How to Get to the Red Bull Ring – 2025 Austrian Grand Prix

How to get to the Red Bull Ring for the 2025 Austrian Grand Prix. Advice for F1 fans on the closest airports, trains, buses and driving to Spielberg

  • The 2025 Austrian Grand Prix will be held from June 27-29
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The Red Bull Ring is located in a rural area, so it’s not as easy to get to the track as some other races. The good news is that Austria is a small country with a good transport network. Your best bet is to fly into Vienna airport and hire a car. The circuit can be reached via motorway from Vienna in just over 2 hours (200km). If you are not camping at the track, the most convenient way to get to the circuit (from Graz, or wherever you decide to stay) is by car, though there are decent train and bus services to the circuit on Grand Prix weekend.

Closest Airports to the Red Bull Ring

The closest airport is in Graz, around 85km from the Red Bull Ring. Flughafen Graz (GRZ)  is a small airport however, with a limited number of connections to larger airports in the region (Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Zurich etc). Klagenfurt Airport (KLU). approximately 100km from the circuit, is also worth considering for discount carrier flights to Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin (with Eurowings). The best choice however, is Vienna International Airport (VIE), 200km from the circuit, which offers a wide range of short, medium and long haul flights. Some of the best connections to Vienna are listed below:

  • London to Vienna (VIE): direct flights with Easyjet (GTW), Eurowings (STN) and British Airways (LHR)
  • Paris (CDG) to Vienna (VIE): direct flights with Vueling, Austrian and Air France
  • Istanbul (IST) to Graz (GRZ): direct flights with Turkish Airlines
  • Dubai (DXB) to Vienna (VIE): flights via Frankfurt with Lufthansa
  • New York (JFK) to Vienna (VIE): flights via Dublin with Aer Lingus
  • Singapore to Vienna (VIE): flights via Doha with Qatar Airways
  • Sydney to Vienna (VIE): flights via Seoul with Korean Air

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Trains to the Red Bull Ring

  • The closest train station to the Red Bull Ring is at Knittelfeld, which is connected to most major cities in Austria. The trip from Vienna to Knittelfeld takes around 3 hours. The hourly train service from Graz to Knittelfeld takes around 80 minutes with one change along the way in Bruck (but taking the bus service below is probably a better idea). The best ticket to buy is the Styria Leisure Ticket (“Freizeit-Ticket”), which is valid for one day on trains in Styria and costs 12 EUR per day.
  • Free shuttle buses from Knittelfeld station to the Red Bull Ring operate every 20 minutes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 08:00-20:00. (Later shuttles also operate every 30 minutes on Friday and Saturday from 20:00-23:00). Learn more here.
  • Get timetable information and book train tickets on the Austrian train operator ÖBB website.

Buses to the Red Bull Ring

  • On Austrian Grand Prix weekend, the Red Bull Ring is served by long-distance bus services from over 170 places in Austria (including Salzburg, Carinthia and Styria). “Busshuttle” services run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while “Expressshuttle” services only run on race day. Due to expected high demand for this service, we recommend securing your seats as early as possible. You will need to have a valid race ticket for the day of travel in order to ride on the bus. (*Please note that Vienna is only serviced on Sunday by the “Expressshuttle” service. If you want to travel from the Austrian capital on Friday and Saturday, we recommend taking the train.) Tickets are not yet on sale for 2025
  • Free shuttle buses also connect Knittelfeld Bahnhof (train station), Judenburg bus station and Zeltweg Sports Centre to the Red Bull Ring on race weekend. More information and schedules.

Driving to the Red Bull Ring

  • It’s easy to drive to the Red Bull Ring, which benefits from an excellent location in the middle of Europe. The circuit is approximately 2 hours drive from Vienna, 3 hours from Udine in Italy and 4 ½ hours from Munich in Germany. There’s a good network of motorways and you only need to pay tolls on some sections. Just don’t forget to buy and display a vignette on your windscreen. Ten-day vignettes cost under €10 and can be bought at service stations.
  • Good signage on the motorways will point you in the direction of the Red Bull Ring (which is located next to the S36 motorway), but it’s still worth using a GPS or Googlemaps to be sure. If you are staying in Graz, the trip to the circuit should take around one hour, though there can be delays arriving and departing the parking areas. There are plenty of FREE parking spaces next to the circuit, check the map. You will be directed to the closest carpark according to your entry route.
  • Click here for recommended routes and more information on driving to the circuit. Please note that some routes will be on toll roads. It’s recommended to pre-pay for toll roads.

