Trackside at Silverstone – 2024 British Grand Prix

Learn more about the trackside experience at Silverstone for the 2024 British Grand Prix. Advice on entry, trackside activities & on-track action.

  • The 2024 British Grand Prix is on July 5-7
  • GA, Grandstand & Hospitality Tickets are available in our 2024 British GP Ticket Shop.
  • We also recommend F1 Experiences Ticket Packages
  • The Editor has attended the British Grand Prix four times, most recently in 2023
  • This post contains affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links

Last year’s edition of the British Grand Prix was the second best attended F1 race of all time, with 480,000 fans through the gates over four days. The organizers always manage to pack in a full schedule of events at the British Grand Prix. In addition to plenty of competitive on-track action, off-track activities include air displays, concerts, static displays and amusement rides. The new Silverstone Experience museum is also worth checking out.

It should be hot and sunny in the UK in July, so pack light clothing and some sunscreen. General Admission areas have plenty of shade available from trees and temporary buildings, and there’s a choice of covered and uncovered stands. If the weather forecast predict any kind of rain, be sure to pack a light rain jacket or poncho and umbrella – hopefully wellies will not be required!

Silverstone Access & Orientation

  • Arriving at Silverstone: Read Getting There & Around for info about getting to Silverstone and circuit parking. The circuit is very well signposted and easy to navigate.
  • Fast Track: Fast Track tickets, allowing you to skip queues when entering the circuit gates are available on the Silverstone website. In 2024, Fast Track tickets are priced at £15 on Friday, £25 on Saturday, £40 on Sunday or £60 for the 3-day weekend.
  • Prohibited Items: You are not allowed to bring in any glass bottles or containers.  Bags/backpacks with a capacity larger than 20 litres are also prohibited. Other prohibited items include bicyles ans scooters, and animals/pets other than licenced guide dogs. View the full list of prohibited items.
  • Allowed Items: Attendees are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol into the venue for personal consumption. Limits: one bottle of wine (strictly no glass), 6 cans of beer (500ml), or 6 cans of premixed aperitifs per person. (Bottles of spirits or fortified wines will not be allowed into the grounds)
  • Pass Outs: You are allowed to leave and return to the circuit. Don’t forget to scan your electronic ticket out when leaving the circuit or you will not be re-admitted.
  • Trackside Radio: Follow the on-track action on Radio Silverstone at 87.7FM.
  • Download the Silverstone events app: New for 2023, the Silverstone Events app will help you navigate around the circuit and keep up to date with the timetable over the British Grand Prix weekend. Download the app via the App Store.
  • Inner Track: Enhance your British Grand Prix experience with tickets to the inner track. If you’re looking for a chance to meet the drivers, this is your best bet. Inner track tickets allows you access to exclusive viewing areas plus access to the ‘Driver’s Row’ outside the Formula 1 paddock, where the drivers arrive each day. Make sure to have a pen at the ready for autographs and your camera charged for selfies! 3-day Inner Track access for the 2024 British Grand Prix is priced at £170.

2024 British Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The complete timetable for the 2024 British Grand Prix is now confirmed and listed below.
  • Support Categories: Formula 2, Formula 3 and Porsche Supercup will be the main support races at Silverstone in 2024. In addition to support categories, there’s also historic car demonstrations on the track over the course of the weekend, as well as several air shows
  • Pit Lane Walks: A Pit Lane Walk for 3-day ticket holders is normally held on Thursday afternoon, but due to excess demand, access is granted via a ballot system and all successful fans are notified ahead of the event. Wristbands are strictly non-transferable, though many do appear online at high prices ahead of the race. During the race weekend from Friday to Sunday, guests in the exclusive Formula 1 Paddock Club can participate in daily pit lane walks at set times.

