Trackside at the Red Bull Ring – 2024 Austrian Grand Prix

Maximize your experience at the Red Bull Ring for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix. Advice on parking, entry and on-track action.

For the best trackside experience, we recommend downloading the “Red Bull Ring” app for IOS or Android (previously the “Projekt Spielberg” app), which has the full trackside schedule, map, parking, transport and access information, plus details about this year’s trackside activities.

Parking, Access & Orientation at the Red Bull Ring

  • Trackside Parking: The good news if you are driving to the circuit is that most trackside parking is FREE. You will be guided to the closest available car park depending on when you arrive and your arrival route. Arriving as early as possible is recommended. If you wish to park close to the main entrance, paid VIP parking is also available. More Info: How to Get to the Red Bull Ring
  • Entry Gates: Six access gates provide access to the Red Bull Ring, see the map above.
  • Security Checks (Prohibited Items): You are allowed to bring in plastic bottles, drink cans and food (for personal consumption). Folding/camping chairs are allowed in General Admission areas. Prohibited items include alcohol, glass bottles, flares, animals and barbeques. The full list of allowed and prohibited items inside the Red Bull Ring at the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix will be available closer to the race.
  • Trackside Radio: Tune into Ring Radio on 92.3 MHzs for live commentary and updates throughout the weekend.

2024 Austrian Grand Prix Schedule

  • Full On-Track Schedule: The full on-track schedule for the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix has been conformed by Formula 1 and can be found below.
  • F1 Sprint Race: For the third year in a row, the Red Bull Ring will host an F1 Sprint race in 2024. It will be the third of six F1 Sprint events in the 2024 season.
  • Support Categories: Formula 2, Formula 3 and the Porsche Supercup have been confirmed as the main support categories at the 2024 Austrian Grand Prix.
  • Legends Parade: Unique to the Red Bull Ring, the Legends Parade features historic racing cars and drivers, normally from a single make. In 2024, the Legends Parade celebrates former winners of the Austrian Grand Prix and their race-winning machinery. Drivers taking part this year include Emerson Fittipaldi, Johnny Herbert, David Coulthard, Gerhard Berger and Jos Verstappen. More details here.
  • Styrian Green Carpet: Similar to the Melbourne Walk in Australia, the drivers and team principals arrive at the circuit on race day (Sunday, 09:00-11:00) via the “Styrian Green Carpet” near the Welcome Center at the Red Bull Ring (behind the Main Grandstand).
  • Thursday Pit Lane Walk:  Walk down the pit lane and see the teams setting up the cars for a weekend of racing. This is a ticketed event and you will also need to have a 3-day race ticket to participate. Tickets cost €30 and can be bought here. We recommend securing your access as early as possible, as the event does sell out. The pit lane walk takes place on Thursday June 27, from 15:20-17:40. Admission is from 13:30, at the start/finish grandstand.

Friday, June 28

  • 08:55-09:40: FIA Formula 3 – Practice Session
  • 10:05-10:50: FIA Formula 2 – Practice Session
  • 11:00-12:00: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour
  • 12:30-13:30 Formula 1 – Free Practice 1 (FP1)
  • 14:00-14:30: FIA Formula 3 – Qualifying Session
  • 14:55-15:25: FIA Formula 2 – Qualifying Session
  • 15:35-16:10: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour
  • 16:30-17:14: Formula 1 – Sprint Qualifying
  • 18:00-18:45: Porsche Supercup – Practice Session
  • 19:15-20:00: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour

Saturday, June 29

  • 10:00-10:45: FIA Formula 3 – Sprint Race (21 laps or 40 mins + 1 lap)
  • 10:25-11:05: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour
  • 12:00-12:30: Formula 1 – Sprint (24 laps or 60 mins)
  • 13:30-14:20: FIA Formula 2 -Sprint Race (28 laps or 45 mins + 1 lap)
  • 14:50-15:20: Porsche Supercup – Qualifying Session
  • 16:00-17:00: Formula 1 – Qualifying
  • 17:15-18:15: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour
  • 17:50-18:20: Legends’ Parade Warm Up
  • 18:25-19:25: F1 Experiences Champions Club – Grid Walk & Trophy Photo

