Where to Stay for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix

The best places to stay for the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix 2024 at Monza, including camping, local accommodation and recommended hotels in Milan.

  • The 2024 Italian Grand Prix is on August 30-September 1
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It’s hard to find somewhere to stay in the town of Monza itself for the Italian Grand Prix. Monza is a small town and all the best local accommodation is reserved each year for the teams and track workers, though you may get lucky with finding a private apartment. Camping is another option if you want to stay locally. Your next best option is to stay in nearby Milan, just 15km to the south. Don’t discount staying further afield; pretty Bergamo or even near Lake Como are not too far away and are served by trains to Monza on race weekend.

Monza F1 Camping

The campsite close to Turn 1 at Monza was closed during covid and then damaged during storms last year. It’s not yet know if this campsite will become available again in the future. The best alternative is Biassono Esterno, which is located at the top of the circuit and is run by volunteers from the local church parish. Sales have not yet opened for 2024. For pre-erected tents, UK camping company IntentsGP has taken over the campsite attached to the Venus restaurant near Monza (check location here) which was previously operated by CampingF1. Learn More: 2024 European F1 Camping Guide

Where to Stay in Sesto San Giovanni

Sesto San Giovanni is a northern suburb of Milan, mid-way between the center and Monza. This is a great place to stay for the Italian Grand Prix with plenty of decent hotels and regular train and bus connections to the circuit.

The BB Hotels Smarthotel Re Milano Nord is a well-rated 4-star hotel within walking distance of the Sesto San Giovanni train station, for easy access to Monza. Another good option is the Best Western Falck Village Milano Sesto. For a more luxurious experience, The Grand Hotel Villa Torretta Milano is a historic four star villa hotel, featuring air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV and internet.

The Cosmo Hotel Palace is located in Cinisello Balsamo, midway between Milan and Monza. It is also next to Zara metro station, and features a restaurant and spa on site and free parking for guests

View hotels in Sesto San Giovanni for the 2024 Italian GP (Aug 30-Sep 1)

Where to Stay in Milan

The second-largest city in Italy, Milan is perhaps best known for its fashion week, a result of it being one of the most important clothing design cities in the world, and its two giant football teams, with their stack of European trophies. For those who are more interested in the cultural and architectural side of things, there are spectacular sights such as the Duomo di Milano.

Milan has accommodation to suit all tastes, from cheap downtown hostels to fine 5-star hotels. We recommend staying close to one of the city’s major train stations (Milano Centrale, Porta Garibaldi) or at least close to a metro stop if you want to get to the circuit more easily.

Hostel Colours is a cheap & cheerful hostel in the Città Studi district of Milan, with free WIFI in all public areas, and a common games room. It is youth-oriented, and if you’re a little older than its usual demographic, you might want to consider instead the Hotel Oro Blu, a modern hotel close to the San Siro Stadium, next to Lotto Fiera metro, 8 stops from the center of the city.

For another budget option, consider the Hotel Delizia, which is close to restaurants and nightlife, while being next to Dateo train station (one stop to Centrale and then to Monza). If you’re splashing out on your accommodation, consider the Grand Hotel et de Milan – one of Milan’s grandest hotels, located in the heart of the city’s  exclusive shopping district and close to the best sights. Near the Milano Central train station, recommended chain hotels include the Hilton Milan, Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale and Duo Milan Porta Nuova, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel.

Book a hotel in Milan for the 2024 Italian GP (Aug 30-Sep 1)

Where to Stay in Bergamo

Bergamo is definitely worth considering as a base for the Italian Grand Prix, particularly if you are flying in and out of Bergamo (BGY) airport, which is a major Ryanair hub. Accommodation is cheaper and Bergamo is a beautiful city in its own right. The walled old town up on the hill (Città alta) is a great place to unwind after a long day at the track. The downside is you will have a longer daily commute to Monza.

The Arli Hotel Business and Wellness is right in the center of the city, while for a more mid-priced  option, we suggest the also centrally-located Best Western Hotel Piemontese. Bergamo is just over an hour’s drive from the Monza circuit, and direct train services also run on race weekend

Reserve accommodation in Bergamo for the 2024 Italian GP (Aug 30-Sep 1)

Where to stay at Lake Como (Lago di Como)

Lake Como and its surroundings makes for one of the most picturesque places in all of Europe, so it’s no wonder we recommend it as a place to base yourself for the week of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Just a short blast up the road, you’ll find picture-postcard villas, verdant valleys, and charming locals, all in a secluded area which has become one of Italy’s most popular holiday destinations. 