Friday, July 5

  • 08:40-09:25: Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 10:00-10:45: Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 10:55-12:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 11:25-12:00: Pirelli Hot Laps
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 1 (FP1)
  • 13:40-13:55: Historic F1 Car Demonstration
  • 14:10-14:40: Formula 3 – Qualifying
  • 15:05-15:35: Formula 2 – Qualifying
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Free Practice 2 (FP2)
  • 17:40-18:25: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Practice Session
  • 18:40-19:40: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk

Saturday, July 6

  • 09:20-10:05: Formula 3 – Sprint Race (18 laps or 40 minutes +1 lap)
  • 10:15-10:30: Historic F1 Car Demonstration
  • 10:15-11:00 Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk
  • 10:35-11:00: Pirelli Hot Laps
  • 11:20-11:30: Battle of Britain Memorial Flypast
  • 11:30-12:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 3 (FP3)
  • 13:15-14:05: Formula 2 – Sprint Race (21 laps or 45 minutes +1 lap)
  • 14:10-14:40: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 15:00-16:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying
  • 16:45-17:15: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Qualifying
  • 17:30-18:30: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 18:30-19:30: F1 Experiences Champions Club – Grid Walk & Trophy Photo

Sunday, July 7

  • 08:20-09:10: Formula 3 – Feature Race (22 laps or 45 minutes +1 lap)
  • 09:55-11:00: Formula 2 – Feature Race (29 laps or 60 minutes +1 lap)
  • 11:10-11:25: Historic F1 Car Demonstration
  • 11:55-12:30: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Race (14 laps or 30 minutes)
  • 12:55-13:55: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:00-13:00: Formula 1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 13:25-13:50: Pirelli Hot Laps
  • 14:15-14:37: Red Arrows Air Display
  • 14:46-14:48: National Anthem & Red Arrows Fly Past
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2024 (52 laps or 2 hours)

Fanzone & Trackside Entertainment

Take a wander around the track if you have the time, as there’s plenty going on to keep the fans entertained throughout the weekend, notably the new and improved F1 Fan Zone, which is set to offer everything from bungee trampolines to segways. Most activities will also be free.

British Grand Prix Concerts & Entertainment

The main stage at Silverstone has played host to several big (and small) names in music over the years. Headline concerts for the 2024 British Grand Prix come from Stormzy, Pete Tong and Rudimental. Kings Of Leon will perform at Thursday night’s launch event.

The concerts take place on the Chrome Main Stage after each day of on-track action has been completed. The concert area was expanded for 2023, with space for up to 45,000 fans. The F1 drivers will also make appearances on the Main Stage across the race weekend. You can expect driver appearances to begin at around 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday. 

Further appearances on the Chrome Main Stage in 2023 included David Coulthard and Eddie Jordan (hosting a live episode of the Formula For Success podcast), The Fast and The Curious Podcast (hosted by Radio 1’s Greg James, Christian Hewgill and Betty Glover) and the P1 Podcast (hosted by Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham).

In 2023, Formula 1 team principals and reserve drivers were also interviewed over the weekend on the Chrome Main Stage, the Driver’s Inn Stage and in the Fan Zone.

For 2024, Silverstone will introduce a new second stage at the British Grand Prix: the Made at Vale Stage, located near the Vale corner in the final sector of the track. The stage will be family friendly during the day, with children’s film screenings and shows from the Ministry of Science. At night, the stage will play host to a range of DJs and tribute bands.

Silverstone Food & Drink

Food is pretty expensive at Silverstone, so be prepared to shell out or pack your own sandwiches. Bringing plenty of your own bottled water is never a bad idea either, especially with the potential heat and sunshine, and the need to stay hydrated whilst out and about all day. Expect to pay £10 for a large slice of pizza and a beer or soft drink from the many food stands at Silverstone. The same sort of price will get you a large pot of noodles and a drink, or a burrito and something sweet. The range of food on offer at Silverstone is getting better each year, and there’s plenty to suit vegetarian visitors as well. Food stalls are dotted all over the place, but the main food arena at Silverstone is a large grassy area near the main stage with plenty of picnic tables and a friendly, festival feel. There are also one or two champagne bars and smarter places to sit, but again expect to pay over the odds for the privilege.

Been to Silverstone for the British GP? Leave a comment below with your trackside tips!

