmon Zone at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Visualization courtesy

Paddock Zone

The Paddock Zone is the smallest and most exclusive at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix. This area is located on the inside of the track and includes the pits area and F1 Paddock. Only high-priced hospitality suite access is offered in this section of the circuit, mainly in the Formula 1 Paddock Club hospitality suites, which are located directly above the pits and have views of the starting grid. The following ticket types are available in the Paddock Zone:

Venetian Zone

Opposite the Mirage Zone on the inside of the circuit between Turns 12-13, the Venetian Zone is located close to the famous hotel and casino of the same name, offering views of the cars at high speed.

Mirage Zone

Situated on the outside of the circuit between Turns 12-13, the Mirage Zone is situated in front of the famous casino with the same name. As the cars will be at full throttle on this part of the lap, the spectator views here are not expected to be particularly good.

2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix Tickets FAQ

  • Are VIP and Hospitality Packages Available at the 2024 Las Vegas GP? Yes – VIP and hospitality packages are a major selling point at the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Hospitality suites offer premium views, high-end cuisine and free-flow alcohol, but prices are very high. The cheapest hospitality packages are currently priced from $8,000 USD and go much higher. The PH1 – Skybox Shared Hospitality in the East Harmon Zone (4-day tickets from $10,000), which includes views of the starting grid and pits at the Las Vegas Street Circuit, should have excellent views. We also recommend Champions Club hospitality from F1 Experiences. The Champions Club suite is located after Turn 4 in the South Koval Zone.
  • Are General Admission Tickets Available at the 2024 Las Vegas GP? Yes, General Admission tickets will be available for the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2024. These standing tickets, which don’t include a reserved seat, are priced from $600-1,050 USD for three days. Three General Admission zones are located at the Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2024.
  • Do children need a ticket for the Las Vegas Grand Prix? Children are allowed to attend the Las Vegas Grand Prix and any children under 24 months are permitted free entry, provided that they are seated on a parent or guardian’s lap. Children over the age of two will require a ticket. There are no discounts for children’s tickets.
  • Will accessible tickets be available for the Las Vegas Grand Prix? Yes, accessible tickets are expected to be available for the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix. Event organisers are committed to providing an inclusive service for all guests. All ticketed areas are designed to be navigable for individuals with mobility disabilities. For ADA enquiries, contact the circuit.
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Plan your trip with our extensive 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix Travel Guide with tips on travel, accommodation and off-track activities.

26 thoughts on “How to Buy Tickets for the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024”

  1. I disagree that tickets in the range of $1500 to $2000 are reasonable priced. Pre-pandemic I purchased tickets for 3 days at COTA at turn 12 grandstand for $500 with inflation adjustment of 20% that would still make the tickets $ 600 . This year I paid $1500 for 3 days for tickets for the inaugural miami F1 GP with turn 11 seats totally exposed to the florida sunshine causing many to need medical attention and no accesss to the laid on entertainment. I hope this isn’t the case for las Vegas. I think F1 are just cashing in on its US popularity at the moment and certainly be using re-sellers such as ticketmaster for ticket distribution means genuine fans have little to no chance to get tickets when they are realised.

    1. I can see your point. Vegas will be crazy expensive, but there are still many affordable races on the calendar. Come to Europe next summer and see for yourself! Yes, you will have flights, but many races in Europe you can attend very affordably for grandstand tickets and good hotels.

      1. But what of the English fans who want to see the Las Vegas GP? We paid the priority list charge(not knowing the first tranch were to go to America Express card holders) got on Ticketmaster & everything offered was just taken by another fan, probably in America as there would naturally be a second or so delay with UK internet. What do you suggest for the likes of us? We are off to Monaco mo problem with the tickets there, likewise Singapore, Abu Dhabi. Why this shambles?

        1. Hi Gill, it’s just a function of the huge interest in Formula 1 at the moment, and this race in particular. But to be clear, there will be more opportunities to buy tickets. This is only the first phase, and I think a small proportion of the available tickets are available at this stage. Be patient and I’m sure you can get some tickets.

          1. Hi Andrew
            Would you hold out to see if any seating tickets become available at Vegas in the future for under $1000 or just don’t risk not getting a ticket and just buy general admission when they go on sale later?

