Trackside at Autodromo Imola – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Information about entry, parking, fanzone, on-track schedule & trackside tips for F1 fans attending the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Autodromo Imola

  • The 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is scheduled on May 16-18
  • F1 Experiences Ticket Packages are now available for 2025. Tickets are not yet on sale.
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In 2022, Imola staged the first Formula 1 race with fans in attendance since the 2006 San Marino Grand Prix. Despite tickets not going on sale until quite late and poor weather, the race was a popular and well-attended event. The 2023 edition of the race was cancelled due to heavy flooding in the Emilia Romagna region. The race at Imola returned in 2024 as the first race of the European season, and was the first part of a double header with the Monaco Grand Prix. This year’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was won by Max Verstappen for Red Bull Racing.

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix has a contract in place with Formula 1 until at least 2025. Next year’s race will once again be the first European round of the season, and will be the first part of a triple header with the races in Monaco and Barcelona following on consecutive weekends.

Parking at Autodromo Imola

  • A large number of car parks are located around Autodromo Imola. most of which are privately operated but regulated by the city; Download full parking information for the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix
  • Only a few of the paved, city-operated parking areas, can be booked in advance (starting from May 6). Parking costs from €15-20 per day, depending on the chosen carpark. More information and bookings here.
  • There is likely to be traffic congestion on the small local roads near the circuit on race weekend. Be patient and try not to arrive or leave at peak times.
  • Shuttles connecting the car parks to the circuit gates are not available, so it makes sense to try and use the carpark closest to your grandstand or seating area.

Access Gates at Autodromo Imola

The three main entrance gates at Imola are noted in red on the parking map above, and described below:

  • Ingresso Rivazza (southeast corner): best for Rivazza 1/2, Rivazza Lawn, Gresini 1/2/3/4, Acque Minerale 5, Start/Partenza 1/2/3/4
  • Ingresso Tosa (southwest corner): best for Tosa 1/2, Tosa Lawn, Acque Minerale 5, Villeneuve 1/2/3
  • Ingresso Dante (north central): best for General Admission (Circolare), Paddock Club, Start/Partenza 1/2/3/4/5, Acque Minerale 1/2/3/4, Villeneuve 1/2/3

Entry to Autodromo Imola

  • Gates open at 8am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (TBC for 2024)
  • Bag checks will be conducted upon entry. Bag deposit services are not available. All items that will be considered unsuitable for entry to the racetrack will be disposed of and therefore will not be returned to the owners
  • Please see the image below with the list of prohibited and allowed items for spectators at the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Note that you are allowed to bring in power banks this year, but they must weight less than 300 grams. You are also allowed to bring in sealed 500ml plastic water bottles, but metallic flasks and glass bottles are prohibited. Plastic bottles or flasks with a capacity greater than 500ml are also prohibited.

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Prohibited & Allowed Items: 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

TBC for 2025

2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Schedule

  • On-Track Schedule: The full on-track timetable for the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix will not be published until around 6 weeks before race weekend. The 2024 schedule is included below for information purposes.
  • Support Categories: Not yet confirmed for 2025. This year, the support categories were Formula 2, Formula 3 & Porsche Supercup
  • Pit Lane Walk: This has not taken place for regular three-day ticket holders at recent editions of the race. A pit lane walk is held on Thursday for selected guests of F1 Experiences. Daily pit lane walks are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for guests in the F1 Paddock Club hospitality suite.


  • 09:55-10:40: FIA Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 11:05-11:50: FIA Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 12:00-13:00: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:30-14:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 1 (FP1)
  • 14:40-15:00: Historic Car Demonstration
  • 15:05-15:35: FIA Formula 3 – Qualifying Session
  • 16:00-16:30: FIA Formula 2 – Qualifying Session
  • 17:00-18:00: Formula 1 – Free Practice 2 (FP2)
  • 18:30-19:15: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Practice Session
  • 19:25-20:15: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk


  • 10:05-10:50: FIA Formula 3 – Sprint Race (18 laps or 40 mins + 1 lap)
  • 11:20-11:50: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Qualifying Session
  • 12:30-13:30: Formula 1 – Free Practice 3 (FP3)
  • 14:15-15:05: FIA Formula 2 – Sprint Race (25 laps or 45 mins + 1 lap)
  • 15:10-15:40: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying Session
  • 17:15-17:35: Historic Car Demonstration
  • 17:20-18:45: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk


