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The best ways to get to Spa Francorchamps for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix , including advice on trains, buses and driving to the circuit.

Please Note: Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps will host the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix on August 28-30, but the event will be held behind closed doors with no spectators present. This post will be updated with current travel information when dates are announced for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix. All images © The Editor attended the 2015, 2018 & 2019 Belgian Grand Prix.

Spa Francorchamps is one of the few tracks on the current F1 calendar with a true rural location, some distance from the closest major cities. For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to camp near the circuit. Driving is probably the most convenient way to get to the circuit, but trains and buses are also available.


The closest airports to Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

  • Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), 80km from the circuit: limited seasonal connections to Alicante, Barcelona and Bari.
  • Luxembourg Airport (LUX), 110km south of Spa: Luxair, the flag carrier of Luxembourg, flies to 20+ destinations in Europe. In addition, there are flights with British Airways (to London Heathrow), Easyjet (4 routes), KLM (to Amsterdam), TAP (to Lisbon) and more.
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN), 140km east of Spa: large number of connections, mainly with discount carriers. Airlines serving the airport include Germanwings (40+ routes), Air Berlin (17 routes), Ryanair (19 routes, including to the UK & Ireland) and Wizz Air (6 Eastern Europe routes)
  • Brussels Airport (BRU), 140km west of Spa: a major international airport serving most European routes, plus destinations as far afield as the Middle East, Asia and the USA.
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL), 140km west of Spa: an important hub for Ryanair, which flies 50+ routes from all over Europe to CRL. Wizz Air also serves the airport with around 10 routes to Eastern Europe.
  • Dusseldorf Airport (DUS): 155km east the circuit: a major international airport serving most European routes, plus destinations as far afield as the Middle East
  • If you want a better selection of flights and don’t mind a longer drive to the circuit, it’s also worth considering Dortmund Airport (225km north east of Spa), Amsterdam Schipol Airport (285 km north of Spa), Frankfurt Airport (300km east of Spa) or even Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (400km west of Spa).

City Shuttle to the Belgian Grand Prix

The organizers launched a new City Shuttle service in 2018 that connects major regional cities to the circuit on all 3 days of the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. The following cities are covered and daily return fare are from €35-55, depending on the distance: Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle), Amsterdam, Anver, Bruxelles-Midi, Bruxelles-Nord, Charleroi, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Gand, Liège, Lille, Luxembourg, Maastricht, Mons & Namur. Be aware that some of these cities (e.g. Amsterdam) are a significant distance from the circuit and one-way travel times will be long (3-4 hours?), especially on race day when there’s additional traffic. Learn more and book here.

Getting to the Belgian Grand Prix by Train/Bus

If you choose to stay in one of the larger regional cities (Aachen, Brussels, etc) and take the train to the circuit each day, you’ll need to buy a ticket for Verviers Central station, the closest major train station to Spa Francorchamps. Shuttle buses from Verviers to Spa (bus 294 or 395) run regularly on race weekend with a journey time of 45 minutes. Trains from Luxembourg stop at the Trois Ponts station, from where you can take the 294 bus to the circuit (40 minutes travel time). Click here for more information on getting the train/shuttle bus to Spa.

Sample train travel times (not including 40-45 minute shuttle bus): Liege (BE) to Verviers : 20-30 mins / Brussels (BE) to Verviers: 75-120 mins / Charleroi (BE) to Verviers: 100-160 mins / Maastricht (NL) to Verviers: 70-75 mins / Cologne (DE) to Verviers: 80-105 mins / Luxembourg (LU) to Trois-Ponts: 90 mins.


Driving to the Belgian Grand Prix

Spa Francorchamps is close to the E42 motorway, which connects to a network of other major roads and big cities in the region. Make sure you have GPS or navigation on your smart phone. The small country roads near the circuit are well signposted and local police control the circuit access roads over the weekend. Remember that traffic gets progressively worse as the weekend progresses so take it easy and try not to drive at peak times. Don’t forget to buy a parking sticker in advance for one of three main car parks next to the circuit. We recommend the Yellow area between the Ster and La Source entrance gates for 16 per day. The closest ferry for fans driving from the UK is the Dover to Dunkirk, which costs around 90 including two adults and a car on Grand Prix weekend with DFDS. Click the images above for Spa parking map, local access road map and Belgium driving map. Click here to hire a car with our partners Rentalcars.