Sunday, June 30

  • 08:30-09:20: FIA Formula 3 – Feature Race (26 laps or 45 mins + 1 lap)
  • 10:00-11:05: FIA Formula 2 – Feature Race (40 laps or 60 mins + 1 lap)
  • 11:45-12:20: Porsche Supercup – Race (18 laps or 30 mins)
  • 12:30-12:50: Red Bull Legends’ Parade
  • 12:55-13:55: Paddock Club – Pit Lane Walk & Track Tour
  • 13:00-13:30: Formula 1 Drivers’ Parade
  • 14:46-14:47: National Anthem
  • 14:47-14:48: Flag Flyover
  • 15:00-17:00: Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Österreich 2024 (71 Laps or 2 hours)

F1 Fanzone & Steiermark Village at the Red Bull Ring

  • The Fanzone is located close to the South West and Red Bull Grandstands on the outside of Turn 1, about ten minutes walk from the Main Grandstand. You’ll find the best choice of food, drink and merchandise, plus a small stage with autograph sessions over the weekend. It’s also the location for the pits area of the Legends Parade, where you can get a closer look at this year’s machinery. Regular internal shuttle buses/trains connect the main Fanzone with the T3 grandstand and general admission areas at the top of the circuit.
  • A smaller Fanzone called the Steiermark Village is located behind the Main Grandstand, see map above. Both fanzones have stages with live music, DJs and other performances.
  • Both fanzones are open across the weekend at the following times: Thursday 12:00-20:00, Friday 08:00-22:30, Saturday 08:00-22:30, Sunday 07:00-20:00
  • F1, F2, F3 drivers and F1 team principals will be appearing in the main Fanzone across the weekend.  The F2/F3 drivers will be appearing on Thursday from 15:30-16:30, while the F1 drivers will be appearing on Friday (10:45-11:05 & 11:55-12:15) and Saturday (09:25-10:00 & 10:45-10:55). For these sessions, we recommend gettting there early if you want autographs or selfies with your favourite drivers.
  • Check the full 2023 weekend schedule for the F1 Fanzone and Steiermark Village

Food & Drink at the Red Bull Ring

The best selection of food and drink can be found in the Fan Zone. Expect lots of tasty Austrian fare; schnitzel burgers and bratwurst were reasonably priced at around €10 and cheaper options were available. Large beers (500ml) are around €5 and there was an array of Red Bull products for around €4. Away from the fan zone, there are fast food outlets located behind most grandstands. The Red Bull Ring does operate a token/card system, but you can also pay with cash or card for food, drink and merchandise at the track.

Have you been to the Red Bull Ring? Leave a comment with your trackside tips!

183 thoughts on “Trackside at the Red Bull Ring – 2024 Austrian Grand Prix”

    1. Hi Cayla, full details of international acts not yet announced. Read more here. Stay tuned, we will update this section of our guide around 2-4 weeks before the race. Andy

      1. Hi. I bought tickets in the grand stand “first row”.
        What is the deal with those seats, minimal visual obstaculs? What does it mean? Is it too bad? Section Q seats 9 and 10, first row.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. Honestly, I don’t know. I guess there is the catch fencing or some other obstacle that is preventing a good view of the circuit. I understand the price was lower as a result. I haven’t sat in every seat at the Red Bull Ring, so cannot give you more info at this stage. I guess you will find out. Hope it’s not too bad!

        2. Hi,

          yesterday i bought two Tickets for the pit lane walk. Is it a paper Ticket or e-ticket. The 19,00 Euro are for sending the Tickets? I live in Germany. Hopefully it is all right.

          Best Regress


          1. Hi Andrew,

            Could you help me at pit walk tickets. We are going for the 3rd time and every year we do not get the information how we could buy these tickets. Please let me know.

            Kind regards

          2. Hi, I’m really sorry but the pit lane walk tickets are sold out. They went on sale around 2 weeks ago and sold out very quickly. More info here. Perhaps you will be able to find some for sale on the secondary market.

          3. Hi,
            I would like to ask you something. Is possible for the fans to walk the track on Thursday? I am not sure about that. Thanks for your answer.

  1. Hi,
    Can you confirm if you can pay for food/drink/merch by cash at the circuit or is it tokens only for food? :/ thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah, good question! It looks like the organizers have introduced cashless payments this year, but only for the concert area. More info is here.