109 thoughts on “Trackside at Silverstone – 2024 British Grand Prix”

  1. Mick Nicholson

    It’s worth stating that the F1 app has been no use at all during the race or qually without 4G. The 3g networks are completely overloaded and it remains to be seen if 4G will stand up, it did last year but there are more phones have 4g now. Really miss fanvision/kangarooTV

      1. Hi Mike,
        I was fortunate enough to get tickets for Friday/Saturday and Sunday for this years event. Adult tickets, seat roving. Unfortunately I am no longer able to go as we’re expecting our 2nd child which, perhaps naively, genuinely expected to be early and did not anticipate this weekend being an issue. We’re now approaching 12 days over and booked in to be induced, so I need to pull out and was hopeful you might be able to advise how best I could sell the ticket in such a short time frame? Thanks in advance, Joe

  2. I hope its ok to pack a small packed lunched consisting of salad and such and drinks in my rucksack. Heading for the Race on the Sunday for the British Grandprix.

  3. I’ve not been to Silverstone for the F1 before, is it possible to listen to live race commentary during the race via an app or sports radio? Silverstone radio (87.7) doesn’t appear to broadcast during the actual race. Is the only commentary provided via a loud speaker system, or can I bring a sports radio with me and tune into a frequency when there to hear? If so, what is the frequency please?

  4. I bought a weekend ticket on gumtree and the guy was a no show. Can I buy a weekend ticket at track or only Sunday ticket?

    1. Sorry for the slow reply. There are a limited number of tickets available at the track, but I’m not sure if these are just single day tickets or also weekend tickets.

    1. I think you just have to wait for communications from Silverstone, closer to the race weekend (probably around 2-3 months before the race, they launch the lottery).

        1. Ah – I’ve just seen the article further up this page regarding timed pit walks, using a ballot and colour of wrist-bands. Should I assume this will all become clear on entry.

  5. Hi, we are camping this year and I have one of those little pull along trolleys for our shairs, drinks etc, can I take it into silverstone from the campsite?

  6. Hello,
    Is it still the same rule for taking your own alcohol into the circuit this year ? No glass ?

  7. Eddie docherty

    Can I bring in my cans of beer in my cool bag this year at the F1 with my lunch it’s about a 20L bag

    1. On-track action begins soon after 8am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Up to you, but good advice is to check out different areas on Friday and Saturday, decide where you want to watch the race and then get there as early as you can to reserve a spot on Sunday

      1. Adding to that where would you suggest the best place for general admission 1st timers to sit/stand?? Thanks

  8. Where can I buy a ticket for the 2018 Sunday race. It’s Saturday already. I’m here in London and want to go and see the race live. I’m OK with the cheapest tickets and standing position.
    How much do these usually cost?
    Can I buy at the door when I get there?
    If not possible to by at the race track, where’s the best place to buy it from?
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I only just now saw your message. I was working at the track and very busy. You should have been able to buy at the track? Let me know how you got on.

  9. Me and my dad are planning to go to either Thursday or Friday for Silverstone 2019. Are autograph sessions only on thursday- if so what do we need to buy for it, and on Friday what do we need to buy to get pictures/autographs with the racers? We’ve never done this before and it’s a bit confusing x

    1. The pit lane walk is on Thursday, and this can be good for getting autographs. But the tickets are allocated based on a ballot, so you may not get them. Other autograph sessions are held over the course of the weekend, or you can go and hang out near the entrance to the Paddock, where the drivers come and go each day. Another option to get closer to the drivers would be to buy a package from F1 Experiences.

    1. It’s a good idea to buy it in general. For photographs of the cars on track, but also for better access to the drivers and teams. You can hang out near the Paddock entry/exit and get some photos of the drivers coming and going each days.

  10. I’m taking my caravan to Litchlake Farm across the road from Silverstone itself for the GP next month. I have 3 day tickets, can I leave the track and go back in again or is it a case of “when you’re in you’re in”?

        1. Pass outs are fine (I’m staying at litchlake too) just make sure you get your hand stamped on the way out.

  11. When is the best time to see drivers at the paddock entry on the friday for the best chance of seeing some in the inner track area

    1. Hi Gilly,
      Smart casual I think. You should be dressed well, but no need to go over the top. You still need to be comfortable.

  12. Hi,
    Does anyone know the cost of the radios on sale at the track for listening to the Silverstone commentary?

  13. Raymond Exley

    We have been given some courtesy numbered wrist bands and told that they will get us into the circuit is that correct?

