Trackside at COTA – 2024 United States Grand Prix

Entrance gates, on-track schedule and concert information for F1 fans attending the 2024 United States Grand Prix at COTA

COTA rates highly for the quality of its trackside experience, though the circuit’s shortcomings were highlighted in 2015 when it was hit by a freak storm with strong wind and heavy rain on Grand Prix weekend.  There are lots of nice grassy banks at COTA in the general admission areas, but cover from the elements (sun/rain) is limited, so keep this in mind when you are getting ready for your day at the track. As with any such circuit, it’s a good idea to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be covering a lot of ground on foot.

After being absent from the F1 calendar in 2020 due to the pandemic, COTA attracted record attendances in both 2021 and 2022. Overall weekend attendance fell slightly to 432,000 in 2023, but the race is still one of the best attended all season. The organizers have responded to increased demand for tickets by constructing new grandstands and improving the fan experience in recent years, including more shuttles, better parking organization and more trackside concesssions.

Going to COTA: Need to Know

  • Download the COTA App: Search for “Circuit of The Americas” in your app store (IOS/Android). The COTA app has maps, FAQs, on-track/concert schedules, live commentary & more
  • Know Before You Go: Additional useful information is available on the COTA website
  • Circuit Entry: Remember that you cannot bring any food or drink (aside from one sealed plastic bottle) into the circuit. Alcohol cannot be brought into the circuit, neither can glass or metal containers of any type. Check the Venue Policies (Prohibited Items) and see below for the full list. If you have General Admission tickets, bringing a collapsible camping chair is a good idea. All spectators are subject to a search upon entry to COTA. Re-entry is permitted to the circuit, but you must remember to scan your ticket out when leaving the venue.
  • Money: COTA is a cashless venue and ATMs are not available on site. You can pay for everything at the track using your card
  • Circuit Opening Times: The parking lots next to the track open at 07:30 on race weekend (Friday to Sunday), while the circuit gates are open each day from 08:00. Headline concert and gate closing times have not yet been published (TBC for 2024)
  • Post-Race Track Invasion Entry Points: Turn 1, Turn 2, Main Grandstand East, Main Grandstand West and Turn 19.

Allowed Items @ COTA

The following items are permitted within the gates at COTA: Baby Strollers, Binoculars, Blankets, Camelbacks (must be empty), One 20oz factory sealed water bottle per guest, Personal camera equipment (e.q. digital cameras, detachable lenses, point-and-click digital cameras). Note that tripods, bipods, and monopods will not be permitted, Portable, collapsible chairs, Sunscreen (plastic bottle only, no aerosol cans), Umbrellas (small, hand-held style)

Prohibited Items @ COTA

Guests are prohibited from bringing the following items within the gates at COTA: Alcoholic beverages, Animals or pets (exception for service animals), Bags larger than 12x12x20 inches, Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, skates, Segways, golf carts, or other unauthorized means of transportation, Coolers, thermoses, or ice chests, Metal water bottles, Drones, Food and beverages, Fireworks, explosives, flares, or other incendiary devices, Glass containers of any kind, Illegal substances, E-liquid or vape juice, Items that may be deemed a safety hazard or annoyance to participants or guests (i.e. balls, Frisbees, balloons, projectiles, horns, radios, bells, whistles, musical instruments, laser pointers, etc.), Non-collapsible chairs, Tents or canopies, Unauthorized promotional or commercial material, Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to guns, knives, pepper spray, handcuffs, and nightsticks

Get the Inside Line at COTA

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COTA Parking, Access & Orientation

  • How to Get to COTA: We recommend taking the shuttle service to/from COTA on race weekend. Read this post for more information: How to Get to COTA – 2024 United States Grand Prix
  • Trackside Parking : Not yet on sale for 2024. Parking is available in lots right next to the circuit (walking distance) and also in Park & Ride lots near the circuit, which include shuttle transfer
  • Entrance Gates: COTA has five entrance gates: Main Grand Stand, Grand Plaza, Turn 1, Gate 4 and Turn 11 East. Once inside, you can also take advantage of a free on-site tram service to take you from one side of the circuit to the other; one shuttle stops at Grand Plaza Lot B, Main Grandstand, and Lot T near Turn 1), whilst a second shuttle stops at Grand Plaza Lot D, Tunnel 2 exit, and Lot H turnaround.

2024 United States Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The full on-track timetable for the 2024 United States Grand Prix weekend will not be available until 4-6 weeks before race weekend. F1 session times are confirmed and listed below. The on-track action at COTA normally starts between 08:00-09:00 and finishes before 18:00
  • Sprint Race: After COTA’s first sprint race in 2023, the format will return to the USGP in 2024
  • Support Categories: Not yet confirmed for 2024. Last year, support came from the all-female F1 Academy, Masters Historic and Porsche Carrera Cup North America. (F1 Academy will not be returning to COTA in 2024)
  • Pit Lane Walk: This hasn’t been held for regular ticket holders in recent years. F1 Experiences does stage a pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon/evening for selected guests. In addition, pit lane walks are available for guests of the F1 Paddock Club on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Driver Appearances at COTA: Autograph sessions are no longer held at the USGP, but the F1 drivers and team principals do make appearances on the Germania Insurance Amphitheater on Friday and Saturday. The schedule for 2024 driver appearances is unlikely to be confirmed before race week.

Friday, October 18

  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1  – Free Practice 1
  • 16:30-17:14: Formula 1 – Sprint Shootout

Saturday, October 19

  • 13:00-14:00: Formula 1 Sprint (19 Laps or 30 minutes)
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 qualifying

Sunday, October 20

  • 11:50-12:20: Formula 1 Drivers’ Parade (TBC)
  • 14:00-16:00: Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2024 (56 Laps or 2 hours)

2024 United States Grand Prix Concerts

COTA attracts a world class musical line up, with the likes of Taylor Swift, Queen, The Killers, Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel having headlined in previous years. Sting and Eminem will be the headline performers at the 2024 United States Grand Prix.

  • Sting will perform on Friday October 18, while Eminem will headline on Saturday October 19
  • The concerts take place at the Germania Insurance Superstage on the infield of COTA near Turns 10-11. The gates to the concert area open around 90 minutes after the end of the day’s track action on Friday and Saturday
  • Dutch DJ Tiësto performed after the race in 2023, at the Germania Insurance Ampitheater in the Fanzone, near the Grand Plaza and close to Turns 18-19
  • All F1 ticket holders receive free entry to the concerts. Upgrades that give you access closer to the stage are also available.
  • A whole host of additional performances take place across the weekend on various stages at COTA.

