Trackside at Circuit de Monaco – 2025 Monaco Grand Prix

Detailed advice about attending the 2025 Monaco Grand Prix at Circuit de Monaco, including opening times, entry gates, the full schedule and more.

In 2022, the weekend schedule at the Monaco Grand Prix underwent a big change, with F1 running on Thursday ending and a normal Friday to Sunday schedule being introduced. The organizers still run a four-day programme at the Monaco Grand Prix, but Thursday is given over to support races rather than F1 practice sessions.

Download the 2024 Circuit de Monaco map

Circuit de Monaco: Entry, Prohibited Items & Orientation

  • Road Opening/Closing Times: Given that the Monaco circuit is located on the cramped streets of a functioning city, access is a little different than at other F1 races. The circuit itself is closed to traffic and pedestrians each morning on Grand Prix weekend between 06:00-07:30, then reopened after the on-track finishes, between 18:00-21:00. (TBC for 2024). Note that track closing times in the morning are likely to be adhered to, but track opening times in the evening can be more flexible – on-track accidents, for example, can cause delays in the reopening of the track.
  • Entry Gates: When the track is closed, ten entry gates provide access – see below for recommended entrance gates for each grandstand. Inside the circuit, a series of bridges, walkways & tunnels provide access to the grandstands as well as bars, restaurants and hotels. Ample signage will help you find the way. Access to some bridges and tunnels is restricted to fans holding a ticket for the grandstands in that section.
  • Prohibited Items: The following items are not allowed in the grandstands and spectator areas: Glass bottles and cans, Pets, Bulky items such as: suitcases*, pushchairs, bikes, scooters, helmets, camera tripods, etc., Any object that can cause harm to another spectator: firearms, knives or blades and generally any blunt object that can be used to cut whether metal or otherwise. (*It is strongly recommended that you do not bring luggage to the Grand Prix as there are no lockers or left luggage facilities.)

Recommended Entrance Gates

  • Gate 1: Le Rocher (General Admission)
  • Gate 2: Grandstands N, O, P, V
  • Gate 3: Grandstands T, X
  • Gate 4: Grandstand L
  • Gate 6: Grandstand K4-K6
  • Gate 7: Grandstands A, A1 and Z1
  • Gate 8/9: Grandstand B
  • Gate 10: Grandstand C

Discounted Entry on Thursday

With the schedule changing at last year’s Monaco Grand Prix, there is no longer any F1 running on Thursday – but you can still see all the support categories in action. Tickets for Thursday only cost €30 from the ACM

2025 Monaco Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The full on-track timetable for the 2025 Monaco GP will not be published until around 6-8 weeks before race weekend. The 2024 schedule is retained below for information purposes.
  • Support Categories: Not yet confirmed for 2025. This year, the support categories were Formula 2, Formula 3 and the Porsche Supercup
  • Pit Lane Walks: Only Paddock Club and ACM Hospitality ticket holders are able to participate in pit lane walks at the 2025 Monaco Grand Prix. Paddock Club pit lane walks happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Times are listed in the full schedule.


  • 07:00: Track Closed
  • 13:10-13:55: Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 15:00-15:45: Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 16:30-17:15: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Practice Session
  • 19:30 (TBC): Track Open


  • 07:30: Track Closed
  • 11:05-11:45: Formula 3 – Qualifying Session
  • 12:00-13:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:30-14:30: Formula 1 – Practice session (FP1)
  • 15:10-15:50: Formula 2 – Qualifying Session
  • 16:00-16:40: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 – Practice session (FP2)
  • 18:45-19:15: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Qualifying Session
  • 21:00: Track Open


  • 06:30: Track Closed
  • 09:35-10:10: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk
  • 10:45-11:30: Formula 3 – Sprint Race (23 laps or 40 mins + 1 lap)
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Practice Session (FP3)
  • 14:15-15:05: Formula  2 – Sprint Race (30 laps or 45 mins)
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying
  • 17:15-18:50: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 20:30: Track Open


  • 0500: Track Closed
  • 08:00-08:50: Formula 3 – Feature Race (27 laps or 45 mins + 1 lap)
  • 09:40-10:45: Formula 2 – Feature Race (42 laps or 60 mins + 1 lap)
  • 12:00-12:35: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Race (17 laps or 30 mins)
  • 12:50-13:30: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:00-13:30: F1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 13:50-14:00: Honour Lap – HSH The Prince and The Princess of Monaco
  • 14:46-14:48: National Anthem
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2025 (78 laps or 2 hours)
  • 20:30: Track Open

Monaco Grand Prix Fan Zone (MGP Live) at Place D’Armes

The trackside atmosphere at Monaco is fantastic and there is plenty to do in the principality, particularly when the on-track action has finished for the day. The main fan zone (known as MGP Live) with interactive displays, live music, appearances by the F1 drivers, big screen and more is located next to Place D’Armes. This is a public area and you don’t actually need a race ticket to check it out. The fanzone is open at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix from Thursday May 23 to Sunday May 26 (09:00-21:00).

All 20 F1 drivers will be appear on stage once over the race weekend, along with other famous such as team principals and retired F1 legends. Max Verstappen is making a special appearance on Thursday May 23 from 15:00. The three-time World Champion will be participating in simulator sessions and pit stop practice before being interviewed. All the other current F1 driver interviews are taking place on Friday and Saturday. Selected team principals, F2 drivers and ex-World Champions Damon Hill and Mika Hakkinen will also be appearing. The full appearance schedule is here.

Monaco After Dark

It’s definitely worth staying around after dark as Monaco comes alive on Grand Prix weekend with a great party scene, much of it on the streets. The main entertainment hub can be found in the Harbor area, where the best bars and restaurants, not to mention the super yachts, are located. Even if you don’t know the right people to get into the VIP parties, spending a few hours on Friday or Saturday night in Monaco is an experience not to miss. Make sure you don’t leave Monaco before you have had a drink at the famous La Rascasse bar on the corner of the same name near the pits entrance. Various other street parties break out on race weekend in the principality. Read about Monaco’s best drinking spots.

Where to Buy Food & Drink at Circuit de Monaco

It’s no problem to bring your own food and drinks into the circuit if you wish, but don’t bring any glass bottles. The quality and choice of trackside food stalls is not too bad in Monaco. Most grandstands have reasonably-priced catering stalls underneath. You’ll pay around €5-6 for a hot dog or sandwich and €7 for a draft beer (check a recent pricelist). Don’t forget you are in a city, so supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and bars are located all around the circuit. The largest supermarkets near the circuit are the Casino Supermarket at 17 Bd Albert 1er and Carrefour at Centre Commercial Fontvieille, 27 Av. Albert II. If the Monaco prices are beyond your budget, there are cheaper places to each further from the action, especially ”over the hill’ in Fontvieille, including a McDonalds. Both temporary and permanent toilet facilities are also dotted around the circuit, though you’ll need to queue at peak times.

Circuit de Monaco: How to Walk the Track

Once the on-track action is finished, the streets of the principality are opened each evening on race weekend to both foot and vehicular traffic. No trip to the Monaco Grand Prix would be complete without walking the length of the circuit and taking in the sights! Times are still to be confirmed for 2024, and are subject to change based on delays to the on-track action, but here is when the circuit was opened this year: Thursday 6pm, Friday 9pm, Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 8:30pm.

Monaco Grand Prix Parking

If you are staying with most other fans outside the principality, we recommend taking the train to Monaco on race weekend. If you do decide to drive yourself, then Thursday and Friday are the best days to do this, when there are less fans and less traffic. (We don’t recommended driving on the weekend.) There’s underground carparks aplenty close to the circuit, but it’s a good idea to pre-book to be sure of a space in your preferred location. We recommend parking at the Stade Louis II football stadium in the Fontvieille area of the principality (click here for map link). A day of parking costs around €20 and you shouldn’t have trouble finding a space, even on race day.

Been to the Monaco Grand Prix? Leave a comment with your trackside tips!

251 thoughts on “Trackside at Circuit de Monaco – 2025 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. Darren upward


    I’m attending the Grand Prix next week, is there an f1 village at the circuit or merchandise stands to buy team gear?



    1. Hi Darren, thanks for your question. There is not an actual F1 village at Monaco. The closest thing is at Place d’Armes, a square close to La Rascasse where there are various demos, a small stage etc and merchandise for sale. You will also find merchandise stalls on all the main roads close to the circuit (such as Rue Grimaldi, Rue Princesse Caroline). Some of them sell official team gear, others sell ‘Monaco style’ t-shirts etc. It’s no more expensive than at other circuits. Enjoy your weekend!

      1. HI There,

        what time does the track close on the 10th of May for the Monaco Eprix?

        i am working on a yacht and need to get my times right.

        kind regards

      2. Hi my family are attending the Grand Prix tomorrow in Monaco but I haven’t been able to get a ticket! Will Monaco itself be open to walk around as normal?