      1. We just got back from the Austrian GP and the only option is to buy a card. You can choose what amount of money you want to put on it. This is the only way to pay for food and drinks. Merchandise can be bought with cash only. At the end of the weekend you can trade your card for cash.

  2. I have a question – when will be held an autoghraph session? I cannot find it on the internet. Thank so much. :)

    1. Hi Steven, you should be able to get some autographs from drivers during the Pitlane walk on Thursday afternoon. Probably they will publish some kind of schedule on the day. You may also have some autograph sessions on the stage in the Fanzone, check signs/ask for details. Good luck!

  3. Roland Koerts

    Hi Andrew, do you know if it’s possible to walk around the circuit, on sunday, with a general admission ticket? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Roland, you should be able to walk around the circuit on Sunday, but clockwise only. Last time, there was no access from the general admission area near turn 2 to the Blue Red Bull grandstand area, but you can walk around the other direction. There’s some good spots to watch the action on the final corner.

    1. Hi, there won’t be an issue bringing a baby stroller into the circuit. Enjoy, the General Admission views at Red Bull Ring are great. Hoping for good weather!

      1. Thank you for your reply. We’re looking forward to the race & hoping the weather is good too.

        1. Hi Pavel, I’m really surprised to read this. I don’t know of any Grand Prix venue that doesn’t allow parents with baby strollers to enter the circuit. Anyway, I just checked with a friend who took his child to the circuit today. NO problem to enter with a baby stroller!

          1. Pavel Sovička

            I dont know, this will be my first Grand Prix. I just pointed out I noticed that while trying to find as much info as possible…

  4. Hello Andrew. We have tickets for seats at the Red Bull grandstand. It’s in the blue zone as you know. Is it possible for us to get in the in the other zones (yellow & green) to get a nice view? If yes: any suggestions?

    1. Hi Mark, yes it shouldn’t be a problem to walk around the circuit. I recommend the top part of the circuit (General Admission) especially turn 2 at the top of the hill. Mitte is also good , especially if you want to try some panning photography. And finally, the last corner is also good, especially the entry, where the cars are right on the edge. Enjoy!

  5. I understood I can bring my own food and drinks in plastic bottles.
    Can I also put these in a cooler (cool-box) and take it with me?

  6. Jesse Mestemacher

    Is there an FM radio broadcast I can tune into at the track to hear commentary?
    Thank you

  7. Thank you for all of this great info! We will be in General admission, are we able to get access onto the track for the run to the podium after the race?

  8. Hello, Andrew! I was wondering, are there by any chance, any free spots for Sunday? I know for sure that Monza offers some. Or maybe some student discounts for the general admission tickets?

    1. Sorry Maria, I don’t think so. But the General Admission tickets are quite affordable at the Red Bull Ring, especially if you go for all 3 days.

  9. Hi Andrew! I already have a ticket for Sunday, but I might arrive Saturday to catch qualifying. Will I need to buy an additional 3 day ticket, just to get into to general admission Saturday? Or is there a way to pay for single day entry at the track?

  10. Mislav Franjo

    Hello I have General Admission tickets. Can i bring my own camping chair or are there chairs to rent?

  11. Hi,

    Can you walk in and out of the circuit area with your ticket or does the ticket only work once?

    1. Vincent, the Red Bull Ring confirmed you can get pass outs (more than once if you want). But don’t forget to scan your barcode when leaving the circuit or you will not get back in.

  12. Hello,
    Last year this article said you can bring friends for thursday and friday action. Is this applicable this year as well?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, it is – but only on Friday. I read about this in the “Projekt Spielberg” app – get it if you don’t already have it!

  13. Hi there

    If we choose a seat on the Red Bull grandstand, will we be able to enter the track and go closer to the podium for the ceremony after the race?


    1. Yes, you will have to walk around a bit to get on to the track. Not sure exactly where the access points are, normally at either end of the pit straight

  14. I’m traveling with my dog and plan on camping. Are dogs allowed in the general admission area or even the camp sites?

    1. Hi Adolfo, the answer is yes. It is stated in the text above. “On-site testing facilities are available for an additional cost (€33 for Antigen test valid for 48 hours and €99 for PCR test valid for 72 hours).” This facility is available outside the circuit gates.