If this interests you, and if you’re willing to pay for a high-quality experience, take a look at AMA 18 Rooms By House of Travelers, which is in the town of Como, overlooking the famous lake. The luxury guesthouse offers balconies for many of the rooms, which are all air-conditioned. There is also an a la carte breakfast which should fill you up before a day’s racing.

If you’re after a villa with all the luxuries, then there is Villa Giu Luxury Lake Como By House Of Travelers, a short drive north-east from the town of Como, on the edge of the lake next to the hamlet of Riva. Free WiFi, barbeque facilities, and an outdoor swimming pool all mean you may never want to leave for the track!

Lake Como is an hour and a half’s drive from the Monza circuit, along some of the prettiest country roads you’ll see in your life. You can also take the train to Monza station on race weekend.

View all accommodation in Lake Como for the 2024 Italian GP (Aug 30-Sep 1)

Where do you stay for the Italian Grand Prix? Leave a comment below.

27 thoughts on “Where to Stay for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    We’re staying in Varenna on Lake Como for our trip to the GP.

    Planning on taking the train from Varenna-Esino to Monza and then taking advantage of the shuttle buses to the track – we have general admission tickets for the weekend.

    Any advice or recommendations?


    1. hi we are also staying in varenna for a week and taking in the GP. we are looking at going to biassimo lesmo saturday and sunday, saturday is fine but sunday we will have to go to milan and the back upto biassimo and there are no trains from monza. we did stressa to biassimo last year and found the special GP train great , the station is next to the track…. so you’re straight in –after queing, looking at the trains there are special day passes you can buy 13 euro- note no ticket office or machine at varenna station, you have to go to the local shop 700m away or as we are doing buy the day passes online before traveling..

      see you on the platform in varenna :)

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I’m a Brit living in Italy and have friends who have a beautiful private Villa just 1 hour drive from the Monza track. It makes a lot of sense particularly if you’re a group, family or even part of the race organisation to base yourself in a quaint and tranquil little village with views out to the Alps. The Villa is a short hop from the major arteries leading directly to the circuit and provisions can be made for a helipad nearby if the local authorities are given advance notice.
    Anyway here is the AirBnB link should anyone want to take a further look and even book as many are now starting to seek alternative forms of accommodation for the entire annual Monza racing calendar as its cheaper, makes a lot of sense logistically and provides privacy in a serene characteristic setting.

  3. Hi Andrew.
    I will stay in Milano and I’ll have a car. Do you recommend going to the track with the car? Are there (free or cheap) parking lots? Thank you!

        1. Not familiar with Lissone, but checking Google Maps it seems like it’s right next to Monza and should even be possible to walk to the track, which sounds good to me

  4. Hi Andrew
    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere on this (excellent) site, but do you know if there is any English language commentary available for fans at the Monza circuit? Anything like Silverstone Radio for example.

    1. The trackside commentary on the tannoys is normally in both Italian and English. I’m sorry, but I don’t know if there’s also a radio frequency to listen to commentary as well.

  5. Hi Andrew –

    We stayed at the Grand Hotel Barone Di Sassj for the 2022 Monza GP based on the recommendation from this article. I wanted to let you know that we found this hotel to be quite awful. It is a far stretch for 4 stars, and I have many complaints about it (dirty rooms, poor amenities) but most importantly, we believe it has bed bugs. On the morning of the race I woke up with cluster bites that you would expect from bed bugs, and we found a secretion on the bed sheet. Put a bit of a damper on the day and had to spend hours that night trying to find proof. We did not, but there are so many trims, molding, curtains, and peeling wallpaper in the room that we could have search another 3 hours and still found nothing.

