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Tickets – 2015 Malaysia F1 Grand Prix

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TICKETS – Where to sit and where to watch the action at Sepang for the Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix outside Kuala Lumpur on March 27-29, 2015. The lowdown on the best viewing areas and a full analysis of grandstands.

Ticket prices are unchanged from 2014 and the majority of tickets for the 2015 Malaysia Grand Prix are offered with a 50% early-bird discount if you purchase before the end of the year (December 31, 2014), so what are you waiting for?

Sepang is not the newest F1 venue (it was first used in 1999), nor the most popular or best organised F1 race, but it does offer some of the cheapest tickets on the current F1 calendar as well as some of the best viewing opportunities of any circuit.

Weather is always a factor for fans attending the race in Malaysia. Hot, sunny and humid conditions, as well as a strong change of tropical downpours, are all part of the Sepang weather experience.

Unlike other races, the Sepang circuit doesn’t offer general admission tickets. Instead, there are several Hillstand areas around the track; large, open, raised viewing areas (one of which is covered) which provide a great viewing experience for budget conscious F1 fans.

The Friday of the 2015 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix at Sepang is a ‘free day’. It doesn’t matter which entry ticket you possess, you are free to check out all spectator areas of the Sepang circuit – both Hillstand areas and Grandstands. There is no spectator entrance to the inside of the circuit, making for some big distances to get around the track if you wish to view action from different corners, particularly on ‘free’ Friday. There is however a free shuttle service which carries fans around the perimeter of the track, stopping at all Gates, Grandstands and Hillstand areas.

All ticket prices below are for tickets purchased directly via the Sepang Circuit website and may be subject to delivery charges. Prices provided in other currencies are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change. We also co-operate with and recommend the following websites for purchasing your 2015 Malaysian F1 Grand Prix tickets – and


sepang map


grandstand F sepangThe grandstand steating options in Sepang are dominated by the vast Northern and Southern Mall stands with views of the pit straight and southern half of the circuit respectively and are separated by the Mall area.

Due to the design of the Sepang circuit, many grandstand seats offer panoramic views of large swathes of the circuit.

All grandstands have viewing screens opposite, though these are not particularly large and not all grandstand seats offer a good view. In addition, whilst all stands are covered, not all seats benefit from shade and rain protection for the whole day.

We recommend purchasing your grandstand ticket as early as possible, particularly if you want to get a good seat. Even if you can’t take advantage of the 50% early bird discount on ticket prices, the Malaysian race still provides exceptional value for money and a great viewing experience for fans.

Insider tip – Grandstands. If you don’t want a sore rear-end, consider bringing along a cushion to sit on. Hard plastic seats can be painful after a long day!

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3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

141 MYR (33 EUR / 44 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

280 MYR (65 EUR /87 USD)

grandstand sepang

In terms of bang for your buck, it doesn’t get much better than Grandstand F in Sepang.  Situated on the Eastern central section of the track, the cheapest grandstand in Sepang offers views of more than 50% of the lap, including turns 5 through to 8, the final hairpin bend and the main straight. The downside of the F Grandstand is that the food and drink options are not great, and it is a long way from the atmosphere and merchandise on offer in the Mall area between the Main Grandstands. The F Grandstand often sells out ahead of the race, so buy your ticket early if you have decided on sitting here. See below for a video view of the F Grandstand area.


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

331 MYR (76 EUR / 103 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

660 MYR (152 EUR /206 USD)

K1 grandstand sepang

Situated at the end of the main straight and with a view of turns 1 and 2, the affordable K1 grandstand is also a smart choice for fans wanting to see plenty of on-track action at Sepang. We recommend choosing seats high up in Block 1 which provide a front-on view of the main straight, pits and pit exit as well as the opening corners. A downside of K1 is the poor selection of food & drink options for the grandstand. There are also big queues for food and toilet facilities at peak times. See below for a video view of the K1 Grandstand.


main grandstand

The majority of grandstand seating on offer in Sepang is located in the Main Grandstand complex, which comprises two tiers and three main sections which can accommodate up to 30 000 fans:

  • North facing section, with views of the start/finish straight, pits complex and Northern section of the track. All seating in this grandstand is numbered.
  • South facing section, with views of the Southern section of the track. The upper tier is numbered, whilst the lower tier offers free (unallocated) seating.
  • Tower section, situated on the final hairpain bend between the back straight and the pit straight. There is no numbered seating in the Tower stand, which comprises four different seating areas.

Both North and South sections of the Main Grandstand complex are divided into two tiers. The more expensive seats are located on the smaller upper tier and offer better viewing opportunities. The lower tier seats are on average around half the price of equivalent upper tear seats and generally have views partly obscured by the catch fencing.

The Mall fan zone divides the North and South sections of the Main Grandstand and offers a good range of merchandising, displays and food and drink options, as well as the best fan atmosphere at Sepang.

main grandstand north sepang


If you want to be in the heart of the pit action, with a great view of the race preparations, start, finish and podium celebrations, then a seat in one of the North Grandstands is a good choice. However, you will need to pay a lot more for the privilege (particularly for Upper Tier seats) than other Grandstand seating at Sepang and North Grandstand seats generally don’t provide a view of any other track action due to the high pit buildings obscuring the view of the Northern part of the circuit.


Not available for purchase.


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

611 MYR (147 EUR / 184 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

1220 MYR (294 EUR /368 USD)

The Diamond and Crystal grandstands are located opposite the start-finish line and pits 1 to 7, where the top teams are located. A great spot to watch the pre-race preparation, start, finish and podium ceremony. If on-track action is more important to you, then save yourself some money and look at alternative grandstands (such as K1, F or Topaz) . See below a video of the 2013 race start from the upper-tier Diamond Grandstand.