Food, Drink & Facilities at COTA

The trackside food and drink offer at Circuit of the Americas is varied and decent, but the prices are very high. Expect to pay $8-10 for a beer and $15-25 for meals. Food on offer includes everything from standard American fare (hot dogs, hamburgers etc) to pizza, Mexican and some more interesting food trucks. 

There’s plenty of restrooms around the circuit. Permanent facilities are located next to several grandstands (Main, Turn 1 and Turn 15) and inside the Austin360 Amphitheater. All the other facilities are temporary.

Free water refill stations are located at the following areas inside COTA: Turn 1 (near restrooms), Turn 4/5 (near entrance gate), Main Grandstand, Grand Plaza (near restrooms)

Observation Tower at COTA

Check out the panoramic views from the Observation Tower. Tickets are available for $35 from the base of the tower on Grand Prix weekend. Here are the planned opening hours during the weekend of the 2023 United States Grand Prix (TBC for 2024):

  • Friday: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM, 2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Saturday: 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM
  • Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM, 2:15 PM – 6:00 PM

Been to COTA? Leave a comment with your trackside tips!

231 thoughts on “Trackside at COTA – 2024 United States Grand Prix”

  1. If you want to purchase an alcoholic drink at the track make sure you have ID no matter what age you are. I’m in my 50’s and had to show ID!
    As mentioned there is plenty of food choice but it’s pricey although as it’s the US the portions are very generous.
    My experience in 2015, as with many circuits, is they don’t care which stand you sit in for practice and quali

      1. I am just interested in seeing Tiesto on Sunday for the post race show. Must I buy a ticket to actually watch the races, too? Is there an option to just pay to watch the concert?

        1. You have to have a ticket for the race as well. You may be able to get a ticket for Sunday only on the resale sites, but this is obviously the most popular day so prices will be higher than Friday or Saturday

  2. Tip 1: I bought a three day parking pass from a local homeowner just outside turn one. Way cheaper than track parking, just as close and way easier to get out after the event. Look for Bubas BBQ.
    Tip 2: I brought a small/low camp chair I bought at REI and sat on the hill above turn 1. I think Turn 1is the only place to sit and watch the race. I sat for General Admission price, just below the $600/seat guys in the grandstands. Austin has to be the best place to watch F1 without buying a Grandstand seat…..Hungaroring has to be the second best!

  3. Do you have any source to confirm that FM radio will work this year? We took ours last year (2017), and there was nothing on the advertised channels. We had to hire the fanvision mini TV thingys to get commentary that we could hear from out seats.

    (Asking on behalf of any fans who may be misled by outdated info, as unfortunately I won’t be going this year :(

  4. question. can i being my backpack straight from the airport to the track friday? i know the demensions, 20x12x12.. i can male P2 easily directly from the airportt to track, but i don’t think i’ll make it to my airbnb in downtown austin & back to track….any ideas?

    1. I think as long as you do not have any items that are prohibited inside of the backpack you will be fine. However, I would check what is allowed and what is not inside of the track beforehand on the official website.

  5. Trackside is extremely full of mud. Bring rain boots and be papered to get very dirty. Also temperatures are around 65 so jeans and light jacket are a most. Concerts are also in extremely muddy terrain with poor lighting so be careful there. I agree you can save a lot by buying general admission. Great views and half the price.

  6. enjoyed the race weekend at COTA (2018), but a few observations as this was a budget trip for us:

    Parking at the official track is $100+ for the 3 days, but if you drive down Elroy road by the circuit, plenty of locals hire out their land for parking, we paid $20/day for Sat/Sun, locals are friendly and we didn’t get hunted and eaten!

    Metal detectors while entering the track and bag search, although they specify you are only allowed to bring in a bottle of water, bag search is pretty light, so we brought in some snacks for race day. Food & drink is a rip!!! can of Bud = $10, drip coffee with powdered creamer = $4, chicken strips(3) with a few crisps on the side = $13. Best value was the Krispy Kreme donut van. F1 merch is normal high price and they had some COTA specific clothing, but it’s $30+ for Tshirts etc. Zip line is $30…you get the idea.

    We went on General admin tickets (cheapest), but the track has plenty of really good vantage points due to the elevations, so very happy with what we could see of the action (we set up on the hill by turn 1 so we could see start/finish/pits and turn 1, also had a short downhill walk to get to the track invasion at the end….a lot more orderly than Monza or Monaco. We bought some camping chairs from Wallmart to use on Sunday as the surrounding areas were still a bit muddy from all the rain Austin had in the previous days. Like most tracks, it’s very hard to actually follow the action (but you can rent a fan vision tablet to keep you up to date (ahem $149 I think), but for a track experience they have it pretty well set up. An auditorium area has talks with drivers/staff in between the action and various live bands around the track during the weekend.

    The after race concerts are held on a big stage in the centre of the track with only one way in/out so is a bit of a trek across the fields. Nice festival type stage. Perimeter of the track has free shuttle buses running in a clockwise loop to save you having to walk miles.

    1. Matthew Whitaker

      Are you able to put your foldable chair down and walk around and expect it to be there when you come back as with many golf events or no?

  7. Quick question with all the regulations on what can be brought in to the track are carts allowed to transport chairs etc? Or do we need to carry them?

  8. Does anyone know if there is a radio station to tune into to listen to commentary? I tried last year but couldnt actually find it, and all the ones listed for previous years were just local stations that weren’t covering it. And we all know that the cell towers out there are way overloaded and listening online doesnt work.

  9. For the pit lane walk on the Thursday, would it be possible to bring a 5 year old child with me? I have a 3 day pass but she doesn’t, but it would be good if I can bring her in just for that.

    Many thanks

  10. Hey anyone knows if there will be an after race concert on Sunday for 2021? Or just Friday & Saturday?

  11. I have never been to a race and was wondering what time I should get to the race track? My ticket says the race starts at 2 pm?

    1. Hi Christina, the race does start at 2pm. But don’t forget that there will be lots of other races on earlier in the day, plus lots to see and do around the track. Most people arrive quite early, around 9-10am.

  12. How quickly, realistically can one get from the track to the airport? I’ll have to fly home that night and am looking for a time frame.

