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Your guide on where to sit at the Suzuka Circuit for the 2017 Japanese Grand Prix on October 6-8. Advice on Japanese F1 tickets for all budgets.

With 3-day tickets starting at under $100 USD and Free Friday (open seating on all grandstands for the first day of action), Japan offers real value to the F1 fan. Ticket prices are also down across the board for 2017, in most cases by around 10%. Remember that the Japanese Grand Prix is a popular event and the best value grandstands do sell out well in advance, so it pays to plan ahead for your trip to Suzuka.

Many thanks to Rob McAuley for his advice in preparing this guide and for letting us use some of his Suzuka images.

Please note that the organizers have decided to stagger the launch of ticket sales for 2017 based on the following dates:

  • March 12: Family tickets on sale
  • March 19: Grandstand tickets V, A, B, C on sale
  • March 26: Grandstand tickets D, E, I, Q, R on sale
  • July 9: General Admission, West area tickets on sale

2017 Suzuka F1 Tickets & Prices

GrandstandZonePrice in $USD
Grandstand V1 LowerZone 1,2,3$555
Grandstand V2 UpperZone 1,5$609
Zone 2,3,6,9$573
Zone 4,8$645
Zone 7,10,11,12$680
Stand A1$367
Stand B1 Lower$385
Stand B2 UpperZone 1,2,3$511
Stand C LowerZone 1,2,3$250
Zone 4,5,6$287
Stand DZone 1,2,3$161
Zone 4,5$331
Stand EZone 1$125
Zone 2$260
Stand I$313
Stand Q1 Lower$260
Stand Q2 UpperZone 1,2,3$430
Stand R$394
G,L,M,N,O (General Admission)Free Seating$78

Need to know

  • Suzuka operates “Free Friday”, which means you can sit in any grandstand you wish on Friday, with the exception of the most expensive V2 upper grandstands.
  • Individual seats are only available in the main grandstand (V1 and V2). All other grandstands offer bleacher style seating without backs; bring a cushion!
  • Family seats are available in Grandstand S (just after the final turn), but the views from this grandstand are not recommended. If you are bringing children, we purchase a child’s ticket (for ages 3-15) for your chosen grandstand instead. They are reasonably affordable at around $40-80 USD for 3 days.
Our Top 5 Suzuka Grandstands

  1. Grandstand B (1-2) on the opening corner, great for the start and lots of passing activity
  2. Grandstand Q (1-2) on the chicane before the last corner, an opportunity to see the cars take the low speed chicane before the end of the lap
  3. Grandstand D (Zone 5 is best) at the beginning of the ‘S’ curves with excellent panoramic views of the first section of the circuit.
  4. Grandstand C (Lower or Upper, any zone) is a good mid-range grandstand on the exit of turn 2, always sells out quickly
  5. General Admission tickets! Not a grandstand at all, but free seating in five separate areas around the Spoon Curve (G,L,M,N,O) including access to all grandstands on Friday.

Main Straight Suzuka Grandstands (V1-2, A1-2)

As with most Grands Prix, the main straight grandstand tickets are the most expensive at Suzuka. They are good for pits action, the race preparations, start and podium. If you want to see on-track action such as passing, choose another place to sit. The large permanent grandstand opposite the pits is covered (unlike most grandstands at Suzuka, which are exposed to the elements) and is comprised of two main sections, V1 and V2, plus different zones. The V1 tickets are the cheapest and occupy the lower, less elevated part of the grandstand. The highest of the V2 seats (Zones 10-12) are best. The uncovered A grandstand is located closer to turn 1 and is a good mid-range choice at Suzuka.

Grandstand V2 Panorama

Grandstand A Panorama

First & Second Corner Suzuka Grandstands (B&C)

Two large grandstands – B & C – wrap around the first and second corners at Suzuka. Both grandstands have a cheaper lower section and more expensive upper section. Grandstand B offers better views and is more expensive. The views from Grandstand C are still good however and it’s a popular, more affordable grandstand. The panorama views of grandstand B can be seen in the main image for this tickets guide.