  • 08:30-09:20: FIA Formula 3 – Feature Race (22 laps or 45 mins + 1 lap)
  • 10:00-11:05: FIA Formula 2 – Feature Race (35 laps or 60 mins + 1 lap)
  • 11:45-12:20: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup – Race (14 laps or 30 mins)
  • 12:30-12:50: Historic Car Demonstration
  • 12:55-13:55: Paddock Club – Track Tour & Pit Lane Walk
  • 13:00-13:30: Formula 1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 13:40-13:55: Senna Historic Car Demonstration
  • 14:46-14:48: National Anthem
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Gran Premio Del Made In Italy E Dell’Emilia Romagna (63 laps or 2 hours)

Imola Fanzone & Amenities

The main fanzone at Autodromo Imola is situated between the Start/Partenza and Acque Minerale grandstands on the inside of the circuit. Adjacent to this and in the top corner of the circuit closer to the Villeneuve and Tosa corners is the Parco delle Acque Minerale (Mineral Waters Park), which is where you will find the monument to Ayrton Senna, who lost his life at the circuit in 1994.

Food and drink concessions are located in the fanzone, as well as close to grandstand areas. We don’t have food and drink prices from the last race at Imola in 2022, but they are likely to be very similar to Monza. Expect to pay around €1.50 for water or espresso, €4.50 for soft drinks, €7.50 for a large beer, €4.50 for sandwiches and €10-12.50 for larger meals such as pizza, pasta and burgers. Just like at Monza, the catering is expected to be organized and run by the Street Food National League. Payment is via cash or credit cards, but you need to choose the correct queue for your chosen payment method.

For more practical information about visiting Autodromo Imola for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, download the Imola 70 app.

Fanzone Schedule Appearances at the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Appearances in the fanzone are not likely to be confirmed until a few days before the 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Details for 2024 are included below for information purposes.

The fanzone opens on Thursday from 13:00. It will then be open from Friday to Sunday from 08:00-19:00. Here is the planned schedule for appearances on the stage in the fan zone. View the entire schedule on Instagram. Timings are subject to change. If you want to see the drivers from your favourite team, it’s recommended to get there much earlier:

  • Thursday @ 14:10-14:30: F2 driver interviews (Enzo Fittipaldi, Franco Colapinto, Paul Aron)
  • Thursday @ 14:30-14:50: F3 driver interviews ( Luke Browning, Gabriele Minì, Leonardo Fornaroli)
  • Thursday 6 @ 15:00-15:10: Frederic Vasseur (Scuderia Ferrari team principal)

  • Friday @ 10:55-11:05: Visa Cash App RB drivers (Daniel Ricciardo & Yuki Tsunoda)
  • Friday @ 11:55-12:05: Williams (Logan Sargeant & Alexander Albon) and McLaren drivers (Oscar Piastri & Lando Norris)
  • Friday @ 12:05-12:15: Aston Martin (Fernando Alonso & Lance Stroll) and Kick Sauber (Guanyu Zhou & Valtteri Bottas)
  • Friday @ 15:35-15:45: Mike Krack (Aston Martin team principal)
  • Friday @ 15:45-15:55: Zak Brown (McLaren team principal)

  • Saturday @ 09:55-10:05: Haas drivers (Kevin Magnussen & Nico Hulkenberg)
  • Saturday @ 10:40-10:50: Ferrari drivers (Charles Leclerc & Carlos Sainz)
  • Saturday @ 10:55-11:05: Red Bull Racing drivers (Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez) & Alpine drivers (Pierre Gasly & Esteban Ocon)
  • Saturday @ 11:05-11:15: Mercedes drivers (Lewis Hamilton & George Russell)

141 thoughts on “Trackside at Autodromo Imola – 2025 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix”

    1. Jacqueline Kim Taylor

      I’ve been searching and haven’t been able to find anything regarding a pit walk. It’s a bit disappointing as I’ve been twice to the Monza track and both times there was a free pit walk.

  1. Hi Andrew, first time visitor to Monza and looking for tickets for a great experience on Sunday only.

    Could you provide advice and prices.

    Thank you.


      1. Hello there Andrew,

        I’d love some advice on a proposed train strikes on race day. What do you think k would be the best way to get to track?

        Thanks in advance!

        1. I would still be planning to take the train. There will be trains still running, just not as frequent. Get there early and don’t be in a hurry to leave at the end of the day. Spend some time in the town of Imola after the race, grab some dinner and let the worst of the crowds die down before heading to the train.

          1. Hi Andrew!

            I’m coming over with my son for his first F1 live* (my second, was in Abu Dhabi some years ago when Kimi R was still driving for Ferrari). We’re staying in Bologna. Thus a question RE: trains – should I worry about buying tickets ahead or is that an overkill.

