2024 European F1 Camping Guide

Everything you need to know about camping at a European Formula 1 race in 2024. Prices, availability, useful links and more.

“F1 camping is convenient, social and inexpensive. Pitching a tent next to the racetrack, drinking a few beers with friends and enjoying a relaxing barbecue ahead of the Grand Prix is the ideal way for many motor racing fans to spend a weekend at the race.” 

This quote taken from the Hockenheimring website a few years ago remains true today. Camping is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Grand Prix weekend, save on travel headaches and keep your costs down. It’s not for everyone; F1 campsites can be rowdy at times and the facilities are often basic, though an increasing number of pre-erected tents and ‘glamping’ options are becoming available.

Camping remains popular at races in Europe, especially at rural circuits like Silverstone, the Red Bull Ring and Spa-Francorchamps where local accommodation options are scarce. Sadly, F1 camping was in the news for the wrong reasons this year when Camping F1, a large and well established company from the UK, went out of business. The failure of Camping F1 left many budget-conscious fans out of pocket last year for the races in Austria, Britain and Italy.

What Camping Options are Available at European F1 Races in 2024?

Temporary trackside camping is organized by the event promoter at most races in Europe, as well as private operators. Some campsites only offer you a pitch, requiring you to bring your tent and camping gear. Other campsites offer pre-erected tents, as well as powered sites for motorhomes and caravans. Temporary campsites offer toilets and showers, though the availability and cleanliness of such facilities varies from race to race. 

Private operators, who offer pre-erected tents and ‘glamping’, are more likely to have better facilities, including on-site bars, restaurants and cleaner facilities , but prices are higher than for basic campsites. Permanent campsites are also located nearby several circuits on the 2024 F1 calendar, such as Spa-Francorchamps and Zandvoort.

Is Camping Available at Every European Race in 2024?

Official or private campsites within walking distance of the circuit are available at every race on the 2024 European F1 calendar, with the exception of the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Official campsites organized or recommended by the race promoter are already on sale at the Red Bull Ring (2024 Austrian Grand Prix), Silverstone (2024 British Grand Prix), Hungaroring (2024 Hungarian Grand Prix), Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (2024 Belgian Grand Prix), and Circuit Zandvoort (2024 Dutch Grand Prix). Tickets for official campsites next to Silverstone went on sale last September and are already largely sold out.

For the races at Autodromo Imola (2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix) and Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (2024 Spanish Grand Prix), official campsites are expected to be available, but are not yet on sale. Following the closure of the official campsite at Monza, no official campsite has been announced for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix, though several private campsites are located close to the circuit.

How Much Does it Cost to Camp at a European F1 Race in 2024?

The cheapest pitches in 2024 are found at the Red Bull Ring, Hungaroring and Spa-Francorchamps, where you will pay around €100 per person for up to 4-5 nights on a shared camping pitch without electricity. Prices are a little higher for camping pitches at Silverstone (from £140 per person for four nights) and higher again at Zandvoort (from €245 per person for four nights). 2024 camping prices haven’t been announced for Imola, Spain and Monza, though these races are amongst the cheapest to attend.

Prices are significantly higher for pre-erected tents and glamping, with prices per person of €150-250 per night more comparable to local hotel room prices on race weekend.

The 2024 European Formula 1 season begins at Autodromo Imola in mid-May and finishes at Autodromo Monza in early September. Read on to learn more about camping options at all nine races in Europe this summer.

2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (May 17-19)

Given the scarcity of accommodation in the town of Imola and surrounds, camping is worth considering for the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Unfortunately, there is a better than average chance of high rainfall on race weekend. The 2022 event was rain-affected and last year’s race was canceled entirely due to severe local flooding. Being well prepared and packing wet weather gear, including wellington boots, is essential.

New for 2024, the Easy Camping and GPtents campsite is located just 5 minutes’ walk from the Gresini corner (Varianta Alte). Easy Camping pitches (open from Wednesday to Monday) are perfect for groups of friends on a budget, while GPtents (available from Thursday to Monday) offer pre-erected tents. Clean toilets and bathrooms are available, electricity is available on demand and you can park your car or motorbike on site. PItches are also available for campervans.