        1. Hi Kylie,
          Yes, you can still walk around. Some streets will be closed off for the race of course. Tickets for Thursday should be available on the day – around 70-80 EUR for a grandstand seat or maybe cheaper from a tout, but be careful about authenticity. Head to Place d’Armes, where there is the fan zone.

  2. Antonello Abela


    I will be attending to the Monaco GP 2016 together with my friend, any good tip re where we can meet drivers, ex-drivers, pundits etc apart from the Friday Pitlane Walkabout?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Antonello, lucky you. Monaco is a small place and if you keep your eyes open as you walk around, you will definitely run into famous F1 people all over the principality on Grand Prix weekend. If you want one particular spot, then you will see everyone if you hang around near the harbor next to the Rascasse corner (opposite side of the street from the bar of the same name). This is the main exit point for the paddock. Good luck!

    1. Hi Jeanne, the only official time when the drivers will be signing autographs is during the fan’s pitlane walk on Friday afternoon.

  3. Karla carter

    Hi I am going to Monaco this year for the first time. Will I need to take my small camping chairs as on previous Grand Prix

    1. Hi Karla, if you will be sitting in the Rocher (general admission) section, it would be worth taking along your small camping chairs. Many regulars in fact put their chairs in place several days before the weekend starts to make sure they get a good spot. Good luck!

  4. Hi.
    1. Do you know if with the Sunday ticket (race) I can see all the previous races (Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, GP2 Series, Renault Series 2.0)? I want to book a train ticket and I don`t know if I`m allowed to enter at ~9:00.
    2. Can I bring my own water and food (in a bag) on the circuit ?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Alex, yes you can see the support races on Sunday. Porsche Supercup and Renault Series 2.0 have races on Sunday morning (not GP2, unfortunately.) I suggest getting there as early as possible on race day! Yes, you can bring water and food (but make sure in a plastic bottle). It’s also a city, so there are supermarkets in and around the circuit where you can stock up cheaply. Have a great day!

  5. Hi,

    I have the ticket for Sunday but not for Saturday. Can I go to Monaco on Saturday after the qualifying ?

    Michael Han

    1. Hi Michael, the track is opened after the racing at 18:30 on Saturday. After this time, you will be free to enter and walk around. It’s a great opportunity to soak up some of the atmosphere and maybe even meet some drivers or famous people. Have a great time! If you are around on Friday, the track is opened from around 14:00.

      1. Hello what time does the track stay open on today as we are currently delayed at CDG and won’t arrive until 20:00 now instead of 18:00 :(

        1. Hi Emma, the track opens at 18:30 tonight and won’t close again until 07:00 tomorrow morning. You can enter the circuit area tonight till late. Enjoy!

      2. Hi . Is the trucker also open at this time for regular people who don’t have any kind of ticket for the race itself ?

        1. You mean the track? Well, the city is open for people who don’t have a ticket, but there are obviously restricted areas for people with grandstand seats etc. You can still walk down some of the streets, however. But check the schedule, you can explore more at night when the track is opened. After that time, you can even walk around the whole track itself.

  6. We live in south of France and are debating to take the train or drive ourselves tomorrow. What’s your advice?

    1. I don’t recommend trying to drive all the way to Monaco on race day. Instead, why don’t you go to one of the neighboring towns (Nice, Menton etc) and get a train from there. The earlier the better to miss the crowds and don’t be in a hurry to return right after the race. Enjoy the day!

      1. We are on a cruise stopping in Villefranche and wondered is it easy to get to the Grand Prix by train and back easily and if so are the trains really busy as we cannot miss the ship after the Grand Prix any advice you can give us please

        1. The trains can be pretty busy, but you should be able to get on. Make sure you buy your return ticket in advance, otherwise you would need to line up at the train station to buy tickets. Don’t do it if your ship leaves before 7pm – you will be worried the whole day about missing it, and won’t enjoy the race!

  7. Leon van Gasteren

    Great travel guide again! After my first vist in 2015 I wanted to return for a longer visit. We just booked tickets for the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 for saturday (tribune N) and sunday (Z1).

  8. Hi,

    Great to read a lot of tips. But I maybe I have a strange question. I cannot find anything on a map where toilets are. I have searched a lot but nothing to find.
    Can you tell me if there is one in the area nearbij grandstand T?

    1. Hi, don’t worry it’s not a strange question! All the grandstands at Monaco have portable toilets nearby – either individual portaloos, or larger portable buildings.

      1. Thanks for your answer. It will be the first time at monaco gp. Do you have any tips for taking with us to the circuit?

        1. Hi Esther, what to take to the circuit? Make sure you check the weather forecast and pack accordingly for rain/sun. It can get quite warm in the south of France in May, so hat/sunscreen is recommended. Also take along a spare battery for your camera and a phone charger – you will take more photos and use more battery life than you expect!

  9. Hello, we have tickets for Saturday for X2 Grandstand. Are we able to walk around e.g. the park in front of the casino or go up to the palace for some sightseeing during the day? Or does our ticket restrict us? Also, shall we pre buy train tickets from Nice or do we get them last minute? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Dina! There are some restrictions in place on Saturday between 07:00-18:30. During that time when the track is closed, you won’t be able to Casino or some other places. But you can still get up to the palace, no problem. After 18:30 when the track is open, you can walk anywhere you want, apart from the paddock! It’s a good idea to pre-purchase tickets, especially for the return trip from Monaco. Otherwise it will take a little longer to queue up and buy them, but it’ not a big wait unless at real peak times. One more piece of advice – go on Friday if you can. Entrance is free to the grandstands, and there’s a good Formula 2 (ex-GP2) race on around midday. After that, they open the track in the afternoon at around 14:00; it’s a good time to do a track walk. Enjoy Monaco! Andy

  10. Hi, we have general admission Rocher tickets, are there any food/ bars in that area? Can we roam about onece we’re in or are we restricted to that area? Also is there much opportunity to buy better tickets outside.

    1. Hi Jo, as you are probably aware, the Rocher area is on the hill leading up to the castle. There are food/drink stalls nearby, especially at the bottom of the hill. Monaco is a city, so you can walk around quite a bit without restrictions, though you probably won’t be able to see the track from anywhere else. Buying better tickets? There are touts everywhere on GP weekend, but don’t hand over any money before you know exactly what you are getting.

  11. Hi! I have bought tickets for this year’s Thursday event. What time should I reach Monaco? I am coming from Cannes via train. And should I go back immediately after the races for the day are over or wait a few more hours for any extra events?

    1. Hello Akul. I would try and get to the track as early as possible. The F1 cars hit the track at 10:00, so be there for that! At the end of the day, it’s definitely a good idea to stay around and explore the streets. The track is open from 19:30 and you can walk around and explore. There’s also lots of nightlife and bars, a great atmosphere. Don’t forget that Friday is free as well, if you can make it. Have a great time!

      1. Can I access Thursday practices only with ticket? All are sold out on web, are there any more stationary tickets available? Thanks!

        1. You need a ticket if you really want to see something. It may be that tickets are not all sold out, but just not displaying for online purchase any more. I’d be very surprised if you cannot get a cheap ticket tomorrow, either from the ticket office (I think on or near Place d’Armes) or just from a tout.

  12. Wondering if you can help me, going to the Monaco Grand Prix with my husband and doing a pit walk on qualifying day. Done this 3 years ago and we had a lap around the track. When we went the year after they had stopped it complementary. I am just enquiring if you are still able to do this. (Doesn’t matter if there is a charge). This would be fantastic if you could help as it is my husbands 50th birthday.

    1. Hi Fiona, sounds like you had Paddock Club tickets? These are pretty expensive, but you do get daily pit walks. I’ll put you in touch with our ticket supplier in Monaco to discuss.

  13. Hi there, i require something quite special and was wondering if you would be able to assist? Good friends of ours are going to the Monaco F1, we are from SA and Friends for almost 20 years now. I would like to arrange something special for them if possible as it is a once in a lifetime experience. We were ourselves blessed to visit the indy 2011 motogp and managed to get a special tour of the Yamaha garage – i will never forget that experience. Is there any way for them to be able to visit a top team’s garage or be involved in a team experience through special access? Your assistance will be greatly appreciated as I would like to make their trip extra special with a surprise – iknow I’m shooting high but Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull will be super awesome! Baie dankie!

  14. Hi

    We have tickets booked for Grandstand N on the Saturday only, just wondering do you need to arrive at a certain time, or are stands accessible throughout the day? We are happy to arrive early as want to make the most of it but wondering what the best time to get there would be and also if you can leave the stands and come back at any times?

    Also, we are staying in Nice and considering booking private transportation, it is quite expensive, and wondering is it worthwhile or are we likely to just be stuck in traffic?