Any tips on getting to Spa? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jan Loejmand says:

    Dear Andrew, we are father and son going to the Belgium Formula One, our first race ever. We will arrive by plane and land in Dusseldorf, hotel in Aachen.

    However we still need to plan the transfer after the race in Spa to the Airport in Dusseldorf on Sunday. I would like to book a taxi which could collect us after the race and drive us directly to the airport.

    Please do you know which companies which we could contact to book this transfer ?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


  2. Sharon says:


    we are coming to the F1 next month and camping there, we are bringing our bikes is there a path we can ride around the outside of the track and stop at different points.

    Thank you

  3. Max says:

    Hi, I’m studying in Aachen and I got a bronze ticket for Sunday. Can I use the “Mobility solution” too? Even If I bought the ticket from the F1 store and not from the Spa circuit web page?

  4. Kevin Kenefick says:

    We will be taking the bus on Sunday from Leige. Are there any issues with the busses filling up and not being able to take all the people?

  5. HP says:

    I would like to attend my first F1 race in Belgium this year (driving from Germany) and was wondering where you purchase the parking ticket? Is it purchased on site when you first arrive? Thanks

  6. Christine says:

    Hi, I am going to the Belgian GP (staying in Aachen) and getting the train to Verviers then the 294 bus to/from the circuit. Do you know if the are as regular on the Thursday for the pit walk? Having been at Monza the last few years the Thursday always is a bit tricky for travel it seems.

  7. Razvan says:


    Does anyone know, if I bought my Sunday only ticket, but from, not from, do I benefit from free transportation?

    Thank you!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Razvan, I have confirmation from the circuit that you can use the mobility solution on Sunday, even if you bought your tickets from another agency or

  8. Sara says:

    Hi I am surprising my husband for his 30th with our first ever GP, in Belgium this year, we are staying in Brussels and have a full weekend ticket.
    As this is a surprise I am researching everything myself, I need advice on the different ways to get to and from the track, what time we would need to set off to arrive in time. Are there any coaches or transfers from Brussels direct to the track set up for the race weekend? Also if you have any idea on cost on all of the above it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Sara, whatever way you choose, it won’t be a quick trip from Brussels to Spa, as it is a distance of 150km. Personally, I would hire a car for the quickest commute (under 2 hours), but understand this may not be the preferred option for everyone. Next best bet is to take the train from Brussels to Verviers, then the shuttle bus to the circuit, but this could easily take 2-3 hours each way.

    • Steve Marshall says:

      We are doing the same, staying in Brussels and traveling each day. Plan to see how this goes on the Saturday and if too arduous hire a car.

      • Chris allen says:

        Hi we are travelling from Brussels too if u fancy meeting me and the Mrs and travellling up together might save 1 of us getting lost or all of us give me a shout

      • Chris says:

        Hi, I am going this year 2018 with my son and staying in Brussells any help would be appreciated on the best way to get to Spa?

        • Editor says:

          If you are going for the whole weekend, I suggest hiring a car to drive from Brussels to Spa Francorchamps (150km should take less than 2 hours each way, but stay around a few hours extra after the race on Sunday, or you will hit huge traffic). If you are only going on race day, there is a bus service from Brussels, which is free if you purchase your tickets direct from the circuit.

          • Chris says:

            Thanks, We are going for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have never driven abroad before and my son is only 18 and hasn’t been driving long. I am not sure how I would cope.

          • Stalo says:

            Hello i would like to ask you about the bus that you said. Is it free?and how can we book a seat only for sunday?

    • Alison B says:

      Hi Sara. I am doing the same this year. Any tips re transport, especially getting back to Brussels?

  9. PA G says:

    We are staying in Recht south of the circuit. Which is the best car parking?