Last year, two official campsites were offered for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend. Tickets went on sale quite late and the main campsite, located close to the main circuit gates, sold out quickly. A second campsite was also available, located on the other side of the railway station (about 30-40 mins walk from the circuit). Tickets are not yet on sale for 2024. More information will be available on the Autodromo Imola website.

Please note that if you are traveling with a campervan, you are allowed to park in car parks near Autodromo Imola and sleep in your vehicle, but you are not allowed to use tents, canopies or outdoor furniture. Parking tickets are not yet on sale for 2024; information will be available here.

2024 Monaco Grand Prix (May 23-26)

Not surprisingly, there is no trackside camping available at Circuit de Monaco. Most F1 fans stay along the coast near Monaco, where accommodation is cheaper but it’s still easy to get to Monaco via regular train services. Given that the French and Italian Rivieras are popular with tourists on all budgets in the summer season, there are plenty of good campgrounds in the coastal towns near Monaco.

The largest concentration of beachside campsites to the west of Monaco can be found between Nice and Antibes. As well as being situated close to the beach, these campsites are also within easy walking distance of two train stations (Biot and Villeneuve-Loubet) that will get you to Monaco in around 45 minutes. Well-rated campsites in this area include Camping Du Pylone, La Vieille Ferme and Camping Parc Des Maurettes.

To the east of Monaco, there are several campsites located on the hill overlooking Menton, but recent reviews are quite poor. Further to the east and on the Italian side of the border, Camping Por La Mar, is a well-rated campsite midway between Menton and Ventimiglia. Camping Por La Mar is about 5 km from the nearest train station, but offers free transfers on Monaco Grand Prix weekend (read about Kate’s experience of staying at Camping Por La Mar while attending the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix).

Another good option on the Italian side is Camping Vallecrosia, which is located within walking distance of the Vallecrosia train station. You’ll need to change trains in Ventimiglia, but the entire trip should take less than one hour.

2024 Spanish Grand Prix (June 21-23)

The official camping area at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is located in the southwest corner of the track, close to Turn 3 (Gate 6). The campsite offers 24 hour security, free Wi-Fi, food truck service, showers/toilets and guarded parking 50 meters away from the camping area. In 2023, prices started at just over €100 for two people for the whole weekend with a tent plot and car parking. Campervan and motorhome plots were also available, with slightly higher prices. Official camping tickets for the Spanish Grand Prix are not yet on sale for 2024. Spain camping tickets will be available from the circuit.

Alternatively, there’s plenty of attractive beachside campsites on the nearby Costa Brava in towns such as Blanes and Lloret de Mar. Bus services from these resorts to the circuit are available via Sagales, but it’s probably more convenient to hire a car. Travel time is about one hour each way, notwithstanding traffic delays at peak times. The best beachside campsites are located south of Blanes, notably Càmping Bella Terra – Costa Brava and Càmping Blanes.

2024 Austrian Grand Prix (June 28-30)

  • Easy Camping: For affordable camping pitches next to the Red Bull Ring with clean showers, parking and food and drink service (ideal for young groups, friends and nightlife enthusiasts), we recommend Easy Camping
  • GPtents: For trackside camping pitches & pre-erected tents (ideal for race fans seeking a quieter experience who have their own caravan/campervan or tent, or those looking for an alternative to a hotel), we recommend GPtents.
  • Official Trackside Camping: Camping Orange tickets available
  • 2024 Austria F1 Tickets: Limited Availability
  • Learn More: Where to Stay for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix

Camping is hugely popular at the rather isolated Red Bull Ring, which has more than ten color-coded camping areas located in the fields and farms surrounding the circuit. In recent years, the majority of fans at the track (and in the camping areas) are members of the “Oranje Army” supporting Max Verstappen. More information and camping tickets are available from the official supplier

On the south side of the circuit are the White (Weiss), Green (Grün), Violet (Violett), Red (Rot) and Yellow (Gelb) campsites. These campsites are closest to the start/finish straight and the fanzone. The facilities are good, including restaurants and bars as well as toilets and showers, but these campsites are more likely to be loud and rowdy than the other campsites next to the Red Bull Ring. 