    1. The airport is pretty close to COTA, but traffic leaving the circuit after the race will probably be pretty congested. Personally, I wouldn’t book a flight that leaves earlier than 8-9pm to be on the safe side.

  13. i bought standard addmitions (ground pass) + standing room only tickets for twenty one pilots. i really have no interest in watching the race, and the venue is pretty confusing. for the upgrade it requires a race ticket is that the ground pass? and how does the concert work, i want to make sure i can get closest to stage as i can

    1. Yes the General Admission pass is the one you need (3-day ticket) and then the concert upgrade for closer access to the stage. More details about the concerts will be available closer to the race weekend.

      1. So to be able to get a concert upgrade you have to have a normal ticket already? What seats do you recommend for just the concert stage view?

  14. I have a flight Sunday from Austin airport at 6pm. I was thinking of parking in one of the lots and driving to the airport immediately after the race. Any suggestion on which lot is best for access to the airport and if roughly two hours will be enough? I can obviously find a flight the next day if this is way too tight.

    1. That’s too early in my opinion. I’d expect a lot of traffic leaving the circuit after the race, which could cause delays. I wouldn’t be booking a flight that departs Austin before at least 8-9pm

    2. I am interested in visiting my family in Austin that weekend and seeing Ed Sheeran. I’ve never been to a race before and thought it would be fun. I was wondering what time does he preform and how long does he take the stage. Is it just a couple songs or around one hr long?

  15. If we booked a flight from Dallas to leave on Sunday what time would you recommend leaving the race? Our flight is at 11pm. Is that enough time to get there?

  16. Where can we still buy parking tickets for the 3 day weekend? most of the sites I’m seeing show almost $500.00

  17. A couple of questions:
    I saw on COTA’s website that cars without parking passes have to drop out at McAngus Road, but do you know if someone with a handicapped placard can be dropped at an entrance gate? We have someone who can’t make the walk from any distance, even if we find somewhere to park. We don’t know if he’ll want to use the shuttle, which may now drop everyone close by the entrance.

    Seeing mention of private parking from homeowners is encouraging, but can I rely on that? If we don’t think there will be parking then I’m going to try to drive and drop them and go back to Austin, but if they can find cheaper parking then they can drive themselves. But we’d need to know in advance. Any specific area or route that is best to try? I’ve heard Elroy Rd but that’s a long road. If we park near an official parking lot, can we walk through them to the gate? Thanks for any info!

  18. If there is an autograph session for 2021, is this autograph session for everyone? I have a GA 3- day pass. Do you just line up during the time listed (again, if there is a session)? How does it work exactly? Thank you.

    1. I think it’s pretty unlikely that there will be an autograph session this year. Normally it is open to anyone inside the circuit (GA access included) – you’d probably need to get there early as it can get pretty crowded (and not everyone will get an autograph), especially for the big teams/drivers.

      1. Hello, I’m thinking of going to the race in Austin (2023) do you have any information on autograph sessions? What days and where you need to go?

        1. No information. These haven’t happened the last 2 years, and unlikely to return this year because there are too many fans now in attendance. The replacement is a “Fan Forum” where the drivers appear on the stage for an interview, which doesn’t include an autograph signing.

          1. When is the “fan forum”? I can’t find any information on that or anything happening on Thursday.

          2. Fan Forum happens at most big races now and involves the drivers from each team being interviewed on the stage in the fanzone (Germania Insurance Amphitheater). Look out closer to the event, when they will announce which teams/drivers are appearing at set times, probably on Friday and Saturday.

  19. As a three day pass holder, do I need to make any reservation of some sort for the track walk for Thursday?

    1. Not normally, no. But we need to wait on details of the Pit Lane Walk for 2021 – if it happens, there may be some kind of registration needed. (Especially as the event is already pretty much sold out, so demand could be high)

          1. Hi! any update on this since we’re a week out? Do they have anything for military?

  20. Harshwardhan Ketkale

    Thank you for the post as it is very helpful for first time visitors like me!
    I have a quick question- what time on Sunday do the track closes? The race on Sunday is from 14.00 to 16.00. To plan the journey I want to know what time spectators leaves the race track? I am assuming there will be celebration and all up till 17.00.
    Thank you!

    1. You are right. The race finishes around 4pm, followed by the podium celebrations. Most people leave soon after. But if you don’t want to get caught in a big traffic jam leaving the circuit, I suggest staying a bit longer. Not sure what time the circuit closes, but probably not before about 8pm

  21. I bought a parking pass for lot N. It looks like is for camping? Did I make a mistake? Is it going to be a long walk to the entrance?

    1. Sergio, we prefer to camp and I would be happy to purchase your parking pass. I don’t have one I can trade you though.

  22. I checked on the COTA go karting and they said they are actually closed for F1 and the track is being used for VIP parking.

  23. I’ve purchased two GA tickets for the US GP but covid restrictions mean we cannot travel from the UK. Can we request a refund?

    1. Where did you buy them from Adam? Given that the event is a sell out, it may be better to try and sell them on a resell platform like Viagogo. Not sure how easy the tickets are to transfer, but there’s also people asking via this site about buying GA tickets as they missed out!

    2. Adam, I would be interested in purchasing your tickets!!
      @Andrew is there a way for you to connect us if we cant post email or phone numbers in this chat

  24. I have Turn 9 bleacher seats. Will I be able to stay in those seats for the concert? Is that even worth it? What comes with the concert upgrade? Do they put up bleachers on the lawn in front of the T9 bleachers? I’m having a hard time finding details on how the concerts go at USGP.

    1. Hi Rebecca, yes you can stay in the Turn 9 seats I believe to watch the concert, but you’ll have a pretty distant view. The upgrade just gets you access to an area closer to the stage.

  25. Anyone know how strict they are on having clear book bags? I really dont want to purchase a new book bag but their website say it should be clear. And has anyone ever brought a collapsible wagon?

    Also how can we find out about Thursday track walk and possibly hotels where racers might be staying to try for some autographs 👍🏻

    1. It’s our first time to any race and we are traveling with our 7 children so I am trying gather as much info and plan as best I can to make it a good experience. So thankful for this website and everyone’s questions. It’s helping me a lot!

