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The best flights to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for the season-ending Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix, plus advice on getting to Yas Marina Circuit. The next race is on November 24-26, 2017.

The Editor attended the 2015 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and flew with Emirates via Dubai. All images © Tomasz Cwiklinski &

It always pays to book your race tickets, accommodation and flights well in advance for Abu Dhabi. Capacity is limited at Yas Marina and the event does sell out. Luckily, Yas Marina is well served by airports in both Abu Dhabi and nearby Dubai, both of which are major international hubs serving a range of airlines and multiple worldwide destinations. Race transport is well organised at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is good news since Yas Island is actually 35 kilometres from Abui Dhabi City. Taxis are cheap and plentiful in Abu Dhabi and buses are also available for those on a tighter budget.

Closest airports to Yas Marina

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH): located around 30km from the city centre and just 10km from Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi Airport is the logical place to fly into for the Grand Prix this November. This growing hub is home to Etihad Airways, the flag carrier of the UAE and also the title sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. In total, more than 40 airlines offer flights to Abu Dhabi from more than 90 destinations as far afield as North America and Australia.
  • Dubai International Airport (DXB): don’t discount flying into Dubai, just 120km from the center of Abu Dhabi and 95km from Yas Marina. The world’s fourth largest airport by passenger numbers is home to Emirates, a fast growing international airline with a great reputation and a huge fleet of modern aircraft serving destinations all around the world.

Flights from Europe

  • Paris – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from 540, Gulf Air via Bahrain from 390
  • Paris – Dubai: direct with Emirates from 430 EUR, Qatar Airways via Doha from 380
  • Frankfurt – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from 510, Qatar Airways via Doha from 370
  • Frankfurt – Dubai: direct with Emirates from 470, Qatar Airways via Doha from 360
  • Manchester – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from £390, via Doha with Qatar from £340
  • Manchester – Dubai: direct with Emirates from £335London – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from £410
  • London – Dubai: direct with Emirates from £325

Other long haul flights

  • New York – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from $1400, via Amsterdam with KLM from $840
  • New York – Dubai: direct with Emirates from $1400, Virgin Atlantic via London from $885
  • Los Angeles – Abu Dhabi: direct with Etihad from $1435, via Amsterdam with KLM from $990
  • Los Angeles – Dubai: direct with Emirates from $1445, via Amsterdam with KLM from $940
  • Sydney – Dubai: direct with Qantas from $1850 AUD, via Shanghai with China Eastern from $1075 AUD.
  • Singapore – Dubai: direct with Emirates from $730 SGD
  • Johannesburg – Abu Dhabi:  via Doha with Qatar Airways from R5200

Getting to Yas Marina circuit

  • Yas Island is inundated with cabs over the race weekend. A trip from the center of Abu Dhabi to Yas Island should cost in the region of 70 Dirhams each way (around 15), and can take you directly to the entrance gate in the morning. Free shuttle buses ferry racegoers out of the Marina and to nearby car parks full of taxis after the event.
  • A free park and ride shuttle service runs for those coming into Abu Dhabi for the race, too. Just show your race ticket to be admitted. Routes 170, 180, 185 and 190 run from the city centre to Yas Island, and numbers 195,200, 201,203,300, 302 and 304 operate from the city’s suburbs. Buses also run on Yas Island itself, since it’s around 2.5km from the South Grandstand to the du Arena.
  • Several hotels operate their own complimentary shuttle service for guests visiting the Grand Prix. Parking can be pre-booked for Yas Island Marina, but permits are limited (one per three ticketholders) to encourage car sharing and limit congestion.

More information:

  • The Yas Marina Circuit website provides useful downloadable maps for the circuit, Yas Island and public transport.
  • The Yas Island website also provides information on getting to the circuit.
  • Details on the Yas Express, the complimentary bus service on the island.

Getting around Abu Dhabi

  • Taxi: travel by cab is cheap and plentiful in Abu Dhabi. Silver taxis can be flagged down anywhere in Abu Dhabi and fares start at 3.50 Dirhams (0.75). Available taxis show an illuminated light in the middle of the sign on their roof.
  • Bus: the Abu Dhabi bus terminal (pictured above) is found on Hazaa Bin Zayed Road. Buses depart here for destinations all over the city as well further afield into other cities, like Dubai. You can also pick up inter-emirate taxis at the bus station. The public bus fare system is nice and simple: 2 Dirhams (0.40) for a single trip within the city or 4 Dirhams (0.80) for a single trip on a regional bus.

Streets and Addresses

  • Abu Dhabi addresses can be a struggle to get your head around, since lots of roads have a traditional name as well as an official name. Airport Road, for example, is officially named Maktoum Street. The city is divided into districts, but also more recently into numbered zones, with streets also being numbered to correspond.
  • Odd-numbers run across the island, even numbers run along it. First Street is therefore the Corniche, and odd-numbered streets run out of town from here to 31st Street at New Khalifa Park. Airport Road is Second Street, so even numbers run east through to 10th Street by Abu Dhabi Mall. If in doubt, just ask your taxi driver to take you to a landmark rather than grappling with address numbers and zones.