Cycling to the Red Bull Ring

  • It’s possible to park your car at the Park & Bike Carpark at Therme Fohnsdorf, then cycle to the Red Bull Ring. The carpark is approximately 9km from the circuit and the signposted cycle should take around 20-25 minutes. More information here.
  • Three bicycle parking areas are located close to the Red Bull Ring (check map). “Please note that no liability is assumed for your bike.”

Been to the Red Bull Ring? Leave a comment with your travel tips and help out your fellow fans!

130 thoughts on “How to Get to the Red Bull Ring – 2025 Austrian Grand Prix”

  1. Wondering if you can help I’m interested in going to Austrian gp can help with best way of going about it on a budget

    1. Sure James, where are you travelling from? Best way to save money will be to camp trackside. Check here for more information. That will at least save you on paying to travel to/from the circuit each day, and will of course be cheaper than staying in a hotel in Graz.

      1. I got hotel booked in Graz so I will be traveling to knittefild by train is it best to book the train tickets before I go with reservations or get the cheaper ticket for the week without reservations the other comments you have made have been very helpful

  2. Looking for a bit of assistance regarding the trains. Using the OBB website, it’s suggesting I will have to pay €35 per adult each way, well over treble the cost you found in your article. Where can I find the fare you quoted in your article?

    1. Hi Stefan, are you talking about trains from Graz? In general, the prices are cheaper the earlier you book. I just did a search on the OBB website and found all prices at 20 EUR each way. At that price, if two or more travelling together, I would considering hiring a car for the weekend. The driving is easy and the parking is free at the track.

  3. aryan sanghrajka

    Hi, I have booked a train to knittlefield station. I wanted to know about the shuttle service to the track

    1. Hi Aryan, I don’t have any specific information. Don’t worry, the Austrian GP is very well organized and the number of spectators are quite low. So there shouldn’t be a long wait for the shuttle to the track. Keep your train ticket in case you need to show it to get on the shuttle.

  4. Detlef Hoffmann

    Your site has been very useful. I will be renting a car from Vienna. You mentioned that I need a vignette(?) costing 10 euro. I am not familiar with this? Is this a permit to park at public venues? And what do I ask for at these service stations to get one? Is parking at the RBRing free? Thank you.

    1. Hi Detlef, the vignette is for driving on the motorway. It’s kind of like a toll to use the road, and every car needs one attached to the windscreen. All the service station have them, just ask for a vignette. And yes, parking is free at the Red Bull Ring! More information and a parking map is in our trackside guide.

      1. Hi there, we are driving from Vienna to the track on Sunday morning. Would you recommend using the free parking at the track or using the park & ride from Therme Fohnsdorf to avoid traffic?

        1. If you can get there early enough, I would use the trackside parking. But if you are a bit later, then maybe the Park & Ride will be the better option. Potentially also quicker to leave at end of the day, provided you can get a shuttle bus in a timely fashion. Biggest ever crowd expected this weekend at the Red Bull Ring, so it’s all a bit of an unknown, but the Austrians do organize a good race!

  5. Damien Keegan

    Train price from Vienna is wildly out. Wife and I have arrived today having spent several hours trying to decipher the OBB website. €146 return for 2 to Knittelfeld. Book early if you can work it out. Good luck… Forget “eventbus” sold out months ago and the “postbus” site may as well not exist as all it does is take you back to the train site!! Infuriating barely covers it.

    1. Sorry to hear that Damien. Of course it’s much cheaper to book train tickets in advance, but I had no idea it was such a big difference. Will update the site. Good luck for the rest of the weekend

  6. Hi Andrew, question: we have bought tickets for the Austrian GP 2018. Do you know if you can leave the circuit without delay after the race so we can fly nack on sundaynight. In Belgium it takes you sometimes 4h to leave by car. Kind regards, Leon

    1. Hey Leon, when I went in 2015 it was super easy to leave the circuit at the end of the race, but we did park in one of the parking areas on the opposite side of the motorway from the circuit. The motorway is the key to a quick exit; it’s really close to the parking areas, so you can escape pretty easy. And don’t forget that the number of spectators at the Austrian GP hasn’t been too high in recent years. Having said that I wouldn’t book a flight to leave before around 10pm on Sunday night, otherwise you will be stressing the whole day about missing your flight!