    • Editor says:

      Hi, it depends a little on where you are sitting at the circuit. The Yellow area is best for most grandstands but the Green area looks convenient from Recht. Take the N660 and then E42 roads (15km, approx. 15 minutes) and then take exit 11 for the Green parking entrance. The Green area is at the top of the circuit near the Les Combes entrance. Click here to check the map. Buy parking tickets here.

  10. Ben says:


    I brought my ticket from the official site, however never saw any option to add the ‘mobility solution’.

    Will I be ok to get on the coach with only the tickets to the event?

  11. scott marshall says:

    Hi im leaving on Sunday morning, catching the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, i get into Dunkirk at 9AM approx, will this leave enough time to drive to the circuit?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Scott, you’ll be cutting it fine! According to Googlemaps, it’s a fairly direct 3 hour journey on the E40 motorway. Probably the roads near the circuit will be less busy by midday, as the vast majority of fans will already be at the track. Make sure you buy a parking pass before you leave. Good luck

  12. Charlotte says:

    Help ! The normal great train service from Luxembourg is not working over the race weekend due to engineering (mmmmm I’m sure I’ve just left the UK)
    Any other tips / ideas on how to get to the race circuit?

  13. Richo says:

    We are flying into London, then looking at getting a connecting flight to Belgium, staying at le Domaine des hautes Fagnes.

    Which airport is best one to fly into, and best way from that airport to hotel ?

    Any advice appreciated

    • Editor says:

      Hi Richo, I’d say you are best flying from London to Cologne Bonn (CGN) airport. I see plenty of cheap direct flights with Ryanair from London Stansted (STN) to CGN. When you arrive, the easiest way to get to your hotel will be to hire a car. The alternatives – train etc, will be time consuming and not direct.

  14. Jennifer Barber says:

    I am looking at camping at Spa this year. Is there a shuttle bus from the campsite to the race circuit or do we have to drive there?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jennifer, it all depends on which campsite you are staying! You can walk from the official ones closest to the track. I would be leaving my car at the campground, it doesn’t make sense to drive, given the high amount of traffic around the circuit. Some campsites may offer shuttle services, but I am not sure. You can always just hitch a ride. I drove to the circuit a few years ago and was happy to pick up some fellow fans walking near the circuit!

  15. Steve says:

    We are staying in Maastricht and I understand there is a bus from Maastricht railway station on race day (we have a Sunday ticket only) – my question is are there enough buses or can you book tickets – can anyone help please

  16. Holly says:

    Hi, I’m planning on staying at a campsite in Stavelot from Thursday to Monday of the Grand Prix weekend. Could anyone advise how’s best to get to Stavelot from Brussels (without as car)? Would there be a train, or shuttle bus on the Thursday from Verviers or Spa?

  17. Lynn says:

    Hi how far to drive from Liege to Circuit page, ease.

  18. Dave Donovan says:

    Hi Andrew, we are two advanced police driving drivers, father and son looking to travel from Cardiff to this years Grand Prix in Spa.We can either travel by Eurostar on Friday 24th and return on Sunday 26th after the race or drive from Cardiff to race on same days as Eurostar.We can return on Monday 27th if more suitable. We would prefer to stay in a good 3/4 * Hotel,with two days easy access to Saturday and Sunday,probably will book bronze tickets,your advice and help will be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards

    • Editor says:

      Hi Dave, I’d be inclined to drive your own car, especially as you want to stay in a decent hotel. You will probably need to be in a neighboring town (look on for example) and then drive to the circuit and back each day. I definitely recommend staying on Sunday night, otherwise you will be stressed after the race trying to get out of the circuit at the peak time.

  19. Dan says:

    Hi Andrew, I’m hoping to head to Spa this year with a Bronze ticket and take pictures all three days. That ticket doesn’t give me access to grandstands of course, but can I still get close to grandstand areas, such as Eau Rouge and La Source?

    • Editor says:

      Don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of spots to take some good pictures. I’ve described some of them in my 2015 Belgian GP trip report. Honestly, I prefer General Admission at Spa > but a seat is probably a good thing to have for race day, as I know it’s getting busier and busier each year.

