How to Get to Zandvoort – 2024 Dutch Grand Prix

The best ways to get to Circuit Zandvoort for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix 2024, including information on the closest airports & public transport tips.

Getting to the Netherlands for the Dutch Grand Prix is relatively hassle-free. Amsterdam is home to Europe’s third largest airport, serving a large range of international and domestic flights. The race takes place at Circuit Zandvoort, a seaside town around 30km west of the capital Amsterdam. Zandvoort is well connected to Amsterdam; special train and bus services are operating on Dutch Grand Prix weekend. Walking and cycling to the circuit are also recommended. Leave your car at home – an exclusion zone around the town restricts access on race weekend.

Closest Airports to Zandvoort

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is located in the Haarlemmermeer municipality, around twenty minutes and nine miles south-west of Amsterdam’s city centre. It is the sixth largest airport by way of international traffic, the third largest in Europe, and connects to many other European airports.
  • For a better selection of cheaper flights, you may also fly into Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM), which is about 70km south of Amsterdam, or Eindhoven Airport, 125km south of Amsterdam. Lelystad Airport (LEY) will soon be another option. This airport, approx. 60km east of Amsterdam, is set to take up some of the excess capacity from Schipol Airport, but the expansion works are still underway and an opening date has not yet been set.

Schipol Airport to Amsterdam, Haarlem & Zandvoort

Schiphol Airport is linked to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station by a 24-hour train service. The 15-minute journey costs €4.50 one way, and runs at 10-minute intervals (hourly between 12:30am and 6am). There is also a Hotel Shuttle bus service from the airport, run by Connexxion, which links the airport to almost every hotel in the city.  Taxis from the airport to the city are also available, and should cost around €40. Look for the taxi stand outside the arrivals hall door. Taxicentrale Amsterdam is a reputable firm. Journey time should be between 30-45 minutes, traffic dependent.

Staying in Haarlem? There is also a train service to get from Schiphol Airport to Haarlem. The journey takes around 20 minutes, with trains departing every half hour. You can plan your trip and find fare prices here. By bus, take the Amsterdam, Elandsgracht to Haarlem, Tempeliersstraat (bus 80), which takes forty minutes.

It’s possible to take the train from Schipol to Zandvoort, but you’ll need to make a change at Amsterdam Sloterdijk. A ride sharing fare should set you back around €40-60, while a taxi can be as much as €60-80.

If you’re planning on using public transport during your visit to the Netherlands, we recommend purchasing the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket – which can be used across a range of public transport services.

Trains, Buses, Ferries & Driving to the Netherlands

Amsterdam is well linked to other European cities through its train network. For example, Eurostar trains from London to Amsterdam’s Centraal Station take around six hours, with a change at Brussels. If you’re not opposed to a long bus journey, Eurolines and FlixBus offer connections to both Amsterdam and Haarlem from a large variety of major European cities.

Driving to your hotel in or near Zandvoort can also be a good way of keeping costs down. If you’re travelling by car from Britain, three ferry lines operate from Newcastle, Hull and Harwich. The P&O ferry from Hull to Rotterdam sails once per day with a journey time of 12 hours and will set you back £189 each way, while the DFDS service from Newcastle to Amsterdam is the most direct for a trip to the Dutch Grand Prix, with prices starting from £45 per person.

How to Get to Circuit Zandvoort

The seaside resort of Zandvoort, where Circuit Zandvoort is located, is around 30km west of Amsterdam and just 12km west of Haarlem. Official transport options from the organizers are available here, and summarized below. It’s worth noting that you cannot access Zandvoort by car due to an exclusion zone around the town and circuit on race weekend. Depending on where you are coming from, the best ways to get to the circuit are on foot or a bicycle (if you are staying locally), train or via dedicated bus services.

  • Trains from Amsterdam: Trains leave from Amsterdam’s Centraal station to Zandvoort aan Zee station at least once every 30 minutes, and more frequently at peak times on race weekend. Special return tickets are available for race weekend from September 1-4 (Dutch Grand Prix-retour) that cost €12.20 per day and can be purchased online or at any train station in the Netherlands. The circuit entrance is about a 10-15 minute (1.5km) walk from the station.
  • Trains from Haarlem: Trains run regularly from Haarlem to Zandvoort aan Zee and the trip takes just ten minutes. Return tickets on race weekend cost €5 and can be bought here
  • Public buses: An extensive network of local buses – run by Connexxion –  are available for the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix. Special day tickets are available for the Dutch GP that drop you off right in front of the main entrance to Circuit Zandvoort (Gate 2). The day ticket is valid for one person on all Connexxion bus lines in the Amstelland, Meerlanden and Haarlem-IJmond region. Download the map here. From Haarlem station, bus lines 300 and 356 run an express service 10-12 times per hour that takes only 15 minutes. Buy tickets here.
  • Long-distance coach services: Available from over 240 pick up points all over the Netherlands.  Buses arrive at the Dutch Grand Prix bus station on Boulevard Barnaart, approximately 400 metres from the closest circuit gate. Buy here (Dutch language only).
  • Park & Ride (for motorcycles & cars): Available in Amsterdam (Mahler Amsterdam Zuid) or Amstelveen (Handelsplein Amstelveen). Parking must be reserved in advance with your licence plate provided. From the Park & Ride sites, you can take the Connexxion bus to the circuit. Parking ickets cost €37.50 per day and can be purchased here.
  • Park & Bike: Several carparks are available for fans who wish to ride their bicycle the final leg of the journey. Gold, Silver and Bronze parking areas are located within a 30 minute cycle of the circuit. Car parking costs €20-30 per day and it’s also possible to rent bicycles or e-bicycles for €25-37.50 per day. Purchase here.
  • Scooter/Bicycle Sharing: It’s also possible this year to travel to Circuit Zandvoort using a shared bicycle or scooter. More info here.

