How to Get to Autodromo Imola – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Learn more about the best ways to get to Autodromo Imola for the Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2024

Autodromo Imola is located in the picturesque northwest of Italy, in the suburbs of the historic town of Imola. The name of the race derives from the region in which the circuit sits – Emilia Romagna. The area is well connected by air, road and rail.

Airports Near Autodromo Imola

  • Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ): The closest major airport to the Imola circuit serves the city of Bologna and is located 50km west of the track. The Bologna airport ranks among one of Italy’s busiest on an annual basis, offering access to an extensive list of European destinations. It is a major hub for budget airline Ryanair. The city centre of Bologna is around 10km from the airport and is easy to reach via the Marconi Express monorail line. There are also a number of bus shuttle services from the airport to surrounding towns in the region.
  • Malpensa Airport (MXP): Milan’s largest airport is probably the best hub nearby for long haul flights outside of Europe. It is around 300km north west of the Imola circuit. Imola is also within driving distance of Florence.
  • Federico Fellini International Airport (RMI): A few miles from the centre of seaside resort Rimini, the city’s airport is 90km to the east of Imola. Though smaller than the Bologna airport, Rimini is another great option, especially for those visiting from Europe. The airport is a hub for Ryanair.
  • Parma Airport (PMF): 140km east of Imola, Parma’s airport is served by domestic and international flights.
  • Forli Airport (FRL): 45km east and the closest airport to the Imola circuit. However, travel options here are limited. The airport provides domestic links to other Italian cities, which may prove useful if you’re making an extended trip to the country. There are also flights to Lodz, Poland and Tirana, Albania, with future plans for the airport to be linked with more of Europe’s bigger cities.

How to Get to Autodromo Imola

By Car

  • Hiring a car is perhaps the easiest way to travel to Autodromo Imola during your trip to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. From Bologna city centre, the circuit can be reached via the E45 toll road. The journey should take just less than an hour, but travel times may increase due to race weekend traffic. You will also use the E45 road to access the circuit if you are travelling to the track from Rimini.
  • A large number of small carparks, operated by both the city and private operators, are located close to the circuit in the town of Imola. Only a few of these carparks can be booked in advance. More info and car park booking link / Download additional information and a detailed parking map.

By Train

  • If you’re staying in Bologna, you can access Imola via train. Imola’s train station (Trenitalia Spa) is a 30-minute walk from the circuit. A direct train journey from Bologna to Imola takes around 20 minutes. Trains depart frequently and the journey costs from as little as €4.30 for a one-way ticket. Further afield, Imola is also connected via train from both Florence and Milan.
  • Due to the potential for large queues for tickets in both Bologna and Imola, we recommend buying your tickets in advance via the Trenitalia website. If you book trains at specific times and are unable to make it on time, you do have flexibility to travel on a different train within four hours using the same ticket.
  • If you do stay around in Imola for dinner or drinks on race weekend, don’t forget to check when the last train is departing (normally around 23:00). If you miss this, it will be both difficult and expensive to get a taxi.
  • A good option if you are travelling from Bologna to Imola from Friday to Sunday (May 19-21) is the “Italia in tour 3-day ticket”, available here, which gives you three days of unlimited travel in the region for €29. Just be aware that it doesn’t include travel on the fastest trains such as “frecciarossa” (red arrow).

By Taxi or Ride Sharing

  • Taxi: For a hassle-free travel experience, book a taxi from your hotel to the circuit. Your hotel will be able to supply you with reputable local taxi firms. You can also download appTaxi or FreeNow to get a taxi via your smartphone. A one-way fare from Bologna to Imola is quite price at around €80-100, making the train a much more affordable and attractive option. It can also be very difficult at peak time to get a taxi from Imola to Bologna (e.g. Saturday or Sunday night), and prices are likely to be even higher
  • Ride Sharing: Only the premium Uber Black service operates in the largest cities in Italy (including Bologna), but this is a limousine service with modern and comfortable cars, and is more expensive than a regular Uber. A ride from the center of Bologna to Autodromo Imola will cost a minimum of €150 on race weekend and potentially a lot more due to surge pricing (especially travelling home from the circuit). Since 2022, the Uber app is integrated with appTaxi, meaning you can also order a regular taxi via the Uber app.

Access to Motor Valley

Imola is situated in the heart of ‘Motor Valley’. The surrounding area is home to four international racing circuits, the factories of some of the most famous Italian motorsport brands – including Ferrari – plus a plethora of museums and collections. You can learn more about Motor Valley in our guide to the best things to see and do away from the circuit during your trip to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

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29 thoughts on “How to Get to Autodromo Imola – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix”

  1. Juan E. Sánchez

    hello, with my family we will go to the Imola GP 2023, we want to go in a motorhome, is there parking near the circuit? Will I have problems with this vehicle? Thank you very much.