Getting from Abu Dhabi Airport to the city

  • Taxi: Al Ghazal taxis (tel: +971 2 600535353) is Abu Dhabi’s most reputable taxi service, and their cars travel from the airport to the city for a flat rate of 75 Dirhams (just over 15). The journey takes about 40 minutes. It’s even cheaper to get from the airport to Yas Marina, which is just 10km away. Metered taxis are also available at the airport, and should cost the same as an Al Ghazal taxi. Find the taxi rank by turning left out of the arrivals area and following a long passageway to a covered platform next to the taxi stand.
  • Bus: the A1 bus runs to and from the city every 30-45 minutes, all day and all night, for a bargain 4 Dirhams (0.80). It departs from outside Terminal 3. The Etihad Express – a complimentary shuttle service for Etihad passengers travelling on to Dubai – uses the same bus stop as the public bus.

Getting from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

  • Taxi: from Dubai airport, a metered airport taxi to Abu Dhabi will set you back around 250-300 Dirhams (approx €50-60) and takes around 90 minutes. Emirates Express buses also depart from the airport bound for Abu Dhabi too.
  • Car: it should take you around 90-120 minute to drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. There is park and drive facility at Shahama, around 15km from Yas Marina.
  • Bus: from the center of Dubai, regular buses depart Al Ghubaiba Bus Station for the main Abu Dhabi Bus Station. The trip takes around 2 hours and costs 25 Dirhams. We recommend getting off at the Shahama park and drive facility and getting the bus to the circuit from here. If you don’t do this, then the trip into the center of Abu Dhabi and back (on the 190 bus) will take at least another hour. This advice doesn’t work going the other way however. You’ll need to go to the Abu Dhabi Bus station to take a bus back to Dubai.
Share a taxi from Dubai to Yas Marina?
You will see from the comments that we have received many requests from people keen to share the cost of taxis from Dubai to Yas Marina on race weekend. This year, we’ve set up a dedicated Facebook group so you can more easily connect and organize shared trips to the circuit. Join the group here: Going to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


Been to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at Yas Marina? Leave a comment below with your advice on getting to the circuit!

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Getting There & Around – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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  1. BJP says:

    From Dubai Airport

    A metered airport taxi will cost about 30 Dirhams (€6.40) from Dubai International Airport to Abu Dhabi. Emirates Express buses depart from Dubai’s bus stations bound for Abu Dhabi too.

    Where did I find these taxis!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for pointing out this error. We have updated this section with the correct cost of a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, which is more like 300 dirhams / 60 euro.

  2. Terry says:


    Is there any transport we can book from Dubai to get to Abu Dhabi for the Race? For example special coaches or buses company’s we can book?

    Thank your

    • Editor says:

      Hi Terry, will look into this for you. How many people? My friend and I will need transport too on Friday from Dubai to Yas Marina and back.

      • Andy Pagett says:

        I too will be travelling from Dubai to Yas Marina on Friday so interested to hear what the options are please?

      • Phoebe says:

        Hi Andrew, I know this is super super late, but if you have anyone else’s contact info who might be keen to share a cab from Dubai to the circuit on Saturday arvo, and back again Sunday night after the concert…it would be greatly appreciated! You have my email address, and I’ll put my bst whatsapp contact number in the website section. Thanks!

  3. Steven Brown says:

    I am also staying in Dubai for the Grand Prix with my wife and would be happy to share taxi or minibus with others for the Sunday and possibly the Saturday.
    I know there are regular buses from Dubai to Abu Dhabi so was going to use either the E100 or E101.

  4. Gavin says:


    I’ll also be traveling from Dubai Thu – Sun each day so it would be great to get some advice and potentially share a taxi/bus!

    • John Mccue says:

      Hi I’m looking to share a taxi or bus to and am looking to travel to the f1 from Dubai Saturday and Sunday

      • Phoebe says:

        Hey guys, I’m with a friend and also needing to get from Dubai to the track on Saturday, then the track back to Dubai on Sunday. Anyone keen to share?

  5. Nillesh Bhima says:

    What is the best means of transport from The Royal Rose Hotel in Abu Dhabi to YAS MARINA circuit

  6. Andy Pagett says:

    Happy to share with others for Friday 25th November from Dubai to Yas Marina and return if anyone has ideas or spare seats for 2 adults

  7. D Stewart says:

    Is there any transportation available from Dubai to Abu Dhabi specifically for Grand Prix , interested in
    any buses / transport / sharing, there are 2 adults.
    Many Thanks

    • Editor says:

      As discussed, there are no specific buses from Dubai to Yas Marina (only to Abu Dhabi, and then you need to get to the track). I will connect everyone who has asked in an email – perhaps you can work it out amongst yourselves to split cabs. Good luck and don’t forget to agree a pick up point and time with your taxi driver to get you home at the end of the night, especially if you are staying for the concerts (which finish fairly late)

  8. Arek says:

    We are coming in from Los Angeles. We could share a cab from Dubai to Yas for Sunday. If anyone is interested please connect.