    2. Hi! I haven’t been yet either, and think the clear bag requirement is sort of bonkers. I would say, however, to not hang out in hotels trying to get autographs. COVID is *horrible* in TX right now – as bad as it has ever been. I’m thinking of cancelling my trip because of it! So I imagine there will be tighter restrictions than there have been in the past, along with fewer team members out and about (since if they get COVID, even if vaccinated.. there go the next two races! I like to see Kubica as much as the next person, but…)

  26. I’m getting nervous about COVID for this event – I’m super high risk. It’s breaking my heart, as I was going to bring my daughter AND my father to see it together – first race ever we would have seen, and we are all bonkers about F1. I expect to make the call in the next couple days. I see there were a few people interested in three day GA passes – I have two of those, and possibly one more w/grandstand seating. If anyone is interested, feel free to email. Oh, man, it would kill me not to go – we were going to go last year for the kiddo’s birthday present, and then that didn’t happen… (well, maybe next year we will have /two/ races!)

  27. What is the internet quality at the track during events? For example would I be able to stream video coverage of the F1 race while I am there? Thanks

  28. Julie Blackstock

    I have never been to an event like this before and feel very out of my element. Looking to purchase seats through Vivid in the Main Grandstand. But there is no concert upgrade option when checking out. On THIS page, though, when you click the link, that option becomes available. Can I purchase tickets from Vivid and the upgrade from here?
    If we do not purchase an upgrade, where do we watch the concert from?
    Any help is appreciated!

    1. Hi Julie, yes you can buy the grandstand ticket and the concert upgrade separately. The upgrade just gets you closer to the stage. Without it you can still watch from further back.

  29. We have tickets for turn 12 bleachers does that also give me general admission access if we want to walk around different parts of the track?

  30. Is there a particular place that’s best to be to try to get autographs or see drivers on practice days or quali day? I would guess race day you wouldn’t see them much. Obviously getting there early is key but the track is so large! Planning our first GP visit for next year! Thank you so much for any tips. This thread is so helpful!

  31. How easy is it to get an uber in and out of the track? I have plans to go but no transportation so far.

    Also where do you purchase a concert upgrade?

  32. This will be my first time at a F1 event as I am surprising my boyfriend. I am wondering if I only have a grandstand ticket for Sunday race day if I am able to get into the Saturday concert as it states “all F1 ticket holders have access” but the shuttle states you need individual ticket for each day? I also purchased the shuttle pass for Sunday and noticed it says 8 am pick up. Is it appropriate to believe that we will not get to COTA till9/10? Is there any specific attractions that people do from that time till the race starts? Any tours I can book? Lastly upon leaving for the day is it unrealistic to make 6pm dinner plans? Will traffic be too busy with shuttle return or do you get dirty/ need to shower after event? Thank you so much for the help I am really excited to surprise my boyfriend for his 30th! Nothing is bigger than Texas nd F1 combo for such a milestone Bday!

    1. Hi Kara, if you only have race tickets for Sunday, you cannot enter on Saturday for the concert. Sorry! As for the shuttle on Sunday, I believe 8am is the first departure – so yes, it will take 1-2 hours to get to the circuit and make your way inside. Before the race starts, you can check out the various fanzones around the track, which have lots of cool things like simulators. You could also try and get tickets to go up to the top of the observation tower at the circuit. And lastly, it is pretty unrealistic to make dinner plans in the city for 6pm! The race runs from 2pm till around 4pm. As it will be a sold out event, I recommend not trying to leave straight away as there will be a huge number of people departing the circuit and traffic is sure to be congested. I’d also want to have a shower and change of clothes back at the hotel before heading out to dinner. I think 8pm sounds a lot more realistic for your dinner booking. Enjoy!

  33. What time do you recommend leaving the city to get to the track on race day? I have GA tickets and would like to sit on the hill at turn 1.

    Thanks for all your feedback. It’s been very helpful for a first timer.

  34. I have turn 19GS seats and see that that is an entry point for post race tack invasion. Will I be able to get to and see the podium and post race awards?
    Thank you for all your advice

  35. Question on shuttle buses, two classes of bus rides are listed on COTA ticket site. Is Pre-purchase mandatory, or can you still pay at point of pick up for ride? Getting to track is still my biggest unknown.

  36. I am also trying to find out when 21 pilots concert will start? Or about what time? Or at least in prior years what time did concerts start? Question asked several times, but no answers. I want to watch some of the race, but mostly the concert -any help is appreciated.

    1. Yes please. Just an estimated time would be appreciated. I have family and friends driving in from out of town and knowing at least an approximate time would help.


      1. Andrew, couldn’t you just say “It’s still TBD” or “typically after ?:00pm…??

        …..anything for the people who just spent hundreds of dollars on tickets???


    2. Instagram post by COTA said 8:00pm for concert start for both Twenty One Pilots and Billy Joel concerts. Schedules are to be released soon.

  37. Thanks for this great information! I have GA grass seats and would like to know about bringing folding chairs – are we limited to the kind that are just a few inches off of the ground, or can we bring full-sized camp chairs?

  38. Chantal Guillemot

    A schedule is up on the F1 official site, and I see there are track tours and pit lane walks listed, however they are listed under ”Experiences” or “Paddock Club”. I know there is usually one available for 3 day pass holders but I’m not sure this time. Any insight?

        1. The schedule at doesn’t appear to be accurate for 2021. The official schedule is You’ll note that even the practice times on don’t align with the official site. I would love to be wrong as I was really hoping they were going to have a 3-day pass holder paddock access on Thursday or Friday, but it doesn’t look like it’s happening this year (likely due to COVID). I know for a fact that anything labeled “Paddock Club” or “F1 Experiences” on the official website is exclusive to those ticket holders as I emailed COTA re: paddock access a couple weeks ago.

  39. We have Turn 15 seats (3 day) for 2021 USGP. During practice and qualifying, is it acceptable to sit in other open seats throughout COTA? For race commentary, do you recommend listening on FM or paying for the F1 TV Pro app for the live experience? thank you!

    1. Hi Jeremy, COTA doesn’t allow you to sit in other grandstands (like on Friday at some circuits). But you may be able to sit in other seats in Turn 15 on Friday, as probably it won’t be full. This probably won’t be possible on Saturday and Sunday, as the race is a complete sell out this year. I think you will be fine listening to the commentary on FM radio. The app is pretty cool and has some good features, but that obviously relies on there being good internet at the track the whole time – and this may not be the case with so many people on their phones at one time.