  20. Jim says:

    Do you think it we be possible to catch a flight on departing Sunday evening at 8pm from Brussels Airport after the race ?
    Would it be best to hire a car in that case?
    Does anybody know what time the buses get back into the city after race ?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jim, that flight is too early. Even if you hire a car, you will probably need to leave as soon as the race finishes, and you’ll be stressing all day about missing your flight. Better to book a flight no earlier than 10pm and take your time leaving the circuit. I don’t know exactly when the buses get back, sorry, but it’s going to be around a 2 hour trip from the circuit to Brussels, not taking into account the traffic leaving the circuit, which could add 1-2 hours to this.

    • Hazel says:

      Hi Jim, just wondered what your travel plans are. Our flights are 10pm on Sunday from Brussels and I’m stressing now. We’re taking train & shuttle bus but now thinking we may have to leave before race finishes.

  21. Tim says:

    Hi there,
    My girlfriend and I are staying in Liege for the Grand Prix. We’d like to take the train to Verviers then the shuttle bus. But alternatively could rent a car too.
    Do you know how frequently do the shuttle buses run from Verviers to the circuit on Saturday and Sunday? And are they likely to fill up?
    Thank you,

    • Editor says:

      Hi Tim, sorry I don’t have personal experience of the shuttle buses. I’d prefer to just rent a car, but you need to be patient – especially leaving the circuit on the weekend.

    • Paul says:

      Hi Tim,

      I stayed in Liege last year and just got the train to Verviers and then the shuttle bus. After leaving around 8ish on Saturday, it was horrible getting to the track, so we left at 6am on the Sunday and it was absolutely fine, no problems, barely any queuing. The shuttle buses are fairly regular, the ones outside the station you have to pay 10 euros for I think. They leave as soon as they’re full up.


      • May says:

        Hi Paul, useful info. Thanks. We’re first timers at Spa and will be taking the same route and did wonder what time to leave Liege. What about the return from circuit to Liege? Where’s the pick up and any tips to avoid the mad traffic on the return that I’ve been reading about? Thanks!

  22. iain woodward says:

    Hi going to stay at the yellow campsite this year and was hoping to cycle to the track ( la source entrance) do you know if there is anywhere to park cycles here?

    • Editor says:

      Don’t know if there is any specific parking for bikes, but you can probably chain it to a fence there. Should be safe if you are next to the gate

  23. Jonas says:

    Hi. I’m thinking of buying the bronze ticket for sunday with mobility solution and we will be staying in Liegé. If i’m understanding it correctly the mobility solution is both a coach TO the track and also FROM the track once the race is over, right?

    Regards, Jonas

  24. Matt says:

    Hi there,

    Would love your advice/input….

    a) I’m travelling over from New Zealand to attend Spa this year. I’ve got a rental car and am on the channel train arriving 7am at Calais. Is this going to give me plenty of time to settle in at the circuit for the Saturday? Just wondering how painful the journey is from Calais to Spa?? I’ve purchased a yellow parking ticket near La Source.

    b) I’m staying over in Durbuy. It says 50mins to the circuit for the Sunday. I guess I can expect a much longer commute, but do you know how long? My tickets are near Eu Rouge.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Matt, you should be fine on Saturday morning. It’s pretty much motorway all the way from Calais to Spa and you will be arriving after most fans. My advice would be to not be in a hurry leaving the circuit on either Saturday or Sunday. There will be lots of traffic, and it doesn’t make sense to leave when it’s at the worst.

  25. Noel Ashton says:

    Hello Noel from Perth West Australia I’m attending f1 spa all weekend but need to be on the ferry on sunday nite to attend the Manx Iof Mann meeting on the Monday travelling from either Liverpool 8pm or Heysham 3am sailing where would u suggest I fly from

  26. Mike Bradshaw says:

    Hi, I’m staying in Spa town about 4.5 miles from the circuit, I’m traveling by car but is there any shuttle buses on all 3 days or am I best using the car?