    1. Hi Sarah, grandstand N is a good choice. I would aim to get there for around 9am, in time for the first Formula Renault race. You can come and go from the stands during the day, no problem. From Nice, your best bet is to take the train – the only tip is to buy your tickets ahead of time if possible (even the day earlier). That will save you lining up to buy tickets, especially when returning from Monaco. And don’t be in a hurry to go back at the end of the day. The track opens at 18:30; you can then do a track walk or just explore, and have a few drinks in the harbor. Enjoy!

  15. Frederick Jensen

    Hi, Thank you for great information about F1 in Monaco!
    I’ve got tickets for Grandstand K4 on saturday and I’m also going on friday.

    On friday I’m looking forward to the pitlane walk for fans. When does it start/end? what are the chances of getting an autograph from one of the drivers? do you know the F1 teams’ garage allocation? (would be great to see some kind of map)

    1. Hi Frederick, the pitlane walk begins from around 14:30 on Friday, when the track opens. You enter from the pits exit, so you start with the ‘slower teams,’ where there will be less fans and more chance of an autograph. By the time you get to the end with the ‘fast teams’ it gets pretty crowded and you will have less chance of getting an autograph (and more chance of getting crushed). If you are really keen to get a particular driver’s autograph, then try to be one of the first in line and hang out in front of his team’s garage. Good luck!

  16. My wife and I are going and I have been trying to find out if SLR cameras with removable lens are prohibited. Is there someplace I can find the list of prohibited items that cannot be brought into the stands? We have tickets by the “pool” and if we can bring in our camera gear we want to.

    1. Hi Herb, sorry but I don’t have a list of prohibited items for the grandstands at Monaco. You should be fine with your SLR camera, provided the lens is smaller than 400mm. You also shouldn’t bring in any glass bottles or anything obviously dangerous, but that’s common sense. Andy

      1. Great info. I’m also interested in taking my Sony A7R3 (Mirrorless camera) and 70-200mm lens in with me to the K upper Grandstands on Sat & Sunday. Do you think that will be an issue? Thanks

  17. Hi

    You mentioned that the entrance for the pit lane walk is the pit exit. What is the best way to get there so as to get to the head of the queue?



    1. Hi Neil, I am not 100% sure, but this is directly behind the K grandstand. So I would suggest going near the back of the K grandstand, there should be an entrance on to the track and to line up for the pitlane walk. Good luck!

  18. Hi

    We went to the Monaco GP last year.
    All day friday was an open track with no activity and cost nothing to get in and you get the vibe and can walk the track and stop at the temporary bars that spring up.
    However there appears to be races on the friday so is entry free ? Will they still have the bars spring up ?


    1. Hi Anton, maybe you went last year on Friday afternoon? There’s always on-track action in the morning on Friday, including the F2 (ex-GP2) feature race. Entry is free, including the grandstands (but the smaller ones do get full, so get there early.) The track is opened from around 14:30, then you are free to do a track walk and go for a beer near the harbor. Enjoy!

  19. Hi,

    thanks for your info! It was an excellent source when I attended Montreal in 2014.

    Going to Monaco Thursday. When the track re-opens in the evening, can we drive our rental vehicles onto the circuit? Or is that evening completely packed with pedestrians doing the track walk?


    1. Hi, thanks for the compliment! You should be fine, but be aware there could be lots of traffic right after the circuit opens. Best to wait an hour at least after the track opens before you leave if possible. More people do the trackwalk on Friday afternoon, so I don’t think this will be a cause of delays.

  20. hi Im coming on sunday for the race
    grandstand k – thinking of arriving around 11am. How do you get to the grandstand from the train station – is there an underpass –

    thanks for this site


    1. Hi Tony, you will find the way, it’s well signposted. The train station is actually right up on the hill above Ste Devote, which is not far from grandstand K. There’s lifts/escalators to get down the hill, then an underpass under the track to get to K. It should take you around 20 minutes, unless there are delays from too much foot traffic.

  21. Hi,

    We are attending the Grand Prix on Sunday and from what you said if we decided to drive from Cannes we should be able to find a parking spot at the football stadium even on race days ?



    1. You should be ok getting a park at the football stadium on race day, but worth getting there fairly early (before 10am if possible) to be sure. And don’t let your GPS try to take you through the center of Monaco!

  22. Hi,

    How is the accessability (how to get to) of the hotellobby of the Fairmont after the tracks closes down (07 am – 07pm). How do I get from the K Grandstands at Quai to the Fairmont. The only way, it seems the Fairmont has a second entrance at the back of the Casino de Monaco because the Av. des Spelugues and de Blv. Louis II seems to completely been closed down.

  23. What would be the best way to get to Nice airport after the race on Sunday? I can already buy a ticket online for Monaco Express Bus #110 but I’m just wondering whether their normal service would be affected on race weekend? Does anything much happen once the F1 race has finished or is there immediately a mad rush to leave the stands? Many thanks :)

    1. Hi Sarah, the bus is a good bet and I don’t think will be too affected by the race. What time does your flight leave? I suggest no earlier than 20:00. It’s nice to not be in a hurry after the race. You can walk the track and take in the atmosphere.

  24. Hello! We are planning on going to Monaco GP in 2018, we have never been to a GP before. What king of tickets and in which spot would you recomend for first timer fans on a €500 budget per person? Thx.

    1. Hi Rosetta, if you are planning on going for the whole weekend, then 500 EUR per person is not such a high budget for Monaco; the tickets are expensive as you know. If I was going all three days on your budget, then I would choose different tickets for each day: Grandstand K on Thursday (80 EUR), Grandstand T Upper on Saturday (268 EUR) and Rocher General Admission on Sunday (110 EUR). The views from Rocher are not that great, but you will still be there. If you are just going on Sunday, then you have a good choice of grandstands within your budget. Enjoy your first race!

  25. Hello Andy, are there toilets near the places of Le Rocher? My wife and I have almost 70 and we go in 2018 from Argentina. Saturday in Grandstand N and Sunday in Le Rocher. Some tips to keep in mind please?

    1. Hi Luis, that sounds like an awesome trip from Argentina to Monaco. I really don’t remember toilets at Le Rocher, but there must be some for all the fans. It’s not that comfortable there, but you should be ok. Try and get there early for a good spot on race day!

      1. thanks Andy! If I do not decide to spend more money, I’ll tell you how I went with the Toilets in Le Rocher!

  26. Hi Andy,do you need a general access ticket to a
    Gain admission to cafe de paris.

    We are planning to watch from the terrace. We did this last year but cannot for the life of us remember if we used the general admission tickets

    1. Hi Lola, if you book in advance with Cafe de Paris, I’m sure they’ll be able to tell you about access. You shouldn’t need an additional ticket (General Access tickets are not really even sold for Monaco), but you will need to find out about access, as the Cafe is inside the circuit.

  27. In June, 2018 we will be in Monaco for a day trip from Nice. Will we be able to “walk the Grand Prix track” and see the pits from the start/finish area off Rue Louis Notari? Is there any viewing access along the track?
    thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Fran, you will be able to walk the Grand Prix track in Monaco. These are just regular city streets when the Grand Prix isn’t happening, so you can walk pretty much around the whole track, including Casino Square, the tunnel, swimming pool area etc. Enjoy!

  28. Brother and I are going to the race. Our wives just to Monaco..any Ideas as to what they can do to enjoy the city during the race? Will they need ear protection

    1. No ear protection needed any more really, the cars are not so loud. As to what to do for your wives, be aware that much of the city is closed off when the racing is on. But just over the hill in Fontvieille everything is easy to access. They can also go up to the Old City and do a Palace tour on top of the hill overlooking Monaco. Maybe your wives also want to spend at least one day in Nice when you are at the track, lots to do there.

  29. Dear Editor,

    your information is very useful. Thank you!

    I have a ticket for Saturday on stand K and plan to arrive by train from Sanremo. Do you think, it’s too late to arrive at the station at 11:39 h to see the start of the practise at 12:00 h?

    Do they give seats away, if one doesn’t arrive early?

    Are there enough toilets at stand K or is there always waiting time for the ladies?

    Best wishes


    1. Hi Stephanie, I think you should arrive earlier, around 10am. It will take around 20-30 minutes to get from the train station at the top of the hill down to your seat in Grandstand K. (Don’t worry, there are lifts!) They won’t give away your seat. If someone is sitting there, just ask them politely to move, or get the usher to help. Every grandstand has toilets behind it, but I can’t guarantee you won’t have to wait.

  30. Thanks for the great write up:

    My friend and I are touring Europe on a shoestring and have tickets for the GP (Rocher section). We are traveling in a camper van. Would it be wiser to park it in Nice and take the train or to drive it to Monaco on Sunday? I’ve read that for a good seat you must be there at 4/5 am? I’ve looked at the trains and the earliest departs at 5:30. Would this be early enough for us to still get a good view of the track? Cheers!

    1. Hi Max, I’ve never experienced Rocher on a race day, but I imagine it gets extremely packed early. Lots of people come every year, so they will know all the tricks to reserve the best spots. Everyone else just needs to fight for a good position. I think if you are leaving really early, you could drive your campervan and park somewhere in Monaco, or nearby. Check out the interactive map on the ACM site, you can search for parking near the circuit. Just don’t be in a hurry to leave at the end of the day. Enjoy the atmosphere and let the traffic die down!