            * I got tickets for Rivazza (Sector Tribuna Rivazza 1, Block Rivazza 1, Row 29) as I’ve heard its one of the best experiences re: crowds etc. I’m hoping for no rain :)

          2. Hi Rene, you don’t need to buy tickets online in advance, but you should definitely head to the train station in Bologna and try to get them for the whole weekend after you arrive. Yes, should be great views in Rivazza. I’m a bit jealous I’m not going this year! Hope you have a great weekend with your son.

  2. Hi! This will be my first race to attend and I was wondering for a general admission, how much earlier do you recommend to be there? Thanks!

      1. Great article Andrew. Will there be any facilities either on site or near by that will allow us to store our luggage (2 carry on size bags plus 2 backpacks) while watching Sun race? Thanks

  3. Hello do you know if the whole race program (with f1 fan zone activities) is available?

    Also… I’ve seen that power banks are not allowed but in the f1 website they “recommend” taking an external battery to not loose out on any pictures you want to take .. so I am very confused

    1. Hi Sara, I’ve not seen anything about the program for F1 Fanzone activities, sorry. As for power banks, this seems to be a rule that’s enforced in Italy (Monza also bans power banks). Sorry but it seems like you should hide it upon entrance or you may lose your power bank. (Or if you are worried about losing it, don’t bring a power bank)

  4. hello, first time that me and my family will go to Imola for the Grand Prix, but propably only I will attend all the three days.
    first of all, the tickets that i have booked are on Lawn – Rivazza. But I havent got them in my email yet. Hope they will sent them soon.
    Secondly and maybe a stupid question, why the power banks will not be allowed?! (I just bought one) if we want to attend all the day, how we are going to charge the phones? just in areas aroung the track?
    thanks a lot, very helpfull information for everything that I have read till now!

    1. I’m sure you will get your tickets soon, probably there’s a delay sending them by the circuit. It’s a stupid rule that you cannot take powerbanks into the circuit – same applies at Monza, so it must be an Italian law for events.

  5. Hi, got a question about the parking. If I found a good spot and paid the price, do I get a ticket for my place so that I can leave and come again whenever I want? I got a 3 day ticket, but don‘t want to stay in my parking lot the whole time, for example driving to a restaurant in the evening. Thanks in advance!

  6. Hello, are we able to bring packed lunches to Imola Circuit?

    We do have some dietary requirements in the group.

  7. Hi,

    I’m coming to the race on Saturday/Sunday for the first time but I have a couple of concerns.

    Firstly, I’ve booked Rivazza VIP Village and I’ve been issued a voucher to collect my tickets at the circuit. So how do I complete the Registration form without the Card and Progressive numbers?

    Secondly, I’m concerned about parking – Will I get a space? How early do I need to be? Can I book a parking lot that you’ve mentioned elsewhere here?

    Thank you for your assistance

    1. Sorry Gus, I was working at Imola all weekend and didn’t have a chance to reply. Can you let us know if it all worked out? Hope you enjoyed the race. I loved Imola, what a great track

    1. Sorry I was working at the track today, just saw this message now. Did you have any luck with commentary on the radio? For next time, you can also tune into live commentary in English on the F1 app

  8. Hi Andrew,

    Is general admission at Imola good? Do they have raised banks/TVs in front of the areas.

    Trying to decide between Barcelona and Imola for GA tickets.


    1. General Admission at Imola is ok, but overall much better at Barcelona due to the better elevation etc. However, the Grandstand R at Imola is a good alternative to GA – it’s up on a hill with good views and great atmosphere. Even though I would recommend Barcelona over Imola for GA, Imola is still a pretty magical circuit in my eyes. I really enjoyed attending the race this year, despite the bad weather and the kind of crappy organization

      1. Andrew Hi.

        Imola GA tickets at Circolare, is it lawn or first come first-served seating area?
        Coming from bologna, which entry gate would be best to use for our GA Circolare tickets?

        Thank you for all the shared info

        1. If you have GA/Circolare then it is definitely first come first served basis. There are two GA Lawn areas next to Tosa and Rivazza, but these have separate tickets.
          Check the GA/Circolare viewing areas on this map – the yellow lines at the top and bottom of the circuit.
          Are you coming on the train from Bologna or driving? If you are coming on the train, then you can walk through the town and enter via Ingresso Dante (see map)

    1. Sorry, I don’t have this information but I can try to find out for you! I think the best strategy will be to try and contact the local council/government in Imola and ask what campgrounds will be available for the race next year. You could try this email address and hope they will reply in English!: [email protected]

  9. Hi

    Any assumption when the tickets for 2023 Imola F1 will come out for sale?

    And another thing… I understand the limit for 500ml plastic bottles, but what’s the idea of “without cap”, do they mean enter with an empty bottle to fill water inside the track?


