Over 300,000 Attend the 2023 Italian Grand Prix Weekend

Figures released by the Monza circuit show that over 300,000 were in attendance during the 2023 Italian Grand Prix weekend. The number is slightly down on last year’s figure.

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For the second year in succession, attendance at the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix weekend was over 300,000. Figures provided to Monza Today by Autodromo Nazionale Monza show 304,134 fans attended over the three days of the 2023 Italian Grand Prix weekend.

While Carlos Sainz delighted the Tifosi with a home pole for Ferrari on Saturday, Max Verstappen enjoyed an historic afternoon at Monza on Sunday. The Red Bull driver’s latest victory saw him become the first driver in the history of Formula 1 to secure ten consecutive Grand Prix wins.

A Better Organised Weekend for Trackside Fans

This year’s figure is down by just over 30,000 on last year’s record of 337,000, though Monza Today reports that 97% of the available tickets sold for the event – suggesting attendance was capped at a lower level than in 2022.

Perhaps some fans were discouraged from attending this year’s event as a result of the disorganised nature of the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. Last year, the circuit was forced to apologise after many fans complained about their experience at the event.

Thankfully, the issues were mostly resolved for the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. Fans in the F1Destinations Facebook group for those attending the event commented on the improved experience compared to last year. They noted a better experience when buying food and drink thanks to 2022’s flawed token system being replaced.

Improved Public Transport at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Also notable was the improvement of public transport services at the 2023 Italian Grand Prix. While many complained about long queues for services last year, fans were quick to commend the turnaround at the 2023 event.

Over three days, 60,000 people used shuttles by Monza Mobilità to access the Monza circuit. Trenord laid on 40 additional rail services over the weekend and recorded 25,000 passengers across their services. Over 500 volunteers aided the flow of traffic around the circuit, which – according to Monza Today – saw traffic levels return to their regular level by 19:30 on the evening of the Grand Prix.

Formula 1 Attendances in 2023 Near 4 Million

Official attendance figures for the 2023 season are now close to 3.7 million. That’s the total from 12 of the 14 race weekends so far this year. It excludes the Azerbaijan and Monaco Grands Prix, which are yet to declare official attendance figures for their 2023 races.

While the Azerbaijan Grand Prix’s attendance figure is usually under 100,000, estimated weekend attendances in Monaco are usually around 200,000. The 2023 British Grand Prix remains the best attended race of the season so far, with 480,000 fans attending over the four-day weekend.

Impressively, with eight races remaining in 2023 – including highly-attended events in the United States and Mexico, plus the highly-anticipated inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix – this year’s total attendance is already close to exceeding that of the entire 2019 season. A total of 4.1 million fans attended the 21 races during the 2019 season. Total attendance reached 5.7 million across last year’s 22 races.

Next on the agenda for Formula 1 is the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. While last year’s race had a record 302,000 in attendance, this year’s figure is expected to drop to 250,000 due to development work in the foreshore area at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The revised layout of the track means that the large and popular Bay Grandstand will not be used this year.

Meanwhile, dates have already been announced for the 2024 Italian Grand Prix, which will take place on August 30 to September 1. Tickets are not yet on sale for the event. Join our mailing list (and check the box for the Italian Grand Prix) to be notified when tickets for next year’s race at Monza are available.

Did you attend the 2023 Italian Grand Prix? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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