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Planning a trip to Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix? Read our budget planner to help plan the cost of your trip. The next race is on July 28-30, 2017.

Budapest is one of Formula 1’s most affordable destinations. If you are traveling from Europe, it’s cheap and easy to get to the city for the race in July. On the ground, hotels are good quality and cheap, with little in the way of an ‘F1 surcharge’ on Grand Prix weekend. Eating and drinking in the city won’t break the bank unless you want it to and it’s possible to get to and from the circuit each day cheaply. Hungary’s currency, the Forint (HUF), is also weak by international standards, making a cheap trip for those carrying stronger currencies such as the US dollar.

All images © F1Destinations.com. Average costs are per person, based on a stay of 3 nights in central Budapest with race tickets, accommodation and spending money. The prices do not include flights (or other travel costs) required to reach Budapest.

Cheap Charlie

  • Estimated weekend cost approx €270 ($290)

  • Three day General Admission ticket = €90
  • Dorm bed at hostel in central Budapest for 3 nights = €60
  • Daily budget: €40 x 3 = €120

The Cheap Charlie - Explained

The Cheap Charlie stays in a hostel, buys the cheapest weekend ticket (General Admission),  takes their own food and drink to the race, doesn’t drink alcohol trackside and either makes their own food away from the track or eats at budget restaurants such as McDonalds. If possible, the Cheap Charlie will look to eliminate the cost of accommodation altogether and either stay with friends or couchsurf.

Average Joe

  • Weekend cost approx €585 ($627)

  • 3-day Silver (1-4) Grandstand ticket = €195
  • Mid-range hotel in central Budapest x 3 nights (per person, double/twin share) = €150
  • Daily budget: €80 x 3 = €240

The Average Joe - Explained

The Average Joe buys a low to mid-range Grandstand ticket for the weekend, stays in a 3-star hotel or apartment, buys food and drink trackside, and can afford a reasonably priced restaurant meal at night as well as a few drinks at the pub. Average Joe’s budget doesn’t stretch to anything more than the cheapest of the merchandise items on sale at the track.

Extravagant Eddie

  • Estimated weekend cost €1170 ($1255)

  • Three day Super Gold grandstand ticket = €450
  • 5-star hotel in central Budapest x 3 nights (per person, twin/double share) = €270
  • Daily budget: €150 x 3 = €450

The Extravagant Eddie - Explained

The Extravagant Eddie buys the most expensive Grandstand seat on offer, stays in a decent hotel and goes out to some of the city’s best restaurants and clubs. They will take taxis rather than public transport and spend up big on merchandise at the track. They may risk blowing their budget with a trip to the trackside Casino.

Click here for a breakdown on the average daily travel cost for tourists in Budapest. Been to the Hungarian Grand Prix? Leave a comment and tell us your money saving tips!

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  1. Jason says:

    Had to laugh at the Cheap Charlie, Average Joe and Extravagent Eddie. My mate and I are a combination of all off these and as seasoned Grand Prix go’ers I’d say we’re quite typical i combining this together.

    We typically go extravagent on the tickets (Gold 4 at Hungary, 8A at Monza etc, typically in Turn 1). We are typically average Joe’s when it comes to accomodation, we’ve camped on circuit, 3* hotels and this year in Budapest we’ve rented an apartment. And when it comes to food and drink at the circuit, we’re cheap Charlie tending to do a supermarket run to stock up beers and waters and make up sandwiches. Of course this is cheaper, but for us as well it’s about knowing more of what you’re eating. Each night though we like to eat a nice meal in an Average Joe restaurant.

    Made me laugh though :-)

    Looking forward to my 10th GP this year in Budapest


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