    1. No idea, but I guess you will find out at the gate! Perhaps they are only for “Inner Track” – you still need a regular ticket to enter the track before you can use these ones

  14. anita hetherington

    Hello, Ive been informed that they only allow you through the gates with only 4 cans of alcohol per person. Is this the case as cant find anything on the website stating this.

  15. James netherfield

    Hi , could you tell me please what access you have with an F1 fanzine ticket ? And what would best place to watch race with these tickets

  16. Samantha Falck-Mitchell

    Hi i have a weekend ticket but coming down on Wednesday, do you know when the track is open to be able to run on it. Iv seen people do this a few years ago in the morning and would love to run around the tack..

    1. Honestly, I’m not sure it will be possible to run the track this year given COVID-19 restrictions. But I guess you can ask at the circuit when you arrive on Wednesday

  17. Do you know if there is a taxi rank to get back from the track after the concert on Friday night? Stayin in MK but can’t find anything to say how to get back after 7pm. Thanks

  18. marie louise mulhearn

    i have tickets for sunday, can we arrive any time or because of covid are we alloted a time window? thanks

    1. You can arrive any time, but given the expected large crowds and potential delays at the gates, I’d suggest arriving as early as you can


    Hiya. Taking my 10yr old son on Friday, first time for both of us and really looking forward to it.
    In terms of traffic, queues etc what’s it generally like on a Friday? Tricky to know whether to get there early (07:30 ish) and make it a really long day, or leave it till mid morning….. Any advice grateful received

  20. 1st time at the f1 this sunday, general admission, any tips on best place to sit?
    Want to be comfortable with a picnic but ideally see the cars in the distance.
    Also i have purchased 2 radio vouchers, where do i pick them up from?

  21. Friday traffic is usually light. Be sure you take / print off parking pass. I would also drive around the area when you get there so you find alternate routes in/out for Sunday. It’s not that you will get
    Much choice on Sunday as all traffic is directed out for the best possible speedy exists. At least you will then know where you are being sent and if you know of side roads ;-) you can take them.

  22. Ps I second the “Get there as early as you can”. You have 2 choices lie in bed and get ready to go or get there **when the gates open** and lie around on some grass at the event in the sun

    1. Gates are open from about 7am on Sunday. They won’t close. Depends if you want to see the support categories or just the race. If you want to see everything, go early – especially if you don’t have a reserved seat. Otherwise, go whenever you are ready. The race starts at 3pm.

  23. Silly question but just wondering when worst times for traffic might be on Sunday s oI can try to avoid them?

    1. I’d say worst times for traffic on Sunday will be 7-10am and after the race from 5-7pm. I’d recommend not trying to leave the circuit too quickly after the race. If you wait longer, traffic should be lighter.

  24. First time trying to book tickets for my husband as a present for 2022 Silverstone Grand Prix, please help!!:
    There are so many options for tickets, he’s a massive F1 fan and I don’t want to ask him as it’s a surprise. It would be awful to get him tickets and then get the ‘wrong’ ones.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. A good way of looking at it is that you get what you pay for. So higher priced grandstands generally have better views. How much is your budget per ticket? I can give you some ideas

      1. Probably £350-£700 it’s hard to say really, I understand you get what you pay for and I’ll like it to be a great weekend for him (and me) just really not sure where to begin, I’ve spent hours each evening backwards and forwards trying to figure the whole thing out. I’ve got that many tabs open on my phone with different options but just struggling to commit and pick one in case I get it ‘wrong’ because I’d like it to be something special.

  25. Hi Andrew! I’ll be traveling to Europe for the first time ever this summer from the US and I’ll be going to grand prix Friday and Saturday this year, I was lucky enough to have a paddock club ticket for Friday come July. Are you pretty familiar with the ins and outs of the paddock club? I know its pretty much the best ticket you can have but are there any specifics that you suggest doing whilst I’m at the track Friday besides what’s all listed on the hospitality website?