3-day tickets for 2015

No early bird discount available

Normal price

1770 MYR (426 EUR /534 USD)


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

446 MYR (107 EUR / 134 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

890 MYR (214 EUR / 268 USD)

Emerald (upper tier) and Jade (lower tier) are located on the pit straight ahead after the start-finish line and with a view of pit numbers 7-18, which are normally used by the midfield teams. Good for pit action, the race start/finish and podium celebrations, but with little in the way of on-track action otherwise.

The Sapphire (upper tier) and Turquoise (lower tier) zones are at the Western end of the Main Grandstand North and provide a great view of the first corner, where there is always lots of overtaking. Also good for some pit action (being opposite pit numbers 19-30) and the pit exit.

Given that both these zones have the same pricing, the choice comes down to whether you want to be closer to the start/finish line and pit action (Emerald/Jade) or the first corner hairpin with some on-track action (Sapphire/Turquoise). See below a video view from the Emerald seat zone.


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

666 MYR (160 EUR / 201 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

1330 MYR (320 EUR /402 USD)


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

336 MYR (81 EUR / 101 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

670 MYR (162 EUR / 202 USD)

Ruby is the cheapest upper tier area and Garnet the cheapest lower tier area in the North Mall Grandstand complex. Located at the Eastern end of the North Mall, Ruby and Garnet don’t offer a view of the pit complex. This is compensated by a view of Turn 5 on the opposite end of the track as well as a view of cars entering the pits. Spectators sitting in this area also get a view of the back end of the start. See video below of the 2012 race start taken from the lower tier Garnet seats.



3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

286 MYR (69 EUR / 86 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

570 MYR (138 EUR / 172 USD)


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

171 MYR (41 EUR / 52 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

340 MYR (82 EUR / 104 USD)

The Topaz grandstand on the upper level of the Main South Grandstand offers a panoramic view of the Southern half of the Sepang Circuit. An excellent view is afforded of the cars on track from turn 8 all the way to the final turn 13 hairpain, with the cars closest as they run at speed down the back straight. The Citrine zone, on the Lower Tier of the Southern Grandstand, has unallocated seating and doesn’t offer such a good panoramic view of the Southern half of the circuit. This fact is reflected in the cheaper ticket price.

Topaz tickets are very good value, being significantly cheaper than tickets in the Northern Mall Grandstand and with a fantastic panoramic view of half of the track.


3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

221 MYR (53 EUR / 67 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

440 MYR (106 EUR / 134 USD)

tower grandstand sepang

There are four different seating sections in the distinctive Tower section of the Main Grandstand.

  • TOWER 1
  • TOWER 2

All the seating in the Tower section is unallocated. The Tower is located on the final hairpin turn which separates the back straight from the pit straight. The best seats are in the Tower 2  (upper tier) section which provide views of both the North and South Sections of the track.


Not yet available. We will update when these tickets go on sale.


sepang map

The circuit map above shows the location of Hillstands and Grandstands as well as large viewing screens.


covered hillstandThe six elevated Hillstand areas at Sepang provide some of the best budget viewing opportunities of any circuit on the current F1 calendar.

Fans considering the Hillstand need to take into account the weather conditions in Malaysia. Only one of the Hillstand areas offers meaningful shade and rain protection (see picture of the covered C2 section opposite). Otherwise you are at the mercy of the elements, which at Sepang means hot sun with a good chance of heavy tropical downpours. Some extra shade is provided in the uncovered areas via palm trees planted at the back section of the areas, but fans should still come prepared with the following; hat, sunscreen, rain jacket, umbrella (for shade and rain!), plus a folding chair or something to sit on.

Given the large size of the Hillstand areas and fairly low attendances at Sepang, there is still plenty of room, even on race day, to make yourself comfortable and still have a good view of the action.

C1, C3 Hillstand – uncovered

3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

41 MYR (10 EUR / 12 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

80 MYR (20 EUR / 24 USD)

C3 hillstand sepang

The C Hillstands offer views of the Southern half of the Sepang circuit, with a close-up view of turns 9, 10 and 11, a slow and technical part of the circuit. In addition, C3 offers views of turn 8 as well as a long-range view of the final hairpin. Hillstands C1 and C3 are uncovered. See below for a video view of the C3 Hillstand area.

C2 Hillstand – covered

3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

81 MYR (20 EUR / 24 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

160 MYR (40 EUR /48 USD)

c2 hillstand view

The central, covered part of the C Hillstand area provides a close-up views of turns 9 to 11. Given the small difference in price between the C2 covered Hillstand  and the uncovered Hillstands, it’s a good choice and worth the extra money for the shade and protection from the rain. See below for a video view of the C2 covered Hillstand area.

K2 Hillstand – uncovered

3-day tickets for 2015

Early bird (50% discount to 31/12/2014)

41 MYR (10 EUR / 12 USD)

Normal price (from 01/01/2015)

80 MYR (20 EUR /24 USD)

K2 hillstand sepang

The popular K2 Hillstand is located on the North West corner of the circuit and offers a close-up view of the exit of turn 2, high speed turn 3  and straight heading up to turn 4. Palm trees at the top of the area provide some shade. See below for a video view of the K2 Hillstand area.

hillstand sepangE, G Hillstand

Ticket for Hillstands E & G are only sold locally in Malaysia and not online.

Hillstand E, on the southern part of the circuit and close to the F Grandstand, provides the opportunity to see the F1 cars on a good portion of the track – from turns 5 to 9 and also a view of cars braking for the final hairpin at turn 15 at the end of the lap. Hillstand G, on the North-Western corner of Sepang, provides fans with a view of Turns 4 through to 6.

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