  31. I plan on being in Monaco for the whole day and will have a hard time making it back to my hotel in Nice. Are backpacks allowed in the grandstands (section N)? Are cameras (DSLRs non pro no tripod) allowed? I have a vacuum thermos I wanted to use for water, is that allowed?

  32. Hi,Editor!
    Thank you for helping us about Monaco gp.

    I’m going to go to Monaco gp. I have only Sunday tickets. on Saturday I’m thinking of qualifying on the screen of the bar in Monaco.
    Could you tell me good bar to watch qualifying in Monaco?

    1. Hi Yuka, most of the bars I know in Monaco you will need a race ticket to enter. But I am sure there are many more. Perhaps nearby Place d’Armes, or across the hill in Fontvieille. Just walk around where you can, I’m sure you will find a good one.

  33. Attending Grand Prix Sunday, but have 8pm flight booked! Will I make it and is my best option the bus or train? Also will I be able to take my bag with me? I’ve heard some tracks don’t allow bags.

    1. Hi Chris, your flight departs too early. If there is any way to get a later flight, then do it. You won’t enjoy the race if you are worried about missing your flight. If you are flying from Nice, then I’d say you would even have to leave as soon as the race finishes to make it. Even then, you will hit peak time with other fans leaving the circuit and big queues/traffic. If you’ve only got a backpack, you should be fine. Otherwise, I suggest leaving it at the train station in Monaco; I’m pretty sure you can rent a locker there.

  34. Unfortunately I have no choice for a later flight! Do you think my exit would be quicker on the train? I’m in grandstand L

  35. Hi! We have tickets for Sunday and would line to see the qualifyers on Thursday. Do we have access to General admission/Rocher Thursday with our Sunday tickets?

    1. No you don’t. You need to buy separate tickets for Thursday. Cheapest Thursday ticket is Z1 for 54 EUR, or grandstands for around 80 EUR. You can go on Friday for free however. There’s no F1, but there is the Formula 2 feature race.

  36. Hi,
    I’m looking to attend on Sunday final race with friends, five in total but lame rocher tickets are sold out is there anyway possible of getting into the city and close enough to watch a screen without a ticket?

  37. Hi, I am attending with my husband on Sunday. Please can you advise what to wear for ladies ?
    Thank you

  38. Hello,

    We’re getting into Monaco on Friday afternoon. Is the pit lane open for ticket holders as we can’t see any information on the official race website? If so, what happens then? Can you see garages, drivers etc.?

    Thanks, Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah, the Pit Lane Walk is not mentioned in the schedule this year, but there is a Drivers’ Autograph Session listed as running from 3pm to 4:30pm on Friday afternoon. This will surely take place in the pitlane. You should be able to see what’s happening in the pits, but the crowds can be very big and the path down the pitlane is very narrow. Not recommended if you don’t like crowds, and the top drivers will have the biggest crowds of course. Don’t forget to bring your weekend ticket to gain entry.

  39. Hi, any news on the train strikes over the race weekend? I am relying on travelling from Nice on Friday & Sunday.

  40. Konstantin Zherebnenkov

    Hi there, question, are small strollers allowed in grandstands? We are sitting in O section. And wondering if our stroller would be allowed in. Thank you.

  41. Hi there!

    I love your prompt replying!!

    Thanks so much in advance – we are looking to take our dog to the race. Either grandstand P or the rocher.

    A) are dogs allowed?
    B) is it just too loud for dogs, does anyone do it?!

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Emma,

      4 years later and I have the same question. :) Did you manage to take your dog at Rocher area?

      Paul B.

  42. Stephen De Witt

    Hi .. Q for 2019 Monaco Race: Is it possible on either or all 3 days Thursday / Saturday or Race day to walk up and buy a day GA ticket? My wife & 1 will have been travelling for about 5 weeks leading into the race with no option for mail ticketing receivable? Cheers Stephen Melbourne, Australia

    1. G’Day Stephen, tickets normally sell out in advance. It’s a much better idea to buy your tickets online in advance and choose the option to collect them at the track. Our ticket agency Gootickets has this option. I recommend the Z1 General Admission zone over Rocher, but Z1 is already sold out for race day. Saturday tickets in Z1 are on sale for 99 EUR at present.

  43. Good evening.
    I have general admission tickets in Z1 at Tabac.
    Hard to see from pics where best to aim to sit, any advice?

    1. Well, you don’t sit in Z1 – it’s standing only. There are plenty of small platforms in the area – I guess the best ones are the closest to the Tabac corner. I haven’t been there on race day, but I’d say that people probably get there early to reserve the best vantage points.

  44. Hi! What are the fees for the autograph sessions? Is there a good chance you won’t be able to get a particular autograph due to crowds?


    1. No fee for the session – you can go if you have a weekend ticket. But this is Monaco, and the autograph session is not the best place to get autographs. It can get crowded and you may not get close for the big drivers The entrance to the F1 Paddock is a better place to hang out. Or you can just walk around the harbor and city – keep your eyes open, as drivers can be walking around at any time. Don’t forget, this is home for many of them!

  45. Hi there,
    I am lucky enough to be going this year. Sitting in Z1 at Tabac.
    What would the dress code be? I have heard that shorts are frowned upon?
    Chinos and a polo?

    1. Hi Adam, I think dress codes only really apply to hospitality suites and terraces. If you are in Z1 or the grandstands, you can wear what you like. Make it comfortable and check the weather forecast!

  46. Stuart Thomason

    Hi there,
    I’m going to the Grand prix 2019, and can’t wait,
    I have a list of things I would like to do, the Casio,
    The La rascasse bar and the chance to meet some drivers, can you recommend anything else and what times would be best to do these?

  47. Hi there
    i am planning to attend the F1 in Monaco in 2020.
    we are looking to use an travel agent to book an experience for the whole weekend. May you recommend any in Australia.

  48. Hi!
    My husband and I are attending Monaco GP this year and we’re wondering whether there is radio commentary coverage/channel during the race that I can tune my fm radio into? I know there are speakers (we will be in grandstand K) but at other races, it has not been very easy to hear.

  49. Hi, we are attending the Monaco GP this year (2 adults, 2 kids) got Le Rocher tickets. We are aiming to get there for around 8am, is this early enough? Also can you buy camping chairs at the GP?
    Any other advice appreciated.

    1. Hi Sarah, to be honest I think you will struggle to get a good view arriving at 8am. The regulars will have worked out elaborate ways to secure the best vantage points earlier in the weekend actually. I’ve not watched the race from Le Rocher, but the feedback isn’t great. Don’t want to spoil it for you, I do sincerely hope you have a good experience. Don’t forget that if it gets too much at Le Rocher, you can head just down the hill to Place d’Armes and watch the race there on the big screen.

  50. Very useful website and extremely kind of you to answer all of the questions ??

    Would you also be able to help me? I have a flight at 8.40pm on Saturday from Nice. Do you think I’ll be able to make it after quali which finishes at around 4pm?

    Is train from Gare du Monaco the fastest choice do you think?


  51. I have train tickets to go to Monaco on Sunday but don’t have tickets for any grandstands etc. Is it possible to watch the race from anywhere free of charge or are we wasting our time even going up there?

    1. You can watch the race from the fan zone in Place d’Armes. They have a big screen. Good atmosphere, but you won’t actually see the cars on the track.

  52. Nicholas Larson

    Hey Hey!

    My Wife and I are attending the Monaco Grand Prix 2020 and we are super pumped to be part of the action! We have tickets for Z1 on Sunday. We are staying in Nice and plan on taking the train in the morning. I have a few questions that would require your experience and expertise if you would please sir?

    1) The earliest train from Nice leaves at 0520, should we take that train into Monaco? Or could we take a train say at or around 0700?
    2) What time do the gates open for the Monaco Grand Prix? What time should we plan on being there to get a good spot near the Tabac corner?
    3) My Wife and I plan on dressing comfortably for the weather conditions that day. If we plan to go do up the after party scene (which we absolutely will do!) say at La Rascasse or other clubs, are there lockers where we could store some nicer clothing near Z1?

    Any and all help is much appreciated good sir!

    Thanks you in advance!


    1. Hi Nicholas,
      1) I don’t think you need to take the earliest train. 7am sounds much more civilised!
      2) The times when the track closes to traffic each morning (in this post!) can be considered the gate opening times.
      3) Nowhere that I know of to store your stuff during the day, sorry.

  53. Hi,monaco 2020 will be my 1st f1 race ive been too. Going with a package tour company, can you tell me please i have a ticket for the Rocher de monaco standing only,would i still get a good view of the race or would you advise i get a better viewing ticket.