    1. Yes, I’m pretty familiar with the Paddock Club, having worked in it on many occasions. Sadly still yet to experience it as a customer:) The Paddock Club is awesome. You will be treated very well in terms of food and drink. You also have the opportunity to do a pit lane walk, which is worth doing. There can also be some other activities like a Guided Track Tour (on the back of the truck used for the drivers’ parade). Tickets can be limited for this, so you need to ask when checking in or go to the entertainment desk. Even if you have your own seat in a particular suite, you can also go and hang out in the Club Lounge, which often has a better atmosphere with live music, simulators, etc. Enjoy your experience

      1. Thanks for the reply! Yeah I’m extremely excited that I’ll be able to experience Silverstone and have the paddock club as the first F1 experience for me. As for what you said for the pit lane walk and guided track tour, so would I need to inquire about it as soon as I arrive to Silverstone that friday morning in order to secure my spot to do those activities for the day? Also being that I’ll be in the paddock club Friday, from which I hear Fridays are not as hectic compared to the other days, does that allow myself to have any better chance to possibly meet some of the drivers?

        1. Hi Drew, the pit lane walk for Paddock Club is open to all guests and you don’t need to register for that. But the track tour has limited places, so you need to sign up for that. One other thing is that they normally have driver appearances in the Club Suite, which you should be able to attend. This can be current drivers, but also retired drivers like Mika Hakkinen, Jacques Villeneuve, Jean Alesi etc. But you won’t be able to meet drivers away from the Paddock Club unless you also have access to the Paddock itself

  26. Hi
    This will be my first time going to a race. Do you know if fans will get to attend the podium celebration from the track. If so how do we actually get on the track and what is the closest/best place to be towards the end of the race to get on the track. And can GA ticket holders attend the podium celebration ? If not what is the best grandstand to be at to get on the track at the end.

    Sorry for all the questions I’m not really sure how it all works I saw all the fans going on the track at the Australian GP and would love to do it.


    1. Yes, fans should be able to go on the track at Silverstone this year. Anyone will be able to do this, whether they have General Admission or Grandstand seats. I’m not 100% sure of the access points at Silverstone, but best idea will be to get somewhere close to the Main Straight or final corner near the end of the race. You will see other fans queuing up to go on the track.

  27. What access will Weekend GA ticket holders have for Thursday ? I note that there is a concert Thursday evening, can we also access the track during the day ?


  28. Hi there! Going to my first F1 race ever for the qualifying at Silverstone. We have roving grandstand seats so can access all the grandstands throughout the day. What time should we get there on Saturday, and where do you recommend we sit?

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Josh. We recommend getting there quite early, probably around 08:00-08:30 – especially this year as the race weekend is sold out! The on-track action begins at 09:55 on Saturday, and it will get busier by the time FP3 begins. Anywhere near the Becketts/Maggotts complex is a good spot for qualifying. People tend to move around more after qualifying, so maybe check out some other grandstands then to see what the views are like for any future visits!

  29. Hi there, super useful article, many thanks for putting together!

    We have the trackside hospitality package for race day only. Does this give access only to hospitality area or can we access General Admission areas or anywhere else? If we drive down, in order to make us of hospitality parking, what time would you recommend we arrive for in order to beat super long queues?

    1. Hello. Yes, your hospitality tickets will also give you access to the General Admission areas. If you already have parking, I don’t think you need to arrive that early. The traffic control near Silverstone is quite good these days, so hopefully you won’t have long delays.

  30. Hi I’m going for the first time taking my cousin who has autism as it’s been on his wish list forever. He’s loves formula one. We have general admission for Sunday race day what time would be recommended we have been preparing him for the crowds but is there anywhere you’d recommend we stand that would make things a little easier for him? We have a booked parking space and shuttle.
    Thank you for any advise

    1. Hi Fi, that’s great you are taking your cousin. I don’t have specific information for you, but here’s some information from the Silverstone website, I suggest contacting them directly.

      Where can I find out more about facilities and services for visitors with a disability?
      At Silverstone we have a wide range of facilities and services available to you. Please visit our Accessibility section. If you have further questions, please email us on [email protected] and we will be happy to help you with your query.

  31. Brian Griffith

    We have booked parking in Car Park 1 for the weekend. Can we return to the car during the day (understanding it will be a 20 minute walk!) just so that we don’t have to take everything in all at once? Thanks.