    1. Not sure when tickets for Imola 2023 will go on sale, hopefully soon. As for the entry restrictions, they have some strange laws in Italy. You cannot take a power bank, and you can take a water bottle but without a lid – easiest thing is to put a lid in your pocket before you go in, then put it back on after you pass through security.

  10. Hi Andrew, would you have any guidance for a disabled fan with regards to parking and accessibility. Not having been to Imola before I dont know the best stand / ticket would be suitable. I am aware that there is a facility for registering as disabled coming online soon through the tract site – but it would be good to get a head start. It was great to find your guides.

    1. Thanks Stephen. I’m sorry but I don’t have much info regarding accessible seats and parking at Imola. I think you should definitely reach out to the circuit and ask them directly. Let me know if you have any luck.

  11. Michelle Almeida

    Hey, first time going yo a race, crossing the world to arrive…What activities do you usually have on the fan zone and which days?… Here in imola, the drivers have signings spot or public talks?

    1. Hi Michelle, you picked a good race to attend. I love Imola! The fanzone is normally open from Friday to Sunday with lots of activities and merch stands, as well as food concessions etc. Perhaps there will also be a pitlane walk on Thursday, but this won’t be announced until later. Same goes for driver appearances or signing sessions – if they do happen, probably they won’t be announced until a week or two before the race.

  12. Hello Andrew,

    For general admission do we have to go to an specific place around the circuit or you can choose between the different general admission sites? It’s our first time on any F1 race. Thanks.

  13. Are you able to sit on the hill after the Tosa grandstands at turn 7 with just general admission for the 3 days? (Prato Tosa, previously known as Lawn B.)

  14. Matthew Milton

    Hello, English speakers traveling to Imola. We will only be attending on Saturday. I’m assuming the broadcast screens will be in Italian. Are there any options to listen to a broadcast in English?

    1. Normally the trackside commentary is in both English and the local language, in this case Italian. Only other thing I can suggest, and this is dependent on having either WiFi or data at the track, is the official F1 app. The paid version has both live timing and also live commentary (I think via BBC5 Live)

  15. Hi. Do you know if they will organise a public pit lane walk on Thursday? I cheched the scedule on F1 official site. There is a Paddock Club Pitlane walk. Is it for everybody or only when you’ve bought Paddoch Package?

  16. Hello, I will be attending the Imola GP this year and it’s my first live F1 race. I managed to get 3-day General Admission tickets; do you have any insights or an overview of how GA usually is? Do you know any spots that offer the best viewing? Also, any tips on how to improve my experience overall are greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much for all the information

    1. Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to check out the General Admission areas at Imola. I was at the race last year, but working and didn’t get the chance to explore too much. My advice is to explore as much as you can on Friday, then return to the spots you like on Saturday/Sunday and try to reserve a place early. Check the map – the yellow areas marked are for General Admission viewing.

  17. Hello! Thanks for all the useful info.
    Will they post a schedule with the Fan Zone activities?
    Also, IF there is a track walk on Thursday, will it be included in the On-Track Schedule? Or where?

    1. I hope they will publish some more information about fan zone activities. I’m still not seeing any info about a pit lane walk on Thursday – don’t know if it will happen or not. Check the Autodromo Imola accounts on social media for any updates. We will also share when something is announced. You can also join our mailing list for Imola (check the box for Imola when signing up).

  18. Hello, thanks for all the info. Imola 2023 will be my first F1 event I am looking forward to it.
    What is the re-entry policy of the track? Is it for example possible to leave the track on Friday and re-enter for a later session? Thanks in advance :)

    1. Yes, this is possible. From the FAQs here, it says:

      Yes, you are allowed to enter and leave the circuit an unlimited number of times. With each new entry, you must show your purchase ticket regularly.

  19. Hi Andrew,
    I understand that the sooner we arrive on Sunday the better. But considering the commuting etc, I’d like to understand how would the approach to the track and parking situation look like if let’s say we arrive at 10-12 on the race day? We will be coming from the Tosa side. Thanks

    1. It’s actually probably a good strategy to arrive at this time on race day, as most people will probably be at the track earlier. But I can’t say how the approach and parking situation will be, sorry. It could still be very busy

  20. Hi,
    very nice web. Can you ell me where is the enterance for GA Circolare tickets? I cant find map withe gates. I will vome from Tosa side, from pullman parking.

    1. Hello Ivan, I have not yet seen a 2023 circuit map with the entrance gates, but here you have the 2022 map. You need to look quite closely, but you do have the access points marked on the map – and they should be the same this year. It seems like you have several entrance gates near Tosa, close to Parking 22-25.