    1. Hi Ian, assume you are talking about 2021! I’d recommend getting a better ticket. Rocher is a long way from the action and also uncomfortable – you are essentially standing on the side of a hill, and battling others for a view (many who go every year and know how to reserve the best spots etc). If you can get Z1 standing area, go for that. Much closer to the action.

  54. Hi,

    Coming from Níce, do you know the COVID restrictions from France to Monaco?

    Thanks in advance,


  55. Hi, thank you so much for this incredible post, super informative! I just bought tickets for the Z1 area for the 2022 GP. What time should I aim to arrive on Sunday to get a good view of the track?

  56. Hi Andrew

    My wife and I will be in the south of France around the 2022 race weekend and are considering an overnight in Nice on Thursday; while we don’t plan on buying race tickets or spectating, I would dearly live to walk the course. Would it be reasonable to take the train from Nice Thursday afternoon, have dinner in Monaco, walk the course after the streets reopen and return to Nice by train that evening?

    Thank you for an enthusiastic and informative site!

    San Francisco CA

    1. Sounds like a great plan to me Marc! Definitely worth doing if you are going to be in the area. A reminder that the track opening time of 19:30 is approximate; depending on the track action that day etc, it could be a bit earlier or later. One other thing to note is that sunset is not until around 9pm, so you should have plenty of time to walk the track as the sun goes down. Enjoy

  57. Hi,

    I was planning on visiting some friends near Nice around the same time as the 2022 Monaco gp weekend. I was not planning on buying any tickets to the F1 race itself, more like spontaneously going to Monaco, looking around and mainly just experiencing the grand prix atmosphere. But I was doing some reading and came across an article (not sure how reliable it was) which claimed you would not be able to enter Monaco during a race day, if you don’t have a race ticket.

    So I was wondering if you know anything about that and what the “travel rules” are on a race day, going to Monaco from Nice for example? Will I be able to enter the country without a grand prix ticket?

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Pretty sure that website was incorrect. There is no restriction on you travelling to Monaco on race day/weekend. You shouldn’t have a problem entering Monaco. If you note the “track closed” and “track open” times on the schedule in this post, you will obviously not be able to enter the restricted areas during these times. But you can still walk around the principality, and once the track is opened in the evening, you can even walk around inside the restricted areas. In other words, go for it and enjoy the atmosphere on Monaco on race weekend.

  58. Hey Andrew!
    Thank you for all your tips.
    Me and my friend want to go watch the race on Sunday. We were planning on traveling from Nice to Monaco just for the day. We don’t know what type of tickets to buy, or if we really need one. We definitely want to watch the race, but could we watch it from a random street? We have been told we could watch from a high street because of the hills in Monaco.
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Luciana, you can’t watch the actual cars on the track for free. You can walk around the streets, but you won’t see the race without a ticket – or if you do, it will be a long way away. The cheapest ticket you can buy for race day is the Rocher Sector, which is general admission and up on the hill near the castle – these cost 110 EUR and you can buy in our ticket shop.

  59. Hi Andrew,
    We are leaving Canada for the Spanish GP on May 19th. I see Monte Carlo is not an E-ticket race. I want to order but do you think my tickets would be shipped in time?


  60. We have tickets for Saturday and Sunday but need to get a friend to drive us due to husbands walking restrictions. I see the Stad Luis 11 stadium is the place to park and I would like to pre book but can’t find a website that enables me to do this. Can you advise
    Please where I can pre book the time parking?

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s possible to pre-book parking spaces in the stadium, sorry. If I can find out anything about parking options in Monaco, I’ll let you know. Where are you staying? Taking the train may still be an option, as the train station is close to the circuit and you can get a lift down from the higher level.

      1. Shirley Lockwood

        Hi we are going may 23 a surprise for my husband’s 50th birthday (I hope he likes it!) My husband myself and my 2 sons 19 and 21
        Staying in nice Thursday til Tuesday grandstand x Saturday and Sunday is it possible to buy train tickets to Monaco for each day in advance?
        Can you recommend any restaurants to eat at? Thanks x

        1. Hi Shirley, sounds like a good plan. I’m sure your husband will be very happy! I took the train this year during the race weekend, and it was generally ok but the return trips from Monaco did get pretty crowded on Saturday and Sunday night. Hopefully they will put on more trains (and with more carriages) for next year’s race. I think you can buy the tickets in advance, and I definitely recommend doing so as the queues to buy can be long at peak times. No specific recommendations for dinner, but lots of good places lining the streets in the old part of Nice – always worth checking reviews on Google Maps before sitting down; anything below 4/5 I generally avoid!

  61. Hi Andrew,

    Q1- We have tickets for Sat 28/5, grandstand B. What time should we arrive at the track?
    Q2 – Are there any restrictions due to covid? Where can we find the requirements?

    Thanking you in advance!!

    1. Up to you when you arrive at the track, the earlier the better if you want to enjoy it as much as you can. First track action begins at 10am on Saturday. I haven’t seen any information about COVID restrictions, hopefully there won’t be any. This is what is stated on the ACM website:

      We are continuously monitoring and keeping up to date with all information and advice concerning the worldwide pandemic. It is currently too soon to establish which precautionary and safety measures we will be required to take in order to ensure a safe environment for all our guests and spectators. Should we be obliged to apply further restrictions, you will be advised by email and/or via our social media outlets at a closer date of the event.

  62. Jason Goldstein

    Hi this is great information, thank you.

    I am thinking about coming for Monaco F1 weekend with my family. We would stay in Valbonne, FR and come in each day. An important piece here is I use a cane, will need a seat for the race (can stand but not for an hour+), and I can walk but maybe 1/4 mile max at a time.

    Does it work to stay outside in Valbonne and come in each day given my situation? Is there a particular grandstand you would recommend for “ease of access?’ Any other advice appreciated.

    1. Hi Jason, it may be too late for the Monaco GP this year if you don’t already have your tickets. The race is now basically a sell out for Sunday, though Friday and Saturday tickets are available. I’m not familiar with Valbonne. If you are able to take the train to Monaco, this would be the best solution. In that case, the best grandstands for you would be in the harbor, like Grandstand K. Once you arrive at the train station, you can take a lift down to the harbour level and it’s quite close.

  63. I’m going to be in Italy for business just before the Monaco GP and I am thinking of attending. I can see tickets are sold out for the Sunday (although there are plenty for Saturday, which I can book).

    Is there a final release of tickets for the race day? If not, are there good places around the city where you can watch the race for free?

    1. That’s it for Sunday tickets, as far as I’m aware. You won’t be able to see the actual racing for free on race day, but you can go to Monaco and soak up some of the atmosphere – Place d’Armes is a good place to start. Maybe you can find a pub/bar with outdoor seating and a big screen.

  64. Is there a place where people can resell tickets? We have a last minute trip change and now can be in Monaco by race time on Sunday. Curious if there’s still a way to get a second hand ticket?

    Also, seeing that the track closes at 20:30 on Sunday, would we be able to walk the race course after that? Or does it open back up to regular traffic? Not sure if it’s worth staying around or not.

    1. Regarding tickets, you may try secondary marketplaces like Stubhub or Viagogo, but the prices are generally quite high. As for the track open from 20:30 on Sunday, yes this can be a good chance to walk the track – though you will have to look out for regular traffic on the roads. Yes, I’d say it’s worth staying around and soaking up the atmosphere after the race

  65. Is Viagogo a trusted site to buy a ticket? I don’t see any info on Stubhub selling any tickets. I’ve a ticket in grandstand K and my son would love to go if I can find another ticket as long as it’s in K.

    1. I wouldn’t say Viagogo is completely trustworthy. It is a large site and you should be protected in case there’s a problem with the tickets you buy. But this should only be a last resort. And of course you won’t be able to sit with your son. Which day are you looking for a Grandstand K ticket?

      1. Thank you Andrew. I’m looking for both Sat/Sun even if I need to buy 2 tickets together and try to sell my other ticket. I’m looking at other options too like local hospitality silver or gold terrace. Those are expensive but I’m not sure are they are that much better.

  66. Hi!

    I was wondering if you have any recommendations on where to watch the race in Monaco (pubs, bars, fan zones with screens, etc.) in 2022? Just found out we’ll be close by that weekend and would love to watch from the city!

    Appreciate the support thanks a bunch.

  67. I just received my tickets in the mail for the Monaco GP. I anticipated that *surely* F1 would send an informational packet along with the tickets – such as: where the gates are located, what time the gates open, permitted or prohibitted items for entry, pit lane access etc etc… But no, nothing, just a printed ticket. I’m quite dismayed, especially that these tix were espen$$$ive.

    I am so grateful for this website. I now know that for Grandstand B, I need to report to gates 8 or 9. Any idea, however, where exactly these gates may be? I’m guessing they may be at Sporting d’Hiver and Metropole Hotel on either side of the Grandstand, but it’s still not clear. Thank you

    1. Where did you buy the tickets? I sat in Grandstand B next to the Casino back in 2014, so it’s been a while. From memory, the gates are very close to the rear of the grandstand. You basically get there by walking on the regular streets of the principality. I remember walking via the train station, as we were in the harbor before this. But don’t worry, it should all be clear when you are there in terms of signposting. Or just ask for directions!

