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Your guide to buying tickets for the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at Yas Marina. The best places to watch the action at the final race of 2018 on November 23-25, including full analysis of all ticket categories.

Please note that tickets for the 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix have not gone on sale. We will update this guide after sales commence in March or April. All images © The Editor attended the 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Choosing your Yas Marina ticket is not as difficult as at some other races; there are only 5 grandstands (plus the Abu Dhabi Hill) to choose from at the circuit. We recommend the West grandstand; it is the most popular, and tends to sell out first.


2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets

Name (Grandstand)to May 31from June 1
Club (Main) 3 daysno discount2720 AED ($740)
Regular (Main) 3 daysno discount2200 AED ($600)
Regular (North) 3 days1456 AED ($395)2080 AED ($565)
Regular (North) 2 days1313 AED ($357)1875 AED ($510)
Club (West) 3 days1820 AED ($495)2600 AED ($710)
Regular (West) 3 days1456 AED ($395)2080 AED ($565)
Club (South) 3 days1820 AED ($495)2600 AED ($710)
Regular (South) 3 days1455 AED ($395)2080 AED ($565)
Regular (South) 2 days1313 AED ($357)1875 AED ($510)
Regular (Marina) 3 days1455 AED ($395)2080 AED ($565)
Regular (Marina) 2 days1313 AED ($357)1875 AED ($510)
Abu Dhabi Hill (General Admission) 3 daysTBCTBC

F1’s only twilight race is held at the impressive Yas Marina circuit outside Abu Dhabi, which has a spectator capacity of 60 000 and regularly sells out. This year’s tickets went on sale in late March; prices are broadly similar to last year. Early-bird discounts apply on most tickets categories until May 31, 2017. The North, West and South Grandstands (plus Lounge tickets) are discounted by 20% and Marina Grandstand tickets enjoy a 30% discount. There are no discounts for General Admission or Main Grandstand tickets. Tickets for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are on average the most expensive on the current F1 calendar.

Abu Dhabi F1 tickets: need to know

  • Grandstand tickets are numbered and reserved on all three days of the weekend. All grandstands are covered and have big screen TVs. The Abu Dhabi Hill (General Admission) area is uncovered, but does have big screen TVs.
  • All tickets are sold for either 3 days (Friday to Sunday) or 2 days (Saturday and Sunday). 2-day tickets are approximately 10% cheaper than the 3-day tickets, which is not a particularly enticing discount.
  • Tickets are transferable each day, offering fans the opportunity to swap with family or friends and check out the views from different grandstands.
  • Club’ tickets in the West and South grandstands provide access to an outdoor lounge for an approximate 20% premium over regular grandstand ticket prices

Abu Dhabi Hill Tickets

General Admission tickets on the Abu Dhabi Hill at Yas Marina (not yet on sale for 2017) are the cheapest on offer. The 2-day tickets are the first to sell out each year. Located in the middle of the circuit and adjacent to the North Grandstand, the large grassy hill area offers decent views for fans on a budget. From this area, you can see the action from turns 2 through to the turn 7 North hairpin, plus watch the cars at speed on the long back straight. Large TV viewing screens are on offer so you won’t miss any of the action.

Main Grandstand

The Main Grandstand is the place to be if you want to watch the start and finish of the race, and keep up to date with the action in the pits. If this is not important, choose a cheaper grandstand, where you will also get to see more on-track action such as passing moves. Only 3-day tickets are sold for the main grandstand.

North Grandstand

Wrapping around the tight hairpin at turn 7, the North Grandstand offers decent panoramic views from turns 3-7 and along the back straight. The best seats are in the centre of the stand, right behind the hairpin. It’s also a good spot for easy access to the after-race concerts at the Du Arena (and Ferrari World).

West Grandstand

Tickets for this popular grandstand, located on turn 8 at the end of the long back straight, tend to sell out quickly. It’s a great spot for overtaking and unique on the F1 calendar for having the run-off area partially under the grandstand! Most seats here also have a good view of the final two corner on the circuit and the best seats look right down the main straight.

Marina Grandstand

Marina Grandstand is good for panoramic views of the second half of the circuit. The immediate view of the cars is on the straight between turns 10-11, but you can also follow the action in the Marina section between turns 15-20. To add more interest, the support race garages for GP2 and GP3 are located under the grandstand.