    1. Good choice, I really enjoyed attending Imola this year. There is parking near the circuit, and I’m sure there is a place to park your motorhome – but I don’t know if there are places like camping grounds where you have electricity etc. More info about parking is in our Trackside post.

      1. Hello,
        I’d like to find out how early I should be at the F1 grand prix at the Autodromo Imola on Sept 21 to make sure I get a parking spot. Suggestions? Is there another link to the Trackside post that you referenced above? The link seems to be broken. Thankyou!

        Cory Tymchuk

  2. We’re looking at travelling to Imola for 2023, is there a bus service on the race weekend from Bologna like Barcelona or is the train the only public transit option?

    1. Not that I’m aware of, though something new may be planned for 2023. But I took the train from Bologna this year and it worked fine. Yes, you can have some delays at peak times, but I recommend hanging out in the town of Imola itself for a while after you leave the track, grabbing some food maybe, and then heading back to Bologna later when the peak crowds have died down

  3. Do you know of any taxi companies that allow pre booking from Bologna? And roughly what sort of price would a taxi be?

    1. Sorry I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s possible to pre-book a taxi or even a ride share vehicle – though only Uber Black (limousines) operates in Bologna. Uber Black shows an estimated fare of about 80 EUR, so I believe a taxi should be a little cheaper.

  4. Hello! Thanks for your post.

    I will go to imola gp this year and stay in bologna. what time should i arrive at imola circuit on race day? I don’t want to face long queues to enter the circuit and I plan to visit Senna’s monument before the race…and I don’t mind getting there early if that’s what it takes! big thanks

  5. Hola,donde puedo aparcar con autocaravana lo más cerca posible del circuito de Imola?
    Gracias,un saludo

  6. Hi I’ll be going to the imola GP and staying in Ravenna, what do you suggest would be the best way to get to the circuit from there?

    1. Hi David, best idea would be to take the train. You have direct trains from Ravenna to Imola, the trip takes around 50 minutes. Check timetables etc on Google Maps.

  7. Aloha – my husband and I will be attending the final race day for Imola Italy Sun May 21. We have 2 general admission tickets. I’m curious to know what time the gates/doors will open to allow us inside the track. I believe the race starts at 3pm (15:00) and lasts about 2 hrs. Trying to get our train/taxi tickets figured out. Mahalo & Grazie!

    1. Hi Kelly, I think the gates open around 8am. As you are only going on Sunday and the general admission areas will get quite busy, I’d recommend trying to get there as early as you can. Not sure where you will be staying, but don’t be in a hurry to leave straight after the race when everyone else is going. I recommend walking into the town of Imola and soaking up the atmosphere, which is fantastic. You could also reserve a table at a restaurant or something. You can then take the train back to Bologna or wherever a bit later, when the crowds have died down.

    1. There’s no specific time, it’s up to you. Is this just Sunday or are you going on all days? If you are going all days, I don’t think you need to be so early on Friday, 10-11am is a good time to arrive. Friday is also a good time to walk around and decide on the best spot for watching the race. When you have established this, I’d recommend trying to get there earlier, especially on race day, to secure your spot. Try to get there around 8-9am on Sunday if you can.

  8. Got grandstand tix in Gessini stand. is there a specific gate to enter the circut in? will be catching the train to Imola. couldnt see any advice from Ticketone. Cheers

    1. Still waiting for a new map for 2023, but I think you will be able to enter from the north side of the circuit (across the river) and then walk through the infield to get to Gresini Grandstand.

  9. Hello!

    I have general admission tickets for the weekend . I am allow to enter with camping chairs?


  10. My son and I will be attending this years race, we are staying in Bologna, we intend to catch the train to Imola, what is the best way to get from the train station to the track ? Are there any local buses you are aware of ?


    1. Hi Glenn, no local buses that I’m aware of that will get you from train station to the track. Almost everyone walks, it takes about 30 minutes and it’s a nice walk through the center of the town. Alternatively, you could get a taxi. Should be fairly quick and not too expensive, though depends on time of day as traffic can be an issue

  11. Jamie Beechey

    Hi does anyone know how much helicopter transfers cost and who the company is, we used fly4less in Hungary and it’s sooooooo easy flying in and back on race day and only cost £150 each way in Hungary so we was hoping to do the same at imola for 2024

  12. There’s apparently a train strike on the Sunday of the GP, seems like that is going to cause a huge disaster if the trains are not running.

    1. Two years ago there was a train strike on the Imola weekend as well. This only impacts the number and frequency of trains. There will still be trains running. It’s definitely not ideal, but also not a huge disaster.

  13. Can anyone advise on how long it takes to get to Bologna airport afrer the race? How much time should one plan to make it on time for an evening flight?

    1. This depends on so many factors. What time you leave, what form of transport you use. To enjoy the end of the race and get to the airport with plenty of time, I wouldn’t be booking a flight that leaves earlier than about 9pm. It could take you up to 2 hours to get from Imola to Bologna airport after the race, either by public transport (train) or taxi.

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