      1. Thank you for the reassurance, Andrew. And just to answer your question, I bought the tickets form the F1 tickets wesbite ( Thanks again!

  68. Hi there! Does grandstand K have assigned seats and if not, do you recommend getting there earlier to get better seats for Sunday? Thanks!!

    1. Yes it does have assigned seats. It may be possible to sit in different parts of the grandstand on Friday, but I think it will be much busier on Saturday and Sunday – you will need to take your assigned seat

  69. Is a ticket required to have a seat for the Friday F1 practice sessions / any other races that day? I have read conflicting information regarding Friday, specifically with the F1 practice sessions.

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Matt. I think you may be reading information from previous years. In the past, there was no F1 action on Friday in Monaco (practice took place on Thursday). Grandstands were open for free on Friday for fans to watch the support races. However, F1 practice will take place on Friday this year and you will need a paid ticket to sit in the grandstands.

  70. Hi,
    Is there an interactive map yet which shows the grandstands and entrance gates? I’m in Grandstand K and would like to know how to access it.

    1. There used to be one on the ACM website, but it’s been taken down. Hopefully a new one will be published before the race next weekend! Don’t worry however, there is good signposting at the circuit – especially if you enter via the recommended gate for each grandstand

  71. Dear Editor, my family and I were hoping to watch the 2022 race from a friends apartment, but their floor has just fallen in and it is unpassable! So we are now desperately searching for options to watch the race or even just experience the atmosphere without breaking the bank. Is the fan hub still going for 2022, and is this free to enter? We are a family of 4, with 2 kids under 12. Thank you!

    1. Hello! Sorry to hear, that’s bad luck. I think there will be a Fanzone in Place d’Armes – but I haven’t yet seen any confirmation about this. Yes, this is free to enter, and you will at least be able to soak up some of the atmosphere of the race weekend. Keep an eye out on the website and social media channels, hopefully more information will be released this week.

      1. That’s brilliant, thanks Andrew. Yes we’re completely gutted! Our 11 year old is a huge fan and this would have been his first race. Still hoping that we can find a big screen to watch on if nothing else. Did you say that the autograph signing might also be from the Fanzone? Thanks again

  72. Hi Andrew
    We are going next week and I need to see organise ear protection for the kids – any idea if I can buy these near Monaco or at track? We are travelling and I’ve found it hard to get some.
    Many thanks

    1. I’m sure it’s possible to buy near the track, but the price will be higher. Better to look for a large hypermarket like Auchun in Nice and get them before you go to the track.

  73. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the incredibly detailed information regarding the Monaco GP!
    I’m already planning ahead for next year and looking to stay near Nice airport.

    Do you know if Monaco is easily accessible from Nice St Augustin station on race day? Or are trains going to too crowded that have come from central Nice by that stop??

    I’m debating if it’s worth staying more central in Nice for access to the train on the morning of the GP. Not going to be spending any time at all in or around the accommodation so was thinking staying near the airport would make a better base logistically.

    1. Sorry but I don’t have a lot of experience with local trains in Nice and Monaco. The train services are pretty regular, so whilst they will be busy at peak times I wouldn’t worry about them being too crowded. I’d personally choose to stay in the centre of Nice, at least you have access to restaurants, shops etc after a day at the track.

    2. Hi James,
      I can give you more information on that next week.
      I will stay close to the Airport and board the train to Monaco at Nice St. Augustin!

      Booked a hotel nearby, cause my flight on Monday is pretty early!

      Do you know if it possible to walk the track on Wednesday, when it is still open?
      Are there walkways all around the 3.3km including the tunnel?

      1. Hi Robert, yes it should still be possible to walk the track on Wednesday. Yes, you can pretty much walk around the whole track, including the tunnel. Perhaps there will be some restricted areas near the Pit lane and Paddock, however.

    3. Hi James,
      as promised, my experience!

      Monaco is easily accessible from Nice St Augustin station on race day:
      –> super easy as the trains drive in 30min slots
      –> Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was very easy (we left with enough space to be in Monaco about 1h before track action starts)
      –> Saturday: We left at 10am … hell on earth, the whole train was already full in Nice St. Augustin!
      –> Sunday: We left at 5:50 am to be at 6:30 in Monaco … best way, no masses, very easy!

      Summary: Leave always (!!) as early as it gets!

      Getting back: Total ***! I have never seen such a bad organization than in Monaco. It was like “Fight for your life” in the train station. There were a few additional trains (many wagons) from Monaco to Nice Ville, but they always left half empty as people did not fill the free space in the aisles of the trains.
      When you need to St. Augustine, there are only short trains (four wagons) and everyone is fighting for a spot – they also operate in 30min slots …. so if you miss one, you have to wait another 30min.
      Like I said, the worst organization after the event I have ever experienced at any F1 race!

      1. Thanks a lot Robert! I also took the train a few times on the weekend, but from Nice Ville to Monaco. Mostly it was ok, but I know for sure that Saturday night was the worst. Not enough trains to get all the fans out from Monaco – not frequent enough and when they did come, they were too short for all the fans trying to get on. I did manage to fight my way on to the 23:28 train on Saturday night after a short delay, but I know many people were stuck for hours and for sure some of them wouldn’t have got on at all. Definitely room for improvement from the organizers. They knew more people would be taking the train from Monaco – would it be that hard to organize more frequent services and longer trains? Hopefully they will work on this for 2023

        1. “Good to hear” that it was not just my impression!

          Let’s hope so and they will learn from it … it was really the only “downside” of the whole weekend!
          I wonder if there is some chance to give feedback to the organizers about it.
          Probably contacting the ACM directly …

          Nevertheless, Monaco worth a visit for this “crazy weekend”!

  74. Hi,
    at first thanks a lot for helping so many people with your requests that are all on point!

    I got Z1 tickets for the Saturday with the hope that it is not “as bad as Rocher” (fully packed and difficult to get a good view, especially for person with some mobility issues).
    How is the atmosphere/view at Z1? Is it enough to be there at 11:00?
    There is a break between practice and qualifying of two hours. Is it possible to leave the space for a short lunch and get the back half an hour before the qualifying and get again a good view?
    Plastic-bottled water in the bag is ok, right?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Matthias, definitely Z1 will be a lot better than Rocher! It was a few years ago I was there last, but I’ll actually be working this year at the Miramar Terrace, which overlooks Z1. It’s not a large space, I remember they had some small platforms to give you a better view of the track. But also I don’t believe a lot of Z1 tickets are sold, so hopefully it won’t be too crowded. And yes, you can come and go between sessions. Come when you want, 11am sounds reasonable. And yes, you should be ok bringing water in with you. I think there is also a bar (perhaps at the Miramar Hotel) where you can buy drinks, maybe even some food/snacks at reasonable prices.

  75. Q – I am passing through Monaco on Friday and planning to attend the F1 practice sessions. I will have a roller suitcase. Can I bring that to Grandstand K or where can I leave it?

  76. Hello – Thank you for all of the helpful information!

    My wife and I have tickets for Grandstand K on Sunday (First time in Monaco, staying in Nice). Is it worth arriving early on Sunday to possibly explore the casino, the palace, or possibly the Prince’s car collection before race starts? Is it even possible to navigate to those places on race day given there may be restrictions on where we can and can’t go.

    Also will we be able to access restaurants from grandstand K. If so, do you think reservations are necessary at most restaurants?


    1. Hi Chris, yes it is worth arriving early on race day if it’s the only day you will be there. It is possible to explore different parts of the principality, including the palace and old town on the hill. Not sure about the Casino though, as that’s located inside the circuit and I’m not sure about access. As for restaurants, yes, you will be able to go to restaurants close to Grandstand K – if you are talking about Sunday night, I think it would be worth getting a reservation if possible.

  77. Hello – If I am at Grandstand B at Casino Square, how easy/difficult would it be to simply walk down to the pit lane on race day? Is the track open to spectators and can we move about rather freely? Thank you for the enormous help you are providing to us fans!

    1. I don’t think it will be possible to walk down to the pit lane/harbour until after the race on Sunday. When the racing is on, the roads are closed and access to different spectator areas will be based on the ticket you have.

    2. Hi. I am staying in an apartment. Ext to the station in monaco and watching the race from a boat in Zone 1 in the harbour. I think I can access the boat from YCM. Do you know if/how I can get access to YCM despite road closures for the GP on the weekend? Thanks!

  78. Hi,

    Thank you for such a great and informative webpage. I am visiting France, from Ireland with 30 students (all aged 16). Some are very interested in F1. We are visiting Monaco anyway on Friday. Can you give any advice of things we could do/places we could visit that the students would be able to experience the atmosphere etc of a Grand Prix weekend?