  7. Hi, is it possible to get from Vienna to the race and back to Vienna on race day using either train,bus or any other public transport.

  8. Hi we are attending the 2018 Austrian GP and we have booked a train from Knittlefeld for 7.15pm to Saltzburg. Do we have sufficient time to get there after the race ends and podium celebrations have finished.

        1. Seems a bit early to me. I think you won’t enjoy the end of the race if you are worried about missing your train. Better to get train earliest at 7pm in my opinion

  9. Hi, you write that traffic is not a problem, do you think we have enough time, if we plan on arraiving at the ring sunday around 10 oclock.
    BR thomas

  10. Good evening. We’ve finally had our tickets delivered, confirmation of hotel and flight plans – no stress involved thankfully. I’m now after best information on travel between Graz and the red bull arena. We won’t be driving so will be relying on public transport. Have you any good advice? We arrive early Thursday morning and leave late Monday evening. Any suggestions you may have will be greatly welcomed. Thank you

    1. Hi Chris, quickest way to get from Graz to the circuit is by car. If you don’t want to get a hire car, a taxi could be a good solution if you can get four people to share the cost. Otherwise it is the train. Details on this page, sorry I don’t have experience of taking the train. But it will definitely be cheaper to buy your tickets in advance.

    2. Hi! I am a student in Graz and want to go to the Red Bull Ring to watch F1. We are two friends planning to go, and we want to rent a car so as we can go and come back on saturday and sunday (not sure if we are going on friday). If you are interested we can meet and rent a car, that would be cheaper. How many are you? Are you lnterested?

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I’ll be in Vienna on the GP weekend and wondered if there are any organised tours from Vienna to the track and back on raceday?

  12. How early should one reach before the race, to smoothly use the shuttle service from Knittelfeld to the circuit?

    I read the shuttle service is free, is that true?

    1. Yes, the shuttle from the train station to the circuit is free. Up to you what time you arrive, but I would suggest before 10am

  13. Michael Lawrence


    Do I need to book the train from Graz to Knittlefeld in advance or will I be ok doing it on the day?



  14. Hey there, maybe you can help me? I have a weekend ticket. Do you think I can take any seat I want – especially on Thursday/ Friday? Or is it strictly numbered? Thank you!

  15. Albert Zuniga

    Eventbus tickets from Vienna (Erdberg) to Red Bull Ring are sold out on the website. Can you get tickets at the station? Where’s the next nearest station from Vienna to try and buy Eventbus tickets?

  16. Claus Vestergaard

    Hi Andrew! Thanks for an awesome site!

    I was wondering: Is it possible to move all around the track on race weekend even on a general admission ticket? Or will we general admissioners be confined to the grassy hill on the straight between turns 2 and 3? (I of course realise that grandstands are off limits).

    Further, if you are allowed to roam around somewhat freely, do you know if it’s possible for my brother to so in a (electric) wheelchair? The hilly and grassy bits i see on the pictures are no problem, but would we encounter a lot of steps/stairs on our way around the track? (I hear there’s a sort of minitrain driving around – perhaps its path is useable?)

    Regards from Denmark

    1. Hi Claus, you can move around most of the circuit with General Admission ticket. There’s a sealed path from the top of the circuit down to the main straight (via the final corner) and I don’t remember any stairs.

  17. We will be attending this year and would like to go Thursday to take advantage of the pitlane walk that comes with the 3 day ticket.

    Any information on if the shuttle from Knittlefeld will run Thursday?

  18. Hi Andrew, we have decided to go with the airplane to Vienna and hire a car. You mentioned it was a 2 hour drive but this is without traffic jam. Do you have any idea how much extra time it will take to get there next week? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ronald, just driven to the Styrian GP via Vienna and it was a 2 hour drive. But there were not so many people as there will be for the Austrian GP this weekend. There can be some congestion coming in and out of Vienna, plus you could have a bit of a delay leaving the circuit. I’d say leave yourself 3 hours just to be sure.

