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The lowdown on the best grandstands and viewing areas at Sepang for the Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix. This year’s race is on September 29 to October 1, 2017.

All images © The Editor attended the 2015 Malaysia Grand Prix and checked out the views from all the grandstands and hillstands.

After announcing their intention to not renew their Formula 1 contract when it lapses after 2018, the organizers of the Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang have made sweeping changes to the ticket offer this year. The main change is that almost all the grandstands in the main village area (back straight, tower section and main straight) are being sold as one ticket type – Main Grandstand – with free seating for up to 30,000 fans. The K1 and F grandstands also have free seating. The big winners this year are locals. Whilst there is no general ‘early-bird discount’ period this year, Malaysians save up to 50% on most available tickets.

New for 2017, the Mercedes, Red Bull & Ferrari premium tickets offer you a view opposite the pits area of your favorite team. With these seats, you get free bus/train transfers to the circuit, packed lunch and priority access for the pitlane walk, but it’s hard to justify the much higher price for lower-tier seats with limited views. Not recommended!

TicketsTypePrice in $USD
Mercedes / Red Bull (Crystal)Premium grandstand $316
Ferrari (Jade) Premium grandstand$316
Main GrandstandFree Seating$145
K1 GrandstandFree Seating$93
F GrandstandFree Seating$66
C2 HillstandGeneral Admission (covered)$30
K2 HillstandGeneral Admission (uncovered)$24
Need to know
Sepang offers some of the best viewing opportunities of any current F1 circuit. Most grandstands give you the chance to see multiple corners. Malaysia also offers ‘Free Friday’, which means you are free to check out all the grandstands and spectator areas of the Sepang circuit on the first day of the event. All grandstands have access to viewing screens, though they are pretty small and distant; bring along binoculars to guarantee yourself a good view. All grandstands are covered.
Best Sepang tickets?
With the new ticket offer, it’s hard to go past Main grandstand tickets, as you can watch the action from multiple vantage points. You also can’t go wrong with K1 on the first corner. Grandstand F has good views, but it’s just too isolated from the atmosphere and action away from the track. If you are on a real budget, then the covered C2 Hillstand is excellent value and offers good panoramic views, but is more isolated from the rest of the action than the K2 Hillstand.

Grandstand F

In terms of bang for your buck, it doesn’t get much better than Grandstand F.  Situated on the Eastern central section of the track, the cheapest grandstand in Sepang offers views of more than 50% of the lap, including turns 5 through to 8, the final hairpin bend and the main straight. The downside of the F Grandstand is that it is isolated. It’s a long way from the entrance and fan zone where the best atmosphere is found.

Grandstand K1

Situated at the end of the main straight and with a view of turns 1 and 2, the affordable K1 grandstand is also a smart choice for fans wanting to see plenty of on-track action at Sepang. The best seats are high up in Block 1 with a front-on view of the main straight, pits and pit exit as well as the opening corners. Another reason why K1 is a good choice is its location, close to the main entrance circuit and mall area.

Main Grandstand

The majority of Sepang seating is located in the Main Grandstand complex, which comprises two tiers and can accommodate up to 30 000 fans. There are three main sections:

  • North facing grandstands, with views of the start/finish straight, pits complex and Northern section of the track.
  • South facing grandstands, with views of most of the Southern half of the track.
  • Tower section, situated on the final hairpin bend between the back straight and the pit straight.

Both North and South sections of the Main Grandstand complex are divided into two tiers. The upper tier is smaller and offers much better viewing opportunities than the lower tier, where the views are less panoramic and partly obscured by the catch fencing. Please note that even though the Main Grandstand is now all free seating (with the exception of the ‘team grandstands’) we have retained the naming below to show you the different views you can expect from these tickets.

Main Grandstand: Sapphire (Upper) & Turquoise (Lower)

These grandstands are sitauted at the western end of the Main Grandstand and provide a great view of the first corner, where there is always lots of overtaking. Also good for some pit action (being opposite pit numbers 19-30) and the pit exit.