  15. We bought tickets last December but there is still a no land order in place from the UK and no flights (plus Austria is on the Amber list stating we’re not allowed to travel for holidays) but we’re unable to get a refund on our tickets- is there anyway to sell them on locally? Thanks

  16. Hi! Do you know if there will be a pit lane tour for the Austrian GP? The link above only leads to pit lane walk tickets for the Steirermark GP the weekend before. Thanks.

    1. Hi JP, yes there is supposed to be. The official schedule on shows the pit lane walk. Unfortunately, I can’t find the link or any information about this on the Projekt Spielberg website. I suggest contacting the circuit. Perhaps they want to see how the pit lane walk works for Styria first.

  17. Hi, it’s possible to visit F1 fan zone with general admission tickets? Is there any map of the area? (with allowed ways for general admission) Thank you.

    1. Hi James, it wasn’t possible last weekend at the Styrian GP. But I think it will be possible this weekend. I’m not sure you will be able to walk via the Blue section, but there should be a shuttle bus from the top of the circuit (near Turn 3) down to the Fanzone. Alternatively, you can walk the long way via the Yellow and Red Zone. Here’s the map

  18. Hi there,
    Can you enter General Admission area with grandstand (Red Bull) tickets.
    My friends are at GA and I would like to watch the support races and hang out with them prior to main race.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Yes, you can. But I think you cannot go from the Blue zone to the Green zone near Turn 3. You can only walk around the other side of the circuit, via the Yellow zone. So it’s quite a long walk from the Red Bull Grandstand.

  19. Hi we just booked tickets for the F1 2022 and we have a question. Can we go with the General Admission Tickets to the Fan zone? This is quite important to know for us.
    Please let me know.

    1. Hi Marcel, yes you can – unless there are still some restrictions next year. However, you have to walk the long way around – via the final corners of the circuit. It was never possible to go from General Admission to the Fanzone via the west side of the track (Red Bull Grandstands).

  20. Hi,
    Is it possible to do a track walk? If yes, which days and times?
    Also where are access points for the podium ceremony after the race? We have tickets for T10. It’s first live race we’ll attend so I’m kinda nervous.

    Thank you!

    1. Track walk is not normally possible, sorry. However, there is a pit lane walk for 3-day ticket holders on Thursday afternoon. As for access point, you should be in luck. Normally they open up a gate just after the final corner on the outside of the track (near the start of the Main Grandstand). That will be your best place to get down to the podium ceremony. Should be good views from T10! I was at the Styrian GP this year and I forgot how much I like both the circuit and the local area. Friendly people and the race is super well organized. Enjoy!

  21. I have tickets to T3 Grandstand and plan on camping with my 5 year old son. What color camping section would be the most convenient to access the circuit and T3 grandstand?

  22. Hi andrew, I am planning on going to my first austrian grand prix. there are two options of tickets, T9 or general admission and i wanted to ask you which of them will give me the best experience for the race on sunday? And if there’s a complete guide on the event somewhere?

    1. I would choose T9 because you will have your own seat for the race. General Admission is great, but better for Friday and Saturday when there are less people. On Sunday, it can get very crowded in General Admission and you may struggle to get a good spot/view. As for the complete guide, you are reading just one section – see the “breadcrumb” at the top of this post to choose the entire guide or take a look at all of the parts on this link:

    1. There is normally no sale, the Pit Lane Walk/Tour is free for all 3-day ticket holders. Just last year, due to COVID restrictions, it was necessary to register for free tickets. But I expect this will not be required in 2022.

  23. Hi Andrew,

    Is it possible to bring my Nikon D610 DSLR camera and 24-300 mm lens with me?

    The link you have previously posted regarding prohibited items is sadly no longer working.


    1. Hi, sorry I can’t find the updated information right now. Perhaps it’s not yet available. You SHOULD be fine with this lens, but I cannot guarantee it. Bag checks are quite strict at the Red Bull Ring, but it’s also the luck you have with the person on the gate. I would take my big lens

  24. Hi i am going to the track for the f1 race this year.
    is it allowed to enter the red ticket section with a blue ticket on the practice session Friday when there are few people there?
    and also for the f2 race?