  21. Hi Andrew, could you reply to this message if you find some information about where people with campers are staying? We are coming from Spain and its very difficult for me to find information in Italian

    1. Hello, I was in touch with the below people a few months ago. They replied they were still working on the offer, but they haven’t replied to my follow-up emails.

      Galleria Centro Cittadino – via Emilia 135
      40026 Imola (BO)
      Tel. +39 0542.602207 – fax +39 0542.602141
      [email protected]

      I’m also waiting for more information about GPtents, who we are partnered with. They are planning to open a campsite near Imola this year. I will let you know

  22. Hi Andrew,

    thanks for the great article!

    I can’t find any information about activities on Thursday. Was there something going on last year on Thursday? Would love to explore the track a bit.

    Best regards,

    1. Last year there was no activities on Thursday like a pit lane walk for regular ticket holders (only for F1 Experiences guests). I think it is the same this year – no announcement and it is getting late. You can still probably explore parts of the track on Thursday, and go to the park on the inside. The Ayrton Senna memorial should be accessible. And I do recommend spending some time in the town of Imola itself. But don’t forget that there are loads of places with motorsport/car history in the region like Maranello, home of Ferarri, and the Lamborghini Museum in Bologna. I’d think about doing something like that on Thursday instead. More ideas here:

      1. Thanks!

        one more question that came to my mind: are fans allowed on track to watch the podium celebration? and if so, which gates will be opened?


        1. Yes, for sure. This happened last year. I’m not sure the exact access point or points, but it will be from the fanzone, next to the Start/Partenza grandstands. If you go to this area a few laps before the end, you will know where to go.

  23. Hello, thanks for all the great info! I have a couple of questions that I can’t seem to find the answers for anywhere online. Would I be able to bring plastic water bottles that still have water in them? Same with if I were to freeze them and bring them in with no cap? Thanks!

    1. Hi Laura, according to the prohibited items this year, you cannot bring bottles of any kind. However, I honestly don’t know how the security will be. Normally, it’s hit and miss. One security guard will have a problem and the next will not worry. I would bring them and if they are taken away, then it’s not a big loss.

  24. Ciao, sarò a Imola con 2 amici. E’ la prima volta che andiamo a un GP e volevamo arrivare giovedì sera avendo il biglietto per tutti e 3 i giorni. Hai informazioni precise su dove poter sostare con camper vicino al prato Tosa? Cercando nel web trovo molte indicazioni confusionarie. Spero potrai essermi d’aiuto, grazie mille.

  25. How was the power bank issue last year? Is this still prohibited? Thanks for solid info btw :)

    1. I think they were banned last year, can’t see them on the list for this year. Always a good idea to carry it in your pocket or deep in your backpack when entering, as it can be luck of the draw with security guards and entry searches

  26. Hi Andrew

    Great article, and really helpful. This will be my 3rd race abroad after Budapest and Spa (Unfortunately in 2021!!) and as a Ferrari fan, really looking forward to it despite the slow race car!

    Rules seem a lot tighter here than anywhere else – even Spa wasn’t that bad surprisingly. Any ideas around foldable chairs? Weather forecast looks a bit ropey so would like to avoid sitting on the grass!

    1. Hi Conor, finger’s crossed the rain doesn’t return to Imola this year – it got pretty muddy in the fanzones last year. Yes, Italian entry rules are pretty strict. But it always comes down to the particular gate and the security guard who checks you – sometimes you are lucky and sometimes not. Foldable chairs are not on the list of prohibited items, so you should be ok. Don’t forget to be otherwise prepared if the forecast shows rain!

  27. Hi what is the entry from the town of Imola (from the historical centre, im taking the train to go so I will cross the city from the train station to the track) ? Thx

    1. Yes, you walk through the town – and it’s a lovely place! If you have google maps on your phone, no chance you will get lost. Or you can just follow all the other fans from the train who will be heading in the exact same direction as you

  28. Hi Andrew,
    this is my first f1 race and i could not find anything regarding activities in the fan zone like autograph sessions or even the public pit lane walk, do You know anything about it, is there a schedule or is it not published yet. I found a lot of useful infofmation on this website, for someone who is attending the race for the first time it has been very helpful.
    Thank You!

    1. Nothing has been announced regards activities in the fanzone. It’s possible these will be announced next week, but don’t count on there being an autograph session – best you can hope for is that there will be a “Fan Forum” where the drivers appear and are interviewed on the big stage. Also no announcement of a pit lane walk on Thursday; sorry, I don’t think this will happen. Thanks for your nice words and enjoy the race!