  40. Do we know what the bag policy is now (for the race, not the concerts)? On the COTA website, it used to specify clear bags only, but under the Frequently Asked Questions section, it now just mentions prohibiting bags bigger than 12x12x20 inches with no mention of needing to be clear.

    1. I’m looking for the same answer…I see different sizes mentioned and not sure if it has to be clear. Anyone have an answer?

  41. Has anyone had any experience in the past on Fri/Sat leaving after the practice sessions and coming back for the concert? Does parking have in/out privileges? Is it going to be too crazy on the Practice/Qualifying days to even make that worth it?

    1. With a sell out crowd this year, I think your plan would be very wishful thinking. I don’t believe there is in/out privileges for parking. And the traffic will also be an issue if you leave after the F1 practice or qualifying anyway. Just relax at the circuit, check out the fanzones and wait for the concerts.

  42. My family and I will be staying in downtown Austin for the race this year and we would love to hear any and all recommendations in and around Austin!! Live music spots, best restaurants, coffee, breakfast, whatever you got. Maybe even best places to see drivers and/or team personnel? Thank you!

  43. Michael Scheffe

    Great info Andrew! This is a fantastic resource for USGP inside scoop. So eager to learn whether COTA will accommodate a track walk for 3-day pass holders this year. Keeping my eyes on their social media channels and website as well. The good news is that Austin/Travis County covid numbers have made signficant improvement in the last couple of weeks. Austin was moved down to Stage 3 this week. Maybe this will influence event managers to allow the public walk.

    1. What I’ve read so far is that it may be not open to 3-day GA pass holders, only to people who buy the $$ F1 Experience packages. I can’t imagine how Covid would impact a public walk – it’s outdoors just like all the other activities. They would have to forbid public transportation and shuttles – they won’t do that. I think it would be more of a money thing. Plus they could just do it on Thursday when relatively few diehards will be there. I booked my trip for Wed night just so I’d be there to walk the track Thursday and I think it will be a waste.

  44. First USGP! Excited is an understatement.

    How does one enter to participate in the Pirelli hot laps?

    Also, is there a day/place in particular where fans tend to be able to get autographs from the drivers? I suspect things will be a bit different because of COVID guidelines?

    Thank you for any insight!

    1. Hi Paul, the Pirelli Hot Laps is a really exclusive programme. You will for sure see some celebrities getting free rides at COTA this year. It is possible to purchase a lap, but the price is very high.
      Normally the F1 drivers do an autograph session on the big stage in the fanzone, but this won’t happen in 2021 due to F1’s strict COVID-19 protocols (the drivers are in a bubble at the track, essentially).
      Otherwise, your only hope is staking out the best hotels in the centre of Austin and hoping to meet drivers that way.

  45. My teenage son and I bought tickets for the 21 pilots concert and our seats are at turn 9. Will we even be able to see the concert from there? And do we need to get a separate ticket for my 3 year old?

    1. Yes, you will get a distant view of the concert state from the Turn 9 grandstand. Entry is only free for children aged 2 and under – so your 3 year old will need a ticket. Except they are all sold out. Sorry

  46. Is the Front Gate shuttle worth the extra expense? Does it continuously run all day? Can you use the shuttle multiple times in one day, or only one round trip?

    1. It’s worth the extra expense if you don’t want to walk! I think you can only use it for one round trip per day. Not sure why you would want to come and leave – traffic will be a nightmare around the circuit.

  47. Hello firs time attending, I have a 3 day general admission bracelet. Does that give me access to the concert? Also are the event time listed in CST time zone?

    Last thing, when taking the shuttle i Just leave my car in a parking area?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, you can attend the concerts with General Admission bracelet – but you won’t be that close to the stage (upgrades for the concert were available, now sold out). Yes, local times are listed. And finally, not sure which shuttle you are talking about – but yes I guess you will have to just find parking nearby, or leave your car at home.

  48. Andrew – first, awesome job. Surprisingly difficult to track down reliable info on the COTA or other websites. 1. Is there a limit to the number of water bottles you can bring in? I saw somewhere that said 1 bottle, but the FAQ doesn’t specify a limit. 2. Do you think a camelback (water backpack) is allowed? 3. Is the on-site shuttle an efficient way to get around to distant spots on the track? Worried that it might be extremely slow, with buses already full when you try to get on, etc. Thx again.

  49. This is going to be mine and my boyfriends first F1 race – and we are obviously so excited but I am getting a little anxious.

    We have GA tickets for Friday-Sunday – what does that give us access to?

    Does anyone have any experience taking the shuttles? If so how early should one get to the pick up location? and are the drop off areas a far walk to the gates?

    How many hours before events start should we arrive?

    Do we have to carry our folding chair with us everywhere we go? I would carry my backpack with me for sure but carrying around folding chairs might be a little more exhausting.

    Honestly just look for any tips/information previous attendees have!

    1. Hi Leah, GA gives you access to pretty much all the spectator and fan areas inside the circuit – but not the grandstands or hospitality suites, of course. As you are going all three days, you will find that there’s a lot less people on Friday. I suggest using this day to check out as much as you can, find the spots you like to watch from. Then you will be better prepared on Saturday and Sunday when there’s A LOT more people at the track. When you arrive depends on whether you want to see all the on-track action or not, but perhaps you can arrive a little bit later on Friday. I suggest earlier on Saturday and earlier again on Sunday due to the larger number of people. As for folding chairs, if you find a good spot for the race – make friends with those around you and I’m sure they’ll be happy to mind your seats while you go to get food or check out the fanzones etc. Don’t forget to take a power bank as you’ll probably take loads of photos and use your phone a lot. Looks like it’s going to be pretty warm as well, so take hats and suncream. Enjoy the race!

  50. Andrew,

    Thanks for all the help here! I recently purchased parking tickets for LOT F. I’m at a hotel about 8 miles away. Any idea about how long I should plan for the commute from hotel to being parked and heading into the race? I know time of day plays a factor but generally speaking is 90 minutes sufficient?

    1. That should be fine, but remember that Friday will be quieter, Saturday busier and Sunday the busiest. You can probably do it in less time on Friday, but maybe longer on Sunday depending on when you arrive.

  51. First of all, thank you for this resource! I live in ATX and decided this morning to buy tickets for Saturday. Having never been to anything like this before and trying to maximize the day what are some of the “do not miss” tips? I will have my 13 and 16 year old in tow who will be trying to spot famous folks! Ha! We will be there fairly early. We have seats at Turn 18. Thank you!!