For young fans and groups of friends, we recommend Easy Camping in the Black area, which is located south of the circuit, around 15 minutes’ walk from the main gates. Open from Wednesday June 26 to Monday July 1, you can stay for up to five nights. Clean facilities are standard and parking is available, as well as power supply. If you prefer to have everything organized for you, GPtents is also located in the Black camping area and offers luxury pre-erected tents for couples and families with breakfast included. Prices start from under €300 per night for two people. 

To the west of the circuit are the quieter Blue (Blau) and Beige campsites. These are best for fans in the Southwest and Red Bull grandstands, as well as T3 and General Admission at the top of the circuit. Internal shuttles are available to take you from the main Fanzone at the bottom of the circuit to the spectator areas at the top of the circuit.

Finally, the Pink, Orange and Turquoise (Türkis) campsites are located on higher ground at the northeast corner of the Red Bull Ring. These are the quietest and most family friendly campsites at the Red Bull Ring, and best for fans with General Admission access or seats in the North (Nord), Middle (Mitte), Turn 8 and Turn 9 grandstands. The views here are lovely but the terrain can be quite steep. Free shuttles are available from the parking and camping areas to the closest circuit gates. Buy Orange camping tickets here. Prices for a 3-person pitch for 3 nights start from €380.

2024 British Grand Prix (July 5-7)

Silverstone offers a wide choice of camping grounds close to the circuit and a great atmosphere for fans. Given Silverstone’s rather isolated location, camping is an excellent choice here. The nightly concerts in the Fanzone also add to the festival feel. British summer weather can be unpredictable, however, so keep an eye on the forecast and bring along your wellies and wet weather gear if there’s any sign of rain. 

Silverstone offers three official choices for trackside camping at this year’s British Grand Prix, but camping tickets are already sold out for the cheaper, lively Silverstone Golf Club and the quieter Cartmel Fields site. Tickets are still available for the luxurious glamping area known as The Ridings, but only for those who have already bought race tickets. Join the camping waitlist to be informed if more camping pitches become available.

No longer the official campsite for the race, but still the closest to the circuit (without paying for more expensive glamping), Silverstone Woodlands is a reliable choice. Just 100 meters from Gate 15 at the southeast corner of Silverstone (check map), Woodlands is open this year from Wednesday July 3 to Monday July 8. Weekend camping pitch prices start from £139 for adults (16+) and £59 for children aged 2-15. Family, Lively and Disabled zones are available, as well as pre-pitched tents and glamping options.

Best for fans in the Copse and Becketts zones, Whittlebury Park is a large estate with a 4-star hotel and popular campsite. Small pitches are priced from £320 at the 2024 British Grand Prix. IntentsGP also offers pre-erected tents in the Whittlebury Park campsite and has expanded its offer in 2024 to also include VIP glamping tents.

2024 Hungarian Grand Prix (July 19-21)

The Hungarian Grand Prix in Budapest is one of the most popular races for camping. As well as being a cheap destination with generally warm and sunny weather, several popular and well-equipped campsites are located within easy walking distance of the Hungaroring circuit. The atmosphere in the Hungaroring campsites is also fantastic, though loud groups of drunken fans can be an issue.

Three official campsites are located within walking distance of the track. The closest and best is Zengo Camping, which is located behind the final corner. It’s a short stroll to Gate 6 and best for fans watching the action on or near the final corner in Gold 3, Red Bull and Silver 2,3,4,6,7 grandstands. Zengo camping is open from Wednesday July 17 to Monday July 22 for stays of 3-5 nights. Prices start from €224 for three nights on a two-person pitch, including car parking. Electricity is available for  €15 per night, and a visitor’s tax of  €1 per night per person is also payable on site. Zengo Camping tickets are now available from the circuit’s official ticket partner.
The two other official campsites for the Hungarian Grand Prix, Camping Gold Panorama and Camping Aqua, are already sold out via GPTicketshop, but you may try contacting the management separately to check availability – see links below. Camping Gold Panorama is very close to the main circuit gates (Gate 8) and is best for fans sitting on the pit straight in the Gold 1,2,3,4 and Super Gold Grandstands. Camping Aqua is located in the water park next to the circuit, and is best for fans with General Admission, Bronze 1, Bronze 2 and Super Bronze seats.