  29. Hi Andrew,
    do You have any information about the autograph session is there a schedule or is it not yet published?
    Thank You in advance!

    1. No information. I haven’t yet seen any info about the F1 Fanzone (located behind the Start/Partenza grandstands). There is unlikely to be an autograph session as such, but there may be a “fan forum” where the drivers appear on the stage on Friday or Saturday.

  30. Austin Stiefel

    Hello. I’m looking at getting tickets in Villeneuve 2/3, or in Tosa 2. I’ve heard Tosa is the best place to see more during the race. Sense Tosa 2 is a new grandstand I can’t find any information about it online and where it’s located. I’m trying to get tickets there but not sure where to sit, any recommendations, suggestions, or helpful info is much appreciated. :) I figured you’d be able to sit at the front row because it’s above Tosa Lawn so you won’t have to worry about the fence in your way.

    1. Hi there, I was at the race last year but I didn’t get to spectate from Tosa or Villeneuve. I did however get on a few track tours, so I got to see the grandstands etc from the track perspective. Honestly, Villeneuve 2/3 looked kind of boring. A low grandstand, some distance from the track, just not great views. But Tosa has a lot of elevation and this is a famous corner. Here’s the track map so see the locations. Here are a few photos I took to give you an idea of the area, but I think Tosa 2 is a new grandstand for 2023. From Villeneuve hairpin looking at Tosa hill in background. Exit of Tosa. Up the hill after Tosa. Agree with your last point – with good elevation, any seat in Tosa 2 should have good views above the catch fencing. But not an especially interesting part of the track, more a straight after Tosa.

  31. Andrew, firstly thanks for such a comprehensive insight into Imola!

    I am attending this year in the Rivazza Prato, I was hoping you may be able to give some insight? Is this area banked or flat, is the view good here? Is it key to arrive early here to get closer to the front?

    Are there any other top tips you would recommend? I guess we will be able to buy beers etc once we have found a spot?

    1. Hi Will, it’s more flat. I didn’t get a chance to go in to this area last year, but I glimpsed it while doing a track tour. View of Rivazza, with Prato early on far left. View of Rivazza 1 “grandstand” which slopes down to the left, where the Prato Rivazza is located. One important point to be aware of, and that is the potential for muddy conditions. It rained a lot last year, and Rivazza Prato and the low seats of Rivazza 1 were in the mud. There’s been very heavy rains in the Imola region the past few weeks, and if you check the forecast, it looks like daily rain up until race weekend – even if the rain stops for the race weekend, there’s a good chance these areas will be soggy/muddy. Unless the organizers put down some saw dust or something, it could be tricky – and I’d consider investing in some wellies. Yes, you will find beer and food concessions around, but Imola will probably once again have a token system. Beers about 8 EUR each, meals like burgers/sandwiches about 10-12 EUR. Consider buying tokens when you arrive in the morning, as could be queues later in the day.

      1. Amazing – thanks for such a quick response too! Are there usually things such as wellies, umbrellas, folding chairs etc for sale nearby? In reference to the purchasing of tokens, can these be used across multiple days? i.e. I could purchase a few on Friday and last me across to Sunday?

        1. Not sure where you are staying, but look for some kind of large sports store or such (like Decathlon) in Bologna, if the weather is looking really bad. Yes, the tokens can be used on all three days.

  32. Hello Andrew! Thanks again for all the helpful information. Can you please explain about the token system you mentioned?

    1. Honestly, I didn’t use it last year as I was working mainly in the Paddock Club.
      But I understand you need to buy tokens – not sure of value – from a specific cash desk, and then you use these to buy food and drink.

  33. Jannie Walschot

    Do you know who will sing the national anthem before the start? And are there any plans in the fanzone this weekend or in Maranello?
    Thank you!

    1. Sorry, I don’t know who will sing the national anthem. No plans or schedule have been announced yet for the fanzone, perhaps the circuit will release some last minute info this week

  34. Hi Andrew, great informative article. We have tickets for Prato Tosa, do you know if there is any sort of benches/seating in this area or is it just the grass?
    Thank You

    1. Hi Ross, not 100% sure but my understanding is that this area is quite steep and there are essentially seats built into the side of the hill. This picture was taken in summer 2021 when I visited, it’s a car going through Tosa and you can see what I’m talking about in the background. Not sure how comfortable this ‘seating’ will be, and maybe not even usable if the rain keeps falling ahead of the race weekend.

      1. Hell Andrew! I just saw a post that the race could be canceled due to weather, but I haven’t seen anything on the official channels. Do you know anything?