    Additionally, I found that the location of Sesto San Giovanni does not provide all that much benefit when travelling to the race. It took us around 3 hours each way on Friday utilizing the trains & shuttles. On Friday morning, there was a strike on the trains, so everyone had to take the bus from Sesto San Giovanni. The bus took us right to the track (closer than the black shuttle). This was 3 hours, but we were not worried as we figured it was due to the strike. Coming home, the trains resumed running. It is a 40 minute walk from the track to the black shuttle. You then have to wait to board the black shuttle, and sit in traffic to get to Monza station. This took about 2 hours. Then wait for the train and take the quick 1 stop train ride home. Again 3 hours. On Saturday we cut our travel time in half by taking the train to Monza Station then walking all the way to the track. The thing is, to walk from the train station to where the shuttle drops you off is only 30 minutes. Why spend 2 hours taking the shuttle or a bus? So with that experience, I’d much rather stay in Milan, add 20-30 minutes to my train ride, walk to the track, and still get there an hour quicker than those staying in Sesto San Giovanni taking the train, shuttle, and still walking 40 minutes.

    1. Sorry for your bad experience. I won’t be recommending this hotel again. But I still think that Sesto San Giovanni is a good place to stay. I know there were significant issues for everyone getting to the track and back this year. I do agree that walking from Monza station is a better option than queuing up for the Black shuttle bus. Thanks for your feedback, we will use this – and other feedback – to improve our guide for next year. But the organizers really need to up their game as the issues this year were totally unacceptable.

  6. We will stay at Bergamo again. A bit of driving but it is very ok and we didn’t have any stress the last time we did it like that.

  7. Hi
    I’ve booked tickets for the monza gp and usually camp. Everywhere suggest that monzacamping is the place to be but its website says it is definitively closed? Any further ideas/thoughts?

  8. mr neil paterson

    just received email from Camping F1 to say they have ceased trading and will not be giving refund on my booking. So beware!!
    There does not seem to be any nearby camping alternative.

  9. Booked to stay in lake Como and drive to Monza for the three days, I would imagine traffic for Friday -Saturday would be ok but any idea how long drive would take on the Sunday? It does say 1 hour but race day I can imagine adding another hour or so to that. Cheers

    1. Yes Friday should be ok, but traffic will get worse on Saturday and then worse again on Sunday. Biggest delays will be on the small roads near the circuit itself, plus potentially getting out of the parking area. It also depends when you arrive (earlier the better) and depart the circuit (later the better to let the initial traffic die down)

  10. Hi, we’re already planning for 2024! What’s the camping experience like at Monza………24/7 partying or something calmer? Thanks for the advice!

    1. The main campsite next to the track is closed this year for renovations. CampingF1 also used to run a campsite near Monza, but they just went out of business. Not sure about the other campsites to be honest. Probably some are quieter than others.

  11. Hi Andrew – we’re keen on camping in 2024 and your site is the only one which has decent information and a good overview of the options as far as I can see. If you’re going to Monza this year (next week!) please can you get the latest info and tips about camping and do update the main article when you can – it’s very helpful – thanks!

  12. Hi there – we’re booked in to come to the Monza 2024 Gp and we’re currently weighing up where to stay.

    I would love peoples advice who have stayed in either Como or Milan and how the commute was. Is it worth the longer trip to Como (how long roughly is it)? Or is it simple and easy to stay in Milan (what area is fun and easy to travel from)?

    If anyone heard this year about if the camping is going to be open in 2024 that would be great to know too!

  13. Hi there and thank you for the wonderful job with this site!
    Planning a trip to Monza GP 2024, currently checking hotels in Milan and flying tickets.
    Wasn’t able to see last year’s prices, can you advise what in principle is the price difference between covered grandstands and general admission tickets + which cheapest covered grandstand would you recommend? (as our budget is really tight, like Eastern Europe tight :)
    Wishing all the best,

    1. Hi Mihaela, I live in Eastern Europe too (Poland), so I know what you mean about the budget being tight. To be honest, a covered grandstand will probably be beyond your budget (500 EUR+ per ticket), but I would suggest a cheaper uncovered grandstand over General Admission, which isn’t great at Monza anymore (too many people, the good vantage points have new grandstands blocking view etc). You should be able to get a cheaper grandstand for about 300 EUR each, but need to be a bit lucky as these sell out quickly. Cheapest is the GF grandstands on the inside of Parabolica, which were only 165 EUR in 2023. Other cheap grandstands worth considering include 21C/D near Parabolica for about 350 EUR. Here’s the 2023 pricelist for reference – but expect prices for 2024 to be higher.

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