  52. Andrew – first, awesome job. Surprisingly difficult to track down reliable info on the COTA or other websites. 1. Is there a limit to the number of water bottles you can bring in? I saw somewhere that said 1 bottle, but the FAQ doesn’t specify a limit. 2. Do you think a camelback (water backpack) is allowed? 3. Is the on-site shuttle an efficient way to get around to distant spots on the track? Worried that it might be extremely slow, with buses already full when you try to get on, etc. Thx again.

    1. For some reason, COTA hasn’t really published a lot of useful info this year. I think you would be fine with a camelback. You can try to bring more than one water bottle in – the worst they can do is take it off you, not a big loss. I don’t know much about the on-site shuttle to be honest. But I’d say it will be easier/less people on Friday, getting busy on Saturday and then packed on Sunday.

  53. Dina Thistlethwaite

    Is it possible to get an Uber after the concert in a reasonable amount of time? I realize there is a walk to the ride share lot. Any advice for using Uber back and forth on Friday for the day and the concert? Is the track/ concert area typically muddy?

    1. I really can’t say how hard it will be to get an uber after the concert on Friday. All I will say is that it should be easier on Saturday, when I think there will be a lot more people at the track/Billy Joel concert. Weather looks hot this week in Austin, so I don’t think the concert area will be muddy. Maybe dusty!

  54. Andrew, thank you for all of the helpful info. Do you know if there is a baggage check/storage service available at the venue? We are headed directly to the airport after the race and heading back into town for our luggage might mean we’d have to miss the end of the race. We plan on taking the shuttle to the airport. Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry, I don’t know of any luggage storage at the circuit. As I suggested to someone else, I’d be taking my luggage to the airport in the morning and leaving it there. Bit of a hassle, but better than missing your flight

  55. Thanks for the fantastic info! First time visitor here. Interested in seeing the pit stop practices, but not sure where you can see them from? Do you need a seat in that area or access to a special area? Thanks!

  56. FM radio tip: Get over the air FM using your PHONE! No Internet or Cell towers:
    I just figured out last night how to listen to OVER THE AIR radio FM broadcasts on your phone (when no data is available). Your phone must have the FM receiver in hardware (which most new phones have) and you must plug in wired headphones which act as the antenna. Install the app NextRadio, then try to get to the manual tuner and put in the FM station frequencies that Andrew listed earlier 104.9 or 105.3 for race broadcasts. There is a trick to NextRadio – if it complains with “Network Unavailable” then turn off Data and also WiFi and it should work. After NextRadio is working you can turn Data and WiFi both back on. For Android it may not work on Android 11 and only Android 10, depending on phone…? Technology is great and so is searching for answers like this! and…

    THANK YOU ANDREW for all this great info!

    1. Michael Scheffe

      Such a great tip! I can’t confirm anywhere that ESPN Radio (local 104.9 and 105.3 are broadcasting race coverage for 2021 USGP. Have you all been able to confirm that anywhere?

  57. Andrew & Kristi

    Andrew, Great Name!
    The wife and I will be visiting COTA and our first F1 experience this weekend. Obviously, super excited as others have mentioned. We purchased 3 day tickets for bleachers on turn 18. Apparently that’s new for this year. Are you familiar with that view?
    We’ve done extensive research, and will search for the best views throughout Friday. Can we realistically move around comfortably on raceway? If we love the view from Turn 1 to start the race, and wanted to seek other vantage points throughout, or do you suggest just staying in one spot and getting their early?
    Also, I’ve heard a few references tablets or audio for live commentary. If we have XM radio on our phone, and put in earbuds to listen to the race, that should work right?
    Thanks for replying to so many people, and pouring hours into helping others!
    We appreciate you!
    Andrew & Kristi

    1. First time for us and our friends. I will be in my friends usual annual seats in turn 1 bleachers, we purchased turn 18 bleachers for our friends going with us. From the various flyover views and videos from years prior, turn 18 should be pretty a pretty good vantage point, probably better the higher you are (we got them row 30 purposefully). Just from speaking with my friend that had gone every yr prior, turn 1 general admission area will fill up quick and early on race day.

  58. Late question – in the past it looks like there was a Military hospitality area at COTA- will there be one in 2021? Or any other venue for military/vets?

  59. Is it possible to buy a third party concert upgrade? We have tickets in T9. This site has been SUPER helpful – thanks!

  60. Hi, does anyone know of places in Austin that are hosting watch parties for the event? Unfortunately, I don’t have a ticket for Sunday. Thank you in advance!

  61. Was anyone able to use the FM stations for the commentary? I brought my radio and couldn’t get any. I saw they were selling some very expensive headsets for it. When I asked they told me they just tuned to the same FM frequencies, so I’m not sure why I couldn’t get them.

    1. I got a notification from the COTA app during the race that AM 1370 was broadcasting race coverage. Their twitter is here:

      I was trying to find commentary on FM 104.9/105.3 during quali but had no luck. Seemingly very little information out there, I saw people asking on twitter if there was any race commentary being broadcast on FM, but got no answers from the COTA twitter.

  62. Question,
    COTA is already asking for deposits for next years race. I didn’t place a deposit for this years but I’m interested for next years. But I see there is an added on fee when placing a deposit (via COTA through Fevo Carlet). Will I have to pay an additional fee when it comes time to pay for the rest of my ticket at a later date?

  63. Will they be broadcasting for the Moto GP in 2022? Either at the track or a local radio station?
    Will and FM headset work?

  64. Hi! Do all grandstand tickets come with access to the concerts on Friday and Saturday? I believe you said that all ticketholders (GA up to grandstands) have free access to all concerts with a 3 day pass, but I wanted to be certain. Your guides have been very helpful. Thank you!

  65. Brand new to F1 after watching Drive to Survive, like so many others I am sure. I am having trouble FINDING tickets. Are we better off for a first time experience sitting in the Grandstand? Do downtown hotels have a shuttle to prevent the huge parking fee? Thank-Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin, you are too late to even have that choice as grandstand seats are sold out already. General Admission also sold out via COTA, but you can still secure these tickets in our ticket shop if you are quick:
      As for shuttle, there’s a public one from downtown organized by the circuit. Details for 2022 won’t be available until closer to the race, but you can read more here:

  66. Hello… I will be attending thi year… i am taking my 6 year old… but he will for sure not want to go to the concerts, can another adult use his ticket for the concert?