    1. Yes, it should be possible. From my experience, you are able to enter all zones – apart from other fans cannot access the Blue Zone. You should also go up to the GA area at the top of the track (Green Zone). There should be a small shuttle train from the Fanzone up to the top of the circuit. Much longer to walk via Red/Yellow zones.

  25. Hi! thank you for the amazing info!
    I have a quick question, doest it make sense to drive to the circuit?
    I have a 3 day ticket and I am wondering maybe it’s packed with people and difficult to get there and get out after each day. Considering to drive to some near train station and take a bus.
    I will be based in Graz.
    Makes sense?

    1. It does make sense to drive. The good thing about the Red Bull Ring is that it is located close to several motorway exits. Trackside parking is free, as well. Yes, there could be some delays leaving right after qualifying or the race, but really not as bad as many other circuits.

  26. Hi!
    We have tried looking for an indication of food and drink prices (burgers, beer, water and such) at the track. Do you know where we can find this information or could you give an indication?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Ragnar, I had to look through my photos from my trip to the Red Bull Ring last year. Here are some prices: Red Bull €4, 0.5l water €3.50, 0.5l beer €4.80, burger €9, fries €4

  27. Hi – does it get busy on the days leading up to the race itself ? We have a 3 day pass but staying 2 hours away so wondering if its worth bringing the kids on the thurs, Friday or sat if its crazy busy .
    Also are we best coming in from south west Austria up to the circuit rather then the main highway where people will be coming from Graz and Vienna – thanks

    1. Hi Julian, the track is generally quieter on Friday before getting busier on Saturday and busier again on Sunday. I’d personally bring my kids on the Thursday/Friday, rather than the Saturday/Sunday – but that’s up to you. As for driving routes, always best to check Google maps navigation on the day and make the decision based on the traffic levels/travel times.

  28. Hi!
    Does anyone know what the ‘new’ 2022 schedule is with the pitwalk for 3day ticket holders? Is this still on Thursday? I can’t find any info about this on the european GP’s
    Thank you.

      1. Hi

        we have purchased weekend tickets for this years GP but i cant find any info on whether i need to purchase a ticket for Thurs separately or whether it is just included in the weekend ticket? for Silverstone 22 it was free for the Thurs but still had to ‘purchase’ the ticket separately


  29. Hi There,
    Are there ATM machines located at the track if it is cash only for most places?

    1. Honestly, not sure. There should be some mobile ATMs at the track, from memory. But you are actually better off paying for everything with card at the track.

  30. This will be my second of four Grands Prix this year, but at Barcelona I couldn’t find any programmebooks. I collect them. Last year at Spa, Zandvoort and Istanbul I also noticed there where no books. Do you know if there will be some at the Red Bull Ring?

    1. I bought a programme at Monaco last weekend. However, most races now only issue digital versions. I think it depends on the circuit, not sure if the races you attend this year will be publishing a printed programme, sorry

  31. Hi Andrew

    I am from South Africa and are visiting Austria when F1 Grand Prix is on. I can not find online tickets that is affordable or available. Can I buy tickets for less the 100 euro at the day of raceing?

    1. No Stephanie, you are too late for cheap tickets. General Admission was priced at around 100 EUR for 3 days but sold out a long time ago. If you still want to attend, you will need to pay a lot more on the secondary market.

  32. Couple questions.

    First time visiting. Got standing tickets for 2 adults and 2 kids (10,13).

    The standing tickets gives access to the green area in the map right?

    Parking says sold out but I guess that’s parking very close to the track? Your articles says free parking but 10-15 min walk.

    Can you pay using regular credit cards? Or do you have to use the cashless card?


    1. Hello, yes the General Admission area is the Green zone. But you should still be able to walk through the Yellow and Red Zones. The only zone off limits is the Blue Zone. You can also visit the Fanzone, which is near the first corner. And there should be shuttle trains from the Fanzone up to the entrance to the General Admission area, near Turn 3. Yes, I think the paid parking is close to the circuit and sold out, but other parking areas are free. The best parking for you would be at the top of the circuit on the edge of the Yellow zone – again, there are shuttle trains from the parking to the circuit gates. You can pay by regular credit/debit cards, or you can get the special cashless card.

  33. Hi
    me and my family have general admission tickets for this year, can you walk around the whole track? will we be able to access the Fan Zone? Also this is our first time are there music acts on in the evening?