Main Grandstand: Emerald (Upper) & Jade (Lower)

Emerald (upper tier) and Jade (lower tier) are located on the pit straight ahead after the start-finish line and with a view of pit numbers 7-18, which are normally used by the midfield teams. Good for pit action, the race start/finish and podium celebrations, but with little in the way of on-track action otherwise. Please note that the Ferrari premium tickets are located in the Jade grandstand.

Main Grandstand: Diamond (Upper) & Crystal (Lower)

The Diamond and Crystal grandstands are located opposite the start-finish line and pits 1 to 7, where the top teams are located. A great spot to watch the pre-race preparation, start, finish and podium ceremony. If on-track action is more important to you, then save yourself some money and go for grandstands such as K1 or F. Please note that the Mercedes & Red Bull premium tickets are located in the Crystal grandstand.

Main Grandstand: Ruby (Upper Tier) & Garnet (Lower Tier)

Ruby and Garnet are the upper and lower tier grandstands in the north part of the Main Grandstand. Located at the eastern end of the pit straight, these grandstands don’t offer a view of the pits, but you can see Turn 5, as well as the pit entrance. The last few cars also line up on the grid for the race in front of these grandstands.

Main Grandstand: Tower

There are four different seating sections in the distinctive Tower section of the Main Grandstand, which is located on the final corner of the circuit. The Tower lets you check out panoramic views of different parts of the circuit and is a great place to watch the action.

Main Grandstand: Topaz (Upper) & Citrine (Lower)

There’s only two grandstands on the southern half of the main grandstand, Topaz on the upper tier and Citrine on the lower tier. Both offer panoramic views of the southern half of the Sepang Circuit, from turn 8 all the way to the final turn 13 hairpin.. The Citrine zone, on the Lower Tier of the Southern Grandstand, doesn’t offer such good panoramic views of the Southern half of the circuit.

Hillstand (General Admission) Tickets

Hillstand tickets are the cheapest at Sepang; there are six large, open, raised areas around the track (one of which – C2 – is partly covered) that provide a great viewing experience for budget conscious fans. Most Hillstand tickets are reserved for local fans, but two sections are available for general purchase, K2 and C2. In our opinion, the best hillstand section is C2, which offers views over much of the southern half of the circuit, especially turns 9 to 11. There also excellent panoramic views of the final turn and tower complex. It also offers protection from the rain and sun, which is very important consideration in the tropical heat of Malaysia. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to bring along a hat, sunscreen, rain jacket, umbrella, plus a folding chair or something to sit on. The C2 area is pretty big and even on race day, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a good spot to watch the action. We also recommend making the effort to visit C2 on Friday to take in the elevated views of the circuit.

VIP & Hospitality Tickets

Details for 2017 are not yet available.

Been to Sepang? Leave a comment below and tell us where you like to watch the action. Support the development of our site by buying your F1 tickets from our partners, Gootickets.

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  1. Lankan says:

    HI, could you tell me which tickets allow a pitlane walk? what are the differences etc, thanks

  2. Andy says:

    Any idea if there will be any single-day tickets released or they’re only planning to sell three-day ones?

    • Editor says:

      I don’t think there will be single day tickets, sorry. But the 3-day ones are pretty cheap!

      • Andy says:

        Indeed, its reputation for being the cheapest on the calendar seems justified – I’d got it into my head that there were single-day tickets available for last year’s race when starting to look into it previously, but looking at old versions of this page I now think I was mistaken…. Thanks for the prompt response!

  3. Wayne says:

    I have brought tickets to this race ,do they get sent to me or how does it work

    • Editor says:

      Hi Wayne, it depends where you bought the tickets and what delivery method you chose. I think that Sepang offers an eticket option, where you just print out your ticket. But better check with whoever you bought from

    • Kellie says:

      I purchased my tickets from the Sepang site and they were emailed to me to print off. worked well

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi where do i purchase early bid ticket for the grand prix

    • Editor says:

      Hi Andrew, there are no early-bird discounts this year, but all tickets are already on sale. If you are Malaysian, I suggest buying via the Sepang website (you get a discount with a MyKAD card). Otherwise, you can buy here.