  19. Hi Andrew,
    ver nice website! I just have a question to organize the arrival. We come by car for the Sunday events, what time should we be at the parking?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Nicolo, it depends on whether you want to see the support races on Sunday morning or not. The Formula 3 race starts at 10:15am (see the schedule here) Parking will be quite full this weekend I think, but it shouldn’t be hard to get into the circuit (it’s quite close to the motorway). Remember to park in the zone closest to your grandstand.

  20. Brittany Trilford

    Thanks for an awesome site! Super helpful info!

    Any facebook groups for the race this weekend where we might find carpooling?
    —– Any carpool opportunities with space for 2ppl from Graz to the Red Bull Ring on Sunday?

  21. Hello! We are from Ukraine (Non EU), and we want go to Austrian Gran Prix, do we have permission to get to the Grand Prix, if we have only a negative test for the COVID?

  22. Hello !

    First thank you for your website. I’ve ordered my ticket and my hotel for the 2022 Grand Prix.
    My hotel is at Graz, there will be shuttles to go to the circuit ?

    Thank you very much again 👍

  23. Hi Andrew!
    Me and my girlfriend will go to the 2022 gp only for Sunday for issues of time and money (we will be traveling for two months in Europe), I was thinking about the option of going for the day from Vienna or from Graz by train (we have the Eurail GlobalPass). You think it’s possible?


  24. Hi there,

    I’m wanting to purchase tickets for the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix for my partners b’day. I’m spoiling him and trying to decide between the 3 day premier ticket or the 3 day champion club ticket. They seem similar but differ slightly in price. I was wanting to know which would be the better option for viewing the race and also for the experience, he is a huge fan. I’d appreciate any advice, thank you!

    1. Hi Sally, I also work for F1 Experiences, so I’ve got pretty good knowledge of their packages. I’d choose the Champions Club, because you get 3 days of hospitality. Premier Packages only give you one day of hospitality, though it is in the higher-end Paddock Club. Whilst the Paddock Club is worth experiencing once in your life, the Champions Club in Austria is in a similar location – above the pits (next to the Paddock Club) and you get some cool additional perks. He will love the Champions Club, believe me.

  25. Hi Andrew,

    I earned for this season 2022, but I’m struggling to find an place to stay, because everything I’ve found it’s sold out, the remaining it’s very expensive and the car rental it’s too expensive for the quantity of time I’ll be there from 6/07 to 12/07.

    1. A couple of suggestions. You may consider camping next to the track. The main campsites are already sold out, but additional ones have been added – these only have mobile toilets, without shower facilities and also without electric hookup. More information available here (but you need to translate from German). The only other thing I suggest is that you stay in Vienna and take the train each day.

      1. Hi Andrew, great insight generally following your replies. I am planning flying in from Nigeria for the weekend. I guess your last advice on travelling every day from Vienna makes more sense. Will plan towards that. Any other advice related to the weekend?? Travelling on a budget. thanks a Mill.

        1. No more advice than I can think of right now, but I have to say that the Austrian GP is one of the best organized races on the calendar. It will be busy at track this year, I really hope you enjoy the experience. Feel free to ask any more questions. And read all parts of the guide!

  26. website seems to be non-operational anymore and PostBus suggest to travel from Vienna to Judenburg, or St. Michael (or something similar), but then get on the train to Knittlefeld Train station and get the free shuttle bus to the curcuit. So, one either has to get to the circuit via car (hire is expensive from Vienna) or get the OBB RailJet train from Vienna to Knittlefeld Train station. I thought it would be easier… Three of us are staying in Vienna and have to travel each day to and back from the circuit by train by the looks of it. Not too impressed.

    1. Thanks for the update. Yes, it’s not ideal travelling from Vienna to the Red Bull Ring every day, it’s a long way and options not idea. But I know it’s increasingly hard to find any accommodation within a short distance of the track

  27. Hello,
    I am travelling from Graz to the track this year. I don’t suppose there has been any information released about a timetable for the shuttle buses from knittelfeld to the track?


    1. No timetable I have seen, and honestly I’m not sure there will be one. If you are arriving by train (unless at a crazy early hour) I’m pretty sure you will not have to wait long for a shuttle. The Austrians are well organized!