        1. I certainly hope not, as I’m travelling to Bologna tomorrow morning and will be working at the race this weekend with F1 Experiences. Yes, there has been heavy rain and it will continue tomorrow, but should be less rain from Thursday to Sunday (I hope so anyway). I’m seeing some worrying reports right now about the teams being evacuated from the circuit due to the high water level of the river next to the track. I guess we have to wait and see, but the race should go ahead.

  35. Hi Andrew.

    My friend and I have general admission 3-day tickets. Do you have any advice for us? It’s our first ever race.
    For example do you recommend bringing chairs? And if yes, what kind of chairs are allowed? Folding chairs?

    Thanks in advance

    1. It says you can bring chairs and folding stools (no wood). I would also pack lots of wet weather gear, and also consider going to a large sports store nearby (Decathlon in Bologna?) to buy some “wellington boots” as the General Admission areas are likely to be very muddy. The weather forecast doesn’t look great, but maybe this will mean less people come and you have a better chance of getting a good view in General Admission. Best advice is to use Friday to walk around the circuit and find the good spots to watch, then try to reserve some spots for Saturday and Sunday. Good luck

  36. Hi Andrew, please confirm about powerbanks for this weekends F1 race at Imola . I see in this latest article it states it is allowed. 300ml? Is that meant to be grams?

      1. Thanks – will they actually weigh it? Worried mine is slightly over but really wanting to have it with me incase phone battery runs out. Also getting worried now about weather posts I’ve seen from others- any news. I’m flying tomorrow to Italy especially for the race. All the way from South Africa. Rivazza lawn area tickets. Really hoping rain dries up. First time at imola.

        1. I’m so sorry that the race has been cancelled. I am sure you are very disappointed, as we all are. I am here in Bologna, too. I just hope you can still try to make something from your trip.

  37. Kieran Skudder

    Great article, imola will be my first live F1 race. So I’m getting the train in and walking from the station, google says 30 minutes walk but I can’t see a good way of walking to my grandstand, I’m in the Gresini Stand. Do you know if there is an easy way to get here or is it simply walk around. As all information seems to be for taxi and car parking. Thanks for all your help!

    1. Yes, it’s a relatively easy and flat walk directly through the town itself. Not sure if you are in the Gresini grandstand on the inside or outside of the track, but either way, I recommend you enter via the main entrance (Ingresso Dante), then walk through the infield of the circuit to get to the grandstand. Here’s the map, you will be approaching from the north.

  38. Hi Andrew,
    since it’s my first time in Imola this article is of great help. Can you please give us an update on the weather? I’m watching all the videos and tweets from Bologna and Imola and seeing the heavy rain and floods and it looks awful so I’m just wondering if the situation got better since yesterday.
    Can you give us an advice regarding coming in by train, for example if we come from Bologna, how long it takes with train to Imola? If the train is driving of course because of the weather…

  39. Hi Andrew,

    I hope you are safe if you did indeed already make it out to Bologna, some of the images are terrifying. We were due to fly out tomorrow morning and I now have the unfortunate claim of having had tickets to both the 1st (Bahrain 2012) and 2nd ever F1 races cancelled, outside of Covid at least.

    I’m sure we’re about to enter days of sketchy information about refund plans etc but I’m sure most would agree a re-schedule is highly unlikely given the calendar? You’ve been the best source of information I came across while making our plans so no doubt you’re updates will be better than the official ones!

    Stay safe!

    1. Hi Daniel, it’s a very disappointing situation for everyone involved, but we have to remember that F1 is just a sporting event. People are losing their lives and their homes here, and their safety is more important. As the race is officially cancelled, you will be entitled to a full (or close to full) refund. How long that takes to be processed will depend on where you bought the tickets. For example, our supplier will need to first get refunded by the circuit before refunding individual buyers. I wouldn’t be surprised if the process took a few months, though of course it would be great if it was quicker. I don’t believe the race will be rescheduled – there are no real free weekends any more this year, given the very tight schedule.

  40. Hi Daniel,
    I will be arriving Sun morning on a motorcycle. I believe I purchased GA tickets. The tickets read Ingreesso Circolare Prato. Is motorcycle parking available near an entrance and should I enter on the north side of the track?


    1. Yes, you do have General Admission tickets, so no allocated seat. Are you sure you are not talking about the Italian Grand Prix? You commented on Imola, Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and tickets are not yet on sale for 2024. I’d advise getting there as early as you can for GA, as viewing opportunities are limited and there will be lots of people. As for parking, there’s no car or motorbike parking in Monza park or near the circuit. You can buy tickets for off-site parking (also for motorbikes) here:

  41. Hi Andrew,

    I purchased GA ticket 2024.
    Do you suppose any event take place on Thursday? I know official announcement is not yet released but can you guess from past experience?
    If there is any, or at least I can get in on Thu., I would like to be there to find good location for photo shooting.