    Many Thanks

    1. You should be able to walk around almost all of the track. The only area I don’t believe you can access is where the Red Bull grandstand is located, between Turn 1 and Turn 3 at the top of the hill. However, there is a small shuttle transfer train from the fanzone that goes all the way up to the entrance of the GA area at Turn 3. And you should be able to walk around the track in the opposite direction from the top of the hill via the final corner. As for music at night, yes, there have been concerts in the past – but I haven’t yet seen any announcements for this year. Either way, they will be local acts, not recognised international performers.

  34. Thought the Pit Lane Walk would be general admission, but they were seperate tickets and sold out already :(
    Any tips on how to get 2 tickets for the Pit Lane Walk somehow?


    1. I have two tickets but I am not sure if we will make it on time on thursday. If you send me your email, I can send them to you on thursday if we don’t make it in time.

      1. Hello,
        I don’t know if anyone took you up on your offer, but I tried to get out lane tickets, but missed them. We will be at the track early on Thursday and if you are late (sorry!) we would really appreciate them.
        Thank you,

  35. Hello, do you know or there are artists lik before for example Boss Hoss? I can’t find anything on the program at the red bull ring site.

      1. Hello.

        You have any idea on what are the rules on covid? Like what you need to enter the circuit this year, a test/ vaccination proof or both or nothing at all ?

        Best regards


        1. General rule of thumb now for most 2022 events is that there are no COVID requirements to enter the track. I haven’t seen any restrictions at all for the Red Bull Ring

  36. I just read the information that the Pit Lane Walk this year requires a separate ticket, usually the 3-day ticket holder does not need an extra ticket. The ticket has unfortunately already sold out. Do you know where to buy the pit lane walk ticket other than the stated red bull website? Thank you!

    1. I don’t think there’s another way to buy the ticket, unless you buy it secondhand from someone. There was only a limited number of tickets available, sorry

  37. Hello. I read that parking around the circuit is free. Can I stay overnight in this car park or do I have to leave? I want to stay there only one night from Sat. to Sun. Thanks

  38. hi, do you know the timings of the shuttle bus from knittelfeld to red bull ring? and also after the sprint race, how long will it take to get back to knittelfeld. sprint race will finish roughly at 5pm, so looking to book the 7pm train? will that be enough time? thank you

    1. I don’t think the shuttle bus times are published. They are well organized and hopefully will be running frequently. I think you should be fine booking a train for 2 hours after the sprint race, but can you make the ticket flexible so you can ride the next train if you miss the one at 7pm?

  39. Hi! This is a great page, thank you for publishing all this info. Very helpful!

    We have tickets on T3(blue tickets), but in the first row. Will we be able to go to the general admission-area next to and sit on the grass if the view is bad?

    And, if we want to see F2 and F1 quali on friday from 16.00, when do you reccomend arriving? We will be arriving by car.

    1. Yes absolutely you can also watch from the General Admission area next to the T3 grandstand. Friday should be less busy than Saturday or Sunday, but I’d still be arriving as soon as you can. However, it may be quieter arriving at say 1-2pm as most people will get to the track earlier

    1. Yes there will be, but no specific day or time has been announced. The advice from the circuit is to download the “Red Bull Ring” app (previously “Projekt Spielberg” app) and enable push notifications – they will send out more info about sessions/times over the weekend. I guess they don’t want to announce it now and be swamped with too many fans in one place at one time

    1. Yes I think you can. Check the full list of allowed/prohibited items here. No mention of coolers. Just don’t bring any glass containers. Alcohol is fine too, in cans or plastic bottles.

  40. Hi, can someone suggest me a site for secondhand tickets or know someone who wants to sell theirs? Thank you!!

  41. Hello,

    With General admission tickets can we sit in other zones or grandstands during Friday as it is usually empty,?
    Also can We access to the ceremony via track on Sunday?

    Thanks in advance

    1. You cannot sit in any grandstands on Friday, sorry. For sure there will be less people on Friday, but the Red Bull Ring doesn’t offer ‘roving access’ on this day. You can enter the other zones, including the F1 Fanzone on the outside of Turn 1. You should be able to walk around the whole track from the GA area at the top of the hill down via the final corner. But the area between Turn 1 and Turn 3 is off limits – instead, there should be a small shuttle bus/train from the fanzone up to Turn 3. And yes, you should be able to walk down to watch the podium ceremony via the route on the east side of the circuit.