Grandstand B2 Panorama

Grandstand C Panorama

‘S’ Curve & Dunlop Corner Suzuka Grandstands (D&E)

The D grandstand is located next to the ‘S’ curve and is divided into 5 zones. The best (and more expensive) are Zone’s 4 & 5. If you can get a seat high up in one of these stands, you’ll get an excellent panoramic view from the opening corner through the ‘S’ curve and down to Dunlop corner. Grandstand E faces Dunlop Corner; the cheap price is an indicator that not much happens at this corner.

Grandstand D Panorama

Grandstand E Panorama

Hairpin Curve Suzuka Grandstands (I&J)

Grandstand I is located on the outside of the track after the hairpin, a low-speed corner where there is always overtaking during the race. It’s a good vantage point and sells out quickly. The cheaper Grandstand J is on the inside of the track at the following turn 12 and offers a view of the cars at high speed; there are better grandstands to choose from at Suzuka.

Grandstand I Panorama

Spoon Corner General Admission (Free Seating G, L, M, N, O)

There’s lots of general admission areas around the Spoon Corner and 130R, including both grandstands with unreserved seating and grassy hills where you can watch the action. If you have chosen a General Admission ticket, we recommend you walk around and check out the different vantage points on Friday and Saturday to identify the spot where you would like to watch the race. Just don’t forget to get there early on Sunday to reserve your spot!

Spoon Corner General Admission G Panorama

Spoon Corner General Admission M Panorama

Spoon Corner General Admission Panorama

Chicane & Final Corner Suzuka Grandstands (Q&R)

The grandstands on the chicane and final corner are always popular, particularly the cheaper Q1 Lower seats, which always sell out quickly. The panoramic views from the grandstands are excellent (particularly Q2 Upper) and you also get to see the cars enter the pitlane. Recommended!

Suzuka Grandstand Q2 Panorama

Suzuka Grandstand R Panorama

Click here to buy tickets. Have you been to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka? Leave a comment below and tell us where you watched the action.

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  1. Anderson says:

    Dear, the ticket sale in the website is finished.

    Everybody knows where I can purchase the ticket race in Nagoya?

    Best regards

    • Editor says:

      Sorry, we don’t know of any places to buy tickets in Nagoya. I suggest you head to the track and try your luck, but it does look like most tickets are sold out this year already.

  2. Gordon says:

    Thanks for this! Planning on making the trip to my first race next year and this guide is invaluable. Also glad it appears admission isn’t overly costly as everything else likely will be!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Gordon. Hoping to travel to Suzuka next year myself. Maybe see you there!

      • Tom says:

        I’m also doing this one for the first time next year, thanks for the guide!

        I’ll probably get General Admission tickets. I did Austria last year and the general admission there is the best one I’ve done before, as the track is in the mountains there are plenty of natural vantage points.

        Yeah, good that this is a relatively cheap race, as I’m expecting the Japan trip to cost a lot!

  3. Mike says:

    Hi Andrew,
    please I would like to know if the validity period of the tickets is the same for all granstands or GA. Because from the FAQ of suzuka wabsite I’ve found this:

    “The V1 and V2 area reserved tickets are valid for the three days: October 7th (Friday), October 8th (Saturday) and October 9th (Sunday).
    All the other reserved tickets except for the V1 and V2 seats are valid for two days: October 8th (Saturday) and October 9th (Sunday).
    Note that the V1 and V2 tickets also give access to the pit walk on October 6th (Thursday). Holders of the V1 and V2 tickets can also enter the Suzuka Circuit on the day after the race; October 10th (Monday).”


    • Editor says:

      Hi Mike. All tickets are valid for three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). This just means that all the tickets – apart from V1 and V2 – are NOT reserved on Friday. This is called ‘Free Friday’ and it’s a good thing! It means you can sit anywhere you like on Friday (apart from V1 and V2). Hope that helps!

  4. Minette Filart says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Due to time constraints/budgeting, we plan on going to Suzuka only on Friday. Do we need to have tickets to participate in “free Friday” or are we allowed to enter without tickets? Thank you for your help!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Minette, we are pretty sure that there are no Friday-only tickets available. Unfortunately, you still need a ticket for ‘Free Friday’, which means your best option is to buy the cheapest 3-day ticket for around $100 USD.