2024 Belgian Grand Prix (July 26-28)

F1 fans from all over Europe return to Spa year after year, and most will tell you that camping is the only way to experience this classic track in the Ardennes mountains. Notwithstanding the fact that rain at Spa is almost guaranteed at some point on race weekend, the camping experience at Spa is like no other. Another reason to camp at the Belgian Grand Prix is that it can be very difficult otherwise to find accommodation close to the circuit, and commute times from nearby cities can be long and frustrating.

Two official color-coded camping zones at Spa, Yellow and Green, are offered by the race organizer. The official camping areas are temporary, offering both pitches for tents and motorhome zones. Facilities are basic and whilst there are toilets and showers, no electricity is available for regular pitches. 

The Green zone is located on the North East corner of the circuit, next to Les Combes and Malmedy. Green is best for those with Bronze, Combes, 17-27, Speed Corner and Silver 3, 4 & 6 tickets. The Yellow Zone is 800m to the West of the circuit but still within easy walking distance. Yellow is best for fans with Gold, Silver 1 & 2 or Bronze tickets

The cheapest 40 meter pitches are priced from €450 for four nights  (€90 per person when five are sharing the pitch). Campsites are open from Thursday July 25 (8am) to Monday July 29 (11am). Download more information about the Yellow and Green campsites here

For well-organized private camping in the Green zone, we recommend Easy Camping. Located within easy walking distance of the Combes and Blanchimont entrance gates, Easy Camping offers pitches for tents and campervans with car parking available on site. Showers and toilets are spotlessly clean, and street food and a bar are also available. Prices start from €150 per person when sharing a small pitch (max people) for up to five nights from Wednesday July 24 to Monday July 29, 2024. For a premium camping experience without the hassle of organizing and bringing your own camping gear, we recommend GPtents, which offers luxury pre-erected tents with breakfast in the same campground in the Green Zone. Prices start from around €350 per night for a two-person tent.

There are also many additional private campsites in the vicinity of Spa-Francorchamps available on race weekend, with the largest concentration situated near the Green Zone at the top of the circuit (in the direction of Malmedy), and near the Yellow Zone close to the town of Francorchamps. Whichever campsite you do choose, don’t forget to check the location in relation to your seats as you don’t want to be walking further than you have to at Spa. It’s also worth noting that some of the campsites are more than an hour walk to the circuit gates, but free shuttles may be available on race weekend. 

2024 Dutch Grand Prix (August 23-25)

The official 538 Dutch GP Camping Village is located within easy walking distance of Circuit Zandvoort (check the map here) and just like the entire race weekend, is very well organized. Camping prices are higher than at some other races, but the facilities are good. The entire race weekend at Zandvoort is one big party, but the mainly Dutch crowd is surprisingly well behaved. 

Prices for four nights (Thursday to Monday) start from €245 per person for a small 15m2, 2-person pitch without electricity. Pitches with power are also available for campervans, as well as a selection of pre-erected tents and huts for 2-12 persons.

As one of the Netherlands’ most popular summer tourist resorts, there are also plenty of additional campsites and holiday resorts (some very modern and luxurious) located in the sand dunes near the beach and within walking distance of the circuit. Unfortunately, they are likely to be fully booked on race weekend, especially Roompot Zandvoort and Center Parcs Zandvoort, both of which are right next to the circuit. Several popular campsites are located just to the north of the circuit, including Camping Bloemendaal and Kennemer Duincamping De Lakens.