  27. Andrew says:

    What would be the best way via public transport to get to Spa bus station from the Youth Village campsite?

  28. Keet says:

    Hi…Staying at the yellow campsite Fri-Monday and will be walking to La Source as this seems to be closest and most convenient, do you know how long a walk it is and if shuttles run between the two?

  29. Paul Bonilla says:

    We are attending Spa race next month. Have read almost every site on the shuttles etc. We’re staying in Liege and had originally planned to take the train to Verviers daily and then the 294 or 395 buses to and from the circuit but have read some horror stories about people getting stranded after the race and having to wait hours to find a taxi and pay huge sums. This mobility solution sounds great however we are going for the whole weekend (not Sun only). Its bizarre that they would offer the service for a “Sun only ticket”. Or maybe they’re not describing it correctly and mean to say that the Mobility buses only run on Sunday and you’ll have to make other arrangements for Fri/Sat. Otherwise then I’m buying a weekend ticket as well as a Sunday only……Someone didn’t think that one through every well.

  30. Simon Crowter says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I am staying in Stavelot and have a bronze ticket for Saturday and Sunday. Can I access the circuit via any entrance and do you know which one would be best. Many Thanks

  31. Plamena Pancheva says:

    We’ll be for first time on F1 race this year with my husband. I was wondering is there any place close to/in the circuit where we could leave our luggage on Thursday for the pit lane walk ? We’ll arrive in Cologne, I was thinking to take a train directly to Velviers in order not to miss the pit lane walk but where to leave our luggage for these two hours? I saw that in Velviers train station there is no place to leave the luggage… Thank you!

  32. Amanda KEATING says:

    Hi i bought a Sunday only bronze ticket. Can anyone avail of this free bus or do you have to get a special mobility ticket?

  33. Bruno DeMartinis says:

    Dear Andrew, I am from Brazil and this is my first time in Begium. I am going to attend the Spa GP Formula 1 and will stay in Ghent. Could you please let me know how can I get to the race by bus?

  34. Alison B says:

    I am staying in Brussels and travelling on public transport to the track in Saturday and Sunday. The bus timetable suggests there is only 1 bus back to Verviers and this leaves at 6. Is this accurate? I can’t see how everybody will fit on 1 bus,!!

  35. Benny says:

    Hello, this will be my first tiee in Spa, i have a silver 3 ticket but i have no possibility to buy a parking ticket. Are there other parking areas where we can park? Or can we buy a parking ticket at the entrance of the parking?

  36. viki says:

    Hi there, there is a group us (7 people) going to the Belgian GP this year. We are staying in Brussels centre. We have Fri-Sun tickets. What is the easiest way for us to get to the circuit please? Thanks

    • Editor says:

      I think the easiest would be to get a large car or private taxi that can take you all. Cheaper, but more time consuming, would be to take the train from Brussels to Verviers each day, followed by the shuttle bus to the circuit.

  37. Geir Holthe says:

    Hi. Is there a place close to the track we can stay with a campingcar?

  38. Amanda says:

    Hi – we’ve booked green campsite for weekend. There are 5 of us but we are arriving separately 4 in a van, 1 on a motorbike – does anyone know if we’ll have any issue getting on the site – it mentions barcodes being used once and stuff. Plus we’ve booked 40sqm is it likely they’ll have a problem with a van & bike on the pitch? Surely they won’t expect us to book 2 pitches just for the sake of a bike – I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of folks with vans/ trailers and all sorts .. any thoughts on best plan for this? Thanks.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Amanda, your questions are quite specific so I suggest contacting the circuit and asking them. Asking via social media can also be a good way to get a response, rather than just via email. Good luck

  39. Jezz says:

    Hi, what a wonderful website! I am travelling from Australia to Belgium for the F1 this year and am so excited to get there! Train from Amsterdam and accommodation booked within a few km’s so should be good to walk each day.
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for tips, keep up the great work.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks a lot Jezz. I took the train myself last year from Brussels to Verviers, then bus to circuit. Pretty easy really! Getting out on Sunday is a bit trickier, but sounds like you’ve found a good solution. Maybe see you at Spa this year, I’ll be working there all weekend with F1 Experiences.