          2. I think there will be more of the $500 General Admission tickets available in the future, but the difficulty is getting your hands on them when they go on sale. I think the prices will easily be above $1000 on the secondary market.

        2. If it’s any solace to people outside of the US who couldn’t get tickets from Ticketmaster, people in the US actually were in the same boat. Speaking from personal experience, and I live in Houston, Texas, I first tried getting tickets at the AMEX pre-sale; no luck. I kept getting the dreaded “Another fan beat you to those tickets etc…”. I then tried the Priority Interest List pre-sale (yes, I made that $7.77 donation), and the same thing happened.

          So, I’m not sure US customers had any advantage over others honestly, at least not in my experience.

  2. F1 tickets can now also be purchased via hotels like Caesars – as long as a room is also booked at that time.

    1. I just checked Caesars prices, during race weekend the price brake down was as show:
      hotel cost: $3,931( this is for a regular king size non-smoking CITY VIEW room not facing the strip at the Flamingo, that same room cost about $150-$200 at the most on a busy Saturday weekend in Vegas). F1 tickets cost: $5450( this is for 2 F1 tickets including a convenience fee of $450). You do the math that’s damn near 10k all together and NO you can’t buy tickets separately from the casino hotels YOU HAVE TO PURCHASE THE PACKAGE, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY IN FULL AT TIME OF BOOKING AND ITS NON REFUNDABLE!

      God forbid your not able to get a flight to Vegas because your not a local and they are charging 4xs the normal price for a flight to Vegas because it’s F1 WEEKEND. I think we should all watch from home honestly and boycott the pricing of these tickets no other F1 event in the world is priced that high for basic seating, not to mention if your not a local already the ticket prices for flights are also going to sky rocket because the airlines know that there is F1 weekend and will be charging significantly more just because, so your typical round trip to Vegas that would normally cost you $300-500 is easily going to be 3x if not 4x the regular price. This is all ridiculous honestly, since the day they announced a Las Vegas Grand Prix I have hated idea with a passion!!!

      Las Vegas isn’t an extremely rich town like Monaco is where all the residents are wealthy, Las Vegas is very poor after you leave the strip, that business model isn’t going to work for Las Vegas I feel it, there is a reason it hasn’t been a Grand Prix in 40yrs it doesn’t fit in here. Or if anything the race course should have been on the outskirts of Vegas off the I-15 like how Abu Dahbi an Bahrain are setup through the desert. I loved F1 racing since a kid an always wanted to go to a race, from what I have read around and seen I think it’s best to just go to one in Europe. America is all about finding ways for us to spend all of our money it’s ridiculous!

  3. I checked flight price just now, we are in March right now if you were to book ahead 8months in advance the cheapest ticket for those dates round trip is $900 if your flying from JFK in New York and it’s a connecting flight, the nonstop flights straight to Vegas start at around $2,000 and we are 8months in advance, that same flight from Thursday returning Sunday is about $500-600 any other time, just imagine flight prices as the date gets closer. A basic race weekend experience with a basic hotel room in Vegas will cost a person at least 12-13k.

  4. Hi there,
    Thank you for the informative article. .It sounds like the East Harmon Zone is the best place to be! May I point out that the race does not take place over the thanksgiving weekend? Thanksgiving is on the 23rd of November.
    Thank you again for all the info. It sounds like the East Harmon Zone is the best place to be!

    1. Thanks for pointing out that error, Erin. I’ve updated the post. Yes, for sure – I think getting tickets in the East Harmon Zone will put you in the best area of the circuit. Hope you enjoy the race!

  5. Has anyone heard if 3 day passes for Vegas will be similar to COTA where the tickets will come as individual days even though you purchase a 3 day pass?

  6. Hi Guys! I’m having troubles in loggin-in the Las Vegas GP website.
    I’ve already purchased my tickets but can’t have acess to it. Can anyone help me?

  7. I just received LVGP tickets and they are 3 individual ticket for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    The tickets are SG3 tickets but not sure if I’ll go. So far don’t see any option in ticketmaster to list the tickets for sale.

  8. The pre sale interest list was clearly a cash grab. Then they “front run it” with an over subscribed Amex list. I’ll be looking forward to my refund from the class action lawsuit. Front running is illegal.

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