A note of caution, especially if you watched last year’s race. Heavy rain, wind and cooler temperatures are not uncommon on the North Sea coast in late summer. If you don’t think you can deal with camping in these conditions, it’s better to choose different accommodation or camp at a race like Hungary or Spain, where the weather is much more likely to be warm and sunny.

2024 Italian Grand Prix (Aug 30-Sep 1)

Monza is an historic F1 track located within the leafy surrounds of the Royal Villa of Monza park outside Milan, which is the largest city park in Europe. The setting and generally pleasant weather in early September lends itself well to camping and there are several good campsites close to the circuit. 

Unfortunately, the Camping Autodromo campsite right next to the first corner at Monza was closed during covid, then damaged during storms last year and is not open for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix. New for 2024 and run by the same crew from the old official campsite is GP Monza Camping, which is located at the top of the circuit near Gate D.

A well-rated private campsite near Monza which is expected to be available in 2024 is Biassono Esterno. Located at the northwest corner of the circuit and run by volunteers from the local church parish, Biassono Esterno offers parking and camping pitches, including for campervans. The campsite is normally open from Wednesday to Monday. Sales have not yet opened for 2024.

For 2024, UK camping operator IntentsGP has taken over the campsite attached to the Venus restaurant near Monza (check location here) which was previously operated by CampingF1. Offering only pre-erected or glamping tents, the campsite is located 30 minutes’ walk north of the circuit, closest to Gates C & D. Pre-erected standard and glamping tents are available for up to a four-night stay during the 2024 Italian Grand Prix weekend (Thursday, August 29 to Monday, September 2). 

FAQ: 2024 Formula 1 Camping

  • Do I need to book my F1 camping tickets well in advance? Yes, it’s a good idea to book your camping as early as possible, preferably at the same time you purchase your race tickets. Race and camping tickets do sell out well in advance at the most popular European races.
  • How long can I camp at the track on race weekend? Most temporary campsites next to F1 circuits are open from Thursday until Monday morning, offering a stay of up to four nights. You could also camp for as little as two nights (Friday and Saturday night), but still attend all three days of the race weekend. If you are staying at a permanent campsite near the track, then there is no limit as to how long you can stay.
  • Can I park my car next to the campground? In most cases, you can. If you are not able to park your vehicle right next to the campsite, most organizers will provide affordable or free secure parking at a close distance to the campsite.
  • How do I get from the camping to the circuit? At the majority of races in Europe, official campgrounds are located within easy walking distance of the circuit gates. For campsites that are further afield, most operators provide free or cheap transfers each day to and from the circuit.
  • Should I be concerned about bad weather? If you are concerned about bad weather, maybe camping is not for you. The reality is that rain is a very real possibility at many races in Europe, especially Imola, the Red Bull Ring, Silverstone, Spa-Francorchamps and Zandvoort. The best chance of warm and sunny weather is likely to be at the Monaco, Spanish, Hungarian and Italian Grands Prix. Either way, good planning, packing and preparation will minimize any weather-related issues you may face.
  • Can I use a barbeque at the campground? This depends on the specific regulations of the campsite where you are staying. Open fires are prohibited at almost all F1 campsites, though you are able to use an electric or gas grill at some campsites. If in doubt, contact the organizer and ask.
  • Should I be worried about theft at the campsite? Almost all F1 campsites employ security guards to minimize the risk of theft, as well as deal with drunk campers and other potential issues. Don’t leave any valuables in your tent or campervan when you are not there, and ensure any camping equipment is packed away out of sight. Petty theft is more likely to be an issue in France (Monaco), Spain and Italy than in Austria, Belgium or the Netherlands. 
  • Will the campsite be loud? Will I be able to get any sleep? If you are worried about not being able to sleep or being kept up all night by partying groups of fans, it’s important to choose your campsite wisely (or consider whether camping is for you after all!). At Woodlands campsite near Silverstone, for example, you can choose to stay in the “Family” area, rather than the “Lively” area. Many campsites also have strict regulations about quiet hours, normally between 11pm and 7am. It’s worth noting that official campsites are also more likely to be rowdy than privately operated campsites, especially in Austria and Belgium.

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