  40. Scott says:

    In 2018, you mentioned there was a free shuttle from Brussels if you purchased tickets direct from the circuit. It looks like this is not the case in 2019?
    Also, if you have Bronze tickets which is the best car park – looks like green to me but just wanted to confirm.
    We may have Paddock tickets on the Sunday though, is it a long walk from the green car park? I won’t know until the Sunday if I get paddock tickets or not. Sorry for all the questions!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Scott, it seems like the free shuttle from Brussels has been replaced by the new, paid City Shuttle service this year. Bronze is General Admission – yes most areas are at the top of the circuit, but I still think the best parking is the yellow zone near La Source entry gate.

  41. Vanessa says:

    My problem is that I am staying at the youth village (Thursday to Monday). We are arriving in Belgium on Wednesday but are staying in Brussels for one night. How do we get to the circuit on Thursday? Without a 3 hour hike because that’s the only option google seems to offer

    • Editor says:

      Don’t worry Vanessa, it’s pretty easy. Just take a train from Brussels to Verviers (about 90 minutes). Then you can take a local bus to the circuit. It leaves from outside the train station and take another 30 minutes. I did this last year and it’s all good!

  42. Audrey Williams says:

    We are staying in downtown Spa, are there any shuttle buses to Spa, or do we have to go to Verviers?

  43. robert says:

    Hea Andrew-

    Great website! Glad I stumbled upon it-

    I was wondering if you had driven in to spa in a car, and how bad the traffic can be. Would be trying to get there somewhat early of course, but I’m sure can still be a challenge.

    More importantly… any idea of a lead on where to rent a motorcycle in Brussles or Liege?? the only place i found (dockx) wont rent to me because im not a Belgin citizen…

    Thanks !

    • Editor says:

      Hi Robert, I last drove to the circuit in 2015 myself, but only on Friday and Saturday. The traffic management is pretty good at Spa. I drove back to Brussels last year with a colleague. We were put on a long section of back roads to leave the circuit, which flowed well. We did encounter some delays on the motorway after that, but nothing too bad. I think Yellow parking is the best, or just pay for a spot in the centre of Francorchamps on the day. Sorry, no idea where you can rent a motorcycle in Brussels or Liege.

  44. Juliana says:

    Hi! I have tried lodging closer to the circuit but they are all sold out and what I found had prices out of the ordinary. So I chose to stay in brussels. But how do I go from brussels to the race on September 1st if the trains that appear take almost 3 hours to arrive and only leave after 6.00? Do you have any form of alternative transportation? Thanks!!!

  45. Glenn Johnson says:

    Hey Robert – Awesome site! Thanks so much for your work! Am travelling to the Belgian GP from Australia with my 15yo son and we are staying in a town just south of the track, and had therefore booked parking in the Green parking bay as it is on the Southern side of the track. Our seats are at the Source corner, and I was just wondering how easy/hard the walk will be from the Green park to the Source corner. We are both very fit so a 20-30 min walk won’t be too daunting. I know yellow parking is better, but wanted the easy getaway to head south.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Glenn, not sure who Robert is? I’m Andy from Adelaide, the owner and main content creator for the site. Anyway, I estimate the walk from the Green Parking to La Source – walking inside the circuit – would be 30-45 minutes. Probably longer on race day as more fans will be using the paths, which are not huge. It’s pretty steep near Eau Rouge and not sealed, so recommend wearing good quality footwear! Enjoy Spa, it’s a great track. I’m excited to return for my fourth time this year.

  46. Sean says:

    Hi…..I am going to the f1 this year and staying in Malmedy. Are there any buses, transfers or taxis that run on race weekend and what price do they normally charge?

    • Diana says:

      Hi Andy and Sean! We too will be staying in Malmedy for this years GP and have been wondering the same thing. We will have a rental car but were not sure if it would be easier to drive ourselves or to look into shuttle/trains. It appears one main access road in, multiple parking areas (yellow nearest our seats but green parking areas may provide less wait time upon exit?). Any information would be appreciated! Thank you.