  9. rupert riley says:

    Would be nice to hear from anyone willing to share Taxi on Sunday, we are mature couple staying in Marina area of Dubai and looking to stay for concert or part thereof.

  10. rupert says:

    I’m seeing conflicting information, is there or is there not a Shuttle service from Shahama (park and ride) ?
    It appears to me that if traveling by Bus from Dubai Shahama would be a better option than Abu Dhabi Bus station

    • Editor says:

      Pretty sure that you will be able to get from Shahama to Yas Marina pretty easily Rupert (it’s very close), but I cannot confirm on the shuttle. My experience last year is that it took us around 1 hour longer to get to the circuit by NOT getting off at Shahama. It was another 20 minutes into Abu Dhabi, 20 minutes waiting for a bus and then 20 minutes to get back to the circuit.

      • rupert says:

        Andrew, are you saying that had you got off at Shahama you might have saved yourself an Hour ? the official Ask YAS app quotes:

        Shahama Park & Ride
        This is the service for secondary off-island car park & ride location, it services Abu Dhabi hill spectators as well as other ticket holders who do not have a car parking permit for any yas island parking areas

        • Editor says:

          Yes, that’s what I am saying Rupert. Check Google Maps. The bus from Dubai stops at Shahama, which is about 15km before Yas Marina. It will then go past the circuit and drive for another 40km to the bus station in Abu Dhabi. You’ll then need to return that 40km in another bus…

  11. Juha says:

    Hi there!

    We would also like to share a taxi or minibuss from Dubai Marina to Yas Marina both saturday and sunday.

  12. trixie says:

    kindly recommend where i can share cab from ibn batuta station to yas marina circut

  13. Peter logue says:

    Hi will be in Dubai/Abu Dhabi Nov 2017, would love to see race on Sunday, can someone recommend the best ticket/area for viewing and value. Not rich but happy to pay a bit extra for the best value.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Peter, tickets for 2017 are not yet on sale (they should be in April). Normally, tickets are sold for 2 or 3 days (two days being the weekend). The consensus is that the West grandstand is the best. More info here.

  14. Kirsty says:

    We are in Dubai for the Grand Prix this year and wondered if all the people meeting up to split taxis etc actually worked it out as would be looking at doing something similar?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Kirsty, I will email a few people who asked and let you know. For this year, I’ll set up a Group on Facebook to make it easier to connect.

      • Kate Wilkinson says:

        What is the FB Group called please so that I can join? My husband and I will also be travelling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi daily possibly from Thurs through to Sunday so would also appreciate sharing the taxi cost with other travellers.

  15. Ann says:

    Our cruise ship will be in Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix. They have an excursion to the race but it quite costly and only for the Sunday. As we will be there Saturday and Sunday I thought doing it independently would be a good idea, but with the cruise ship leaving at 20.30 I’m worried that I will miss the ship. How long does it take to get to the Cruise Terminal considering the traffic after the race and are there a number of taxi’s available after the race?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

  16. Myself and a friend will be in Dubai over the race weekend and would be looking to share taxi to/from the circuit on the Sunday. Can you let me know if you are setting up the FB page as this would be ideal. Thanks

  17. Linda Masterson says:

    Hi, can’t seem to find the Facebook page by searching for ‘Going to Abu Dhabi Grand Prix’
    Is it still there?

  18. Lekha says:

    I will be travelling from Dubai to Yas Marina circuit for the Formula Yas 3000 drving experinece, on the 21 Sept2017. I have booked the 11.30am slot, so what would be the latest time I need to start from Dubai if I were to catch a taxi and how much does it cost. What is the exact location I need to get down. Do you have any shuttle services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

    • Editor says:

      Wow, that sounds like a cool experience! Taxi cost and travel time is in this post above, you need around 2 hours to get there. Ask your hotel if you are not sure, they can arrange the transfer for you.

  19. Han says:

    Hi Andrew just wanted to say great work and thank you for the information. I ll be in Dubai for business during the race and definitely looking at going to the race. I too am hoping to share a taxi or arrangements to and back from Dubai

  20. Darren gordon says:

    Hi i would also like to share transport over the f1 weekend from Dubai. I am not on social media.does any1 have a ideas about how i would go about sorting transport thanks

  21. Joanne Govender says:

    Hello everyone. I have the 3day tickets to the Abu Dhabi grand prix. I received parking tickets for the 3 days but I am flying to Abu Dhabi for the race. We will be staying at a hotel in Abu Dhabi.
    Is anyone interested in using their vehicle and we are willing to share the costs and also can use the parking tickets. We are 2 adults.

  22. Alex U. says:

    I m living in AD city center and wonder what is the most convenient way to reach the circuit during GP days? My car, taxi, bus?
    Appreciate your recommendation.

    • Editor says:

      It depends on how much you want to spend and how long it will take to get there. Driving yourself is probably easiest, but only if you have already got parking with your tickets. Otherwise, I am not sure – perhaps you can park at the Yas Mall? Otherwise, you could use the Park and Ride service from Shahama. Taxi/Uber is quick but more expensive, whilst bus is cheap but will take longer.

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