    1. Honestly not sure. You will receive different tickets for each day, which means different people can use on different days. But I don’t think it will be possible to transfer on the day.

  67. As someone who has worked as a marshal at a number of races at COTA, the best general admission spot to watch the racing is Turn 5. You are at the end of the esses, there is a big monitor across the track, you can see turn 1 as well as turns 15-18. Plus you can see the end of the straightaway at turn 12.

  68. I have tickets for Turn 12 and someone will drop me off each day. Is there an entrance there or do I have to go through 11 and walk the entire straight? Is there a tram that takes you from Turn 11 to Turn 12? It’s not that long, but asking just in case. Thanks!

  69. best way to resell tickets? we have 3 turn-9 (lower grandstand) tickets and thinking of selling instead of going – something came up and we might not be able to afford the whole trip but already purchased our weekend passes months ago. thanks andrew!

  70. Great page Andrew. So much helpful information. I have attended the USGP every year since 2014.
    2021 was a very different USGP. There were a LOT more people there with the added grandstands and the extra GA tickets that were released. The place was so crowded in afternoons it was nearly impossible to move around or get anything after 2pm. That said it is true that Friday is much less congested.
    My comments/suggestions for those attending:
    1. Traffic. As mentioned repeatedly, the traffic is a nightmare. Especially getting out. This is also true for the shuttles which sometimes have dedicated lanes. Go early and stay late no matter where you are sitting. Pack a cooler and enjoy the wait for the traffic to ease up after the day’s events. It took almost two hours for any movement in our lot last year after the race.
    2. GA. GA is fantastic at COTA but it requires more effort. Obviously turn 1 is the most popular for GA and people start lining up early in the am before the gates open. You need to go very very early on race day. You can stake your claim where you want to be and you will probably be ok leaving your chairs and blankets, but people will fill in very close to your space so you probably do not want to leave them alone for very long as the day goes on. Turns 7 and 11 are great and so is 19.
    2. Merchandise. Every F1 fan loves the merchandise. Another reason to go early. The best merchandise booths are the official F1 booth and the large team booths which I recall are near the fanzone. There are merch booths located around the track but there are fewer items available.
    3. Food. Personally I have not been all that impressed with the food at COTA (yes even the BBQ). You will need to eat at some point. It is a long day at the track. Just grab something and don’t overthink it. It wont be healthy. You will probably be fine throwing a couple bars in your bag if you want to avoid the sausages, burgers, dogs, tacos etc.
    4. Drink. Plenty of places to grab a beer or water and they have vendors around the track in addition to the food stands. As with other mentions they become scarcer as the day goes on. COTA does sell cocktails around the track and take a guess, lines are long in the afternoon. And stay hydrated!
    5. Commentary/Live Timing. Prior to 2021 I never had a problem accessing to the F1 app on my phone. Due to the larger crowd last year, I had a lot of trouble accessing my app even using cell service. This is my one complaint about attending this race in person. Inaudible loudspeakers and a lack of information regarding what is happening around the circuit. I am going to look into the FM/ESPN suggestion. If that is happening it will be a big improvement.
    6. Weather/Terrain. Check the weather and be prepared. It is a rain or shine event. It can be 40 degrees, it can be 100 degrees or it can be both! Also, this race comes with a free hike! You will walk way more than you anticipate. I suggest walking the entire track if you are there Friday or early on Saturday. It is amazing to walk and photograph cars on the entire track. If there has been any rain in the days leading up it will be muddy around the track. Do not wear your fancy sneakers unless you have hospitality. Bring comfortable, weather appropriate footwear.
    7. Concerts. I have never stayed for the concerts as my group is ready to leave when the racing is finished. We go for a full day of cars on the track and then a good dinner in Austin. Enjoying Austin’s great food and night life is a big part of the experience. That is a personal choice.
    8. Hospitality. Pit tours, the drive around the track on a flatbed and other amenities are for those that purchase F1 Experiences, Paddock Club, or COTA hospitality packages. I have done this on two occasions and it is amazing. F1 hospitality is on another level. Especially the air conditioned suites with monitors and an open bar. If it is in your budget hospitality comes highly recommended in Austin due to the unpredictable weather and the crowds.

    Sorry for the long comment! I hope some of this is helpful and see you in Austin!

  71. What are my options for listening to commentary while at the USGP? I have heard the radio stations don’t really work. I read that Next Radio won’t work on my android phone because of the most recent update and I am debating if it is worth bringing a small handheld radio to the race. Are headsets available for rent at the track? Thanks!

    1. I’m not 100% sure about trackside radio frequency at COTA, or even if available. It’s possible that headsets will be available for rent, but again I don’t have specific info. Another option, but this relies on you having internet reception or WiFi at the track is to use the official F1 app. The paid version has live timing and also live commentary

  72. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in where the drivers might walk by to get a photo or autograph at COTA?

    1. I think it can be difficult at the track, unless you have access to the F1 Paddock (which is very hard to get!). You do have the autograph sessions, but again it’s difficult to get autographs and you will probably have to line up for a long time. The only other thing I can suggest is to check out some of the best 5-star hotels in the centre of Austin. I don’t know exactly where the teams stay, but if you check a few hotels you will probably find some other fans hanging around and waiting to see the drivers.

  73. Hello I will be attending my first F1 race in Austin this Oct. Just wondering what is the best way to get a driver to sign your hat or at least be able to just see the drivers from a far in person.

    1. Hi Jasmine, we hope that COTA will announce some kind of fan forum or drivers autograph session. This normally happened in the past. As for seeing the drivers in person, it’s generally really difficult. But you can see them going around the track before the race on Sunday during the “Drivers’ Parade”

  74. Do you know which gate the drivers use to enter on Sunday? Also do you know where the drivers will enter the track for the driver’s parade and if it is accessible for fans? Lastly, do you know what is the best way to get a picture with a driver on sunday? Thanks

    1. I don’t know which gate the drivers use to access the circuit, but probably they stay in their car and go direct via a tunnel into the infield of the circuit. For the drivers parade, they will probably enter the track from the pits area – this area will not be accessible, unless you have a Paddock Club ticket (the last pit lane walk for Paddock Club usually happens around the same time as the drivers parade). I think it will be very difficult to get a picture with a driver on Sunday, unless you are very lucky. Best off trying at some of the best 5-star hotels in Austin instead of the track.