  47. Helen Granville says:

    Hi Andy. Attending my first ever F1 event, travelling from Cyprus with my 13 year old petrolhead of a son. Arriving to Brussels Airport 7pm Thurs. Staying 3 nights at GP Tents near Corner 10 I am lead to believe. Have Grandstand tickets for Speedcorner for the 3 days. Really nervous about the trip now but am sure will feel more relaxed once we get to the tent and settled in. Just starting to panic about food options. Have breakfast arranged with tent organisers and I know they will have BBQ’s on the nights, but was presuming there will be burger stalls/hot dog stands within the circuit. Am I correct. Also need to organise train for Sunday night back to airport from Verviers. What time do you anticipate it will be before we are out of the circuit with race finishing at 5pm. WE will be at least another hour, right? Do you know of any forums where people may be offering car share from airport, or lifts to Verviers? Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Helen, I’d suggest booking a train from Verviers to Brussels no earlier than 8pm. Take it easy, you’ll be tired after a long weekend at the track. You can hopefully take a local bus to Verviers, or just ask people on site – it won’t take long to find someone keen to split the cost of a taxi to Verviers. I did the train/bus combo from Brusells to Verviers to Spa-Francorchamps last year. It’s pretty well organized and not too expensive.

      As to onsite food, yes. You’ll have a choice of fast food options. Not much healthy stuff, unfortunately. And it’s overpriced. But there are plenty of places. Queues on race day, of course. But you can also pick up some baguettes away from the track and bring them in. Much cheaper doing it that way. Trackside drinks are also expensive at Spa.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to visiting this amazing circuit for my fourth Belgian GP this year. Hope you enjoy the race!

  48. ali says:


    I am going with my bike from the Netherlands for the friday practice session

    Where would you recommend to park my bike?

    Thanks in advance

  49. Meals says:


    We are looking at attending the race this month, just struggling to organise work commitments and flights. Would a 2145 flight on Sunday night out of Brussels be too ambitious.

    • Editor says:

      Yes, don’t do it! You won’t enjoy the race as you’ll be worried the whole day about missing your flight. I left the circuit last year in a private car about 6pm and didn’t get to Brussels airport until around 9pm. Don’t fly earlier than 11pm, or better still, get a flight out on Monday morning.

  50. Patrick Williams says:

    Is there a way to get from Spa city to the track without going to Verviers?

  51. Jane says:

    Hi! First GP and staying at spa dor campsite, how easy is it to Get to the circuit from there? 3day pass can ‘t bloody wait!!

    • Editor says:

      Sounds great Jane. Have you checked with the campsite if they have shuttle buses to the circuit? Otherwise, it can be as simple as flagging down a passing car!

  52. Nathan Roome says:

    Hi Andrew, booked an apartment only 6 miles from circuit and always wanted to drive with my father to Spa GP which we are planning to do from England and catch the euro tunnel at calais, what time would you say we could get realistically to Calais with a break included on trip back?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Nathan, Google Maps says that it’s a 3.5 hour drive under normal conditions. If you are leaving straight after the race, you should add 1-2 hours as it can be pretty slow leaving the area around the circuit.

  53. Deborah Thompson says:

    Hi Andrew
    I have tickets to the 2020 Belgian GP and considering staying in the town of Spa.Do you know if there is a shuttle bus service from the town of Spa to the track on GP days, similar to the service that operates from Verviers? I emailed the Circuit itself to ask this question but they just sent me a link to the Belgian public transport bus website (in French).

  54. maggie Hanson says:

    so glad to have come across this! I want to take my husband to his first ever Grand Prix this year and the Belgium one fits our dates. Should I get a general admission ticket so we can walk around or better to get a grandstand seat and be guaranteed a view? Camping seems to be a good option -do you know if there are any tents ready put up or caravans to hire near to the site? Driving there from the UK on Thursday and back on Monday seems to be a good option, would you recommend that? I’m a bit lost, trying to sort it all out! many thanks

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