  42. Hi Andrew! Thanks for this thread – it’s been so incredibly helpful, especially for a first-time race attendee. Can you tell me a little more about what to expect for the Meet the Drivers session tomorrow (Saturday) morning? I’m wondering if it’s worth the early arrival!

  43. Hi, I bought first row tickets for T3 Tribune, it was discounted due to minor obstruction of FIA fence. May I know if you have any idea how is the view from the first row? Thanks.

    1. Sorry, I’m not sure how the view is from these discounted seats in T3 grandstand. But in general you should be aware that the T3 grandstand is set back from the track somewhat. It’s got good elevation however and the views are good overall.

  44. Hello,
    How does one purchase the tickets for the pit lane walk for the 2023 GP? Where and when will they be offered for sale? Thanks!

  45. Hey Andrew, Bryan again. I saw in an earlier response that there is paid parking. Is this something we should consider being in Mitte Grandstand? Also on that note, which parking lot should we shoot for (paid and/or free). As always, thank you!

    1. Most parking at the Red Bull Ring is free. Had a quick check and there is some parking that is pretty close, but it’s expensive (79 EUR per day) and already sold out for Saturday and Sunday. More info here. I think you will be guided from the main highway to the closest available grandstand based on your tickets. The race is likely to be a sell out, so worth getting there earlier (especially on Sunday) if you don’t want to be parked too far away from the circuit.

  46. Andrew,

    Does the circuit accept Stubhub tickets? I understand they can’t guarantee their legitimacy, I just wanted to make sure they’ll accept them before I buy.

    1. Absolutely no reason at this stage to be buying tickets on Stubhub. This would only be an option if all the official tickets (and tickets from official agents) are sold out, which they are not. In fact, most ticket agents, including our own, are not even on sale yet. But the answer to your question is yes, if you buy from Stubhub, your ticket should be accepted by the circuit.

  47. Hey Andrew, I swear this will be my last question. Are tickets for Grandstand Mitte assigned specifically per seat or is it free seating? I was unable to pick a specific seat for my wife and I. It just said we will be sitting together. Looks like the confirmation just has all of the rows. See below.

    “Grandstand Center ABCDEF”

    1. No you cannot enter the inner track. All the grandstands are on the outside of the track. There’s also color coded zones with some ticket checks. It should be possible to get from green zone via the yellow zone to the fanzone in the blue zone, but for sure you cannot get from the bottom of the blue zone to the top of the circuit – you can only take a shuttle bus from the fanzone up to the top of the circuit.

  48. Looking at getting tickets to this race sense the Imola GP was cancelled and was going to be my first time going to a F1 race. Any recommendations on places to sit and good/trustworthy websites to get tickets from?

    1. Hi Austin, you are really quite late to be organizing a trip to the Red Bull Ring this year. Tickets went on sale last year, straight after the last race. So the event has been a sell out for some time. Not only that, but it will be very hard to find accommodation as well, as everything in the area is booked out. You can stay in Vienna, but it’s a long journey to and from the Red Bull Ring each day. Our ticket agent, actually based at the Red Bull Ring, has been sold out of tickets for a while now. The circuit website still has plenty of Friday and Saturday tickets available, but nothing for Sunday. For three day or race day tickets, you would have to buy on a resale platform like StubHub etc, which we normally don’t recommend as prices are much higher and there’s a risk of fraud – even though you would be get your money back in that case, it won’t help if you are at the circuit gates and can’t get in.

  49. Hi Andrew, are there free BWT water refill stations at the track? Also, any vegan options availavle in food stalls?

  50. Hi,
    I’m going to my first Grand Prix this year with two others from my family and we have General Admission weekend tickets. We have been wondering a little about the GP in general and hope we can get our questions answered here!
    Where do you enter the General Admission area from? Basically where do we need to walk from to get to there?
    And since we are staying in Graz, and driving with car, how early should we arrive at the Ring? Since Graz is approximately an hour away from the circuit.