      1. Lovely, Thankyou very much! There’s not Information in the RBR website re shuttle busses.

        Whilst looking at trains from Graz to knittelfeld, it’s saying €21 for a single ticket which works out to be €126 for the whole weekend (there and back).
        Is there any cheaper tickets or travel passes which can be purchased? Just to save a few €€


  28. Hi Andrew!

    I understand that from Graz to the track the main transportation options are car or train/shuttle bus combo. Taking account that during the race weekend a lot of people might prefer car and I saw some information about the road constructions (if coming from Graz), does it mean a lot of traffic jams and maybe train/shuttle bus option has its own beauties? Or you still advise to think about the car more than train?

    With best

    1. Not sure about the roadworks coming from Graz, but I do think that car is still the best way to get to the Red Bull Ring. I would advise just trying to arrive/depart at non-peak times if you can.

  29. Any recommendations for the last minute accomodations for one night from 9th July to 10th July as everything is fully booked? Thank you in advance:)

  30. Hi Andrew,

    I want to surprise my dad with tickets for next years race. I saw you comment before that the Austrian GP tickets go on sale shortly after this years race. Now I was wondering if you expect the T3 grandstand to sell out quickly (within hours) and if so, can I somehow reserve these tickets?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. No, I wouldn’t expect the tickets to sell out really quickly if they go on sale soon. Remember you can save up to 20% when buying before the end of the year.

    1. Not sure, sorry. But it’s an hour at least (75km). Just did a search online and got an estimate of 150 EUR + for this one-way trip. Better to hire a car for this race

  31. Is there any public transport to the track before the race weekend starts, I was looking at camping for next years race but am too young to rent a car?

    1. Not right to the track, but you can still take a train to Knittelfeld, which is close to the circuit. Then you can get a taxi if you are arriving before Friday, shouldn’t be too expensive

  32. Since there isn’t much information about the shuttle bus and what’s easier to take to the track, my group of 6 split tactics on Friday (sprint day this year), and a few of us took the shuttle and the other half drove in.

    Basically, take the shuttle bus every day unless you plan on staying late to party afterward. If you plan to leave shortly after the f1 events are over, then the convenience of not driving out of the parking fields was very much worth it. Plus you beat typically will beat/avoid some of the traffic getting onto the highways nearby the track as it seemed shuttle buses have a priority over car traffic (can’t confirm that’s true, but that’s what we noticed).

    Time wise It takes about 15-25 minutes to get from Knittelfeld (where we parked) to the drop-off spot at the track. Although no signs at Knittelfeld, if you swing to the left of the main entrance you are free to park anywhere there.

    If you plan on staying late for the party at the F1 Fan zone each night, for sure drive yourself so you don’t have to hitchhike or call for a taxi back to Knittelfeld (an hour walk). This rings especially true on race day as the buses stop an hour earlier than they do the rest of the weekend.

  33. Hi Andrew,
    I just bought 3-day tickets for 30 Jun to 2 July 2023 and it looks like all the hotels i Knittelfeld are already full booked unfortunately (traveling with two kids) and it seems like Graz is the easiest option. So, I wounder if it was chaotic around Redbull Ring and Knittelfeld this summer for people coming and leaving with the car, and where do you think is the best place to park the car?
    Or do you think staying in Klagenfurt is a better idea? I know its maybe 20 min longer drive but still maybe less traffic jam comperes to the route Kn – Gr back and forth.

    1. Graz is a good option and honestly, it’s normally quite a good option to drive to the track. The circuit is close to motorways, and there is good traffic control. Plus the parking is free next to the track. Yes it can get busy at peak times, but try to avoid arriving/leaving at the busiest times and you should be fine.

  34. Hi Andrew, I am a bit late buying tickets for this so most accommodation around the track is already gone or overpriced. Is it doable to get to the circuit from Vienna via train or is it worth trying to find somewhere closer?

    1. I’d consider Vienna but driving. I think the train will make it a long day, but it is doable. Try to find something closer if you can – but again, hire car would be best way to get to the circuit.

  35. Hi Andrew,

    Do you know if there will be a free shuttle on Sunday from Vienna to Red Bull Ring for the race 2023?
    If so do you have info where and when you can book it?

    Thanks for a great site!

    1. There has never been a ‘free shuttle’ from Vienna to the Red Bull Ring. There has always been a paid train service from Vienna to Knittelfeld, the closest station to the track. From there, you do have free shuttles to and from the Red Bull Ring. In the past, there was also a bus service, but I think the train/shuttle is a quicker and more comfortable option.

