Fans’ Travel Plans in Jeopardy as UK-based F1 Camping Operator Ceases Trading

Camping F1 Ltd, a UK-owned company which operates campsites at a number of Formula 1 races, has ceased trading, leaving hundreds of Formula 1 fans’ Grand Prix travel plans in jeopardy.

Camping F1 Ltd has ceased trading just days before it was due to host fans at the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix. A popular camping option for Formula 1 fans since 2008, especially those traveling from the UK, Camping F1 offered campsites at six races on the 2023 F1 calendar, including the aborted Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix. The camping operator also sold camping packages for this weekend’s 2023 Austrian Grand Prix, as well as the 2023 editions of the British, Hungarian and Italian Grands Prix. In emails sent to 2023 buyers, the company has stated that ‘due to the circumstances surrounding our company’s closure, we are unable to issue any refunds for the camping services previously booked with us.’ We have contacted CampingF1 for comment, but not yet received a reply.

The closure of the company means that hundreds of F1 fans have now been potentially left both out of pocket and without accommodation for upcoming European races. In its emails to 2023 buyers, CampingF1 has said it is ‘working to find a solution’ to offer affected customers discounted access to other campsite at the affected races.

Camping close to the track is a popular option for Formula 1 fans, particularly during the European summer. Camping F1, whose offices are based in Southampton, England, have been trading since 2008. They offered pre-erected tents and pitches on a number of sites across Europe, featuring live entertainment, celebrity guest speakers and licensed bar areas, aiming to provide guests with a “hassle-free” experience.

The news of the company’s closure has been met with anger by fans on social media, many of whom now have limited accommodation options available with races just weeks, if not days, away. Some have stated that they have lost over £1,000 as a result of the company’s closure.

No Refunds Offered by Camping F1

Fans who had booked camping through Camping F1 at the Austrian, British, Belgian and Italian Grands Prix received e-mails on Monday June 26 with the news that the company had ceased trading.

The e-mail, seen by, tells fans that the company is “unable to issue any refunds for the camping services previously booked” due to the circumstances surrounding the company’s closure. In cases of bankruptcy it is uncommon for customers to receive refunds.

The company’s campsites for the remaining four races at which they were operating in 2023 all show as fully booked on the company website. The company had also begun to advertise camping options for the 2024 Emilia Romagna and Monaco Grands Prix.

It remains to be seen if affected buyers will have any recourse via travel insurance, credit card companies or legal means.

Alternative F1 Camping Options At 2023 European F1 Races

In their email to fans who had booked accommodation at the Italian Grand Prix, Camping F1 assured guests that they were “actively working to find a solution that may allow us to offer alternative camping services.” Those who booked camping for the Monza race should expect an update from the company “in the near future”.

In a separate email sent to fans who had booked accommodation for the British Grand Prix, which takes place on July 7-9, Camping F1 said that they had been in touch with the organisers of the campsite at Whittlebury Park and were able to offer discounted camping options for their guests. These spaces have since sold out. Alternate camping options have also been offered to fans attending the Austrian Grand Prix.

Below are some suggestions if you are looking for camping accommodation at upcoming European races:

Have you been affected by Camping F1’s closure? Leave a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Fans’ Travel Plans in Jeopardy as UK-based F1 Camping Operator Ceases Trading”

  1. Is this bad management and should the directors be accountable and did they take booking knowing they would not be honoured

  2. When you look into the published accounts on companies House, directors loans etc talk about being greedy and starving a business. Looking at that they hung them self. Luckily I have travel insurance but anyone that wants a bank transfer going forward can chase them self’s. Crooks

  3. At this point there is no indication that Camping F1 has actually ceased trading.
    If they start offering tickets for other events on their website- what options do we have?
    In only accepting Bank Transfers and leaving this to the very last minute- this smacks of fraud.
    I know we can’t get the money back but there must be legal options if they say they’re bankrupt but just keep trading

  4. We booked for F1 Silverstone and have lost £500. I am amazed they are still active in Companies House. Surely trading standards should be involved!

  5. I have tried to claim back the money spent on my booking in Belgium and my insurance company claim that I am not covered if the supplier fails to provide their service!!! Why do we pay insurance???? Also I paid via BACS not credit card so another learning curve – Any advise where I can get my £400 back from?

  6. They are still trading according to Companies House. One of the directors not named any more! We lost over £600 to this company. Should have raised a red flag when they would only take bank transfer or crypto currency. Never had any intention of honouring bookings. At least we secured other accommodation at a cost!

  7. I never even got an email from them, so that was a surprise when I arrived and they were not there. Paid 1000 euro all together, and had to pay another 600 euro on a nearby site where I got the last tent available. I live in Norway, so this is going to be a fun process to see if I even get my money back.

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