  5. Sam says:

    Hey Andrew!

    My name is Sam from downunder.

    Thanks for the great article – absolute lifesaver!

    Do you know when tickets for the 2017 would be expected to go on sale?



    • Editor says:

      Hi Sam, tickets for the Japanese Grand Prix will go on sale next month. Sorry, no exact date yet but it will be in March. Follow us on social media and we will let you know!

  6. Richard says:

    Hey Andrew – Fisrt of all thank you for all this answers and your awesome page its my first tima traveling to an F1 race , i am a big motorsport fan , and i decided to go to Suzuka , i am from Guatemala Central america.

    With an “Average Joe” what ticket is the best Q1 or C grandstand or any other recomendation ?

    I read that you reomomend the Nagoya -Suzuka track train , does this train has a schedule for arrival and departure like last train to get at the circuit to Nagoya?

    Thank you very much. Awesome work

  7. Biboy says:

    Most tickets are already sold out just 1 day after I received the email advice that tickets are already available for sale. Only paddocks tickets and family tickets are available right now. Can I purchase family tickets and go to the race without the kid?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Biboy, I think what has happened is that Gootickets started sales early and they have been told to stop sales. It’s not because all the tickets are sold out, that’s for sure! So don’t worry, I am sure the option to purchase all tickets will be back soon. Follow us on social media and we will keep you informed.

  8. Rob says:

    Yeah I’m pretty upset at that because I was under the impression all tickets were sold out so I purchased family tickets (even though I am going with my wife/son).

    I just emailed F1 directly and asked if they could cancel my order….

  9. nick says:

    Emailed them got this back.

    Please kindly note that we have been informed by the Promoter of Japan that they have sales schedules per category.

    Please see dates opening below :

    3/19 – Opening of Grandstands V, A, B, C
    3/26 – Opening of Grandstands D, E, I, Q, R
    7/9 – Opening of General Admission, West area

    We have therefore been forced to close all products on our website except Family seats.

    Many thanks in advance for your understanding.

  10. Aryan says:

    Hi which ticket would I need to buy to able to attend the Drivers autograph session

  11. Ivan says:

    Hi guys, can you tell if the tickets are refundable/resellable? I am going to visit Japan, but the dates are not settled yet, but I don’t want to miss the opportunity, but not sure what to do, if the trip dates do not fit.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Ivan, tickets are not refundable. I believe they are not supposed to be resellable either, though of course many people do sell on places like ebay and craigslist etc. Better to wait until your trip is confirmed before buying!

  12. Rahmat Nasution says:

    Hi Andrew.
    I’m setting up my plan to suzuka this year. it will be my first time to see f1 race.
    where is the best place to stay ?
    When is the best time to meet the racer ?
    Do they have meet and greet session ?

    thanks in advance

    • Editor says:

      Hi Rahmat, you’ve made a good decision. Suzuka is one of the classic F1 tracks! Best idea is to stay in Nagoya and take the train to the circuit. Thursday is the best opportunity to meet the drivers. You can do a pitlane walk in the morning – you will receive a lottery ticket for the driver’s autograph session and perhaps you will get lucky. More info in our Trackside guide.

      • Rahmat Nasution says:

        thanks a lot Andrew for the priceless advice.
        Starting my search for a budget hotel in Nagoya.

        hope i can meet you in suzuka.

        Just an idea, how bout creating F1destinations fans gathering on thursday or in Friday ?
        It will make the journey complete.

        • Editor says:

          Hi Rahmat, thanks for the compliment! Unfortunately, I won’t be at Suzuka this year. But I do know a few people going, so please remind me in a few months and I will put you all in touch so you can meet up. Andrew

          • Rahmat Nasution says:

            too bad you won’t join us in suzuka.
            sure i’ll remind you cause i need a friend in japan since im going to travel alone.


  13. Samuel McCrossen says:

    If I buy a ticket for one of the grandstands, does that allow me access to the west area?


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