    Hope this wasn’t too much,

    1. Hello Ena, since you are driving and I assume parking at the circuit, where you enter will be determined by where you park. You can see on the circuit map that the General Admission area is the green section at the top of the circuit. Depending on where you park, there are ways to get to General Admission. For example, from the parking areas at the northeast corner of the circuit, you have a small “train/shuttle” that takes you to the gates near the Nord Grandstand. From the bottom of the circuit, near the fanzone, you have another small “train/shuttle” that takes you up to the northwest corner of the circuit, near T3 and the entrance to the GA area. It shouldn’t take much longer than an hour to get to the circuit, as it’s mostly motorways from Graz right to the circuit. Get there when you like, but be aware that the closest parking areas will get full first. Be patient leaving the circuit, especially on race day. Try to stay around a bit longer so the peak hour traffic gets out first.

  51. There is any map with free parkings near Red Bull Ring? I’ve tickets for General Admission and I wonder where should I’ve try to park.

    1. Hi Dawid, almost all of the parking at the Red Bull Ring is free on race weekend. It depends what time you arrive and from which direction as to where you will be directed to park. Check the map here. If you don’t want to walk all the way to the top of the circuit, there should be a small train/shuttle bus from the F1 Fanzone (near the first corner) that runs regularly up to the top of the circuit near Turn 3. This will save your legs getting to General Admission.

  52. Hey there! Super helpful site! Do you happen to know what # is the highest row in the T3 sections?

  53. Hi Andrew!

    Do you know if we can access the Fanzone without any tickets? I know the Fanzone in Monaco is open for public but how is it in Austria?

    1. No, you cannot access the fanzone at the Red Bull Ring without tickets. Monaco is unique on the calendar, with the fanzone open to the public – no other circuit has this.

  54. hello , are the beercans allowed to bring to the circuit this year ? it looks like they changed some polecies at the ring ?

  55. Hi Andrew,

    I don’t suppose you would know when I should expect the tickets for the pit lane walk to be sent through? I purchased them the day they were released. I have emailed the company but all I was told that they would be sent soon! This was over a week ago now.


    1. Hey Dave, we got ours almost immediately after purchasing. They should come from email. Hope this helps.

  56. Do people generally sit in their allocated seats? Or is it first come first served. I’m in the Steiermark grandstand and I’m absolutely gutted with my seat allocation. Exactly where I emailed them and asked not to be – probably serves me right for asking. I very near the front of Block E and genuinely unsure if you can see the track based on pictures which seem to show it completely blocked by the red bull grandstand – or you can see the apex of T1 and nothing else. Thanks.

    1. Sorry to hear that Jamie. Hope it’s not as bad as you think it will be. As to sitting in your allocated seat, it depends on the day and how full the grandstand is. For the race on Sunday (and probably for qualifying), I think you will have no choice to sit in your allocated seat. But if the grandstand is only half full on Friday, you can probably sit in another part of the grandstand without too many issues.

  57. Hi,

    first time at Red Bull Ring … We purchased the tickets for T3 grandstand; I presume with these tickets we can freely move down to the Fanzone and Fan Shop during the day … Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, you can. And you should be able to take a small bus/train that travels up and down the hill from the fanzone to the T3 grandstand. It goes on the old circuit road :)

  58. Peter Cunningham

    we have grandstand tickets (T8) but were thinking of also bringing folding chairs to maybe sit elsewhere over the weekend, can we bring our folded up chairs into the grandstand area?
    thanks in advance.

  59. Hello Andrew,

    I have purchased a General Admission ticket for the race this Sunday. As far as I know the general admission tickets can also visit the F1 Fan zone? If so how do I reach the fan zone from the General Admission area ?

    1. Yes, you can visit the Fanzone if you have a General Admission ticket. The easiest way is to take the small shuttle bus/train that runs from T3 down to the fanzone

  60. Guillermo Nardone

    Hello. Wondering. I have Red Bull Grandstand tickets and I am planning on having my baby sit in my lap. Is it safe to assume he does not need a ticket?

    1. You are supposed to have ordered a free ticket for your child, according to the entry regulations. Where did you buy your ticket? I suggest contacting them to ask about this. I don’t want you to have problems at the gate.

  61. I’m coming with my car from Sweden, is the parking area for free? Or do I need too purchase tickets for the parking?

  62. Hi Andrew, Is there any informantion about the pitwalk? Do you know when the ticket go on sale ??

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