  75. I received my wristbands in the mail from a third vendor. It didn’t come with any instructions. Are there any instructions or anything I need to do to activate my wristbands to ensure they work?

    1. If you are talking about a public pit lane walk, I don’t think it will happen this year. I haven’t seen any announcements about it, sorry.
      I do know that F1 Experiences will be having their Public PIt LAne Walk on Thursday, but the time hasn’t yet been announced. If I had to guess, I think it will start around 4pm.

  76. I got tickets for Saturday only specifically just to see Ed Sheeran. What time do you suggest getting there? Is there usually an area where you can go and wait to be able to be one of the first people into the concert area? What time do they typically open that up at or is it open all day?

    I *THINK* we have a concert upgrade section pass, bought it from a 3rd party vendor. So im not sure if that would give us a different entry point than the GA section on the lawn.

    Also can we bring in a blanket or something to see on for the day while we wait for the concert?

    1. Some of your questions are quite specific and best answered by someone working at COTA, sorry. However, I do think that the concert area will be open early in the day on Saturday. I’m sure there will be lots of other fans like you who want to get the best possible viewpoint for the Ed Sheeran concert. Yes, good idea to bring in a blanked to sit on the lawn. Fingers crossed there’s no rain! Good luck with your concert upgrade; yes, I assume there will be a separate entrance for this, but not sure when it will open.

    2. Simple answer, the earlier the better and plan for a long day. Traffic into the venue should lighten up later in the day but it is hard to predict. Call the venue before Tuesday and ask about gates and lining up. After that day you may have a hard time getting someone on the phone. You want to ask about early entry for the superstage given your ticket upgrade if it is real. I think Ed has a fan club so you might be behind them. Download the COTA app which has been updated for 2022.
      There will also be a ton of traffic so plan on a lot of time to drive and park. Maybe 1-2 hours depending on the time of day. Get a parking pass if available, do not be fooled into the private dirt lots 1-2 miles away. It is a LONG walk. Fans of the performers definitely line up fairly early for the concerts while the racing is still going on. Taylor Swift fans started lining up at 12 pm in the venue, and they just kept arriving all day, but that was pre COVID. It was awesome to see the Taylor fans coming in as the racing fans were leaving. You can bring a blanket no problem. Check the COTA website for their venue policies as the concerts generally have stricter rules than the motorsport seating. Have fun!

  77. Any info on Fm broadcast to listen to while there? We bought F1 headphones on site (expensive!) and could NOT find a channel!

    Help! Love going but need to hear the commmentary to get the most of it! Cell phone won’t cut it with that many people using the bandwidth..

  78. We purchased tickets that have PSL Lounge access? We’re traveling with kids and are trying to be as prepared as possible. Can you tell me what areas this lets us enter?

    Many thanks in advance.

  79. Does anyone have any tips on bringing in a camera for the practice/quali or for the race? I’ve got a mirrorless camera with a lens that is small by DSLR standards but has some zoom capabilities to it. Has anyone taken anything into the track in the past and are there any hard and fast rules? The website says interchangeable lens cameras are allowed but no “telephoto” lenses are permitted. Not sure what that distinction means to them. Thanks, in advance, for any help/advice!

    1. You should be fine. I think they want to discourage the really long lens. It often comes down to the particular security person who checks you. If you have any issues, just try another gate.

  80. Hi! I bought tickets for this year at turn 19, and which are bleacher seats I believe, will there be a screen there/ will I be able to hear the broadcasters?

    1. Hi Mac, yes there will be big screens for all the grandstands. You should also be able to hear the tannoy system at the track, but also worth considering having a radio headseat as the commentary will be drowned out when the cars are passing

  81. Is there a way to get pit lane walk tickets without getting a hospitality package? I know you can at some of the European races.

    1. As far as I know, the pit lane walk at COTA is only included with some packages from F1 Experiences (Thursday afternoon/evening) or on the weekend (Paddock Club packages, $$$).
      The packages from F1 Experiences that include a pit lane walk also have access to a party on the grid on Thursday, as well as a grandstand seat for the weekend, but they do cost $2500-2600 USD depending on the grandstand. These are the “F1 Live” packages you can find here. Otherwise, I think the Thursday pit lane walk organized by the circuit is only for a specific group of people, maybe veterans? Sorry, not sure.

  82. Hi! It’s gonna be my first GP and I’m getting GA tickets for COTA this year. Is Turn 1 the best spot for a GA ticket? Are there TVs in front of it? Do you think there’s a chance for a GA to have an autograph?

    1. GA is really good at COTA, as you have a lot of natural elevation. And Turn 1 is a good spot as it’s really high and you can see down the Main Straight. The only issue is that there are A LOT of people in GA now at COTA, so it can be hard to find and keep a good vantage point. If you are going all three days, Friday is a good chance to walk around and check out different GA areas, as less people go on this day. Getting an autograph is really hard these days, especially at the bigger races like the USGP. Keep an eye out on the schedule, as the drivers may be making an appearance in the Fanzone, and there’s a chance for an autograph. Alternatively, you can check out the best 5-star hotels in Austin; you’ll probably find other fans hanging out on race weekend looking for their favourite drivers.

  83. Getting ready for 2023! Hoping for a Max DNF at Qatar this weekend (even though I am a Red Bull fan) so we can see the championship won in Austin. Go early and stay late! Anybody have anymore info on a radio broadcast? That is my one complaint about COTA, crappy speakers and no commentary! Some say AM, some say FM, will this be a thing in 2023?

      1. Thanks Andrew! Lugging along my radio equipped hearing protection, hopefully they are useable as they are bulky! COTA 2023!!!!

  84. what’s the best way to pay for things at the circuit, do they accept pre loaded travel money cards (not credit cards) or is cash preferred?

  85. Hi there,

    Question about entering the track. I purchased parking pass from lot G, and I’m sitting at turn 4 grandstand. Which entry do you recommend to go to (and take the tram) in order get to the seat asap. Would it be a long walk? We are flying in early Friday afternoon, would like to make it to the quali in time. Appreciate your help in advance!


    1. Hello, closest entry gate to Lot G is near Turn 11. You also have the internal tram service nearby, which I do recommend taking to save time/your feet. You can check everything on the interactive map here.

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