South Grandstand

A good choice for on-track action, the South Grandstand is located in the braking zone for turn 11 and also offers an excellent panorama view of the following turns 12-14 as well as the spectacular Marina section of the circuit and Yas Viceroy Hotel. South Grandstand Upper level: view 1, view 2

Yas Marina Hospitality & VIP Tickets

2017 Abu Dhabi hospitality tickets

Name (Grandstand)to May 31from June 1
Al Dhiyafa (Main) 3 daysno discount4685 AED ($1275)
Al Dhiyafa (North) 3 days3757 AED ($1022) 4420 AED ($1203)
Al Dhiyafa (West) 3 days3757 AED ($1022) 4420 AED ($1203)
Lounge (North) 3 days2447 AED ($665)3495 AED ($950)
Lounge (West) 3 days2447 AED ($665)3495 AED ($950)
Yas Marina Trackside Terrace 2 daysno discount9150 AED ($2491)
Marsa Suites 2 daysno discount6250 AED ($1701)

There is no shortage of premium ticket options at Yas Marina for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

  • F1 Experiences offers packages starting at $1769 USD, including tickets plus paddock tours and more. Other packages include VIP Megayacht access and Paddock Club tickets.
  • ‘Lounge’ tickets in the North and West grandstands provide a seat in a special high section of the stand plus access to an air-conditioned lounge area for a premium of approximately 70% over regular grandstand tickets prices. ‘Al Dhiyafa’ tickets in the Main, North and West grandstands offer seats in the higher level 2 area with access to an air-conditioned lounge and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and food included. They are just over double the price of the regular tickets in these grandstands.
  • Other VIP options include the Amber Lounge yacht and Yas Viceroy Hotel.

Have you been to the Abu Dhabi GP at Yas Marina? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite place to watch the action.

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  1. Tatenda says:

    Quite helpful information. May I please be alerted when the Abu Dhabi Hills tickets sale is announced.

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks for the info. What stand is the first photo at the top of the page taken from with the sun setting over the Ferrari? Amazing view of the sunset and cars unique to this race due to the timing.

    Hard to decide which stand. Do you recommend staying in Abu Dhabi? the Viceroy is too expensive so looking for something nice but more moderate. Have you ever stayed in Dubai and driven down to the race? Appreciate your help.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Justin, my friend took that photo of the sunset from outside the circuit, believe it or not. I wrote about this area in the Trackside section of our guide (Yas Marina section); it’s definitely worth a trip there at some point over the weekend. Most fans say the West Grandstand is the best. I have stayed in Dubai and travelled to Yas Marina – it’s a long way (especially by public transport) and I wouldn’t recommend it. You are better off staying in the center of Abu Dhabi, which is around 20 minutes away by public transport. Go for somewhere near the waterfront promenade called the Corniche. Cheers, Andy

  3. Ardy says:

    Is there a ticket shop or office in Dubai where I can buy my ticket and choose my seat?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Ardy, I’m not aware of any ticket office in Dubai, but you could travel to the Yas Marina Circuit to buy your ticket. It’s not that far away, and you could visit Ferrari World or the other attractions on the island at the same time.

  4. Misbah says:

    Hi ! I have a 3 day north grand stand pass. Is the same pass used for the after race concerts at du arena or do those require separate tickets?

  5. Ciarán says:

    Hi, my tickets for the Main Grandstand just arrived. Is there a seating plan available to view anywhere online? Want to get an idea of where on the straight I’ll be located. Thanks!

  6. Justine says:

    Hi, a few questions, please…
    1) i can’t find definitive info on child policy – are under 7s allowed at track and concerts? Our son is 5y 7mo and will have hearing protection.
    2) are PARK pass tickets only available off Yas Marina Circuit website? Or do all 3d tickets incl free access to Ferrari World, Waterworld and Yacht Club?
    3) which do you suggest between Marina and South Grandstands?!
    Thanks :-)

    • Editor says:

      Hi Justine, I suggest you contact the circuit for specific information about your son attending the race. I can inform you that there are no discounted children’s tickets at Yas Marina, but one child under 12 years old can enter for free on Friday with the holder of a three-day adult grandstand ticket. The Yas Marina circuit is the only place where you can buy package access to Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld; look for the “GP Park Pass” tickets. As for a choice between Marina and South grandstands, I would choose South. Good luck!

  7. Anne says:

    Hi, is there last minute tickets available for 26th Nov? I am in dubai and would need 2 tickets. Thank you

    • Editor says:

      All grandstand tickets for the race sold out last week. Perhaps there is a few still on sale for the Abu Dhabi Hill. I suggest just going to the circuit and trying your luck; perhaps you will find someone selling some tickets outside

  8. LJ says:


    Do you have an idea which tickets will allow the most access to the track? I know that the “general admission” tickets only allow access to a couple of areas and the hill, but i’d like to be able to walk around as much of the track as possible and if that means buying a grandstand ticket (but not actually sitting in the grandstand) i’d be fine with that.


    • Editor says:

      Hi LJ, Yas Marina isn’t like a traditional circuit with general admission areas. Apart from the actual Marina itself, where you can watch the action for free without any ticket (see Trackside), the only other spectator areas are the Yas Marina Hill and the grandstands. The agreed best grandstand is the West one. Hope that helps!

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