Where to stay for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix

From trackside camping to luxury hotels, here’s the best places to stay for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa Francorchamps on August 27-29.

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The legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit is located in the rural Ardennes region of eastern Belgium, around 150km from Brussels and close to the German and Dutch borders. Unless you are camping next to the track, we recommend hiring a car and staying a little further afield as there’s a scarcity of reasonably priced local accommodation. It’s cheaper, more convenient and the traffic isn’t too bad once you make it off the small country roads and on to the motorway (though more patience is needed on race day).

Larger cities within a reasonable driving distance of Spa are also worth considering for your Grand Prix base, including Liége (Belgium), Aachen (Germany), Maastricht (Netherlands) and Luxembourg.

Trackside Camping at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Despite the unpredictable and often wet weather, camping next to the track at Spa remains hugely popular. F1 fans from all over Europe, including a large contingent from the UK, return to Spa year after year. Many will tell you that camping is the only way to get the proper Spa experience. There are three camping zones at Spa organized by the circuit operator:

  • Green zone: located on the North East corner of the circuit, next to Les Combes and Malmedy
  • Yellow Zone: 800m to the West of the circuit, but still within easy walking distance
  • Young Village: located 1.5km from the track (behind Kemmel, see map), this campsite is reserved for young fans with tents only (no motorhomes) and features activities such as nightly DJ sets

The camping areas are temporary, so facilities are fairly basic and whilst there are toilets and showers, no electricity is available. The campsites are also prone to being quite rowdy and drunken at night, so choose an alternative if you value a good night’s sleep. The camping pitches measure around 40m2, including space for one car and up to 5 campers. They are priced from around €60 per night or €160 for the whole weekend (from Thursday 8am to Monday at 11am).

Several permanent campsites are also located in the vicinity of the circuit. ElephantSpa D’or and Eau Rouge are well regarded. Glamping F1 offers pre-erected tents with restaurant and bar in Stavelot, about 5km from the circuit.


Where to stay near Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

  • Francorchamps (less than 1km): the closest town to the circuit has a small selection of B&B style accommodation. It’s also home to the modern 4-star Hotel de la Source, where many of the drivers, teams and media stay. Book a room at Hotel de la Source with F1 Experiences.
  • Stavelot (5km away): there’s almost 100 properties available in the larger town of Stavelot
  • Malmedy (6 km away): another medium-sized town that makes a good base for Belgian Grand Prix weekend
  • Spa (13 km away): the original Spa town has a good selection of accommodation, including some grand old hotels.

The F1 teams and their sponsors snap up most of the best local hotels long before race weekend, leaving a limited number of very expensive rooms. Below, we’ve chosen some of the best-rated accommodation near Spa, arranged in order of distance from the circuit.

Spa D ‘Or

  • Basic chalet (no running water or toilet!) at a well-rated campsite near the circuit
  • Two-bedroom chalet to sleep 4 from €140 per night

Gite Du Moulin Coquelicot

  • Guest house located in Stavelot, 9km from the circuit
  • Double room for €180 per night

Hotel Burg Hof

  • Three-star hotel in the lovely surroundings of Burg-Reuland, 30km from the track
  • Double room for €200 per night, including breakfast

Hostellerie Au Vieux Hetre

  • Well-rated guesthouse located in Jalhay, 12km from the circuit
  • Double room for €500 per night, including breakfast

Hostellerie Le Roannay

  • Four-star hotel located in Francorchamps, just 1.8km from the circuit
  • Double room for €640 per night, including breakfast

Château de Francorchamps

  • Historic farmhouse located in Francorchamps, just 2km from the circuit
  • Double room for €760 per night, including breakfast

Other places to stay for the 2021 Belgian Grand Prix

If you are willing to travel a bit further each day, there’s some really beautiful mid-sized cities worth considering in this  historic region of Europe. We’ve chosen some cities below that would make an excellent base for your F1 weekend, all of which will have less of the dreaded ‘F1 tax’ that hotels closer to the circuit impose:

  • Verviers, Belgium > Just 20km north of the circuit, Verviers is the closest large city with good train connections to Brussels and regular buses serving the circuit
  • Liege, Belgium > Located 60km northwest of the circuit, Liege is a pretty, historic student town of around 200,000 inhabitants.
  • Aachen, Germany > Over the border in Germany (around 60km north of Spa), Aachen is another historic mid-sized city with a population of approximately 250,000. It boasts an impressive old town and famous cathedral.
  • Maastricht, Netherlands > Like Liege, Maastrich is also situated on the Maas river (hence the name), but over the border in the Netherlands and around 70km north of the circuit. Home to 120,000 inhabitants, Maastricht boasts a beautiful old town and is known for its cuisine, good shopping and multicultural atmosphere.
  • Luxembourg > Pictured above, Luxembourg is approximately 85km south of Spa Francorchamps. One of the smallest sovereign states in Europe, as well as one of the richest nations in the world, it has a population just over 500,000. There’s lots to see and do in this historic city.

Where do you recommend staying for the Belgian Grand Prix? Leave a comment!

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