  36. have the train schedules been changed for the weekend? e.g. on Sunday the last train seems to leave sometime around 7 and the next one at 5 in the morning. So if you want to stay at the track for the party, is it possible to get out of there by train?

  37. Hi Andrew,
    We have a 3 day ticket and are planning to rent a car and travel to the track from Graz each day. How long should we expect to queue at the track for parking?

    1. Hi Ryan, I think it depends when you arrive at the circuit. In general, Friday will be less busy. It will be busier on Saturday and even busier again on race day. But the good news is that the circuit is located next to a major motorway, so you shouldn’t really get stuck on small local roads. Try to arrive as early as you can on race day to avoid issues, and don’t be in a hurry to leave straight after the race.

  38. how long is the drive from Knappenberg to red bull ring, what is the best way of getting there if not renting a car ?

    1. Hi Jonathan, it looks like it will be around 1 hour to drive from Knappenberg to the Red Bull Ring. I don’t think you will have public transport options from there. If you are not hiring a car, looks like your only option will be a taxi or ride share vehicle.

  39. Me and my friend have got tickets and flights booked sort of last minute. We were hoping to stay near to the track but there are none available or nearby i.e in Knittelfeld. I will be 19 so unable to drive in Austria so being close to public transport would be ideal. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Ben, have you thought about camping? That’s really your only choice now if you want to stay at or near the track. Check out our accommodation guide; if you don’t want to bring your own tent and camping gear, you can look at the offer from GPTents. You can also look at the circuit camping offer here.

  40. Hi Andrew,
    me & a friend are going on the Sunday this year and I believe as im 21 ill be able to rent a car, however all the car company’s seem to have bad reviews & I don’t want to have a random charge come through 6 months later when im in the uk for something i haven’t done. have you got any knowledge on reliable car company’s?

    Thank you

    1. I guess it’s difficult due to your age, and probably more expensive too. But you should be fine with one of the large international brands, even if the reviews are not great.

  41. Hi there, first timer here! We have general admission tickets for the Sunday. I’m about to book trains from Vienna to Knittelfeld – I know it’ll be a long day but as the accommodation options are very limited we thought we would bite the bullet and do it in a day. What time would you recommend arriving at Knittelfeld on the Sunday? The train I was going to book arrived at 11.45am but I’m worried that’s too late? Many thanks

    1. Hi Sarah, Vienna to Red Bull Ring is doable in one day, but it will be a long day. When you arrive is totally up to you. I’d suggest arriving a bit earlier than 11:45am to get the most out of your day, but you will still see most of the action if you arrive at that time.

  42. Hi Andrew,
    I wanted to come to Austria with my kid but didn’t catch tickets on time. Now we have option to buy tickets for T10 over Verstapen ticket shop. We are fans of Mercedes and didn’t know is this good idea if we buy tickets for area which is reserved for Max’s fans. What is your opinion regarding this? Thank you in advance

    1. I think you will be fine Dusan. If you are friendly, I am sure they will also be friendly to you! Good that you can still find tickets, as the race has been pretty much sold out for a long time.

  43. Hi Andrew,

    From where I can get full programme for the weekend? I am referring to all activities such as the afterparty too. I need this information to book transport.
    Thanks for your help!

  44. Hi Andrew!

    Will I be able to buy General Admission tickets on race day (Sunday)?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. No. General Admission tickets are all sold out. You definitely won’t be able to buy tickets officially. Perhaps there will be touts outside the gate selling tickets, but this is super risky, maybe even illegal.

  45. Nayla Doctor

    Hello Andrew
    My name is Nayla and my friend and I will be attending the GP but are put up in Vienna (flying down from another country). The closest subway station to us is Neubaugasse. What would you recommend in terms of transportation+timings for all three days (we don’t have the valid license to rent a car). Your help is much appreciated.
    Thank you :)

    – Nayla

    1. Hi Nayla, Vienna is a long way from the Red Bull Ring, but it is possible to get there and back each day. The best is to take the train from Vienna to Knitelfeld, which is close to the track. Then you can take a free shuttle bus from the train station to the track. More info in this post!

  46. Hello Andrew, I was hoping if you can you help me with something. I have booked with my brother tickets for the 3 days this year but we will be staying in Graz. So we will have to go to the Red bull ring and get back to Graz within the days, so 3 times in total. What do you think is the best way to get to the Red bull ring? Would the Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark (leisure ticket) for the weekend work in our case? Thank you!