  32. Hi , quick question re Thursday , i brought hospitality weekend tickets for son and his fiance, as they have full weekend tickets included in hospitality can they access on Thurday for bands etc ? even Match Hospitality isnt sure yet they are official silverstone hospitality supplier..

    1. Have had the same issue with guests of F1 Experiences and haven’t got an answer. I think they cannnot access, as 3-day ticket holders had to get an additional Thursday ticket from Silverstone for entry on Thursday.

  33. Hi mate. First time going to Silverstone on Sunday. I have a GA ticket so where did you suggest is the best area to watch the race? Also what is the best way to get autographs/pictures with the drivers ( I I know this is unlikely).

    1. Hello, check our Tickets post for some advice on where to watch in GA. As for meeting drivers, you really need “Inner Track” access to be able to go near the Paddock entrance, but this is sold out for 2022. You could also try going to the Whittlebury Hotel near the trqck after the race (in early evening/evening), as some drivers will be staying there.

  34. Hi, I’ve got a ticket just for the Friday which is roving all areas basically. It’s been a few years since I last went and can’t remember how much competition there is for grandstand seats during free practice sessions? Getting there for gates opening isn’t an option, so just wanting to prepare myself mentally for getting seats (sounds silly I know lol)

  35. Hi – my wife and I have paddock access for Sunday (not Paddock Club) due to a very lucky gift we received! Do you happen to know where we’d be able to watch the race from after looking around the paddock – is there any non-reserved seating that can be accessed from within the paddock or would we need to find an area of general admission seating?
    Thanks in advance – not been before so no idea what to expect!

    1. Sorry, I was working the whole weekend in the Paddock Club and simply had no time to check the comments on the site. Did you have a good time? I’m sure you met lots of drivers and celebs in the paddock, must have been a cool experience! You would have been able to watch the action at the final few corners and the pit entry at the end of the paddock, raised area near the entrance steps to the Silverstone Wing, but I’m sure you worked this out! Sorry again

  36. Hi

    I am trying to purchase a Sunday GA admission ticket for my fiancee but they are sold out on the website. Will more tickets be released towards the race date?

    1. Sorry, but the tickets sold out very quickly for the British Grand Prix this year. They went on sale quite a while ago. We didn’t get any of these tickets this year with our supplier. I don’t think more tickets will be released, which means you will probably have to pay more by buying on a secondary market website.

  37. Hi,

    This article is so good!

    We’ve got tickets to the Chapel Grandstand for 3-days and just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the pit walk ballot yet? Was hoping the walk was complimentary like other races but it must just be in very high demand.


    1. I’ve not seen any info yet about applying for the ballot for the pit lane walk, but Silverstone did just confirm details of the Thursday Launch Party (also a ballot system for entry), as well as weekend headliners

  38. Hi. Do you know any activities or events on this year where I can meet any f1 drivers. I will be in the club corner but I don’t know what events will include the f1 drivers so I can hopefully meet one

    1. For sure the drivers will make some appearances on the stage in the Fanzone over the weekend, but these events/times have not yet been announced. The other way to get closer to the drivers is to try and buy “Inner Track” access = it’s already sold out for 2023, but maybe you can find someone online or a resale platform selling a ticket. The Inner Track access lets you get closer to the Paddock entrance, where you can meet the drivers arriving and departing the circuit each day.

  39. Hi Andrew,
    Can you confirm whether I would be able to access general admission areas on race day with a general admission plus pass?

  40. Hi,
    I was only able to secure pit lane + inner track access for Thursday for this year’s GP. Is there a way to get the 3 or 4 day access somehow? The website says sold out unfortunately.

    How early would I have to go to the circuit for the Chrome Main stage? Approximately.

    Will the fanzone driver meet times be announced in advance or will they reveal it just before the weekend like some other circuits as a surprise event?

    1. Sorry, I think you have to contact Silverstone. I’m not sure exactly what you mean. And for the Chrome stage, I’m not sure what day your are referring to. As for the driver appearance times, be aware this is an interview on the stage rather than a ‘meet’. Times are normally only announced a few days in advance

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