    1. There has not been any organized activities on Thursday in recent years, apart from F1 Experiences activities – pit lane walk, driving tour of track. But this is only for certain guests of F1 Experiences. However, you can still go to the track on Thursday. Not sure if the fanzone will be open, but you can walk around the park inside the circuit.

      1. Thanks, Andrew, then I can be to circuit on Thursday for location hunting, it is extremely important for photo shooting.

  42. I tried to use the link you provided for parking for the 2024 May 19 race, but it won’t let me choose a parking lot. is it, perhaps, that it’s not open or operational until closer to the date?

    1. I think parking details for 2024 are not yet finalized, and may not be available until a few weeks before the event. Sorry. I’ll be sure to update the info on this post when it’s available for 2024

  43. Hello,
    Which seats are better, where is the best view?
    Partenza 3 and 4
    Villeneuve 3
    Gresini 4
    Acqua M. 4 and 5
    It’s our first time at Formula 1 and we have no idea where to be.

    1. Hello Georgi! That’s a tough question. For first time at F1, you could consider Start/Partenza 3/4, because you can see the pits and also the start/finish of the race. But these seats are more expensive. From the other list, you will see the cars better on track and going through corners. I would choose Gresini 4 or Acque Minerale 4 for the best views.

  44. Hi!

    Going to my first F1 race this year at Imola, I was wondering which General Admission areas are best for actually seeing the track and the cars, beacuse in a lot of places I see online, the GA areas are not elevated very high.


    1. Not really sure James. We only had one race with fans there recently (2022) and whilst I was there, I didn’t get a chance to walk around the GA areas. I think you have to use your time on Friday (if you will be there) to walk around when there are less people and check out the different areas. Then you can go there on Saturday and Sunday, when there are more people around and you probably have to reserve your spot

  45. Hi, if we hire a car and drive to the track, how long should we expect it to take to get from Bologna to the track with traffic? 2 hours?

    If we go by taxi from Bologna, how close to the track will we be able to get dropped off? Thanks!

    1. Not easy questions to answer. Friday will be easier and quicker overall, Saturday busier and Sunday the busiest. Also depends on what time you arrive and depart – will be quicker at non-peak times. You could consider driving on Friday, then taxi on the weekend, for example. I think 2 hours one way is worst case scenario, most of the weekend it will be substantially quicker – it’s motorway most of the way, only local roads for the last few km. Not sure exactly about taxi drop off, but should be fairly close to circuit – but also depends on which gate!

  46. When I click the parking link there seems to be no spots available? Is it sold out do you think? Thanks for all the help!

      1. Still not seeing them for sale, and less than 3 weeks away now. Hopefully they are on sale soon.

  47. Hello, I am traveling from Spain. It’s my first time in Imola. I have booked accommodation in Rimini, which I have seen is a place with a good price, and a good connection to Imola, an hour by train if I am not mistaken. I was looking at accommodations in Bologna but they were already excessively expensive. Do you think Rimini is a good option? Thank you

    1. Yes, Rimini is a really nice beach resort with good accommodation and restaurants. But it will probably take you more like 1.5 hours or more to get from Rimini to Imola.

  48. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for info always they are quite useful.
    I’m going to EMILIA-ROMAGNA GP from Thu. to Sun., do you suppose there can be Autograph session of F1 drivers?
    Or at Imora, do I have any chance to meet driver at paring, way to paddock etc. I can access by General Admission Ticket?



    1. There will not be autograph session of drivers. This only happens now at the smallest races, like Baku. The drivers may make an appearance in the Fanzone on the big stage, but no autograph session. I think it’s hard to get to the parking or near Paddock entrance with only GA ticket. You can try to hang out by the main entrance or Paddock parking entrance, but drivers will be in cars.

  49. Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for all the feedback. I’ve got two quick questions, are small backpacks allowed inside the Circuit?
    Also in your experience how long are the lines to get into the circuit? I’m only coming by for the Race Day on Sun and want to know what’s would be the timeframe to get inside the circuit.

    Thank you!

    1. Yes small backpacks are allowed. Lines to enter can be long if you arrive on Sunday (busiest day) at the peak time. Try to get there as early as you can (8am) for easiest entry, or much later (after 11am). The time in between is likely to be the busiest to enter, you could be waiting an hour or more with bag checks etc. Lines would also be busiest at main entrance closest to the town/railway station

      1. They mention that backpacks over 15L is not allowed! Thats a really small backpack if you want to bring some extra clothes etc! Do you know if they really care if the backpack is normal sized like 20-30L?

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