    1. You have either the special buses organized for the weekend, or the train – but be aware you need to make one change coming from Graz to Knittelfeld. I’m not sure if the Freizeit-Ticket Steiermark leisure ticket is good or not

  47. Chloe Carmichael

    Hey andrew! We’re planning to book Friday to Sunday tickets but stay in Vienna and hire a car. Do you think this will be too much driving doing 3x return trips over the weekend?

    1. Vienna is an awesome city, but it’s a long way from the Red Bull Ring. I think it may be too much to drive all three days. Have a look into taking the train on race day, maybe?

  48. Hello Andrew. We booked a long-distance shuttle bus from Murau. My question is, to you know where the bus stops at the Red-Bull-Ring? Thanks for the great web-site.

      1. Hello Andrew, the shuttle bus stops on the old track behind the Red-Bull Grandstands, between the fanzone and the third corner. It was a great weekend for us. The T3 Grandstands has 64 rows. We sat in the back row (64) and had a wonderful view two-thirds of the way.

  49. So there is a bus service that runs from Preg, Schütt (my closest station) on Friday only, as the bus services don’t run on Saturday and Sunday by default. Do you know if they possibly run their normal schedule for the race weekend, or if they really only start again on Monday morning as advertised?

    1. Sorry, I don’t know. The closest stop for the buses to the Red Bull Ring is St. Stefan ob Leoben – Autobahnabfahrt, which appears to be about 7km from you in the other direction. Otherwise, I suggest taking a local taxi.

    1. It depends where you park. Some of the carparks are on the southern side of the motorway, which is probably a 15-20 minute walk just to get to the Main Grandstand. Then it will be longer again to other grandstands. But if you are at the top of the circuit, you can take a shuttle bus from near the fanzone up to the top of the circuit.

  50. Hello and thank you for the very usefull information! I will be attending this years Grand Prix in a few days by car. Can I be sure that I will be finding a parking spot? Is there a chance the parking gets full or I shouldn’t worry about that?

    1. I think you will be fine, the free parking lots are large. The key is to arrive early so you get a park in a better carpark; that will also mean you are quicker to exit at the end of the day

  51. Hi,

    How long would the buses take from Graz to the Red Bull Ring – trying to compare in comparison to catching the train that’s all. Still trying to work out the best way to get to the track for the weekend – I have a Saturday-Sunday ticket. Any recommendations?

  52. I’ll be attending my first grand prix in 2024. I have a three-day grandstand ticket, section A. Will this allow me to attend activities on Thursday?

    1. Hi Ken, in addition to your 3-day ticket, you need a separate ticket to attend the pit lane walk on Thursday. These went on sale this year about 6 weeks before the race for 25 EUR and sold out quickly.
      If you want to be informed when these go on sale, join our mailing list (and check the box for Austria).

  53. Ashley Guimond

    Hi! Canadian fan here! We are coming to visit Austria and stopping by the Grand Prix on Sunday. Anything we crucially need to know? Also, we are looking for a place to stay, preferably more north than south of Spielberg because we are coming from Linz. We have rented a car for the trip, but I will accept any help!

    1. You have left it very late to find somewhere to stay. All the best places will have been booked out months ago. As for need to know, read our guide and you will find lots of useful info and tips. For example, most trackside parking is free.

  54. Travelled from the US for the 2024 race. This website and comments were a huge help in planning our trip, thanks for all the info!
    We stayed in Graz the night prior to the race. We rented a car for our trip thru Austria, and drove to the Red Bull Ring in the morning. We left Graz around 0630, and arrived there around 0730. We only encountered traffic close to the track. All traffic was well marked and controlled. We were parked (for free) by 0815. Was a bit of a walk to the track, but a very large fan area had plenty of food and beer for the trek.
    We sat in the turn 10 stand, section A. Excellent seats, we were right across from the video board between turns 9-10. Could see most of the start and even cars in the distance going into turn 1.
    Exiting was crowed as typical, but they did not allow much walking on the track (unlike Silverstone)
    Exiting parking lot was not awful, got to our car around 1730 and were on the road to Ramingstein (where we stayed that night) around 2000.
    Encourage others to share there experiences as this website again is hugely helpful

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