    Thanks in advance for your help!


  79. I’m at the track today. Bought a $30 Euro ticket to see the F2 practice.

    Box office claims there is no free practice session tomorrow (Friday). They are selling $100 euro tickets.

    On a side note, they are selling souvenir cups for 2 euros.

    1. Hi Maurice, sounds like something was lost in translation. Tomorrow there will be two F1 sessions! And 100 EUR a ticket is not too bad for Friday in Monaco. May have to get myself one of the souvenir cups, thanks for the tip!

  80. If I just booked a stay in a hotel for the Saturday and Sunday night for example at Miramar Hotel Monaco – Would I still need a race ticket or can I just watch from the window? There are actually rooms still available this weekend I noticed and they are not as expensive as I thought!

    1. Hi Kevin, I’m actually working at the Miramar Hotel Terrace this weekend. I checked and the hotel doesn’t have any free rooms this weekend. Perhaps you were looking at a different Miramar hotel, which is close to Monaco but doesn’t have a track view.

  81. On a side note. Take a water taxi from the southern port of Monaco into the track. $30 per person. Avoid the crowds and get an awesome view of the yachts, the cliffs and Red Bull central in the harbor. (I took it after the practice back to my car) I recommend the water taxi with a lady and a man on board. Sorry I don’t have the card with me but you can even call for a pickup. I will post tomorrow. They accept cash, PayPal and crypto.

    Also tickets still available for Friday at $100 or Saturday starting at 60 euros up to 254 euros. Sunday is sold out. Box office opens at 8:30 Friday and 8:00 Saturday. Box office near “Garden Perk” in Monaco.

    1. Here Is the number to one of the water taxi services.
      +33 6 28 79 75 69

      Although I found out yesterday that it might be better to just grab the first one that’s available. Prices are negotiable.

  82. Also at the end of day, track opens to pedestrians 15 minutes before vehicles.

    On Friday at 19:15, the track was also open near the main grandstands. Entry through N, O, P gates or from the other side with big yachts allowing anyone to take pictures from one of the grandstands. There was also food, alcohol, dancing and various live DJs at each food stand. There was also an autograph season. Keep in mind, they do bag searches so don’t bring anything you wouldn’t bring to the track normally. I’m guessing they will also have this for Saturday. Definitely worth a walk through.

      1. Copying my post from Reddit a few days ago where I answered the same question:

        In Monaco, you really need to just walk around and keep your eyes open! You will be surprised by who you can see there, especially as most of the drivers live in Monaco.

        Additional ideas. You will see fans hanging around at the fence that backs on to the Paddock, you can try your luck there. Close to where Stars ‘n’ Bars used to be, near this restaurant:

        The drivers will also be appearing on the stage in the fanzone at Plac d’Armes from 2-6pm on Friday. But this is not ideal, as there will probably be too many people to get an autograph. More info here:

  83. What’s happened to access to rocher mountain view this year. We were told off for going up there by what appeared to be a 14 year old course marshal ? He probably never been up there before ! There was NO ONE up there this year.

    1. Not sure, but I could see fans up on the hill there yesterday from a distance. Definitely tickets were sold for Rocher. Perhaps you were not allowed up there as you didn’t have the ticket?

  84. Rocher was closed on Thursday and Friday. Tickets for Rocher were sold for Saturday and Sunday.

  85. Hello:
    My son and I will be going to the Monaco Grand Prix from USA in May. We have been saving for this trip for the last 10 years! We were supposed to go in 2020 but I got Cancer and the race was cancelled. We are staying in Menton and I was hoping that it would be a little easier to get to Monaco from Menton rather than Nice. I am not very good in overcrowded trains. I will leave early and stay late to avoid crowd I have been reading about. This is also the first time I have ever done anything like this. This also may be my only chance to do something like this with my son so I want it to be planned as best as possible. I hope you don’t mind but I have a few questions:
    (We are arriving Saturday and Departing on Monday)
    Do you think Menton is the right choice or should I look in Nice?
    Is there a ferry from Menton to Monaco?
    Is there a way to hire a driver from Menton to Monaco to drop us off and pick us up?
    We will land at the Nice Airport in the morning on Saturday before the race, will we be able to get to Menton easily via a train? or should we hire a service to drive us?
    We originally purchased our tickets in grandstand L row N, as we are waiting for sales to open do you have recommendations for a different grandstand?
    My daughter and her husband are also traveling with us. Is there plenty to do in Menton while we are at the race. Would it make sense for them to come in to Monaco while the race is on and then meet us after the race?
    I personally would Love to see the castle, Would that be something I can see on Sunday?
    If we have to leave super early will there be things open to do?
    Any tips to make this a great day for my son would be greatly appreciated?

    1. Hi Grace! Menton is a popular place to stay for the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s a good choice. There is no ferry from Menton to Nice that I’m aware of. The train is the best way to get from Menton to Nice. And you are right in thinking that trains home from Monaco to Menton will be less crowded than those going to Nice. From Nice Airport, you can get to Menton easily by train (first you need to get a tram from the airport to the train station, easy). Nothing wrong with Grandstand L Lower, but I’d prefer to sit in Grandstand T high nearby, as you can see into the pits. Grandstand K is also good. There should be plenty to do in Menton for your daughter and husband, and yes, they could join you in Monaco after the race. In the early evening, they open up the roads and you can walk on the track. And there’s a bit party down near the pit lane with a great atmosphere. As for the castle, yes I think you would be able to go up the hill on Sunday, but not sure about guided tours or going inside.

  86. hi, im going to the monaco grand prix in 2023 and i just had a question. im sitting on grandstand T and i wonder if there is any merchandise stands where i can go, or am i not allowed to walk there because i dont have acces to other grandstands or are the merch stands easy reachable and not grandstand attached? ( hope you understand what i mean ) also i saw there are some merch stands outside of the track are they open all day or just during the opening times of the track?

    1. Hi Cheyenne, I’m pretty sure there will be some merchandise stands at the bottom of Grandstand T and nearby. You also have official and non-official merchandise stalls all around the city, especially on the main thoroughfare called Rue Grimaldi which you will walk along on the way to get to Grandstand T

  87. Hi there,

    I see grandstand K is split into 3 sections. Which one is best and has a screen to view the entire race?

    1. It’s actually split into six sections, K1 is closest to the Tabac corner and most people agree that this is the one to go for. As far as I’m aware, all seats in all sections of Grandstand K should have a good view of a big screen, but I can’t tell you exactly which have better/worse views of the screens. (Edit: just checked some of my photos from Monaco this year, and it seems there’s only large TV screen, but it’s a long way away – closer to the chicane – best views should be from section K1. I think there’s also a second, smaller screen for sections K5-K6

  88. Hi, I would like to ask how it is with the entry on Friday. I read that it is somehow open to you for free and for everyone, so whether I should buy tickets or not. Thank you

    1. You read old information. The schedule of the Monaco Grand Prix changed last year. The F1 running moved from Thursday to Friday. As a result, Friday is no longer free. You need to buy tickets.

      1. Thanks for the reply,
        I have one more question. Is some day at monaco grand prix free or not. And when is Le Rocher paid, is it also available on Friday and Saturday for free??
        Thanks Jan

        1. None of the days are free. You can get cheap tickets for Thursday, price is 30 EUR.
          For Le Rocher I think you can go up there on Thursday and Friday for free, as it’s not ticketed on these days

  89. Hello,

    Last year I had Grandstand K Gold pack and got entry to the harbor area next to paddock. This was very nice. I am looking for similar ticket, but I cant see any. Do you know what tickets allows entry for the harbor behind Grandstand T?

  90. Hello,Andrew.First of all thank you for all this information about Grand Prix in Monaco!I am going to be this year at Sunday race.I have Sunday ticket for Z1.It will be my first time there.So I have a couple of questions and will be happy if you can help me.So I would like to know when it’s usually Autograph session in fan zone?is entry for free or will it be enough my Sunday ticket?can I have a pit walk with this ticket and if yes so when?At what time is better to come to the sector Z1?Do I need to stay after race?will be there some free attractions?Till what time can stay in Monte Carlo to get back without problem to my hotel in Nice by bus or train?Thank you for help!

    1. Hi Alisa,
      Well done on getting a Sunday ticket for Z1, these are hard to get! I was actually working in this zone at last year’s race, at the Miramar Hotel. I am also going to be working at the race this year, but not sure if at the Miramar again. Not sure about the autograph session in the fanzone, I think it didn’t happen this year. If it does happen this year, probably the announcement won’t be until a few days or weeks before the race. (Fanzone is in Place d’Armes). This area is free to anyone to enter, even without ticket. Also not sure if/when there will be a pitlane walk, but I think this is normally on Thursday. I think it is only for specific ticket holders, and you will not be able to do it with Sunday Z1 ticket. You can come whenever you like, probably in the mid morning (10-11am) is a good time, but the races start early on Sunday, like from 8-9am. You can stay after the race. If you want to stay around after the race, the roads/track should be open around 20:30, and then you can walk around and take a good look. You can stay later, but the last train back to Nice leaves just before midnight. It can be very crowded at the train station, so keep this in mind and get there early.