  5. Richard Young says:

    Could you buy tickets for say, Crystal and K1 and walk between them?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Richard. Yes, you could buy both Crystal (Mercedes/Red Bull premium) tickets and K1 tickets, then divide your time between the two places. I don’t think that the premium tickets are a very good deal however. I estimate it would take around 10-15 minutes to walk between the two grandstands. Don’t forget that Malaysia also has ‘Free Friday’ when you can sit in any grandstand you wish. Andrew

      • Richard Young says:

        Thanks. This will be our honeymoon trip and (although I have watched every race since the 80’s) it is also my first time going to a race. So I don’t mind paying the extra to make it perfect (but don’t want to waste my money either).
        One other question: On the ticket sites it looks like you can only choose your stand and not the seats or even the block. Is this right or do you get the option further along the order prosess

        • Editor says:

          Enjoy your honeymoon! You’ll definitely be able to get a nice hotel in Kuala Lumpur for a decent price. As to tickets, I don’t think the Premium ones are worth it at all. If you want some variety, then go for Main Grandstand (open seating) + K1 and you will have your bases well covered. With Gootickets you cannot choose specific seats, but can make a request and they will try to accommodate you from their allocation.

  6. Aysha says:


    Will the C2 seating do you have screens so you can see what’s happening the rest of the race. My friends and I are looking for fairly cheap seating so C2 looked decent.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Aysha, normally there are not any large viewing screens in C2 area. I don’t know if the organizers are planning something for 2017, but please don’t count on it. I suggest paying a little more for F or K1 grandstand if you want to see a screen. But please take along binoculars, as the screens at Sepang are quite small and far away.

  7. Leon says:

    If you buy Team Grandstand tickets can you walk around to other stands like F and other areas of Main Grand Stand or are you restricted to your seat. What is best to buy for viewing race itself

    • Editor says:

      Hi Leon, all ticketholders you can go anywhere on Friday (the so-called “Free Friday” when all viewing areas are open, including grandstand F and the hillstands – I recommend checking out C2). For Saturday and Sunday, you will also have access to all other areas of the Main Grandstand with a Team Grandstand ticket. For viewing the race itself, I would go for K1 or Main grandstand. I will be going for Main Grandstand this year, because it gives you a lot of freedom to watch from different vantage points.

  8. Dave says:

    Hi Mate,
    What ticket gets me into the diamond section? Is that just a main grandstand ticket or a team tribune ticket? Also if I buy a tribune package can i get into the diamond section?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Dave, you will be able to get into the Diamond section with a Main grandstand ticket. If you do buy a tribune packages, you will still get access to all Main Grandstand areas, including Diamond. I don’t see the point of paying up for the team tribunes personally, and will be buying Main Grandstand tickets myself. See you there!

  9. Faez Haiqal says:

    Hi mate,

    Which section is the in The Main Grandstand area? It would be my first F1 race and I’ll be going with my girlfriend. So I hope it’ll be a memorable experience. What’s your suggestion? Appreciate your reply

    • Editor says:

      Hi Faez, the main grandstand this year is basically all the sections in this picture. Only two lower sections will be off limits for the fan tribunes, in Jade and Crystal. We recommend the Main Grandstand tickets this year – lots of places to watch the action!

  10. Leah says:


    My partner has brought the Premium package, as now reading above it’s not something you would highly recommend, could you give us any other tips?
    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Leah, you will be fine with the Premium Package, I just don’t think it’s the best deal. I’ll be buying my Main Grandstand ticket + 3-day KLIA train tickets, then pocketing the change:) I can’t think of any other tips that I haven’t already stated in the rest of our guide, but feel free to ask any specific questions! Andy

  11. aditya says:

    particularly interested on what recording tools you got for above videos. looked very stable and high enough resolution :)

  12. Sami says:

    Hi, does “free seating” in the main grandstand mean basically first come first serve? So basically as long as you have a grandstand ticket you can sit anywhere in the main grandstand (apart from the Mercedes/Ferrari/RB area)?

    • Editor says:

      Yes, that’s correct Sami. You will be able to sit anywhere you like in the mall area, which includes the big grandstands on the pit straight, back straight and final corner (Tower).

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