Got any tips on getting to Zandvoort? Leave a comment below.

23 thoughts on “How to Get to Zandvoort – 2024 Dutch Grand Prix”

  1. We live in Rijswijk (Den Haag area) and will be travelling via tram/train. One bit of advice is not to get too hung up on Amsterdam for accommodation. Leiden, Den Haag etc are equally good options (possibly better) for ingress/egress from the circuit. Remember the ferries also including Hoek van Holland which is 25 or so minutes drive from Den Haag. The rail service is exceptional. Also bike parks – I have cycled up to Zandvoort on numerous occassions along the coast route. 2 hours max. Car access IS going to be restricted +++. There will be peripheral car parks at Haarlem etc for the race.

      1. Yes, absolutely there are trains from Rotterdam to Zandvoort. Some are direct, others you will have to change in Amsterdam. Trip looks to take around 60-90 mins.

  2. Hi Victor,

    These are really great tips. I’m volunteering as a marshal for the GP and is there a direct train to Zandvoort or do i have to change at Haarlem? And how long would the journey take?

  3. Afiq – if you are travelling from Den Haag then you have 2 station options – either Centraal or Hollands Spoor. Both need change at Haarlem to Zandvoort. If travelling from Amsterdam – then straight through from Centraal.

  4. After some travel advice ….. I will be staying with family in Rotterdam over race weekend. Has anyone heard of any direct transport being put on from Rotterdam (hopeful as it’s a major city!). Looks like the trains run to Haarlem and then it’ll be a change and hope the trains from Amsterdam aren’t already full otherwise.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi,
    I will be surprising my boyfriend with a F1 trip to Zandvoort next year.
    I have booked a hotel right next to the Amsterdam Sloterdijk station, as to be able to get around easily.
    Will there be direct trains to Zandvoort from there?

    Thanks for a great page!

    1. Hi Carolin, just checked Google Maps and I can see that there are direct trains from Amsterdam Sloterdijk station to Zandvoort. Should be on race weekend too. This station is on the main line between Amsterdam Centraal and Zandvoort.

  6. Hi,
    This article is super useful, thank you so much! I’m struggling to find much information especially in english. Do you know what the radius is for the car exclusion zone in Zandvoort? We’re looking at places in airbnb but don’t want to risk ending up within that zone and unable to drive to our accomodation. Some of the hosts contacted to say they’re not in the zone but I’m finding it super hard to verify if that’s true or not. Another said we’d have to pay €300 to use their resident pass but would it even work if we’re visitors?
    Apologies if this is outside of your knowledge, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask! Thanks again!

    1. Hi Kevin! Sorry for the slow reply. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the radius for the exclusion zone at Zandvoort is around 10km. I’d go with what the hosts say, I don’t think they would have a reason to lie. And I think it’s cheeky (a rip off too) to pay 300 EUR for use of a resident pass, I wouldn’t pay that.

  7. Hi!
    I’m planning to come to zandvoort next year
    Is the commute from Amsterdam difficult especially since there will be a lot of people making the trip to zandvoort? And is there a language barrier issue?
    Just asking. Thanks (:

    1. Hello, you chose a good race, hope you can get tickets! It is not difficult to commute from Amsterdam to Zandvoort, the best way is to take the train. Everything at this race is really well organized, and the locals speak very good English!

  8. Hi, can anyone share experience of travelling daily from Den Haag (via Train or the Coach Service). I have accommodation options for both Amsterdam and Den Haag, but consider DH as it is much better value

    1. I don’t have specific experience, but public transport is really well organized for this race (and in the Netherlands in general), so I’m sure you will be good with either the train or coach

  9. Looking some advice, heading over via ferry with car, camping in the village 538. Do you know car parking situation for here?
    We have a ‘kiss & ride’ pass? Not sure what this means

    1. Kiss and Ride, I assume that means you can only park briefly at the campsite to drop off your belongings/tent etc.
      Then you will need to park the car somewhere completely outside the exclusion zone that’s in force around Zandvoort on race weekend.

  10. We have our bikes reserved and reserved bike parking spots at the Red Bull Ring area. It wasn’t completely clear where that was in relation to the gates. I think it is at the north end, where the Zeeweg from Haarlem hits the coast. Does that seem correct? Thanks

    1. Very specific question and I was a bit confused by the Reference to the Red Bull Ring, then I remembered that the bicycle parking areas at Zandvoort are named after other circuits. A quick google search confirmed that you are correct, the Red Bull Ring bicycle park is at Bloemendaal an zee – right where you described. I know this area well as I stayed last year at the Roompots right there :) Here is the link with the map:

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