  91. Hello,Andrew.First of all thank you for all this information about Monaco Grand Prix.This year I am going to be there and it my first time in Monaco.So I have a couple of questions and if you can answer them I will be very appreciate.I’ve heard about Autograph session.But at what day is it?is the enter free?I have Sunday ticket on Z1.Maybe you know if I can take pit lane walk and if yes,at what day and when?Will be there any attractions after race?will be there access to pit lane right after race?at what time is better to be there in Sunday?Thank you very much for help!

  92. Hi Andrew, we are going to the Grand Prix in Grandstand A1 section on May 25, 2023 (Thursday). I was wondering if it’ll be easy to find parking in Monaco on that day? We are planning to park in Parking de la Colle based on Google map search. Will there still be road access to that parking lot? The race starts at 12:30pm, what time do you recommend us to arrive Monaco by? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I think that parking should be accessible. You may also consider parking at Stade de Monaco, which is a little further away but not far really.
      Parking isn’t too difficult on Thursday, as there are not so many fans as on the weekend.
      The first on-track action on Thursday is at 12:30, correct. (Not a race, just F3 practice). I’d recommend getting there around 9-10am if you can – lots to see and do in Monaco, great atmosphere. But you could of course arrive a bit later.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have one more question. I ordered the tickets for May 25 (Thur.) online and so far I haven’t received my paper tickets yet. I’m leaving for travelling starting in the next couple days and will move from place to place until arriving Nice on May 24 before the event. During this travelling time, I’ll move between different hotels/airbnbs which would be very difficult to receive any mail for the paper tickets. I wonder if there is a way that I can receive a digital copy of the tickets instead of the paper copies to enter the event. Alternatively, can I just show the order number of my ticket purchase at the gate on the 25th as that’s the only information/record of my purchase in my email. Many thanks!

        1. Hello, where did you buy the tickets? Monaco is one of the few races where most tickets are still printed. The best idea is to contact the company you bought from and explain your situation – you should be given the option to collect your tickets in person at a ticket office in Monaco on the day. You definitely won’t be able to get in with the order number only.

  93. Hi – thanks for all this info.

    We want to buy train tickets from nice – we know we want to leave early to get to Monaco on Sunday for the race, but aren’t sure what time we’ll want to get back to Nice. Can you buy an open return train ticket, or can you only buy tickets for specific train times?
    Also what kind of food is available trackside? I assume it’ll be too expensive to try and eat in a restaurant before or after.?
    Can you buy alcohol trackside? Do you know what options are available?

    1. Hi Nicola, yes you can buy open return tickets via the SNCF website/app, or in person at the train station. Lots of food and drinks available at the track, both inside the circuit (next to the grandstands) and also on the streets nearby. For sure you can try to book a restaurant table, not all of the restaurants in Monaco are exclusive and expensive. Yes, you can buy alcohol at the track. It’s a normal working city as well, so you can visit a supermarket and stock up on food and drink – but be aware that you cannot take glass bottles or cans into the grandstand areas. Read Adam’s report from last year – lots of your questions are answered there!

  94. Unfortunately, no pitlane walk this year for the public, not even for Silver or Gold ticket holders. Exclusively reserved for VIP/paddock club pass holders. Information is from Automobileclub Monaco.

      1. Hi Andrew, I have VIP silver tickets do you think I will be able to do a pit walk with those tickets?

        1. I don’t think so. You have Silver grandstand tickets or you have hospitality? I think pit lane walk is only included with Paddock Club, as well as ACM hospitality packages like Loge and Belvedere suites

  95. I am an F1 subscriber for the race channel / app. Should I be able to get F1 commentary and video on a smart phone or tablet in grandstand K4? For example, if there is a safety car or virtual safety car, it would be good to hear and see the explanation and I understand the big screens in grandstand K can be hard to see unless in K-1.

    1. Yes, the F1 app has live timing and BBC commentary. However, that is dependent on you having WiFi or data on your phone. Did you know that Monaco is not part of the free EU roaming network? It’s a very small place, but if you don’t have local data you will pay a lot. Monaco does have a free WiFi network, but it’s unlikely to work very well in the grandstand when so many other people are also trying to use it.

      1. Hi Andrew,

        I have had friends and relatives facing the same issue with roaming in Monaco, but I have also heard people mentioning that you can get service from Orange France in most parts of Monaco, and Orange being my network provider, I can confirm that it worked last year.
        So I recommend manually selecting Orange France in your phone as network operator instead of having automatic network selection

        1. Thanks for confirming this Jerome. I bought an e-sim for Monaco ($31 for 3gb), which worked very well. Only problem was once I forgot to turn off my EU roaming when arriving in Monaco… that was a costly mistake!

  96. Come to the Monaco GP, spent over €2100 on tickets ( gold stand ) to find that no pit lane walk for the real fans , only F1 paddock club and ACM members.No access any more up the port side of the paddock to people watch and stand outside the Red Bull energy station. This was always the one GP that you could get close to drivers, teams but clearly in todays corporate world, the real fans been overtaken by the Drive to survive lot …

    1. Really sorry about that Mark. It’s the same all over the calendar. Pit Lane Walks are definitely a victim of F1’s popularity. Most circuits are now limiting them, making fans buy tickets etc because there is just too many people who want to go now. Your best bet for races where such things are still possible is the least attended races in Bahrain, Baku etc.

  97. Hello,

    I would like the driver’s autograph if possible. Are ticket holders allowed to approach the entrance to the paddock area?


    1. Very sorry I didn’t see this question until now. I was working myself in Monaco on the weekend, so I was busy. Did you manage to meet any drivers? It is possible to get to the entrance to the Paddock, I saw lots of other fans waiting around on the weekend for the drivers.

  98. Hi! On a budget and was wondering what’s your opinion on watching the support races on Thursday. Is it worth it? Thinking of getting tickets in Grandstand B. Not huge fans (yet!), but wanted to see it more for the experience since we will be in town! Thank you! Your tips and comments are so helpful!

    1. Hi Kris, yes it’s worth it in my opinion. Even though there is no F1 on Thursday, you still get the proper ‘Monaco atmosphere’. Great chance to experience the principality on race weekend at a good price. I also recommend staying later in the day, as you can walk around the whole track after the racing has finished for the day, and also check out the nightlife a bit.

  99. Hi,
    I’m wondering if I have grandstand K/L tickets, will I be able to access the outside of paddock in the harbor area (Rascasse) to catch driver’s autograph? I suppose it would be easier with T/O tickets? Oh, also with T/O. I saw on YouTube that there is a good spot in the way between grandstand T and L to stand trackside to catch a glimpse of the cars going through the Piscine chicane. Are we not allowed to do that? (Stand trackside and watch some actions for a bit). As I saw on the video no one really stop by and watch from that seemingly stunning viewpoint. Thank you!

    1. I think you need T grandstand tickets to access the outside of Paddock in the harbor area (definitely Grandstand V would give you access there). Not sure about the spot between T and L, sorry.

  100. Hi, im going to be in monaco during the grand prix weekend. Is better to visit the city on friday or saturday (for sightseeing) and which day would have a lesser crowd? I was also wondering if the casino, palace and other tourist destinations would be open on friday and saturday to the public when the race isn’t going on. Is it possible to drive and walk around the city before and after the race? (on friday and saturday)

    1. Friday would have less people than Saturday, but both are very busy days in the principality and not good for sightseeing. You won’t be able to go to Casino until the evening (remember the dress code and to also bring your passport if you want to gamble). Palace is open as normal I believe on both days. Not recommended to drive around the city on either day – roads are only open early morning and in the evening, and then there is lots of traffic. Same for walking if you want to go on the track, it’s closed all day and only opens in the evening. If you do decide to go, the atmosphere in the evening is really good – but be aware that it can be difficult to get a train back to Nice later in the evening (if that is where you are staying)

  101. First of all, thank you for the wonderful article about the Monaco F1… it has been a pleasure to read and is the best site I have found so far for various info!
    Monaco will be my first GP race, for its history, above all things. I will be traveling by train from Cannes.

    Question: I purchased tickets for the restaurant Le Botticelli “bronze terrace” would you be familiar with this section? The tickets seem popular but all info I have is that my view is “clear”. But I think that section Z1 is directly in front.

    Hoping for a great weather (fingers crossed) it looks like it will be for Sunday at least!
    Best regards.

    1. Hey Johhny, I’m really sorry for not replying sooner but I was working all weekend in Monaco and very busy. You know now, but for the benefit of other fans, the Le Botticelli restaurant is in the Z1 general admission area, and has a raised viewing platform where you can get a good view of Turn 1, also a more distant view of the Tabac corner. It can get quite busy on race day. How was your experience?

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